ElectroMagnetic and Population Control

I am not a scientist….lol. I have read quite a few articles about Radio, HAARP, etc. I do think these “fathilities”
around our globe are being used against the populations and there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about this insanity. We have a bunch of nuts in the militaries, governments, religious organizations and the political arena.

 They are afraid of each other and us.

We are being manipulated by them and they are being manipulated!

That is why murder and chaos are so prevalent. We have a bunch of different groups who want to control each other and us.  Control vs Chaos. Domination vs. Co-hesion.

They use the air, radio, televisions, sound waves, radio waves, magnetics, microwaves, mind control and manipulation of our actions to get a reaction. They use our phones, computers, electricity,

anything that is wired.

Have you ever watched Star Trek Borg?

The Borg manifest as cybernetically-enhanced humanoid drones of multiple species, organized as an interconnected collective, the decisions of which are made by a hive mind, linked by subspace radio frequencies.

There is such a thing as time travel. If light and sound can travel so can other things……

Think about the stars: DID YOU KNOW that when you look at a star and it’s light you are actually looking at the past.

IMO, we are dealing with the future with their technologies and beliefs, the present with their technologies and beliefs and the past with their technology and beliefs at war. Physically and spiritually.

It seems that they want

our bodies, our souls, our spirits and our minds, our obedience and submission to one faction or another, and of course, our assets. Some want us dead, some want us to live, and some don’t care as long as they are in control.

It would be wise to figure out what and whom you believe.

It is difficult in the current atmosphere because of those factions.

I would start with the ones that care and want us to live.

I have noticed that since I started my search and stumbled on what I believe is the truth seemed to correlate with the escalation and the squeeze by these different factions.

I don’t think it is coincidental!

Kind of like a beehive when the bees hear something that irritates their senses.

Not sure what came first ..the chicken or the egg.

I have looked at my past and noticed the intervention of some of these factions in my life and in others lives and their deaths.

Influence—> action—-> reaction—-> result

We do not live in a vacuum.

What we do, what we say, what we believe does have ramifications good and bad, in the present, the future, and  believe it or not, our past.

Just because we get a bad reaction does not mean what we say or do is bad it just means there is a force that is against that action. Visa-versa. It takes time to evaluate why we received one or the other type of reaction and who or what is behind that reaction, etc.

For instance, when I chose to confront a problem I received a bad reaction because of the defense ie self preservation of others. Very human results. It wasn’t that what I did was bad, because it wasn’t bad, it was what I had to do for myself on a particular issue. The results hurt others and me, but I still had to confront the problem. Sometimes there is no “RIGHT WAY” to do that. No matter what way it was done it was gonna hurt, and it did hurt, it still hurts, but I know that what I did was right for me and the others involved.

The decisions we make when confronting problems sometimes cause other problems. Sometimes the results hurt but that does not mean it wasn’t right.

There was a friend of my ex husband who became a Christian. He noticed that life got tougher since his decision to become a Christian. I do not know the specifics about his beliefs because we never discussed them and since then he has passed on.

I have noticed that many Christians never seem to experience this reaction and I wonder why. Some do, some don’t.

I know when I first began there was not much resistance. I watched tv and the tele-evangelists and eventually saw through their lies. I started to listen to radio evangelists and preachers and became intensely interested in prophecy but noticed many were on the same “wavelength” so to speak as if clones of another. They all seemed to be thinking the same way as if taught by the same school of thought with a few personality glitches. But still I learned a few things from them. Then I searched the internet and read a bunch from other biblical theologians and others.

Then I started to read the bible on my own. To be honest, I still have not read the whole bible. I did try to read the bible in the one-year-program hoping to accomplish the task but early on dropped it. It didn’t make sense to me. I believe that this program is folly. I have seen people that have and/or are doing this program and I see no results, no depth, no understanding in their pursuit.

My sister started a bible class recently with her husband and the last time I talked with her she was confused about the meaning of what they were learning. Basically, what gleaned from the conversation is un-understanding which is an honest reaction.

I have tried to get her to read my blogs, but meet with great resistance. She is my sister after all.

I have tried to talk to her husband who is her spiritual leader and met nonchalance and ridicule. He is my brother-in-law after all.

Even when discussing the JFK assassination he accepted the results of the Warren Commission and looked on the whole affair as a person would look at pictures of the holocaust and never probe why.

I have become a whyer.

