Morality vs. Instinct and READING

While I was recuperating in the hospital I had the pleasure to watch Joel Olsteen’s sermon for Father’s day. Not sure that was the reason for that particular sermon because it could have been pre-filmed or re-shown but it was quite a show. I did not watch the whole sermon but it was deep, I can’t really say what it was about in particular but it seemed like it was about some fundamental ways to handle situations in a Christian way. That is my impression but he was so much more eloquent using the bibles verbage. He really is a very successful and charismatic preacher. Kind of reminds me of a robot as well. I don’t know his religion but based on wealth as a testament to his success (a motivational type speaker), godliness (but not really but certainly looks like it), and the size of the audience as well (which is huge). As big as Robert Tilton ever was. Robert Tilton was a nut. A big one. Exaggerated to the nth degree, spoke in tongues and yet people came by the thousands to witness his sermons. Below is a you-tube of Robert Tilton eventually speaking in tongues after his introduction which I transcribed part of the conversation below so those that are caught up in his conversation might read it instead which can be eye opening sometimes. It can change the meaning of a conversation you hear when you read it instead and the same thing goes when looking at a bible and adoring it or hearing it (by word of mouth) vs reading it, or looking at a Health Care Mandate such a Obama Care vs reading it. It sure helped me to catch some important information when transcribing the CBS reports via tapes of the hours before and after the assassination as well as photos and film and snapshotting the films in order to see better what had occurred by the film measures/frames per second because our eyes are not as fast to recognize some things or actions that happen quickly as witnesses not having the premonition or knowing ahead of time what is going to occur making the witnesses and victims be at a disadvantage to the person(s) who is aware such as the perpetrator. Let me tell you those moments are full of some IMPORTANT information worth investigating. Like hidden pictures and tells a story. Might not have needed a Warren Commission if some had tried. If I can do it Geeeez you would think others could, too.  If our Congress had read it it would not have gotten to the stage it has and to the extent of causing so much political stress and rancor and insanity which can only be the reason for problems we face today in the USA politically. I have no idea what caused our Congress to have not read what they signed as far as a bill that was so extensive and damaging to our country besides some kind of poison or some kind of mental deficiency possibly caused by some kind of chemical interaction (devils breath in the air system b/c it’s an invisible substance without smell or taste?) and Nancy Pelosi suggesting the Congress just signs it, which everyone knows being said over and over again receptively on film by the press, for getting Obama Care passed and figure it out later in order to find out what was in it which of course is ridiculous but it happened. Was she involved in some kind of drug without the knowledge of those she may have tricked/laced…their donuts?? It seems probable since she suggested the signing of a bill that was not read as if she was involved in the trickery by those that are supposed to read what they legislate. Talk about a bad influence and a-typical of the RCC who don’t like their parishioners reading the bible for many eons in order to control the parishioners and screw their parishioners thus screwing everyone else by their actions and possibly using the same substance to add to the Eucharist to be able to control the parishioners. Sounds far fetched but was used in South America and found in Columbia and used to control the slaves who dig for diamonds in mines or work in other industries as cheap, cheap, cheap labor for those who don’t like to pay overhead such as the mob and looks like flowers in its original form that hang like or similar to Morning Glories in flowering tree from (hanging gardens type flora) to rob people by low lifes and lasts for about 4 days if blown in the face of the victim and the victim is or becomes a slave of suggestion without memory. A derivative of the drug is the drug that prevents sea sickness so obviously used by those who travel by sea or have business using ships (Onassis) and I think it was also used in the JFK assassination because it is also in the flowers on the table in the flower arrangement in front of Jackie Kennedy which she licks at (believe it or not as if addicted) on film and on the morning of the assassination in Fort Worth. Obviously, Pelosi thought she could get away with it (Jackie Kennedy did or her handlers), but how?

Is Devil’s Breath The World’s Scariest Drug?

The most dangerous drug in the world: ‘Devil’s Breath’ chemical from Colombia can block free will, wipe memory and even kill

The flower of the Datura plant, from which devil’s breath is made.

The robbers that turn their victims into ‘zombies’: Paris gang ‘blow powerful Devil’s Breath drug into their faces to send them into a trance-like state’


Bob Is Going to Pray In Tongues For a MomentNow I’m going to pray in tongues for a minute and maybe you’ve never heard that before. I remember the first time I heard someone praying in tongues I just listened and listened and uh I had never heard anything about that because frankly the church that I grew up in didn’t believe that those things happen today but you know they didn’t believe there was demons and if there is demons there all in Africa, but I had demons in my house opening and shutting doors. You know those folks that say there’s ghosts and stuff, that’s demons and Jesus cast out devils and those devils are demons, same things. They’re not there to help they’re there to hurt. We know there was a demon of blindness and deafness and infirmity. They steal; we know they steal and uh we had those things opening and shutting doors in our house and lights going off well I didn’t know anything about that stuff and no one ever taught me and showed me scripture in the bible Mark 16 and 17 where they cast out devils in Jesuses name so finally, you know, they make all this stuff out of haunted house, that’s demons. You want to go..If you don’t know who you are in Jesus and the authority that you have and the power that is in that blood man that’s stupid to open yourself up to stuff like that: it’s demons, psychic, that’s counterfeit gifts of the holy spir that’s just a counterfeit. You know when you open yourself up to demonic activity and I tell you, you better watch that dimension. You don’t want to be involved in that dimension. You don’t want to read your horoscope you want to read the bible. You want to hear what God says and take it and mix it with faith. I’m getting a little Pastorial right now: So ma ta le tee da la ma cool. Man de ekee sheety ora ba shata man de caloabaho de keeshie ……………..”

A brick shy but made millions of dollars somehow.

LOL, The guy is a fruitcake, obviously.

Robert Tilton: From downfall to windfall: Living on a prayer

People flocked for Jim Jones of Guyana and crossed an ocean to do it and shared poison committing mass murder suicide using cyanide poisoning in their lemonade or koolade and I guess it is possible Mother Teresa of Calcutta got wind of it or vice versa.

Just a few of Jim Joneses friends poisoned to death.

 918 people committed mass suicide using poison laced kool aid and 318 children were murdered in Guyana on November 18th “in the year of our lord” 1978, mostly black (african americans). A few of our Congressmen or Senators were also murdered who were investigating the cult and had flown in which may have prompted the murder suicide of a bunch of members of the People’s Temple after the Congressmen and camera men were murdered at the airport, I think.


The Jonestown Massacre

Houston is a very nouveau riche area in parts that Joel Olsteen preached and preaches to which is perfect in order to affect new successful owners of businesses and rich kids basically and to pull the wool over their eyes. He is extremely talented and poised, good looking and quite adept at bible concepts some of which he has honed to a great depth but he is not totally honest IMO.

Like Cal Thomas who is not truthful or he would also admit that the mustard seed is not the smallest of seed. What or who is Cal Thomas afraid of?

I have yet to hear him or Charles Stanley above (pretty close in stature in the Christian religion) explain the mustard seed the smallest of seed predicament. I would be impressed if they could admit a truth which might help them and everyone else as well. He was involved in the JFK assassination at the very least by association leaving the hospital where JFK was taken after being assassinated. Looks like a monk on the right, but it is him.

This guy was at the luncheon that was jFK’ next stop after being in Dallas at the World Trade Center and blamed the audience of the death of JFK in his cultic style and was the leader (I think) of the biggest and largest Methodist Church/Comgregation in Dallas Texas and was also at the Book Depository investigating something or in charge but was photoed a bunch when JFK was assassinated. Looks like Ted Cruzes dad the one that was in the bear hug with Heidi Cruz when Ted almost knocked her (his wife) out with his elbow during the run for the Presidency of the Untied States.

“Dr. William H. Dickenson Jr long time server of God pastor of Highland Park Methodist Church to say just a word and then to pronounce the benediction.

Dr. Holcomb leaves and Dr. William H. Dickenson Jr. comes to the podium.”

I transcribed the CBS news reports twice to learn about the assassination which tipped me off to a bunch of information and about the RCC and is on my site called Merangue’s Blog if you are interested. This particular segment is one part of the first time I transcribed what occurred that day which I have linked called Part two.

I don’t know what the problem is with admitting the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed because it isn’t and perhaps God wants us to come to terms with that TRUTH. I think we should. Could it be some people are really screwed up who are in the business of faith? It does appear to be a factor, doesn’t it? Perhaps the mustard seed debacle is the reason for the kind of deception that kills, murders and hospices people. Not sure how it works but there seems to be a connection

between the mustard seed, faith, deception, and death.

I think Joel Olsteen is much more talented than any other preacher in his deliverance of his sermons and touched on some very beautiful truths but not in this world. IN HEAVEN PERHAPS, if there is one. I tried to go by some of those tenets in my life that he explained when dealing with some things in my life in not quite so pure a way but because it was right and it didn’t work out mostly because of the church and in particular I think because of the RCC and the BGEA (and including the Baptist Church) mostly and perhaps are his hills to climb yet. We all have those sometime in our lives no matter how pure we think we are.

I remember Joel Olsteen’s wife was pulled off a plane she was on during the Obama administration by the Secret Service for some reason which is an unusual thing to occur. WHY? Why would the Secret Service want the wife of a preacher even if he runs a scam?

It happened to someone else, too, earlier that was in the news. Someone famous, during the first Obama administration. I don’t remember who it was and maybe it was Joel Olsteen’s wife and it kind of reemerged in my mind after seeing his sermon the other day and seeing her as his support. I had never seen her before and he seems to have lost some weight since the last time I saw him tele-evangelizing which I do not normally watch. I know the guy from Waco a musician who was kind of famous and outspoken about politics and was a Christian more of a Chrisitian into the right to bear arms kind of Christian a constitutionalist patriotic Christian and I guess he ended up as a guest at the second Presidential State of the Union address by Obama and for some reason was invited when he honored some hero a Navy seal group (6) which seemed to be a retelling of some earlier event and a woman who spent her life or part of her life dealing with leftover explosive land mines still buried because of wars the kind that are buried in other countries and was rescued from her kidnappers and wore a scarf like or burka kind of scarf. Princess Diana made it an issue before she died as did Angela Jolie in the UN movie she made with Clive Owen (a handsome english actor and a good one as well) when she eventually stood on one and gave up her life for the love of Clive Own the daddy of her kid in some place like Yugoslavia or something. LOL It was heroic and fictional but made working for the UN attractive to those that want to give up their lives for the UN i.e. The One World Government LOL I liked him better in the movie where he played a warrior round table type warrior fighting some castle establishment. I painted with pastels a picture of him because I liked the movie and him in the movie. How weird. Anyway the outspoken constitutionalist Christian rock musician and hunter from Waco never seemed to be the same after attending. I have no idea what happened I figure since the audience at the award ceremony for Obama (the second Presidential Union address) I thought he might have been a victim of some of those hanging plants of South America. The whole affair was a bunch of BS including the awards and the honors. The whole audience seemed to be zombified and without any will of their own. He was not going take a chance again on being called a liar as did happen in the beginning of Obamas Presidential career by some congressman named Joe something. It was some sort of an Obama mock like the Presidential union address with the survivors we watched on the Trump show which I felt was another mock of some kind though I wasn’t sure he understood it was (maybe) devised by some part of the federal government. The hidden part of the federal government possibly whatever it might be.

Now every time I see the guy in the picture above on the news or on the internet he doesn’t seem the same as I remember him except physically. He was kinda smart about some things and a good guy IMO. I’m sure we wouldn’t agree on everything but he had wise ideas and was an intellectual in how he expressed himself.

When I watched Gutfield show recently a retape of his show they edited out a small part of the show which was the first a hint about hospice was mentioned but without saying hospice. So I kind of have an idea there are a lot controlling/comptrolling going on via the press behind the scenes. Whoever is doing it isn’t gonna let anything we need to know or should be told be consumed by the public.

Rep. Joe Wilson was his name. Remember that! HE WAS RIGHT.

Rep. Joe Wilson Calls Obama A Liar During Address

He might not have had a choice because of his wife whom I’m sure he loves. His father was a preacher as well, I recall. Why would the Secret Service have done this to a preacher and his wife?  What does one have to do with the other. I was never a fan of his brand of Christianity knowing his kind of Christianity for the rich but not really for them, but for him but he was and is very popular.

In the sermon he kept bringing up Peter as his center character but not in the usual way and obviously works for Peter maybe not by choice. Peter represents the church of Rome as far as Rome is concerned. They wouldn’t really have a religion otherwise with only a few hail Marys. There are a few Peters in the bible, I think as there are a few Pauls and few Jesuses and Marys which adds to the Great Confusion and part of the Great Deception. Olteens’ wife is very beautiful and probably he is hostage to her or vice versa or they are hostages to the RCC and OBAMA imo:” and definitely hostage to

“The new world order/religion

which isn’t.”

You don’t get pulled off a plane by the Secret Service for no reason. Before it happened I knew he wasn’t on the level on some things because it was obvious and he is also a televangelist but had charisma regarding wealth and religion and used it. He was raised in this manner so it wasn’t his idea to begin with but certainly he did bring it to a level I have never seen before and some of it isn’t bad, but some is. 

When I was at Hobby Lobby a year or so ago he had a book he had published having to do with I AM That I AM after I had done quite a bit of research and publishing on line via my blogs and I thought what is the saying?: Copying is the highest form of flattery but this was after I had done some work in the concept of God and Moses etc. I wasn’t the first either however I’m not talented in delivery, nor successful, and barely noticed because of my station in life, being female and not a preacher by any means, not near as pretty either but I was glad he had noticed somehow, somewhere or from someone because he could possibly be helpful to others and his own congregation and had the money to back it up being able to be shown in a place as trafficked as Hobby Lobby and probably other places as well. At first I was taken back but then I tried to take the high road on the compliment. I did not buy the book nor read it and because we all have ways of looking at the same thing differently such as:

When I first got to the hospital after a short ride via ambulance and in a private room for a while in ER was moved to another room in the ER that was not as private but with 5 or so other people/patients with curtains between so you can hear conversations if you listened. It isn’t the purpose of the rooms but I noticed a man across the way from me with a long grayish white beard to his belly and he was looking at me so I hid myself moving my head over to the right using the curtain in front and in between from my line of sight. He was glaring at me.

