Son of God – My Interpretation

This post is supposed to be a continuation of Abraham but I could not resist responding to Son of God which is a new mini series coming to Fox I suppose. Hannity who I kind of reamed in my last post aired some of the people involved in the new movie about Jesus. In fact Mary was sitting with Hannity and Father Jonathan who responded to the movie as well. Now that is a character all it’s own. He looks like a little kid and he was awe struck by the movie like a little kid or the clips of the movie…not sure which. I did not watch the whole show but what I saw was quite interesting. Of course Jesus looks like the most handsome man in hollywood and the crowds with the exception of a few looked like they came out of caves or graves with their death wrappings dangling off them. Reminded me of the movie The Mummy except there were many mummies. Jesus wasn’t supposed to be that physically desirable from what I have read. Since when did he say, “We’re going to change the world.”??????? The movie mixed the accounts of the miracle of the 5000 not including women and children from the Synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John which are very different from each other. When he sees the mass of people in their gauze rags in this clip he says to an apostle that looks similar to the mass of people wrapped in gauze to feed them. In fact those are the words he says: “Feed them.” as if he just woke up from a nap. I wonder is that where we get the name of the area in Israel called Gaza? Of course there was the most beautiful woman in the world who was amongst the people wrapped in gauze. I think she must be one of the Marys. The mother Mary looked like she was probably one of the people Hannity met and received applause at the Golf Club he attended with Bob Beckel of The Five a few weeks ago. Very serious woman. Seriously. Reminded me of one of The Five namely Dana Perina except long brunette hair with a few more years added and subtracted. Just in her manners mostly when complimented. I like Dana Perino because of her manners. Very lady like and pretty smart as the others on their show. One of my posts is about the miracle of the 5000 being fed:

A Desert Place (a Different View)

which compares the accounts of the four gospels quite severely which I hope you will read.

As I said Father Jonathan was awe struck and I think when Jesus said that who ever seeks righteousness shall be filled…..Jonathan was filled. There is a difference I think between awe struck and righteousness but often one is confused for the other. It is a movie. However I used to feel awe struck when I watched an older movie about Jesus starring Max Von Sydow called The Greatest Story Ever Told. In fact it used to give me chills especially when the camera showed his feet in sandals walking by a bunch of rock crushers (slavish people with chains on their feet working in a quarry) and the reaction of the prisoners but that could be from the movie The Robe. I get them confused as well.

Screen shot 2014-02-22 at 11.29.12 PM

What is righteousness?

A few weeks ago Father Jonathan was actively pressuring for the woman whose child was brain dead to pull the plug. To accept death because science says when you are brain dead you are dead. Course he didn’t raise the girl and has no experience in that department so no wonder he is so naive about parental love and devotion. The mother felt her daughters spirit when holding her hand and felt movement and I think a mother knows best when it comes to her daughters welfare much more than an awestruck priest. When I had my first baby I knew her cry over the other babies being brought to their moms in the hospital. It is an innate predisposition that I believe God gives moms for their babies because I didn’t have that quality the same way for other babies. Besides the mother wasn’t ready to give up on her little girl and that is as important as any scientific faith or religious faith urging her to give up on her little girl. It isn’t their little girl. But Jonathan was equating his faith with science or tying them together which is really odd for a catholic since they have been at odds with science throughout history, but he is young and has a lot of growing up to do and a lot to experience and really should not be a priest for that reason but not for only that reason, but mainly at this point it suffices. He seemed to be under someone else’s power in a way which was very unattractive and cold pressuring the mother and dad by his appearances on a few talk shows at that particular time. It was a mistake on his part.

Young people tend to be know-it-alls. I’m sure some would feel that way about my handling of the woman who lost a baby in utero (in the womb) to a drunk driving accident but there were so many things about that story that made me suspicious like the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre such as suicide and other things which you can read about in the post the same post that I ream Hannity. I still have respect for Hannity but I think he has been mislead and fallen for his own popularity.

I think catholics have gone the other extreme with science and their religious faith because of the mistakes of their past over compensating so as not to look foolish. But for some reason Roman Catholics tend to like priests that are young and pretty like people tend to like Jesuses that are young and pretty/handsome. They go gaga over the Priest Georg Ganswein. He was the personal secretary that was in charge of pampering Pope Benedict or his handler. Pope Benedict resigned his title and position a while back who was originally called Joseph Ratzinger though he said he would still be around in another kind of way. Often you would see Georg readjusting his robe or braid behind his back so it was JUST SO to the point of ad nauseam to be seen. I even felt like the pope himself was a bit bugged by it at times but probably needed his aid even so. A ridiculous job but more importantly he influenced him and in a way was calling the shots. IMO. I think he is related to the Hearsts who had a great deal to do with President Kennedy around the time of his assassination although not openly. The Hearsts were quite rich, influential, and secretive. In the Gospel of John he tells Peter that when he gets old another shall gird him when he asked him three times about whether he loved him more than something that was there (either the 153 fish or the other apostles) and to follow him because Peter had denied him three times when Jesus had been arrested because Peter was afraid and Jesus predicted that the cock would crow three times each time Peter denied him and what state bird does the cock belong to?


The Gallic rooster is reported by 123 Independence Day to be the national bird of France. It has appeared on a number of national emblems since the Revolution.”

This may be a dual prophecy that is being fulfilled in our time. A shadow of things to come. The Courtyard of the Gentiles is in France at Notre Dame of Paris. Sure been a lot of invasion of privacy and I’m sure the NSA is assisting the Courtyards judgements to divert attention from the Roman Catholic abuse charges in the past few years in retaliation  for daring to question the Roman Catholic dogma and their laundering of money ie illegal activities, and who knows what else but probably just as bad such as blackmail.

Who is always worrying about our budget more than anyone in the world because they can’t survive without our dough? Christine LaGarde who is the IMF chief

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 2.01.23 PM

And what does she resemble? She’s a pretty hen always worrying about OPM.

How else she gonna make crepes and live the good life if she doesn’t get a budget worthy of the French taste buds and then launder some to the Pope.

Remember that Peter fished for a fish when Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels told him to go fishing so that they could pay their taxes for both of them..That Jesus was an agent of France and Rome trying to get OPM. They are incessant leeches. With Gores help (though the Vatican did think of Global warming first) they want us to pay for the worlds weather as if it will go away, change, or somethin’. They can’t figure it out but to them the sky is falling. Now Obama is on their train. It worked for Gore why not for Obama? Probably because he is partially an African American that’s why. LOL He doesn’t need a tan so what is he worried about. Isn’t being the first partially African American President enough? His legacy. Isn’t that why he got elected? So seems fit it is his legacy. Like OJ Simpson got off murdering his ex-wife because he was African American leaving candles lit all over the house where his children were sleeping because he really cared for them not to mention their mother almost decapitated in the front yard. Very Islamic style anhilation. And even though the evidence was overwhelming African Americans all over the country applauded much like the Palestinians did on 9-11. Sympathetic people full of grace. Must be they are missing a chromosome! I think we ought to have a study on African Americans and their chromosomes. What’s the matter with them?

Ridiculous argument about his legacy, but so is Global warming and Climate change.

Tit for t’at.

Anyway I heard dealing with the emissions from cars had immensely altered the California smog. I hope so because once I was riding around outside LA and said what is that? I saw this thing just barely there like a smudge in the sky and turned out to be a huge hill/small mountain. The landscape of California with the mountains and the ocean has a lot to do with that the very thing that attracts people to California but it did help to regulate automobiles. The problem with California is they think the rest of the states owe them more especially Hollywood. It is because they have grown accustomed to more than most and can’t quite make it without government help even though they overcharge for everything there especially rent or home prices. Their governor Jerry Brown is also a vindictive fella and doesn’t have respect for people’s privacy even those he champions. Reminds me of Biden looks wise. Gore was able to make his wealth off the Global Warming issues via California ignoramuses and their voices because of that smog and now it is fixed. I wonder if that smog wasn’t protecting the avocados? Now they have a drought. I guess there is always something (as if the other states don’t have their own issues.)

France and Rome are in cahoots when it comes to OPM and their religious affiliations!

And who helped to get America into the Vietnam War? France

France is also on board with America to confront Putin now in the affairs of the Ukraine. Is that a surprise? Now within a day changed their minds which they have a right to do. Also from the pictures I have seen of what is occurring it looks like inner turmoil in the Ukraine rather than outer turmoil like they are having a revolt inside their own country. Ukrainians against Ukrainians. So if the intelligence we are getting comes from the Vatican and France wants to help confront Putin using America seems like a pattern has solidified over experience to me. Remember Vietnam? Pretty soon we will here them using terms like “solidarity.” Probably the leadership in the Ukraine wasn’t treating the people in it’s country fairly ie chumping some and their neighbors. Maybe agents from France and the Vatican are assisting and tempting to cause mayhem. It seems to be their way to bring about war and cause a diversion tactic no matter what happens to the population. I think they can work out their problems without our interference. Settle down and be reasonable. If the population of their country were reasonably happy and being treated fairly I doubt any of this would be occurring and probably caused by bad leadership. Think of the Revolutionary war in America. They profit off of war in other peoples countries otherwise why were they involved? OPM.

