Michelle Obama, Where’d You Get Those Peepers


Where’d you get those peepers?


Jeeper, creepers


Speaking of Michelle I wonder why she was at Benghazi?


bitch michelle at disney


Michelle_Obama__Commencement.sff_KYJC101_20130511213131 May 12, 2013

First Lady urges graduates to live by their values


 It’s a girl.
Very similar profile and hairline…..hmmmmmmmmmmm, though she has changed her eyebrows. You can see where they used to be. She has raised her eyebrows in fact she paints them on or has had them tattooed and now she has bangs. ……………….
IN the shot at Benghazi the person stands like a woman and is wearing sandals with high heels (definitely not male type sandals) and looks 

Untitled7like the fancy pants are rolled up. Yep they are.

Od terrorist.

Feminine. Nice arms too. Nostrils similar. Similar mouth. Similar shoulder and neck. Her cheeks have improved must have had some work done. Yep. She has, now she has cheek bones. In her earlier pictures she was a bit less defined and more flat. Her nose is thinner now too.
I guess if only we could figure out when Michelle had work done on her eyes because the picture closeup at Benghazi the person’s eyes are swollen as if that person recently had plastic surgery and still recovering. Michelle’s eyes sure have improved and it can’t be by aging so it must be because of surgery. Her forehead also has improved since then. Yea the person at Benghazi looks swollen in the face also. Was she preparing for Inauguration Day?
Benghazi is where one of the temples to Apollo was located. I don’t think that is coincidence by that I mean there is something to it and the antichrist is also known as Apollyon ie the Destroyer name of the angel of the bottomless pit in Revelation. So if this is tribulation time then I guess it makes sense that temples of Apollo might be involved in tribulation events. I think the temples are Jesuit controlled but not positive of that just heard it and there sure are a lot of Jesuits (Clinton for one who worked under Obama) in our government obstructing the Benghazi investigation.

EXCLUSIVE: Key suspects in Benghazi attack include former courier, bodyguard for Al Qaeda, sources say

Obama has been good at destroying just about everything.

Obama said, “I sent them there.” in reference to Benghazi yet no one went to help so who and what is he talking about?

He also said:

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

Remember this quote?

“No one has the right to bare arms, but Michelle.”  chuckle chuckle


US troops on Syria border as Obama arms rebels

Is Michelle in Syria now?

Is that why Michelle Obama was bearing arms was in Benghazi?

MOHAMMAD is a MAD HAM with the initials MO




Syrian rebels post grisly execution video

Obama likes their music at prayer time …….Talk about obnoxious!

Islam and it’s profit are an abomination.

The Obamas are Hams wursts and definitely not my cup of tea.

I’m not slandering their profit, just making truthful observations snicker snicker

May I say for the umpteenth time Ambassador Chris Stevens is not this man below, yet the press act as if it is the ambassador and by now with my e-mails and posts they ought to know that they are not the same man.

I think he is the object of their desire, though.

I think he is why Obama sent them there.


I think he is a witness of revelations. Could even be John the Baptist, hence the “Take me to the river” reference and other strange references by President Obama at his Correspondent’s dinner. I think it is possible since the administration and all the President’s men, the press won’t even admit that he is not Ambassador Chris Stevens. There is so much secrecy and so many lies involved in this incident at Benghazi and the coverup is immense hence all of the scandals to coverup what was done there.

Here is a comparison of Jesus written about in the Gospel of Matthew

to the Chief Captain written about in the book of Acts:

Tell No Man

Pelosi: GOP needs ‘lesson on the birds and bees’…

Congressman: Benghazi Survivors Forced to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements


Rep. Darrell Issa issues Benghazi subpoenas to State Department

Writing about Monday’s subpoenas, Mr. Issa said they were not the fault of the witnesses he was trying to interview “By its very nature,” Mr. Issa wrote, “a subpoena can carry the implication that the witness is being uncooperative. In this case, that is an unfortunate and misleading consequence since it is the department, and not the individuals themselves, that appears to be dictating the timetable.”

Not Going to Take It Anymore — Issa Subpoenas Boswell, Bultrowicz, Dibble and Jones


Eric Boswell

Obama Takes Excited Daughters Out For Day Of Drone-Watching

“According to reports,

Obama then told the two girls that if they came back at nightfall,

they might get to see a drone attacking

its prey.”

House committee issues subpoena for Benghazi documents

Yep the person in the picture


at Benghazi with arms looks like Michelle Obama.
I wonder what in the world
she was doing there with those arms?
Obama said : 
“Only Michelle has the right to bear arms.”
She has muscular arms and thin forearms as does the person at Benghazi. Most men have bigger forearms if they are muscular but this person at Benghazi has feminine forearms. For Instance:
Notice the forearms on this muscle man GEORGE HARRISON next to Taylor Swift compared to the forearms of the person (Michelle) at Benghazi.
Notice Michelle’s very slender forearms and long fingers which is a characteristic of the person (Michelle) at Benghazi; So why pretend.. Just admit it Michelle…….you were at Benghazi.ap922219264656
Most men don’t have waistlines this person does. The person at Benghazi is quite feminine and I know this will offend but he/she has nappy hair like an African person. By nappy I mean frizzy and curly such as Barack Obama’s hair. Obviously Libya is an African nation but that does not automatically mean your hair is nappy and also the hairline is the same as Michelles if you take away the length and the bangs. 
HE LIKES MICHELLE”S FACE NOW:) I guess they didn’t suffice before the work.
Isn’t it time to haul the Obamas in for questioning?
What a difference surgery made in her looks but at what price?
Who paid that price?
The men at Benghazi?
Is beauty that attractive when it turns deadly?
That’s their tactic…false promises to hold over support. A Bargaining chip. Don’t ask….don’t tell Let’s pretend. Have faith and hope and maybe…..just maybe if you stick it out with them …just maybe, and maybe not. Probably not because then they lose that bargaining chip and they need it. How that chip reacts is extremely important in their game. Do you stick it out for nothing? Same goes for the other chips they hold. They are in a tight spot and now is the time to flip them. Get support from other groups and get them to flip. It works lots better than waiting for nothing.
But instead they begged her back after she feigned her departure. Can’t get much more fakey than that. LOL. What the heck was she talking about saving the kids. I never have figured out what her message is about kids rarely seeing her with her own kids and seems kids are not faring well in her time.
I wonder why.
Her message about kids is so empty and sounds like a broken record.
Does feeding them hummus for school lunches help them?
Does Michelle or Barack Obama have a stake in the Hummus business?
If so, then who is it really helping?
Was it a choice at school lunches or was it the one choice?

“Yet still, FLOTUS has defended her campaign.”


Funny cuz she is FLOTUS.(First Lady of the US)

She is a slippery slope.

Pretty self-serving, eh?

Matthew 23:37

King James Version (KJV)

37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

I think the hummus fetish has to do with chick peas, LOL. Michelle thinks she is mother hen and she must be under the impression that the kids at school are her chickens and she does not care what you believe.

Like the Clintons helped Haiti and Chechnya etc This degradation and discontent, dysentery, disfunction, destitution, deprivation coincides with the dedication to the Virgin Mary. A pre-rape the land kind of dedication. Steal the worthy few etc. Viet nam also suffered after their dedication. It seems to be a precursor to famine. I think it’s the Synoptic Gospels survival depends on intervention, interference and pillaging of others to subsist like fleas, ticks, and locusts.

There is an madness of huge proportions at the White House.

She can’t remember if she is a single mom or not, whether Obama is there, Obama thinks there is no there there…

scandal after scandal…

Maybe their problem is the hummus

or they are having marital problems

like Jackie and JFK.

Get the unions and their mentality out of government and let them never come back.

Why Michelle Obama got heckled

CNN exclusive video: First lady confronts heckler

“I don’t care what you believe, wait, wait, wait. One of the things, one of things I don’t do well is this,” Michelle Obama responded, prompting cheers from the crowd. The first lady then moved away from the podium into the crowd and said to Sturtz, “Listen to me or you can take the mic. But I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.” Unknown-1 The videos have been altered since I added to this post about the First Lady Michelle Obama and now we don’t get to see her as she handled the situation at the Fund Raiser. (Just added CNN and Alex Jones video since writing this post but they still don’t have the real time video of the confrontation just the voice which can be edited and the videos are edited quite a bit)

FLOTUS Confronts Heckler, But Where’s The Video? (Alex Jones)

Of course it was a Fund Raiser so she was there for the money and doubtful would have left over a heckler. But what was interesting was who she approached in between her threats and was laughing about it and it was an oriental man who obviously was controlling the situation and seemed to give her support. Probably Chinese. Looked like Chinese President Xi Jinping. The Fund Raiser is probably for him in a round about way. I don’t think he likes African-Americans too much.  I have a feeling this was a set up again to get or stir up African Americans to get behind her for her “in your face” to the heckler, kind of like giving OJ Simpson a freebie. They rejoiced then also. Palestinians do it all the time when Americans are murdered. Did African Americans rejoice when the young 14-year old girl in Chicago was shot dead because she “stood out” in Michelle’s neck of the woods, the one that was a guest at the President’s inauguration? Is that how you treat your guests? COINCIDENCE? Did the young girl stand out at the INAUGURATION so much so as to upset the first lady? Is Michelle so insecure that she would murder her or have her murdered because her other half noticed a pretty young girl? Or was there more to that day than meets the eye. I think Barack Obama likes them young. Real young.

Teen girl who performed at Obama inauguration killed in Chicago shooting

She really cares for African-American children. Especially the girls. UH-huh uh huh. (Another coincidence in Santa Monica while the President was at a fund raiser in Santa Monica at a college which happened yesterday. I guess the gunman is dead and killed a few people including family members along his way. Very strange. Something follows the Clintons and the Obamas and it isn’t good. Echoes of Sandy Hook Massacre. Doesn’t mean it is them but something does follow them and I think it is spiritual and not a very nice one either.)

Santa Monica shooter carried out plan in deadly rampage

Telephones are really a commodity in the African American dream even at the expense of their kids and their jobs. Can’t get any better than that. He would love to disarm you so that it could be quicker but luckily there are those that do know history. It helps. If the African Americans want to destroy themselves they are doing an awful good job for the Obamas and whoever they work for.  As I have stated in many of my blog posts your skin color is a bargaining chip. They don’t care. Get a grip. ON Sean Hannity’s show last week around June 21st he had an audience of Conservative African Americans who now want to be called Black Americans because they were born in America. I thought that was kind of funny because they really aren’t black. Different shades of brown with a hint of green and other colors. But they prefer being Black to African because they aren’t African they are Americans. So before this distinction they have been called other things one being “Nigger”. A sort of famous woman on a food network (I don’t watch the show and don’t know her from Adam) Paula Deen has apologized for using racist language and may lose her job on the show which I first heard about on The Five of Fox News. Bob Beckel definitely is against slurs and thinks we should call a spade a spade in regards to terrorism. A terrorist is a terrorist regardless of what he or she wears. 

Estée Lauder Executive Signs On as Michelle Obama Adviser

Actually the ladies and the men on that show on Fox “The Five” are very sanctimonious and very Catholic (all show if you can understand the history of Catholicism and their treatment of humans in the past as they ignore the past and look the other way) about her admission and their stupid chatter about it. Please read the links about their sanctimonious religion:

The Vatican-The Family Business-The Vatican City

Chief Priests and the Legion – Revised

Not a good track record. Yet they forgive themselves so easily. All they have to do is tell a priest called their Father. Problem is he can’t cleanse them like the real Father. SO they tell their sins and say a bunch of Hail Mary’s with little beads on a string or whip themselves with a switch on their back in front of a mob and voila they are okay with whatever they did and it is forgotten. That is why the MOB loves them and thrives off their victims, because they have been nerfed. They don’t realize their nakedness as Peter didn’t realize he was naked either in his fish coat (on or off) on the Sea of Galillee.

Seen any images of Mary on an oil slick lately?

Or how about on the side of tin can in the road. Mary shed any tears of blood for ya? VOO DOO comes to mind. This is how idiotic they can be and then barely forgive a woman for saying the “N” word in private because of their ever lovin’ GRACE.  Makes you wonder who was listenin? Is the NSA and Walmart related? Or the Food Channel? Or Fox News? Have they lost their heads? They are the most un-thankful people in the world. If you are Catholic P_L_E_A_S_E watch these you tubes and soak it in as what others think of you and your rendition of your religious piety because that is all you have is PIETY and it is PITIFUL. Shroud Of Turin Accidentally Washed With Red Shirt A New Pope

Pope and Michaelangelo

Talk about syrup-y crap. Do you know what a buffoon is?  A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool. Listen I know many catholics that have said much worse and done much worse and this show of false femininity and worldliness and most of all their false character. I’m ashamed they acted that way today on June 26th and they should be embarrassed. If “the Five” were honest they would be honest about the fact that Ambassador Chris Stevens is not in the Benghazi photos or film being dragged around but they must be hiding something and they must have good reason to hide it and it must be their religion telling them to hide it and for that fat check and their FALSE PRIDE: Don’t Ask and DON’T TELL as if that is harmless when it really is harmful to themselves and others and they should be immensely ashamed of themselves for that, but I don’t think they are. No wonder they wore lace on their heads in church because they are so full of holes. They are run by the MOB. They worship Peter and Mary and a baby. They just don’t have the brains to understand scripture so give them some wine and a cookie and take their money and send them on their way. They ain’t got brains what else can you do?They actually worship the eucharist.

The Monstrance

Pope Benedict w/ Monstrance (Matted w/ Black Frame) 8×10 Ridiculous as it is ^ this is being sold online! How about the assassination of JFK? How honest would “the Five” be in regards to this video and this picture?:

She is fiddling with him as he is shot the first time, then Connelly looks back and she looks at Connelly and he is shot, she looks back at her husband and gets closer and under him and he is shot again and the blood spray goes up, then it looks as if she has something in her right hand after the second shot (perhaps a silencer and it looks like Captain Hook’s arm without the hook?). 


And it seems to be emitting gas straight up! And if I am correct it probably came with her red roses!

Who was the florist?

Supposedly, Jackie thought it was odd that she received red roses in Dallas in one of her infamous interviews spinning the Camelot myth.
Possibly, lost that object when she pushed her husband over and fled to the trunk of the car to get whatever was back there, and it looks like a tube of lipstick because of the way it stays on the trunk of the car. She pursues it on the trunk of the car and gets it and gets back and hunches down with everyone else.
*April 2nd 2011 Just watched this video again a few times and it looks like she is the only one that seems to be busy …..very active….and in control…….everyone else seems to be reacting.
Everyone else seems to be in slow motion and she is in very fast motion.
Whoever her focus is on seems to be before that person is shot! IMO

Which is very disturbing!”

But Jackie was so pretty and was so classy and full of grace and of course she was catholic. Whatever got Jackie to kill JFK may be the same thing that occurred at Benghazi in the form of Michelle Obama. It is worth considering.

Assassination of JFK and The Covenant with Many – Part 3

What I’m trying to understand is why Paula Dean admitted it if she said it in private with her husband and how Walmart knew and why Walmart fired her. How would they know she had said the “N” word? Let’s ask Snowden. He said something interesting “They are going to get you in time.” and now Mr. McAfee is saying the same kind of threat tonight. I wonder what they mean? This over reaction about Snowden is humorous. The Chinese spy on us and they didn’t realize our country was spying on them? Must not be very good at spying then. They didn’t know about the CIA? I feel extremely safe. LOL DID WE POISON THIER RICE PATTIES WITH STUPID DUST? “Am I prejudice?” Remember when “only catholics” went to heaven?  Is that prejudice? HMMMMM. Heaven to a catholic is looking down their noses at everyone because of their piety.

John McAfee breaks long silence in interview

I agree with McAfee “Life is not what we think it is,” especially when someone wakes you up as someone did for me. As far as drugs go such as Cocaine or Crystal Meth or a similar type drug, please read:

The Monarch, Devil’s Breath, and the Eucharist

Now Mick Jagger has been busted and I thought he didn’t do drugs.

No Satisfaction: Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger

rips President Obama on spy program 

‘I don’t think President Obama is here tonight,’ Jagger said on stage at the Verizon Center in Washington. ‘But I’m sure he’s listening in.’ OBAMA can’t control Egypt so arrest Mick Jagger. That’ll teach em. It is called we have an INSANE GOVERNMENT. He didn’t want to chase after Snowden, but now he does. Ecuador caved in so it makes OBAMA look powerful. Talk about childish. Isn’t it time to oust this administration, this is ridiculous. THEY ARE DOPES. IDIOTS. CLOWNS. THEY TRIP OVER THEMSELVES. Send the WHITE HOUSE more diaper rash medicine. Michelle needs to change those diapers more often. You gotta do a better job, Michelle, taking care of your children. Walmart has certainly changed hands from what I recall that it used to be. Believe me it was full of prejudiced workers and owners. Give me a break, uh, about 15 uh, or so, uh years ago. I guess they have risen to such heights that they are snowing everyone with this ridiculous intervention. Is it better to ruin the economy by changing farming practices of the people in Haiti resulting in the death and severe poverty for many people and shrug about it as if it is no big deal thanks to Bill Clinton? Or give away free phones to get elected (talk about self-demeaning a race as if that is all they care about) and then ruin their economy and watch their unemployment rise and raise their taxes and shrug about it? The “Sensitive Ones” also have been trying to make it impossible for law enforcement and the population to profile criminals such as terrorists only to identify them by their clothing but unless we want to profile their designer it is very dumb. It is the most ridiculous reason to fire someone that I can think of. How about a warning or say “Please don’t say that on the job,”  or you will be fired  but hark she didn’t say it on the job. Just remember that the FIVE and Fox News is free from sin and have reached heaven before everyone else and they never cuss, nor drink, smoke, or even think bad words and they are here to refine us and judge us. The Five had a show last week about it with the ads on the sides of buses with terrorists faces in New York that seems to offend the “Sensitive Ones.”  Further in the article the Muslim places of worship/mosques are off limits as far as surveillance so there seems to be a double standard between places of worship and obviously someone intentionally wants to keep hidden some things going on at these mosques. Is that why they are so sensitive? PAULA DEEN ISSUES VIDEO STATEMENT APOLOGIZING FOR USING RACIAL SLURS (UPDATE: FOOD NETWORK DROPS HER) My uncle used to use the word “nigger” in jokes. He often told jokes and often the same one at different times. It was a bit hard to listen over and over again and to hear that word because I do think it is derogatory when used by many people that use it. In his defense he was a wonderful man in his way but just a bit racist, not only with Black Americans, since being part of my family I overlooked his prejudice because I loved him. I don’t often enjoy jokes however because I prefer a more spontaneous kind of humor. Of course the job isn’t the place for racial slurs because there is a time and a place for those kind of things if one is inclined. My uncle was a Title lawyer and owned his own business and seemed to be successful and believe it or not represented some African Americans although I don’t know the specifics or if they were satisfied with their representation. My little sister stood up for an African American boy at her elementary school who was forced by their teacher to get on all fours and bark like a dog in the civilian public school system and she got in big trouble *for a kid anyway* (as I recall) and this occurred in Alexandria, Virginia which is right outside Washington DC. Did President Obama link Catholic schools to segregation Black Americans use the word about other Black Americans and overlook it so I guess it depends on who uses the word and why and for what purpose. Now African Americans call Black Americans African Americans and they don’t like it. I used “that word” once that I remember in the context of rigging. I really didn’t think about it when I said it and I wasn’t trying to insult Black/African Americans but realized that I had offended them when I noticed the restaurant I was in quieted down and there were many brown faces aghast. I went along merrily with the bussing experiment in my teen years although it was not a choice. There is a book about the Jews in WWll who were fed only bread and I suspect it was a social experiment by some mad hatters to test biblical tenets because Jesus of the Gospel of John said he was the Bread of Life. Stupid experiment by stupid people who misunderstood the meaning trying to prove a point: the preeminence of the Gospel of Matthew and the other two Synoptic Gospels of Mark and Luke that bolster and mimic each other against the Gospel of John. I’ll include the name of the book as soon as I am able but it is required reading for kids in the public school system in the past few years. The name of the book is in the two articles about I Am that I Am below and linked. Spiritually speaking I think a lot of what is happening these days has to do with that same mad hatter mentality and spirituality manEUvering, manIPulating and affecting many in lofty positions of business and government and pushing through their social experiments just to test the folks, kind of like the Haitian experiments that the Clintons supervised/improvised.

Financial Sector Thinks It’s About Ready To Ruin World Again

And now they want to tax essentials like food. They are total asses. Talk about hoarders they are so afraid of change and how it will affect them and an overhaul of the tax system  going to a consumption tax will help them too. Yes their intake will fluctuate but will also equalize with the worth of the dollar. I think the elitists ought to reeducate themselves in the simple rules of Economics. I’m not a graduate of college and even I can figure that out. Makes you wonder if they just aren’t sadists for the sake of sadism they don’t want people to do well they want to punish because they like to screw the people. and because now they have the power they want to decide who succeeds and who doesn’t. They are hoarding their status. How insecure can they be. Yeah, it’s kind of sad and pitiful. Control Freaks are pretty low and have a false sense of morality and thrive on their hate. Like Jackie Kennedy wearing white gloves, assassinating her husband the President of the US in front of the whole world and wondering why she received red roses in Dallas. And the whole world falls all over her for her poise and beauty and mostly influence pandering to her like they do for the Obamas because they are really afraid and are cowards  when they should not have kicked the can down the road with the preposterous “one bullet theory” and investigated so they could get to the bottom of the crime as many are trying to do with the Benghazi crime. ================ My dad never used “the word” that I can remember. He was a colonel in the army and it just wasn’t his style or his way although he did say a few other slurs not having to do with people. Many think the south is more prejudice than the north but I disagree. It’s pretty even having been north and south, east and west. I grew up being cajoled by my older brother that I was adopted and found in the jungle with hair on my back and they shaved it but I’m not sure I actually believed it even though I grew up watching Tarzan, Shirley Temple, Bob Hope, and Lucille Ball. Unknown I think the word “Nigger” came from the name Niger mentioned in the New Testament of the bible. Josephus Flavius also mentions Niger in his writings as the man who suckered many Jews/kikes in biblical times by faking his own death and his own resurrection ( A False Messiah) to trick Jews/kikes into thinking he was with them and for them in order to trap them to kill them so the word does have a significant meaning and place in history! A there is a there there kind of meaning. That is how he rigged the fate of many Jews/kikes. I think that is the dirty secret that many black/African Americans don’t even realize (but some do) as well as many white/honky/caucasians/gringo and cracker Americans and Latin/Mexican/illegal immigrant Americans (who also now don’t want to be called immigrants) who don’t know or were not taught about it either. And quite possibly he was white. When Jeantel says ‘cracker,’ it’s a cultural thing; but when Deen says the ‘n’ word, it’s racism I just added cracker to the mix of slurs about races because I heard that Trayvon Martin the young man killed by Zimmerman said to someone on the phone that a creepy white cracker ass or did he say creepy white ass cracker (which could also be creepy white house cracker which would make much more sense since Obama inserted himself into this case quite early on and Obama basically directing Americans to this case and his earlier comments about slaves c0sting money at his Correspondent’s dinners and his need for a diversion from Benghazi) and was following him or something to that effect on Greta’s show on June 26th. Of course Trayvon Martin might have been talking about Crack Cocaine and this encounter may actually have been a drug deal gone bad. I hadn’t heard of that one slur since he used the white with the cracker. One other slur could mean slave driver because they slave drivers cracked a whip. That is what I heard on The “N” Word discussion with Don Lemon. I still think he meant “nuts” because he was being followed unless they had a relationship before hand having to do with drugs and/or one was in charge of the other somehow via money lent. Then it is possible he was referring to the plumber as in SNL. (could be a gay term) Nerds Broken Fridge I know that sounds disrespectful but we don’t know what he meant and so I added this just in case it might be applicable. Refrigerator man?

I have a hard time with the choir boy act of Zimmerman who was carrying a concealed weapon. I just don’t put the two together very well especially since he was the aggressor and doing the following of this young man and I know if Hannity were armed he would not be following someone and he would have backed off when told to back off. Just because Trayvon Martin was on top in the altercation may be because he was quick having possibly seen Zimmerman’s gun and Trayvon Martin may have had to hit him to defend himself that is if the man testifying today really remembers correctly from a distance at night before he went inside. The candy bag was quite a distance away as if he was surprised. I must add that Hannity did a good job, a very good interview, I just question whether it was right. Sean Hannity asked Zimmerman if he had any regrets and specifically if he regretted getting out of the car that night and Zimmerman matter of factly said No. WHY NOT? THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS.  And it proves Zimmerman is a Psychopath/Sociopath or whatever that is called! He said it was God’s will my response to that is then why participate and just let God do it.

Examiner: No memory of autopsy

He must be possessed if he can’t remember anything about the autopsy. He is a minion. (A minion is a follower devoted to serve his/her master relentlessly.) In other words he is a mindless zombie or a shell. “And you don’t know why it’s a male voice? police or emergency woman is leading the female caller at the outset. Neither mother could tell who was screaming they are both standing up for their sons. Give me a break. But more than likely it would be the son who died but that is obvious, if indeed he did actually die because as I said this is a mindless entertainment to entertain. This is the degenerate perverted opposite version of a story of two women fighting over a baby in the Old Testament of the bible and how Solomon handled the situation. The tape can be cleaned up with a good sound engineer so that the voice could possibly be recognizable, not to the mothers but to the jury. possibly if you play the screaming backwards it might be recognizable. It sounds demonic and I have no idea who the caller was or their reliability and could be they are involved in this entertainment. The tape may have been altered by pitching it up or down to resemble one of the people or both.

Time for a new medical examiner to exhume the body to be reexamined.

We should have a televised autopsy so the world can see. Let’s get some real experts from CSI and see if they remember. Seriously it seems he didn’t do an examination if he can’t remember it. So who did? DID TRAYVON MARTIN REALLY DIE OR IS THIS ANOTHER HOAX? Some people can lie and look into a camera and be an angel and they can pass lie detectors. SO there needs to be another kind of test for sociopaths. He knew if he admitted regret about getting out of the car he could be seen as liable while looking into the camera saying he was sorry to the world that it this event occurred. It is definitely a mock and he is mocking his audience!

In other words he is a prick.

Being accused of molestation of a distant family member is a hard one to prove. His wife was accused of something having to do with mismanagement of donations but I missed the information. Obviously something is wrong with him and his wife.

Must be his beliefs and who controls him and her.

George Zimmerman’s Wife Arrested

Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 3.26.16 AM I wonder what his wife would look like 35 years from the time this photo was taken of Zimmerman’s wife. Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 3.25.48 AM Maybe Angela Corey might have an answer to that poser or maybe President Obama might have a clue since he thinks he could have been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago?

Zimmerman Prosecutors To Face Whistleblower Lawsuit From Fired Florida State Attorney Employee

Angela Corey

Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 3.34.29 AM Alan Dershowitz and Corey have a very tumultuous relationship of late.

“……..Dershowitz has called for Corey to be disbarred.[29] In response to his harsh criticism, Dershowitz claims Corey called Harvard Law School and, “threatened to sue the institution, get me disciplined by the Bar, and made accusations of libel and slander”.[30]
The same day that the George Zimmerman trial was sent to the jury, Corey fired Ben Kruidbos,[31] the information technology director for the State Attorney’s office, because he had disclosed her office’s failure to provide full discovery to Zimmerman’s defense team, as required by law.[32]
Zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder and not guilty of the lesser included charge of manslaughter…….” 

Obviously corruption is a big problem in these cases. And how can we predict the effect of evidence or lack of discovery on the result of a trial? One piece of evidence could be a puzzle piece needed to solve a crime. If someone in the system is allowed to get away with this what else has been compromised? That is partly why I think the Double Jeopardy law is meant to protect the guilty and protect those in the system who are corrupt and are manipulating the results of a trial. Instead of Clinton’s Three Strikes Laws lets apply that to the Double Jeopardy Law and give the people 3 chances to put a guilty man behind bars where he belongs. To be tried in 3 different areas of the country each court system testing the preceding court and it’s system to keep them honest reporting on abuse of the preceding and holding those responsible for the abuse accountable by dismissal, being disbarred, or other crimes and misdemeanors.

Weed out the corruption, purposeful mediocrity, retaliation for past court results, and political/religious games in the courts and their systems testing all aspects of the system 3 times and

Let Nothing Go To Waste.

Tavis Smiley: Obama’s race speech ‘weak as Kool-Aid’

Moral leadership would be helpful,

but quite impossible if your beliefs are askew or plain wrong.

For the ACLU, George Zimmerman case is awkward déjà vu
With patience and understanding we could clean up this country from corruption and obvious abuse of the court systems to get their desired outcome:




angela corey dui

Judge Jeanine on her program Sat. July 20th conversed on air about whether

“why”matters. If Why doesn’t matter then Intent in the law doesn’t matter.


Then if why doesn’t matter then


is a useless word and the words that follow,



When a child attempts to put his hand on a hot stovetop or fire from a candle and a mother prevents the child from hurting himself then why does the mother bother saying anything to the child if it doesn’t matter why? Why not just let the child burn himself and he’ll figure it out maybe without burning down the house, maybe not. Maybe without having to go to the hospital, maybe not. Because to Judge Jeanine it doesn’t matter why. Just BLOW HIM AWAY and then he won’t burn himself ever again.



WHY MATTERS because it is INTENT!

IF someone comes to your house and is more armed than you are and puts handcuffs on you and puts you in a car and takes you away will you ask why? I THINK YOU WILL.

They published your address in a paper recently and you objected because why mattered then.

Why have history classes? Why learn anything?

Trayvon Martin asked why and he was killed. I think Zimmerman was in “soldier mode” and went deliberately with the intent to entrap and to shoot Trayvon Martin.

Rise of the Warrior Cop

Is it time to reconsider the militarization of American policing?

Zimmerman lied on the Sean Hannity Show about STAND YOUR GROUND.

OR the witness lied on the stand in a court of law about Zimmerman.

Why has he not been accused of perjury? Does it matter?



How about the friend who wrote a book. Either he lied or Zimmerman lied about Trayvon grabbing or touching or not touching the gun. Maybe he ought to be called in for perjury.

Was this a predetermined court case because it used to be perjurers were charged.

If he isn’t charged with perjury then I question the whole matter as

a diversion from Benghazi. Neither the defense nor the prosecution has contemplated perjury charges then obviously they are in cahoots together along with Sean Hannity either from stupidity or a cover up. Maybe there are quite a few guilty in this event.