I wanted to know after reading the Gospel of John why Peter would kill Ananias and his wife Sapphira……..in the Book of Acts. Because they lied to him (the Holy Spirit) about the profit they made from selling their land when giving him a donation. Seemed a bit harsh to say the least and it did not agree with me.

The Gospel of John does agree with me except for a few major/minor details which I believe have been “altered” such as drinking blood that is because I had read some of the Old Testament to know that you should not drink the blood of the sacrifice. And the way it is written in the Gospel of John just doesn’t fit with who is described and written about in the Gospel of John.

My biggest stumble was the Sabbath issue which led me to comparing the gospels and that started my gospel journey. I had tried to get answers to that question online and by theologians and never was satisfied with their reasoning. It all hinged on Paul and what he said it seemed. I still to this day am not sure about the Sabbath except that it is part of the Ten Commandments.

It is said in the Old Testament that that is God’s seal.

Of course, I have read about the extent some people go in their zeal for that commandment. I’m not a super religious person..I think I have a personal relationship with I Am to some extent.

Miracles have occurred for me, very sweet and powerful miracles, but I have met much resistance too. I have the feeling more miracles that I don’t even realize have occurred lately as in “prevention and protection”.

Sometimes “the things that we don’t see” or “are conscience of “

are the really big miracles🙂 such as

the battles that are going on for our behalf in the physical world and the spiritual world for lack of a better word. Sorry about my lack of a better word but that is because I’m not a writer and am pretty simplistic, I guess I’m a simpleton, but glad to be one.

I have tried to read some Roman Catholic writings by their theologians and they just blow me away with their words – to put it another way they are wordy.

Case in Point:

Sacrament of Marriage

If I wanted to take this wordy explanation for marriage and pick it a part it would be tiresome. Obviously the Sacrament of Marriage has evolved over time!


Just recently Pope Benedict XVI said we don’t know the question of good and I wrote a post on that subject and others that pertain to that conclusion. I have seen so many pictures of that man and his Cardinals in their robes and mitres. In my opinion, they look ridiculous in their pretenses. George Ganswein looks absolutely silly in his frocks but I suppose it serves their purpose somehow although I’m not sure how but they seem to have many admirers so I guess it is working for them

except that they cannot see the question of good.

Now that is sub-lime.

Just recently read:

Catholic Church Faces Disruption and Banishment as Irish Cardinal Set to Resign by Kevin Annett

Breaking News for Global Release: A Communiqué from ITCCS International.

ITCCS Ireland Protest outside the Dail, Dublin, April 2010
ITCCS Ireland Protest outside the Dail, Dublin, April 2010

“(BRUSSELS AND DUBLIN) – The Roman Catholic Church faces permanent disruption and banishment in at least five countries if it does not comply with ten “non-negotiable measures” by September 15, 2012, according to a global coalition of survivors of church rape and torture.”

It is quite a long article and very interesting. I hope you read it.

Is it true?

I don’t know, because I don’t trust anyone these days, and

I especially do not trust the Press, but I hope it is true. 

Maybe the pretenses aren’t working anymore!

I stumbled upon a man named ZibigniewBrzezinski

and you tubes about him and he looked familiar to me. I think he looks like an ambassador to the Soviet Union at the time of the assassination of JFK:

Foy D. Kholer

who died in 1990

 Not sure about it though.

Also I read a bit about Zibigniew Brzezinski’s daughter who works for the press and I was impressed by some of her actions. Of course it could be baloney. Again, I don’t trust the Press. I heard good and bad reports about him. He is definitely an intellectual. Not sure who to believe on the question of his character, but something he said in one of the various you tubes pulled me in the direction again to

“HAARP and its purpose”. 


It seems we are going from one extreme to another.

London Spy Death Remains a Mystery

…..”So was Gareth William’s death linked to his work or his private life? The head of MI6 attended Gareth William’s funeral. Today he issued an unreserved apology for the week long delay in reporting Gareth missing from his four-man team. A delay that made it impossible to be certain about cause of death, with poisoning or asphixiation most likely…..”

I think we are being manipulated by this power mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I hope you will take it seriously so that you can react to it as best you can

and not go down with it

in it’s purpose for you and your loved ones.


Jeremy Irons on playing a Pope, ‘The Lion King’ and his voice

(plays Rodrigo Borgia, a Pope)

Never have seen this show. I like his acting though!

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