It’s like a good divorce and a bad divorce. Amicable or nasty. The population are the kids involved with a bunch of blood sucking lawyers who want a piece of the action like Secretary of State John Kerry to divide what they can not for the kids but for themselves and the Vatican obviously. He is Catholic after all. He and Hillary get/got their orders from the Jesuits. And Kerry doesn’t want space between themselves. It is not in America’s interest to get involved…..It is the Vatican’s interest because that is where they get their intelligence from. Soon after Franklin Graham will show up to go through the carnage to scarf up what he can for his missionaries. Golden teeth, information, identity theft, whatever resources are left behind.

I think the Ukraine is a European Union/Russian/Islamic/Vatican issue. I don’t think it will be beneficial for the Ukraine to be in the European Union or Russia so why not be independent of both and a buffer zone for both or between both. I think it would be more profitable for the Ukraine and it’s peoples if that is possible. I don’t think the EU is superior to Russia. I think the EU stinks.

America needs to free America from the EU influence, the Vatican trickery and their intelligence, the Islam oil and it’s influence, and become independent again. We would be much more influential by being independent and a good example and we are not either so we have some work to do.

Notice LaGard’s skin color is kind of tan. It is not a natural tan either so what must this woman do a lot of? They have beaches in France and she more than likely sits by a pool with her martini thinking of ways to pressure Congress in the USA. When the President plus the Dem’s and Congress were at odds over the budget she was fighting for more so she could keep her tan.

I think Christine LaGarde ought to run for President of the USA because she has a tan (at least she is trying to fit in to git in) and we know where she is coming from that she is  concerned about the USA and the worlds fiscal responsibilities. To line the pockets of the rich and quell the middle income and lower income over-taxed who don’t have enough class.

Anything is better than Hillary.

The 153 fish may have to do with Mary. the Hail Marys…the pyramid…. I linked a wikipedia references to it but there are many other references about the number 153 and it’s meanings. I wrote a bit about it in regards to the Asteroid 153 Hilda which also includes some interesting shots about Jackie Kennedy and What Jackie Knew a french synopsis about her and her husband which is linked on this same post. It was an early post and quite mysterious to me and I felt a need to write about it not knowing the consequences. I did it anyway:

153 Hail Mary’s and 153 Hilda

Obama in his first term referred to something in space and to open the box and give it more leg space something that would not be forgotten for a long time around the time of the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords and the successful assassination of a District Attorney who was involved in the case concerning Fast and Furious in the Safeway parking lot. I’m pretty positive he was the real target. Giffords husband is an astronaut as well as his brother which probably has something to do with that thing in a box. (Remember the boxcutters on the 9-11 pilots?) Obama also referred to needing more space when caught whispering to Vladimir Putin of Russia. Vladimir Putin made goosy statements about Benghazi which also was on 9-11 that it was a set up of course but using his geese stunt to camouflage those statements yet be newsworthy to influence someone and then of course Jesuit Father Fredriko Lombardi who came up with the Benghazi video excuse first before Susan Rice disgraced her position with those lies and then Hillary and Biden’s statements and Obamas lackluster sschleppy speech at the UN talking about offending his profit Mohammad like a mad man himself. And Paul Ryan’s abyss references when talking about the Fiscal legislation after Benghazi as if he knew something more about Benghazi then he let’s on. I guarantee Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan knows quite a bit. His wife has work in close proximity to Benghazi.

 New questions about ex-CIA director’s

Benghazi claims ahead of testimony

By Catherine Herridge Published March 28,


I don’t know the company that she (Mike Rogers wife) works for but I think they may have a hand in what happened at Benghazi…..cuz it is kind of unusual to have a wife working overseas so close to where the action took place and someone did stop assistance to Benghazi for some reason. It looks as if a lot scape-goading, but we shall see.

Witnesses sure might have some insight.

Mike Rogers, bane of privacy advocates, to retire from Congress

Looks like he is bowing out. I wonder why?

Why doesn’t Congress get Rep. Mike Rogers and his wife to testify?

If it was a set up does not mean it is not relevant and fulfillment of prophecy. Maybe it was a joke as one Democrat said doesn’t mean it does not fulfill prophecy. Newtown ought to be proof of that. Ought to be careful in that regard because one thing often leads to another.

Susan Rice The Sociopath

Obama adviser Rice has no regrets on 2012 Benghazi comments

I can’t imagine that Susan doesn’t have regrets about passing around lies in regards to the death of some men but maybe she doesn’t really care one way or the other. To not have regrets is pretty vacant, isn’t it? In the very least she ought to have regrets. To have regrets is a sign you have a conscience and to have no regrets is a sign you lack a conscience which probably means she is a sociopath.

Sociopaths have no regrets!

Just call her Susan that ought to suffice. That is really substantial. From what I can tell she only related to the news programs what she was told which lacked substance. She did her job and covered the Obamas for a period of time. That was her job! Obviously the intelligence is controlled by the Vatican. Biden knew what was happening in Benghazi because he watched it. Was he ever called to Congress to testify?

She blames the Intelligence Community for her lies. Did they happen to live in Newtown?

Pride goeth before a fall.

Either no conscience or way too much pride, or both!

England knew ahead of time because they evacuated as they did the same at Camp Bastion in order that some people were ambushed by Islamic forces and killed. Russia knew because of the statements made by Putin demonstrate he was aware of Benghazi that it was a set up. Set up who? Certainly not Ambassador Chris Stevens who was in on it with Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain. From what I can tell they were pretty close and more than likely Georg Ganswein is good buds with the Ambassador as well. Probably playing tennis together in the last week or so. Why not ask his mom who was devastated at that time and said some very funny statements. Has Ambassador Chris Stevens mom been a witness for Congress in regards to Benghazi? Why not?

Was she providing her substance too.

What was written on the walls at Benghazi. I can’t read that language but someone in our government does and I think it is important to know what was being expressed. Since most of the men were killed on top of the building why are there bloody hand prints on the inside walls? Was this a place of torture? I did notice the word WII which could mean World War ll, wii computers, wii games, or a way of saying WHY, or all of the above.

Instead of trying to figure out how the intelligence was wrong in regards to Benghazi because it is apparent it was purposeful folly why doesn’t Congress find out what was witnessed by the people that witnessed it in real time and/or not real time. Find out what Hillary witnessed and Biden witnessed that day and night. How about those other witnesses? Why not call them in to ask them questions as well about what they witnessed like they do in a courtroom after a murder occurs? Forget the Congressional rules this time…..It is too important to be strangled by politics and showmanship. IN fact why not hire really good murder investigators for that aspect of the investigation and I don’t mean Fuhrman. He isn’t that good. This may be the most important event in your life and may effect each of you in ways never dreamed of. It may have to do with your very souls and how you spend the rest of eternity.

Book unveils shocking details about Clinton’s Benghazi role

This interview reveals that 15 people on the ground investigating what occurred at Benghazi have been murdered. How does he know? Why not have an open/public Congressional investigation into their deaths ASAP? We might learn something new if we  do it in the public arena instead of behind closed doors or leaving it to the press to quell the truth about it, otherwise it looks as if Congress and the Press are involved in the coverup on both sides of the aisle.

Benghazi was a warning to me in other words he was A WITNESS not to trust Obama when I saw that Ambassador Chris Stevens was not the man dragged around by the men yet ignored by the press even when I wrote them about it and when I recognized Michelle Obama swollen face as if having had facial surgery without her wig standing in front of the blazing compound at Benghazi and the statements made about her arms by Obama at a press dinner that she was the only person who has the right to bear arms and his UN speech about Islam. You see Islam is a bad religion and I learned that a long time ago. When the abomination of desolation happened in Jerusalem it was caused by Islam and Roman Catholicism. That is what the Synoptic Gospels are about partially. The house where they governed Jerusalem had been destroyed as well as their temple, their city, and their country.

Matthew 23:38

Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.
Here are two posts that I think are important and I hope you take the time to read:.

I think the destruction occurred twice when they tried to rebuild. That is what is occurring in the USA by these factions/religions that think it is okay to be Islamic and dick around with their fundamentalism which is trickery, snake oil, thievery, rape, destruction which the Obamas are very capable of achieving because that is all they know how to do and be cute doing it as if they know what’s best for everyone else. Why hasn’t anyone in the press reported about Sandy Hook Elementary and their knuckleheads and invited the woman who researched the hoax to their news programs? Not one news agency or talk show has tried that I know of not even Oprah Winfrey. If O’reilly is looking out for you why hasn’t he attempted to interview this woman and get to the truth? How about Greta Van Susterne? Because they don’t care one iota about the truth. She wants you to hash tag her with responses to her shows. I would not trust her motive for wanting you to get in touch with her. Her friendship with the Grahams ought to be warning enough. A wolf in sheeps clothing and so concerned for others. Talk about a gold digger. I wrote about the abomination of desolation in a few posts which are linked on Merangue’s Blog and about the mustard seed debacle because it was not the smallest of seeds and the Son of God would naturally know that since his Father created the smallest of seeds. The mustard seed is small and has caused quite a bit of strife and death on earth as an ingredient in mustard gas and other poisonous substances but is also a condiment. So either the writers lied who wrote the Synoptic Gospels or Jesus lied in the Synoptic gospels or he was ignorant or he was mocking the people who were not aware of the future.

The Gospel of John does not mention the mustard seed.