How about Judge Jeanine tell the American people why she hasn’t told the American people that the man above isn’t Ambassador Chris Stevens? She knows.

Oh, Really? Really? Oh, Really? Really?

So why should anyone care what you think when you purposefully have lied by omission?

You were warned and it has been quite a long time since Benghazi and still you refuse. WHY?????

You don’t have the right to be a judge of anything!

And I see why

WHY is unimportant to you, because you are not honest.

Judge Jeanine: Why do we look to excuse evil?


I think Trayvon Martin may have known Zimmerman.

They ought to get a sociopath expert to testify against him.Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 3.31.54 AM

Who is this? Trayvon Martin’s dad?

This is of the devil, no doubt about that!

Playing tricks on people because that is his talent. 

Vatican offers ‘time off purgatory’ to followers of Pope Francis tweets

“Papal court handling pardons for sins says contrite Catholics may win ‘indulgences’ by following World Youth Day on Twitter”

Speaking of talents here are some studies from the gospels about talents.Talents were doled out especially in the Gospel of Matthew and Luke and talents also fall on many in the book of Revelation. Hope you will read them:)

Indulgences and the Parable of Usury

The Gospel of Luke – A Parody

Zimmerman should get prison time IMO and never be allowed around children. Although Zimmerman’s brother desires greatly mentoring kids as stated in some articles featuring his now famous brother.

America Live

‘Glad He Spoke Out’

“Robert Zimmerman reacts to president’s remarks on verdict”

What a travesty if that occurs.

Of course so does the new pope using their infamous Youth for Christ and World Youth Days. Hail Hitler.


Priests giving the Hitler salute

Priests giving the Hitler salute at a Catholic youth rally in the Berlin-Neukölln stadium in August 1933.

Nazi photos


You would be an idiot if you go along with their tactics which are incendi-ary and devious and very destructive. Notice how nothing good comes of these escapades but a bunch of BABEL.

They want your guns so they can do another HOLOCAUST.

They want your kids to assist them and to eventually destroy them.

They want you, your kids, your guns in any which way they can, using any and every angle they can to corrupt you and your kids or to disarm you to leave you and your kids unprotected. Kind of like the birth control controversy so young ladies can’t protect from getting pregnant like “the pill” (or the morning after pill) in the Roman Catholic Church while they lust after, molest, rape and kill your children and then whine about why your kids are screwed up or whine about the abortion rate and crusade to bury the bodies of embryos to get attention and to be noticed or not providing rubbers/prophylactics to people in Africa so that they may contract AIDS, ETC. And of course the press aid and abet in their zealous attempt to absolve themselves of their own sins in their most shallow inpithiancy

while ignoring and hiding evidence because of their religion.


and they are pros at it.

It is a vicious circle while posing as on a higher moral ground wearing robes and crosses on their chests chanting and worshipping a statue of Mary weeping and pointing their fingers or like serving cake to someone on a diet.

They love to pose in their costumes and pray in public so that everyone may see their devotion. Or remark AMEN every chance they get (to be heard) or say “God bless you my brother” on camera because they think they are God as they flaunt their aberration of decency as Zimmerman’s brother did on FOX NEWS via GRETA’S SHOW hoping to get another opportunity to mentor unarmed minors or flaunt Zimmerman’s desire to become a lawyer after killing an unarmed minor.


In other words they are nuts. Now watch everyone and their mother will be on the news freaking about about wearing a cross. It doesn’t bother me (I wear one sometimes) until a person wearing one interferes in other peoples decisions and peeking in on their lives to get an edge and all the other things they do to make people miserable.

It is an underhanded ploy seeming to be acting morally superior while lusting and groping at the same time so that they may punish and charge their victims. You cannot charge a person a fee to receive forgiveness. That is ABSURD. THAT IS WHAT POPE FRANCIS AND HIS SLAVES SUGGEST. Jesuits absolve the pope himself.


To set you straight the Devil and his slaves aren’t gonna roar at you

or growl at you for that would give it away who they are

they are going to sweet talk you,

because they are slime balls.

If Zimmerman has his own children he, his wife, and his children should be visited weekly by Child abuse experts. He should have to live a certain distance from where children live, learn and play. He should be isolated from society. He should have to compensate the family of Trayvon Martin. IN the old days children were helpful on the farm or what ever their source of income and no telling what Trayvon would have become. I think Zimmerman should have to pay a certain amount every paycheck or however Zimmerman makes a profit he should have to give a portion to the Martins for the rest of his life if found guilty because he got out of the car and does not regret it and pursued to follow Trayvon in a paranoid state of mind when he could have let the police handle the situation. *Zimmerman was instructed not to pursue. Trayvon didn’t steal the iced tea and the skittles, he bought them at the store and was on his way home. He was not in the middle of a crime either so the crime was against Trayvon and not the other way around. I say “paranoid” because he was suspicious of a boy walking home and that is ridiculous. The bag of snacks was near the sidewalk about 20 feet behind where his body was found, so he wasn’t lurking but walking on the sidewalk obviously and was jumped, I think. Then tonight on Greta Van Susterne Monday July 8th they discussed the bushes that Zimmerman thought Trayvon was hiding or leaped out from but they were next to the buildings and very small sparse bushes. He would have had to have sat in the bushes in order to hide in them. Greta skimmed over that quickly in her show when Bernie her guest commentator didn’t just go along with Greta’s conclusions about the bushes yet it was her show that filmed the location of the murder a few days back that clearly shows there weren’t any bushes he could have hid in although Greta added that it was dark that night. These commentators seem like they are a bit controlled by Greta as if she has power over them and if they go off the track a bit you can see anger in her eyes. It’s weird. I saw it last night. I guess when people “make it” they get pretty high on themselves. She likes it better when her sidekicks stay on course and are following her lead. Gang mentality.

In Reversal, Florida Judge Okays Testimony About Trayvon Martin’s Marijuana Usage

Now they are trying to make Trayvon look like a criminal because he had possible THC traces in him. You can have THC traces by being at a party with people that smoke dope. But he was 17 and if he had smoked it sometime that week or month it would show up in his blood. A lot of kids smoke pot. IN fact they legalized it in Colorado because a lot of kids and adults smoke pot, so maybe he went there recently, but if not, lets get real most people have smoked it in my generation quite a bit. Some of the straightest, most well connected, rich, high class and middle class, christians and non christians and a plethora of Vietnam vets and military people have smoked pot. The Vietnam war was when pot made it’s huge success in America.  POT has nothing to do with Zimmerman pursuing Trayvon on a dark rainy night. I don’t recall Zimmerman saying anything about Trayvon smoking pot but if so maybe this was an undercover narcotic agent bust gone wrong. Even past Presidents, Senators, Rep.s, Lawyers, Judges, State Department etc, Preachers, Policemen, Mayors, Governors, musicians and actors have smoked it and yet are well respected. DO they deserve to die ¿ So I guess if someone has smoked marijuana in the past they are fair game. That would include a lot of people, including President Obama. It is no less damaging to a person than alcohol, wine, barbituates, diet pills, personality disorder pills, pain pills, and the myraid of drugs people are prescribed legally by people in the medical field. It makes people act silly and sometimes dumb, but no dumber than what I see going on in our government spying on everyone. If he had drunk booze it might go along with the story of him being aggressive. Marijuana is not an aggressive drug but the opposite. Did anyone check to see if Zimmerman was on drugs? Like Meth? That is an aggressive drug.

Anyway it was not Trayvon’s gun, was it?

George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Wants Jurors To See Photos Of Handgun, Pot Plants Found On Trayvon Martin’s Cell Phone

With computer technology anyone can be framed. Who confiscated the cell phone? What does Hash Tag mean? Greta’s show uses it. Where did they come up with that term? When I grew up “HASH” was smoked in a pipe. I’m certain that the name came in reference to the drug. I sure wouldn’t tweet on her site. She might make an example of you, spy on you, use her show to entrap so she may entertain. GAME OVER. Who was he texting? Who was T? One of the messages says T as if that might be a name. Does T live in Florida? Does he play WOW? WOW is a online computer game that many adults and kids play. Funny cuz I play it and knew someone casually who named himself T and was from Florida and liked to eat goat. (Of course I still think this all a set up and mocking the US audience to divert attention. I’m basing my views partially on if this event and if it really occurred and the behavior and testimony and interviews I have seen.)

Did prosecution prove Zimmerman lied?

Any normal person with remorse and a conscience would wish he had not gotten out of the car if it would have avoided the killing of a young man or older boy. So the tongues sticking out of the Forensic scientists on the stand is explainable and their lack luster care of their evidence is explainable because they are involved in this obvious set up and or coverup possibly because the boy was African /Black American.  And they should be fired from their jobs because they are mocking our system and laws and justice by their lies and their behavior on the job and in court. If they do a lack luster job they should also be fired. NO memory of an examination of a boys body is good reason for firing. Are they trying to undermine the evidence and the case in this particular case because of politics? Zimmerman has faith in the system (I wonder why)…I DON’T. He said on Hannity that the FBI recused him of any wrongdoing to the cousin who accused him of sexual abuse. Speaking of ironies because Zimmerman spoke of irony here are a few ironies: If everyone had done their jobs the right way he probably wouldn’t have faith in the system is one irony and another irony was one was on his way home after buying his food and another was on the way to the store to get food. A system is only as good as those that are involved in the system. A computer is powerful but neither good nor bad. It depends on who is using the computer and for what purpose etc. A gun is powerful but neither good nor bad. It depends on who is using the gun and for what purpose,etc Zimmerman said he realized (as he was about to shoot Trayvon) “It wasn’t his gun. It wasn’t my gun. It was THE GUN.” That is a very telling statement and has alot to do with his state of mind at the time and afterwards. SO if this isn’t about Gun Control than I don’t know what is. This seems to be premeditated. He realized it was THE GUN. Meaning the only one and those are insane thoughts. Most people would not be agonizing over whose gun it is. Most insane people don’t realize that they are insane. IMO Somehow if this was so reactionary as he seems to put forth that to have that type of thought as he is about to shoot Trayvon seems to be devious. And certainly if he was thinking those thoughts and screaming at the same time it doesn’t quite fit. If I were going through the same thing I wouldn’t be doing much thinking and yet he was. I don’t think I would be thinking: It’s not his gun, it’s not my gun, it is the gun.  CMON! He was well aware of what he was doing and why.  Was the gun registered to Trayvon or to Zimmerman?  Is this a coverup of a gun running outfit? (Like Fast and Furious)

So in my opinion he is a deviant.

Reminds me of Obama when he said at the Correspondent’s Dinner, “Only Michelle has a right to bear arms.” If you take this further it is not a good idea to disarm Americans because there are deviants that might use it as an excuse to kill everyone else because they are the only one with “THE GUN.” Thinking ahead: It is Obama’s hope to disarm Americans. He is a deviant (although he may not perceive that he is a deviant, and others may not perceive that he is a deviant, but I do perceive that he is a deviant and others perceive that he is a deviant) HENCE it is not a good idea in fact, IT STINKS. Also in the interview Zimmerman made a great effort to include his mentoring. He had forgotten it at first and then retraced his normal routine actions to include the mentoring on that particular day. Smooth talker. I would have rather heard it from someone else of course because it really wasn’t relevant as to why he was doing what he was doing but relevant for his character, however it seemed like bragging and dressing himself in his charity. Of course he is fighting for his freedom and if he was set up, antagonized purposefully for a political agenda by possibly insane people then everything good he has done helps his cause which is a possibility knowing what i have discovered about the Obama Administration and it’s followers and the other side who are at war with the Obama Administration and he and Trayvon could be victims of that war. The interview with Hannity and Zimmerman the defendant was all cleaned up his mustache shaved looking like the most harmless soft spoken man but the pictures of him the night of the shooting he does not have that sweet look, in fact he looks totally different like a drug dealer or under cover cop. I wonder if this was an undercover drug deal involving cops that went awry or taking justice in one’s own hands like people on a crusade of some kind a religious cultish crusade. Anyway he confronted Trayvon Martin by not keeping his distance and by getting out of his car. Something very sinister going on with this case besides the killing of Trayvon Martin.

zimmerman_scene_photo-3_4_r537_c0-0-534-712Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 11.38.51 PMBesides the bloody nose he has been drastically altered. Even his eyebrows have been plucked. In the picture he has rings under his eyes and in this picture he looks like he has had collagen injected to fill out those rings. These are not the same person or he is at least 10 years younger with makeup. Definitely softened up and fattened up compared to the hardness and slenderness of the face of the man above. The man on top has wrinkles on his forehead and the one below there is not trace of wrinkles and there would be if had them. The man on the bottom has perfect shaped eyes that curve a slight bit up at the end. The man above has larger rounder upper half of eye and straighter lower half of eye. the man below has smaller eyes (asian like). the man on top has more upper lid than the man on the bottom. The hair line is a light bit different on the sides. The man above has a lower lip that goes up on the sides and larger in the middle than the man on the bottom. The man on top looks arabish/italian and the man on the bottom looks more central american or indonesian with dutch. The man on top has a lower chiseled jaw bone showing the man below does not have one hardly at all. The man on top looks like he has a few more freckles or moles compared to the man on the bottom. The man on the bottom has darker brown eyes. The man on top has a kind of twinkle in his eyes like he was a bit of a tease the man on the bottom does not at all have that twinkle. The man above seems to have longer lashes than the man on the bottom. And stop moving the moles it’s not fair.

Definitely not the same man.

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 8.09.02 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 8.09.12 AM

So I guess Zimmerman decided to get rid of most of his upper lip for the interview with Hannity, but decided for the trial it might be effective to have a bow upper lip.


Would Judge Napolitano think it was a wise choice for Zimmerman? Maybe the Judge would wear fuller lips like Angelina Jolie for the trial. It’s more stylish than the bow look.

JUDGE NAPOLITANO SAYS THE ZIMMERMAN PROSECUTION ‘SHOT THEMSELVES IN BOTH FEET’ WITH THIS SEEMINGLY ODD DECISION Also on Hannity’s interview Zimmerman laughs or smiles he uses both his lower teeth and upper on the side and when the trial’s Zimmerman laughs he uses his upper teeth. He has a laugh of superiority. I wonder why he decided to grease his hair instead of what he looked like on Hannity which was very neat style without grease. I think his teeth have changed too. He seems to have an under bite in the Hannity show and an overbite on trial. I think he is pretty sure he has got this in the bag. Guilty or not.

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 8.50.27 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 6.45.31 PM

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 6.40.11 PM

They keep morphing, no telling what is in their “real mind” or if they even have one of their own

It’s a trade off; From my series called:

CBS News and JFK Transcriptions

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 6.55.42 PM

The new strategy to pass gun control

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 6.57.56 PM

the GORB BORG a grab bag of faces with one mind

IN the following video as Zimmerman enters the police station he is in shape and physically fit and now the Zimmerman is out of shape and has gained at least 100 pounds course that can happen if you have ptsd:

Enhanced video of Zimmerman in police station appears to show injuries

 In the last word video of  Zimmerman, he looks thinner, taller, and unharmed. I think measuring his height with the other cop in this video might be wise and compare to Zimmerman’s height on trial.  The Last Word In the Hannity interview Zimmerman reminds me of Jason Chavetz of Utah (soft and pretty, no offense) coincidentally where the NSA resides who works in Washington DC and is a mormon. Is this another cult murder or cult hoax? In court he doesn’t look so pretty, it’s quite weird. The lawyer questioning the man today in court looks eerily similar to Joel Osteen of Houston Texas. Joel Scott Osteen (born March 5, 1963) is an American lay preacher, televangelist, author, and the leader of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Hmmmm The other attorney reminds me of a guy recently questioned about Benghazi by congress who was “ashamed” who worked for the State Department and actually talked to Ambassador Chris Stevens that very night. In fact both I get the feeling are priests. Maybe of the Jesuit kind a secret society with loverly fellas. Trayvon Martin reminds me of  Susan Rice or has quite a bit resemblance and resembles a young lady I know. So that is partially why I think this is an elaborate cover up and distraction from Benghazi and a few other things said such as by the step mother of Trayvon about where she was relegated which is similar to something in my past. Then the “I is what I is” from a lady that looks like she would attend Joel Osteen’s church who might even speak in tongues if given the opportunity on any given day. SO I THINK I AM ON TO THE DECEPTION, SO HAVE FUN> HOPEFULLY NO ONE ELSE DIED FOR THIS ACT3. Oh yea and the male detective: “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”:) Sorry you don’t have the guts and where with all to understand who you worship and who you give up. Catholicism is a cult on a par or close to Islam. So go eat a chicken head, dance the chicken dance, kiss Peter’s feet, absolve mob murders and religious deception and kiss Obama’s ass. Sorry I can’t help it, I hate deception and what I have had to endure in many ways and I can thank you for that:) so full of farsitic grace. Pastor’s (Joel Osteen’s)wife involved in flight disturbance  Kind of interesting that the FBI was involved with Osteen’s wife and it was the FBI that cleared Zimmerman of years of sexual abuse of his cousin. Coincidence?

NUGENT: Zimmerman verdict vindicates citizen patrols, self-defense

The FBI or the Secret Service visited Nugent a while back too and then he went to Washington and became a slave. I have noticed a change. He isn’t as smart as he used to be. They dumbed him down. Nerfed him. SYNOPTICIZED HIM. Enemies unto themselves and it is not getting better. ==================== The FBI got involved in this particular incident which is very very od. joel-osteen-ministries-260x195 Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 3.02.35 PM As far as the cuts and bruises on Zimmerman it is not unheard of for those cuts and bruises to be manipulated to cover a murder by a partner or someone else involved. The cops told him not to follow Trayvon, then why did he continue to do it? That is the crux of this case as far as I’m concerned. He definitely was the aggressor and should have backed off but being armed tends to empower some people to do things they might not otherwise do if they have a screw loose. The drug crack cocaine also is an aggressive type drug so Zimmerman might have been on the drug. Could be that Trayvon Martin was set up by a whole host of people that are involved including those on Fox News. I think when murder trials become entertainment there is good cause to be suspicious that for entertainment’s sake someone was murdered like Rome was famous for in their colosseums but now we are in the modern times and now they are using a different warped kind of entertainment trial by news entertainment. It is Greta’s delight, her MO, and a really good diversion and her bread and butter. In fact the OJ Simpson case was her first dance, so to speak, her step up into the world of entertainment news. It was also Mark Fuhrman’s step up as an entertainment detective news correspondent. Maybe Fox news needed some help lifting their ratings. Both also entertained us with the Dorner (Christopher Jordan Dorner) case who in my opinion was set up, but resisted. Maybe Trayvon Martin resisted as well. Maybe Dorner knew too much (he was training to be a cop) because they sure didn’t give him a chance to testify like Reno at Waco Texas under the Clinton regime. ITS A FARSE! A few good women helped me to see that for sure today Wed 7/10 in their outrageous ways. THANKS! II THINK THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND IT WORKED:) Are we dealing with drones, human drones controlled by drugs and used by cops for a political cause using the NSA as their infomant using our tv’s, computers, cell phones, radios, car instruments, and dishwashers designed by Petraus. Also I’m suspicious of Obamas insertion into this case saying, “He could have been my son,” and at the time wanting to disarm Americans and because of the other hoaxes. Obama also has a path he follows when he has mentioned he “Leads from behind”. It think he means time. The clean up guy, tidy up someones past and make it look good or the opposite. I wonder what “Whoever owns the past owns the future” or what ever that saying is. What in the world could that saying mean: that time is able to be manipulated?  He will think to change times and laws is written about in Daniel of the bible so it may be related. There are many murders in the US but they focused on this one for some reason. Maybe it was a cult initiation. If I were the prosecution I would be looking into the cops involved and Zimmerman’s friends and acquaintances. This also may have been a cop related drug set up gone bad. Or an NSA or some other entity like the mob may be involved. And then the Sheen patriarch joined in to play Zimmerman’s uncle. And we know what religion he dances with though from statements in the past the Sheens always seemed to be on the speaking tongues end of the spectrum of Roman Catholicism. I did not watch his testimony, don’t need to because this is a sham. Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 10.10.56 AM I think this is a skin head group just by the looks and the attitudes I have seem in this case so far: Osterman wrote a book about his friend, who looked like a skin head too at the time. Add to that the defense attorneys daughter’s tweet makes for a bad combination  IMO and obviously by the seemingly surface injuries involved and the embellishment of 25 bashes to the head (Zimerman) on cement and the proven embellishment in the book  there seems to be some major lying and the indifference by Zimmerman (as displayed on Hannity’s interviews) who hasn’t quite realized or perceived that he pursued and killed his neighbor’s kid. His best friend sold books ie made a profit from his series of bad decisions and possibly his best friend’s influence/peer pressure has more to do with this than meets the eye. I think his friends may have played a role in this tragedy. George Zimmerman trial: Witness Mark Osterman Appearance matters and so does racial profiling and helps to understand motive or state of mind. If you ignore appearance of perhaps a terrorist than how in the world do you find them. Skin heads appear a certain way because they are making a statement by that appearance and if you ignore that than thats dumb. Zimmerman has since softened up by gaining weight and has grown his hair and shaved since that fateful night probably by the advice of his attorneys including the ice cream man. You might compare the picture of that ice cream man with Obama eating shaved ice and makes for an interesting conflict especially since he inserted himself in this case from the beginning. I wonder how much Obama is involved in this case with his pseudo mortification. I was gonna add a picture of Obama to demonstrate but by now if you haven’t figured it out, you aren’t gonna figure it out any time soon.

Describes Witnessing Confrontation in Florida Murder Case

“Mr. Good’s testimony on Friday is different from the recollection of two other witnesses who have already testified. They said that they saw the person on the top stand up and walk away.”

Funny cause on Greta’s show and on Fox News most of the day I have watched on and off and seems they have decided to believe Mr. Goods testimony over the other two witnesses. I have not even seen the testimony of those other two witnesses nor heard any discussion by any of the Fox contributors as if they are ignoring it.

 I did hear great exclaiming about the hand of the defense attorney being huge and describing the distance between the hoodie and the chest wound and if you look at it another way as Trayvon Martin being on the ground and Zimmerman on top could be that Zimmerman had a hold of the hoodie grabbing it and pulled it away from the body as he shot Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman is caught in a lie about a subject and a course STAND YOUR GROUND which he took if compared to testimony of his professor and his own testimony with Hannity yet he passed 3 lie detector tests.

If caught in a lie a defendant should have to take the witness stand

and take another lie detector test.

Our laws should also take into account the fact that evil exists and there are those that can lie without remorse. They are called Pathological Liars. The laws should not apply to them the same as to the average man but another set of laws for them to discern their disease and to protect the average man.


Seems like a lot of people on the payroll.

I do remember quite a bit of what I learned in college and Zimmerman should have remembered what he learned especially receiving an “A.” The Fox news contributors don’t remember much of what they learned in college, which is hard for me to believe, but they certainly help Zimmerman’s case in their lack of recollections. Is there something wrong with these people? Maybe they should not be doing what they are doing if they have the memory of a sieve which seems to be occurring with those in the press on many other issues too.

Maybe it’s that cracker they share?

That is also why I think it is a set up.

And tonight they are almost like tongue in cheek (Bernie in particular) about the State’s performance but it is because they have chosen sides already IMO. One guy even said the lie that Zimmerman made with Hannity was just a small nugget. I think it’s a pretty big chunk. Why lie about something so innocuous, if it wasn’t important? It was just a class he took. If he had been honest I would believe that it was innocuous and not important, but it isn’t now because he lied about it which makes it important now. And the woman on Fox with the gray outfit that looks and dresses like Chelsea Clinton said she fell asleep during the forensics. What I gleaned from is that there was no forensic evidence on Trayvon. If he pummeled Zimmerman and held his hand over Zimmerman’s mouth there would be forensic evidence saliva and blood from the mouth and nose of Zimmerman on Trayvon’s hands which proves that Zimmerman is lieing again, and/or there is someone else involved. That’s a few big chunks. And then the laughter of Zimmerman with the professor’s testimony. I think it was nervous laughter to overcome his fear.

That is also why I think it is a set up.

Does DNA evidence contradict Zimmerman?

Doesn’t look good but I’m sure the Fox news contributors would disagree and call it


And mockery of the lowest kind. I don’t think the individuals realize it individually but they are part of a scene in a play that I think is going to bite them very hard because they are so unaware of what they are a part of and that includes the press and their contributors.

“She testified that during earlier visits she had noted that Mr. Zimmerman had “started to exercise intensely” with mixed martial arts, three times a week. His body mass rated him obese, she said: 5 foot 7 ½ and 204 pounds.”

People react differently to trauma but when I had trauma I had a hard time and still do have a hard time wanting to work out in fact you tend to do the opposite especially since he Zimmerman is acting like he is a victim. Seems that this event bolstered his confidence into MR MACHO. IMO And I think it is to cover up that it is not the same man and the only way to do that is to gain a ridiculous amount of weight so he can have a reason to look different.

And he has no remorse, not really. Oh he did the right thing and said what he said on air to the family but he sure acts like he is totally fine with it. And even if politically you feel the right to defend yourself I still don’t think you could feel so detached from it and smile and grin about it. And of course lie about a knowledge he had on the subject on the Hannity show, course he wasn’t under oath. He did it with total ease. Maybe he doesn’t have feelings at all.

Even accidental deaths are hard to get past. Some people probably suffer nightmares. Is Zimmerman on drugs to make him stoic and at ease with the whole affair.

30 seconds after the gun went off and not to notice if Trayvon was shot is strange.

Is there money to be made by his death….insurance? The hoaxes lately have been a donation haven and is this just more of the same? Like the Newtown hoax, the Boston Marathon possibly the three missing girls in Ohio, and others.

Tawana Brawley starts paying man she falsely accused of rape in 1987

It was suggested on Greta Wire that the mother of Trayvon Martin trademarked his name 2 weeks or so after his death which sounds premeditated and as if mom is involved in the death of her son. That’s evil and conniving. THAT AIN’T LOVE. But I have no idea if it is true or if she was tricked into that idea not realizing the possible consequences to her own reputation and the consequences to the results of the trial. I wonder how AL Sharpton would respond? Supposedly she is receiving millions on his name. Is it true? I don’t know, but if this is a set up to fool the American people, get donations to profit which is very depraved.

Trayvon’s last words were “why/what are you following me for?”


but typical of Rahm Emanuel, his cohorts and their antics, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”



In Islam, a mahr (in Arabic: مهر‎; also transliterated mehrmeher, or mahrieh) is a mandatory required amount of money or possessions (usually a combination of the two), paid by the groom to the bride at the time of marriage, for her exclusive use. While the mahr is often money, it can also be anything agreed upon by the bride such as jewelry, home goods, furniture, a dwelling (the husband is already required to provide a home for his wife, but in this case she would retain ownership of it and he would pay for it), or even a viable business that is put in her exclusive ownership and can be run entirely by her if she chooses.

Matthew 10:16

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves:

be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Allegedly  Trayvon’s family said to the step mother at the funeral:

“You have to git in where you fit in.”

“If the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit.” (OJ’s Trial.)





There is definitely some strange stuff goin’ on.

Could this be some sort of possession?

BUT if your kid is killed and there was the remotest possibility that race played into the death of your kid you would not be exclaiming to the world that you don’t want the race card played if it was a 1% possibility. (This could also be about homosexuality.) So I think the parents are being disingenuous and I think this is BS and orchestrated for the politics of Obama. No parent would discount anything if it was their kid that was killed if they cared in the least about the truth or if they cared in the least for their own kid. It sounds noble to say it, but in truth it is ignoble and meaningless. Like OBAMA. Justice without truth isn’t true justice, it’s revenge or avenging. And in essence you are just getting ice for the swelling of your wound.

Remember what Bill Clinton said to the woman in the hotel room?


 The reason Zimmerman was thankful there was a video of the murder or killing is because he knew there wasn’t one because this is a set up and all this testimony is BS. I’m gonna do my best not to listen to this anymore or be baited by it because

IF it looks like BS it probably is BS.

Maybe this is why Obama couldn’t shoot basketball.

It was unnatural.

Screen shot 2013-07-12 at 2.47.49 AM

One thing to consider anyway:

parents ought to drive their kid to the store at night

instead of letting him or her walk at night alone

or don’t let him go to the store!

I think we are witnessing evil

in a multitude of layers.

Enforced Abortion of a minor barely 17 years of age (but not without a struggle) sanctioned by Fox News and injustice aided and abetted by Fox News because of the

oath less uncontested testimony of Zimmerman.

What say you, Bill O””’reilly?

Attack NBC that will work;)

Rioting is not going to have any good effect. It is dumb. Oreilly and Obama are like Ying and Yang and I think they are evil and work together against each other and we are in the middle. DEVILISH. The RC and ISLAM. You are basically damned if you do or don’t and it is a game with both cults. TOTAL HYPOCRISY in mere flesh kind of way. BOTH ARE DICKS:) And until Americans figure it out they will continue to get away with their trash. I feel sorry for those on the front line some of the good men and women in Congress, the Senate, the Courts, and the press and every other aspect of government who are trying to unbind our system. It needs them but their job is immense. The Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin is similar to the RC vs. Islam. Because of the deception involved in all four it is a very rough conundrum and we need to get tough. They are partners in many ways.  Matthew 24:10

And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
Malice aforethought.
And of course Matthew’s Jesus wanted that because that is what he does because he was not the MESSIAH
although he was a mess and that is his expertise.
To abrogate THE COVENANT WITH MANY is what all this is about.

Obama picked this case to do what it is doing. He is an abomination and his aids and abettors. When he said he was going to lead from behind that is exactly what he does and is able to do. That is why Zimmerman had his past manipulated. Take for instance the rescue by Obama’s orders of the woman in Somalia using special forces. It took her about a year to send her thanks. He is nonsense and making nonsense of everything. The biggest evidence against Zimmerman was

the lack of regret by Zimmerman

and that should have put him away but the jurors, the press, and the public, and everyone else involved

are too dumb to realize it.

Zimmerman’s brother a look a like of the one on Sean Hannity, the good looking one, was on Greta’s show tonight. I wonder if the brothers  trapped Trayvon. What if there were two of them there that night. It’s a possibility. Maybe he was involved and maybe he might actually be another guilty one. No the bigger one was on top, no he was on the bottom, no he was on top, no he was on the bottom, etc. Lots of different accounts in that regard. Remarkably similar in looks. Trayvon Martin may have been trapped by

two brothers

and was trying to get away and

they wouldn’t let him get away.

