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  1. I AM MICHAEL JAY JORDAN jordansathome@hotmail.com. I am a humble sinnner standing in the need of prayer my entire life. I have written several books exposing the works of the devil, of whom I have no fear.
    I have been fighting NWO evil since I was thirteen, like my deacon father before me. The Lord has shown me many wondrous things to change the course of human history from despair to hope inside the warnings of Mystery Babylon. Fritz Springmeier, Eustace Mullins, Texe Marrs, and Brother Naphanael http://www.jewwatch.com are fellow whistleblowers who can help you answer many of the questions you have raised in WordPress Turret.
    I have twenty years research and applied Truth in the public schools Rosamond, CA., a deeply satanic sex cult destroying children since 1851. I need to broadcast my research. Can you help? Billy Graham is a mind-control sex slave from the Walt Disney homosexual coven. His age is vigorously disputed, as he spent 3 years undergoing Monarch Ultra Mind Control Programming from Disney and other Nazis. Many of the issues you have raised are the focus of my research.
    I have had an ocean of secret society flat-out lies, forged documents, stolen identity, 1000’s of false Masonic witnesses fabricating digital images and documents from the Southern Kern Unified School District Coven fronting huge underground cities 2-6 miles deep underground EDWARDSAFB AND OTHERS NATIONWIDE as the heart of NASA electronic hypnosis, commonly referred to as SEX MAGICK. Consult Joy of Satan Ministries Library of Congress #12-16457 for full details that expose and verify your concerns and conclusions about the horrors of organized religion, shapeshifting,witchcraft, time travel, and other supernatural satanic works.
    I need an internet website. Do you know how to make one? What do you charge?

    Glory to Christ! The One True God! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

    Michael Jay Jordan
    President CEO
    The Jordan Institute for Educational Research, an unregistered sole proprietorship with 144 invention categories to change the entire course of human history in the seventh of seven Bible Ages of Human History.


    • merangue says:

      I don’t create websites, but in order to create a blog…I have a quite a few…look up on internet blog sites such as WordPress (they are free) and then make a blog. Be sure to tag your articles. Takes a bit of practice to learn about blogging but soon you will know enough to get your articles published.
      Please read my other articles on my other main site called Merangue’s Blog. Start on the first article called Salute No Man.

      My best articles are comparing the Synoptic Gospels to the Gospel of John. The Deception and confusion started before the appearance of Jesus and the antithesis between the Synoptics and Gospel of John should form a better understanding, at least it did for me. I’ll check out your leads when I get a chance.

      Thank you:)

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