He reminded me of the guy I had met at Parkland a long time ago, though a little nicer looking whose girlfriend attacked me with her huge cane that I had to deal with after surgery at a six week visit years ago. The woman in charge of the patients appointments with doctors at that time was sitting at the desk and she had to call the police to intervene who came and surrounded him not her but him and escorted him out after a few minutes of me hiding out in the hallway to get away from her and her accusations blaming me for her male friends intolerance and loud rude outbursts for having to wait which the rest of us had done for 6 hours because of some hospital problems. Not enough doctors showed up or something. Everyone in the room were very cool about it, most of them very sick with something and with their friends/family who came to help them at the time. Six hours is a long time to wait when you are in pain but sometimes is necessary depending on what is occurring and it wasn’t the ER, but a 6-week follow up visit after surgery. The guy wore clothes like he was a biker and his female friend looked like a druggy though I don’t know what the deal was with them because I didn’t ask and they acted like they lived under a bridge. I was afraid of bodily harm when she blamed me for his outbursts with her huge cane (It was 6 foot tall and about 2-3 inches thick) and shaking it at my body and because I had never met them in my life before. My husband at the time was rubbing my back under my shirt. I had a 14-inch incision 3 inch deep wound to the organs of my torso which caused me a great deal of pain and the pain hurt mostly in my back instead of where it originated from which was in the front from the incision from the bottom of my chest to near my Caesarian scars. I was kind of long waisted then when I was thinner. I was talking to two black men who were sitting in front of me about God. One was an older man who said out loud he didn’t believe and the other was a son of a preacher who was disenchanted. I did not start the conversation I just was interested in what they were talking about being in front of me and facing me and I talked to them. They were together and had some kind of relationship but I didn’t get into their relationship except I could tell the older man was influenced quite a bit by the younger man. I said something about prophecy and we got into a conversation and I think it bugged the biker guy and his female friend across the room and to my side and I can’t say why for sure but I think it had to do with their race and me talking about God.

I guess it wasn’t allowed. LOL.

There was also a man sitting next to me who had gall bladder problems and was groaning and in pain and he told me a little about how he was handling it. There were about 60 people in the room sitting in foldable chairs some of them. After she blamed me for his outbursts brandishing her weapon “the cane” which she needed to get around I think (probably had been a victim of an accident) I could tell it took some doing to shake it and to threaten me with it because she was shaken. I was the one that got up to talk to the woman in charge of the room of people at the desk in front because my husband at the time seemed to be in shock. I had to defend myself though six weeks healed I still had openings and infection spots/pockets of puss that were still a problem. Natural reaction to preserve oneself when you have huge wound you want to protect from further harm and not so natural if you aren’t hurt though usually husbands do stand up for their wives, this one didn’t. It was the kind of wound that had to self heal without stitches and be dressed with gauze drenched in water a few times a day for a while in order to heal and allow the skin/fat to move without scabbing in order to close the incision which for me took about 6 weeks or so, maybe less. It was a heavy duty wound. After our confrontation when she blamed me and said it was all my fault I said “I don’t even know you” in front of everyone and because it was embarrassing in front of everyone having a confrontation with some psychos. I went to the woman in charge to tell her to please assist then I went out to the hallway to get away from the couple and the roomful of people while my husband stayed in the room with the people in his seat for some reason. Not the bravest of people. lol but it was disconcerting however I sometimes wonder if he did or didn’t have something to do with the confrontation. He had his reasons in his minds’ eye if he did have anything to do with the confrontation, but not reasonably. It was approximately a few minutes before the police arrived and surrounded him, not her, and escorted him through the room to the hallway where I was and out the door of the hallway of that department in the hospital which was near where President Kennedy was taken. They surrounded him, but let him speak and he said something kind of snide like, “I love watching your back.” I did not respond but was totally turned off by his charm which was disgusting to say the least and I had already been through a bunch of shitty shit with some disgusting people and did not need this kind shit going on but you can’t control what others do or say sometimes especially if they are possessed which I think they were. Finally got to see a doctor soon after and he said the last place where the puss was in my body was near my liver or on my liver which was a hint as to where the problem may have originated or they would not have told me. We never did find out what exploded in me except some thing did explode inside my body and caused septic poisoning throughout my body during the operation and before which made me bloat as if I were 9 moths pregnant: before I went to the ER in the first place I went to pick up my kids from school…walked to the school as usual depending on the weather a few blocks away and the cross guard who I was familiar with said “I didn’t know you are were expecting”, something like that and I said I wasn’t but that I was ill. It was kind of funny. (later got to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics and sent me to Parkland and then he misdiagnosed me and took me off the antibiotics and had to go back a day later after I developed a high fever and was vomiting. The bloating was painful as well and the new doctors reaccessed my condition and started over with their diagnosis in Emergency mode.)  So when I came back to the ER they started over again basically and said they would start over again with their diagnosis because they knew the first diagnosis was way off and caused problems for me. I looked like I was 9 months pregnant because of the gas from the poison in side me which grew in leaps and bounds from the septic poisoning of whatever was causing it. So I almost died and was out of it for quite a few days. A few weeks. I was told I was the sickest person in the ICU for that time period and I was on heavy duty drugs. My skin, my hair, my brains, my eyes, all my organs and my blood was poisoned via the blood stream when I was opened up during and emergency operation. They had to work quickly to vacuum every organ and replace it to its’ original position including my intestines which is not easy to do and I’m sure it stunk to high heaven. I was poisoned in the brain at the time as well which caused me to act like I was crazy or possessed most of the time though I had moments of lucidity and alertness especially for family visiting. Most of the time I was in a incoherent state of mind and to some I would have acted possessed because I was poisoned and on drugs heavy duty drugs and pain medication and severely injured. I noticed some things when I was lucid from my parents and my family which were important to me while recuperating in the ICU. On one day I was kind of hard on a nurse who was trying to care for me and heard another male nurse say she can’t help what she is saying because she is sick. I guess I hurt her feelings and must have said something bad. i sort of remember that I was kind of acting like she was my sister blaming her in a way but not sure exactly my train of thought but remember it upset her and the other nurse trying to help her do what she needed to do and consoling her because she didn’t want to care for me after I think I insulted her. But she did do her job. I think one of the things I said that I do remember saying was, “You don’t have to be so mean about it.” And I was also given information by my husband at the time in reference to those visits with family and was able to kind of put it together with my memory and impressions. But I heard some stuff on my own, some special words from family members when he wasn’t there that TRULY helped  me!!! And I knew what those words meant as well though one it took me a while to understand I struggled to respond when it was said and I couldn’t because I knew he had been lied to.  I was still in the trust mode of my husband’s intent. My husband seemed to enjoy it a little too much. A little over the top.

We were never able to figure out what happened inside except probably a cyst exploded and caused a great deal of trouble. I think I had been slowly poisoned for quite a while I just didn’t know it till it exploded.

When I was at the ER recently a few days ago for an attack health wise which I believe is related to the first injury years ago the man I saw was similar to the person I had seen many years ago but a little more groomed without his woman with the huge cane. He was staring/glaring angrily at me from across the room not just looking. Then I noticed another man in his place after he left and after I hid and he looked like Barack Obama. I thought to myself “what the hell is Barack Obama doing in the ER?” LOL. Salt and pepper hair groomed short to his head slight in body build as far as I could tell and in his face. Dark eyes piercing at me. Neither good nor bad, but piercing. Kind of like someone was in someone else looking through their eyes which I think has something to do with the mustard seed Borg stuff which I think is part of the purpose of the mustard seed teaching and I saw it in Olsteen’s eyes when teaching in his sermon, here and there, as if he has a will, but doesn’t. Like he is aware but is controlled. My ex who was with me talked about the people he saw and what he saw was a man after the bearded man was moved was a guy with tattoos all over his face and body which covered his body and face and was why his skin was darkened. I imagined the illustrated man from the book called by the same name from the amount of tattoos the ex explained of his appearance. There was a person who I overheard a little and he overheard who had driven himself to the hospital with a multi- fractured leg and hip and the people in the ER were trying to set his bones. His foot was supposedly huge from whatever accident he was involved in and had multiple fractures and he wouldn’t let them do what they needed to do yet he drove himself to the hospital for help which is very strange and I guess he was afraid. About four people in the ER were almost begging him to help him and he wouldn’t accept the help but I stopped paying attention it was what the ex told me and then I was wheeled upstairs.  So what my ex saw were three men, I saw two men in the bed across from me but not at the same time however I did not see the move of one to another just one became another. I did not see anyone with tattoos which is what my ex saw. My mind wasn’t set on it though so I might have missed something because I was at the ER for me not him. The guy that looked like Obama had no tattoos at all that I could see. None. Pretty weird to say the least once we put our stories together. The reason I didn’t freak out about Barack Obama or a look alike of him was I was in ER mode for myself and there wasn’t much I could do about it and no one else recognized him so I thought hmmmmm. I just didn’t worry about it. I have seen lot of weird stuff these days so it has become kind of a norm for me and since my first operation but more frequently lately i.e. this last 5 or so months. But it is weird for a guy to come in to the ER and not want to be helped even though he came to the ER on his own. The ex said the tattoos were like those guys who are gang members in prison type tattoos who are very violent. I didn’t see any tattoos. I called him the illustrated man as a form of reference for my ex when talking about it because in the book this guy is basically a body of tattoos that tell stories which I had read a long time ago as a kid and I never finished. I don’t have anything against tattoos I just didn’t see them. what I saw looked just like Obama laying down on a hospital ER bed. The ex said his foot was huge from the fractures he got somehow. I did not notice that either.

The first time I ever saw a tattoo was when I was a kid at Carlisle Pennsylvania the man who lived next door to us had one on his arm and expressed something with it a chic on his arm or something like it and it was ugly and back then they were kind of ugly usually navy ink colored with a bit of red accents and some green lines, not really artistic but low class stuff and later in life when tattoos became more acceptable and popular the designs got more artistic, feminine and colorful. My neice liked tattoos a bunch and so did her husband who is a Christian minister and a bass player. I think Madonna started it with her fake tattoos looked like lace on her arms and legs and then everyone started doing the same. My niece was a big fan of Madonna. she had some big ones : one was a big ankh symbol surrounded by red ink on her left arm like an arm band and then a bunch of tattoos regarding verses of the bible and other things. One big verse on her back from the New Testament which I never did read the whole thing because it was kind of wordy and she often wore clothes. The first tattoo she got was after her short college experience in New York and she had a chevron tattoo on her lower back in the crack of her ass right above it. Not sure what she was trying to express. I didn’t ask her. Her husband had tattoos all over his body and piercings mostly on his ears and nose. She had witnessed the World trade Center attack (9-11 by 19 terrorists Aprox. 14 years after The Monday Stock Market Crash of 10-19th-87 may have been a reason – Don’t forget people committed suicide in Oct 1929 because of the Stock Market crash. I was thinking the 1987 crash when Gary lost a bunch of money was a Tuesday but I read that it was the 1929 crash. 14 years later:

Historical Events in 1943

Check it out: Hitler declares all out war for one thing and bunch of other stuff.

) from Brooklyn on a rooftop when she had moved to New York and had met a guy who beat her up badly I heard and came home and made the decision to move to Padre and met her future husband a bartender/minister in South Padre after living there a short while. They were in love. His name was LEVI. A nice guy a bit different as were his friends and family and eventually they married and had kids. She studied to be a nurse like his mom. She was very smart girl and I don’t think she wanted to live at home any more for good reason. At a certain point most kids do leave for one reason or another if they can but she wanted out as soon as she could via marriage or any avenue, it seemed. At least I thought so. She was moved to Padre via a family trip to Padre combining it. I was there for that trip and helped her move in as part of the trip. That was the trip my sister couldn’t think of anything for my mom’s birthday coming up and because my mom had everything she needed (in her estimation) kind of premise we had to get her a miniature or toy poodle-mix and while getting her a toy poodle-mix got Kristen a dog as well but instead got her a cocker spaniel puppy. Didn’t last long. I have no idea what happened to her puppy but the next time I saw her she didn’t have it.

Later on Gary said that Levi was blackmailing him for money or contributions and I thought it was a weird thing to say.

How could he blackmail him and why?

He was kind of disgusted by it in a way and in a way he didn’t seem to care. I think Gary did not like having to support them sometimes but it was his daughter and she deserved it. I think it was more like compensation. Funny thing, is when the shit hit the fan when Gary wanted to isolate me and before the meeting with my brother my little sister told me on the phone that my dad thought I was blackmailing her. LOL. I highly doubt he said that but that is what she told me and I could never figure out why she just didn’t say

‘No, she isn’t blackmailing me” to my dad.

wouldn’t she know if I was?


So some of the stuff relayed to me by her via the phone calls

just didn’t make much sense?

My dad imo did not think in that way.- the dad that I KNEW!

 I doubt he would ever say it because it is so outlandish and my dad would realize it was outlandish before he would say it, hence he would never have said it.

He was not stupid and neither am I.

A little while ago I was and still am having trouble linking you tubes but will getting together soon on that dilemma with my bird in the hand’s help but as I was organizing my desktop because my computer all of a sudden started acting up so I thought maybe I needed to put some pics/snapshots into folders and as I was putting one away in particular the one of Robert Tilton a format type message flashed on my computer and it had the name GARY on it. LOL  I was in the process of writing about his daughter: the Jealous Jacuzzi kid. I can tell people are afraid of me and what I’m doing, but Tough Love. Get over it. It is gonna continue till I’m finished a there is a bunch more to add and edit i.e. try to make understandable. I  know I have helped by acting as a witness and also hurt some but I doubt if I hadn’t written the things I wrote those I helped would not have had a chance in hell and those I hurt eventually will come around and those that are fucking with everyone won’t be around any more

so in the long run bear with me


that is the purpose.


God did not tell me to do what I have been doing for quite a long time, but I know He has helped me and others who have helped me and the miracles to me keep me going such as I had my gall bladder removed a few days ago which I think is gonna be a real coup for me and for my families and my true friends.)

Roberta Flack – First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 1972

Years later after my dad died and after my sister threw away a bunch of photos of my parents and their friends which she confessed to me in a phone call and said she found a letter from my brother to my dad saying/insinuating/inferring she was stupid and then acted like it was my dad who said it. (wrote it) I tried to explain to her if my brother wrote it and sent it to my dad (her dad) does not mean daddy thinks you are stupid since he didn’t write the letter nor send it to himself and for some reason she got lost on that logic. I also tried to tell her someone else may have written it and planted it to make you feel bad or hurt your relationship with dad or to make you feel stupid. The only people who had access to the sites, had keys or a combination lock or knew where the storage sites were that stored my parents belongings that she and my sister went through over a long period of time was my older sister and her husband Gary, herself and her new husband and the sites were near her. That’s it. I have no idea if the letter was handwritten, typed or computer written on a Word program or on an email. Anyway her feelings were hurt by my dad even though he didn’t write the letter. That’s a hard thing to understand. SO you can see why I’m having and had some problems understanding some things that were going on then because it is really stupid. I think she was dealing with some kind of mental block or something and hence so was I via her and others. It can be very frustrating to deal with that kind of thing. I don’t really know how to describe it but to call it

“the thing.”