Something about those 4 minutes. Lack of regret + apology = nothing in other words it was God’s will in a warped mind of Zimmerman He might as well have blown Trayvon Martin away the moment he saw him the first time. Would have saved us a whole lot of time listening to BS testimoney.


Speaking of BS testimoney and natural occurrances please read:

Why Callest Thou Me Good?

The day I see them destroyed by their own evil those that are involved in the deception will be a really really LOVELY DAY and the GAME WILL BE OVER FOR THEM in a twinkling of an eye. I have no compassion for that kind of crap that they dish out, and they won’t get compassion from me on that day or ever. THEY are beyond EVIL and you know who you are. Obviously Obama got what he wanted by the looks of these pictures. Protesters Seek Justice For Trayvon Martin

In Wake of Zimmerman Verdict, Obama Makes Extensive Statement on Race in America

The President takes it personally and invokes his pain to his servants deftly: “……..Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago……..” Coincidentally:

Men’s Wearhouse fires founder George Zimmer – USA Today

Jun 19, 2013 – Men’s Wearhouse says it has dismissed its founder and executive chairman George Zimmer. “Only Michelle has a right to bear arms.” and a face lift. Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 4.47.51 PM

Somehow I just could not trust this guy below just by what I see. I feel like he stepped out of the movie Deliverance with his other incestuous family members. No offense:) Hopefully none taken.Mark-Osterman

Zimmerman ought to get on the stand and just admit it and explain it and ask for the mercy of the court and spend some time in prison mentoring.  I think they were set up but it is not provable but by the looks of the characters involved in the case and in the trial it shouldn’t be that hard to do since they are just as involved as well. It is called insanity. (Just in case you are wondering what is going on.) Or to put it another way THE JIG IS UP.

The Mysterious 4 minutes

demonstrated by the Defense of Trayvon Martin Was Trayvon having a cigarette? smokin’ a joint? HMMMMM That’s about how long it takes.Probably wasn’t allowed to smoke either in his Dad’s home, or dad’s girlfriends home. Couldn’t smoke it at the 7-11 because he might get caught.  People generally do it away from the general public . Makes sense to me. But if his last words were “What are you following me for” then it doesn’t make sense. Or if his last words were “GET OFF, GET OFF” it still doesn’t make sense. Usually you do it (smoke cigarettes or joints) outside away from people so you hide or walk around in a “safe area” in a gated community course it wasn’t safe with George Zimmerman hunting him, unbeknownst to him. I think he knew Zimmerman and Zimmerman was on a quest to kill Trayvon Martin because of that knowledge and I think a lot of people are involved in the coverup. Too many coincidences with the actors involved. Or were 4 minutes erased on one or the other’s phones?

George Zimmerman Defense Team Releases New Evidence In Trayvon Martin Case

I can’t emphasize this enough: the media used to assassinate Trayvon’s character can be manipulated and manufactured. I sincerely believe it is possible and probable that certain groups are interfering in tweets and other forms of communication to confuse and cause havoc between parties communicating purposefully for political purposes and controlling outcomes. These are perilous times. They won their case but they aren’t done. Now they are trying to affect other case that may be brought. This is called propaganda and it should be illegal at this point in time, I think. It proves to me Zimmerman and his team are guilty as sin. No one smiles after he wins a case where he knowingly killed a boy and got away with it so far and says he wants to be a lawyer unless he is sadistic and without remorse. They have purposefully made it a point to be a bitter pill to swallow because they want outrage and they want crime to result from his death and Zimmerman’s acquittal because they are dicks, like Fuhrman. They have power to deceive and are willingly deceiving because they are evil and corrupt: like Obama, O’Reilly, and many others on both sides of the political spectrum and the core reasons are money and to corrupt others in a multitude of ways. Possibly even Trayvon’s mother. This is their game and it is against the people that they are supposed to be helping in their capacities and in the jobs that they possess, but they are doing the exact opposite because they are corrupt. THEY ARE ASSHOLES. They are on the same team yinging and yanging everyone. Their purpose is to corrupt you!

George Zimmerman Prosecutor ‘Prayed’ for Him to Testify

He already testified on The Sean Hannity Show of Fox News without swearing in and without cross examination. He should have been sworn in and had to testify and be cross examined if it was fair justice in court. I consider this to be a mistrial and Zimmerman should have to be rearrested and tried in another court, perhaps the Supreme Court or a higher court of the state and have to submit to cross examination and another Lie Detector test by both sides. He should also be investigated for being a sociopath along with his aides the ones that are involved. The police, the autopsy company etc, the forensics teams, the press, and the President because it seems to be a set up for a diversion and injustice. Cruelty. Their day will come with patience and in time. Dr. Baden had some interesting insight into the results of the autopsy and he would be a good candidate to do another autopsy to allay the legitimate fears and prejudices and mistakes in this case IMO.

Defense Attorney Digresses into Obamarama

in his boring lousy lack luster 3 hour defense of Zimmerman: Really? really? Really come on really? Really, really? Yea REALLY. That was very telling;) Bleh. Bleh. BLEH yuck. Was his obvious lack luster performance in the defense of ZIMMERMAN on closing statements done PURPOSEFULLY? The chunk of sidewalk was ridiculous and not effective as the attorney brushed off his trousers. He was going gang busters throughout the trial and then rambles on the last day of the trial. We got your back, but not really kind of politics. Sort of an entrapment kind of policy. Is this trial for the entertainment and for the manipulating the public purposeful? Instead of Gun Control We need to abolish skittles and sidewalks! I DONT THINK THE SYSTEM IS WORKING WELL PURPOSEFULLY. I think it may have to do with OBAMA, RAHM EMANUEL, the FBI, the Press, and whole lot of others involved

who are getting paid royally

to screw it up!

If Trayvon’s name was trademarked

by his mother

it should be investigated.

Not investigated by the FBI, nor the Justice Department,  but by CONGRESS! I went to an insane asylum once that was visitable with a Catholic friend in the DC area and by mistake I gave a quarter to a patient as I recall he swallowed it or I was told that he would swallow it. I was told after the fact on the way home. I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to give him change but he asked for it. He was a poet. It was that long ago but anyway this is what this reminds me of at this point in time. I think that is pretty profound, in a way. SO maybe while this is what I think it is, perhaps all is not lost. Now just today of course UNICEF has an ad on Fox news about 2 quarters a day to save a child of hunger. Harass harass. It gets old, not the movie which is really really funny but the harassment. It was an actress I have seen before from a movie I love with Bette Midler called That Old Feeling. The actress is Paula Marshall. This is my giving and I hope it helps. When I get in a better financial position I will hopefully be more generous. Here is a post I wrote comparing the gospels and has to do with charity:

I Am the True Vine

—————– The police told Zimmerman; “We don’t need you to do that,” sounds like a conspiracy, possibly gone awry. What they should have said is “do not follow the suspect.” What did they need him for? Were they working together? Also Zimmerman says after Trayvon was shot Trayvon says “Alright, you got me. You got me.” Was Zimmerman hearing another voice or voices in his head? and was really hearing “Alright, You got him, you got him.” Kind of like the killer of John Lennon who had a mirror kind of thinking John Lennon was him and he had to kill him or was there someone else involved? I would love to know if they had had any past offenses. There was someone else lurking about and I hope one didn’t get mixed up with another and a young man gets killed in place of a really guilty suspect like the one with a flashlight possibly. A double tragedy for both Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin engineered by something otherworldly. The ones you hear about in the bible that interfere in the affairs of men and not for their good but for a political and religious cause they deem appropriate for mankind to retain control and to coverup and distance from another crime. Add another one to the mix and really confuse them. “Suspect” is a funny term used by cops and mystery writers etc but his statement written being different than the oral in that regard. Also by using it it switches the psychology of who was in the wrong immediately at the time of the written statement because Zimmerman was also a suspect that is why he was being questioned and someone in law enforcement would know that or use that. When the attorney mentioned that today Monday July 1st I saw a funny reaction in Zimmerman’s eyes at that very moment or soon after like, “oops.” as if that was a problem that it was mentioned by the district attorney and might become a problem. Of course when your life is on the line you would worry because it might be innocently done as well, but he noticed so he is not dumb. If he is not dumb then why did he pursue a dangerous situation? We are talking about a kid and an adult and since Zimmerman was a mentor of other African American kids he should have been sensitive to African American kids and is it possible there was some kind of relationship or impropriety with those kids ever and did Trayvon Martin know about it? And I doubt Trayvon would say homey. Whereas a 40 year old would or might know about that soft slur and use it to embellish his story. And the bushes disappeared, did they shear them down overnight? 120 pounds is a lot to gain in a year which could be  cover for his other self because there are significant differences in appearance. If I had shot someone I would ask for more cop calls and an ambulance regardless if they had already been called. The more the better. Usually there is great panic. It doesn’t sound like he wanted either but help containing Trayvon Martin,  but Trayvon had already been shot in his “Torso” not sure if it was his chest, stomach, or pelvic bone. He was incapacitated already. If the kid lived in the neighborhood he had a right to be there and why wouldn’t Zimmerman know he lived there if it is true that he was protecting the neighborhood as a neighborhood watch dog. You ought to know who lives in the neighborhood before you become a watchdog for the neighborhood. That ought to be a rule. Another change for the better is getting rid of the

Double Jeopardy Law.

Double jeopardy — is this what’s next for George Zimmerman?

In the case of murdering/self defense against unarmed minors how about leniency in favor of the kids instead of catering to political showdowns about gun control, retaliations about past racial injustices such as the OJ Simpson case, and relics of the law abused by the criminally insane.  If Trayvon were out to get Zimmerman he would have been carrying a weapon like a gun, a knife, a stick, a billy club, or a bottle. Zimmerman was quite a sharp shooter hitting Trayvon’s heart. Which of the two would be best to discard: the right to bear arms and/or  Double Jeopardy? I think discarding Double Jeopardy would even the playing field for victims and make the decision to shoot a gun a whole lot more costly for the shooter and the system making crime and corruption less attractive. Might actually prevent crime, punish the criminally insane, and prevent abuse by the system and the people in that system who have been corrupted: Help to pull the weeds out of the system. If more evidence turns up in the cases that follow or a few years down the road by other investigators or other attorneys or by luck or by accident I think it would be wise to retry a person in a murder case. It would have a devastating affect on those that would like to play a “double games” with the law. That law protects murderers in my opinion that were not tried in a fair court of law because of time element, politics, and other restrictions and entanglements, abuse of the law, purposeful manipulation of evidence and witnesses, and corrupt attorneys, judges, pathologists, etc and corrupted parts of the country for one reason or another such as being controlled by their mistakes. ineptitude, or blackmail. How many times does it take for a law student to pass the Bar exam? There are lots of reasons that injustice occurs and that should not inhibit the people from retrying a person for murder when enough evidence is amassed so that those that “ALWAYS GET AWAY”


Especially in the cases of murdering

an unarmed minor!

AN EXTRA PROVISION TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT AND PROTECT THE COURTS OF LAW AND THE DEFENDANTS FROM THE PRESS SO THAT THE PRESS CANNOT CONTROL OR AFFECT THE OUTCOME OF A MURDER TRIAL BY USING ANY AND ALL THEIR MEANS. Minors don’t have the maturation or the common sense of adults and so they don’t always know how to handle a situation forced upon them that is why they are called minors and why they don’t get to vote, run for office, and many other adult activities, etc.

Adults should know that about minors

especially if they mentor minors.

Zimmerman should never be allowed to own a gun again or be within a thousand feet of a gun again ever. He did use the gun on a minor and that’s a fact that he admitted to on the SEAN HANNITY SHOW. HE SHOULD NEVER MENTOR KIDS PERIOD.

On the subject of minors I just wrote an article on another post called:

The Gates of the Boston Marathon and the Bag

Which is about Billy Graham and Benny Hinn and his affect on minors and tongues.

I hope you read.

Zimmerman was stopped for speeding by the police in Forney, Texas with “THE GUN” going “Nowhere in particular,” he said. He was released. Why was he released, because he is famous? What the heck is he doing in Texas? Is he looking for a new victim? Or did he get hired to mentor some minors?

I think George is a paid assassin, what do you think?

George Zimmerman stopped with gun in Texas: report 

I’m sure he doesn’t like what I have written about him:)

Did he forget his place? Straying 1200 or so miles is long way to stray and go nowhere in particular. Is he in control of his mind?

Justice Department places ‘hold’ on Trayvon Martin trial evidence, including George Zimmerman’s gun – which Florida law says must be returned to him

I would love to know what the jurors ate that night before they came in with the verdict. And I would love to know who fed them. I think it is possible there was jury tampering in nefarious ways right after the manslaughter information was requested and through their last meal. “You got me” is a funny thing to say after being shot (in the heart) and more likely to have said, “You shot me.” if he was able to speak at all. You might say,” you got me” if you were playing paint ball or acting in a western and also he might have been in shock. And of course drugs could be involved in either mans behavior even some that are hard to detect. And how about identifying yourself and asking for him to identify himself. Or say “Do you live here?” As far as Trayvon circling the car he may have been trying to figure out who was following him and if he knew him. Were the car lights on? They can be pretty blinding in the rain at night depending on where the moon was and other factors. Anyway a sane person would drive away for their own safety at that point especially if they were alone and suspected that Trayvon was armed possibly. A bit over-confident to get out or to continue to pursue. The business about Trayvon saying, “I’m going to kill you” seems a bit absurd to me, but it’s possible. I just think it’s an odd thing to say, being unarmed unless on a drug or influenced by something very powerful or there was something more devious between the two like a vendetta. As far as worrying about a class the next day seems like a delay but he may have been in shock. He seemed too too too compliant willing to give information without a lawyer and if he grew up in this country he would have asked for a lawyer immediately (we all watch shows about this kind of thing) since it isn’t just about money, it’s the death of someone else. I hope it was an accident and not a hit with a little help from the law. Getting on the Hannity show to plead your case before a trial seems dishonest, disingenuous, and I would think it would and should be illegal using the Hannity show for obvious reasons. Was Hannity set up? Has Greta been set up by her higher ups? Is Fox News part of the set up in the zealous crusade to “clean up the US”? Or is someone else? The Roman Catholic way, the Islamic way, the Synoptic way, Pelosi way. Don’t read it just sign it, and read it later- Obamacare, now the Senate immigration bill follows. He was able to testify 3 or 4 times without taking an oath ….. A case has already been set up for a mistrial in the Zimmerman case. Is Fox News an extension of Our Lady of Notre Dame in Paris and it’s Court of the Gentiles? Also is a great distraction from Benghazi and Pres. Obama did insert himself immediately. I wonder how the Press and Congress were pursuing or where the Press and Congress were in regards to Benghazi at that particular time and if they were at a tipping point against Obama or Hillary at that point and time and if they needed some help, a diversion. The fact that Obama did insert himself in a state issue is kind of unusual and suspect. Did he insert himself in the Dorner case? Could have been his son too. Or how about other murders occurring such as the young girl in Chicago. Michelle got involved with that one, but Obama didn’t right after the inauguration, remember? Course she said something about being a single mom, which was strange. Does it occur to anyone that there sure have been a lot of diversions since then? All different kinds of diversions more than normal. Watched Breitbart this weekend and Judge Jeanine. Both very interesting shows and both worth the effort and time to watch on Fox news. Breitbart’s show was a special about Benghazi and what occurred when the drones or drone circled the complex taking pictures and it occurred to me there are pictures of a man taking pictures on the ground as it was occurring. ODD. Who was it?

Courtyard of the Gentiles

Pope invokes the Image of the Beast

Notre Dame of Paris and the Courtyard of the Gentiles

Did OJ Simpson plead his case on a show before his trial? I thought he was guilty but it was a totally different kind of case. Passion/abuse kind of case. Talk about tainting the jury pool. I think this kind of justice is a bit warped. The first star witness seems to be high IMO. She also can’t read cursive then how did she write it on a note she had supposedly written. Who wrote it for her? Jack Lew? I think when she wasn’t able to read it they realized they had made a rather large boo-boo. If it was from someone at the police station they would have had it typed out so it had to be her notes and yet a young lady who speaks 3 languages can’t read cursive even though she wrote it? I know when I learned to write cursive by the time I had learned to write it I knew how to read it. You don’t learn one without the other being learned. Funny now the police woman reads a cursive note written by someone else the next day or so. Don’t they type? Writing cursive and reading cursive is like the New Testament being learned without learning the Old Testament. Then how do you know what anything in the bible actually means or is referring to. This case is full of holes and I think Fox News is involved as part of a cover up of some other important issues going on in Washington DC and Libya. She seems to be highly coached and definitely got a look of being controlled by a trance like drug. Kind of od since I have been writing about the Eucharist, and drugs, and how there might be a correlation between the actions of people that may be affected by Devil’s Breath via the eucharist and might be what is causing all the havoc, murders, and rapes especially in the last few years on Obama’s watch. Remember he said “sleeves cost money,” meaning slaves, and slaves can be controlled by certain drugs (money). I wonder if Zimmerman was affected by it? With Fast and Furious and Benghazi the hoaxes lately at schools, theaters and marathons it does not surprise me one bit. Maybe both Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin were set up as a form of entertainment for this like so many other things happening in Obama’s quest to disarm the public using a hoaxes. 

Cracker also means CRAZY

and that is what I think is occurring in Washington DC and the world. I wonder how the Food Network, Walmart, the Politically Correct, Evangelicals, and Catholics and Fox News feel about the word “bitch.” They would never think of that word, nor say it under breath?

(Now that we have drugs to make women into Stepford wives it shouldn’t be a problem to nix equal pay)

Or is it politically correct? Alec Baldwin thinks it’s okay! Not anymore he wants to stop acting but he is good at acting. Tweeting would probably be a good idea to give up since that is what gets him into to trouble.

NOT AGAIN! ‘I’m going to find you, you toxic little queen, and f*** you up’…

‘Straighten out this f*****g little b****’

Gender equality is okay as long as we can call each other “bitch” or sing “Bow Down Bitch.”  or “You are such a bitch” or all the many ways it is said and thought? Should Beyonce Knowles be ignored as well? Should Walmart or any other politically correct store sell her DVD’s? Will they pull them off the shelves and denounce her to the public and ask her to apologize to the public. I wonder how fair Walmart is if they don’t show “equal treatment of women” in their zealousness to be politically correct?  How about Rappers music? Will they pull them off the shelves? They are full of gender inequality slurs and racial slurs too. How about the word “Brat?” Will Fox News fire Greta? Will Fox News fire Geraldo Rivera for showing a picture of a defendant in the midst of a trial half naked in bed? Will our Government fire Obama for giving “the finger,” in other words the “FU SIGN.” How about the Cardinal of Boston, Massachussetts giving “the finger” at dinner with OBAMA, Clinton, and Mitt Romney? Will Fox News and “The Five” denounce him in public on their show? He is your Catholic Daddy but do you show fairness in your religious fervor or are you actually using your platform to discriminate against others because of your religion in the workplace? Will Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ get involved? Or is he prejudiced? Will the Catholic Church Hierarchy have him defrocked? Will the Mormons go along? Or are all of you actually persecuting at will whomever you feel like discriminating against for “no good reason?” PROVE IT! Sometimes it is a good thing to remember these words because we could forget the history about Niger and his trick which might give undue credence to his name and the others he hung out with in the bible in order to entrap the Jews/kikes and Christians. The Flaviuses also tested the salt levels of the Dead Sea with the bodies of Jews to see if they would sink or float dead and alive. In those days salt was an important resource preserving food and many other uses and I imagine the Dead Sea was important to those nations that were involved in the destruction of the the Wall, the Temple, and of Jerusalem a few times (and Jesus), kind of like oil is these days. Oh, that’s right, they came from ROME and Alexandria in Egypt. They used the deprivation of water as a weapon back then to the Jews. They were such a kind and pious group of collaborators. Now water is also being used as a threat or a weapon in Africa of all places. The Sadducees (sounds Italian to me) and the Pharisees (farsi language of Iran and so I think the Pharisees were of Iranian origin) would like us to forget who they are too but history is important and has it’s lessons and the fragments of language even derogatory language have their clues and are important. The left and others on the right would love us to have forgotten in order that we don’t “connect the dots’  of those severe history lessons and disarm ourselves to be their reoccurring victims like a vampire revisiting his blood sources by bemusing them with over sensitive rules about names that were made famous as a result of heinous and unmerciful acts by them.

Inspiration: Profiles of Black Women Changing Our World by Crystal McCrary

I understand Crystal McCrary’s feelings (sensitivity) because she has children who are colorful. No one wants their children victimized verbally or physically. I hope you read what happend to my family in another post I wrote who was victimized.


I think Crystal McCrary is a beautiful woman and I don’t begrudge her opinion but like I said there is history in that “N” word just as there is history in that other “N” word ie Nazi. Do you begrudge someone using that other “N” word when applicable? Do you think Germans begrudge it? You know there were some Nazis that did not take part in war crimes. But to forget the word would be stupid. To learn to use it wisely is definitely a worthwhile effort, especially for kids but I am positive you will teach them about that word and how it was used in the past as I have for my children also and when the opportunity arises will again. It’s a struggle, you know, but that is how we learn. I don’t like either word but they are important words because of the ramifications they had in the past and now as well. Don Lemon has a special discussing The “N” Word tonight Monday July 1st on Fox news actually he works for CNN so not sure which station to watch and he seems like a very cool and collected man and I think it should be an interesting show and what is really cool is he is not shying away from discussing it. I think that is progress, IMO. There is also a country named Nigeria. Are you prejudiced against Nigerians?

‘Horrific Attack’ On School In Nigeria; Dozens Dead

Militant Islam trying to express themselves against educating kids. They are possessed.  Islam in any form is eventually a threat to everything civilized. IMO Maybe Bill Cosby ought to visit and see for himself and report back with his wisecracks. Be sure to take some nuns. And does it work it for you? So go embrace it because it worked for them. I wonder how long Roman Catholics have been working that country and did it help? Have you read the studies by Walter Veith? You ought to so you can see the relationship. Cults always are seductive but eventually they are deadly like a black widow. Just because most of the world is bewitched doesn’t mean it isn’t still a cult. Just a very successful cult infecting different peoples in lots of bad ways. “Mr. Cosby wrote, The Blaze reported: “I’m a Christian, But Muslims are misunderstood. Intentionally misunderstood. We should all be more like them. They make sense, especially with their children. There is no other group like the Black Muslims, who put so much effort into teaching children the right things: They don’t smoke, they don’t drink or overindulge in alcohol, they protect their women, they command respect. And what do these other people do?” He continued: “They complain about them, they criticize them. We’d be a better world if we emulated them. We don’t have to become black Muslims, but we can embrace the things that work.”

Black Muslims

Walter J Veith Islam Catholic Connection 1

Educate yourself. That ought to get you started. Then check out my studies at Merangue’s Blog comparing the gospels and other subjects. By assuming it is said out of hate for African Americans you expose your own bias, hate and shame. When African Americans say the N word to each other they aren’t offended most of the time and sometimes is used in kidding with each other. And as far as brown faces, it is a color. What’s the problem? You don’t like brown? Take pride in your color and it should not be a problem. Some people like brown and some people like black and some like olive color and some like yellow and some like ecru, and some like pearly white, and some don’t. Big deal. As far as plantation weddings, so what. Would you rather Paula Deen would want a Walmart migrant work area wedding or a Penny’s sweatshop wedding? Can you imagine her in a ZULU style wedding? Or how about an IDI Amin massacre style wedding. Is that more kosher to you? I resent the over dramatizing it on TV your platform when I see how hypocritical your punishment is compared to the crime for Paula Deen. Besides her agenda was of another sort whether cognizant of it or not. You do buy and wear designer clothes, don’t you? Where do you think they make them, in a castle? But you still buy them, don’t you? How about the diamond on your finger. You do know that those diamonds you wear might be BLOOD DIAMONDS.

Surviving as a garment worker

Maen Sopeak, a garment worker who shares a single room with six other girls smile during a lunch break in one of Phnom Penh's suburbs Nice photography! Talk about hypocrisy, you ought to apologize to Paula Deen and hope she regains her job back because she was a perfect representative of those companies and in comparison I think you stink as much as she does (Miss “I is what I is”) akin to my brother (a lawyer) who made fun of my posts and insulted me with his rebuttal: “I Yam that I Yam”, maybe even more stinky. (Paula Deen was influenced by evil because of the name of God that she and many like her on both sides of the aisle (like McCrary), religions, and races, power mongers that are influenced by evil resent, the Father that Jesus of the Gospel of John testified of and was crucified for. Just to give a clue for the innocent, the abused, and the confused. The religions of the world can’t seem to admit that they are biblically inept and would rather act like buffoons to protect their ignoraramus power over the innocent, the abused, and the confused because it satiates their own lusts and their love for OPM! My niece would probably add to this monologue, “They are a work in progress.” Trayvon Martin’s stepmother: ‘I exist’

I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised *

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)

(And guess what He doesn’t rely on the NSA, the IRS, the CIA, or any other political or religious entity.) Remember the man that made a difference in the status and progress of Black/African Americans and their rights and freedoms in the United States was also silenced in a physical way by extremists who preferred he would never speak again: Martin Luther King. If he had not had the courage to speak his heart and the freedom to do so do you think you would be doing as well as you are now? I suspect you are an extremist against freedom of speech one of the very things Martin Luther King obviously believed in. Freedom of speech is a right of Americans and you better hope to keep it for your own good and for generations to come if you care about your own children and learn to overlook a few things that really are unimportant and did not really affect you in any way. How about some forgiveness, or is that a quality that you dis-the-possessed. My mother used to tell me, “Consider the source,” when someone said something that hurt my feelings or insulted me. Wise words:) Michael Jackson, a mormon, whitened his skin and altered his face but in my opinion he was much cuter before he messed with that nonsense. It was his own insecurity that made him and his family do that to themselves and maybe it was because of Mormonism, I don’t know. The Jews in the past were slaves and they take pride in being Jewish. And sometimes they have been chided for being Jewish and Jew is said sometimes disparagingly as sometimes Mexican is said disparagingly but somehow they seem to handle it. Get over your sensitivity and teach your children well about those words! They can handle it better if they learn about it when they encounter it in the future in it’s context. It is kind of like teaching your children about sex.  That is my advice. Paula Deen also learned a lesson rather hard considering the punishment and I bet you are more guilty than her in some form or fashion of something in the past if we had the chance to investigate it so I would hope you would be reasonable in your assessment of her misfortune (although she seems to be doing okay) as I think that she has been made an example by some big companies using it for political gain and pandering to the Obama-mites not because they haven’t used it themselves in the past. Do you even contend that the possibility that Niger in the New Testament is responsible for that word? Are you holding Obama accountable in regards to Benghazi? How about Michelle? Get a grip I have shopped those places that are hoisting themselves up on her mistake in the past and they were no doubt HUGELY prejudiced. How you treat her for her mistakes is as important as the mistake itself. She is human.

Photo: Amanda Bynes at Court in Blue Wig

I happen to be a fan of Amanda Bynes. Very funny girl and talented. She did get an early start in her career but I don’t think it was just handed to her on a silver platter she really was talented. I see she seems to have been having trouble lately in her life and I hope it goes better for her with some maturing but I think she has been over harassed and I think it may have to do with race, politics, and religion. IF all it takes is an Islamic President to make bullies of those of the same skin color that is pretty shallow. You would think they would have learned being on the other side once. If that doesn’t teach, what does? Gang mentality, mob rule ain’t cool.  So who is the enemy?: The one that says racist words or the ones that want us to forget so they can rake us over their coals again, suck our blood, robbing us of our good senses with their over sensitivities (covering their own crimes), our money, our jobs, our freedoms, and our future well being so they may revictimize us again and again. The enemy is silencing people.  Think about the name Obama kind of reminds me of the word Abomination partially because that seems to be their MO with Americans. They do a good job of abominating just about everything and everyone they touch or see in all kinds of ways using other people in government and outside. In my opinion they top the charts when it comes to evil. THEY AND THEIR FOLLOWERS (the IRS) ARE LIKE  GIANT LOCUSTS EATING FEROCIOUSLY. IT IS DISGUSTING and eventually it will get them by their own petard. I have a feeling it isn’t too far away and they will be eating each other unless they rehabilitate themselves, but they seem to be drunk on their own power so I doubt they have the good sense to do what is honest!

Lois Lerner of the IRS should have to testify if she is innocent.

Rep. Trey Gowdy: Only Jack Bauer could coax truth from the IRS

Lois Lerner should not get immunity, but she should get physical protection. Obviously, she is lying or why would she want immunity. She has received pay while on vacation and on leave, what a mockery. The IRS proving itself to be nothing more than the MOB. She might gain some respect if she testifies.

Noonan: A Bombshell in the IRS Scandal

Just because you are a follower of Obama does not mean you can change the fundamental rules in the middle of the game, because the Americans won’t put up with it! We call that cheating! If you want to play that kind of a game…..move to Russia. You should have begun your fundamental change at the Supreme Court before you plead the Fifth Amendment in front of Congress after your testimony. Yes but there are other avenues to take and that is take away her paid leave, and dismantle the IRS

because they will not testify.

It is a catch -22 but that is the best alternative.  I think the punishment fits the crime. She will no longer have a job with the IRS. On this Fourth of July, Thomas Jefferson is weeping Sarah Palin open to creating new ‘Freedom Party’

if GOP continues to ‘neglect conservatives’ usa-republicans-cpac

The Importance of Being Honest!

Atheists unveil Fla monument near Ten Commandments

This ought to be interesting. My bet is: it won’t stand the test of time! Probably falter like a North Korean Satellite. I don’t think it’s power can withstand being too close to the Ten Commandments.


If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen

Obama says climate change is make-or-break issue

Could be light pollution causing climate change. Notice when he sweats there is light on his skin. Also I have noticed that the season of summer gets hot. Let’s get rid of summer and then we can alter the effects of climate change. Another idea would be to move earth further from the sun. Or move the sun away from earth with a few big bombs. It is risky and it might work, but with man’s ingenuity, and with love, faith, hope and a pinch of salt anything is possible and I mean anything which might not be so good either. But there is a silver lining in this enigma in addition to a sin tax we could have a sun tax.

IF you don't have customers, then what?
If the people can't buy you're service or your products you're screwed.
Actually kind of stupid to go along with Obamacare at all.
I wonder who can out last the other. 
It’s called divide and conquer. Trickery. Why anyone would say it is brilliant is like calling a Black hole in space brilliant. More like an aberration.

Black hole

300px-BH_LMC If these employers go along then they don’t care about anyone in the short run and they don’t care about themselves in the long run.  Obama is at war with humanity, plain and simple.