That is a sign ….A REAL BIG ONE!

Folly of the Synoptic Gospels

Is a post which is about the women that ministered their substance unto their prophet Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels for profit/prophet and other things as well.

Back to 1963

A lot of clergy were involved with the assassination of President Kennedy naturally and unnaturally. It was also the same year of the Second Vatican. A very important time for change in the Roman Catholic power grab/expansion. There have only been two of them so that is pretty momentous. It was in the year 1963. I devoted some time to transcribing and commenting on the assassination as portrayed in the CBS News reports and tried to illustrate as best I could my points about the players involved and possibly the meanings. Seems the clergy played an important role in the assassination and not just the burial. You can find the posts on the site called Merangue’s Blog. The theme of the Second Vatican was the eminence of the Gospel of Matthew because they like Christmas trees, etc. That was a little over 50 years ago about the time of Benghazi would make it close to 50 years difference. I’m not sure what fifty years means biblically but I think there is mention of it’s significance.

I know movies do help to excite people about the bible because they excited me as a kid so there is a place for this kind of movie in Hollywood. Although I never really read the bible till I was older and married. I wish they would take it more seriously and relax on the physical aspects of women and the Jesuses to give it a more reasonable less Hollywood feel. I haven’t seen the whole movie yet and plan to watch to discern for myself and maybe I will change my mind about the movie. Like reading the liner notes of a book so possibly premature of me to comment yet a few things struck me kind of hard and I felt a need to comment. As if because people are starting to see the differences in the gospels and attempt is being made to smudge them like pastels into one. I think young girls will certainly enjoy it and maybe that is who this movie is catering to to entice them and thereby entice the boys. I wish movies would get into the Old Testament to help those that are unaware of the references in the Old Testament that are in the Gospel of John. Just saying it in a movie without reference to the Old Testament defeats the purpose and thank goodness this woman knew:

The woman who spoke in the audience of Hannity’s show before Ralph Reed was very impressive to me because she brought up the fact that this movie had quite a bit about the name I AM and how this movie portrays the Gospel of John’s and the statements made by Jesus about the name relating to the Old Testament and that is mainly why I want to see this movie but still I did notice they combined the Feeding of 5000 account in the small clip at the beginning of the clip so I hope you take the time to read the post about the four accounts and their differences and see how different they are. Three of them make him sound like he is lost and doesn’t realize the plight of the people standing in front of him and his apostles were teaching him instead of him teaching them they were telling him what to do as if they were producing an image like they do in Hollywood and the Gospel of John shows he wasn’t lost and was very aware and didn’t need a director.

One of the ladies in the audience named Kristen said that Jesus kissed Judas and the bible I read says that Judas kissed Jesus in the garden when he was arrested but not in the Gospel of John only in the Synoptic gospels. That was the sign given by Judas supposedly to the arrestors. But since it isn’t in the Gospel of John I don’t believe it occurred. I think it is a Shakespearean type addition to the bible to dramatize the event more than it already was. Probably the Gospel of Luke is the most liberal of all of the garden representations about the arrest and even says that Jesus fell on his face which nowadays when someone falls on their face usually means he failed. Don’t discount the possibility of the intent by the addition of those words. Down below I linked a post about the comparisons of the gospels in the garden.

I know I’m very hard on Roman Catholicism and it’s hierarchy but they deserve it. Misusing power is unconscionable and it is not righteous. Especially religious power which should be above laundering which usually means money gained illegally which usually means via drugs, prostitution, and taxes stolen from other countries such as the USA and all those leaking government programs. Laundering money, selling indulgences, priests abusing kids and then covering it up when kids file suits or complain, and the many many other things they have done in the past such as burning protestants at the stake or the Inquisition, now it is the Courtyard of the Gentiles judging everyone because they got in trouble with the people about their abuses while they spy on regular people just to intimidate them. It’s their way. That is not righteous.


So he had a problem with forgiveness before? Telling his priests to have mercy on their flocks? Why? What were they doing before his speech? I get the feeling the Roman priests are judging their flocks and the confession booth is the place they get their scoop. I would think that would be a good warning to all catholics….Forget confessing to a priest. What is scary is that the guy he stole from was dead. Did he confess to the pope?

That is one weird story about the pope and definitely shows that there is something deeply wrong with Catholicism and the potpourri. I think it shows a mental disposition and presumption that should not be tolerated by their flocks. To be merciful to their flocks is what pope revealed because to them the flocks that they oversee are inferior to them.

r.v. flockedflock·ingflocks

1. To stuff with waste wool or cotton.
2. To texture or pattern with pulverized wool or felt.

[Middle English flok, from Old French floc, from Latin floccustuft of wool.]

The clergy of Roman Catholicism don’t have the mental capabilities to discern the bible much less judge their own flocks when they steal mercy from a corpse in order to be merciful. What in the world do they need to be merciful to their flocks in other words what are they doing to them that they need to find mercy in an object worn by another person. Power has gone to his head and turned the pope into a fool along with his idiotic priests. You can’t attain mercy by stealing from another person and you can’t wear mercy on a chain, maybe that is why he hides it under his shirt. It is a ridiculous story in an effort to appear cute and probably many in his church will think it is cute, but it is sad.

Can you drain someone’s virtue by touching their skirts? That’s what happened in the Synoptic Gospels and sure sounds like that concept originated from Rome, doesn’t it?

Maybe in a virtual world you can steal virtue from someone.

Bible controversy hits Air Force base

Probably because they didn’t understand it themselves

so they ban it one way or another.

This is a way that can cause havoc in the population to degrade, rob, and confuse:

Snowden Says ‘Many Other’ Spy Programs Remain Secret, For Now

Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels perceived that someone stole his virtue which happened to be this woman who thought she was a dog who touched his garment as he was walking through the crowd of people. Anyway he says something like he wanted to know who it was because he couldn’t tell who stole his virtue because it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. He didn’t recognize her by his virtue that was stolen and only until she confessed that she was found out because she was quaking in her boots and said something strange about dogs which is why I perceived she thought she was a dog……I can’t remember what it was exactly. If there was a guy like Benny (Benedictus) Hinn acting like Jesus walking amongst a crowd I can see that this would certainly make sense.

Good Republicans and good Democrats think the election makes a difference down the road but they are fixed. If they can peer into our lives on our tv’s they can control the vote and voters. That is brain dead isn’t it. If they would take seriously what Snowden has divulged they would know that they are being chumped. Maybe they know and are afraid. or they are chumping the public but acting as if the election makes a difference to get donations. The press are being chumped as they chump the Republicans. Almost everyone is chumping everyone. It is the sign of the times and the times are not good. I would think that the truth mattered to God and I would think chumping each other is not respected by God. The Jesus in the Gospel of John had respect for the truth and for his Father and most of the parts in the Synoptic Gospels doesn’t seem to have respect for God but for himself. Doesn’t care much about people. Let the dead bury the dead is what the Synoptic Jesus said. Is that The Passion of Christ? Is that compassion? In the Gospel of John when Jesus raised Lazarus who was dead he didn’t say Mary and Martha you are dead and you bury your brother who is dead to fulfill the synoptic version of Jesus. He cried because he felt compassion for their pain and suffering and showed them his power by raising their brother who I think was a leper so he healed him as well. Why wasn’t that response to a man following him that is related in the Synoptic Gospel saying Let the dead bury the dead included in these movies. I guarantee they were not included. Why not? What are they afraid of? The truth? They included the Synoptic version of Jesus saying Feed them because they are ignorant of the differences in the gospels. They use the Gospel of John to prop the Synoptic versions but you really will gain a better understanding of who the real Jesus is if you compare them and a good understanding of who the enemy of Jesus is by comparing. I think the real Jesus was cared about people. I think the other versions are mocking people and Jesus. That ought to matter to you as well if you ever get around to noticing. There are however some things that seem to be mixed into both the synoptics and Gospel of John that contradict itself which I bet were added in the Dark Ages or maybe in Dallas by the Dallas Theological Society when they were redoing biblical things or at the Second Vatican. I know that the Pope Benedict said that faith was a new device used to bring followers and the chapter with Nicodemus in the Gospel of John seems to be that tool. Nicodemus appears in the book of Acts and Romans and the books after the Gospel of John with Paul and Mary. Remember what was said about the abomination and the house and windswept house etc it is a pattern that has clues in it. Your house is left unto you desolate is what the Gospel of Matthew says that his rendition of Jesus said. Obviously the abomination was by destruction of some kind and lies. The chapter with Nicodemus talks about the wind and the weather. If evil wanted to affect the truth it would add lies and confusion to them and the bible would be a good place to start. Don’t ya think?