Gary’s daughter and Levi were married in San Antonio at the church my parents attended and it was kind of casual and a fun wedding as well as funny because of Levi’s good friend and my youngest daughter who was taken aback by his appearance when she and my other daughter were bridesmaids/flower girls but he handled it well and we got a good laugh and it was a funny memory.

My older sister met Gary her husband at SMU and in a barn at a fraternity party when she anointed his head with beer pouring it from above in order for him to remember her and he did. They dated and got married when I was about 14 years of age. I remember meeting him for the first time in Virginia when he came for a weekend to meet us. We met him at the airport before an Army picnic. I recall how he looked me over up and down.. I was still a tom boy at the time. I might have been 13. Then some time later we went to his dad’s home in Connecticut for a visit. He served us my first taste of the cheese Brie from a wheel of Brie. I loved the stuff. I had heard how their daughter had a huge bedroom and a closet the size of a bedroom by my eldest sister. They lived in a mansion on Winding Lane in Greenwich. Kind of a swanky area (old money) reminded me of the movie with Ryan O’neil and a famous model with a unique bite which made her famous partially named Ali McGraw and she also became an actress. Their daughter favored Ali McGraw when she was young:

Love Means Never Having to Say You are Sorry. I don’t remember the name of the movie about two college kids in love and one dies. Kind of a silly movie and idea.

Gary’s mom had the same name as my mom. His sister was I think about a year older than I. Very pretty and snobby but nice. She went two a college in Ft Worth and was followed by a guy a criminal or a guy with criminal intent because of her dad’s reputation or position and money and because of her looks and personality and they had to hire some body guards for her in order to go to college and whatever else she did.  We never saw her much. She changed her first name from the name Elizabeth to a different name legally. I think I know why. I thought about doing the same after my operation but my dad’s mom is who I was named after so I didn’t. I would not have either if I had been named after my mom.  It’s a way to assert oneself after being severely degraded.

Seems to be a pattern emerging.

(Familial sexual abuse and off to a some stranger abuse.)

They visited us in Georgia as well later at some Gardens. Before my sister and Gary were married Mr. Kircher flew them around the world on his private Conoco Jet with his family. They didn’t go everywhere but some unusual places like Bali and Hong Kong, I think and other places and islands.  The wedding was a biggie at SMU church on campus with all the sisters as bridesmaids and friends I think there were seven of us and of course groomsmen. The night before the guys got drunk and ended up in jail including my brother and had to be bailed out of jail in order to attend the wedding and they were not happy about it (especially my brother) except for one guy who slept it off under a car and luckily no one moved the car that night or morning. During the trip around the world my sister and the Kircher family shopped for pearls and gems in Hong Kong and the place brought out gems and pearls by the drawer full for their pleasure in a private room to shop. My sister told me she stole a pearl while they weren’t looking or were out of the room. She felt she should have one if they were were gonna have one. Kind of a stupid thing to do in another country (especially if you had seen a movie about people transporting contraband over country lines. Not sure she saw the movie I saw which would make you think twice) but she wasn’t caught as far as I know and she was with the President of Conoco Oil and if she had been caught I doubt she would have had to suffer the consequences. I think it was kind of a tempting thing to do to an army brat to leave her in a room alone with a drawer full of pearls. I think there is something to it but I can’t say what it is because I don’t know. A feeling I have because of the course of her life. When I was younger I didn’t suspect anything but only lately in the last few years as far as that temptation. I bet the Kirchers knew.

My dad bought each girl in our family a small pearl from Hong Kong when he was fighting in the Vietnam War and on an R&R.


When you get my age it isn’t a good idea to tattoo and I had enough problems not to add more to the equation of me. Like the less makeup the better especially after my operation when I tried to look nice going home and the ex said don’t bother, lol because I looked so bad. I was only making myself look worse. I tried. I had lost a ton of weight and was like skin and bones the skin hanging off of my bones after the water weight from the fluids given during my hospital stay dried up so nothing would have really helped me at the time. The whole rigamarole aged me quite a bit. I like what tattoos can do for cosmetic reasons for those that need it or to look younger or for some flaws on one’s face. etc. I think it’s cool as long as it’s safe to do. Burn victims get some help from it and others with problems either born with a discoloration or birthmarks or because of an injury etc. Helping one’s appearance is important these days because people judge a person by their looks at least as a first impression and everyone I have ever known wants to be pretty . It is kind of expected and probably is the most lucrative expectation for businesses. I want to get my eyebrows done and my eyelashes dyed because I lost many eyelashes and hair during my operation and because of the Cat Scans and stress of the operation and family fiasco and about three months later my hair was falling out as if I had been nuked. I stopped combing my hair and put it up in kind of a bun so I wouldn’t have to brush it and to prevent clumps of hair coming out when I combed or brushed my hair and hoping it would help me lose less hair. It did help I even bought a wig but it didn’t really suit me and I didn’t want to have to deal with it. My doctor noticed the hair loss which I mentioned to him around three months or so after the operation he could tell and said it was falling out as he spoke and told me to take Vitamen-D which prevents cancer and use horse shampoo for a while (which is weird but gentle and possibly because of some ingredient) and then some other Vitamens as well. He was trying to assist me in draining puss out of the remaining pockets that did not heal because of the puss. I laid down on his office bed and he would squeeze the areas in question while telling me to flex my muscles which had been cut in two right down the middle and was virtually impossible for me to give him the muscle action/tone he needed to drain the puss as he squeezed though I tried there wasn’t anything to be had in that regard except the expression on my face. I had Cat Scans I didn’t need partially because of a particular nurse who took orders but didn’t necessarily abide by the rules of a Cat Scan such as you need to drink the liquid beforehand so the scan will do what it is supposed to do and I would explain “hey I didn’t get the drink” and it didn’t matter BECAUSE OF HER SCHEDULE and her orders  and I was too weak to fight the system at the time so I would end up with another Cat Scan appointment either a few hours later or a day later when the doctors couldn’t read the Cat Scan. It happened a few times plus I was getting one a day and x-rays as well. I lost my eyelashes for the most part I still have some but not nearly what I had so I like some of these tattoo and makeup advances for people like me as well.

Partially why I am against the unions in schools as explained in this post I am against insurance for health because it is an abusive system mostly to the best doctors and the best nurses and the patients and for the worst.

Like dumbing down our health care as we have our public schools and it could be so great if we let go of controls in our government and let their work and reputation proceed them. If they are good doctors they will get references and more work and if they aren’t they won’t but health insurance prohibits that kind of free market. Prices/cost would go down for everyone and everyone would be pleased with the results if they would let it happen except for the bad doctors and bad nurses but eventually they might find their niche as well and be happy to have cheaper health care in the long run when they are in need of it or their children and their children’s children. Same with hospitals. It’s called supply and demand a basic rule of economics and life in my opinion. Unions are not what they were were meant to be and never will be because of a lack of faith/trust.

THE TRUE KIND OF FAITH which can be interpreted in many way which in my opinion kind of makes it useless to say the word faith. Keep the faith:  meaning keep your wits about you? Don’t give up? Don’t give up what? What faith are you? I’m a catholic or I’m a radical islamist. Do you have the faith? I don’t know? He had faith in the institution.-He had trust in the institution. There are lots of meanings to the word faith and is used in a myriad of ways and to compare it’s size to a plant seed is a bit strange because like many feelings or human traits are not measurable because of emotion and changes from one minute to the next. The mustard seed is a derivative as is the devils breath to a mind controlling drug and some good sea sickness drugs the mustard seed is a derivative of poisonous gas and chemical weapons the kind used in WWl, WWll, and saran gas etc and regular old poisons used in the old days to murder unsuspecting victims.

Poison ring

Through the centuries, the Fisherman’s Ring came to be known for its feudal symbolism. Borrowing from the traditions developed by medieval monarchs, followers showed respect to the reigning Pope, who was considered “the emperor of the world”, by kneeling at his feet and kissing the Fisherman’s Ring.

Egyptian Scarab Poison Ring

At one time (actually many times) employers/business owners did not take care of employees safety and overworked them and that is how unions got started in business and some business owners were not acting responsibly and ended up being a curse for everyone when unions got involved instead of fixing the problem to begin with they made more problems and bigger ones because power corrupts and union leaders were  eventually corrupted basically switching from one corruption to another. We had less competition then which was part of the problem. If you fix something in the wrong way it becomes a bigger problem. It’s kind of like the mob and the mob ain’t good and will create problems to fix them in the wrong way to gain control and make more problems. Keeps them afloat. Very likely some of those accidents in businesses were purposeful accidents and were attacks instead like what happened in Bhopal India with Mother Teresa involved which is explained by the exposes of Christopher Hitchens about Mother Teresa and the RCC:

How she got her fame partially but it was evil beyond imagination.

Check it out and  do it more than once. It really is interesting and he has many more exposes on the subject and it affects you, your children and your children’s’ children, etc.  It cannot be allowed to mature or be acceptable and will lead to the ignorance of people, desensitizing of people, and the breakup of the family institution. It will lead to a lower life expectancy year by year and medical malfeasance for various reasons usually involving money or assets and the control of people via religious/political cults, Its a bad direction to go.

“There is a way that seemeth right unto men, but leads to death”

The reason I think women isn’t mentioned in the bible verse above is because of the Patrimonial religions who support Mother Teresa’s solution-especially the RCC. Yea often people use men as meaning men and women however in reality it isn’t so (such as the US Constitution and Bill of Rights) but even though the religion/church is referred to as a woman in the bible like ships are named, women aren’t in control of the institutions or the ships (are they?) and obviously that means there is a double standard as if women are only bodies to have kids with and pleasure with while stunning in their youth women are just as complicated as a man even more so often which may be the underlying excuse: FEAR OF WOMEN, FEAR OF FEMALE SUCCESS If you think about it QUEEN ELIZABETH was FEARED and the RCC tried to annihilate her and didn’t and couldn’t. Hillary is no Queen Elizabeth, more like a Mary Queen of Scots. Queen Elizabeth was the most controversial person/woman in the history of mankind which led to some major breakthroughs for mankind by her standards and her beliefs: other people were able and allowed to accomplish amazing advances for the world in many fields of science, inventions, and in human progress like a good mother would do for her kids regardless of their sexual orientation or their sex, their color/race, their beauty or lack of beauty, talents or lack of, friends or lack of, etc and so would a good dad. “Rise and shine” kind of mom and dad because of their love. While she was not an astronomer she advanced the truth that the world was not flat which put/kept the RCC into the Dark ages where it belonged which is why there is a struggle between the two: She had vision. Eyes to see spiritually and she gave up some things to achieve for mankind (man and woman kind) due to her experience. In the animal kingdom are some good examples in some species and some are on the precipice as far as extinction because of the proclivity of the male to discard the female after impregnating, because of something prettier, younger, wealthier, etc. Not all males but a lot of them who were raised in ignorance usually are because of cults. A cult is not necessarily small. Cults come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Usually a sign of a cult is the degradation of the female in various ways as if the female is only body or a means and women are as illustrious and intelligent as a man in different ways sometimes but who is to say which is better.

Muscles are not brains nor synaptic impulses, etc. and love isn’t either. Courage is not only a male trait and usually love is the underlying cause of courage, and vice versa. Intuition, experience (good and bad), and common sense help develop both and work together. Without experience i.e. learning you might as well become a eternal pawn or a blade of grass to bemoan to be blow’in into the wind. It takes experience to differentiate between good and evil and to grow up instead of sideways which is the mustard seed’s purpose to prohibit and promote ignorance and beSIDES it isn’t the smallest of seed even in the plant world/flora. That ought to tell you something. The ORCHID seed is smaller. and of course some males act like plants but the sperm is even smaller. Sperm is the male reproductive cell and is derived from the Greek word (σπέρμα) sperma (meaning “seed”).

Hells Angel (Mother Teresa) – Christopher Hitchens

and there are a bunch more of his exposes on

the practice.

By the way the bible also talks about witchcraft and uses wording having to do with

the practice.

Pope Francis trying to act like he is Jesus with an audience or he wouldn’t do it.

This kind of mockery isn’t gonna help mankind. Praying is not limited to lying on a floor on a rug on top of marble and inlaid wood as if it is a physical activity when it is spiritual and can be done standing upright and in private or out in the wild by using your mind. He can’t even read a bible with out two people holding it and one to turn the page. Check out the swiss guard on the left. You don’t need to wear a frock to do it, or need a frock adjuster or a braid adjuster. I think this may have been the position Gary was in near the hide-a-bed by me years ago and how he got into the room from his room was on his elbows without being seen.

Ever hear of memorization?



Not all accidents are accidental.

Some accidents are actually sabotage. Like what happened in a town in Texas during the Obama Administration a small town and an apartment complex were burned up because of some factory via sabotage for the GREATER GOOD of someone’s ideals which happen to be evil. Remember that accident? There have been a few during the Obama Administration that were not accidents whether he was the instigator or not they were not accidental accidents. Sabotage by someone. Fukushima is another example. Possibly Chernobyl. etc one having to do with religious prophecy fulfillment called self fulfilling prophecy and to incriminate in the wrong direction, etc The RCC and it’s cronies do it a lot such as the Jesuits and other secret societies within the church IN ORDER to be needed.

I heard on the news about the English attack of a mosque recently and I guess Islamic people don’t abide tattoos. I have no idea if they do or not but I heard they don’t. I know in the OT it’s forbidden in the book of the laws of Moses or something but I have no idea of it’s worth since it’s not really in the Ten Commandments and was more of a social standard they came up with as they went along making a bunch of laws that I don’t think were as important as the Ten Commandments because the Ten Commandments were created by God (imo) and the others by mankind for mankind kind of like our congress which are impossible to live by at a certain point when they become cumbersome to the nth degree outlawing everything known to mankind because of one thing or another that comes along. It got to the point Moses had to get others to deal with the problems of the people that came up as they were traveling about etc after their freedom from slavery and it grew and grew and grew into a part of the bible that was hard to read. It got out of hand and seemed almost like testing by the people and others. Same thing happenned to Soloman and his people in the OT.  A woman who lost her baby in childbirth and trying to steal another woman’s baby and his idea for handling it and then everyone probably used it as an example of how to handle women fighting over babies. Not everything is the same situation or mental state. Some people do it because they are insane and others because they want money or for kidnappng sake or to get back at someone. There are so many variations of the same crap and laws don’t often cover the reasons for the crimes and definitely not the intent.