Solyndra Scandal


What is the deal with his chin? Is that his tongue in there causing this distortion?

Coup Underway in Egypt

They don’t much care for Obama, why should they? Still I hope the coup will be merciful to their opponents. They just think differently and are a work in progress.

Turkey calls Mursi’s removal ‘unacceptable coup’

“The United Nations, the United States and other powers have stopped short of denouncing the move as a military coup; to do so might trigger automatic sanctions.” …..”Last month, Ankara moved to amend an article of the armed forces charter cited by generals in the past to justify coups……” Reminds me of Obama! Ying and yang, Black and white, etc. Egypt isn’t their country. ANK That’s very interesting! HMMMMMM.

Maybe the Turkey has come home to roost. 

What was it that JFK said about the turkey?  We hear first from Senator Dirkson: ….”I went early to present him with a turkey from the Turkey Growers Association. He was so amiable so affable so agreeable and he looked in the very pink of condition notwithstanding a rather rugged tour in the state of Florida. The thing that stuck in my mind most when suddenly he shouted to a lot of school children and to those managing this live turkey – Don’t take the turkey away until the children have had a chance to come up and see it. “…. (I think our election was rigged and probably was true of Egypt too.) Because they care.

Latin America outraged over Morales’ European pat down

“But the plane that was flying Morales home from Moscow was forced to land in Austria, as France and Portugal refused permission for the aircraft to cross their airspace or land, Bolivian authorities claimed. Bolivia’s foreign minister railed against both European nations for putting Morales’ life at risk and said Snowden was not on the plane, which Austrian authorities have also said.”

 The chicken is coming home to roost, the French one.
There must be some pretty juicy secrets Obama and Biden and whoever was involved in Benghazi fear because I did notice Biden’s reactions to both Benghazi and to Snowden.
Maybe Snowden travels at the speed of light. Maybe you just can’t catch him. Maybe it is ridiculous to try.
Anyway he is just a hacker, right?

======================== Which reminds me of the light emitted by stars. When you see a star you are actually looking at the past because of the time it takes for light to travel:

Thousand points of light

Maybe if we shut off those lights it might cool off the earth. Barnabas means to forget and son of consolation who sowed (antied, salted the tip jar, seeded donations etc) with some “supposed apostles” after Jesus was crucified. These same apostles also killed Ananias and Sapphira for not being honest about the worth of their donation from the proceeds of the land they sold (a secret that wasn’t a secret because Peter said that the Holy Spirit told him that they lied to the Holy Spirit, but really it was the IRS and some spies involved in the real estate deal because at that time there was a banking system in existence and taxation and so there must have been accountants and some form of an IRS) and greed took over these “supposed apostles.”  Obviously they wanted all of the proceeds and the land and to set an example of Ananias and his wife (like the mob does with the aid of the IRS and their spies) to the other people in town (because humans were not their concern….just their money and their assets) and that is why the people feared them. They also were trying to stifle the growth in the belief of the real Jesus with this chicanery. Pretty sick group of people in the Book of Acts. This is in the Book of Acts of the New Testament right about the time of the first Pentacost which accosted many. Funny cuz of the Pentagon, the NSA, the IRS, the DOJ, the State Department, and Napolitano, etc and all of the other departments of governance and the other scandals going on in the Obama administration and on his watch (his time) passing the buck like a hot potato, amid the fixed election, the Benghazi massacre, and the purposeful coverup of Benghazi with these excessive scandals and hoax massacres all the while ignoring the fact that Ambassador Chris Stevens is not the man dragged by the Libyans at Benghazi for some ungodly reason and even ignored by the supposed “free press.” I guess it is purposeful blindness run aduck. Seems like a repeat of what happened in biblical times, doesn’t it? Barnabas was also mentioned in the New Testament along with Niger and some other famous biblical church people in the Book of Romans and others in between and after. I would rather remember and not be so sensitive to some words because I would rather know than not know. It helps to know and understand that we are getting royally screwed by the same types and groups as occurred in biblical times. ================================ I have used a few words to illicit a reaction intentionally in some of my posts and I don’t care if I offend because I am trying to provoke people as best I can about what is occurring in America and the world so that they might remember or try to learn and gain knowledge that might help them. ===============================

Official says Nelson Mandela on life support; Zuma cancels travel plans

You can’t help but like this gentle man!

7 Things You Can Learn From Nelson Mandela’s Life

Martin Luther King probably is turning over in his grave at the stupidity and shallowness of his race. But then if you look back in history at the African countries and the IDI AMINS and the tribal wars that have occurred in that continent things haven’t changed very much. I guess history isn’t too important to the African-Americans to know that the color of your skin doesn’t stop a person of the same color skin from destroying you and that they can also be your enemy as well. A mutually satisfying relationship that the Obamas have, he screws them and she kills them. That’s my opinion. They remind me of the CLINTONS. A lot of people were killed mysteriously, raped and ruined around that couple and it should not be ignored or considered to be far-fetched. These are powerful people and who they worship ought to be analyzed. Who panders to them also ought to be scrutinized etc because they obviously don’t care about the victims or they would have stood up for the victims at the time and there were many. I think this abuse is far reaching and not what America wants or needs in the White House. State Department accused of covering up sex and prostitution investigation I guess the Clintons have decided it’s safer to pay for sex unlike their former escapades such as Juanita Broaddrick (‘You better get some ice on that (lip).’), Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones etc. Juanita tells of the way he changed and I would suggest he was under the influence of evil.

Cheryl Mills:Her summation became known for its endorsement of Clinton’s record with respect towards women and minorities;[2] she said, “I stand here before you today because President Bill Clinton believed I could stand here for him … I’m not worried about civil rights, because this President’s record on civil rights, on women’s rights, on all of our rights is unimpeachable.”[2][6]

They use women to justify rape and pillaging….Hey it works, obviously.


That twern’t no burp! I can smell it a mile away. I wonder if his spiritual guru Billy Graham had anything to do with that influence. They seem to work hand in hand such as in Haiti or is it that Rhodes scholarship training. He really likes African-Americans such as Ron Brown. I think Ron Brown knew too much and same goes for John Kennedy JR. Both died in mysterious plane crashes. Ron Brown was in Bosnia and JFK, Jr. had just visited Billy Graham investigating JFK’s assassination. Then there were those passengers too. Lately the downed TWA Flight 800 is being reinvestigated and probably there is a  link to terrorism and probably a passenger of the flight was a risk to people in our government, business, banking and clergy. I think there is a definite pattern. Awful stupid to have ignored this and the other deaths as if a dark cloud surrounds them. (Maybe the Secret Service….and whoever is really in charge.)

Jul 6, 2012

Fact sheet: The IDB and Haiti’s Caracol Industrial Park They destroyed their farming industry and laid them waste to be devoured by Billy Graham’s industry so I guess now they want to rehabilitate them? Or do they want to rehabititat them. Can this get any grosser? They found some victims to suck off of. What does it matter, huh? Why not go back to Libya? Bill Clinton shaking JFK’s hand. Looks like Justin Bieber. images-3 If you can overcome the stupidity of the “Juan Williams Psychosis”  preveiling in the political arena you might have a chance at a better future but he is perfect for the job he performs. BS. There are African Americans who have a grasp of the situation and I would think it might be wise to listen to them in some respects, people like Herman Cain who I think is a straight shooter (pardon the pun). He is smart, real smart and doesn’t seem to play race politics but he is African American. Race politics is a dead end alley. Herman-Cain-20679991-1-402

Herman Cain


Marsha Blackburn: Women ‘Don’t Want’ Equal Pay Laws

Here is another example of shooting one’s foot off probably to stop the LGBT from equal pay but that is not fair. Women and men are different to be sure but women have a lot of insight that men just don’t have as a god-given gender type attribute. Of course jobs should not be passed out as a gift but equal access and equal pay should be fundamental rights for everyone regardless of gender, race, creed, color, religion, weight etc if they can perform the job. Obviously many women don’t have upper body strength but they sure have lower body strength that men generally lack, that is why they get to have babies, unlike men. In some ways women are superior to men and in some ways men are superior to women depending on their talents and pursuits. Women take longer to get ready than men do, but men can do heavy lifting better. Women drive better but men are more mechanical than women. Women tend to last longer at many things so their endurance is superior to men. Men tend to peter-out quicker like a short distance runner compared to a long distance runner. Women generally tend to live longer too. They are a good investment even with time off for babies and children. They have intuition that men don’t have but tend to be more emotional sometimes. Men tend to be less naive than women etc. Most women want equal pay and if they don’t want equal pay they are dumb or have another agenda. I have not read the proposals about these issues but to say women don’t want equal anything is a farsi. Even though I’m not a fan of the First Lady because of her part in Benghazi as I believe she played with those arms many first ladies including Michelle work quite hard as a First Lady and should receive a paycheck too (they also give up their jobs, time and endure critics for the position they find themselves in) unless they are still receiving paychecks from their former boss. Then that becomes a question as to who their allegiance is to and I think they should either receive one or the other. These men and women that work in government and use the government to enhance their businesses are in essence doing what many Non-profit organizers and religions do with their donations for their other businesses and it is wrong while receiving tax exemption and excessive use of loop holes and placing a hardship upon the rest of us who can’t do the same for our businesses. It is unethical. More than likely it is illegal if you take the laws into consideration. Getting pensions from CHINA is unethical and their pensions and assets should be seized and however their pension profited them should also be seized and they should be considered to be an enemy of this country for taking bribes. Because that is what that is…. a bribe from a foreign country  putting China’s wants and needs above the citizens of America. Obama should be impeached for that! It’s a contradiction of power and allegiance.

Matthew 6:24

King James Version (KJV)

24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. So how do the Synoptic Gospels compare to the Gospel of John? Which is pre-eminent?


I will take my bow, now. ruuffff ruuuffff.

Michele Bachmann Figures Why Not, Introduces Homosexual-Beheading Bill Alan West was the guest on Sean Hannity 6/11/2013 talking about Bill Cosby’s pandering to Islam, Mohammad, and Obama because of his skin color. LOL He isn’t kidding. He sowed that seed a while back with his Catholic wife to have a building named after him which I wrote about a while back. Remember when he said, “Nuns mean business when they come riding into town.” Allen West on Bill Cosby’s pro-Muslim post: Are you crazy? He was overtaken a while back in other words he sold out to a lies that he spouted in his post and sold out to the least resistance because he likes the CUSHY LIFE. Remember Cardinal Cushing? Bill Cosby sold out his fellow man, because he cares about only himself and it was easy to donate money and I suppose he was given a tax break too for his donation. It reminded me of Barnabus of the Book of Acts. This sowing occurred April 26 2012 which makes me think Benghazi might have occurred earlier and that is why they keep referring to “in real time.” It seems that Bill Cosby has become a disciple of Obama and Black Muslims. Notice it started with the intervention of nuns in the article: JFK Assassination, CBS News and the Second Vatican Council. In my post Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion I have included quite a few links to articles by Walter Veith who demonstrates the relationship between Catholic nuns, Roman Catholic dogma to Islam. Most cults take their disciples in through a nice at a comfy pace in an innocuous way but eventually that changes. Take for instance the cult of Jim Jones.  Once you are in it’s hard to get out. The Obama cult is similar. His followers are totally unreasonable as Hannity’s show demonstrated with the young African American woman guest (Thurs June 13th show) but when they start to see the truth or aren’t needed anymore or get older they will be tossed to the wolves or even worse. It’s okay when you are doing well but if that changes or if their cult leader takes a turn for the worse (because of his mental and personality disorder) it changes for the followers very quickly, then they are expected to do things they may not want to do. Louis Farrakhan is a black Muslim yet he and Obama don’t see eye to eye because they are vying for the top position or vice versa. It is just a matter of time before his cult begins fall since their faltering. This is the Islamic way:Report: Syrian rebels executed a 14-year-old boy for insulting Islam When the members witness the murders and the many other crimes it becomes a nightmare which seems to be occurring now for some. Newtown victim’s sister turns gun control ‘accidental activist’ Newtown was a hoax to begin with so this little fiasco is “Par for the Course”, pardon the pun. If it wasn’t a hoax then why would Nancy Pelosi be involved? Did Dr. Zchivago (her pimp) twist her arm? Witch reminds me of what Eddie Barker said to Dan Rather in regards to Jacqueline Kennedy:

“Eddie Barker:   She a walked out of the hospital, Dan, under her own power. Uh, there was no one, uh, from where we were standing, there was no one uh uh holding on to her arms. She walked out. She was hatless when she came out of the, uh, Emergency Exit and ,uh, got into the, uh, Hertz that bore the body to the airport.”

You can read about it in Part 17 of

The Black American Leadership Alliance is scared that allowing immigration legalization will make them lose jobs. Hey hasn’t that already happened. Immigrants are not the problem. Pandering is the problem, IMO. Everyman for himself attitude. Corruption, and ignorance which work well together, etc. The corrupt are very slick. If you don’t care about the truth it will get worse. Muslims are a bit over sensitive, can’t handle criticism without beheading someone or whipping a woman, and can’t handle the truth either. Mohammad was a  mad man and Allah is a figment of their warped imagination. That is why they walk around a box in Mecca because they are outrageously ridiculous and I guess because someone told them to. They do not trust women because they do not trust their own lusts. They dress them in burkas to hide them because they aren’t man enough to keep their own woman happy and fear some other man can which they could. Do you know how miserable those women must be. No wonder they look like this: images-1-1 They don’t allow women to drive because they are afraid to lose them which they would because muslim men are asses. Muslims can’t even get along with each other.

They love war and death, rape and pillaging etc

They are lazy and dishonest as the summer day is long. They are sexually dysfunctional and for the most part stupid. They are like many evangelicals, all show. That is my own opinion from what I have witnessed in this world in my lifetime. They drug women in the US to rape them. I know it to be true. They don’t deserve respect what so ever. They are heartless. If they were worth their beans they would treat women with respect. Allow her to grow up, drive a car, be independent. Instead they breed hate that’s why they throw acid at each other and lack mercy even towards each other. article-2235635-1621f8b1000005dc-779_634x404 They connive constantly to overthrow the other and just are good for nothin’ in my estimation. They mock their own religion of peace. They only time they get a long is when they are picking on someone else like the Jews or Christians.  If they believed their own religion they would be at peace, wouldn’t they? But since their religion is a lie it is no wonder and until they figure it out I will not respect them. Obviously there are a few exceptions that I have seen, but very few and for the most part they are a miserable lot. One thing is we never hear them decry their fellow men of their treatment of their fellow man. We usually see celebration. Death to jews and Americans and christians. We see their children chanting and singing evil songs. When they start to stand up for Americans, Christians and Jews and 14 year old boys and girls of their own race no matter what religion I will begin to respect them. When they show mercy. I will never forget the news anchor woman’s husband being beheaded and jews being tossed out of windows and an old man in a wheel chair thrown into the sea off a cruise ship because of his religion. Did they stand up for them? Will they? When? They would sell their own mothers and daughters just to get ahead. By the way I am happy that Morsi is not in control of Egypt. I hope they the Egyptian people get a better government and economy. I wish it had occurred without strife and death but sometimes some people make that impossible. No matter what kind of government they choose hopefully it will be fair to all sides as much as possible but that does not mean it has to look like it represents all sides but actually be fair to all sides. Looking and being are two different qualities. Sometimes monarchs are fairer than democracies. It depends on those that have the power and how they wield it.

No sanctuary for Syria’s female refugees

In the Bible it talks about the rarity of men as rare as the gold of O-phir because of fear. Here are some articles about that pandering and other things:

FBI: No Surveillance In Mosques – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

JFK Assassination, CBS News and the Second Vatican Council

Carville: Obama’s Choice Of Susan Rice For National Security Adviser An “In Your Face Appointment”

JAMES CARVILLE: “My guess is that he wanted her to be Secretary of State and he felt like she kind of got railroaded there and this is kind of in your face appointment, but he obviously thinks a great deal of Ambassador Rice. Like I say, he wanted her to be Secretary of State. She’s not confirmable and it’s like a message that he’s going to stick by. He views her as a competent person and probably as a friend of his. You know, I think it’s an in your face appointment and he feels good about making it.”


THAT IS WHAT MANIACAL MANIPULATORS DO TO PROTECT THEMSELVES. HE WILL CONTINUE HIS MULTI-TASK COVERUPS UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HIM OFF HIS HIGH HORSE. Next come the boobs unless it is beneficial to be flat for the sake of terrorism. Like the bangs they hide a lot and then those eyebrows can be adjusted too.

Michelle Obama refers to herself as ‘single mother’

Jeepers Creepers, I wonder why?

Saudi News Site: Michelle Obama

Visited Saudi National in Hospital on Thursday

Jeepers Creepers, I wonder why?

FOX NEWS said today that Susan Rice came out with the video excuse out of nowhere on the Sunday Shows after September 11th last year but they know it was

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi the Vatican spokesman

at the time who said the video was the reason, because I wrote them and told them in my post called

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion.

Here is the article from the Vatican News Organization about respect for religions that I think was where Susan Rice, Obama, and Hillary Clinton received their Q’s:

Vatican firmly condemns US deaths, disrespect against religions

“The Vatican said that statement was a response to a growing sense of anger and unrest erupting in parts of the Middle East in reaction to the trailer of a U.S.-made amateur film mocking the prophet Mohammed. Though the trailer had been released online in July, it grabbed Arab media attention only after its recent translation into Arabic.”

Pope prays in Arabic for first time

And still to this day months later they ignore where this excuse originated
like a machine intent on deception.

Despite the WaPost, Benghazi Isa Major Scandal

“In both Fast and Furious and in Benghazi, the result of the administration’s incompetence (or worse) was that people died. (Lots of people.) When an administration tries to cover up the real reasons people died, that alone usually makes it a scandal by the usual Washington Post/establishment media standards. When the administration threatens or punishes those who try to correct the record, it’s more than a scandal; it’s almost always criminal.”

Great article above.

Howard Dean: ‘Benghazi is a Laughable Joke’

 Ok. Dr.. Howard Dean tell us the joke. IF you know something speak up spit it out so the rest of America can know what that is in regards to Benghazi, otherwise shut your mouth.

(In actuality he is a clone of General Petraeus and Joseph Biden all rolled up into one)

Diplomat: U.S. Special Forces told “you can’t go” to Benghazi during attacks

Jeepers, Creepers I wonder why

Official: US Special Forces team wasn’t allowed to fly to Benghazi during attack

Benghazi witness: US military response could have

‘scared’ off attackers, prevented mortar strike

You would think Michelle would have scared them off

bearing those arms and her almost new face.

Clinton sought end-run around counterterrorism bureau on night of Benghazi attack, witness will say

Was Surgery the Reward for her deed?

Benghazi Talking Points Altered By Obama Administration Before Election

Benghazi Emails Directly Contradict White House Claims


Obama slams IRS actions, calls Benghazi probe a ‘sideshow’

“The IRS as an independent agency requires absolute integrity, and people have to have confidence that they’re applying … the laws in a nonpartisan way,” Obama said.”

INTEGRITY…..what does that mean? I guess it depends on who is speaking.



Obama dismisses Benghazi talking points controversy as a ‘sideshow’


Obama tries to say the word adequately but says adequally which is a sign he is losing itHe is a bit nervous but tried to overcome his slur, you could see him react to his own mispronunciation as if inside kicking himself. (Watch his eyes right after he blows it.)

Probably Bill inside his ear using some device to help him get through this humongous problem. His monologue rambles because that is what liars do to confuse, to distract, to shame, to ridicule etc those that question his rule of thumb. He took lessons from Bill Clinton obviously because his mannerisms are the same and his lame excuses.

Um with respect to Benghazi. Uh. We’ve now seen this argument that’s been made (incredulously) by some folks primarily up on Capitol Hill uh for months now and uh uh I’ve just got to say “Here’s what we know: Americans died in Benghazi.” What we also know is clearly they were not in a position where they were adequally protected.

 looks clearly threatening

HOW DARE THEM!@Obama Benghazi NBC monologue

and clearly threatened …..oO

Obama surprised

The day after it happened I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism. (TO WHO, Michelle?) And what I pledged to the American people was that we would find out what happened. We would make sure that it did not happen again and we would make sure we would hold accountable those that would perpetrate this terrible crime. (By crime he means the crime of insulting his profit of Islam…… not the punishment of terrorism.) and thats exactly what we’ve been trying to do. And over the last several months there was a review board headed by two distinguished americans (pandering cuz there is always someone willing if the price is right) uh Mike Mullin and Tom Pickering who investigated every element of this and what they discovered was some pretty harsh judgements in terms of how (thumbing) we had worked to protect consulates and embassies around the world. They gave us a whole series of recommendations. Those recommendations are being implemented as we speak. (He said sternly!) The whole issue of this uh of talking points frankly throughout this process has been a side show. The wha we have been very clear about throughout (He forgot the “t” sound on the word “what” because he is nervous) was that immediately (sort of slurs the word immediately without the “t”) after this event happened we were not clear who exactly had carried it out…. how it had been, how it occurred, what the motivations were. It happened the same time as we had seen uh attacks on US embassies in Cairo as a consequence of this film and nobody understood exactly what was taking place during the course of those first few days and the emails that you elude to were provided by us to congressional committees. They reviewed them several months ago: concluded that in fact that there was nothing foul in terms of the process that we had used and suddenly three days ago uh this gets spun up as if there’s something new to the story. There’s no there there.

(Bill is in his mind telling him that there is no there there kind of like

depends what is is.

I wonder is there a here here?)

As I recall they watched it in real time so what does that mean? And V.P. Joseph Biden said that one of them had balls the size of Cue Balls so how did he know so quickly if he had not watched or if they were not aware of what had occurred. He seemed pretty clear about it!

Keep in mind by the way that these so called talking points that were prepared for Susan Rice uh five, six days after the event occurred uh pretty much matched the assessments that I was receiving at that time (why didn’t Michelle clue him in?) in my Presidential Daily Briefing (I think that is done by the Secret Service) and keep in mind that two to three days after Susan Rice appeared on the Sunday shows using these talking points which have been the source of all this controversy I sent up the head of our national un counter terrorism center Matt Olsen up to Capitol Hill and specifically said it was an act of terrorism and that extremist elements inside of Libya had been involved in it. (Is he saying that Michelle is an extremist? KEEP IN MIND THAT HE IS TRYING TO GET YOU TO KEEP IN MIND HIS RECONSTRUCTION OF HIS TALKING POINTS WHICH CLEARLY HE SAID NOTHING ABOUT TERRORISM FOR A LONG LONG LONG TIME). So if this was some effort on our part to try to down play what had happened or tamp it down that would be uh uh pretty odd thing that three days later we end up putting out all the information that in fact has now served the basis for uh everybody recognizing that uh that this was a terrorist attack and that it may have included elements that were planned by extremists inside of Libya (like Michelle).

Who executes some sort of coverup or effort to tamp things down for three days?  (Jeepers, I don’t know…the Obamas perhaps?)

So the whole thing defies logic.

(Oh really? Talk about trying to ridicule the observant and those that don’t accept his lies….they defy logic:

who said it was a video tape that caused the incident in Benghazi?

The Obama Administration and the VATICAN and Obama said that the future should not belong to those that insult his profit of Islam at the UN.

Is that logical? Is that why those men died at Benghazi?)

Keeps on getting churned out frankly has a lot to do with political motivations. We’ve had folks who challenged Hillary Clinton’s integrity (unbelievable) Susan Rices integrity, Mike Mullins and Tom Pickering’s integrity. It’s a given that mine is challenged by these same folks. ( O….o  Name droppings. LOL  It’s an overused ploy. Yea. Of course at the outset you had Hillary stand and take the blame at the airport and in front of the White House “The Buck Stops Here,” she said, and you went along with that at the time………REMEMBER?) They’ve used it for fund raising and frankly uh Yo if anybody out there wants to actually focus on how we make sure that something like this does not happen again (that’s what he wants everyone to do so he won’t have to be accountable this time) I am happy to get their advice and information and counsel (but he doesn’t want to be held accountable this time) but the fact of the matter is these four americans as I said right when it happened were people I send into the field (no, I think it is Hillary’s Department that sends them in the field and the government departments that they work for as contractors and as low level employees) and I have been very clear about taking responsibility for the fact that we were not able to prevent their deaths (so he must have been the one to have had them stand down. Hmmmm I wonder why. Was it to protect Michelle?) Uh and we are doing everything we can to make sure we prevent it in part because there are still diplomats around the world who are uh in very dangerous difficult situations and we don’t have time to be playing these political games here in Washington. (LOL. How about the Sequester make-it-hurt type sequesters and the White House Tours? Then there is the low-level IRS intimidations …….give me a break. Jeepers Creepers!) We should be focused on what are we doing to protect them and that’s not easy by the way. It’s going to require resources and tough judgements and tough calls and there are a whole bunch of diplomats who know that they are in harm’s way. ( Sounds like an admission. Then don’t send Michelle!and there are threat streams that come through every so often with respect to our embassies and our consulates. That’s not just us, by the way, the British have to deal with the same thing and we’ve got a whole bunch of people within the State Department who consistently say “You know, what I’m willing to step up. I’m willing to uh uh to put myself in harm’s way uh because I think that this nation is important in terms of serving the United States and advancing our interests around the globe.” Uh UH and so we uh we dishonor (No…..you and Michelle dishonor them!) them when uh we turn things like this into a political circus. What happened was tragic. It was carried out by extremists inside of Libya. We are out there trying to hunt down the folks who carried this out and we’re trying to make sure we fix the system (When he gets stern his southern Arkansas accent emerges which is odd since it was Bill Clinton’s state and Chicago, Illinois is up north) so that it doesn’t happen again. (You and Michelle did what you set out to do at Benghazi so why bother fixing a system that you took advantage of in the first place. To order someone to “Stand Down” is a sign that the system might have worked but was manipulated so that it wouldn’t work this time.



Michelle lives with you in the White House! You don’t need to hunt for her in Libya but how about checking out Somalia unless you are not there at the White House. Michelle said that you are there when she misspoke about being a single mom.

So there is a there….. there)


————————————–END OF TRANSCRIPTION————————————

Axelrod on Benghazi: ‘This Story Is BS’

Now, here is a there’s no there there >….Axelrod

Obama Tells Wealthy Gathering He Wants To “Institutionalize” Crisis Atmosphere




HE IS TRASH and Axelrod can join him in that alley. Benghazi isn’t about Al Qaeda or terrorism, stupid. That is why the talking point changes are so interesting is because it has nothing to do with the incident at Benghazi but Axelrod is so dumb he hasn’t figured that out YET. it has to do with the coverup but not what happened or why it happened.

Obama: “Full focus” is on recovery from Oklahoma tornado

Will it work for him? No, it won’t.

That was May 21st and today is the 14th of June and now we are on the border of Syria supposedly. Assad supposedly crossed a red line that killed 150 people allegedly with sarin gas which I doubt because I don’t think he is that crazy only to kill so few when he was so successful killing the conventional way. Let’s weigh the consequences 150 vs 93,000. Hmmmm. I guess Obama has short term memory problem and when he means full focus it is only for a short time. But Assad must possess something the US the UN the EU and Egypt clearly want badly and even the Saudi King cut short his vacation…just to watch? Must be evidence of some kind or the lack of IT.

Henry Kissinger: Balkanized Syria Best Possible Outcome

That is so charitable of the wise Henry Kissinger who in the past became the Roman Catholic advisor to the last Pope and the Vatican.

I think Rome, the Vatican, and Kissinger need to be Balkanized!

I think that might solve some problems.

Not to mention Jeb Bush wants in on IT (he smells oil and blood) even though he is Catholic and has strong views probably about abortion he allows a woman to starve to death because her ex husband wished it because he cares.

Ayatollah blast US: ‘We don’t give a damn’… ‘To hell with you’…


and Ayetollah who doesn’t give a damn.

Same thing was said by the State Department when JFK was killed.
The Falling Away

Here is a history lesson on hoaxes and the sick nature of man:

Congress investigates DHS ammo purchase

The Power Of Drudge: A Little Civics Lesson For Janet Napolitano And Barack Obama

“It would appear that, at least in part as a result of Drudge’s attention to entirely credible reporting raising questions about DHS’s apparently extravagant ammunition purchase orders, the House Government Oversight Committee recently conducted a hearing on DHS ammo acquisition. Now the Government Accountability Office reportedly is conducting an investigation of your agency’s practices. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK) haveintroduced legislation, the AMMO Act, restraining DHS.”

Is the government stockpiling ammo to thwart gun owners?

Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax PROOF

I watched Janet Napolitano bemusing in front of Congress and when one acts this way about a legitimate inquiry I am suspicious. It reminds me of Pope Francis smugness. Didn’t he recently go to Saudi Arabia to wash some feet of men that were about to be crucified and beheaded in Saudi Arabia? (I think I read that recently). If so, that is extremely coincidental considering what happened at Benghazi and the unusual coverup. One of the prophetic signs of Jesus was his crucifixion which had only happened at a certain time period and yet it is also occurring lately. Don’t take this wrong but Napolitano reminds me of what Queen Mary would be like if she had to…. to get her way. Partially why she reminds me of Queen Mary is from the movie Elizabeth starring Cate Blanchette. Napolitano actually resembles that depiction in her actions and her buttressing the Obama cabal.  I don’t like bemusing and find it offensive under the unusual actions taken by BIG SIS under the control of OBAMA using her non-elected position and his charisma (false popularity usually indicating a cultic personality). I think she is a traitor to the American people including Roman Catholics because it will hurt them as well if they are dragged down into the faith and subjugation of ISLAM and become their slaves. Your husbands and sons will disappear and your women and daughters will be donning burkas temporarily until a final solution is employed and this should be evoked because it applies to Roman Catholics as well: “There is no honor among thieves.” Queen Mary was a cruel and demented queen who employed cruel punishment against Protestants because of her faith and dedication to the Roman Catholic Dogma. Since Roman Catholicism and Islam have had an unusual relationship in the past and present it would be wise if others took notice and DE-bemused her. This is serious business when the Feds (Obama’s Administration and his appointees) disregard flippantly the rights of Americans to be armed to protect themselves against a warped sect-uality using hoaxes and using kids such as at Newtown and also the Boston Marathon fiasco to embolden their T-REXual attitude while confiscating with tax dollars exorbitant amounts of ammunition, arming Syrian rebels and Al queda followers and arming Egypt, and unusual devastation in ammunition chemical plants and the destruction of many businesses of law abiding citizens. Those are eerily suspicious actions and events and should not be dismissed as merely a coincidence, mistakes, accidents or just bad luck. The fact that they have to go to such lengths is a pretty damned good sign they have bad/evil intentions using an unusual strategy such as those hoaxes lately. If Napolitano finds the fears of others to be bemusing Benghazi must have been quite entertaining in her sadistic personality disordered brain. I would describe Napolitano’s bemusement demented  and ill-advised, (resembling a crazy psychopath bully) not to mention a recipe for disaster……. It will not succeed (if only temporarily)

and you won’t bemusing anymore.

fair_warning1 Ingest that and Rechew it. istock_000003149416medium-2 Is it any wonder that FEMA is challenging the West Texas funds? THAT’S ALL, FOLKS!