Maybe Nicodemus was the real betrayer and the secret follower as well. If he was a secret follower how come everyone knew about Nicodemus? Not much of a secret is it? Kind of makes sense. Like the lady said on the Hannity’s show Judas did what he had to do and Jesus knew it. Jesus said “do what you must” or something to that affect. I think that part was because there was a traitor among them and Jesus was being cryptic for the sake of his friends and his mission. The conversation with Judas was about the Eye of Horus. That is why Judas said “is it I?” when talking about the betrayer. And Jesus said “thou hast said”….meaning yes. I think the temple stuff about Judas was a lie and the thirty pieces of silver as if the temple people were protecting Jesus by repeating their side of the story about those thirty pieces of silver but fulfilling prophecy yet maybe the prophecy was added later after the fact. I wrote about that in a few posts:

Joseph of Arimathea (A JUST MAN)

 Prophecies of the Betrayal of the Son of Man

 They condemned him. Remember Jesus turned over the tables of the money changers (launderers? sellers of indulgenes?) at the temple and they were not on good terms. Obviously Peter found out somehow about Judas and what happened to him and the secret follower and someone must have known about the 30 pieces of silver or made it up. And Judas was hung supposedly at least that is what Peter said. Peter must have been a witness to that. He is pretty explicit about what happened to Judas and his bowels in the Book of Acts. If you accept things at face value you miss the fact that these small things are big things and knowledge of them such as writing about it in books of the bible shows that the bible has been finagled quite a bit. Josephus was hired by Rome and was the adopted son of the Flaviuses at the time for propaganda purposes and he admits taking the books of the temple when the abomination occurred. It is called rewriting history. Remember all of the finagling that occurred when President Kennedy was assassinated. Pretty similar. Or how about Benghazi….it is called a cover up.

Just call them Susan.

The Mount of the Congregation

Faith is the substance of things not seen, etc………But Jesus in the Gospel of John had witnesses and they saw and many pursued Jesus and Lazarus to arrest and to kill them which is an odd response to this miracle.

Even the garden accounts of the Gospels I have compared and they are quite different which I hope you will read:

In The Garden of Gethsemane

I think it would be very fruitful to make a literal movie about everything said in each Gospel and see what the public would think of each of the renditions of Jesus instead of smearing one into the three other sociopaths. The three Synoptics in a way punish the Gospel of John especially in the garden.

Who shut down Yellowstone?

Good article about the shenanigans, scare tactics, and the lies in politics. Politics has always been contentious and dirty but nothing like it since the Obamas came to town nor ever will be. THEY SUCK!

There is a saying when life deals you lemons make lemonade. The Obamas are like lemonade that was stored in the sun at 100 degrees outside for days and serving it to their guests gleefully. And what is worse is their supporters who don’t mind them serving crap to them. I guess it is stupidity that makes them accept it without demanding better or just plain ignorance. The gettin’ in to fit in is like putting on a dress that is too small and makes you look like a geek. They serve you lies and brain dead people like to be lied to….that is extreme ignorance and SLAVES ARE MADE THAT WAY!

As far as chumping goes the Republicans (and Democrats) should have stood behind Ted Cruz but they chumped him instead in favor of their cushy life styles disregarding the Constitution and our type of government in favor of Putin, Rome, the EU, Hollywood and ISLAM because they are slimeballs. They don’t mind americans being spied upon and joblessness and they still want to tax them at the same time to pay for those ridiculous ends. In fact it is predicted in the bible a certain type of joblessness but being cagey they use other excuses for that joblessness. They don’t mind until it affects them personally and then they get up in arms about it losing momentum and power as they unravel one by one with distractions and political games holding the coming election as a fail safe when it isn’t.

Karl Rove was on Hannity Wed Feb 26th and Hannity asked a legitimate question about Republicans standing for principle at least and their word and Rove just beat him to death with a little white board full of crap. The Republicans should stand for principle even if they lose because otherwise no one will trust them when they back off their promises and the next time something comes up why should we listen to them complain about anything. What’s in a name? I think Karl Rove is undermining America with that crap purposefully and Republicans should disregard anything and everything he says. As far as I could tell it was all meaningless crap to confuse.

Pretty dumb and shell fish!

I perceive a lot of people who are brain dead and they lead very active lives and some brain dead people are residing in Washington DC sitting on legislation about the safety of our country as Judge Jeanine has been trying to make Americans aware of especially after the winter they have had to endure up north this year because Global warming is changing the climate to one of the coldest (does that make sense?) but they would rather try to scare people about temperatures of the earth that tend to fluctuate then handle the US Power Grid threat or the Panamanian threat that Jimmy Carter helped to insure the future of or the border between Mexico and the USA I guess it is easier to come up with ridiculous theories about the temperatures rising to cheat americans out of real jobs and make businesses go under because they can’t change it. The earth has had some pretty tumultuous times and suddenly one continent or island disappears and another arises etc. Earthquakes, floods, droughts, tsunamis…..etc…some natural and some man made disasters. And then of course there is HAARP which is also hinted maybe predicted as a warning on a slab carved by an awl dug up in Israel from ancient times which I wrote about in the post called

Josephus and His Footprints

as a sign or something much more cynical.

Gore warns Kansas: ‘Dust Bowl coming back, quickly, unless we act’…

Cruz: ‘Global warming’ not supported by data…

If you make it happen by shooting microwaves into the atmosphere and into the earth it could happen in order to freak people out and hurt the crops by using the weapons of war that are now being used by our government and other governments so Gore can alarm everyone and Obama can tax the crap out of everyone to pay for the damages they cause purposefully. Does Gore know something we don’t about Kansas? Has he been warned what might happen if some economic legislation doesn’t go through?

Son of God vs Son of Man

I don’t think the Son of God and the Son of man are the same person.

 I think they are two different people. Like the Synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John are different.

Angels will rise and fall on the Son of man is what Jesus of the Gospel of John said when he met a few disciples for the first time that I do know which makes me think the Son of man has to do with Jacob’s ladder because he had to rest his head on a rock or a stone though I think a stone might be a bit small so it must have been a rock and the angels were going up and down the ladder. He wrestled with an angel and after that had a problem with his hip. A thorn in his side. The Synoptic Jesus said that the Son of man had nowhere to lay his head in his fox and bird statements out of the blue when a follower said he or she would follow him anywhere. Jackie Kennedy said that President Kennedy laid his head on her lap but she was on the backend of a car trying to find her caps and she pushed him over on to the floor of the limo before that, but that is another story, I think. The timing of his death noon or one o’clock seems to have been a point of contention also. Which I think has to do with the 6th chapter of the Gospel of John when Jesus meets the woman at Jacobs well in Samaria and tells the timing of the Son of mans death which is noon and what his meat was. I do know there is a lot of conspiracy around the timing of Kennedy’s actual death and the fact that it was in the same year as the Second Vatican and their intent to make the preeminence of the Gospel of Matthew over the others even though two of them are almost identical to the Gospel of Matthew in a chaotic way. But as my posts showed it appeared they were drugged on Devils Breath so no telling what was going on in any of their heads at the time but it appeared to be a sacrifice of some kind with many people involved much like Benghazi appears to have been a sacrifice and very likely Pres. Kennedy was killed in Fort Worth and replaced with a double the next day to be killed. Though he did hand over something to someone and I think it was his speech he knew he could not give and that was the same day I think as the assassination but the press joked about his tan in Hawaii beforehand. There was an asian woman who tried but failed to get the package he handed over to a man which makes me think that part was in Hawaii but dubbed into the Dallas airport scene. Cardinal Cushing had a lot to do with the Kennedys even their marriage like the marriage was a set up. Jacqueline Kennedy’s middle name was Bouvier and she was French and desired America to be French like her in culture but she spoke in false tongues because in actuality she had a bronx accent. Anyway she does some kind of licking thing a few times and makes some signs like they do on Star Trek when they want to be beamed up or to communicate with a pyramid object. You have to read it to believe it and see the pictures of it. Pretty weird stuff. Jackie also licks at the flowers at the breakfast table and there happen to be flowers that look like Dragons Breath in the midst of the flowers and he makes a speech about arms which seems to entangle us with Rome and she stands up to clap at the weirdest of times awkwardly as if she is not his wife. More like a russian spy. I hope you take a look because he seems to be under duress and very nervous after the breakfast speech as if he knows he is in trouble and even looks as if he is crying and she acts possessed. It is not noticeable unless you really look hard and it is quite scary. He tried to hide it from her. I stopped the film a lot to get still shots to help show these moments. The signs given by the press at the time were also interesting as well.

That is found on  Merangue’s Blog as well as

some pretty interesting comparisons of the gospels that I think are important and hopefully helpful.

Rome does not want to lose it’s power obviously and go to extremes to keep it even if it hurts people because they are a false religion a cult. It is their income and power over people to degrade and keep down. That is their business because they are evil. They are pros at it and have been at it for many years but they are not righteous.

They are SICKOS, and are demented scum bags as well as their partners in their crimes against humanity the religions that go along for the profit they make. Obama spoke about his in the UN speech. They love to keep people ignorant of the truth because that is their cash cow, that is why they try to direct you how to read the bible because if you actually read it you would figure it out.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s they did some changing to the bible but I don’t know what those changes were. I wasn’t reading the bible at the time. The Dallas Theological Society was the location of their alterations. Dallas known and blamed for the death of Kennedy it seems quite coincidental, doesn’t it? In the 60’s and 70’s the Ten Commandments were exiled in many places.

By the way Jacob the name is similar to Jack which is what Jackie called John Kennedy.

However she did not call her son Jack, he was John yet he was named after his dad. Interesting!