Susan Maughan – Bobby’s Girl

I used to date a hemophiliac so I know it’s important to be careful about blood products and blood art as well. He died of AIDS soon after his brother died who was also hemophiliac at a pretty young age during the end of the AIDs/HIV epidemic as well. We were pretty close and friends though we married different people. He was best friends with my brother for many years which was how we met at my brother’s wedding and we dated after we met when I was a young “lady”. We were closer then just dating too. He was quite a guy in many ways and we knew each other for many years after we went our own way remaining friends partially because of my brother and because he was a friend of the family, too. It was a shock that he died that way and his brother before him. We got together with  him during a visit of my brother to town from another state and he wanted to see him and so we set up a poker kind of night and played poker with him which we used to do quite a bit and other stuff as well and with his wife this time at my older sister’s home where my brother stayed and it was an interesting visit. His wife hardly said a word ( I don’t remember her saying anything as a matter of fact and I was interested in getting to converse or know her slightly because of our friendship but wanted to be respectful as well.) and my husband wasn’t there but on a gig so I tried to keep it simple and not get cozy or anything talking to him about anything except his investigation about the HIV which he offered and told us some things which he brought up that he had investigated as far as the poisoning of the blood supply at the time when we were sharing something outdoors with a few family members who were into the night sky etc out on the porch for a break from the poker game. He was our friend and at the time he was alive it wasn’t as important until he died did I realize how important it was. He didn’t seem sick when we saw him but we knew he was infected. I remembered quite a bit because it isn’t something you forget too easily and especially what we had been through years before being close and our friendship. I used to go with him on dates and we would end up at the blood bank for him to get what he needed for his physical problems which usually affected his legs and his joints. He didn’t whine about it because he was used to it. It was very much a part of his life to do what he had to do. While we were outside he brought up the woman who was in charge of blood supply at the time, a politicians wife and she also was governor of Florida at some point in their lives and ours, and I think her husband had run for President as well. Bob Dole was his name. Her name was Elizabeth Dole, Bob Dole’s wife. I saw a picture of them with the Connallys the Governor of Texas at the time of the assassination when I was investigating the JFK assassination and transcribing the reports and he had what looked like a black lamp shade on his head in the photo which was taken sometime after the assassination. There was something strange about the photo which is why I kind of remember it but can’t remember what it was that was strange besides the lamp shade but I think I added it to one of the posts in one of the transcriptions or it is in my library of photos. I’ll have to find it sometime so I can recall what made it interesting. It was meant to be weird for some reason.

Life is in the blood? Hemophiliacs have blood. Aids victims have blood. Bats have blood. In the Bolshevic Revolution the son of the leader at the time was a hemophiliac. The whole family was slaughtered. Humans only carry 8 pints of blood or 1 gallon of blood/900 calories per liter

How Much Blood Would Vampires Really Have to Drink?


He was suspicious of Elizabeth Dole’s actions (I think it is her he spoke sbout) and her affiliations because a lot of people died as a result of the carelessness involved of blood products and the attitude about homosexuality as well. What if it wasn’t homosexuals who were the targets of the aids epidemic?  I think he was trying to figure out what the hell happened to him and probably trying to figure out why it happened to him and his brother kind of like I’m doing now in my life. I had a friend who was gay and probably more friends than I realized. I didn’t go around thinking about it or taking sides on the issue. It wasn’t important to me either way at the time. We were just friends and I liked him. Obviously I had hair dressers etc who were gay and noticed and even noticed some in the military in my past in the military families and in the forces themselves. I noticed even at the church the Episcopalian Church I did not frequent but lived nearby and was a small part of for a short stint in my life when getting to learn about Jesus and taking classes as a kid for confirmation and the few times with the family on some Sundays and my brother and I could stay. I explained that experience in another post so I’ll skip it for now except to say the church was hit by lightning and burned down after getting a new piece of furniture which was a new instrument “the organ” around the time that the movie the Exorcist and a little before became a famous movie and near the same area of Virginia in Alexandria, Virginia.  Maybe I will touch on it now. My brother and I when we went to this church used to get sick. He and I both would grow pale and sickly to our stomachs. So we would get to leave early which we liked of course but the rest of the family thought we were jerks. They had a change in Rectors (reverend) while we were in the area and about the same time as we met Gary my sister’s husband and the replacement rector/ reverend was gay for sure. I never talked to the guy. He never talked to him either. I remember the back of his head for the most part and the way he walked but I haven’t any idea his face because I didn’t pay attention. LOL Too busy looking up hymns and sitting, bending, standing etc over and over again. silly repetitive nonsense and I doubt God was impressed. It wasn’t a very friendly church. I did not learn anything by the sermons and barely anything seeing animations etc at confirmation classes. We also used their soda machine to cool off after playing. We noticed he was gay and didn’t talk about it. It was a fact and neither made a difference to us because we suffered those physical ailments of getting sick at church before as well. We used to play around the church yard behind our house football and built forts in the woods, etc. The stables were nearby where we kept our horse down the road. There were homes in the woods which we never went to – very old decrepit homes across the street from the church in the thick woods. I don’t think the people who lived in those homes came to the church but the ones in our neighborhood. It wasn’t built up and lots of new neighborhoods being built in the area so we played there in the construction sites on the planks and brick sometimes with my sister and sometimes with my brother or both. We liked to explore which is one of the thoughts I received from my brother (I think):

Never stop exploring!

Exploring is something we used to do together partially because that was how we lived our lives and it was fun and during our travels together as a family around Europe and the USA camping trips we took that my dad planned meticulously  for us. Four kids is a bunch to handle on camping and car travels with tours on a shoestring of a budget and so it was good he was that way. Sometimes found ourselves in dangerous spots but managed to live through our explorations. It’s kind of hard to remember everything I need to remember because things change so fast and at the time I wasn’t as aware of politics as I am now which I despise in many ways. And religion does affect politics in a big way and vice versa. I wasn’t even interested in politics because I had no idea how much it affected our lives being a kid. I was into doing other stuff and trying to find my talent or interests in college. and looking for love, having friends, having fun and the repercussions of fun and friends as well, etc. I was a D student as in D for dedicated. I got caught skipping for so many days when we lived in Virginia. My mom was pretty mad about it. I was a schlepp of a student.  I think I was a bit slow but I don’t know. I couldn’t pay attention or didn’t pay attention to the teachers and wasn’t interested in what they taught at the time I had been tomboy and was more into other things. I hated school and having to get up except socially but was a big failure socially as well and we moved so much I hadn’t developed socially in some ways. I went to three different high schools in three different states. The second to last high school I was bussed about a half hour away to a black neighborhood in Columbus for our country. I got pregnant and watched my best friend have an affair with the math teacher/coach for most of the year and I and my brother and his friends we were with who set it up were busted on base for marijuana but not charged but purposefully set up by the military police’s son who was effeminate cause his dad was an asshole and berated him and he probably confessed and he was supposed to be there that night and didn’t show but the military police did show with the rangers of the base in their helicopters and rifles on us.  We were all colonels kids and  because of the change in politics about the quota in the military about who was gonna become general and around the time Colin Powell got his chance. We had no idea people would do what they did to us just to get a head, but they did. It made us look bad but they were extremely competitive and sneaky and imo they made a mistake as far as my dad is concerned. He retired soon after sending us off to Texas for a year of separation from my mom. I think he kind of blamed me for the bust but it wasn’t my idea it was my older brother’s idea with his friends and I tagged along. He sure didn’t raise his hand to take the credit WHO WOULD? Like taking credit for rough housing and breaking a vase or something valuable and it wasn’t important who was to blame because we didn’t do anything the rest of them weren’t doing. It was his friends, not mine, and all were colonels kids. He was four years older. One of the friends was a colonel’s kid and his sister who my brother took a liking to became good friends and then they became good friends via the kids with my older sister and her husband when living in Texas years later around the time of the threshold debacle.  I met him and his wife once with my brother when I was going to college when they took me water falling in the Guadalupe River falls when swimming was still allowed and he and she ended up moving to San Antonio near the time of the Great Falling Away when Gary wanted to carry me over the threshold to the car to get my lighter etc and I had the first molestation meeting a few days later with my sister in Dallas after wards.

Years later he and his wife went bike riding in the mountains or something steep and she fell off her bike with her bike down the mountain and the spoke speared her kidney when she landed and she died. I’m sure it was a secluded place as well. I can see how it might have occurred with a kick. This was after the winning of the Fedex case by my brother and so he went to the funeral and said his friend acted very strange to him for some reason when my brother went to help his friend in mourning. The problem was IMO he befriended Gary and my sister and something to do with winning a lawsuit against Fedex. I’m sure the General and his daughter were involved as well: Mr. Congo. Me Tarzan – you Jane?

Remember “pathetic”?

talking about your idea of friendship or your idea of a friend. Believe you me it’s pertinent to this conversation I’m having and hopefully it is getting through? Partially for not suing when they wanted to sue about food poisoning at a sushi restaurant as weird as it is.

He acted as if he had murdered his wife. His dad was one of the colonels who didn’t make the rank because of the drug bust. His daughter was also attending the bust as well with us and her dad cried because it screwed up his military career and chances to become general but in actuality it was the quota. The bust was an excuse and nobody was charged to emphasize how lucky we were like the IRISH. My dad didn’t even cry. He had been to war for two years before that – a very tough war and very uncomfortable war in Vietnam and my parents and theirs lost friends in that war and I’m sure their men and women they were in charge of so when my sister wrote or someone wrote in the brochure about my mom for her funeral with information about my dad and his motives for going to war the second time (tour of duty) for his career aims because he got a battalion to command it wasn’t to make general or it wasn’t that important to make general as much as the brochure claimed. Yea it was his career but it was his duty as well at the time and he had perspective. It was a compliment and an achievement he was granted or given because of his abilities but was not based on becoming a general. Lots of colonels are much more talented and much more detrimental in the military and to the military than many generals depending on the job they are asked to do and how they handle it and depending on the person and their bosses.  The military is of course very political sometimes and politics tends to be a source of problems for the military because of the obvious reasons especially when at war often the difference between winning and not winning a war or getting into a war or not and being properly armed for their goals. Remember during the Clinton presidency some in some of out military in some country were abandoned. Politics is delinquent oftentimes to the point of the death of soldiers and others. It wasn’t his drive, imo and I felt like the brochure mocked him in that way. He liked retiring and learning to build homes as well. He still got to play golf. He had to learn to match plaids, but my mom helped him.

He loved his family first and foremost.

So he did not cry. 

(Why would a grown man cry about what Brads dad cried about? Perhaps he knew ahead  of time, as well. My best friends dad was the head of the Rangers on the base. What land were we on? Rangers… Who were in the helicopters? Rangers… Who had the rifles? Rangers … It was not the military police. RANGER DANGER:0

Ranger Danger is not to be confused with Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, or the actual Danger Rangers, who teach kids about safety.

Gary wasn’t a stranger or a ranger, was he? Is it irrelative? I don’t think so.

And he wasn’t a monk, was he?

When we went to Branson, Missouri years and years later when I had my first child, we were late picking up my parents and my older sister after a show they attended. Anyway the pearl was pissed because we were late by about an hour or so. Hey I used to wait plenty of times while she was in college at SMU scarfing up the money my mom made and that my mom helped to pay for her tuition wise and clothing working very hard in real-estate and was doing great at it when she had to pick me up from school late. I didn’t like it but I didn’t blame my sister, but now I will. In Branson I wasn’t in charge of the vehicle and I didn’t have a watch and I didn’t bring the marijuana, nor buy it. I was tagging along as usual. For some reason in my sister’s eyes it was me who caused her to have to wait. Maybe it was my reaction to her mood that pissed her off. We were kind of hysterical laughing on the way especially when we realized we were an hour late and scrambled trying to come up with a good believable excuse which was entertaining in itself and because we knew she was gonna be pissed and then on top of it getting lost even though it’s not a huge city and she was pissed, however my parents were pretty cool about it. They didn’t need an excuse. I really didn’t want to go to Branson and only did it because of family. When we went to breakfast in the hotel my dad ordered some food and I guess he got up to go to the bathroom or something and came back and the plateful of food was at his place and he sat down and asked: “Did I order this or did I throw this up?” It was funny and we all laughed. You had to have been there I think to understand how we got a kick out of him and his personality.

Lots of politics at the time and at the end of the Vietnam war and because of Watergate and the ramifications of Watergate which have been covered up but it has to do with the cult leaders of the

BGEA and also a shill for the RCC. This is what Watergate was really about.

The Break-in was JUST an EXCUSE

like the bust or we would have been charged, don’t ya think?

On base we had the prisoner of My lai living under house arrest who went nuts killing a bunch of civilians and kids in Viet Nam. Never saw the person I can’t remember his name who was the accused but he wasn’t that far away.



The Vietnam war was coming to an end though I wasn’t aware of it at the time except that my dad was in Vietnam fighting a war I had no idea why except because he was in the military. It was his second year with a year in between with us and at the Pentagon. Before that we were pretty sheltered. Didn’t really have an idea of life outside of being kids and on base and were not around civilians much except in travels and kept to ourselves for the most part. Civilians and posties often fought when we were stationed overseas. I didn’t but the boys did. We used to call them townies…the civilians.


I had not figured it out yet because I had big ideas in some ways and wasn’t very realistic about what was ahead without experience to know. I did know math was out of the question. I was kind of doing a jack of all trades kind of college experience to figure it out which is not a good idea in some ways however it came in handy in other ways later on because through my experience I learned a lot on the surface and led me to some things I might not have had the wherewithal to figure out, but nothing that made sense at the time.