FEMA denies more money for plant explosion victims

I wonder if West Texas was sabotaged. I think so. The man on the phone calling for help said it was a bomb. I take that seriously! If it were said in an airport, a mall, or a school everyone would be concerned even if there were no explosion or no weapons involved and only just the threat and when there is an explosion and a witness saying it was a bomb many in our government disregard it as a bemusement and because it was at a chemical plant. The Obama administration wants to disarm Americans so therefore it is largely ignored. THAT IS THE EPITOMY OF STUPIDITY, APATHY, AND NEGLECT! By the way, there are other plants mysteriously being sabotaged IMO in other states also. Not only that there are some plots that are performed by various parts that do not know about the other parts but are part of a whole. This could very well be what is occurring now in Washington. For instance FBI Director Robert Mueller who doesn’t even know what his part is doing.

Is the government stockpiling ammo to thwart gun owners? ===================

Glenn Beck is there with his Operations in Oklahoma (Operation Blessing and another) are there to the rescue and I guess

“THAT BAD MAN” psychosis

subsided for the time being unless Franklin Graham body-snatched him to help out OBAMA and his need to re-focus the news and the country to do a dance around Fast and Furious and the Benghazi murders, the IRS Scandal and the AP Scandal.

Now Glenn Beck says he has something he will reveal 24 hours fro when he said it which is getting to be kind of silly since didn’t we go through this a month or so ago and he never did come out with his last promise. He mentioned something recently about the last days prophecies of the Mormons. Like I said earlier or on another post I went to classes with a friend who was Mormon just because we were friends and I never read the Mormon revelations so he either is Mormon or is heavily influenced by Mormonism which is based in Utah around and in Salt Lake City (speaking of salt, hmmmmmm) and also near where the NSA is located.

COUNT THOSE BLESSINGS MANIPULATED BY DRUNKARDS who destroy neighborhoods and kids and anyone who gets in “their way.”

Rubio: ‘I’m done’ if immigration bill includes gay couple amendment

This is absolutely ridiculous. Leahy playing politics with immigrants and gays. One is held hostage over the other. I guess the Senator Patrick Leahy wants to keep the chips in his charge and he is an ass. THAT IS SICK. Let’s keep it simple stupid. This is not about Gays. Republicans really are about freedom and the Dems are about hostage taking. That is not how parties should deal with each other. Being up front on an issue and truthful is really important instead of tagging on to get your way.

Raise the issue with pride on it’s own merit truthfully.

If you can’t than it does not have merit.

Nice speech by Rubio on June 27th!

But speeches are just shallow words if you allow it to be riddled with pork,

before it goes to the House of Representatives!

You should not have to pay off the mobsters for this bill to go through. Screw them. Have some balls and fix this bill. Otherwise whoever lets it through is as corrupt as the MOB and is in cahoots with the MOB. 


“Cornyn is not alone in decrying the immigration bill’s taxpayer-funded crony giveaways to favored industries. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said the bill is so riddled with corporate concessions that it “reads like a Christmas wish list for Haliburton.”

Breitbart News reporter Matthew Boyle also reported on the bill’s inclusion of a crony capitalism casino kickback to Las Vegas casinos. Sens. Harry Reid (D-NV) and Dean Heller (R-NV) successfully inserted the language.”

“The issue of the company Haliburton represents the worst, in terms of conflict of interest and even corruption. It shows how much people in this government can do for their own self-interest and the interest of their friends if not held in check.”

I think the way to keep equal employment for every race including immigrants that are made legal or who stay illegal all companies should have to pay their health care regardless of whether they are part time or full time. All employees should receive at least minimum wage regardless of whether they are full time or part time and that way Obama can’t reward companies and punish the population by his stupid mandates whenever it suits him. I would imagine big companies will down size but gives the public a chance to build their own businesses which in turn would obviously mean more choices and more competition. Oh Yea and anyone who pays self employment taxes in the past and future should get free health care. Then the general population won’t be hindered from starting competing businesses against those that had received a head start a long time ago using illegals to pay next to nothing or used loopholes and pork in bills designed to enrich the rich. Also this would have to apply to overseas employees so that they too can receive what they should get in employment benefits ie  health care and pay using american dollars. That way overseas companies have to pay the same as companies that stay in the US.

Otherwise get rid of IRS and ObamaCare and go to consumption tax and make equal pay laws regardless of full or part time or illegals or legals or overseas employees using american dollars. It will help the american dollar and it’s worth.

The way the Bush administration operates

 If the House will cut the pork slipping in under the table which is why politics stinks (for instance: Pelosi’s advice and leadership about Obamacare) it probably is pretty good bill although I have not seen the bill myself. Hopefully security of the US and giving a hand to illegal immigrants will be the thrust of this legislation. Not their fertility, not their vote, not their slavery (tax liability), but human to human “a leg up.”

I will reiterate Consumption Tax is the best and fairest tax of all and a percentage going from what the state collects to the federal government to keep it (the Feds) “in check” and not lording over the States of the US and the exclusion of MOB tactics is my vision and expectation even though Donald Trump thinks it is dangerous, danger never stopped him before. Course he probably owns some casinos in Las Vegas.

What happens in the House of Representatives is the kicker and if they really represent the people they will do the right thing in regards to this immigration bill and hopefully reporters will report fairly (unless they corrupt themselves by not fairly reporting) what occurs, so we the people can see if the House of Representatives is as corrupt as the Senate, then we can vote whoever doesn’t do their job out of office.

I enjoyed the attitude of Paul Ryan when he conversed on Fox News about this bill in the House of Representatives that I watched a few days back although I don’t agree with him on many issues I hope that the House will have his kind of tenaciousness in regards to this bill and any others bills especially since our country is in DIRE STRAITS. Hopefully that tenaciousness will be used for the right reasons with illegal immigrants (they are human) well being and the safety of US citizens as their main concern. There will always be extreme cases creating stunts on either side that will try to thwart good legislation because it is controversial as occurred in Gay marriage struggle.  We have the right to disagree but reason and practicality are also important as well as beliefs.

I hope that the Senate will rehabilitate themselves and make a simple law:

NO PORK in any bill because I don’t think it is legal according to the US Constitution but in any case should be investigated for that reason to see if pork is legal since it seems to be bribery and pay offs and in my opinion a crime against Americans one that should be paid back financially in full to Americans by the illegal activities of the Federal Government and whoever stole from the Americans such as the casino owners, the mob, and other businesses, other countries and their lobbyists, and the politicians involved etc.

(Or perhaps the supreme Court could get involved in the rehabilitation of the Senate and the House of Representatives and the rest of the Federal Government.)

And remove the pork in past bills! It’s time to stop feeding the leeches in government.


said James Joseph Gandolfini of the Sopranos 


and who I might add mysteriously died in Rome!

(of all places, IMO.)


French hostage found dead in Mali was shot in head: prosecutor

Undated handout picture shows French nationals Philippe Verdon and Serge Lazarevic, who are being held hostage by Al Qaeda, surrounded by masked men holding guns in an undisclosed location in Mali

Looks like James Joseph Gandolfini of the Sopranos had some bad friends, but wasn’t he Italian (Of course, fini is very french!)

Pope Arrives at Castel Gandolfo

I think Ted Cruz and Rand Paul should lead this cause because it is JUST and what this country needs to change the course of this country so it does not destroy itself.

Sen. Ted Cruz Compares Senate Immigration Bill To Obamacare


We are on the verge of Death to America.

Mark Levin page linked on many of the issues involved in the Immigration Bill and shows in my opinion Senators such as Lindsay Grahams capitulation to corruption. I am so disappointed in him. Obviously he has a low estimation of Hispanics, like the Clintons and the Obamas have of African Americans and Gays

although the Obamas are trying fervently to take the credit for rulings

they had nothing to do with

 nor have they ever esteemed or tried to uphold the US Constitution or Bill of Rights but instead has tried to undermine it

 because they are fakes, cowards, and thieves.

Mark Levin

Did Barack Obama write this bill that just passed?

Immigration overhaul: Senate passes historic bill

“In a written statement, Obama coupled praise for the Senate’s action with a plea for resolve by supporters as the House works on the issue. “Now is the time when opponents will try their hardest to pull this bipartisan effort apart so they can stop commonsense reform from becoming a reality. We cannot let that happen,” said the president, who was traveling in Africa.”


“The legislation’s chief provisions includes numerous steps to prevent future illegal immigration – some added in a late compromise that swelled Republican support for the bill – and to check on the legal status of job applicants already living in the United States.”

Uh Oh There goes Taco Bell! LOL

I don’t suppose they will do this by Racial Profiling, will they?

Now will Obama testify about Benghazi?


There are Republicans such as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul who inspire and do take the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Human Rights seriously and obviously some in the Supreme Court who also take it seriously. It is unfair to pile on with pork which is cheating and underhanded and is what makes this country at a stale mate and in decline economically, morally, and still in the grips of those that want to destroy us. If you work honestly for human rights it tends to work better and gets the support it deserves. Take Hillary’s tactics for women’s rights she covers up prostitution and rapes. If you aren’t willing to help others why should they help you?

(But I take that back …….maybe Rand Paul hasn’t got what it takes….doesn’t have the staying power for he likes voluntary composting along with Laura IN – GRAHAM. So I guess he is as pompous as his HOST. He exposed his agenda and his prejudice about immigrants with Laura because immigration to him is getting immigrants to work their fields PICKIN’ COTTON and shoveling dirt and compost. I guess immigrants aren’t worthy of more than a field job for the Kentucky Senator? The more you listen the more you pick up and today that is what I gleaned on June 27th and I just noticed some of transparent goo he ejaculated in his intercourse with Laura In-Graham. His elitism just dribbled out for the first time. All it took was a pretty face. Good to know. Maybe he should pick a library to volunteer your time and do your business in between the books on the shelf, I’m sure the shelf won’t mind and then you can hire an immigrant to clean it up for you.


Kentucky is in the middle of the eastern half of the US. I proved my case about prejudice and it took a Kentucky cardinal to drop his poop.

Why Is Bird Poop White?

“Birds’ digestive systems and naughty bits don’t work exactly like ours or most other animals’.

Instead of pooping and peeing separately,

they basically do it all in one weird mess.”


What is white and black and read all over. Hopefully this post!

Laura InGrahams opening monologue tonight June 28 Friday on O’reilly was as deceptive as I have ever seen. She knows how to twist a sentence. She seems to have surrendered her soul to something very evil. It was quite revealing. I hope you take the time to disseminate it to see what I mean.

Rand Paul ‘pushing hard’ with House on immigration bill

Snort something on the way to your interview inadvertently or did you lose your composure another way?

Hard labor is good for the soul

maybe you ought to try it sometime

and actually produce something worthwhile.

And while you are at it why don’t you actually do something about OBAMACARE instead of not doing anything about it and merely using it for your political posturing:

Rand Paul’s Hillarious Obamacare Slam

I haven’t figured out why nothing happens in regards to Obamacare seeing that most people don’t want it and yet it still threatens everyone in the future. I find it weird and almost as if the Senate is vacant. The fact they passed it in the first place without reading the thing that they get paid to do because it is their job is surreal. All bills passed without reading beforehand while taking tax dollars from Americans there should be a punishment for those that didn’t do their job. I realize that is a dysfunctional sentence but you get the drift. What the heck happened?

Just to give you a clue Laura InGraham is not on your team she is very slick and pretty consistently undermines the Republican Party. She is playing you. I don’t like trickery and I don’t like her. I think it is dirty and I think she is dirty. I certainly prefer straight forwardness and truth when dealing with issues occurring in the US, the press, and the problem with government is people like her. It is called corruption and the only way to fight corruption is with the opposite of corruption otherwise you will lose and be rolled under. Think about Newtons Law. I may be crass and indelicate, but I am not trying to trick anyone. Laura is a death knell for the Republican Party. A stooge. A shill, similar to Billy Graham. A slippery sleaze ball wearing a cross. Don’t be fooled by her appearance which is like a peacock cocking and very showy. She doesn’t even have a clue how naked she is, that is why O’reilly hires her because he is a FOX.

The good news is tucked in this post and will help anyone, including her. 

They obviously have some powerful equipment able to peer into one’s private life and play their little folly.

I apologize profusely for my anger at what I perceive is occurring to some people from time to time because of the influence of others possibly without their full knowledge. I won’t erase my angry reaction but when you know you are being spied on as I am although I cannot prove it, it is frustrating and hard to take their misuse of this power against me because of my relevant beliefs that I think I back up with pretty good evidence from MY source in my composts: The Bible.

I’m not crazy




George W. Bush Defends PRISM: ‘I Put That Program In Place To Protect The Country’

Instead Prism hurts the people however the country might be fine and because Snowden released a minute general amount of information he hurt the country but helped some people. Hmmmm I think Snowden deserves the benefit of doubt as you expect your program deserves. Just admit you made a mistake George Bush, because you did, a really big one, and you may have to account for it down the road a bit and so might your daughters and their kids. That is not a threat but it is a probability. Have some courage and use your wealth and status and friendships to undo the harm you caused even with good intentions before it is too late! Start by acting reasonable and getting our country to stop their maniacal oversight and give Snowden a break. GEEEEEZ, Mr. Cocaine, Were you born in the Gestapo?

Edward Snowden’s WikiLeaks statement in full

It isn’t as if the ones that were peeked upon weren’t aware the only thing they didn’t know was the name of the program. Now we know. Wish you had had the guts to share before it became apparent. There have been quite a few suicides and destruction of peoples lives that might have been avoided had you bared your soul to the people you represent. Thanks for the WARNING after the fact. Just to clue you in IT’S NOT something ABOUT which YOU should be laughing. Although it could be if you would stand up and do the right thing now.

Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons- Walk Like A Man

Obama ends Africa trip by joining Bush at memorial

Obamas pandering the Bushes after they visit Mandela’s family and things couldn’t get much worse for them because of the affect they have on their brethren. where ever they go they (the Obamas) cause problems on a molecular level and then like dominos it just gets worse.

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 9.57.42 AM

I’M IN A ‘PRISON’They are in Africa but in a way she is in a prison.

Does it look like possession? (I’m N Ari the 8th iam N Ari the 8th iamiam Ive been married to the woman next door she’s been married 7 times before and everyone was an N Ari….)


Notice the tongues

sign of possession or they suffer the same tongue anomaly

The Senate Slut John McCain the unthinker has exposed himself again:

McCain: After thinking ‘long and hard,’ US should suspend aid to Egypt

 Now he wants to take it back.

Why Does It Matter Hillary?

I wrote about that blunder and McCain and Chris Stevens in article linked above. It is hard to believe that John McCain could think long and hard. I think he is getting unraveled by all the strange things occurring and is afraid to be found out. THE NSA leaks, Benghazi and Amb. Chris Stevens, etc Is it possible that Sen. McCain glows or is he starting to sweat?;) Usually that happens when you exert yourself but I think his nerves are starting to get to him. He must be nervous. Senator John McCain, why does it matter now?

Queen – ‘Another One Bites the Dust’

If he had said it a few weeks or even a week before the change in Egypt he would be believable.

Why the U.S. Must Cut Off Aid to Egypt

I think Obama proved interfering in other countries policies and elections and pushing democracy on Islamic countries just doesn’t work. Since Saudi Arabia offered their billions I don’t think our billion a year is worth much. Besides we have problems in our democracy that need some fixing and would be nice to clean our own house before cleaning everyone else’s house.

Michael Hastings Sent Email About FBI Probe Hours Before Death (UPDATE)

He was a reporter about Gen. McChrystal in Afghanistan and I think this next post might have some clues which includes Gen. McChrystal and Obama’s agenda:

Obama is Slaying the Senate

Also The Wounded Warrior Project advertised incessantly when O’reilly airs on Fox news has some clues in regards to Michael Hastings and his discoveries, generally speaking.

Joseph of Arimathea (A JUST)

My beliefs happen to obviously be a threat to the establishment especially in the religious realm with their maniacal power and their tools that they use to continue to deceive and I’m doing something about it. I’m not a senator or a representative but my power is the work that I have invested in my posts by study and by revelation because I seek the truth and it matters to me and I share freely and I don’t get a tax break or contributions and in fact, I am being persecuted subtly in many ways. I don’t make enough money to be taxed. And how I make that money is not by my writing or whatever you might label it. It has not been an easy ride but I do it to impart knowledge to others. I do think out of the box more than most and I think in this day and time my contribution might be helpful. I still appreciate some things that Rand Paul has done that I respect but I can tell when someone is being manipulated as he was in that interview by something pretty powerful and believe me it affects all of us at different times whether you realize it or not. Best you start realizing it so you can arm yourself.

If you want to understand my foundation in the bible you might check out my best posts which are comparing the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke to the Gospel of John and for another view point you might check out my posts about JFK and how it might be involved since 1963 was quite a Watershed Year for many religious tenets with political and religious ramifications. Listed at the bottom of the page is a site called Merangue’s blog that is linked where you can find most of my articles on both subjects and more.

I tend to be blunt and in the past I have been compared to

Roseanne Roseannadanna

and I do not have Tourette’s syndrome just happens to be a merely a possible

Divine Coincidence.

I hate political correctness. I think it is scourge on society akin to the Thought Police and BIG BROTHER sadistically screwing up life for mankind. Kind of like PORKING in government. I think there is pretty good evidence of that which some people are starting to realize. If our government continues to be blind and manipulated the tables will turn on them if they don’t stop it, back track and fix it starting with Benghazi and ObamaCare.

You might compare my beliefs to Joel Osteen and his kind of religion and many others that have infected the US and I hope and think you might see a great divide. Yes he is so loving acting yet so not. His religion is about money. Yes everyone likes money, no doubt,  including me.

 I think there are some very bright stars in the House and the Senate and Rand Paul is one of them. There are quite a few others and I realize it ain’t easy.


If  you do legislation dishonestly it won’t work. It may have a gestation period before it is aborted in the miscarriage of justice.

Patrick Leahy is being dishonest and being a cad and obviously has a disdain for both immigrants and gays.

Here is an example of trying to get through a doorway at the same time. Someone will get hurt because the door is only so wide.

Let’s see Leahy do it at another time as a human right issue on his own bill. Will he?

Now, I have read there is a loophole in the immigration bill dependent on the will of Janet Napolitano. So is this just another BS Bill or a sideshow to avert attention from Benghazi?


…….”The new version of the bill was introduced via a so-called “border surge” amendment from Sens. Bob Corker (R-TN) and John Hoeven (R-ND), with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repackaging the whole bill into the amendment.” ……

…….”This could allow illegal aliens to be granted amnesty, or legalized “Registered Provisional Immigration (RPI)” status, once Secretary Napolitano submits a fencing (and border security) plan to Congress. However, this provision allows Napolitano to decide against building the fence after doing so, with no legal ramifications. As Breitbart News has already detailed, a similar provision was inserted with regard to border security technology requirements.”…..

Harry Reid donned a pretty bad bruise on his face lately. I wonder if that was caused by a whip of some kind. forcing it’s way upon the Senator and others, kind of like when Hillary Clinton had a fall and could not testify about Benghazi stalling the investigation until she could be reasoned with to testify appropriately. I can’t help but remember the broken bones of a few people in high positions in our government and other governments a few years back when Barack Obama took office the first time.

She has the best interests of the people in her heart NOT but could be she is being controlled.

Your best bet would be talking to Ted Cruz another Really Really Bright Star.

He actually likes humans. 


Members of the Gang of Eight (intelligence)[edit]

Mike Rodgers caught my eye one day while watching him being interviewed by the press about Benghazi (I believe it was) and I recognized him and was the one that seemed to be

 a real bad guy. IMO

I wrote about him in another post and wanted to alert people there at that time that he was harboring something evil.

He looks exactly like SS Agent Jack Ready

who was directly involved

in the assassination of JFK.

(Please read and check out his involvement in the link between pictures. Coincidence that he would be Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He worked as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in its Chicago office, specializing in organized crime and public corruption, 1989–1994. He is a member of the Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a Methodist which would coincide with the JFK Assassination and the Methodist reactions and involvement by their doctor/preacher Dickinson in Dallas Texas at the time who was also the leading investigator at the Book Depository.

His wife, Kristi Clemens Rogers, was previously President and CEO of Aegis LLC, a contractor to the United States Department of State for intelligence-based security services.[19][20]

 I wonder if AEGIS LLC knows

what occurred at Benghazi?



“Brothers in Arms”

screen-shot-2011-09-29-at-9-41-07-am screen-shot-2011-09-29-at-9-42-44-am

“Wrong is right and right is wrong”

Basically Corruption is the major problem in the last days

5 Senators Who Support Immigration Bill Don’t Know Answer to Key Question About It

The answer is: Get Rid of OBAMACARE.



Get rid of the IRS and

Build more hospitals instead!

We already have the best care in the world we just need more of it

 in the US and abroad

to make it more competitive, more accessible, and more affordable.

Anyone take economics in college?

If so, did you learn anything about supply and demand?

Great Bang for the Buck!

If our medical care is the best in the world

then we shouldn’t punish it

We should reward it

and expand it.

It would kick start the economy here and worldwide, such as in Africa.

Also Mexico and Central America. Some of the illegal immigration occurs because of medical care that is sought in the US because it is superior to save a loved one’s life.

I think there is a need for good hospitals south of the border which could help their economy and ours as well.

Instead of CPA’s working for or against the IRS monster they can work for cost efficiency of businesses like hospitals and the businesses that are saved by not being forced into OBAMACARE etc. They could be hired to make government departments and the military more efficient and all of the above would be more competitive and happier.


HHS in talks with NFL, NBA to promote ObamaCare

Eric Bolling: Believe it or not, President Obama is actually trying to screw up Sunday Football by interrupting the NFL games with Obama Care commercials so I called the NFL and see if the rumor was true and it went something like this:

Me: Say it ain’t so.

NFL: Yes we’ve been contacted by Obama.

Me: Please tell me you told them to go jump in the lake.

NFL: We’re certainly open to listening to this proposal.

Eric Bolling: Folks, Im’ crushed. The one thing I look forward to every single day of my life is how long until football, whether it’s 3 months away or 3 hours away. How long until cook kick kick off?

Now, I’m not so sure.

Jeb Bush Says Immigrants Are ‘More Fertile,’ Twitter Gets Mad

Don’t even think about running for President. What a twit.

Obama said he was FEMA when Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey and introduced a victim of the storm to Mr. Schmuck who was there with Obama as he met the crowd of desperate people and now Obama intoduces the country to FEMA’s Mr. Fugate.

Now we have Mr. Fink of the IRS scancal.

Interesting names, don’t you think?

I guess in terms of the bible and the Synoptic Gospels “the Gates of Hell/Hail shall not prevail” kind of way for the FUGATE name.

What do you call a nurse who pulls a plug on a patient then revives the patient? A KNUT?

 A deep deep deep desire to be kneaded.

Humiliate, console, and control tactics.

Oh well he’s a black man, a democrat, a good speech giver, makes good jokes at the Correspondent’s Dinners, parties a lot, and is ISLAMIC and no one knows for sure where he was born so he might not be a citizen of the US and his wife has had surgery to be prettier (I guess either he or she wasn’t satisfied) so it must be okay:) We just can’t pin him down or anyone else in his administration and inner circle for that matter to tell us where he was and who was with him the night of Benghazi and the many other questions that will get resolved soon in spite of his blessings -be-upon-thee type disasters. WE CAN’T EVEN HEAR FROM THE CIA WITNESSES THAT SURVIVED BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID OR DEAD.

Obama Aide: ‘Irrelevant’ Who Edited Benghazi Talking Points

 This you tube shows that everyone in his administration is covering up the location of Obama during the Benghazi attack. This aide of Obama says he was with his national security advisors which would be Thomas Donilon, Joseph Biden, Hillary Clinton, Dennis McDonough, Tony Blinken and those listed below. No one has thought to ask about Michelle. Maybe both were at Benghazi that night. So why not get these people listed below to testify that are in this council that were in his national security council on that date. The aide says that was who he was with then let’s hear what they have to say.
Structure of the United States National Security Council (Current)[3]
Barack Obama (President of the United States)
Statutory Attendees[4]
Joe Biden (Vice President of the United States)
John Kerry (Secretary of State)
Chuck Hagel (Secretary of Defense)
Military Advisor
Gen. Martin Dempsey (US Army) (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)
Intelligence Advisor
Lt. Gen. James R. Clapper (Ret.) (Director of National Intelligence)
John O. Brennan (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency)
Drug Policy Advisor
Gil Kerlikowske (Director of National Drug Control Policy)
Regular Attendees
Tom Donilon (National Security Advisor)
Denis McDonough (White House Chief of Staff)
Tony Blinken (Deputy National Security Advisor)
Additional Participants
Jack Lew (Secretary of the Treasury)
Eric Holder (Attorney General)
Janet Napolitano (Secretary of Homeland Security)
Kathryn Ruemmler (White House Counsel)
Gene Sperling (Assistant to the President for Economic Policy)
Susan Rice (Ambassador to the United Nations)
Jeffrey Zients (Acting Director of Office of Management and Budget)
Lisa Monaco (Homeland Security Advisor)

Axelrod is an idiot as are all of Obama’s followers, the ones that promote the false avenues for political purposes.


Obama Prepares Retirement Takeover,

Financial Journalist Shows Americans How To “Opt-Out


LOOKS LIKE HE IS SENDING A MESSAGE TO SOMEONE. If Looks Could Kill I think he would!

I THINK HIS JOB GETTIN’ TO HIM snicker snicker that or

he GOT Scrooge:)

There…….there there

Edward Snowden identified as source of NSA leaks








Isn’t that TREASON?

On Varney’s show of Fox News say they don’t know where Edward Snowden is right now.  Maybe he has been assassinated and all the traveling he has done is just covering up by our government and the press. Certainly he hasn’t said anything some of us didn’t know already. Much ado about nothing, for the most part, because this is about misdirecting attention from Benghazi as most most of what has occurred since Benghazi has been about. Maybe it is all a ruse by Obama, Michelle, Ambassador Chris Stevens and Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan.

Obama not willing to make deals to get Snowden

Obama doesn’t make deals with terrorists, spies, and political prisoners especially since Snowden is working for him!

In defense of publishing leaks

” But as long as a program remains secret, there’s a Catch-22 in effect: The Supreme Court can’t review the constitutionality of the program until someone sues to challenge it, but if nobody knows they’ve been targeted by a secret program, nobody has standing to bring a lawsuit. “

Anytime there is a catch-22 between the powers in our government it should err on the side of the people since it is the people who are the in charge of the government and since we pay for it in one form or another.

The Press should not keep secrets for the government. It is not their job.

(Possibly delay news to save lives.)

Knowledge is superior to being kept in the dark!


 Hannnity astutely observed with Cheney’s daughter (6/10/2013):

“but we don’t control our borders?” in regards to the NSA snooping on Americans.

Kind of a contradiction.

Doesn’t make sense!

Neither does selling Egypt arms but if you take into consideration that this may be


it does kind of eerily make sense.

Lots of word play in that word to consider:

Senate Rejects Paul Amendment to Prevent Arms Sales to Egypt

On the Hannity show there was an Egyptian politician whose microphone accidentally was on and was caught saying that Egypt’s enemy isn’t Ethiopia, it’s the US and Israel.  Who is the enemy of the US….The Senate?

Egypt frets, fumes over Ethiopia’s Nile plan

Morsi should resign for the sake of his people his country and for himself.

Enough is enough.

I think the NSA’s reason for treason is to keep the power in the hands of those they want in power by fixing elections via computer technology and snooping that they have built. That is why I am against computer voting. I think the NSA is using their technology to harass and hassle certain people they don’t like in lots of subtle ways, like me. Tribulation kind of ways. It is obviously not for the protection of Americans.

Protection of Americans is what the Pentagon is for, isn’t it? But some in the Pentagon have lost their way as well.

The NSA is a very large complex larger than it needs to be considering you can store quite a bit of information on a small chip the size of a dot. Period.

One building would suffice for that endeavor.

I think the NSA is involved in the business of human drones via robotics or cloning, mapping facial and body characteristics using spying via facebook, voice technology etc

That would take a lot of buildings.

Spying on peoples phone calls or e-mails is a ridiculous deterrence against terrorism while not securing the borders and obviously a trick but also exposes them.

Off-duty cops collect DNA samples at Alabama roadblocks Here’s another ridiculous aspiration.

Report: School district scanned children’s eyes for bus program without permission

Obviously something else is occurring at this humongous installation inspired by fear. 

WELL WELL WELL Finally hear from Joseph Biden on O’reilly of Fox News6/12/2013. Haven’t heard hardly a peep from him since he talked about one of the men at Benghazi having balls the size of CUE balls as he seemed to be all tied and too busy to get involved. I guess the NSA is worrying him a byte,



James Clapper: Obama stands by intelligence chief as criticism mounts

“Admission that James Clapper gave ‘least truthful answer’ on domestic surveillance could become a problem for the president”


Went to check if he was a military man because of his interesting answer and he is a retired Lt. Gen. in the Air Force:)

 How does FBI Director Robert Mueller defend NSA surveillance if he doesn’t know anything. The guy was about as knowledgeable as Tommy Lee Jones of the assassination of Oswald and he was there which is linked. It really is as if they take a drug or are given a drug…probably Devil’s Breath to erase memory and act as a drone.


Did Rubio flip on his stance on border security?

Marco Rubio: In immigration reform, legalization comes first — ‘It is not conditional’

Yep. That is not what he was touting earlier or did he forget? Too bad.

I think border security can occur while legalization occurs. But without secure borders we  are just exacerbating the insecurity of the United States. Protection of the citizens should come first, not snooping on them and harassing them.

Talk about harassment:

Newtown marks six months since shootings with new push on guns

She took bad acting lessons by the other remaining victim in the following video. Who directed them…..Robert Mueller? The only part you need to see is the first few seconds and compare to the man in the film below:

Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax Fraud Robbie Parker Actor Exposed Smiling Laughing then Fake Crying


And I do believe they stole the election from many people. Can’t be that hard to do nowadays with computer technology that I am positive that the NSA has.