Hollywood is an extension of Rome’s power and Washington DC because they fund them often and use them for propaganda purposes to mold society with their art. Without them they would be paupers like the rest of us. I hope they know that because often they think they are extremely superior to the rest of mankind. Money has a way of changing peoples view of themselves besides the facelifts, liposuctions, breast enlargements, lip injections, cheek implants and botox and who know what else. It is addictive to some actresses and actors. They wouldn’t make money if they didn’t keep up appearances with a few exceptions and they have to keep up with the lifestyle they initially invested in which kind of binds them to the wishes of others who are usually left left of center. IT is a trap and many find out too late. Only a few have had the good sense to shirk off the peer pressure to be rich communists. In name only kind of people. If they cared about this country they would not support Obama or Obama Care or the people that voted them in that want eventually to make us live by Sharia Law. But they are blind. Jesus said in the Gospel of John that the poor you will have with you always because of that kind of intellectual thinking. Charity doesn’t seem to be working and it has been a long time in the twerking because most of charity is wasted on lining peoples pockets and paying for lousy movies, tv shows, and news programs that further the lies. Just send out a beautiful woman to the UN and waste everyones time talking about rape. Though it is comical (maybe it was intended to be comical) and hopefully well intended which I think it was by the actress who adopts children and it sells movies but eventually no one will be able to buy it because Hollywood/Washington/Rome raped them and the buying public will shrink and then you won’t be able to keep up appearances etc. It is happening. There will always be someone prettier or handsomer, younger or more talented to compete with. Our country is slipping away because rarely anyone demands better from our government of the people but the White House stands for little knuckleheads and movie stars. That was cute on the Jimmy Fallen Show and she was pretty. I would like Michelle Obama lots more and appreciate her beauty enhancements to herself as First Lady if she hadn’t been posing in front of the burning building in Benghazi holding arms while at the same time trying to disarm the public so that Obama may annihilate them down the road at his own choosing using drones and the NSA, FBI, CIA, SS, etc and if she hadn’t sent her heart to those that were suffering from the Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast on her way for a Hawaiian vacation on America’s looming debt crises spending millions of dollars using Senator Inouye’s convenient death as an excuse and putting those knuckleheads on a diet at their schools. Now Michelle thinks she is the new Jane Fonda. First it was gardening, then chickpea sandwiches, and the latest is exercise with Let’s Move as her newest slogan while focusing on her shoes. She spoke about knuckleheads standing on bar stools. Note that you don’t put kids on a bar stool. She ought to know that. She acts as if she never raised kids and yet spoke last year of being a single mom and is posed with two daughters when with her husband. She has made some bizarre statements and that was one of them. The man I thought I recognized who was dragged around in Benghazi was from New Jersey. Somehow those two events seem to be linked Benghazi and the Sandy Hurricane as well as the statements afterward about bumps in the road and Rocky roads ahead and people in Gaza dragging a man around with their motorcycles and some crucifixions as well in some Islamic countries. But I can’t like Michelle because of that and other things she represents and I can’t like Obama her husband because he lies about everything and because he uses women as his veil for evil. He enjoys his remarks that have double meaning or duplicitous meant to mock the death of people and the slavery of people at his press dinner.

Hollywood should oppose them and they don’t. I hope Hollywood goes under and I don’t mean ‘down under’ I mean broke because they are part of the problem and they should stand with the people and for the American dream for those people they have raped and not just themselves. I believe Obama Care will hurt more than help because of it’s religious and political overtones since Obama did say at the UN the future must not belong to those that offend his profit/prophet right after some men were killed in Benghazi and others were silenced and given lie detectors weekly by the FBI, the State Department (Hillary was in charge) the CIA, Department of Defense etc. He will use Obama Care to hurt those that oppose him just like the IRS hurt some that oppose them.

That alone should make Hollywood ashamed of their support for the Obamas.

All for one and one for all is BULLS crap.

Now Barack Obama is touting some big brother type legislation or programs to help African American boys but I thought that was already in progress, one called Big Brothers, Big Sisters which is a mentoring program and there are others.

We don’t want to forget about Zimmerman and his overzealous mentoring or was that a way established to make him look good before his trial?

Is this an old idea with a new leader? Has everybody lost their marbles?

Just in case you aren’t aware of what is going on in the public schools a lot of nice kids are being bullied more than ever.  Many are committing suicide, more than ever before. Many kids are leaving the public school system and it seems to be calculated who is chosen to be bullied. And they are complaining about kids tweeting in school? Has anyone heard of making a rule not to allow cell phones in the classrooms? That might cure a bunch of problems. Don’t they have lockers anymore? One thing for sure they ought to extend the 5 minutes between classes to ten minutes so they can go pee pee and poop if necessary and wash their hands, make a phone call on their cells in between classes etc. Have you ever tried to take a poop in so short a time? Think about first thing in the morning when most people poop. Does it always take 3 minutes. They are not eggs, you know. What happened to being reasonable with kids. No wonder they usually hate school. How about girls that are menstruating. They deserve extra time on breaks. I often felt iron deficient when in school and faintish and had a few messes because of menstruating. That is embarrassing to say the least and can be disheartening to girls besides their mood swings at the time. I’m a night person usually and think better at night. How about night school for some in public education or private education. Why is everything catering to the 9 to 5 workers. I know lots of people that work night time jobs. Why not cater to them as well. Why do we have to be so stoic in educating kids? If they are cramping let them go home without having to return to school with a doctors note which is ridiculous. I don’t want doctors to run education anymore than I want IRS to run the medical field or Rome to be in charge of the medicinal field either but here we are and possibly that will be the case. Hence Father Jonathan’s advice to a mother in crisis about her daughter which was a bunch of nonsense on his part.

Attendance should not be the measure for public education funds.

Achievement should be the measure.

I hate that when I have an ear ache or need an inhaler I have to go to the doctor and pay 125 to 150 dollar fee just to get a prescription when I know darn well I have an ear ache or need an inhaler. That is a rip off and possibly doctors are paying a price now for that abuse via Obama Care because that was and is financial abuse. If I need more underwear, bras, more clothes I shouldn’t have to pay a store a fee just to get them. Where did common sense go in America? I really believe that doctors went a bit too far in their ridiculous rules just to get hard earned money. I guess they were raping their customers in a way. And then when you do make an appointment they have so many customers you have to wait usually an hour or two to get your doctor with a bunch of sick people in a waiting room which means you will probably be back in a week or two and have spread the sickness in the meanwhile.

There should be choice in schools and it should not matter where you live. If someone wants to drive an hour to school they have that right. Because of divorce and other private matters to the individual it should not be regulated where a kid goes to school. If we are a free market then schools need to be freed of these dumb rules about what county they are from and financial aid by the federal government based on attendance. Public education should not be controlling families. And teachers should be able to be fired if they misbehave or aren’t up to snuff in their abilities and let them rebuild their reputation elsewhere or face whatever consequences are thrown at them.

So in my opinion doctors and schools are spreading sickness and stress to parents and kids by that power that they wield and should not do that to their fellow man, woman, and child. Seems conspiratorial but hey if the shoe fits. Not every sickness needs doctors care. Chicken noodle soup, throat lozenges, fever reducers, and rest etc. even if they take a week or so. We don’t always need doctors and the public school representatives up our arses nor do we want them there until we need them to be there when we wish it so or when we feel it is helpful. I think they need us more then we need them;) Sorry to be so blunt but come on you know it is a come on ie a fleecing the public with their clever tricks like the Synoptic Jesus fleeced his public. Also doctors should not have to pay the high price in education costs if they achieve the status of being a physician especially a good physician. If they are willing to go 7 extra years of education they should be rewarded for that achievement when they get a job by their employer who pays off their debt or something similar but not by fleecing the public and their customers.

When my brother was a kid the teacher smeared his face with ink on his book because he made a ink blot on his writing book from is ink pen. That is abusive. I know teachers are only human but so are kids. I used to fall asleep in biology class because it was after lunch (I tend to do that after lunch. I have my own physical clock and need naps even short ones) and the teacher got so mad he slammed his long ruler on my desk next to my head to wake me up. I didn’t report him because he was overreacting but it was embarrassing and it wasn’t really my fault. I think he broke the ruler) He needed a nap more than likely. The small things we do in anger tend to be remembered and of course the big things. Mothers are also sometimes impatient and overreact as I did as a mother a few times especially with my first child. I was a bit of a turd because I felt a lot of pressure and anxiety about it. Probably because I wasn’t sure of myself and felt inadequate and wasn’t getting time for myself. Usually mothers never get a break and men go off to work. Raising kids is way tougher than working on a job. I know because I have done both. Teaching kids is tough too. And for some kids, learning is tough. A mentoring program for mothers especially first time mothers would be a good idea. Husbands usually are too dumb (ain’t that the truth?) to know that mothers need vacations from their kids since it is often a 24 hour job whereas going to work is usually just a 8 to 10 hour job. They come home and kick up their feet expecting attention or a big break. Definitely a double standard. So women once in a while do go off the deep end never mind that they have hormones peaking once a month or pre-menstrual syndrome and are to fraught with anxiety to realize it or after birth depressions often times but I did.  Then when women try to break back into the work force they usually are out of luck. Things have to change in America if we want kids to grow up right and women to be treated as human beings and men need to act better in all respects. They are so damned afraid to lose power or control every part of everything they screw things up in the world and tend to enjoy keeping women down. Doesn’t mean I want Hillary Clinton for President what so ever but there are women that are capable of doing a great job as President or Vice President if given the chance. If they can raise kids they are quite capable. Take Sarah Palin for instance. She is honest and that is what I think should be the number one quality for a President or Vice President or the other offices in the presidential line of succession. Then they have the right to veto or sign bills and would be the type of people to look at all aspects of a bill or law and give good reason to it in their decisions not just political ones to further their party affiliations. If they aren’t honest everyone loses. I don’t like her respect for Billy Graham which is naive at best just because he preached. Being a preacher does not make you righteous and in this case he took advantage of his position many times interfering in politics and the succession of presidents as in the case of President Kennedy. He may have had a lot to do with the death of President Kennedy’s son so that Hillary Clinton could be a Senator. He didn’t warn President Kennedy as stated in his book about a premonition which more than likely was a plot that he was aware of and was mocking his demise. He is a shill for Rome and has no depth. Neither does his son. They are the pot and the kettle, IMO! I hope you read this next article and has some things about Billy Graham and Franklin Graham. You can also read about them in the CBS News Transcriptions found on Merangue’s Blog. It is pretty astounding! Has some interesting pictures of them as well. Kind of incriminating.