Later I had done some research in regards to what had attacked him and his brother. It’s bad enough to have Hemophilism then to be attacked by the AIDs epidemic was much tougher and seemed unfair to me after he died years later. I was busy having kids and with my family experiences, etc. which in itself is a lot to handle especially with some of the things I was handling as best I could though not in other people’s eyes. For me it was enough, too much. Anyway a strange thing happened that evening when we got together at my sisters house having to do with blood which was kind of scary and odd. I explained it in a post written earlier but basically my brother’s arm started to bleed for no reason. We were sitting around the table and noticed my brother’s arm bleeding. It wasn’t a lot of blood but the timing was weird and at the time we thought maybe a bug bit him or something and I was worried about the possibility of my brother getting infected but we did not say it. My heart was beating fast.  I remember and it scared me for my brother. I know I was not sitting next to my brother at the table but I can’t remember who was sitting next to my brother. Later I remembered my ex boyfriend’s wife was a nurse. I had not experienced nurses much except for my first college roommate was studying to be nurse. She set me up on a blind date that was really quite funny. She did it kind of as a joke but I took it well. He was a nice guy but not my type and she knew it but needed a friend to go out with the guy she liked. She talked me into it and it was my second blind date in my life and the first was pretty weird to begin with which is a whole nuther story walking around the Lincoln Memorial a bunch, my first time to ever have hashish as well and was my first date ever and with a guy graduating from high school and I was but a graduating freshman. I did it for a friend who wanted to go out with his friend. So I did her a favor in my first semester at college when I least expected it which is basically my life story.  It was the last blind date I ever had as well. Eventually through experience you learn some things about people. Things were quite wild and I was caught up in the wildness with a lot of other people my age.

This is not an expose on nurses because there are many good ones as well but there are some that aren’t and while it seems I am inferring a relationship of my brothers wound to a nurse who happened to be married to my ex-boyfriend whom I didn’t know at all but it is possible. I know needles can be pretty small and sometimes you don’t feel them. He could have nicked himself without realizing it as he walked out to the porch or scratched himself but the timing was strange and there was a reaction which was big without much discussion but on the faces of everyone there and in my mind as well. Reminded me of the time I was visiting my older sister and my mom was visiting her which is why I came over to see my mom and Gary took his kid a tot to the Jacuzzi for a jealousy lesson which I thought was weird. My sister was very pregnant and the timing seemed weird for a father daughter jealousy talk in a Jacuzzi at night in the dark without some kind of suspicion since I had had experience with his strangeness (waking up to molestation while asleep next to my sister in their apartment) a few times and everyone knew it including my sister and she didn’t bother to check on her tot but I was afraid for her and I saw my mom’s eyes and I could tell she was a bit disturbed as well. Her eyes grew very big. She had big eyes to begin with so when hers got big they got really big. We were not the parents and I waited for my sister to check on her kid but she didn’t that night. She noticed our eyes. I know she did and she resented it but I could not help it and nor could my mom.

It was a natural instinct and possibly a natural moral instinct.

I have no idea if anything happened or not but I was naturally concerned. Why have a father daughter jealousy talk the one night your mother-in-law and sister-in-law are together at the house visiting and why make the announcement about it if he did not want to disturb us knowing what he had done in the past. Kind of weird. My sister had been pregnant a long time. It wasn’t a one night deal. He could have had a talk many nights and days before or after and he was or had been drinking beer this particular night and often men are turned off by pregnancy in the wives. It is not unusual. (there is always the possibility my niece as a tot exhibited some sort of jealousy that day and he was responding that night, but I think it was belligerence and maybe a bit of mental illness or craziness and if it wasn’t why didn’t my sister who noticed say something? later when the kids were older she said there was a rumor about a person from the private girls school who was having trouble because of the dad and my sister told me but she didn’t know who but had heard about it somehow. Could be there were more than one. and then Gary did not want his daughter to get psychological counseling and said to leave her alone to work out her problems to my sister at one time which was weird and then she did go to a Christian counselor. Of course what he said to my family about isolating me years later is incriminating. ) Even though teens tend to be messy my niece didnb’t even leave an inch of space on her rug in her bedroom which IMO meant she wanted to have some kind of warning which I think Newtown was partially about. Paraphrasing:”When we did our art work and used marks alots we filled the whole page and not one bit of white left on the paper.” Remember that? So yea I was concerned about New Town.

After that experience came the photo of me and my other brother-in-law with family around his pool when he got home from work when he gave everyone a hug and no pictures were taken but of only me and him having a cursory hug (in a normal kind of greeting) he in his suit and me in my bathing suit because he came home from work in his suit and I in my bathing suit because I was swimming in their pool with the family though she presented the photo a few years later but the same house with the nasty look (glaring) she gave me as if I had been caught. I knew it was in retaliation and had grown in her mind into whatever it had grown into in her mind. Perhaps we should have talked about it but I had tried in the past to talk about it with her and as calmly as I could only to be treated the way she treated me during our first meeting which was quite weird. No matter what I did it was wrong and no matter how I did it it was wrong in her eyes. Pretty soon you are on pins and needles not knowing how to act in any circumstances. It was not always rough that way but often was. I felt like I should go in slooooo moooootion just to quell any fear of me. Should I use my right hand or my left to open the door. Should I turn the knob? Should I walk, should I skip, should I run. It was nerve wrecking and destructive to me and my personality and destructive to my spirit and to my soul and finally my body and everything else. It was crazy. Hard to carry on relationships in a normal fashion relaxed and like everyone else.

I wasn’t the only one.

I saw their daughter’s reaction when Gary over did his playfulness and his affection. I know he loved his girls but I know he went too far with his girls by their reaction. I know they loved him too. At some point in time he took a video of my ass and my thighs as I was carrying my first child on my hip walking to the front door and outside to checkout his daughters new used van she was very proud of and I had to watch the video more than once and I thought why haven’t they erased it. I should not have to ask. It was not a mistake. He took the video for some kind of strange reason either to upset his wife, me  and possibly his kids to anger them.

Later when everything went totally berserk he suggested to my little sister and family to isolate me as if I was the problem and that should have been a big clue at least that is what my little sister told me on the phone. Who would suggest such a thing? The reasoning was so I would come back to the fold. Who would think that was a normal thing to do and was a normal reason to do it. I can’t think of anyone who would think it was normal. Obviously, my little sister didn’t think so or she would not have told me on the phone and it was sometime after that that we had our meeting with my brother who came to town to try to straighten things up with me and my parents because I suspect he loved them and he loved me and wanted us to not be at odds with each other and for the sake of the family and why I guess Gary was questioning his motives which was obviously a sign he was a brick shy in some ways. It was a stretch to consider what he was considering and hoping the family would condone or go along with. It was insane. Why would he want me back in the fold? To go along with his shit/shenanigans to make him look normal. It was outrageous in so many ways I was amazed not in a good way. Other women liked his attention I noticed, even at the office. I know the Generals daughter enjoyed him and no one suspected her. WHY? Well because she wasn’t a threat for one thing and she did their bidding. But they also lost a few friends along the way and one or two were female and I suspect he pulled some shit on them as well and I suspect my older sister did as well. and there was my little sister who he played footsie with under a table at a restaurant when everyone was out to dinner and she did not tell my sister and her sister. She told me. Why? Why did she tell me and not them. Obviously there was something to it or it would never have come up in conversation. And then that 35,000 dollars she put in her savings account of my mom’s money she was not planning to use until my mom died. WHY? and then there was the death brochure exclaiming about how great my little sister was taking care of my mom as if we didn’t know? Pretty damned good salary. Give me a break. It was a payoff of some kind to keep her mouth shut about the family, the abuse, and the hospice of my mom via the government and her religion and her husband who was a user she met on-line via a dating service who had been married twice before and one wife had died. Never putting his own money into their newly bought home in the country and newly built pool through rock, but managing the money she received via her divorce and other ways while coping with a few cupcakes along the way. While Gary was a brick shy in regards to females I don’t know that he was a murderer of women. He had a screw loose for sure but why is what I want to know. I know he regretted what he did which I could tell when his wife played the movie Atonement. In fact I know he regretted it sooner than that time way later in life. I saw it and he was scared of me in a way. He was afraid of what I might do. I could tell by the way he acted so I know he had a conscience possibly very underdeveloped but he also had some things going on possibly in a spiritual sense causing some of his problems and confusing him as to how to handle it correctly without being a total dick. He had a lot of resentment and expressed it the wrong way and when under the influence of alcohol did some things he probably wouldn’t have done and the resentment became more extreme kind of bullish. I knew when he called and told me I was a fucking liar he regretted it after I told his wife, my sister. I know he regretted it even before I told on him. It hurt but I was telling the truth and he was acting up again. I understood his reaction like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I like alcohol to some degree but I have done the same under the influence of alcohol things I wish I hadn’t done. I think alcohol serves a purpose as long as it is limited. Relaxing is good for the soul and alcohol can serve that purpose sometimes in the right atmosphere/circumstances with the right people and with the right attitude and the right amount. It takes some experience to know when to stop. Its a great way to mix with people it helps sometimes so as not to be socially a dweeb or a stiff but you don’t want to drive under the influence because you are more apt to make mistakes. Anyone who drinks knows it and anyone who sees others drinks knows it though rarely admit it sort of like the mustard seed. The sun too much of it can be like getting drunk which I found out by laying around a pool and having to get in the car to go somewhere and lost some good judgment because of the extreme heat of the sun and having to do with starting a car and reversing it or going forward etc. I remember having a small fender bender because of the sun. I had had experience being in the sun but this time it affected me weirdly. Obviously anything in moderation is wise. You would not drink before flying a plane or operating on a person or taking care of kids around a pool though most of us do sometimes take liberties we shouldn’t possibly take. You wouldn’t breast feed on alcohol although supposedly wine is okay to some degree. I did wonder if he had poisoned me because of my illness but on reflection I don’t think he was stupid enough to do something so radical as poison me. He wasn’t a violent man except in his belligerence as far as I knew because I had never seen it. I was probably more violent than he was but then I wondered if he wasn’t involved in some rapes that occurred in the neighborhood but then I thought it is possible something caused those rapes and perhaps was using him as a decoy in a demonic way which is possible. I knew that he skied with his family and there was a rash of ski mask rapes nearby and then they moved. He wasn’t a rash person either. He could control himself like at the office in front of people but he did resent females quite a bit and his wife was kind of hard on him deservedly sometimes and sometimes she would yell at him kind of loudly ordering him around but usually he acted like he didn’t give a shit. Made a joke of it. He had a sense of humor about anything  and I don’t think he realized grabbing on my ass down low and hard at the office was wrong. ILLEGAL. TABOO. I know he wanted to ridicule me, to demoralize me, to belittle me because I had potential and was better at some things than he. The whole premise of the job they offered me for a while was a lie. The plan they told me to get me to work for them. Gary would do advertising and would teach me and then he would go out and do what my  sister was doing and I would take over the advertising and the clerical work and he never stopped training me, He wasn’t about to go out and do what my sister did because he didn’t have her talent which was self-evident over a period of time.  It isn’t as if he didn’t help my sister become successful. He had a great part in their success. The house as well that I invested my brothers loan to me for the ex so he could live in it because it was dream house of his. He found it. I didn’t. My sister sold it and from the start it was a bad deal when the whole deal changed when financed. I was being set up way ahead though I didn’t realize it till it was too late. I knew he was very talented at some things and it should have made him less that way. I could tell he was jealous when a man at the office was acting interested in me too much and me him. I could tell when he put the palm of his hand on my kids foreheads and messing their hair affectionately and then came to me and wasn’t affectionate and pushed my forehead kind of hard when things got kid of dicey like he had a right to belittle me because he had a lot of support, pushing his palm into my forehead as if I was a piece of shit. It was degrading. Asking my husband to bring a lawn mower at that specific time as favor getting my husband to comply with their wishes which I asked him not to comply and he did anyway. I knew I was fucked for sure because he was such a weakling. His nose was out of joint and it helped my husband. His daddy his wife and the lies she told for him, his stature, their friends and what they were capable of, the business he was in and what they were capable of against me and for him because he was my sister’s husband and because of his dad in the oil business and she made good money in real-estate, etc. It was the heightht of belligerence and it was psychologically tough for me and it was rough treatment at best and it should not have been like that at all. I was being watched and I knew it because I was being followed and I knew it and because people were doing some strange things like my teacher at real-estate school and I know I was being photographed as well. I had a whole company of people fucking with me trying to make me look bad every chance they could. Even when I went to real-estate school. I couldn’t believe it that people behaved that way to people they didn’t even know. Like a club. He was afraid I would do well in real-estate. It felt good to have his sexual interest beneath him socially, financially, in business because of demasculinization along the way and probably from his wife my older sister and their religion and maybe her friends like Susan. Kind of a vicious circle.Then when I was getting a divorce my sister saying way to loudly so my husband could over hear hoping we would get back to gether as husband and wife hoping to manipulate my husband my ex eventually and playing him as if she was on his side only if he was on hers. She was very good at manipulation. She did the same with my little sister and her husband when she was divorcing. Calling him when she shouldn’t have IMO. His granddaughter had drowned in their pool and calling me to ask what should she tell him while my sister was at my home after much of this had happened. I told her remind him he saved your son in the same circumstances from drowning in their pool. She didn’t even remember. I had to remind her he had saved her only son from drowning and yet he lost his granddaughter at the same age as her son who a lost drowned years before on her birthday. A beautiful little 3 year old granddaughter. I think Cherie my little sisters nemesis was jealous. She also had a daughter and there was a business to be had. A really successful business. She was the chick THE BLOND at my nieces wedding who said to me I had something in my eye when we greeted each other at the wedding rehearsal the same day as the wedding. I looked pretty good that day and she didn’t like it. She was a pretty girl though if I was guy I would never have been interested in her type because she was bitch complaining to my little sister about her husband not paying attention to her as he watched a sports show “football” while she sucked his dick and told her in laws about his behavior. Talk about low class. My parents would have died if their kids did that. My little sister couldn’t believe she was so sleazy and she worked for the church and received a salary from the church and she caused a lot of shit in their family even for her husband obviously complaining about his lack of attention. WHO DOES THAT? Yea she was pretty and had a pretty voice to sing hymns for the church on the side and popular songs but she was gross. She was sitting with my older sister in the pews when we greeted each other at the rehearsal and didn’t greet very nicely. So what. I have a eye winker in my eye. BIG DEAL. How about Hey, nice to see ya relative. I went to a lot of trouble for a while helping my sister prepare for the wedding that didn’t work out because the guy my niece married was a dick as well. I helped my sister pick out her mother of the bride dress and believe me shopping with my sister wasn’t easy but she was my sister and this was before the shit hit the fan at the office but while I was being set up by my sister. Her new husband  got into killing cats on their land, but he could cook. He reminded me of Detective Fuhrman and reminded me of the man whose daughter was killed on a pier in California when out with his daughter without his wife, her mother. Meeting on a pier and it was blamed on a illegal immigrant in a safe zone who happened upon a gun under his bench and upon some opioids in a trash bin nearby. He was apart time actor and had gotten some small roles in Hollywood. Luckily my niece quickly divorced him. He wasn’t good enough and he wasn’t but his dad was well off, his mom was married to a theologian of the Christian church. Both his dad and his dad’s newest wife committed murder suicide eventually. How weird is that? Anyway a tornado came and missed my house: that beam in my eye Cherie was insinuating I had because she was such a instinctive moral laurel christian without a clue a sucker of the mustard seed. A wolf in an angelic appearance. She also had a young daughter about the same age as the granddaughter who died and I know she was definitely competitive. She competed for my little sister’s husbands attention as well. He was the boss of their successful business. The beam hit the window and it was about 8 foot long  but it didn’t come through and my cat was killed not too long afterwards which I mentioned in regards to the tornado when writing another post I wrote about the tornado that occurred the day after Christmas and people were hurt and people did lose their homes nearby and some even lost their lives. I had seen my sweet kitty looking out the window that day which was not his usual behavior and then I saw him when the tornado hit walking by the bathroom where I was huddled praying  unphased walking down the hallway. He was a miracle cat. Before the tornado by a few years I found him after he disappeared for 7 weeks alive in the bus lane at school. Sweetest cat in the world. Reminded me of my mom if  my mom was an animal she would be that sweet and lovable and pretty. I loved that cat obviously and it hurt how he died and the way the ex acted about it telling me when he was sick Go ahead and take him to the vet if he needs it and I said I think he needs it and then he said I HATE YOUR GUTS. He had little white dots in his left lung I was told and should not have made him suffocate. and my daughters shitty friend had a premonition about white dots when she was drunk on a margarita at a concert and high on some opioids and my daughter tried to care for her. The girl that left her friend my daughter at a mall by herself after hours at night about an hour away without juice in her cell phone because she was in a hurry to get somewhere. The girl who said I was a MILF. The girl from Bosnia who was gonna move to Croatia and was gonna be rich whose dad was a mechanic but couldn’t fix her car. Then she caused a scene in front of our house about some clothing parking their car down the road so as not to be seen and calling my ex in Michigan complaining about my daughter while he was at a funeral of his brother up north and to complain about me and my daughter on a very special day my daughter and I had together while he was out of town and he took her side for a while until we explained she was not in the right. He wanted us to cowtow to her and we refused and being together and she was acting like a hyena with her other friend causing a lot of trouble obviously on drugs and not in her right mind and very immature and obviously under someone’s spell determined to fuck with me and my kid and my cat. My daughter played it smart and just stayed away even though she tried to get her to into a fight. Begging for it for some reason. I know I saw evil in her eyes and knew she had troubles. I wasn’t a total ass to her I wanted her to be okay but there comes a time when you say NO MORE SHIT. I tried to be a nice mother to her until she did what she did and it was apparent she was lying her as off and using my kid and so was the ex. I told him I didn’t want her in the home he did it anyway. I was worried about my daughter and at the time my daughter was till her friend until she dropped her off like a sack of potatoes at a mall. My daughter is beautiful girl with talent and a lot going for her because of her heredity, my parents and me and because she chooses to be who she is. Caring and lovable and huggable. Then he made my kids watch my cat suffocating on his phone. NOT NORMAL. They handled it but I would rather he didn’t do it for their sake but he did it for his sake and against me. Later he had his mom hospiced by starvation and was able to buy his daughter a car and a computer with the money his mom left. It took about five days and he kind of knew how long it would take. He wasn’t there but only in spirit. Said she wanted it which I doubt.