Obama speech suggests possible expansion of drone killings

Remember the threat Obama made to the families of those playing a dangerous game at about the time of the fiscal cliff in America and the EU wanting desperately to scarf up America tax dollars to save their economy….I suspect it has to do with Norway and the mass killing (July 22 2011) there in a time lag kind of way. Leading from behind kind of way. The man that did the killing was on drugs…probably meth crystal type drugs which makes people act like killer drones which I think is Obama’s main weapon. Maybe the people killed were family members of his political enemies abroad. 69 people mostly teens died so they were easy pickens for a berserk President. How in the world did the killer know where to find them….. Obama knew. Anyway what is real/reel time? Adam Lanza seems to have also been manipulated for the gun control agenda of Obama to cover up the Benghazi incident. But was able to connect a few dots to that Norway mass murder. Kind of like dominos. One leads to the other in funny kind of ways. I DO THINK THAT THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS DRIVE, PUSH, SOMETIMES INTIMIDATION FOR DEALING WITH KIDS WITH ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER OR ONES THAT HAVE BEEN MISDIAGNOSED AND ARE JUST OVERACTIVE KIDS  IN ORDER TO CONTROL THEM EASIER BECAUSE OF LAZINESS OR LACK OF RULES AT SCHOOL BY USING DRUGS MIGHT BE  CONNECTED TO THE MANY OCCURRENCES OF STRANGE BEHAVIOR AND DEATHS. Maybe when things get rough for Obama he just might be able to get the Seal Team Six to save them. A reward for those that stick it out with him kind of like that other stunt.

Hezbollah suffers big losses in Syria battle

Hezbollah in big Syria battle, Obama ‘concerned’

I bet he’s concerned.


Here is another diversion and the BGEA and Franklin Graham are upset yet this is a way to include oneself on the side of the injured parties, divert attention from Benghazi, gain attention, act like the President is targeting you so as not to blow your cover, etc:

Graham says IRS targeted his non-profits with audits

Franklin Graham: How the IRS targeted my religious charities

Franklin Graham was quick to get on Greta’s popular news show and panders to the IRS, includes his BGEA and himself as an injured party because of his religion, complaining that a 5 month difference in the acceptance for their tax exempt status  (ACTUALLY 7 MONTH DIFFERENCE MORE THAN NORMAL) means he was targeted. It does not necessarily mean he was targeted any more than because they were auditing 2 of his corporations on the same day. Big deal. The IRS is known for delays in everything they do which does not mean he was targeted. If it took a few years I would say there is something wrong. Most the time the IRS because it is so big and convoluted doesn’t know what the left or the right hand is doing. Notice he stroked the IRS as he complained because they give him an advantage usually which gives him power over others. That advantage is his ace in the hole. That is why the IRS needs to be disassembled.

Maybe the IRS should be considered to be a synagogue because they discriminate and Jesus warned about synagogues in the Gospel of John. Perhaps that is what he meant. And perhaps they are using the NSA for that purpose to assist the IRS.


In any case if people stopped paying Federal Income taxes (which are voluntary) it would change the course of history and stop some of their madness. Our votes don’t mean anything anymore because with computer technology they can be fixed. Our contributions to candidates are a waste of money. Let the rich and politically connected handle the taxes, they profited by them, and as far as the national debt is concerned let them work it off. Screw them.

 IN the Gospel of Matthew Jesus talks to either Judas or Peter (not sure at the moment) and asks him (whichever one he asked) who do they charge taxes to and Judas or Peter said “strangers.’ So let’s not be strangers in this country. IF we don’t pay Federal Income taxes maybe we will become their people and they will become “our people.” It’s worth a good faith effort to test this theory.

They don’t work with the people for the people then maybe we aren’t their people and they aren’t our people.

Since writing the above I remember it was Peter who Jesus blocked in the doorway because he told him to go fishing and there he would be able to find and to pay their taxes and Peter did and found a form of currency in the fish he caught. I guess he was sort of bribing and pandering Peter about taxes and the institution of taxation. Sounds like a false messiah to me and I think the real Jesus of the Gospel of John knew what Peter did and tried to reason with him at the Sea of Galilee after his resurrection when he instructed Peter to

Feed My Sheep.


Teacher let go due to ex-husband’s abuse at school

Her name happens to be Faith:)

“A pro-life legal group, Alliance Defending Freedom, released audio today of a 2012 phone call between an IRS agent and the head of a Texas pregnancy counseling group. During the phone call, IRS agent Sherry Wan is heard lecturing Ania Joseph about how she can’t have a tax exemption and also push her religious beliefs— a bit of advice that would be quite interesting to every church in America.”

Sounds like the Clintons trained this IRS woman. (Don’t Ask Don’t tell.)

Now Cincinnati, Ohio makes sense because OHIO was where the ALL OR NOTHING tactics for their Abortion rights occurred on both sides of the issue. And Cincinnati is where this IRS thing began supposedly and by a republican. I have no idea because no one seems to be telling the truth. NSA is in Utah, the Mormon state. Billy Graham accepted Mormonism and changed his stance about it being a cult before the election. Islam is Obama’s religion and he doesn’t want a future that insults Islam as stated at the UN soon after Benghazi (the Jesuits control of the State Department, Islamic massacre, Roman Catholic excuse the video, directing and manipulation, Mormon’s complicity and knowledge and all of them covering it up) and so I think we have a loose confederation/menagerie of cults (because that is what they are) vying for control using their various types of control such as the IRS (Obama), the NSA (mormons), CIA and SS (Roman Catholic) competing and working together for some purpose that they don’t even understand.

I think it should be called

the Synoptic Dilemma.

I guess they are bound

and determined

to have their Arm-ageddon.

I wonder who or what the standard is that is set up?

(I think it might be who is being dragged around by the Libyans that isn’t Ambassador Chris Stevens that no one is willing to admit isn’t Ambassador Chris Stevens)

The Laughable Joke as Howard Dean called it.

Could be why the witnesses yet to be called or identified are afraid or they don’t exist!

Dennis Miller on Fox News last night said about the world:

Miller Time: NSA spying

“At this point, I don’t know why anybody would want to represent a thing called the world, because it’s so, it’s gone so crazy.”

Saudi Arabia: Five beheaded and ‘crucified’

amid ‘disturbing’ rise in executions


I guess the Grahams feel they are special more so than the average Jo

but really he is just jumping on board in my opinion.

He is just throwing his wait around.

Getting noticed. He is bargaining in a way.

He certainly hasn’t thrown his weight into the Benghazi Massacre but then who do the Grahams represent?  The Clintons and basically all of the Presidents or do they represent him?

 (Billy Graham did a similar thing when JFK was assassinated distancing himself from the Dallas area and made sure to tell who he was with at the time etc via the radio station I think the same day that it occurred.) He states that he believes that the bible is God’s word cover to cover and he believes all of it to be true. I wonder does that include the cover? The leather cover is that God’s word too. Did God say that the cover of bibles should be leather? Does Franklin Graham believe that Jesus said that he, himself, was not good as stated in the Gospel of Matthew? Which bible does he believe in from cover to cover? There are many versions which have differing interpretations. The King James Bible is very different than the New International Bible.

My brother-in-law worked in the real estate business and had information he put together on each of their listings for sale in a book he called “the bible,” although he pronounced it differently. (short i) Does Franklin Graham believe that it is God’s word from cover to cover also? If the man in the article below It’s Time for a New New Testament includes all the books found around the area where they were found gets to have them included in the bible will Franklin Graham believe that they are God’s word also? IF someone writes a notation in a bible is that believable if it is found within a bible? Is there no discernment?

Franklin Graham said that one of the agents that came to audit him said that “The Marriage Amendment” that Franklin Graham had taken out ads for earlier was “one of the complaints.” So why not tell us the agent’s name who said that on the air? (Last year Franklin Graham said he did not know that his BGEA had written in it’s website that Mormonism was a cult right before the election. That was when Romney was ahead in the polls, I think, and disclaimed that former statement.) He got advertising for his Samaritan Purse which he took over from another man nefariously (advertising and probably future donations) for the Oklahoma tornado victims and their property. Are we in shortage of wood we can compress and copper wire and all that other metal for building foundations and who knows what else in that dirt that can be sifted through? Not to mention, but I will, free labor. VOLUNTEERS. He talks about helping those homeowners that were without home insurance. Does Franklin Graham have a stake in a home insurance business or two and banking for those new potential home owners and potential members for his church. Plus tax exemption. What businesses prosper from disasters? (lumber, plumbing, electric, paint, flooring, roofing etc)

Does Franklin Graham have a stake in them too?


Greta says that she has seen with her own eyes and is impressed because it is a

“finely oiled machine.”

Isn’t that what JFK warned about?

(Japan, Haiti, Oklahoma where there is destruction the Grahams are there or nearby. you might say a partner to destruction in any case.)

Not to mention assisting Obama in his preferred crisis mentality for the American people to take the eyes off of Obama’s achilles heel, the executions at Benghazi.

Paul wants to lead Supreme Court challenge to fed’s tracking of Americans’ calls, emails I think that is a worthy endeavor and Lindsay Graham is wrong in his assessment of a world of Rand Pauls: there probably would be less terrorism if he had his own world. In a way the US government is perpetuating terrorism by injecting itself into every aspect of human life here and abroad. We cannot solve everybody’s disputes. It is irrational and sometimes meddling to the extreme. If we could pull out the ring in the nose of our government it would be a good thing. Just because we won WWll doesn’t mean we have to police the world or should be expected to and to be frank it has created more problems. I wish the US was more independent. What does independence mean? Why do we celebrate independence when we are so dependent on the rest of the world and their products, business, natural resources, and their wars?

The most humane thing we could do is take refuges in if they want in to the US like the women and children of Syria. They are in a bad spot as the article further up in this article shows. But offering arms to anyone really shouldn’t be our business and only creates more trouble. Arming Egypt was absolutely dumb. They hate us. Why in the world would we arm them? I vaguely remember when Egypt seemed to be kind of normal, now it’s not.

I think July 4th should be called Dependents Day.

That is what we have turned into. We as a country barely think for ourselves and take cues from other countries such as the excuse at Benghazi except no one will admit it. We cannot Democratize the world if they don’t want it. Let their governments and people and customs decide for themselves what they want and let them handle it. I feel like we are now France, butting into everything. We have turned into everyone’s mother-in-law and no wonder no one likes us.

I don’t think Islam is compatible with Democracy.

Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.

Obviously we don’t.

The term originates from the Greek δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) “rule of the people”,[1] which was coined from δῆμος (dêmos) “people” and κράτος (kratos) “power” or “rule” in the 5th century BCE to denote the political systems then existing in Greek city-states, notably Athens; the term is an antonym toἀριστοκρατία (aristocratie) “rule of an elite”.

A republic is a form of government in which affairs of state are a “public matter” (Latin: res publica), not the private concern of the rulers. In a republic, public offices are appointed or elected rather than inherited, and are not the private property of the people who hold them.

So I can’t figure out what we are but if the NSA gets to invade our private lives I would dare say we are not a republic, nor a democracy,

 but we are turning into a Fascist country. I wonder what Dick Cheney would think?

Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism[1][2] that came to prominence in mid-20th century Europe. Fascists seek to unify their nation through a totalitarian state that promotes the mass mobilization of the national community,[3][4] relying on a vanguard party to initiate a revolution to organize the nation on fascist principles.[5] Hostile to liberal democracysocialism, and communism, fascist movements share certain common features, including the veneration of the state, a devotion to a strong leader, and an emphasis on ultranationalismethnocentrism, and militarism. Fascism views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation[3][6][7][8] and asserts that nations and races deemed superior should obtain living space by displacing ones deemed weak or inferior.[9]

(Reminds me of what is occuring in Haiti if the Clintons have their way.)



Kheops-Pyramid        <…….Closed society PARANOIA…..INBREEDING…..ASSASSINATIONS……tombs

no access…..resembles a volcano and when it explodes no telling where at the top or the sides it causes destruction


To illustrate if we defederalize our government and go back to the the states governing instead of a pyramid type government where there are few at the top and masses at the bottom we could go to a flat top with more at the top and the same in all the other positions. People would have more access to their leaders and there would be more variety in businesses. Instead of walmarts and targets we would have a wider range of options of grocery stores and clothing stores and drug stores a well as walmarts and targets etc. We would have more competition and more variety. Each state would have their own flavors different than the other states. And while it may seem real cushy if you are at the top in this pyramid in the end it will hurt because of dissatisfaction from the bottom up and the ones that won’t survive very well could be the top considering the numbers involved. It may take a while longer but eventually it will implode so why not do the right thing because your survival depends upon it in the long run if the lessons of history are not forgotten.


open society….>

freedom …… mobility

access…..fresh air ………abundance……equality……growth


Its like the Synoptic Pyramid/volcano vs the Gospel of John:)

images-2 PUBLIC-DOMAIN-MSH82_st_helens_plume_from_harrys_ridge_05-19-82

Think of the top of this volcano Mt. St. Helens as the Obamas and the rest of Washington DC elite

Starting with the Benghazi scandal

with many other scandals piling on building up pressure.

The modern English word Hell is derived from Old English helhelle (about 725 AD to refer to a nether world of the dead) reaching into the Anglo-Saxon pagan period, and ultimately from Proto-Germanic *halja, meaning

“one who covers up or hides something”.[1]

The government would work so much better if each state had the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc (all the other agencies and departments) within each state with teams in each city of an FBI person, a CIA person, NSA person, A Policeman, Detective etc., and then you don’t have to spy on each other and would be competitive by teams but working together and would be much more efficient and less costly and more likely to be law abiding at the same time watching over the other to make sure they are doing the right thing within the laws of that state and city, less abusive, low-key, and less intrusive and more familiar with their constituents and vice versa, less competition between departments and would be much more accountable and friendlier. More community, less immunity and much more economical.

Eric Holder’s abdication

So I guess Eric Holder’s real job is recusing. Gee, how convenient.

Sure a lot of twisting goin’ on.

At least 6 killed, dozens hurt in Granbury tornadoes as storms strike North Texas

June 1st/2nd Greta’s show discussed Eric Holder’s job and I think she is vieing for his position or so it seemed.


Today Thursday May 16th “The Five” of Fox News thinks the two most important questions in the Benghazi incident/scandal are:

Who Pushed the Video?

Who Pushed the Stand down orders?

Father Lombardi, a Jesuit, spokesman for the Vatican and the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church pushed the video excuse first as I have said numerous times in my  posts on most of my blogs. Hillary Clinton is a Jesuit. Many in our government are Jesuits. I think the Jesuits are responsible for what happened in Benghazi. I would bet Ambassador Chris Stevens was a Jesuit since he is not the man pictured as Chris Stevens being dragged around by the Libyans. Many religious clergy in all kinds of christian churches and organziations are Jesuit. I bet Billy Graham is a Jesuit. It is the Secret Society of the organization itself that creates havoc for their agendas, the one spoken of by JFK.

“The Five” of Fox News thought that whoever pushed the video probably pushed the Stand Down orders. Then it is probably the Jesuits and Father Lombardi.

Who is running our government?

The reason for the treason at Benghazi is religious one.

It has to do with

the preeminence of The Gospel of Matthew (a synoptic gospel)


the preeminence of The Gospel of John.

That is what the 2nd Vatican Council was about in 1963.

That was why JFK was murdered. Which is why the clergy were so involved in his death. His speech he wasn’t allowed to give publically was about those Secret Societies….it’s their cash cow.

(Please refer to the transcriptions of CBS News below.)

There were other issues but that was the crux of the matter.

I think the man dragged around in the video who is not Chris Stevens

 is one of the witnesses written about in Revelations.

He certainly was a witness to me whether intentional or not.

Because of the incident itself, the press and our governments non reaction to the misidentification of the man

I realized how corrupt Obama and his legion were. (Why not admit that it is not Ambassador Chris Stevens?)

That is what all the strange comments at the Correspondents dinners by Obama are about that have to do with slaves, sleeves, arms, Al Green, the baby Jeeses etc are about.

Why not produce the other witnesses? But they are in fear as Lindsay Graham has said. Fear of what?

That is why the Benghazi incident/scandal just won’t go away like a huge weight sinking a big ship.’

That is why the AP scandal and the IRS scandal alongside Benghazi are so ironical.

Officials instructed Benghazi hospital to list Stevens as “John Doe”

How ridiculous. US officials that are anonymous. Now we are supposed to believe anonymous US officials. That is absolutely dumb. I think anonymous officials are fishing. The man dragged around is not Ambassador Chris Stevens to begin with. This is what liars do, they throw out crap to see if it will fly. I think this is a  a cover (trying to pre-veil) for some other fact that they know may be found in response to a future subpoena by Congress for emails that they the Obama administration does not want to release. They only released emails weeks after the event but not the emails during the time, before, and immediately after September 11th. THERE ARE SO MANY HOLES IN THIS STUPID SUGGESTION. HOW DO WE DEAL WITH THIS VIDEO AT THE HOSPITAL THAT CAME OUT A DAY LATER ABOUT AMBASSADOR JOHN DO?

GRAPHIC: Body of Ambassador Chris Stevens at Bengazi Hospital


FBI posts new pictures of Benghazi suspects

One of them with the long hair looks like he/she might be a nazarene. Pretty weird. (or is that a back pack)

Possible Poisoning

“An al Qaeda terrorist stated in a recent online posting that U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was killed by lethal injection after plans to kidnap him during the Sept. 11, 2012 terror attack in Benghazi went bad.”

That might explain what is in the right hand of Michelle in the picture above at Benghazi between her fingers! Reminds me of Jackie Kennedy at the airport in Dallas when Jackie Kennedy injected the Secret Service agent that guarded her JFK SS Agent Roy Kellerman,  right before JFK was assassinated. Something about women agents….they are so useful. They come in handy, don’t they. Easy to manipulate with lies. I would imagine they or he might start growing hair on their palms. (Black nappy kind of hair, like Michelle’s real hair) Maybe both. I guess it has to do with Ball’s Rule of Law and pro-pinking your co-workers and anyone you want to entrap, corrupt,  blackmail, and kill. I would still like to know who the man was as Kennedy received his first wound in the back, the tall thin black man that was sitting by the sign and after the limo passed by he crossed the road and sauntered a way across the field. HMMMMMM. Reminds me of someone. (Another facet of the assassination is the man at the airport that looks out of place as they drive away. He looks Muslim and he looks as if he knows what is about to occur and is pleased.)

Job 15:31

31 Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his recompence.

You can read about the significance of the assassination in my opinion in the following blog:

CBS News and JFK Transcriptions

It also bodes badly for OBAMA CARE and it’s purpose to inject death into political and religious enemies of Obama including those Michelle faces because the Obamas obviously are supporters of Sharia Law. Who they appoint speaks volumes. Susan Rice doesn’t have a very good record when it comes to Diplomatic Housing and offices, but her business or her husband’s business must be the reason for the treason and possibly the reward. It would help to see the Benghazi witnesses that are afraid and find out why they are afraid. It isn’t hard to imagine why. Leading from behind is a rough road. ruff ruff

White House Benghazi Emails Show Susan Rice Got a Bad Rap

Of course, they have only seen some emails, but not the real ones or the ones during and right after Benghazi, just weeks later. Geez this is ridiculous. Rice Named National ‘Security’ Adviser… Because she is more than willing and has a way with securing important outposts of the US and other countries! Her record speaks for itself, which is not good and shows that Obama wants to risk our National Security and will use her again to cover his crimes.

Does Susan Rice know who James Rosen is?

Will she defend his security?

Is her interest only in the federal security?

Is James Rosen interest only in national security?

DOES IAN CAMERON (SUSAN RICE’S HUSBAND) KNOW WHO JAMES ROSEN IS? DOES BILL O’REILLY KNOW? How about Bob Beckel? WERE THEY INTERESTED IN THE SECURITY OF TRAYVON MARTIN? DID IT HELP? It isn’t about the security of the American people but security for the FEDS. How insecure can ya get? (How afraid are the Feds? Who are they afraid of?) It’s pretty evident. THIS IS DEFINITELY A SYNOPTIC CONUNDRUM! PIZZA, PHILLY SUB SANDWICH ?……..NOT TODAY, THANK YOU.

Ed Henry vs. Carney: How Did Susan Rice Get Benghazi So Wrong If She’s So Qualified?

WATCHING Jay Carney is like watching Bill Clinton and President Obama with their hand gestures which are identical..the thumb and other hand gestures. It is quite interesting to watch. Jay Carney has another little twitch in his mouth when he out and out lies. Puppets. 

The lesson from Michael Douglas

South America and it’s injections of young girls that came to life recently come to mind, not to mention the Red Cross tainted blood with hepatitis scandal and then to go further back the aids epidemic that I wrote a bit about in my article:

Gay Marriage Is a Human Right

With Jackie Kennedy’s other self …..Cardinal John Patrick Foley and his logic in regards to bad behavior. Wasn’t Patrick her son that died in a miscarriage pretty close to the time of JFK’s assassination? “During his tenure, the Archbishop once sparked outrage in the homosexual community by describing the AIDS pandemic as a “natural sanction for certain types of activities.”[12 screen-shot-2012-05-14-at-7-49-35-pm

Tainted blood scandal

“The secretary general of the Red Cross delivered a videotaped apology to the courtroom, accepting the organization’s responsibility for its role in the tainted blood scandal.” Pretty Rotten Way! But Nancy Pelosi loves that way. Vatican issues first text co-written by two popes

Marriage one man and one woman for nurturing children: Pope Francis’ first encyclical

Population of the world

Total population 2011 est. 6 927 296 598 persons
   Male population 2011 est. 3 487 869 561 persons
   Female population 2011 est. 3 439 427 037 persons
So what are the 46,442,524 men supposed to do? Become UNICS or fathers/priests/?
Or do they come by it naturally. UNICS, that is?
Here’s a good response to that dilemma:
Or should priests be UNICIZED! I’ll donate my time for that cause in the name of charity.
In other words if the church wants to define marriage then the church needs to be defined
for nurturing children. To ensure a priests fidelity to the church and the children it nurtures I’m sure if you are true to your promise, you should not mind the rite of eunucision to prove it. Nowadays it can be accomplished rather painlessly by euthanizing the area affected:) Don’t be afraid.
I’m quite positive both Popes would be first in line. And we could enshrine their proof of devotion forever.


The Canonization of Pope John Paul and all their shit. (Course he was slowly offed by them) WHO CARES BUT THEM ON THIS DAY. THEY GLOAT ABOUT IT BECAUSE THEY ARE EVIL. THEY ARE SMUG ABOUT IT AND NOT ONLY THAT there isn’t just one pope now there are two.  THEY HAVE NO LOVE IN THEM JUST SLIME. (I mean OBAMA because he is their slime)
If Egypt wants independence they won’t listen to Obama, the world, the Vatican but do what is good for yourselves.
And sometimes you need good generals that don’t listen to politics because they change with the wind. Otherwise you might as well lick your fingers and figure out which direction the wind is blowing. That is politics.
March 26, 2013

John Brennan’s Spooky Swearing-In

By Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison

As far as Benghazi and the sacrifice that occurred I think John Brennan knows quite a bit. I bet he was there. IN real time, I don’t know but in the time it occurred……yea my intuition tells me so. He is just older. The new job was his reward.
The Pentagon’s mysterious HAARP project, now under construction at an isolated Air Force facility near Gakona, Alaska, marks the first step toward creating the world’s most powerful “ionospheric heater.”  The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP), a joint effort of the Air Force and the Navy, is the latest in a series of little-known Department of Defense (DOD) “active ionospheric experiments.” Internal HAARP documents state:

“From a DOD point of view, the most exciting and challenging” part of the experiment is “its potential to control ionospheric processes” for military objectives. Charles Timothy “Chuck” Hagel (born October 4, 1946)[3] is an American politician who is the 24th and current United States Secretary of Defense, serving since 2013. He served as a United States Senator from Nebraska from 1997 to 2009. He replaced Panetta. Did they EXPERIMENT IN OKLAHOMA?

Oklahoma’s Preemptive Strike Against Sharia Law

If HAARP were harmless then why would the Department of Defense, the Air Force and the Navy be interested in it at all for military objectives? Obviously the CIA would also be interested in HAARP which means Brennan might be interested in it and Brennan obviously believes in Sharia Law. Did the three weather chasers reporting on the Oklahoma tornado disaster especially on the Fox News the day of the tornado see or film something that they shouldn’t or were not supposed to see or film like HAARP utensils? helicopters and whatever is used to manipulate weather Tornado chasers were researchers, not cowboys, colleagues say Were participants of some other investigations…..TWA Flight 800 and of the Oklahoma City bombing I wonder why.

Oklahoma tornado deaths include three veteran storm chasers

Fox News has been doing a great deal of exposure of the Abortion clinic practices of late term abortion clinics and I wonder since Obama has made abortion one of his main agendas if

Abortion and Plastic Surgery are somehow connected.

Are Plastic Surgeons using aborted babies parts for their surgeries

as Pepsi has for taste enhancement?

Edward F. Boyd Dies at 92; Marketed Pepsi to Blacks

“In one ad the small boy shown shopping for Pepsi with his mother was Ron Brown, who would become secretary of commerce.” (for the Clinton administration)

When I make smoothies I add cinnamon for flavor enhancement and it works plus it is good for the blood stream as avocados are good for the blood stream though I would not add avocados to a smoothie.

Why would anyone think to put aborted baby fetal cells in a soft drink? There are plenty of other flavor enhancement spices that work.

Beyonce On Pepsi Criticism: ‘It’s All About Choices’

There has to be another reason.

I think it is to justify baby parts in beauty enhancement.

Are baby parts used in cosmetics?

It sounds crazy but so is President Obama and his whatever she is because Michelle said she was single. You don’t misspeak being a single mom unless you have been one or are one.


I remember Romney mentioned in a Presidential Debate something about the money Obama received came from China. When I have time I’ll include the interaction but it was that uncomfortable moment for Obama and he reacted very quickly by getting off his chair and interrupting Romney. We are in debt with China or at least that is what the government and press claim. When Obama took office the first administration he had a kind of monumental meeting at the White House with the Chinese and there seemed to be some meaning behind it. My memory is vague on that but will add when I can the details. There seems to be a lot of espionage by the Chinese and unfair trade dealing with the Chinese that seems to be hurting America which seems to be tied to that debt and Obama’s paycheck. They have a one child policy in China at least for the poor. The reason I say that is because they prefer boys and there still seems to be women still in their population so there must be a different rules depending on who you are. Another thing that bothers me is that Mitt Romney seemed to be aware of Obama’s pension and the events at Benghazi quite early on. That’s why it probably wouldn’t have made a difference who ended up as the President.  Is Romney also on their payroll?

The Chinese, that is.

When I first watched or became acquainted with Mitt Romney on TV I thought the governor of Oklahoma (Governor Mary Fallin) was his wife. Weird. And I thought at the time I saw her with Romney she reminded me of Laura Bush. Then later in his run for the Presidency it seemed he made a wife switch, to the current one and she seemed quite unreal.

Newborn Chinese baby is rescued ALIVE from toilet pipe

after being flushed away by parents

Not all babies taken from their mothers and dads are unwanted. Some of the babies are taken by others in their labor camps from their mom at birth.

Are they sacrificing their babies to some sewer god? 

130,000 Forced Abortions in China, Chen Guangcheng Tells Congress

Should we allow Obama to TAKE MONEY from the Chinese

and be the President at the same time?

If we are in debt to the Chinese then why isn’t he paying them,

but instead they are paying him at least that is what “pension” alludes to. That’s OD!

Does this have to do with ASEAN?

Where was Obama born….Brunei? What is the relationship of the Vatican to ASEAN?

Here is the quotes from the debate:

 Obama: “When he talks about getting tough on China, keep in mind that Governor Romney invested in companies that were pioneers of outsourcing to China, and is currently investing … in companies that are building surveillance equipment for China to spy on its own folks … Governor, you’re the last person who’s going to get tough on China,” Obama said.

Romney later retorted, “Let me give you some advice. Look at your pension. You also have investments in Chinese companies.”

Pretty vexing relationship, if you ask me. 

Jodi Arias said, “Death is the ultimate freedom” and one of the dads of a Benghazi victim (Charles Wood, Tyrone’s dad) last night on Hannity’s show on Fox said, “Death is a part of life.”

Tyrone Woods worked for the CIA as a contractor.

I see a pattern in these statements and I think there is a madness

running deep in America.

As far as Jodi Arias I think she should get life and not death. I think she has more to contribute in life even in prison. I think she may have a mental illness or dual personalities caused by her religion and her boyfriend in that I think her religion and the religion of the boyfriend drove her mad. Kind of like the movie “Carrie.”  except it was her so called friends in the movie. I saw her pictures with her boyfriend and I would not trust that guy for a moment. I’m not the only person that feels that way about that boyfriend. I heard what his friends had to say about him and they were very partial. I know there is way more to this story than meets the eye. Maybe mind control and spiritual control for an agenda….death. She doesn’t remember the stab wounds and I am suspicious that the stab wounds that killed her boyfriend were acted out by someone else. I could be wrong, but the place called Margaritaville has me bewildered and the roommates hanging out with his body for 4 days and not noticing, and the friends descriptions of both Jodi and her boyfriend. It doesn’t add up very well. I recall that Jodi was a mormon or had recently become mormon and her boyfriend was also of that persuasion. I had a friend early in life who was a mormon and in fact I went to classes with her a few times early in the morning before school. She told me about some bullying that happens occurs within that church. It’s hard to remember the specifics but basically it was gang-ish mentality and anti female-ish mentality like Islam in many respects. They make a mold and you have to copy it. That is cultish and obviously I think this murder is a cult murder. Her sexuality was a problem for her boyfriend and their church but you can overdo intervention as I believe it did. Her sexuality even made prime time with a picture of her naked on Geraldo Rivera’s Fox News show. I guess maybe in comparison to Reese Witherspoon’s recent “bow down b……” to her own petard which also got lots of attention. Was it prudent to air those pictures of Arias who was on trial for murder at the time? Did that affect public opinion? Did Reese’s recent appearance affect public acceptance of ‘police state tactics’?  Does she have a movie coming soon to theaters near you? How about her husband’s ridiculous statement after she gets put into the police car?

Is Reese a mormon? I wonder.