Sarah Palin was a big hit recently especially her Dr Seuss references and have even heard she was on the spot. Rand Paul was pretty forceful. Didn’t get a chance to see Ted Cruz. I hear he is at 11 percent behind Rand Paul which is astounding but until people understand what I found out mentioned above and written about the Grahams I think the Republican comeback is wishful thinking. If you take the bible seriously then take it seriously. Until you change the federal base/workers which are unfireable and change the intelligence community and where it gets its information which is obviously the Vatican I would say America is not going to make a healthy comeback any time soon.

Benghazi is evidence of that and the wimpy investigation of Benghazi. I guess witnesses aren’t important that is why the make them take lie detector tests, hide them etc. Obviously is a bi-partison coverup and lots of p-l-a-c-a-t-i-o-n! 

The Synoptic “Q Source”

By the way heard that the movie Son of God was very good by someone close to me and references were made to the Old Testament quite bit in the movie so am looking forward to seeing it as well as the movie Noah and another one that is coming out Resurrection I think it is called and of course I love the Hobbit movies so looking forward to seeing the latest out on DVD soon. I saw the first or second episode of Resurrection and thought only one really good actor the dad of the boy who comes back after 30 something years. The rest just really don’t cut the mustard. Supposedly after Jesus was crucified there were many visitations by dead relatives to the people in town ie Jerusalem and about the countryside but his apostles were elsewhere at the Sea of Galilee. While the visitations occurred the temple was destroyed and the place that they legislated the city from etc (I have forgotten the name of the joint but when I remember I will include it) as well as the city itself was destroyed.  I think I read about it in Josephus’s writings. Got to see a bit of House of Cards and at first intrigued but soon it grew really old. One of the first scenes Kevin Spacey played the good samaritan and put a whimpering dog out of it’s misery by breaking the dog’s neck before the dog’s owner his neighbor found his dead dog. I guess he did it in secret because he didn’t want to take credit for his good deed otherwise he would have asked the owner if he should break it’s neck. I found a cat one night that had been hit by a car that was stunned in the middle of the road and it lived to be a really great cat and I named him Rocky. He walked in circles for a while but eventually I straightened him out. Eventually my cat was run over but I was able to whisper in his ear that I loved him before he died. It sure meant a lot to me. I’ll never watch it again if I can help it.

John 16:2

They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh,

that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

My brother likes the show, but don’t tell Gaby.

The leading character Francis/Kevin Spacey who is very good actor in the past started to remind me of Howard Dean and became a total turnoff soon after. The show is not very deep in content just innuendo shakespearean style somewhat (because of the asides) which is too bad. Sort of a shakespearean joke without humor.

Went to the horse races a few times the last time when two or three horses were shot dead because one horse tripped into another horse making them lame. If they can’t figure out another way to handle lameness in a horse they shouldn’t race them and they should figure out a way that one horse can’t kill two others. It’s not as if lots of money isn’t involved in the business of horse racing so you would think mankind could figure out a better way to protect them or fix them. Mankind sure is dumb. Oh that’s right they do have a way, don’t they but they just don’t bother. I would think animal lovers would not participate in the activity till they do bother.  Same goes for students riding school buses without seat belts. Shouldn’t they bother putting seat belts on school buses for their kids that they edgicate?

Is Proof a Four Letter Word?

I met some family last week and was warned when talking about it as if it would cause trouble somehow. I did however show a video on you tube of one of the dad’s who lost a daughter at Newtown that shows him laughing and then getting into character like an actor does when getting into character to talk about his loss a day or two later to a few of those members. I was told not to go there, but I did go there obviously. That is hiding one’s head in the sand, isn’t it?

For Sandy Hook Killer’s Father,

Tragedy Outweighs Love For His Son

Now Adam Lanza’s dad is getting into the picture and putting in his perception of his son. One thing that interests me is that the mother and son were gun enthusiasts and went to the range quite often yet we have never seen pictures of their hobby. Most mothers who are proud mothers these days with cell phones usually have tons of pictures of their hobby especially one that is quite expensive that they share with their kid especially a kid who has a mental disorder. Haven’t seen one picture of both at the gun range. How about the gun license? I’m surprised the gun range doesn’t have some pictures as well. You would think the dad could have gotten involved if he was worried about his son and his strange mom. But since this whole affair seems to be a hoax and in my opinion is a hoax to take our eyes off of Benghazi and since there is pretty good evidence of it being a hoax by quite a few truthers then why aren’t there some pictures to prove it wasn’t a hoax. How about pictures of the dead bodies at the school to prove their case? The death certificates seem to be off limits as well kind of like the birth certificate of Obama. I guess proof is meaningless to those that don’t care in other words they have faith.

What happened to the Reaganites?

Trust but verify?

Trust but verify is not faith based! Is it?

Rep. Jackson Lee thinks she is living in the year 2164. How do we know she is fit for office if she doesn’t know approximately the year she is officiating in?

Math Problem: Rep. Jackson Lee claims Constitution is 400 years old

I think there ought to be a litmus test for those that vote but definitely there needs to be a litmus test for those that run for office and at the least a teaching course for those that are in office already so as not to be an embarrassment down the road. How old the Constitution is may not be as important as what is in it and those that run should be familiar with the Constitution in order to protect it’s premises. Same goes for the clergy and the bible. They ought to be required to learn yearly just like doctors are required to do in their field. Maybe licensure is the key for better politics. It is required for many other fields and since politics and our government affects everyone in this country it seems fitting that they should be required to get a license to practice not quite like a lawyer who parses words but like a teacher. They should be teaching their constituents as well.


Evangelicals and the Press

Did they know they were being photographed? 


Clinton seems to be aware he is being photographed!

Is this righteousness? No this is acting.

Suicide rate is higher in the military than ever before which makes me think they aren’t suicides more like ambushes. Maybe related to their beliefs or their heritage, their capabilities, their wives, their insurance etc. It ought to be investigated better.

I think the NSA is a way for certain people to get a good look at certain peoples assets and way to interfere in their lives to gain those assets or fortunes. It is definitely a possibility.

I may have gone off the deep end just now but after what I have been through recently you would too.


Obama or the USA is warning Putin about the Ukraine. I heard yesterday and had forgotten that the Ukraine is where there is a sizable cache of nuclear weapons from someone I thought was totally dense. I kind of recall that about the Ukraine at least in the past that the weapons of mass destruction are located in that country so it doesn’t surprise me that Obama might want them, too or control of them, too. However they might be in bad shape and lost their punch over time. I would guess Iran might be having some high hopes and Iran seems to be Obama’s soft spot being their baby. (regardless and because of their threats in the past, their denial of history and their hatred for Israel.) Maybe it’s the distance they can travel or some aspect of them (their delivery systems) that might help Iran or President Obama or who they are directed at that is the key to this upheaval. Obama says there will be a cost if Russia invades Ukraine. I ask for who. Us? Are we going to have to pay for the invasion with American tax dollars? I heard Congress on both sides of the aisle is behind Obama in his policy against Russia in regards to the Ukraine. As I recall Congress applauded the shooting death of a frightened unarmed woman acting a bit nutty in a car with a baby at the White House in the Fiscal Standoff Government Shutdown. They Secret Service or Park Police could have shot out the tires but instead shot her and took her baby. Remember that? I guess Congress felt frightened. Maybe they would feel differently if it was them being shot for being unarmed and frightened. In my opinion Congress wasn’t in their right mind then and probably isn’t in their right mind now. I think it might be wise to rethink our stance on the Ukraine. It is in Russia’s neighborhood, not ours. The takeover by Islamic fundamentalists in the Ukraine might very well be a threat to Russia. However I don’t know the details of the Ukraine but it would not surprise me since what was/is going on in Syria. Russia has suffered some Islamic terrorism in their own country way before we experienced 9-11 in New York. I recall a school massacre and a theater massacre. Wasn’t the Ukraine the territory of the Soviet Union once. I don’t know if it is an Islamic inspired confrontation or not but if Obama is wanting to get involved……it probably is. I’m not a fan of Putin but I sure don’t trust Obama because he is a habitual liar not worthy of trust of any kind and Jay Carney is just as bad. Remember the video tape ….Benghazi. Until he comes clean on that Obama in my opinion is a threat and if there is a cost in the Ukraine I suggest Obama   may have something up his sleeve.