I took my cat home for the girls and it was exciting when I found him. He had liver damage because he had not eaten for a long time. But to see him in the flood drain in between the 12 trees at the time ( a grove of trees) maybe eleven and now ten and he was too weak to barely get out. It was amazing and he lived for quite a while gracing our home with his sweetness and a sense of morality. He was a gift from God and a miracle like my mom and my dad and my kids. It was kind of  strange before he disappeared he put his paw in my hand and gave me a look as if he had to do what he did when he disappeared. I’ll never forget it. He was definitely a miracle.

My ex boyfriend

I hadn’t put it together or it didn’t even come to mind just when I thought back on it what it might have been after all the other things that had occurred that didn’t make sense to me. Sometimes it takes time to accumulate a sense of order of things and the meaning. My ex boyfriend was not a vindictive guy so I knew he wouldn’t have injured my brother for some kind of HIV/AIDs hatefulness as you hear some people do having sex with others to infect them on purpose that we have heard about in the news sometimes like the famous actor raised as a Pentacoste ( I think it was the religion he was raised on or something very similar) who was caught in that kind of madness. I can’t remember his name but had a few brothers and a famous dad in the acting business. I didn’t really understand the disease of hemophilism and wanted kids in my future and his mom had two sons who had hemophilism and I had heard later it is from the female that hemophilism is made thinking I would be that way carrying the gene which is not true. It was still a concern for me though not a big one because having kids was not my desire. The bible states something about a person who doesn’t care about what women want/desire and Mel Gibson (Martin Sheen-Mr. Silver (I love silver) Charlie Sheen was the name of the actor who got people sick with the disease after he was sick with it and I think he did it on purpose or was written that way in the news which I just remembered thinking about the opposite of a gibson is a martini. Anyway he had some tweets that were interesting during the Fukushima nuclear accident and so did Obama and it had to do with Billy Graham or Franklin Graham as I recall and I took notice big time because it also had to do with the Neocathechumenal Way, a new catholic dogma on the horizon which caused an increase in suicides of Japanese catholics and the Japanese people affected by the new enlightenment of the Neo Cats and the warning by Pope Benedict XVl of the New World Order/Religion with Teeth having to do with Al Gore as well and then came the tsunami which caused a nuclear accident and poisoned the waters nearby and of course it is hard to contain ocean water. It was a lot to notice but I did because it seemed relevant and I felt it was my duty to notice and report my way as I did. I know Obama visited Billy Graham at his home like many other presidents did) came out with his interpretation in the movie called What Women Want and he thought women wanted him. Now he did not shy away from a movie about Jesus and he did a good job of it from his point of reference being a catholic and i guess he and his dad started a new faith? The prophecy is kind of important but I can’t remember it right now but it was talking about an individual who is against what women want/desire. Someone important/pertinent in the “EndTimes”.

When I was young it was not on my mind to have babies. I did not know what I wanted and was trying to figure it out most of my life like most people. When I was married it seemed like a legitimate desire eventually because I liked kids. My sister’s kids were cute and I loved helping with her kids but it was not a great desire for me until it was probable and possible to do so in the right way. I had not sown my wild oats yet. If I hadn’t had any I would have found a way to be fulfilled by traveling etc and learning: that is how I looked at things for a long time. But I enjoyed the kids in the family. I did not enjoy other people’s kids as much because often they were a nuisance because some people don’t take care of their kids such as when I saw a kid with diareah all over himself that was green and his mom was pissed off and obviously overworked – it was a turn off to want to be a mom and because I was kind of not used to kids poops, LOL. Or when I had to clean the house I was about to live in or rent and the house had a mountain of dirty diapers up to the ceiling which someone tossed into the middle of the living room because of laziness it was turn off to me to want to be a mom or when at Sam’s Club watching a woman (indian nanny) who was not the mother of the child she was taking care of and the kid falling out of the cart without being seat belted and threatening to fall beforehand by standing up a bunch of times in the cart seat and falling on his head on cement and the sound it made and he immediately having  a bump the size of an apple on his forehead and she acting like it wasn’t a big deal- it was a turn off to me to want to be a mom or watching a woman slap the shit out of her kid for being a shit in the grocery line – it was a turn off to me wanting to be a mom or hearing about someone with their kid in 100 degree weather leaving their kid to die in an overheated car -it was a turn off to me to want to be a mom, or of a woman who drowns her kids in a car in a lake so she can have a relationship with a boy – it was a turn off to me wanting to be a mom or a woman who kills her children because of her religious nut husband and his expectations of her – it was a turn off to me to wanting to be a mom and last but not least watching a grown man with the world at his feet pick up his kid by her arm (by a previous marriage) as if the kid was a sack of potatoes – it was a turn off to me wanting to be a mom. There are plenty of examples I could go on and on about it, but I won’t: It is not what women want. Not me anyway. I did not want a kid so much as to see or go through what I witnessed in many forms besides the murders of woman who did get pregnant and husbands who didn’t want the child or the mom but wanted life insurance much more.

 My ex boyfriend, again.

My ex boyfriend had some idiosyncrasies as well but we were good friends through it all, I think. His idiosyncrasies was he was a weirdo. He loved playing jokes on people. When he came to my wedding he wore fake teeth and looked like he was buck toothed. He talked to the people at the reception that way during my reception at my sister’s home. It was funny and kind of his way to act dumb and be funny. That was the kind of guy he was. He made teeth for living and had designed his own for his entertainment and ours. We went to McDonalds or something late at night one night he my brother and I and he would do funny stuff to make people react at the counter and to make us react, not meanly. I can’t remember what he said at that time but it was typical of him. Just the way he was. I think he wanted to be a psychologist, but didn’t know it.  A strange one but funny and fun. Once he got all the kids in our family the four of us and Gary I think as well and we went to a place where there were a bunch strange people who saw auras. I guess they were at a meeting or something. Spiritualists of some kind. It was a form of entertainment for him to get us in this predicament and see how we would react.  He was at my wedding and I went to his through my sister who kind of made me go with her kind of pressure which can be great sometimes being my older sister the older sibling in the family. She was a prodder in many ways, though I wanted to go but wasn’t invited for some reason, though she was which was kind of weird since they were not great friends at all in fact she had him kicked out or made me kick him out of her apartment years before because we were too young to be together and had called my parents and the pressure was on and was a short time before my sister’s husband did what he did to me when they moved back to Dallas. I remember watching both he and my sister’s husband in the bathroom acting weird to each other in a mano y mano kind of way and I didn’t like it. I was defensive for my family and him. I felt funny about it all especially watching their confrontation. Can’t explain it except that I was too young and insensitive at the same time to him. It broke us up because I was too young and he wasn’t invited in the first place. I was there to visit my sister in another town and he found out and came to town at the same time. It was very very weird. He invited himself and I didn’t know how to handle it at the time. Years later I crashed his wedding so to speak but I did it nicely and for the right reasons, imo. It was a pretty wedding with classical guitars playing in an older part of town, very romantic. I met his dad for the first time in the receiving line. His dad and mom were divorced so knew of her more though we didn’t hang out as much as he did in my family because of his friendship with my brother, me and my little sister. But it was my older sister that kind of pushed me to go to the wedding which was really strange in itself. She had hardly anything to do with him and then she did but after the shit with her husband. I was kind of a victim of circumstances I did not understand. She was six years older than me and a big influence at the time but probably was a bad idea. They went to the same college. One day she saw his dog on the tail gate of his truck and talked me into kidnapping his dog for a few hours and we did and gave his dog back of course. Sweet dog.  and his best friend, Bonnie. She was golden retriever. Later Bonnie was poisoned by someone and it wasn’t that distant in time which at the time I didn’t suspect anything at all. A neighbor or something and I think he was suspicous of me. I didn’t do anything but but be insensitive to his loss because I was sick with mononucleosis at the time and I was young and kind of confused. So sick I had a fever one night and thought I was Einstein writing stuff in the air mathematical type equations with my finger and had figured them out no less. I was obviously delirious from fever.

His dad was addicted at one time to laughing gas he told me during our time to know each other and all I knew about that kind of thing was from the movie with Peter Sellers in one of the Pink Panther movies when he and his adversary were having a good time on it and it was an hysterical depiction at the time. His nose melted, etc.

I think the last time I saw him he was visiting a friend above where I used to take my daughter to dance classes during recital period and I was hugely pregnant and with my husband waiting for one class to end and another class to begin during breaks for my elder daughter. My little sister was there for some reason. I think doing a task for my older sister because neither of her kids took class and both were boys from another town visiting. He had dated her as well after we dated for a short time. She asked if they could and I said yea. We were all very close and they were in between boyfriends and girl friends at the time and I saw no problem with it at the time and I was in college in another town. I wasn’t jealous though it was a bit strange. We had an off and on relationship sometimes. He did not seem to be her type but I guess he showed interest and she had gone through some strange stuff. One of her friends a boy she went to the prom with committed suicide, the man she was taught by at a Batptist church who was the youth leader liked my little sister who was one of those youths divorced his wife and they had a kid,  I  think. She was pretty lady. Nice definitely nicer than him. He ended up being an employee of Gary at his business in the deli business as a manager. I was more trained but it didn’t matter because he was a guy and I wasn’t. And he used him against me soon after the first time he overreached his welcome. I was still in shock and didn’t know how to handle it doing my best and because obviously no one else did either or knew how to handle it ever at least not sufficiently to everyone’s satisfaction, and I didn’t handle it for a few years till after I was married when he wanted to carry me to the car to get my lighter because it was wet outside and I was barefoot at a casual party my parents had and then he followed me anyway after I told him No, thank you while his wife (my sister was watching. She had her friend call The Generals daughter to see why I left and I think she called anyway and advised me to talk to either one of them and so I did when they got back to town and he was at work and then she called my parents with a dumb lie. It was stupid stuff.  I left that morning without word because I had not slept all night because I was paranoid he was gonna sneak up on me in the middle of the night and did not get rest on my vacation at my parents home. I cried the day after on the side of my house where I lived after the first molestation years before. But I tried to overlook it and get over it for my sister. It wasn’t the very first time he acted up when he masturbated while I slept on their couch alone in their living room he was pacing back and forth and I was thinking wow. I was covered and hoping he would forget it or go away, and acting like I was asleep, etc. It was embarrassing and I did not want to embarrass them. My sister said “Gary get back in here” to their bedroom a room away. I was so relieved. It was a weird event and I didn’t bring it up thinking maybe he was sleep walking or confused but she knew he had a problem. I was at an age and still sowing my wild oats and didn’t need more wild oats. Eventually she had to know anyway and definitely by the time I told her after she had had her first child because I thought she should know and he said he would go to church specifically to Scofield Church when I did have a meeting with him about it which was an admission but I have no idea how he handled it with her and it did not help with his hidden anger and belligerence to me and to my sister in a way and towards my family that I grew up with and the family I made eventually in a way and usually when drunk or drinking. He had too many supports too many people backing him. I didn’t have anyone really. No one that understood at that time especially after the initial lie told by my sister to my parents in return. I was telling her for her sake so she could handle it and there are a myriad of ways to do it without a bunch of shit. I did it for myself too because I felt I had the right to be at my parents home visiting without worrying whether he would molest me after I fell asleep. I felt I should have a right to be comfortable in my parent’s home. I had already been hurt by it and I was doing it for our sake as a family. I wasn’t trying to hurt him. I was trying to take it for what it was. Not trying to make a scene or cause them trouble. I didn’t want their money. I didn’t want an affair with him or even the hint of it because he was my brother-in-law, a relative, a family member, and my sister’s husband and he was a dad. I wasn’t trying to shame him until it got nasty and mean and then I had no choice in the matter. Self-Preservation. All in all if I had been married to Gary I would have handled it better especially if I loved him or the kids. I did handle it better with my ex when he started acting up. I got on the computer asked the questions “should a divorced dad sleep with his teen daughter?” and read the answers to him in the next room when my daughter was out with friends and he stopped sleeping with her but I had to pay a price (False arrest and overnight JAIL and he paid the bail. He called the police! He knew he did not want to handle his daughter and act like a dad as she was in my room about to cut my leather purse and fringe in a fit of anger. he could have gotten her to stop instead he dials the police. I was s physically at a disadvantage as well.) but it was worth it in that kind of predicament which I explained in another post. Of course I did gain experience through it all so maybe it helped me for my daughter. Over the years I thought about how I would have handled it working with my sister for them/ One, was I took care of their kids and gave them breaks from the kids but there were other things we could have done and we could have been victorious working together on it. I know it. It didn’t have to be so damned serious, serious to the point of people near death over it or dying over it or losing their livelihood or losing their family. It’s called perspective. Put it in it’s proper perspective and deal with it. We are all guilty of lust and we are all guilty of being stupid sometimes. IPSO FACTO. We make mistakes and it is normal People that never have had lust or feel feelings aren’t people especially when drinking, but moral laurel liars.