Jason Chaffetz is mormon and is a congressman of Utah where NSA is building a huge complex . When overseas and investigating Benghazi Jason Chaffetz was inhibited and followed by some government agency or two. He is on the committee investigating Benghazi. Seems we have a big mess in Washington. Obviously trust is a big problem. I don’t know Chaffetz but it seems with the Jesuits and the Mormons and the all the other religious factions in our government that they are hurting the other and inhibiting the other to get on top. It is his job and he should have the information at hand as the rest of the committees should as well. Here is an example of Chaffetz being denied interviews as told by Hicks to Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio at the House Oversight Committee hearings:

ATTORNEY: Whistleblower demoted, threatened…

ATTORNEY: Whistleblower Greg Hicks Told To Take Desk Job or Be Terminated

“The attorney for Benghazi whistleblower Greg Hicks, Victoria Toensing tells The Steve Malzberg Show that the State Department is lying when they say her client was not demoted to a desk job for his role in speaking out. She says he was told take the job or leave the department.”

Cheryl Mills who serves as Counselor and Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put up a big fuss about a tour he allowed in Libya and demanded information I guess to protect Hillary Clinton from actually being accountable or responsible for what occurred at Benghazi even though Hillary Clinton did say:

“The Buck Stops Here.”

I guess she didn’t REALLY mean it or meant it if she could control the circumstances and it appears she is not able to do that NOW.

220px-Kathleen_Sebelius_official_portrait 220px-Lagarde,_Christine_(official_portrait_2011)

Anyway the bucks seems to be going to Catherine Sebelius

Health secretary’s fundraising draws fire

or is her relative

Christine Lagarde?

Austerity is a moral issue

Both want American bucks in any which way they can! Why not let the Europe Union erode on their own dime? It seems to be upsetting the clergy though:


Kathleen Sebelius won’t waive regulation for girl with five weeks to live: ‘Someone lives and someone dies

Sebelius is just in it for the money. I think she could bend the regulations if she had a mind to. Don’t ya think? Why is she in the business of health if she isn’t interested in saving this child’s life. Perhaps she should work for the IRS. Seems more up her alley.

Even the IRS bends their regulations, don’t they?

IMF’s Lagarde says U.S. budget cuts ‘inappropriate’

Can we ditch this chic? Who the hell does she think she is, Queen of America?

Screw the IMF: What does it matter?

I wonder what would happen to the economies of the world if we just disposed of the IMF? I bet it would really help. People get so locked into ideas that they can’t seem to break open which might be the answer. It’s worth a try.

Parents win court battle over lung transplant for daughter

We need to have a free market health care system like Dallas

and other great cities provide.



Lew asks Congress for debt increase, says it’s ‘not open to debate’

Sounds like he is taking lessons from Obama. Who in hell is Lew? So Lew is in charge, or so he thinks of Congress, who represent the people and who were elected by the people of the US and Lew was merely deposited in his job, but not by the people.



We know Obama is untrustworthy

a6018b66403005dafeb416330ac357a8 Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 4.34.42 AM

What does Jack Lew’s signature have to do with anything?

 Compare the signature with the handwriting in this PICTURE…..>>>>

So is Jack Lew from Sri Lanka or was he born in Hawaii too?

But I guess Obama wants to distribute American money to other countries with Sharia Law.






Allen West: Obama Impeachment Should ‘Absolutely’ Be On The Table

……..”In an interview with Florida-based blog The Shark Tank, West said he agrees withcomments made by Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) in January. Radel, speaking out againstObama’s executive actions on gun violence, said impeachment should be considered.

“It is one of those times in our history, we are at this breaking point,” Radel said. “We have completely lost our checks and balances in this country, the Congress needs to hold the president accountable for the decisions that he’s making right now, and that why again, I would say that all options should be on the table.”

West said Radel was “absolutely right,” and cited the September 2012 

attacks in Benghazi, Libya,

as reason enough for impeachment.”……….

That’s for sure!

Senior Treasury Officials Aware Of IRS Probe Nearly A Year Ago… Jack Lew Learned Of Investigation In March

IRS Scandal: Treasury Consulted On Multiple Occasions, Report Claims

“The suggestion of alerting him is that he would do something,” Carney said. “And if he were to do something, imagine what that story would look like … It is absolutely the cardinal rule, as we see it, that we do not intervene in ongoing investigations.”

Jay Carney and his cardinal rule excuses.

I guess he is in the right job at the right time. Inappropriate intervention by the administration never stopped them before……..
take Benghazi for instance. Whose your daddy?

Church must help the poorest, not dissect theology, pope says

Yes, helping the poorest…..charity is very nice and a very good source of contributions and yet “the poor you have with you al-ways.” I guess those contributions aren’t solving the problem or the ones in charge of those contributions are pocketing the donations. Kind of like the Red Cross who hold on to the contributions (growing it’s economy) while many victims of Hurricane Sandy still are out of luck. Obviously it is the ways that are the problem as Jesus said. Still it is good to help the poor, better yet give them un-federalized jobs ie free market jobs.

Ignoring theology is counterproductive since knowing the truth helps the poorest. The bible says that in latter times the times will be divided because of that dissection that the Pope fears which is threatening to the Roman Catholic Hierarchy and the Vatican and it’s control of OPM a vicious circle enabling that entity to keep the poor al ways because it is their cash cow and so is the deception that is included in the bible by that same entity.

Slaves are made that way.

It’s Time for a New New Testament

Here comes the flood!

Merkel and Pope talk about a ‘strong’ Europe

Seemed like a week ago Merkel was promising austerity cuts in a fiendish kind of way. What in the world can they accomplish in 45 minutes?

Europe forced to rethink austerity measures

I think they think they’ll get American dollars to assist them.

How about a consumption tax PERIOD! It is the fairest of them all.

The Obama Doctrine: “I know nothing”

A testament against “Ignorance is Bliss” because it seems the ignorant are the ones hurt the most so that Big Government in it’s austere character and Big Religion and it’s contributors etc can keep people in their control and display and use them to get those contributions. Neither are helpful in the long run and generally very little help if any in the short run.

Jesus in the Gospel of Luke said “You knew I was an austere man” of course that was a lie  added by rich men: Here is a post about that deception:

Indulgences and the Parable of Usury

Sounds more like a combination of a Roman Catholic/Islamic Obama.

Syria’s Assad: Little chance peace talks would succeed – newspaper



Is the Press a cult? Is the President of the US the leader of this cult?

Who owns Politico?

Benghazi must be a religious conundrum.

I think we need to dig in and investigate what happened and why because regardless of your beliefs now it is going to have an impact I think on each of our beliefs and hopefully if done correctly all of us can learn and figure things out  ……  or we could hide, coverup and sweep it under the Michelle’s rug, ignore the truth and watch each other destroy each other for Michelle’s mat.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz front and center in Benghazi hearings

Republican expects more Benghazi ‘whistle blowers’

“To send some small number of special forces or other troops in without knowing what the environment is, without knowing what the threat is, without having any intelligence in terms of what is actually going on the ground, I think would have been very dangerous,” Gates said.

“It’s sort of a cartoonish impression of military capabilities and military forces” to think the United States could have mounted a rescue, Gates said.

It would have been risky just to send in a military jet to try to scare off the insurgents, “given the number of surface-to-air missiles” on the loose in Libya, he said.

 Then why bother having a military at all!

If the conditions have to be just right such as fair weather and green pastures ie a safe environment in order to respond to rescue our people in danger then who are you trying to save the ones that are already safe? How in the world did we win WWll? The IRS and the voluntary federal income tax system was put in place was for the federal government and the military to protect our people but since they don’t want to bother or need a safe environment to proceed then why pay federal income taxes? Federal Income Taxes were created to protect the people and yet they don’t protect the people on purpose. Abolishing the IRS would be good for Americans and instead have a consumption tax on goods to promote savings for and by the people. Let the States have more control and they would be more obliged to their constituents. I don’t think it is safe to pay federal income taxes anymore, do you?  IF our government is corrupt as it seems to be especially lately aren’t we supporting that corruption? I noticed Bush is supporting ObamaCare. Gee did he have anything to do with ObamaCare? They sure act cozy. George saw God in Pope Benedict’s eyes and Obama and his administration took their Benghazi talking points from the Vatican…a video tape.

IRS IG Report: Targeting Conservatives Began In 2010

Was the D-DAY environment predictable or was it risky? I’ll answer that….it was risky.

These excuses are like Hucklebee’s schmooze, sickening, disgusting and cowardly. Let’ s just hold hands and sing, “We are the world, we are the children.” You think Islam will buy it?

Christian teacher to be tried in Egypt for insulting Islam


Hypersensitivity: Are You a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?


Back to Jodi Arias. brainwashing, and mental illness


Spiritual deception

Definitely as a society something is very wrong and killing Jodi and others who react to their brainwashing badly won’t cure it, but learning about their mental illness, spiritual illness, and what drove her to the brink to do what she did is relevant and could help us to rethink our values and beliefs and stop the brainwashers. She was used. I do think her boyfriend was complicit in an eerie kind of way to his own death as were his friends and family.

Brother arrested in fatal Calif. stabbing of girl

Also I think it is relevant to figure out the mindset of Tyrone’s dad and his “false spirituality, at least it seems to me. He is sincerely simplistic and also seems like a nice guy, but a bit off the wall, like a door mat. He said he was a retired lawyer. Thank goodness. He also said credibility matters and I agree but how about aggressive pursuit of the truth instead of this WILLIE NILLY SCHMILLY pandering to everyone as Mr. Wood seems to have succumbed. I know he is mourning and this is part of it possibly but it is time to stand up for your son. The pandering could be partially why he died.

I appreciate the whistleblowers especially one of them that took his job seriously and was emotionally affected by Benghazi. One of them (Gregory N. Hicks) seemed more politically motivated but still courageous, but now I am suspicious of his testimony because of the Trayvon Martin case, ice cream cones, and knock knock jokes while the man I’m talking about, Eric Nordstrom, seemed motivated by the truth of the matter and we need more people like that in our government no matter what religion. Some people don’t use their religion to disregard the truth. Religion includes those that don’t believe in God. Truth is really important without it you have chaos as we have noticed lately. I did not get to hear the Marine’s testimony (Mark I. Thompson). I’m sure there is plenty we did not get to hear but hopefully things will open up in this investigation and people on the committees will be given what they need to investigate ASAP. The Benghazi incident has many layers but Obama and his followers did a lot of shuffling from the start for good reason. He knows how important Benghazi is and wants to minimize it, forget it, alter it, distract from it etc at the expense of many people, including their lives.

I think torture was occurring at Benghazi (as the walls on the inside of Benghazi seem to testify) because of ultimatums in regards to accepting Islam and to scare people working at the White House. I think the ones that did accept Islam lived and the ones that didn’t accept Islam died and that is why the people/witnesses are afraid to talk and have been kept from investigators. Thus the statements by Obama at the UN about insulting the profit of Islam and the future not belonging to those types. That is why no one was allowed to help the men there or assist them and to threaten those that were aware of what was occurring or what had occurred to keep them silent which is the opposite of what you should do.

So the narratives being altered by the White House and the State Department and whoever else was involved in the narrative changes had a hard time expressing the term for what actually occurred such as sacrifice/martyrdom/execution.

Where are the witnesses that were supposedly saved? Did they end up in Mali where there was another execution? Lindsay Graham said he met with one witness at a hospital. Why do we not hear about him/her? Howard Dean says that Benghazi was a joke and Lindsay Graham says witness are in fear to speak out, so what is going on then?

Abdul-Baki Todashev, Father Of Ibragim Todashev, Claims His Son Was Executed By FBI

The man Ibragim Todashev in the picture looks as if he has been dissected and has a large Y on his chest and abdomen. I wonder why.

(The Wye Accords – land for peace policy – seems to be cropping up a lot.)

The FBI was at Benghazi early before anyone else, as I recall, to investigate and to leave a few pieces of evidence for others to find. That is called a set up.

Putin of Russia seemed aware of the setup and said so a few days after Benghazi although he did not specifically say Benghazi but he inferred it which is in my article:

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion

Is Tamerlan still alive? The Boston Marathon bomber who supposedly ran over his brother even though a witness said it was the cops who ran over his brother, but Fox News doesn’t report about that witness but does report about Adam Levine saying, “I hate the US,” under his breath at a singing competition which is absolutely silly. Guess what, I say it and out loud when I say it when I witness the corruption in the US government, the press, and the clergy and the people. I’m thinking (as in biblical times) the press aren’t allowed to include certain news. I think their hands are tied sometimes about certain facts such as the identification of the man dragged around at Benghazi that wasn’t Ambassador Chris Stevens. They need to grow some courage. Now take for instance the news where the Justice Department is investigating itself for the intimidation of the press. This is what happens when you don’t take freedom seriously. They are able to pick an choose who to attack such as James Rosen (is he jewish?) or was he doing too good of a job or was he thrown out to the wolves as a diversion like a Catch -22 dilemma and/or a sudden 52 card pickup when you are losing at a game of poker on both sides of the aisle. Often times the people caught in a snare are the ones that can change the course of things. While Nixon will be remembered as being impeached he did expose Billy Graham and I am appreciative of that information as I’m sure others are too. However it was sneaky I don’t think there was any other way at that time to begin to expose Billy Graham because Billy Graham is very slick. Moses also was caught in a snare and later was used by God for the freedom of the Hebrews. Just because you have to go through some junk or be remembered in less than a pristine way doesn’t mean you can’t be useful to your fellow men and women and be used by God and do a lot of good. I think that may be what it takes sometimes for people especially people of stature to do the right thing. These are those kind of days that can make a big difference how we respond to hard times and hard situations. Since the election I kind of reminisce of the good ole days reading the book called A CAT IN THE HAT, when things were simpler which I intend to write about soon hopefully:

Holder off-the-record

I wonder why. Would Nixon have investigated himself? I doubt it except maybe for fleas. That would include Billy Graham. He caught Billy Graham expressing his true feelings about the Jews. Basically he outed him.

I am glad that Eric Holder is taking the stand on Stand Your Ground since the death of Trayvon Martin. I don’t know the specifics of this law but what happened should not have happened. Disarming the public is ridiculous but looking at the laws is important and tweaking them to protect the innocent is important, and I don’t mean Zimmerman because I think he is guilty with a lot of his aiders and abettors. If this was a hoax then I think we should have Trayvon’s body exhumed to find out because I fear this was a setup to aid in the upcoming elections and scarf some money from donations, stir up the races, and political sides. I was disappointed that many Republicans/conservatives would side with Zimmerman. Obviously he had no right to kill Trayvon or pursue him and this could be a political ploy to get votes either way on the Democratic side and the conservatives are acting like asses if they think it is okay to kill an unarmed kid and deserve to lose the election if they can’t stand up for him yet are holier than thou about abortion. Stubborn to stupid is what I see occurring.

Grapevine: Malala Yousafzai smearing the Taliban?

Purported Taliban letter: The ‘sword’ of Malala’s criticism led to her shooting

Making better laws is a good thing. Same goes in the efforts about abortion. Common sense, understanding, and improving as much as possible to help the women involved, the fetuses, and the system. It is a fact and to address it honestly will help in every regard regarding that issue. If we could stop rape, molestation, incest, and premarital sex etc but that doesn’t seem to be occurring and until all forms of that are overcome then abortion has to be available. Men better get wise, you cannot keep women down forever even the ones willingly bowing down to your innane attempts to keep her down discussed in this paragraph and then slapping her down because she had to “deal with it” and the results, unlike men and some women who use it as their weapon and sometimes they both are involved in another’s demise purposefully. If you are guilty of premarital sex of any kind, lust, leering, sexual innuendo, you are as guilty as the woman or child who had an abortion because you contribute to the problem, whether or not you would have handled it one way or another whether or not you wear a cross on your chest.

I think if we try in all avenues possible to deal with the issues involved in sex honestly it will help in all areas of the spectrum and probably prevent many abortions in the future. 

Wearing a burka does not prevent rape so obviously it is a man’s problem. He better learn to deal with a woman’s shape and his own lack of control.

That includes breast loving O’REILLY.

Sex is problematic especially for the young and especially for the over-sexed. Everyone needs to get a handle on it and help each other to get a handle on it with reason and intelligence. Knowledge helps with good teaching. Humans will make mistakes but should not stop us from overcoming mistakes and learning from them. Some people learn from other’s mistakes and some need to learn the hard way and some are unshakeable in their beliefs and never make mistakes like Fox and Friends and The Five. Of course idolatry and truth is a whole set of other problems in their regard.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?

Vatican: Get time off in purgatory by following Pope on Twitter

There is a word for this kind of ridiculousness and I guess I would call it:


 I also think the Boston Bomber deserves counsel because he is a citizen of the US (thanks to Eric Holder.) I think the whole thing was a hoax because of the evidence of the hoax is overwhelming and the fact that Bill O’reilly and his minions don’t even report on the overwhelming evidence on that regard. I think Alex Jones is partially correct about this and other events occurring even as weird as that may be.

O’reilly did have a poll about the American’s interest or lack of in the scandals and Benghazi was at the bottom of the interest list proving it is the Americans fault (the people) but if the press were free and used that freedom to tell the facts what ever they may be Americans might be more interested in Benghazi than the other scandals. Whose fault is it anyway? Americans lose interest because they are told lies for the most part or half-truths because of politics and so go about trying to make a living and enjoy what they have been spared. I enjoy games even on the internet. At least I’m not out killing someone because of their religion or politics. It would behoove other countries with a killing problem such as Saudi Arabia or Egypt and Libya and Afghanistan to get their people computers and games to occupy their time so they aren’t in the street raping and pillaging and throwing acid in peoples faces. The average person isn’t able to fly about selling their un-factual books to the unwary (I presume since you don’t report facts). I had a game once called CIV and in the game the people got antsy and I would lose if I didn’t provide some entertainment. It is the duty of the press to overcome bias and the almighty dollar and tell the truth whenever possible then the people might get interested so in my opinion it is the presses fault but instead they have become more like a game show or a beauty contest.

The Tea Party has been freaking out lately about the IRS. As if they didn’t know that the IRS was corrupt. The IRS has been abusing the people for a long time but it wasn’t a problem or a concern until the Tea Party members and certain conservatives were the victims and that corruption to regular people didn’t seem to make the news. Billy Graham is a Tea Partier or feigns to be one?

Funny thing this IRS debacle started in Cincinnati Ohio and that is where the Right to Life movement failed recently before the election in their all or nothing tactics.

I wonder if it is related.

This IRS scandal seems a bit contrived and a way to cover for the President and others involved in the Benghazi scandal.

O’reilly and his guests say that the IRS scandal is about infringement of the US Constitution. Isn’t what Obama said at the UN about Islam in regards to Benghazi and the future not belonging to those that insult their profit don’t ya think that perhaps Benghazi is also about the infringement of the US CONSTITUTION and Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion? Isn’t that against our constitution and considered to be an impeachable offense? Otherwise it seems we are a government of Islam and I don’t think that is a good idea and certainly not what our forefathers intended.

Report: Leon Panetta revealed classified SEAL unit info

Biden now blamed in SEAL Team 6 deaths

………”Klayman said Vice President Joe Biden deserves special blame for these deaths. “Biden did something, which was more than irresponsible. He served on foreign relations committees, intelligence committees. He knew, or should have known, what he was doing. He should be held accountable. Frankly, he should even be held criminally accountable for doing that,” Klayman said. In addition to the identification of the the team, Klayman said the Obama administration is culpable for these deaths due to a policy of coddling Muslims and putting tremendous restrictions on U.S. forces….” “This president has set a tone that Muslim outreach … is more important than protecting the lives of our servicemen, and that’s crept into the military brass to the point where they can’t engage in preemptive fire. They can’t engage in return fire until they’re fired upon once. They’re sent into battle without adequate equipment,” he said.

“Perhaps the greatest insult to the families was at the funeral for their sons in Afghanistan. The military refused to allow a Christian minister or chaplain at the service and instead brought in a Muslim cleric who proceeded to slander the fallen……”

Obama thinks it’s okay to insult Christianity, but not okay to insult Islam.


Obama is impeachable on quite a few fronts.

This scandal is bad but it is not bigger than what happened in Benghazi, but it is instructive and just another reason to impeach. There are many! It probably was tidying up to get rid of evidence/witnesses probably because of another incident written about down yonder having to do with Somalia.

Kind of a domino effect going on in the Obamas administration and it’s tactics.



We need Ted Cruz to be President so he can keep our country on the right road adhering to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights but times have changed/evolved and so there are things that could be improved in both articles.

Ted Cruz: ‘Abolish the IRS’

Donald Trump thinks it would be dangerous to abolish the IRS, he said so on Gretas show Monday night sort of in a veiled threatish kind of way. He must get some benefits the rest of us don’t and he must be one of the insiders in that special club of the government.

I think it is dangerous not to abolish the IRS.

Abolish Federal Income Tax would be the best decision since it is voluntary and since the NSA, the IRS, the State Department, the FBI, etc aren’t really protecting the US citizens but instead are abusing them. They act out hoaxes to make us think we need their fake heroics but when you see people like we see in front of Congress who don’t know anything it is obvious they are not doing their jobs except playing make believe.

DE GRACIA: As G8 begins, Hollywood actors call for disarming America

Hollywood Moonbats Demand 0bama Unilaterally Disarm
by getting rid of America’s ENTIRE Nuclear Weapons Stockpile
“If these people had a brain they’d be dangerous.”

Now Hollywood wants to disarm nukes all over the world but if the White House is their House as Michelle instructed them (remember that?) why don’t they go ahead and do it themselves and handle Iran, Russia and Pakistan instead they put out silly ads. What a waste of good talent. It’s you who should not be allowed to vote.

What about the man in Pakistan left to rot in prison so that Hollywood could make a movie about Osama Bin Laden’s capture? Why don’t you use your talent and your influence to get him out of prison to get him back with his wife and family to live somewhere safe such as in Hollywood. Hollywood profited by the film, didn’t they, and so did the Obamas and that movie got lots of attention certainly they can free one family with those profits? Then maybe you can be trusted to disarm the world.

Will they?

Why not just stick with the Fracking to it’s conclusion so American can forever be dependent on your wise counsel, Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. Thanks heaps.

The IRS scandal still resonates and so does Benghazi and so does the AP story and so do the hoaxes and so does the NSA scandal. Americans have not forgotten….only wishful thinking and hopeful suggesting by Donald Trump. He must have a hand in the pie and is trying to help out Obama’s administration. He seemed to know about what happened to the Ambassador in Benghazi and exclaimed about how  horrible it was showing great pity…..so tell us what happened if you know so much. Hey and while you are at it tell us about the other witnesses, certainly you know since you seem to know what happened.  (You dirty rotten scoundrel bully.) Congress ought to call in Donald Trump to question and find out what he knows and how he knows it. I think Donald Trump might be a traitor himself.

Trump: IRS scandal has stopped resonating

Ted Cruz wants a flat tax and a simpler tax but I think the consumption tax inspires growth and savings whereas the flat tax is a punishment for earning. The consumption tax works better in my estimation because each state and their representatives will be working hard to help their constituents and their business needs hence the growth in business and knowledge and it is fairer because it leaves the choice in the buyer’s hands. Also each state can retain it’s characteristic qualities and uniqueness and not become a blob as the EU would like to do to it’s countries soon to look like Saudi Arabia. We don’t want California to mess with Texas any more than Ohio to show me to Missouri….etc. Otherwise what will happen to the tourism businesses? Gives the states more power as they should have over the federal government because they actually represent the people and not foreign governments. Instead of Lew demanding money from Congress he’ll have to ask and ask real nicely and have to have a real good reason to ask and open up his books to the Congress to prove his need. Perhaps a combination of both a flat tax and a consumption tax to test both and as an interim to the straight consumption tax. And of course get rid of ObamaCare cuz he doesn’t nor do their representatives care one twit or the other such as Sebellius demonstrated. Abolishing the IRS would be good for America hence consumption tax would be the best route to go. Covers all the loopholes and is the fairest tax of all the tax systems. No special treatment for any group which at the present time are taking advantage of loopholes and causing a hardship on others whether intentional or not. Non-profit organizations and religious organizations might not like this proposal but then what are they in business for to skirt taxes and gain an advantage? IF their heart is in it they will continue regardless, if they do it to have an advantage they won’t continue in their endeavors. It will separate the counterfeits, swindlers, charlatans and the scoundrels who want to lord over other people from the real givers. Separate the men from the boys. A test of faith.

I watched on Oreilly’s show Water’s World as he interviewed people showing the ignorance of the populace which I believe is partially because of the press and apathy because of the press.

I think there ought to be a litmus test for voters as there are for teachers.  

It might be advantageous to Americans in the long run to instill interest and knowledge of the candidates and the issues they are voting about. If they are too ignorant about either they should not be allowed to vote as immigrants won’t be allowed to vote. If we the americans act as if we are immigrants and don’t know squat about what we are voting for so we should not be given a free pass because we were here longer. Avoiding the sect-type or cult-type votes and the bribe-type votes and go back to written votes since computers can be hacked as I think occurred in this last election. If adults want to act like children and not be knowledgeable about their candidates or their government and the issues they are voting on then they should not be allowed to vote.

Voting is not a right, it’s a privilege. Let’s treat it that way.

The legislation  by Rubio excludes voting rights for quite a while for the new citizens but if that is true then why should ignorant Caucasian and African Americans get to vote either. I watched Cheney in an interview on Fox Sunday June 16th discussing the NSA and the whistleblower/traitor/hero Snowden and he said that Snowden is a traitor and the way Americans can have a say in what our government does in regards to privacy and the NSA is through our vote and yet the NSA could and I mean very likely does change that by altering our votes via computer technology, so really our vote doesn’t mean squat but our federal taxes do. Probably why they had the Florida vote dispute when Bush ran against Gore where Jeb Bush was Governor. I have a feeling that was a hoax. The HANGING CHADS. If you take away FEDERAL TAX DOLLARS they can’t afford to have the NSA then they can’t alter our vote via the computer, or raid our homes at will, or invade our emails, and phone calls, or harass us in the many subtle ways that they do. But in any case all ignorant citizens should all be allowed to vote if one ignorant citizen gets to vote but honestly I don’t think it means much anymore. The NSA was started under the Bush regime and they must have a lot to hide and I highly doubt it has to do with terrorism. Everyone knows China has spies and the US has spies etc. I highly doubt a low level employee who they say only made $120,000.00 a year to his $200,000.00 salary either way could have access to anything high level or super sensitive. More likely it has to do with money. So the low level stuff must have to do with our personal privacy and our money since it isn’t considered very important unless they can extract it and there are lots of ways to do that one way would be by courting it and another by blackmail and probably involves the IRS because they care too. As Michelle said she doesn’t care what you believe, but the administration does care who your donors are for those non-profit organizations. Do the math 161 visits to the White House by the IRS Commissioner Mr. Douglas Shulman and 15 or 20 visits by the Secretary of Defense. Protecting Americans is not a priority. It didn’t take long to access information about Ashley Judd. And the worst tool of all is Billy Graham and Franklin Graham who sets up their potential adversaries by providing whatever they can to tarnish a reputation in all the ways possible. A real PRO, at entrapment, that is. IN fact, it’s his demented pleasure to do so.

If the NSA has nothing to hide… prove it, and let the man that has something to show …show it. If the NSA is above board and truthful then they should not be worried about SNOWDEN. However, it was illuminating when this came out and BIDEN came out of the closet with vigor against SNOWDEN and for the NSA. I guess he has something to hide.

…..Must have something to do with BENGHAZI!

Or it has to do with the club within the club in Washington. The club that excludes certain Senators and certain Congressmen and Congresswomen because of religious/racial/gender reasons? So the ones that are defending the NSA against our personal privacy rights are the ones to distrust and to abandon in the coming elections via donations and votes and the ones that actively are opposed to the NSA and use their position against their antics with vigor are the ones to trust more with donations and votes. The ones that defend our rights via the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the safer way for the American people, unless you prefer burkas/habits to designer clothes.

If you like unequal pay then stick with the NSA!

Maybe the Right to Life antics is just politics as usual. They don’t really care about the babies or the women they just want to win. The two party system is a charade for the most part since many in one party are actually spying and manipulating their brethren party members. The two party system is just for show and makes lots of dollars for a few at the top kind of like CHRISTMAS. If a third party were allowed to be in the debates I would be inclined to have some faith in the system but they don’t because they know it is a sham. What it is a poll system to test the temperature of what the people think. Putin in Russia did the same in his country around the time a few apartment buildings with people in them were demolished in his country. Testing the limits. If we had Romney I don’t think things would be much different especially after hearing Bushes statements about ObamaCare. IT is obvious it was in the works a long while back for the NEW WORLD ORDER that Bushes dad Georgie Porgie was promoting before anyone had heard that expression.

 I bet Michelle and Obama know who is responsible for the deaths at Benghazi since he said she (Michelle) was the only one who had the right to bear arms and it looks like the Benghazi incident was the reason why. I don’t know what she gained at Benghazi but she looks pretty proud of it.

Perhaps she and Obama think they have gained a future of their design,

but they are deceived.

I think they got the wrong keys. OOOOPS:)

Jim Inhofe mulls ‘I-word’ after Benghazi

“……..This is clearly an orchestrated cover-up.”

YEP, IT IS, by some sick-o’s.

Why the press continue with the lies about Newtown shooting and Boston Marathon shooting is beyond my understanding except that they are Synoptically bound to ALLAH and it’s prophet Mohammad who Obama protects for it’s hope of a future of “smooth saline.” Must have something to do with that covenant with many or they are just oblivious. Not sure where Mike Hucklebee of Fox News stands but by now he must have seen the actors involved via the internet and the work and effort of many other people trying to show mankind the truth and yet Mike Hucklebee continues with the lies on his show so he must be gaining something for his collaboration as must the others that go along to get along. Maybe it is his show. I guess it is hard to give up such a lucrative job for the cause of truth and yet he tries to portray his faith, hope, and love via his show……. but for who? Pretty shallow faith, hope, and love if you ask me.

What a slime ball. Goooooooo. Mush

(Robert Tilton speaking in tongues was more captivating than Mike Hucklebee but he has longevity with his schmaltzy schtik .)

He must be a pro at boiling lobster.

Might as well be Joel Olsteen bootlicking.

The conservative press and the liberal presses response to Newtown was about gun control yet both are ignoring that it (Newtown) was a lie and a hoax to begin with so there must be a deeper reason for their silence, something they are in agreement with such as their faith hope and love and the gun conflict is just distraction.

FEMA to stage massive drill at Pennsylvania amusement park today

“It’s no secret that whenever tragedy has struck in America recently, the federal government was conducting large-scale disaster preparedness drills nearby. From the Newtown shooting to the Boston bombing to the chemical plant explosion in West, Texas, the folks at FEMA have an uncanny track record of popping up a few miles away from disasters, mere hours before the tragedy develops.”