Islam in Ukraine

“At the time of the Russian Revolution in 1917, Muslims constituted one-third of Crimea’s population. Nearly all major cities in Crimea had a significant Muslim population.”

Don’t be fooled by his assertions with Putin. I’m sure there is something cynical going on with both Putin and Obama and it is not a good sign.

The President is going to makes some address about the Ukraine. If you believe the Presidents lies in the past you might take stock of what he says this time I’m sure it will have a lot of holes! Remember he was for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Coverin both sides of this so just in case one thing happens kind of policy. Since when has Obama been savvy in foreign affairs? Remember those other foreign affair blunders he has made? All of them. I bet this is another one.

Nothing scares Sheppard Smith of Fox News. He is reporting an invasion in Crimean that Putin is denying are his troops that are involved in the invasion and Sheppard Smith and Fox News is able to get pictures and films of troops that look like ninja combat troops and be in the midst of it all without reprisal. I guess they don’t mind being called liars in that part of the world. When the Iraq war happened they took the press with them so they could control what was reported.  HMMMMM Fox News has been so truthful in the past how could anyone distrust what they report now? Remember how they reported Newtown? Nothing stops them from turning over every rock and stone for the truth, especially Sheppard Smith. He so brave. I think the troops actually like him over here and over there like he is part of the crew. I bet when they try his quiche he will be welcome anytime.

Now on Fox News they call the troops pro-Russian troops,

not Russian troops….pro-Russian troops so it appears no one really knows who they are.

Either they are troops that are in favor of Russian troops

or they are professional Russian troops.

Yalta of the Crimea is mostly Europeanized and Americanized so who is invading Crimea? Turkey?

Obama said he was worried about the instability of the area of Europe etc but as you recall he sure didn’t mind the instability created by Iran in the Middle east and even wanted to give them more assets to create more trouble.

Iran advancing its nuclear program despite pact with West

“Analysts watching the movements say the U.S. easing of economic sanctions against Iran to induce it to make compromises on a long-term nuclear agreement may not be having the desired effect.”

Oh I think they are having the desired affect for Obama!

Remember that Islam wants to dominate the world.  I hope the Ukrainians get to be free but it would be nice if Americans were free too and the longer that Obama is in charge acting as President the less freedoms we seem to have. I hope Congress gets it’s act together and impeaches him. I’m not counting on it though because they seem to be under the influence of something that makes them negligent, incompetent, and spineless. Maybe it’s their religions. I think Obama is impersonating Putin and Harry Reid. Maybe Putin offended Obamas prophet/profit and that is why he stated that it is gonna cost. Interesting choice of words. Probably a diversion of some kind as well. 

Seems from what I have read and noticed that hardly anyone is speaking out against what Obama said at the UN after Benghazi…why not? Is it politically correct to accept his motive for the deaths of some Americans and the silencing of others? Is that stupid?

Just because you consider yourself to be a Christian doesn’t mean you have to be dumb.

China ‘tiptoes’ around Ukraine crisis

Malaysia Airlines says lost contact with plane carrying 239 people

Timing is suspicious!

My intuition and anyone with an intuition should not want to disregard the timing of this because that would be dumb. I hope the US and other countries will be helpful to get to the bottom of what may have occurred because often times timing and the location is detrimental to determine if it is an accident or foul play. 

stolen passports? 153 possible chinese on board? No debris?
153 is that number of fish caught in the Gospel of John.
definitely something amiss!
Why on earth didn’t anyone stop this plane before it left if stolen passports are involved? Is that dumb?
Talk about a red line. Was this some kind of co-ersion or punishment? Was a drone involved? Drones can either be unmanned vehicles with arms or people type drones mind altered to do dirty business.
The Ukrainians who stole all the money probably were aboard this plane. Or perhaps it too is a hoax.
The area they are searching for possible remains of the missing plane is in the same area as the earthquake/tsunami in 2004 that hit the Indian Ocean and the countries surrounding it also known as the Sumatra earthquake that actually shifted the earths axis and it appears the tsunami that hit Japan also shifted the earths axis in 2011. There was also a big quake in Sumatra in 1833 that was also pretty significant.

Quake moved Japan coast 8 feet, shifted Earth’s axis

“Reports from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy estimated the 8.9-magnitude quake shifted the planet on its axis by nearly 4 inches (10 centimeters).”

I wonder if the plane landed in the Seyshelle Islands?
Screen shot 2014-03-22 at 12.29.05 PM
As far as racial profiling I sure wouldn’t ride in a plane with Muslims because they have set a precedence
when it comes to airplanes and there is just ain’t no getting around that fact.
If I were in charge of the aeronautics business/industry I would not hire a Muslim pilot or train a Muslim to fly. I even think it is reasonable not to allow them to ride in a plane as well until they change their ways. They seem to be a flight risk in every capacity as if they are easily provoked and easily manipulated and their belief system seems to include being used by spiritual madness and possessed by the likes of Mohammad as if they have no defenses against insanity. I think they need to be exorcised. They are easily corrupted!
However I think since they bow to the pope more than likely they are collaborators subjugated to each other.
What do they have in common? LOTS OF THINGS! You might take a good listen to Walter Veith on that subject.
Above is a link to a Walter Veith you tube. I hope you listen and find more via the you tubes offered by him on the bar to the right when you get to the link. It will help you get an understanding of the relationship of certain religions etc.
IF mankind can use their noggins they might consider it unless they have too much pride to investigate the possibility and will just concentrate on climatology. Might as well blame hijacking of planes on the weather.
How many planes have been hijacked and how many of those hijackings were because of Muslims. I think it is pretty good odds there is a relationship between the two components. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the relationship.

Perhaps they shouldn’t be allowed in any vehicle!

Obama and Biden aren’t too worried about nuttin’

Obama, Biden stick to vacation schedules despite Ukraine crisis

Just heard that the jet landed in Nanning China via a tweet on an article written a few days or so back and also no new news since about Nanning except that the trip lasted 4 to 5 hours longer than supposed earlier. Strange.

For some reason Obama and Biden don’t want to be on the mainland of the USA.

Out of RSPECT you would think the Obamas would stay in Washington DC and act like a President who gave a crap even if only for appearance sake. Maybe it is ignrance?

It is time to oust President Obama from power because the Obamas have abused their position. The elections are fixed more than likely. So elections are not the answer. Like I said if they can abuse us in our own living rooms they have gone too far and are capable of unfair elections. They should be held accountable for Benghazi, IRS abuse, Fast and Furious and everything in between, before and after……..but all you care about is their personality and their looks. That is really shallow.

On Hannity on Wednesday March 5th they had one of Obamas purest fans who agrees with whatever Obama does. If he does this he will agree and if he does that he will agree. I think his nname is Lannie Davis the Democrat panderer of all time. He never disagrees so his opinion in my opinion is null and void of any reason.. Hannity tried to pin him down as to whether Putin is a thug and of course he’s a thug and so is Obama. Putin proved that by insisting that the leader of the Ukraine who lined his own pockets while the people suffered should still be the leader of the Ukraine. Although I have also heard that Putin said the opposite so not sure which is true in that regard. They had an expert on the show about the Ukraine and an expert of WWll and he said that Putin is going against the New World Order. 

Screen shot 2014-03-08 at 9.05.27 AM

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)
Photos with Glenne Headly

Is that wrong?

I think the expert guest blamed the US for the deaths in WWll because we didn’t get openly involved at first, but at the time I was walking out of the room so may have that wrong. May I ask how in the world has the New World Order helped mankind? Is the world better off because of it? It is our biggest enemy because it is a flawed concept by a bunch of thugs. Pope Benedict called it the New World Order with teeth. It bites hard like an unripe fig that Jesus cursed in the Synoptic Gospels. Again, Jesus of the Gospel of John had the good sense to pass by that fig tree without comment though in the Gospel of John he commented about Nathaniel and that he saw him beneath it when Nathaniel realized who he was. The Gospel of John doesn’t explain this very clearly so it is a private matter between Jesus and Nathaniel that just happens to be written about.   The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren 

The people sure haven’t prospered by the New World Order and the leaders are not far behind. Without the people on your side and doing well eventually it is like that pyramid effect and the top falls right down the middle underneath the mass at the bottom in other words they cave in like a volcano.

The Fruits of the Vatican

Dalai Lama to lead US Senate prayers

Next thing you know Tibet will rise up against China and Sheppard Smith will be yodeling then. I wonder if the Dalai Lama could get Lois Lerner to spill her guts for the Senate? She reminds me of the Fox contraband that Hannity likes to kid with from time to time. Cummings spilled his though. Sometimes senility is a problem when it resides in a Representative who has bent over too many times. Love to know what was revealed by Issa instead of hearing that somethings were revealed by Issa. Might help if Greta had a show about it. She did! Cummings later sort of apologized calmly for his outburst which was out of order and made absolutely no sense but what is important were the people nodding behind him. RIDICULOUS!

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 5.56.41 PM

‘The Hills are Alive’ – The Sound of Music


I think Brad Pitt ought to be the next guest prayer leader at the Senate, see if that helps!


O’reilly thinks that NOEL Panetta ought to be questioned more and I agree. In one of my posts on one of my blogs is a picture of Leon Panetta in front of a picture with a white horse and he is grinning reminded me of the white horse that goes out to conquer in the book of Revelation. He is involved in Benghazi. He is very slick.