I remember my brother and I owed my ex boyfriend a debt we couldn’t pay or could but it was outrageous so we played a joke on him and invited him over for a game of poker and my brother and I marked the cards though we could not see the marks when we played but it was fun anyway. It was more of a hindrance than a help. He was a very lucky player and good at it as well. It was a silly inside joke and I’m sure he wondered a bit about it because it was obvious something was going on. We could barely hold our laughter. It wasn’t in a mean-spirit just a funny thing to do. It was funny between friends though he didn’t know. LOL. I’m sure my brother told him eventually. I don’t know I never asked. Other things between us as well.

My brother’s wife didn’t like him after something happened between them. I guess he made a pass at her for some reason after they were married before he was married though not sure about that distinction but supposedly it happened. She kind of made their relationship kind of hard after that and I don’t know what it was he did exactly but became a bone of contention at some point and I think a comparison and it wasn’t even near a comparison to what I had been through with my brother-in-law but I think it had to do with it though I didn’t realize it at first. She kind of broke up their long friendship. A very long friendship. They were college buds and after for many years. Friend of the family and I think she was jealous maybe. Not sure. I think she was playing some kind of part in terms of my brother-in-law for him and for my sister against me and my sister showed little respect to her before that so I could not or have not figured out why she would but it was easier to deal with than my older sister who was quite a force to contend with possibly by her affiliations and her hardening of heart because of what she was dealing with herself which can’t have been easy. She could barely stand her and it was weird. I didn’t like how my sister treated her at the time. VERY WEIRD. Very involved stuff. I wasn’t pre-playing it. I was reacting. I was trying to be a good family member as best I could under the circumstances.

I forget the politician, a republican that ran for President whose wife was in charge of the blood supply somehow was under suspicion by my ex-boyfriend.  I know later online when studying the JFK assassination I had heard that the RCC or some of it’s representatives thought AIDS/HIV was punishment but the problem was was it killed babies and hemophiliacs and others who had nothing to do with homosexuality but I took note of their stance. A Bishop of the RCC made a statement in that regard. Some kind of recompense as if it was deserved. Kind of like what Franklin Graham kind of stuff where he or his sister come out stating in their brief ways some threats or warnings in the news such as “More Christians are gonna die” or how God has taken away his hand of protection of Christians or the USA, etc as if he nor she is God during the Obama Administration and Trumps as well. How do the Grahams know? Did God Say So? Franklin Graham once stated he believes everything in the bible: What about the mustard seed? How about some discernment?  How about the evil kings written about in the bible. Does he believe them? Its a ridiculous notion and a blanket statement to say you believe everything in the bible it’s like saying you believe the pages. How many versions of the bible exist and believe me there are differences and you can’t believe all of the differences. What if someone wrote a note in your bible do you believe the note even if it is a lie just because it is in the bible?

It’s a schmaltzy thing to say and very dumb.

My sister-in-law didn’t like my other brother-in-law the one married to my little sister because he hunted deer. That was her reasoning as was told to me by my brother. He did hang deer heads on his wall and fish corpses but not like if you entered a hunting lodge. There was another reason but I can’t remember it. Philandering possibly. (Though she did not mind Gary!) OTHE LAST TRIP to the beach with the family I bought myself a cute outfit turquoise two piece beach outfit or summer outfit and I could tell I was frowned upon by my sister-in-law for wearing it. At the time I looked good in it and hadn’t gotten frumpy yet but she looked me over funny. She liked to wear dresses which I thought was pretty. The brother-in-law that my older sister tried to insinuate we were getting it on or something going on between us via a photo she took and there wasn’t anything going on between us at all and she was dreaming of him and told my sister she had a dream about kissing him on a bridge while my little sister was below watching. Weird thing to tell her sister but she did and made my little sister feel odd and met little sister expressed it to me. She thought it was weird. I thought it was odd but it was only a dream, too. But under the circumstances of our family problems it was an odd thing to express. During my recuperation I was having dreams of my brother in law’s dick in my face. But my dream was more of a nightmare possibly drug induced because of the pain medication and because I suffered PTSD because of the things that had happened and the operation  and the way people treated me and things I was told and everyone’s reactions to every little thing I did or didn’t do and mine as well. Things got kind of heightened in a way that is hard to explain over different periods of time and as things progressed in an unreasonable way but reasonable in the sense that it should be understandable that it might get that way because of a lack of understanding.

My brother’s wife loved animals to a fault. Sensitive to animals and loved kitties etc but not realizing hunting was a sport and he did eat what he hunted and it was a population control of wild animals which would starve more than likely. Kind of like what we used to do with control fires to prevent bigger fires. Fighting fire with fire to protect lands which is what had to be done in the past when we didn’t have helicopters but we had storms with lightning and people that were a bit loose with fires they set during camping trips and some on purpose to hurt other land owners or to hide crimes. It worked for the most part especially out west where there are places that are hard to reach around the Rocky Mountains, etc. or parts of California and Arizona etc to protect farms, ranches, and housing or small cities that had developed over time. If I could put an animal to a human she would be a kitten kind of person. I painted a picture on porcelain for her for a Christmas present which was one of my favorites a copy but it was good practice of girl sitting on some steps with some wild kittens. Had a lot of cool shadows and stuff that I liked. It was one of my best portraits I had learned to paint. She didn’t hang it for some reason and I saw it one day down stairs in their home in a piece of furniture as if hidden. I don’t know why and I never asked. They were into their kids portraits huge ones. Baseball and I guess she didn’t appreciate my art at the time though I thought I was pretty talented in painting porcelain and was taught by my mom and a guy who was kind of famous for his portraiture as a help my mom thought would be helpful to me. It took weeks to months to paint although I did not count the times I fired it in the kiln. It was a good painting and reminded me of her and it was meant to be a compliment of what she was in my eyes in a way though I don’t think she appreciated it. Not sure why. I guess I could have sent some candles or something less personal instead but we had a family drawing each year to keep the gift giving to minimum so not to go crazy shopping and being ridiculous as our families grew.  I wasn’t made of money just talent and I thought she would like it and I didn’t hear any thing about it that made me think she liked it which was kind of a slap though not noticeable to others, just me. I didn’t do it for her again, didn’t have to. I didn’t get her name again. Lucky for me. Some people don’t like homemade gifts. Of course my mom was in charge of the drawing so maybe she noticed. My mom helped me when my husband complained about Gary  mocking him calling him Fillipone or something like that often. so I told her my husband didn’t like it and my mom I think she talked to them because after I talked to my mom he stopped doing it. They were more successful than I was ever. He was a lawyer, my brother. I think she resented that I lived with his ex wife for a while when going to college, but we were friends still. I kept it and she kept it cool. We didn’t talk about my new future sister-in-law. My ex sister-in-law was very fair about it to me and I to her. I lived with my brother and his girlfriend my new future sister in law for a while as well, while he was going to law school paid by my parents before they were married. Some how I was resented for it. I don’t know. She held resentment quite a bit but unfounded. More paranoia I think and feeling insecure. We accepted her when they married and treated her with respect during the marriage which was successful and while she brought up their kids very well. I thought she was a good mom, in my estimation and a good wife for my brother who loved her and she him and that was good enough for me. She got sick later with some kind of sickness, sleeping sickness, which made her weak for quite a while that a lot of people were made sick from and I think had to do with mononucleosis. I think it hurt her thinking in a way. Probably thinking too much because that is what sickness is like sometimes depending on the sickness. She was good for my brother, as far as I knew and they worked together as well and were successful not just because of him and his talent. She supported him in her talents as far as I could tell. I didn’t go around thinking about it all the time or anything it was just my perception. She had very nice parents both Catholic and interracial marriage Indonesian Dutch. She cooked really good food too. Interesting food and my brother had to watch his weight she cooked so well. I had to around her also because she didn’t really like to play games or hang out as much as cook for everyone. It was her thing and she was nice about it however I wonder now if she didn’t resent it but no one made her cook. It was her way. Her sister and her brothers were very nice as well and their kids. He made his life with them for the most part and less with us because of location and desire to some degree because of the location was nice and pretty. He appreciated the gentleness of her dad a great deal. I think he resented my dad in a way because he was a military man in comparison. Just a hint but he loved him also. He respected my dad, too. Normal father son stuff.  I know he loved him especially the time when we had our little family meeting I saw it in his eyes and tone and his intent. I know what I saw was real and I loved what he was trying to do for me and my parents during the worst of times and for the family to keep us safe in his mind’s eye and for our well being to carry with us. He also moved far away because of my big sister, I know this to be true when he was a kid she cut his eyelashes because he had long ones and she was jealous and spoke for him when he was three years old . They didn’t see eye to eye on many things and he did not like being manipulated by her, but he enjoyed her as well. They were only two years apart. He also enjoyed Gary and of course the kids. She often would try to get everyone to go in on her idea of a gift for my mom for Christmas or birthday or someone and he didn’t like it. Probably because when she was picking out a diamond ring for my mom she was thinking of herself: what she was gonna get when the time came. a maneuverer. situating herself in a way. That is two M’s. of a sociopath. IT IS A CHOICE.

Something happened after that meeting. I don’t know what happened but something changed in my brother around the time my dad died towards me. Something weird happened. I do know my brother told me at the meeting we had that my brother-in-law was asking him weird questions which he knew the answers to since he was the perpetrator or the predator as my brother kind of explained to me in his lawyerly way at the first meeting we had with my little sister to try to handle the situation as best we could. He called it self protection /self defense/self preservaton a normal reaction to actions of others that might hinder one’s life or reputation, etc, and I had the same in me as well which was not as understood by him and others, I don’t think. My brother did not tell my brother-in-law the answers to the questions he knew because my brother knew he knew why. He was just trying to make things work for everyone in the family. He wasn’t trying to get too involved just enough to make it work for everyone. Gary knew his problem we knew he knew he had a problem. It had gotten out of hand because I revolted. I had a right to revolt but it didn’t help me nor anyone. It hurt me and everyone which was not my intent but sometimes you have stick up for yourself against all odds. My brother didn’t really have the information he needed to understand my dilemma and what I was having to overcome and deal with which in my estimation was ridiculous on their part. He did not realize my sister was still making her digs so maybe he forgot to tell her the deal. I did not go around trying to set people up or entrap them. I was merely reacting as best I could. I was not a perfect human being either. I did things I wondered why did I react that way or why couldn’t have not done this or that, etc. You kind of start self examining sometimes too much but because of the reaction or actions of others. I didn’t have a camera to catch Gary and it would not have worked on him anyway because he wouldn’t have displayed his idiosyncracies then only when it was unexpected and it is not like I wanted him to display what he did sometimes. It was not worth the trouble to get a camera to to deal with it yet it would have proved me as a witness though I could never anticipate his actions. It was not the point anyway but to stop it and just be family. I just had to live around them part time as family at gatherings and because I was my sisters sister and we were friends. He wasn’t an Ogre or a Monster but sometimes an ogre and/or a monster was inside him depending on what was happening in their marriage or socially or in family stuff and I had some problems as well, we all did in retrospect in a kind of a difficult situation which did not need to be as difficult but since the abuse continued when you least expected it, it was a tough problem for everyone involved, even Gary.  It wasn’t as if he was in charge of his own mind all the time and in charge of his body as well. He was heavily influenced by alcohol for one thing and reactions and the actions of others. His wife influenced his personality as did his kids and friends and family and THE CHURCH weighted in via those people involved and their attitudes. She had to insist I watch at their home a movie called Atonement and about a woman and a man and her sister accuses hum of rape falsely and ruins their marriage for a long time and that is not how the story goes and which was a lie that she thought the way she did but he went to bed because he did not want to watch it and when I realized what she was doing it was too late. I had no idea what the premise of the movie was until I had seen it. then on a trip tried to get us to watch it again with the family after she had bought the movie. It was like she was pouring salt on a slug. It was similar to when I told her the first time and had my first meeting with her she reacted by calling my parents to tell them I was attracted to Gary and told me that was how she going to handle it which was INSANE. I was dealing with a nutty reaction which was hard to take but I loved her because she was my sister and because of her as well. Not just because of our relationship but because of her. I had grown to love her over the years growing up with her. It’s hard to separate those feelings you have when you love someone. I did the same with Gary over time in a way that was reasonable in my life since I had to deal with him and her and my family. They were my family. It had come to a point of insanity and great revenge on his part and hers and I had had enough of the shit spewed my way for their reputations sake. Her friends helped in a way that was very destructive to everyone and to themselves as well. They knew Gary had a problem. I know they knew. I had problems as a result of his problems and my own. They had problems as well of their own and their own limitations in their own lives and experiences in their own lives but ganged up on me because I didn’t meld very well with them. I wasn’t in the 500 club. I wasn’t a debutante. I wasn’t a rich kid. I wasn’t the belle of the ball socially. I didn’t go to the elite schools. I went to state colleges, Jr. college and public school. My sister and he were successful because of his dad in the oil business. She studied journalism and some kind of history and had little knowledge. Didn’t do a thing with her studies but write super long christmas letters. I think he studied business. It took precedence for them to blame me and not them or themselves. It was a ridiculous situation but it wasn’t without a great deal of crap and abuse and I returned it sometimes as well in my reactions. at a certain point they receive $250,000.00 a year from his dad and she did the spending. It was an inheritance type deal and they were expecting a few million later when his dad and mom died. Pretty soon or in retrospect I think it was a babysitting money, baby sitting me. And then he lost the money on the market a lot of money and my aunts money who was married to my uncle which Gary had romanced in regards to some kind of tactic he used having to do with options trading or something in the field. Something Gary had come up with on his own though I had no idea of it’s worth. He lost everything and they had to move down house wise out of her dream home to a pretty nice 4 bedroom house with a pool and a Jacuzzi in a kind of good part of town. But Gary forgot to tell my uncle he lost the money invested as his broker which is against the law but it was between family members and it was kind of shady to begin with because I don’t think my uncle’s wife was in on the deal and it was her land and her money. She had kids who might have appreciated their money. I met her daughter at the store a grocery store and she kind of acted like I was involved and really didn’t know anything except that Gary was freaking out and had lost his and their money. She was resentful of the whole family and most everyone was not involved. My uncle called me one day and asked if Gary had lost their money and I answered truthfully as best I could very briefly because I was uncomfortable. It had been about three months since the loss and Gary was trying to build it back up so as not to get in trouble but he should have told my uncle when he lost it because that is how it is supposed to happen. He was in-between companies at some point and I think one of the companies was at the Towers which was a victim of 9-11. A majority of the company. I think it is related. His daughter watched in Brooklyn on a  rooftop the destruction. My mom watched on a roof top the Japanese planes attack Pearl Harbor or enter the area. My uncle offered me a job and I declined. It wasn’t worth a shit of a job so it wasn’t hard to decline. I did not tell my sister my uncle called which was a mistake. At the time I felt like I had a right to tell but it was not my idea to tell because of the past which I did not realize I had those feelings deep inside until then. In any case as time went on I saw my sister at the house she loved with her friend BABS KINKAIDE married to a banker and they had a conversation about