Let’s have faith, hope, and love that it doesn’t,

but definitely there is a pattern ESTABLISHED already.

Obama said he was FEMA

after Hurricane Sandy. So was he there?

Benghazi whistle-blowers testify at House hearing

Benghazi victim’s father: ‘The difference is credibility’

“Joining me now, somebody who will be in attendance for tomorrow’s hearing, Charles Woods. His son, Tyrone, was killed during the terror attack along with three other Americans. Mr. Woods, by the way, and his daughters, Faith and Hope, are here.”


Get it? This is obviously a twisted set up twisting people’s minds such as the dad of Tyrone Woods an ex-Navy seal.

This is about the Synoptic Jesus vs. Jesus written about in the Gospel of John.

Death vs. Life

Bill Clinton was raised in Hope Arkansas and faith is Obama’s diatribe AND his protection of the future blah blah blah.

Now Obama wants to be a cowboy.


Maybe he will be a better at football than he was a basketball. LOL

Eventually he’ll find his expertise or talent

besides oppression, silencing, ruination

and lies.

Maybe someone should be give him a POM POM, or two. A LAND MINE OR TWO MIGHT SUFFICE.

Cheerleaders can quote scripture on banners, judge rules

Cruz on Obama’s Texas visit: ‘Perhaps he will learn how to create’ jobs ‘from the folks who know how’

There were a lot of strange deaths involving the Clintons and the same goes for the Obamas.

Obama tried Love and he failed miserably.

Explosive Testimony from Benghazi Whistleblowers


U.S. officials: CIA ran Benghazi consulate

The consulates protect MECCA and the DOME OF THE ROCK and who and what it represents.

DEATH, ISLAM, MOHAMMAD, and their god the Synoptic JESUS/ALLAH!

That is why when we were attacked in NY on Sept. 11 instead of attacking the attacker’s country we skirted Saudi Arabia and attacked Iraq. Benghazi involved illegal arms trading that are used to probe Israels Iron Dome whenever possible and arm Syrian rebels/terrorists to attack Assad IMO to secure another attack zone against Israel and Lebanon.

Rand Paul: My colleagues just voted to arm the allies of al Qaeda… 

Parlent ils francais? 

I guess the Oklahoma disaster was a winning ploy! Of course the government only watches from a distance and reacts like chickens instead of arresting and impeaching the enemy in the White House.


Matthew 26:34

Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, That this night, before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.



My interpretation is Jesus the real one was not written about or included in the first 3 gospels, the Synoptic Gospels, which is why Jesus said in the Gospel of John:

John 10:7-9

Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you,

I am the door of the sheep.

All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.

I am the door:

by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.


Hillary Accepts Public Service Award On Day of Benghazi Hearings…

Susan Rice Honored As ‘Great American’…

White House struggles to respond to new revelations…

A testament to

if the world loves you

you know something is wrong with your beliefs.

Leviticus 19:15

Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment:
thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty:
but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour.

Obama agency rules Pepsi’s use of aborted fetal cells in soft drinks constitutes ‘ordinary business operations’

I guess this is Obama’s Pepsi challenge.

PepsiCo Still Using Murdered Baby Parts For Their Products

Is monosodium glutamate (MSG) used in flavoring of chinese food connected to the flavoring of Pepsi?

A bit worrisome when Jeb Bushes immigration concerns are about their rate of fertility.

Yes, MSG, the Secret Behind the Savor

“My father called Maggi sauce la segunda venida, the second coming, because he was not a very good cook and it saved him,” said Irma Cecilia Sanchez, a home health aide from Puebla, Mexico, who was waiting in line at a taco truck on the Upper West Side. Maggi sauce is a 19th-century Swiss creation, a general flavor enhancer now made with MSG, sweeteners and extracts.

MSG also ACTS as a short term preservative and food freshener (keeps produce its brightness such as so apples don’t turn) as salt used to keep meats and food for periods of time. So are baby parts keeping people younger looking?

Isn’t the abortion industry being used as the tool/bargaining chip for certain ministries and political parties to draw/keep parishioners and members to enhance one’s beauty? Hence is manipulated.

I am definitely for the new legislation about birth control for women and girls. I don’t like Obama but I think it is a good decision. Even Jerk-offs can sometimes do something worthwhile. It is up to the parents to help their girls and boys to avoid having to use it and some luck avoiding the all-show religious hypocrits/rapists/bullies but at least it will lessen the perpetual abortion and baby parts politics. It will help the population avoid the aftermath one goes through after having an abortion such as the moral whipping for the rest of their life kind of like wearing a burka and being whipped by their male counterparts for being attractive because they can’t control themselves. I guess you might call it circumcising in the modern era. The world has gotten smaller and the workforce more equal. Until men and boys and women and girls can learn to control themselves. Until rape is non-existent. Until ignorance is replaced with a good education and good intentions replacing the evil intent of the uncon-trolled spiritually-influenced for political and religious gain and keeping women in their place (and just plain old hatred for women) using it as their bully pulpit (which is prevalent in many religions and politics as Marsha Blackburn, O’reilly, and the very religious and political contributor Laura InGraham display and profess with their whips) using abortion as a stepping stone and a weapon, hence the temptation to perpetuate the problem for certain religious and political advantage because obviously abortion is not good as over-imbibing in alcohol is not good which often is the other factor of pregnancy and alcohol isn’t likely to be outlawed. Until sex is abandoned (which is highly unlikely and for the younger ones a very confusing desire and even for older ones). Until we learn to respect our bodies and other peoples bodies. And while abortion is still practiced legally or illegally it is the best alternative for now similar to pulling out for the man. It helps to alleviate some trauma for the underaged girls since the boys don’t usually suffer physically, mentally, emotionally. It can preserve the girls reputation in this world because for boys it doesn’t seem to hurt their reputation and usually is a feather in their cap while diminishing a girls reputation in the Christian and Muslim world (in secret), sometimes prompted on by other girls and other mothers to ruin another mother’s kids and their reputations for a variety of reasons and then becomes a mountain to climb to overcome. Until we are allowed to teach own kids without interference from the village and their idiots about sex, morals, God etc., it is definitely superior to what happens in Saudi Arabia and China to females in dire circumstances affecting what is or what was inside them as well.

Just because I’m for this legislation does not mean I am for Obama partially because I don’t trust how this nation got to the point it got and by whose direction causing many dilemmas. But because of those dilemmas I think this legislation is rational however I worry also that this could also be a DNC ploy to gain a foothold for the wrong reasons. Then Obama or Michelle or the BGEA using ObamaCare to punish those for or against this legislation being a highly hot button issue as sort of a backhanded catch 22 which seems to be the Obama/Michelle/Graham way. That would be the madness of a sado masochistic psychopath.

Let’s have faith it ain’t so.

Jurors Question Murder in Gosnell Abortion Clinic Trial


May 10th Oreilly’s Madonna (Megyn Kelly) on Fox News had a story with a guest about a woman convicted of murder of 3 policemen who served 22 years and is now a professor (I think) at NYU and the basic subject was her lack of remorse because she has not apologized to the victim’s families.

First off, I did not hire her. Second, I do not condone murder. Third, this case (Jodi Arias) and that case are not comparable. Apples to Oranges. Fourth, Fox News is under the control of a certain kind of spiritual guru and they do get tanned and I am not going to ignore their bias and their disregard for the truth. I don’t know why they protect certain information, suppress obvious truth in their reports,

but they do

and it is their fault,

not mine.





They have however kept the Benghazi event in the news more than any other news agency and I appreciate that because it is important. Obviously Fox is politically biased and politically motivated and have politicized the story as our government has done but underneath it all it is about


Greta is the main contributor of the Jodi Arias murder trial and I think she has been callous to the extreme in this case. She is a lawyer, so it makes sense that she is that way, like a doctor that becomes callous to his patients that suffer. Another example would be the Late Term Abortionist in the news lately. I know she is influenced by Franklin Graham and so I don’t have much respect for her opinions. Billy Graham was a shill for Roman Catholicism and for/to the Presidents of our country in a big way, except President Kennedy a catholic to a small degree. I think he blackmailed Kennedy and I think the Grahams are involved in some bad activities religiously and politically as I have written about in many posts. His statements about the religion of Mormonism before the election because he thought he was on the winning side but wasn’t and his previous written statements about that religion have evolved seems fitting that marriage too has evolved/devolved, depending on how you look at marriage, which it has. At one time marriage was not between just one man and just one woman.

One cult is as bad as another, IMO.

PS: This opinion does not include SEAN HANNITY

(and he is of the roman catholic cult)

because thus far he seems to be sincerely trying to get the truth and expose the lies!



Christian aid worker tells of rescue from Somali pirates in book


White House Aide Calls Criticism of Obama ‘Offensive’

Another Susan Rice with the name of Dan Pfeiffer defending Obama blitzkrieging the Sunday Talk shows trying to get the press to concentrate on the IRS scandal so that it can be fixed by Obama. I think he is trying to manipulate again.

Nobody knows where Obama was on Sept 11th or who he talked to,

isn’t it time to find out?

Schieffer to Obama Advisor: ‘Why Are You Here? Why Isn’t the White House Chief of Staff Here?’


The psycho-babalists he had on the other nighty discussing evil and the kidnapper in Cincinnati of the three or four girls were idiotic. Talk about a bunch of nonsense. IT is gettin’ scary when a news program has dingbats telling us what they don’t know, nor understand, neither perceive. It was a total waste of air time.

 I wonder if FOX NEWS have been held back from divulging the obvious misidentification of Ambassador Chris Stevens. It seems very important but for some reason goes unnoticed and unreported.



Bill O’reilly is upset with young girls who like the alleged Boston Marathon Bomber (I assume because he is cute and they don’t think he is guilty yet.) Of course our law says until found guilty in a court of law you are presumed innocent but that doesn’t apply to this young man even though the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax as proven in my estimation by the many internet investigators of the hoax. But Bill O’reilly doesn’t get on the internet to know what the rest of the natural world is thinking or is ignoring the possibility of it being a hoax which it was and assumes that his words are being believed which they aren’t kind of like Obama not being aware of what the IRS was up to and assumes his word is being believed which it isn’t.

wink wink

Bill O’reilly of Fox News also said that the alleged 19 year old bomber allegedly said that an attack on a Muslim is an attack on all Muslims. I thought this young man was in the hospital under arrest and being grilled by the CIA, the FBI, Homeland Security and wasn’t able to talk BECAUSE OF AN INJURY and he is now tweeting on the internet? Sounds more like the man who made the infamous video tape that was blamed for the Benghazi incident/scandal which was the excuse given by Jesuit Father Lombardi for Benghazi the day after and repeated by Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and Obama but the press ignores that fact and Bill O’reilly ignores that fact even though I wrote him about it via email and even though he says he is watching out for you which he isn’t or he would alert the world via his show about who came up with the excuse for Benghazi.

Is Bill O’reilly a Jesuit?

The Jesuit Oath Exposed 

Bill O’reilly defends Jesuits because they are disciplined. Check out the Oath above to find out what that discipline is for these dead men walking and to who.

THEIR ACTIVITIES SUCH AS MURDER, INCLUDING BABIES and CHILDREN, O’reilly. IS THAT OK WITH YOU? YET O’reilly LAMBASTS WOMEN WHO HAVE HAD AN ABORTION. (Women/kids who have had an abortion usually are not proud of it and are desperate and don’t need your judgement, but since you have come full force upon them in defense of babies how do you justify the oath by the Jesuits against babies, children and mankind? Still thoughtful reporting and discussion is helpful for those that might need it which seems to dis-clude boys and men who can’t control themselves or under the influence of alcohol. To me that is the crux of the dilemma and where improvement could be productive and help to eradicate the need for abortion. What can be done to help kids to avoid this dilemma? Jokes about womens breasts on your news program such as a painting of a naked Bea Arthur in twilight of her life? Yeah, Bill O’reilly really respects women. Would he laugh about his  own mother’s breasts on a show airing around the world? Is that PREJUDICED? How about the Virgin Mary’s breasts? How do you suppose they look now? It is one thing to talk about Putin’s breasts since he likes to get on horses shirtless to show off his body for some strange reason, but Bea Arthur was not ever known, that I know of, to bare her breasts.).  JESUITS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN ISLAMIC JIHADISTS for the CHURCH IN ROME. I FEAR THAT BECAUSE OF THAT OATH THEY PERHAPS DON’T REALIZE THAT THEY ARE SLAVES AND WHEN THEY PERFORM THEIR TASKS FOR THE CHURCH IT COULD BE WITHOUT THEIR OWN KNOWLEDGE THAT THEY DO PARTICIPATE VIA ALL THE WAYS POSSIBLE.



But I heard that Bill O’reilly pays the checks at Fox (Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade regurgitated that information on his appearance on The Five recently) and I guess that includes the many shows that blow hard that air. No wonder they don’t air on any of their shows that the man being dragged around at Benghazi is not Ambassador Chris Stevens. I don’t consider Fox to be a free press by any means but at least they pander to the military men that paid the price but Fox News isn’t willing to reciprocate by telling the truth in their news reports to those men that lose their life for the Jesuits master plan, The NEW WORLD ORDER. They do not lose their life for freedom or anyone else’s freedom as they are led to believe. JUST THE OPPOSITE. That stinks. Everything they do is politics and nothing more. So Bill O’reilly defending a free press is redundant since it isn’t a free press anyway, thanks to Bill O’reilly and the Jesuits. (The Catch-22) and Bill O’reilly prefers traditions over the truth….OBVIOUSLY which clouds his judgement.

Luke 13:31-33

31 The same day there came certain of the Pharisees, saying unto him, Get thee out, and depart hence: for Herod will kill thee.

32 And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.

33 Nevertheless I must walk to day, and to morrow, and the day following: for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem.


Wow: CBS News President and WH Official Tied to Benghazi Scandal Are Brothers

“That reporting revealed that President Obama’s deputy national security advisor, Ben Rhodes — brother of CBS News president David Rhodes — was instrumental in changing the talking points in September 2012.”

So was Father Frederiko Lombardi a Jesuit priest spokesman for the Vatican. He started it and I guess the The Rhodes take their cues from them (the Vatican) and continued to the State Department and the CIA.

American Rhodes Scholarships Didn’t Bill Clinton receive a scholarship from this society?

“…..Rhodes Scholars are chosen not only for their outstanding scholarly achievements, but for their character, commitment to others and to the common good, and for their potential for leadership in whatever domains their careers may lead. The Rhodes Trust, a British charity established to honor the will and bequest of Cecil J. Rhodes,….”

Cecil J. Rhodes had outstanding character, didn’t he? Reminds me of a pope using the backs of others on which to build their character.

These people that are associated with these societies do not seem to have free will and are under the rule of their master…who is their master? Whoever the Vatican decides …..that changes depending on which way the wind is blowing because they are a cult.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

That kind of education is redundant and seems to be the problem we have in the US.

It’s cowardice and self-serving.

Tell No Man


Bill Drafted In Secret Would Block Release Of Some Newtown Massacre Records

Hiding somethings?

“Little Jack Horner sat in the corner Eating his Christmas pie, He put in his thumb and pulled out a plum And said “What a good boy am I!








16 These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.

They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.

synagogue means house of assembly

Paul Ryan On Benghazi: ‘I Don’t Know’ If There Was A Cover-up

But you were aware of the looming financial ABYSS late last year after Benghazi, right?


‘F***’ America,’ Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Wrote in Boat: Officials

The Police, the FBI, the CIA, the Homeland Security etc don’t plant evidence do they? 

Railroading is their MO so that they can take away our rights city by city, town by town, blame everyone else so that the population is confused ying and yanging about everything.

But now that the IRS is involved they get a bit frightened for their own nest eggs they have accrued by pandering and lying to everyone. Since the AP story and the IRS story came out freedom of the press wasn’t an issue but now it is an issue with Oreilly.  You had a duty and were paid extremely well and you squandered it so you deserve to lose your advantage and I hope it comes down to that financially for the press and for the people that were supposed to represent the people. But your input has turned your field into a 2nd Hollywood. Your dander is up only because your money is on the line and your dander should have been up a long time ago and you should have told where the excuse came from. It was extremely important and it was your duty to tell so why do you complain about what the government does to you now? Do you think that you deserve freedom of the press? Do you think you deserve your nest egg?

I don’t think you deserve it, IN My OPINION.

Mr. History can’t even get the present right.

I’m glad I didn’t waste my money or time getting and reading your books about JFK or Lincoln. I’m pretty positive they are filled with humongous errors and lies judging by your character. Can’t imagine what in the world you could add to Jesus in your attempt to write about him if you can’t even tell the truth. I’m pretty positive you’ll fall on your face trying to write about him. Sometimes it is worth it to leave a position for the truth and can make a huge difference but you are missing some of those key characteristics needed in a man to do the right thing.

My advice to anyone in your vicinity


Megan Kelly of Fox News asked Jay Sekulow today Friday May 17th about the IRS hearings held today (interviewing Steve Miller) if it is not for political reasons they went after the Tea Party and other groups what reason could it be?

I’ll tell you what reason: Religious reasons.

One question asked on these IRS probes the Congressman from Pennsylvania said was:

What’s the content of your prayers?

They are also getting religious information if you apply for Medicare.

Even Wolf Blitzer is in on the act:

Wolf Blitzer Asks Atheist Tornado Survivor If She ‘Thanks The Lord’ 

For the tornado? or for her survival?

Too bad the Wolf didn’t get a chance to ask the third graders?

This probing isn’t just by the IRS.

The Press have a stake in this tragedy as Wolf illustrated. Wonder what’s at stake for him? His job?’Coincidentally the new Pope Francis now says that atheists are redeemed if they do good. Gosh is he covering Wolf Blitzer’s faux-pas looks that ways since it was a day later. I thought she was a thoughtful atheist but I do take umbrage when a huge cult caught in a setup which it obviously was or Pope Francis wouldn’t be so keen to react so quickly. He is in Rome isn’t he? News travels fast.

WHAT IS GOOD? Is it good to deceive? Besides a surprise party is it good to deceive to buildup your church?


IF one person takes/steals/embezzles/overtaxes from another person to do good,

is that good?

Pope Francis Says Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed, Not Just Catholics

Or is it being smug? I was trying to figure you out what I see when I see Pope Francis although I did not waste much time over the matter (about a minute) but I think I hit the nail on the head.


When the pope says redeemed he could mean exchanged, sold, improved and may have nothing to do with redemption:)

The Roman Catholic Church stands on new feet and now everyone is redeemable.

Has the pope been taking lessons from Obama or vice versa or John Brennan?

I would not let him touch my kid. He is in the news with a boy who convulses after he puts his hands on the boys head as if exorcising but I would imagine he might have done the very opposite. I wouldn’t let my kid near Brennan or Obama either.

The wolf blitzkrieg mocks and puts his foot in his mouthpiece (his position in the press) I think or why did he ask an atheist? As if he didn’t know, lol. He knew quite a bit about her escape from the tornado. Talk about contrived. I don’t think you sow believers this way, Nancy Pelosi’s way, and Obamas way etc. I think they sow hatred, division, resentment, fear, and cowards to slaves and everything bad that can be imagined. I think he was sowing atheism. They take believers and try to ruin them instead. It’s their way!

“In writing for several Israeli newspapers in Washington, Blitzer has used the names Zev Blitzer and Zev Barak.[11] Zev (זאב) is the Hebrew word for “wolf” and Barak (ברק) is the Hebrew word for “lightning” (which in German/Yiddish is Blitz). Another use of “blitz” in the German language is Blitzkrieg, lightning war.”


Jonathan Pollard 

In 1986, he became known for his coverage of the arrest and trial of Jonathan Pollard, an American Jew who was charged with spying for Israel.[12] Blitzer was the first journalist to interview Pollard, and he would later write a book about the Pollard Affair titled Territory of Lies.[15] In the book, Blitzer writes that Pollard contacted him because he had been reading Blitzer’s byline for years, and because Blitzer “had apparently impressed him as someone who was sympathetic”.[16]Pollard also hoped that Blitzer would help him “reach the people of Israel, as well as the American Jewish community.”[17]

The Facts of the Pollard Case

At Benghazi written on the walls I believe was the words WYE in different places so the Wye Accords the Clintons and the Obamas seem to be involved and seem to be paying a price for their actions and inactions and seems to be coming down to to the WYER.

Biden Scores 800 Feet Of Copper Wire

700He oughta have to testify about Benghazi.


Kind of strange how the press descended upon Oklahoma but remained in their studios for the Texas blast in West Texas, the Boston Marathon, even Hurricane Sandy and all the other massacres but for some reason many came to Oklahoma. OD. They must have a lot at stake on this one. There was a meeting recently at the White House in secret with the Press. I wonder if their interaction this time has something to do with the growing fear of the President over all of the scandals recently that have expanded and with Wolf Blitzer’s interest in the Lord. I don’t recall him ever talking about the Lord before.

REPORT: Michelle O mulls ‘extended vacation’…

Matthew 24:27

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west;

so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

I guess they erred, lol. To err is human.


Obama (first term) on the phone with Netanyahu 


(White House Photo/Pete Sousa)

Israeli TV newscasters Tuesday night interpreted a photo taken Monday in the Oval Office of President Obama talking on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an “insult” to Israel. 

King James 2000 Bible (©2003) And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, who is in heaven.

Why are priests called fathers? Why do people especially in religions that have priests call there priests Father? Why do those that give preference to the Gospel of Matthew call their priests Father? Is there something wrong in the Gospel of Matthew, the religion, or the priests? So one is your Father?Or does it mean “1” is your father?

Does the Old Testament say that “one” or “1” is your Father? No it doesn’t say that!

Does the Old Testament say anything about who might be “two”? or “three”?

When you pray do you pray “Our one, who art in heaven?”

One, Two buckle my shoe.

Three, Four shut the door

Five, Six pick up sticks

Seven, Eight my you’ve gained some weight

Nine, Ten you can say that again

Do you know anyone by the name of Two, Three, or One?

So what about negative one? Is that the not father? Or is he just in a bad mood?

God in Islam – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Islam emphasizes that God is strictly singular (tawḥīd ) unique (wāḥid ) and inherently One (aḥad ), all-merciful and omnipotent. According to Islamic teachings, Just that One sentence alone is inherent nonsense:) akin to “There is no there there.”

Is Islam merciful?

Islam Question and Answer – Is al-Ahad one of the names of Allaah?

islamqa.info › … › Names and Attributes of Allaah

Praise be to Allaah. Yes, al-Ahad is one of the names of Allaah which are mentioned in the Qur’aan. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning)

Take heed that no man deceive you.

power = n/ Oman

Arrival of Islam[edit]

Omanis were among the first people to come in contact with and accept Islam.[16] The conversion of the Omanis is usually ascribed to Amr ibn al-As, who was sent by Muhammad around 630 AD to invite Jayfar and ‘Abd, the joint rulers of Oman at that time, to accept the faith. In submitting to Islam, Oman became an Ibadhi state, ruled by an elected leader, the Imam.

During the early years of the Islamic mission, Oman played a major role in the Wars of Apostasy that occurred after the death of Muhammad, and also took part in the great Islamic conquests by land and sea in Iraq,Persia and beyond. Oman’s most prominent role in this respect was through its extensive trading and seafaring activities in East Africa and the Far East, particularly during the 19th century, when it propagated Islam to many of East Africa’s coastal regions, certain areas of Central Africa, India, Southeast Asia and China. After its submission to Islam, Oman was ruled by Umayyads between 661–750, Abbasids between 750–931, 932–933 and 934–967, Qarmatians between 931–932 and 933–934, Buyids between 967–1053, and the Seljuks of Kirman between 1053–1154.

Prophecy of Esaias

John 13:18

I speak not of you all: I know whom I have chosen:

but that the scripture may be fulfilled,

He that eateth bread with me hath lifted up

his heel against me.

U.S. publishes details of missile base Israel wanted kept secret

Why are they surprised?

Official confirms, defends White House meeting with controversial Muslim scholar

“Bin Bayyah is vice president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, a group founded by Egyptian cleric Yusuf Qaradawi — a Muslim Brotherhood leader who has called for the death of Jews and Americans and himself is banned from visiting the U.S.”

Yet he was in the White House?


What the Gospel of John offers is freedom to believe in the true GOD and a way to deal with the the world in it’s deception and it’s deceptive ways and policies.


America Land of the Nuns and Dishtowels

Eric Bolling Explodes At Geraldo Over Obama’s Response To Benghazi, Hangs Up Mid-Interview

“Democrats say that hasn’t stopped Issa from leaking a constant drip-drip of damaging allegations about Benghazi over the past few weeks. These include the revelation that the Obama administration ordered a special forces team in Tripoli to stand down before the attack was over.”

So I guess Geraldo is lying?

Philadelphia Couple Joins Class-Action Lawsuit Against NSA’s Verizon Spying

Someone called my ex to tell him that his daughter was at a party last night and came in as an unknown block call and he asked who it is and the person said,

“It doesn’t matter.”

What does it matter? It matters.

(My daughter is mine, she is not the village child, thanks.)

She went to a movie.

Caused some problems between dad and daughter and it was obviously meant to cause problems. Supposedly there were drugs and booze at the party, but I have no idea if that is true but whoever called was hoping she was there and she and her friend turned down the invitation. Must have been a set up. So I think we are being monitored/surveilled via cell phones because she had texted her dad right before that. This is the same girl that ended up in a hospital because of bullying at her high school which I wrote about in another post. I do believe it is because of what I believe and have written about that obviously offends others.

Something fishy goin’ on.

I don’t necessarily think it is the NSA but I think we are being harassed by someone. There is a concerted effort by some to bully families raising kids,

as if they know what’s best.

Sean Hannity Displays Hypocrisy On NSA Surveillance (VIDEO)

 I like Sean Hannity because I think he is earnest and he has a right to change his mind regardless of his political bent which everyone has. I don’t think he is always right and sometimes naive but I think mostly honest and reassuring. I think he is a good guy and doing a pretty good job and I wish more in the press were like him.

And I think ED HENRY IS PRETTY IMPRESSIVE and wish more of the press that cover the White House were as candid as he is. He’s got a lot of spunk! Too bad about the others who fawn over anything said as if kissing their feet when visiting the White House.

Pretty good post about kissing feet:

Mary’s Spikenard and Luke’s Parable – Revised

What I did notice a few nights back when he was interviewing an audience of people that have been targeted by the IRS and what was interesting to me was most of the women looked as if they had had facial surgery or a form of a face lift. So these people are obviously well off. Just an observation.

He had a woman with glasses on last night or today (Tues 11th or Wed the 12th 2013) as a guest who wanted the name of the IRS agent that was on a recording and it was right after I had written about getting the name of the IRS agent that Franklin Graham had quoted. I found that interesting and realized she must be a Franklin Graham ant which you can read about in the next article about Billy Graham. And also realized that I am being watched in my writings and they are reacting. THE ANTS.

Hannity said he had the name but did not air it at the time on his show 6/13 and today I found out the name is in this article and recording posted 6/10:

Audio: IRS agent tells pro-life group, “Keep your faith to yourself.”

Girl, 5, Collects Hundreds Of Dollars For Peace Selling Lemonade Outside Westboro Baptist Church

o-WESTBORO-BAPTIST-CHURCH-LEMONADE-570That’s pretty cute and the kind of America that needs to come back, besides it is nice to get a cool drink on a hot day from a freedom loving and happy kid.

Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Picket Boston Funerals

This is legal, but back handed.

“The tiny Topeka, Kan., fundamentalist group urged the U.S. government to “reinstate” the death penalty for homosexuality and warned “violence will fully consume u [sic]” if that doesn’t happen. Most of the church’s tweets said same-sex marriage caused the bombing, but others mentioned abortion and supposed mistreatment of the church.”

Of course, neither caused the bombing,

because it was a hoax and a set up.

That is why the truth matters

because of the harm it causes and the aftermath of that harm

that reverberates hate and paranoia in a multitude of ways.

Palin embraces SNL sketch, dishes out her own humor

There is a you tube with Sarah Palin and it seems to be staged not necessarily by her but she is the center of the video. The video you tube taker obviously was pandering to Sarah and at the same time a picture was taken of them with Sarah.

I guess political interviews are considered to be prayers also?

It’s a hard habit to break. HABITs

Habits what nuns wear which are similar to burkas. HMMMMMM

I guess it’s their vice, their corruption, their moral failing.

Here is my response:

The Stones of Amen 

This is the problem in Christianity and is affecting it’s members who ignore it.

Zimmerman is acquitted.

So much for justice in America. It is better than many systems, but it is only a system and not worth putting faith into because it is fraught with inconsistencies and the human factor and political conditions that sometimes make it not work so well. I think the state proved that Zimmerman was a shameless pithological liar (got lots of company)

Rivera’s Shocking Trayvon Martin Comment

and that he had intent to harm not necessarily to kill, but a boy was killed. Sometimes proving is not enough. Who knows who else lied. Lots of memory loss and shoddy performances on the job. Just because something looks a certain way doesn’t mean in the long haul it is that way. I think there is more to this than meets the eye but I would not have wanted to be on the jury because it is hard to sentence someone regardless of the facts and suppositions. Better to err on the side of innocence than the opposite and let God do the rest. It may take a bit longer though. That is how our system is superior to other systems even if it isn’t always correct or fair. Justice is only as good as the people that wield it and those that obviously abuse it. Even though OJ Simpson was acquitted his life afterwards went slowly down hill and now he is a slave to surreal pithocracy. The high profile cases probably have a higher preponderance standard to prove guilt than the lower profile cases in all probability and that is another reason I suspect fowl play by the President of the US and his insertion into this case early on. Since there a quite a few deaths of black/African Americans that go unnoticed by the President did he actually cause the system to not work and was his hand in it because perhaps he is involved in the death of Trayvon Martin?

Justice Department To Review George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin Case

Now the Scientology cult is freaked out because someone quit. It is called bullying:

Kirstie Alley ‘Livid’ With Leah Remini For Leaving Church Of Scientology

If you have to bully people to stay in a cult, you know it’s a cult.

Rev. David Wilkerson and Evangelicalism


Rep. Mike Rogers


Amb. Chris Stevens


Why they could be brothers

Billy Graham and The Synoptic Dilemma: The Beast

The Gates of the Boston Marathon and the Bag

Why Callest Thou Me Good?

Sure has been lovely weather lately. Unusually so.

In The Garden of Gethsemane

 The Temptation of Jesus Christ – revised

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