What happened at Benghazi is really important in biblical terms!!!!!! It is not wise to ignore and assume we have figured out it’s rational or it’s meaning and the depth of it’s affect on mankind.

“What does it matter,” won’t cut it.

Hiding your head in the sand doesn’t either. Things have a way of catching up sometimes  with bad results kind of like a tooth ache. The New World Order with teeth seems to be in a lot of pain.

How is it That Ye Do Not Understand?

It is not going away and can’t be treated like a miscommunication problem. Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and the Obamas know it. Just because Susan comes out looking like a little queen and speaks soft words because she is politically diplomatic and trained in order to gloss over their guilt denying responsibility and blaming bad intelligence does not suffice.

Obama’s speech at the UN and his blurb about Mohammad

is key to this murderous event


which means the Obama’s are guilty of premeditated murder

and TREASON at the very least.

I get the feeling that the Press and Washington and it’s politicians don’t get how important it is what was said at the UN by Obama after Benghazi. Ever read about the witnesses in the bible? I think they think the New World Order is a good thing….it isn’t. They are in denial and that is a fact!

I know it is confusing but what was said at the UN is not confusing…….just foolish.

Matthew 23:37

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!
What would they not? Pay taxes?
The Synoptic Jesus was pro taxation and pandering to Peter. I think the Synoptic Jesus was a banker.

Michelle Obama: America’s Moms Are ‘Confused and Bewildered,’ ‘Defeated’ by Grocery Shopping 

So was George Bush Senior!

Maybe Michelle is confused but most American moms aren’t confused by shopping. I know I don’t like chickpea puree on crackers. Can you imagine being defeated by grocery shopping? Her opinion of American moms is scary.

I usually get defeated before shopping because of the lack of money.

I’m not confused when I shop for food I just wish there were more choices. Since so many smaller grocery stores lost their businesses I have noticed less choices in the products. Once the big ones win and put smaller ones out of business they shorten the choices except for HEB.

Jon Stewart Mocks Ted Cruz with a

Deceptively Edited Clip

“The Amazing Base”

I liked the joke by Ted Cruz whether it was edited or not. I would add to that

“If it doesn’t get wet!” A take off of famous quote:

 Kind of tired of a two party system in America and wish we could open it up.

I think Ted Cruz would make a good President with the help of Sarah Palin! I think a female is necessary to his campaign against the other side’s banal top choice!

Fox just reported that 19,000 kids died in drinking game activities in colleges across the country last year. That is insane. Who is held responsible for these games if they are on campus or in fraternity houses of those colleges? Perhaps if they (the colleges and the fraternities) were held responsible they might not have so many deaths caused by drinking? The drinking age is 21, is it not? 

How many rapes and unwanted pregnancies are the result of those parties and those games?

California sisters fighting back after professor steals graphic pro-life sign

Free speech may be controversial but it is supposed to be protected and these girls should have the right to express their beliefs and fight for their cause. I’m sensitive to abortion having had one and who knows maybe they will prevent an abortion or prevent an act that causes an abortion. There is nothing wrong with education. I just don’t like the act of berating those that have had one, but

an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure.

College and High school and even Junior High school is a great place to open up about abortion, the act of sex before marriage etc. That is after all where kids are educated and might as well start educating kids about the ramifications of intercourse and might make the kids think twice before engaging in unprotected sex and premarital sex. It is helpful for those parents of teens who don’t want to admit their past to their children! I would think they would be thankful. Doesn’t mean it will be a cure all but it ought to help to some degree which is worthwhile.

Sometimes students make great teachers.

It would be also good to show pictures of girls and women who have had illegal abortions  in back alleys, but I doubt anyone took pictures and if there are any pictures probably most are crime scenes.

Whoops! That mic is still on, Senator

I remember when Pope Benedict went to Israel the first time and Perez said “Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.” Any way I thought I heard him say that to the Pope but it was covered up. But that particular quote came from the Gospel of Luke:

Luke 13:35

Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

That is when I perked up and started this blogging on my various blogs because of those particular words however maybe that is what they say every time they greet a pope. I have no idea. Whether I thought I heard it or heard it is debatable because as I say it was replaced with other words. At that time I wasn’t smart enough to keep that particular you tube and by the time I was smart enough it had been changed.


I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised *

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)



What is the smallest seed in the world?

The Parable of Faith – Part two

Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

The mustard in the Bible versus the Quran (1)

Bibi, Merkel Photo Makes Waves


This May Be Bill Maher’s Most Intense Rant Against Religions – All Of Them – Yet

In answer to Bill Maher and his Noah rant (I didn’t hear it but only a snippet but have heard it before by people mad at God usually agnostics and atheists) my best guess would be to clean up the earth and make it livable again. A new start, etc. Probably suffered radiation and other contaminants leaked by man made catastrophes like what happened in Japan a few years back to force the Japanese Catholics to accept the Neo-CATechumenal Way and like all the other things going on today that represent evil.

That is probably why, IMO.

OR you could blame it on the big bang……global warming, climate change,

a video

Astronomers discover Big Bang echoes

Scientists make ‘Big Bang’ breakthrough with find

but they don’t know what made the doughnut rock on Mars move.

Trust me they don’t know.

Mystery of Mars ‘doughnut rock’ solved

Though they think they know it’s still just a theory.

They still can’t figure out what happened to an airplane full of passengers on earth.

Pope Cancels Tentative ‘Noah’ Meeting With Russell Crowe (EXCLUSIVE)

I wonder why?

There were two birds sent out from Noah’s Ark. One came back and one didn’t.

Guess which one didn’t come back. Now that is weird.

Is his mom Rosalind Russell?

Strange timing for a Chinese visit by First Lady Michelle Obama.

I wonder what she hyssop her sleeves?

Michelle Obama arrives in China for official visit

She and her girls are wearing a lot of red. Doesn’t that seem a bit weird? Is Michelle Obama trying to make some sort of fashion statement?

Israel says the flight has Iran’s written all over it according to the news on tv.

Newest news is that the flight from Malaysia crashed in the ocean according to the Malaysians without any proof so far and just a few days after Michelle swarmed into their territory to play ping-pong and endeavor to learn calligraphy while the tragedy was unfolding. Now the news stations have totally altered their coverage as if all are dead because of that one statement by the Malaysians. What in the world are they hiding?

The timing of Michelle’s detached visit to China is telling also, IMO.

(Reminds me of the Hurricane Sandy/Daniel Inouye/Hawaiian trip.)

Malaysian Airlines missing plane gave off unexplained final ‘ping’

YOU  CAN ONLY ASSUME THAT THEY ARE DEAD without proof. How about giving the families some proof! As far as critiquing the press by Bill O’reilly and his yep man Vernon MaGee is just UNBELIEVABLE and kind of gross and a bit early especially since the evidence so far has been disconcerting to say the least and the one they critiqued the most I think it was Gen. Tom IcInerney had the most reasonable of theories offered given the times we live in. O’reilly is always tooting his own horn one way or another. It is better to be open to some theories offered then to assume the usual and settle for excuses because of the timing of the disappearance of this aircraft. The general also appeared on The Kelly File and still seems to make quite a bit of sense and has the right attitude in regards to the evidence at hand. I wish more people on panels of news programs talking about National Security issues of the US and Israel and the world had his common sense without acquiescing to the whims of the press and the pressure of the world in their politically correct maniacal rationality. However I don’t agree about the suicide possibility but as the general said why go so far out. That does not make any sense and planting the remains of a similar is also possible too in order to deceive.

Full interview: Sarah Bajc, partner of Flight 370 passenger Philip Wood

  I don’t like that the plane went to the altitude that it did and that part makes me thinks this is deliberate and from the sounds of the last voice remarks by the pilot they were probably not involved.

Families turn MH370 grief into action

Can planes in flight be controlled at ground level? That is my suspicion. If we have drone capability we obviously can. The timing is also significant and possibly some kind of world political pressure. The visit by Michelle to China and the timing of that is significant. The timing of the visit of Obama to Europe is significant.

I think it reeks of evil intent

no matter the pretense of the visit suggests.

To play ping pong etc when this is going on is very pretentious and suggests to me something else is going on and reminds me of other trips when Hurricane Sandy and  ineptitude of FEMAs response whether accidental or purposeful and the Hawaiian excursion with Senator Inouye’s death as an excuse to forge on and have a ball.

I think they get off on their macabre grisly act while others are hurting.

Remember Benghazi? This could be another diversion away from the event that seemed to generate a lot of other deceptive activities, actions, looting and lies. This could be another one of those. I have never seen so many deceptions in my whole life as I have seen since Benghazi.

 I guess the President and Michelle don’t travel together anymore?

 Is it the mother-in-law?

Doesn’t Egypt have prisons? Maybe it is a good time to start building them for the Muslim Brotherhood otherwise you will just create more societal problems such as a great deal of resentment and hence more coups down the road I would think. For every person you put to death you make at least 30 new enemies depending on the size of their circle of family and friends. I think it would be smarter to build prisons instead and would provide jobs at the same time.

I hope you read the article linked below;)

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 1.13.40 AMNoah, Soloman and Proliferation

If you would like to see my art work please visit:




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