how “it is harder for someone who has or had money to lose it than someone who doesn’t or didn’ t

…we’ll obviously, but how would Babs know, she never didn’t have it. Real intelligent shit.  That was what Babs said and my sister was seething. If steam could come out of a nose it was coming out hers. At the time we were sitting on her back porch on lawn furniture. So I kept real quiet. I didn’t want to know about it in the first place. I did not benefit by my uncle’s wealth and

as my brother said “if you want to keep a secret

…..don’t tell it.”

Pretty good advice if you ask me.

IT WERN’T MY FAULT. She and Gary should have kept their secret if it was that important to them. If Tootie suffered we all had to suffer. I had no idea how much was at stake. NONE. I didn’t ask and I doubt they would have told me I just knew he was scared shitless when in San Antonio and my sister was livid. She was pissed at him. I asked my mom “what’s the deal?” as we sat in the dinette and my sister and her husband were going through some emotions nearby and my mom all she knew was her brother lost his new found wealth because of Gary. She didn’t say it that way. She was upset for them and for her brother. She didn’t blame them as far as I know but it was Gary’s fault. I don’t remember how she said it but she was scared for everyone involved. I don’t think she had any idea of the numbers involved. She just knew it wasn’t good for the family unity etc. I could see it in her eyes, sadness. Between a rock and a hard place and she didn’t benefit either way from their loss or gain. I think Gary’s dad was gonna help because I think he visited near then, but I don’t know. Wasn’t my business. I know my aunt seemed to enjoy my uncles wealth somehow and showed him respect she never showed toward him before. She always looked down on my uncle because he drank a lot but it didn’t matter when he had money. Same with Gary. My sister and her husband had no respect for my uncle’s kids or his wife’s kids. They weren’t that close anyway. It was all over some fantastic tactic Gary had invented having to do with options which he liked to yack about often and no one knew what the hell he was talking about. I don’t think he did either, because it was BS. He lost it all in one day, one hour and maybe only a few minutes on a famous Tuesday in October for the loss on the stock market. He was not the only one. After that Gary went around mocking with a pair of cardboard material cut in to glasses with a small hole in the middle which he thought would correct vision which was probably an idea he saw but much more prehistoric and primitive. He used to walk around with the card board glasses on his eyes with a pin hole in the middle. I don’t know if he was trying to be funny, but it obviously was kind of funny. I think after that they were like the guy in the bible who started getting kind of mean to others who owed him even though he screwed up. It is my suspicion.

All through their marriage when they invited you over to eat there was always a tag line: bring your own meat. When I invited people to eat at my home I didn’t tell them Bring your own meat but I guess Gary was kind of cheap in a way about some things and not others. He did not like to spend money but his wife did quite a bit. She bought a dress an everyday dress but by a designer for a thousand dollars. To me that is stupid. I don’t think she ended up wearing it much either. She did a bunch of redecorating to impress herself and friends. I almost lost my legs because of her redecorating when she asked me to get some samples she forgot in her car in the front seat when we were at some furniture place for her and a car a big white van backed up as I was leaning in and rammed the door of the car into my legs and destroyed the car door and luckily it did not break a bone but I was green with shock. I was sick as a dog. I wanted to throw up. We sued for a small amount of money and she even got some pain and suffering but she did not suffer. I did.  Her car needed work. I guess it cut into her day – kind of suffering. I had bad circulation for a while and had to be careful with my shins and lift my legs up, but it healed. etc. My future husband and I were able to move out of their home we stayed in for about a month to move to a one bedroom apartment with the money. It wasn’t a big deal obviously but at least we had a down payment. He was still up north when the accident occurred but we were preparing for marriage sort of. I had dents in my legs/shins from then on.

One of her friends was a teacher. She was a mess and should not have been a teacher in my opinion except for her repetitiveness when she blabbered: I remember once she made a big deal about my parents and how they changed diapers of their grandchildren or something with the kids when they were tots she giving her advice at my sister’s home. she was unbelievably obnoxious with her advice. My parents raised kids when there was no such things as disposable diapers. They had to be rinsed in a toilet and then washed in a machine if you had a washing machine. So to hear Susan ramble on about her own motherly talent it was sickening. She was married twice because her first husband grew tired of her ramblings. She was pretty when younger as I recall very pretty at least the first time I met her but her personality was tough to take for everyone who knew her especially my sister’s family. She was a nuisance kind of college friend. Everyone rolled their eyes when Susan was around not because she was around but because she kind of rattled people with her personality, bugged ya. EVERYONE. When her second husband died she was relieved I heard and displayed it at his funeral because he was hard to take as well. His last name was either Cane or Kaine which is kind of funny coincidentally, He was a nice guy compared to her but Gary basically had to put up with him and let everyone know that is what he did. Why? I don’t know but you don’t always get to pick the spouse of your wife’s college friend kind of relationship. I think he preferred her first husband to some degree. I don’t think Gary liked fishing and her husband liked to talk about it. He was a principal at a high school. I guess because he was married to my sister’s college friend one I bet she wished she didn’t have probably now. You sometimes have to put up with friends who grow sideways and I don’t mean weight. I mean mentally. But we put up with her BS because she was a friend of my sister who leaned on her and used her as well and was around. They used each other. I could go on about her son but I don’t want to. He was affected by her a great deal and I guess she did the best she could. Luckily he had a dad and another mother via his dad. Might have helped to even things out for him growing up with a nut. Even they had their problems as well but were in love which helped. I think it always does help when parents are in love with each other even if not natural parents all the time for the kids if possible however it isn’t often possible. They met working together at the office and he ditched his wife probably for good reason but it did not help Susan become a better person and so he may have been her demise personality wise but they fell out of love. Divorce in that instance was a good thing for them and for their son. Weird as that sounds. His second wife made him happier and hence probably helped Susan’s son whether she would like to admit it or not. She did nut like me as it turned out. I got her message loud and clear and she blamed me for Gary only because she wasn’t wise and because she was dishonest with my sister as most people were because it was easier than the alternative. She had a snippet of perception she thought was real and wasn’t. But just one of my problems dealing with my sister and her husband. She was one of those people who could drive the sanest person over a cliff if allowed to be around for more than was allowed. NEUROTIC to the nth degree and deceived herself. Most people are neurotic but she took advantage of the meaning and inflicted herself IMO. Deluded and kind of dumb as a result even though she was public school teacher of kids with problems. Not a very good position and not good for the kids but maybe they didn’t notice but she was able to get a teachers retirement regardless because they don’t actually have to be accountable or compete because of unions one of the biggest in our country which could be annulled if we were wise as a country so that we could get the best and so people like her would have to grow up instead of sideways.

Obviously, I knew a lot about them because we were close.

One thing that was strange to me after all we had been through my sister often tried to insist I spend the night at their home in order not to drive 45 minutes away to go home and because she liked to stay up and watch movies with me while I rubbed her back and Gary would go to bed at about 9. We were very close and had fun together but she was not the best back rubber. I was. I had good hands like my dad in that I had warm hands and often hot which is good for a certain type of massage. I usually used two hands because I knew the difference it made massaging to use two instead of one. Opposite affect with kind of a rhythm which made it easier in actuality to rub or massage as when you go to the Caverns and walk down the sidewalk into the Carlsbad Caverns it was almost easier to walk with a tot in your arms than without because the weight helped balance you. She didn’t just asks me to spend the night once but quite often and I had to decline and while thinking “are you outa your mind?” Lame brain. But I was polite instead.

She had a friend who lost her husband at the Grand Canyon. He was walking with his family behind them and disappeared and they found him later way down low. I guess he had a heart attack or something having to do with the distance. I almost fell into the Grand Canyon while dating my future husband with my dog who I took with me and  found out I wasn’t supposed to bring my Pomeranian in the area. Anyway I started to slip down  a slope and there was no fence and it was pitch black a few feet away but luckily I was able to get a grip of me and my dog in my arms. Then as we were on a ledge of the canyon a mule caravan came by and the leader of the caravan said “I hope your dog doesn’t bark” and of course he was a yapper. He barked. If you tried to sweep or vacuum he would go nuts. Or if someone was at the door and often he had a hard time trying to stop barking once he got started. He had never seen mule. You could tell by the way he looked at the mule in the front of the caravan. Anyway I turned to the wall of the ledge with my dog in my arms and held him close as he struggled to see the mule over my shoulder. He never barked and the caravan was able to get around us even though it was a slender ledge. I just didn’t move until they passed by.

When my husband before we were married was on the road and went to the Grand Canyon and he and his friends in the band who were on the road smoked a joint together on a place called Balance Rock in the area. Anyway the ranger came and made them get up in single file to get off the Balance Rock in case it decided to not stay  balanced anymore and tumble into the canyon. I think it has been like that for a long time. I would never have done that, I’ll tell you that much and I wouldn’t have done it with my dog for sure. I wasn’t that dumb. However it depends on the state of mind I might have been in if I came to the site already high. Then who knows I do know a lot of people die at the Grand Canyon and they hide it. They hide the numbers of deaths, that I do know and have heard. The guy who fell was married and had two daughters and I guess he left a letter behind to someone else and after that she was not in mourning. I’m not sure that would hinder me from mourning especially with two kids but I have no idea how their relationship was faring at the time. Seems a bit harsh. They ought to try and protect the people with barriers imo if they are gonna use it as a tourist site. Put up a bunch of signs about pets as well. I didn’t see any but might have just missed one tip about it. A lot of people go across country and stop in on the Grand Canyon on their way to California with their pets. My favorite type of trip is cross country driving although the ship was fun as a kid I have never been needing a cruise. I have never been on one and it’s not like i want someone else to entertain me when traveling. I would rather do my own thing as much as possible however you meet people the other way and if you are old it is nice to be waited on. I just don’t like schedules on vacation but having entertainment in your room is kind of necessary like a tv unless camping of course. I sure wouldn’t vacation naked or on those reality survival shows. I think it’s ridiculous and strange. First of all you have camera crew so it’s not like you are really out in the wild. I hope it dies a quick death entertainment wise for the industry as most reality shows do because it’s crap. No one acts the same in front of a camera as they do when a camera isn’t on them. However I have gotten used to ‘to some degree’ being watched but not my own accord. It’s not my way because I prefer privacy and tend not to be myself as much but it has been that way since my first operation for some reason and a little before. I have no idea before that except what happened when my sister came from Texas to Georgia to help me talk to my parents and a priest was by her side on the plane which hasn’t happened since or before as far as I know. I have no idea what good it did because I never talked to him. I guess he was writing or removing my name from his catholic book or writing his list and checking it twice.

My brother didn’t really seem to be the same after the meeting and after my dad died. He stayed in my sister’s home at the time of the meeting which might have been a mistake. I don’t know. He acted funny at the funeral as well towards me watching me more than normal but I saw what I saw during the meeting a time before my dad died and it was good. I know he meant well. I felt like he was judging me kind of then or trying to judge me and my reactions to my dad in a coffin.  And no one can take that time from me of what I saw in my brother’s eyes at the meeting and his voice and words to me about our family and what it meant to him. We had a great family and I think someone was jealous of our love and closeness even with our problems.

Wanted to make hay of it. IMO.

My sister was in charge of the funeral and had her family in the first car with my mom and then either my little sister in the next or my brother and his family in the next. and then the other one in the next and I was supposed to be in the car with my cousin and my aunt at my dad’s funeral. I thought it was a slight by my sister then. I was getting used to it but it still hurt. I felt that the immediate family should be with my mom in the first car and the kids in the next cars/limos. So instead I didn’t ride in a limo. I rode in my car. She and her family were the most important of them all in her mind. It sounds small but my sister was kind of that way towards me in her way after the meeting. The meeting had unintended repercussions which my brother was not privy to or anticipating. It probably should have been either done without their knowledge or included them. If it included them it probably was not gonna happen because of my brother who wasn’t into it to that degree not out of lack of care but to avoid hostility of that nature, I think. It sounds kind of small of me to bitch about it but it’s like that rung in a ladder. It was there.  As a family we had great times together doing things usually at my parent’s home because they were good parents and everyone loved them in our family and they loved us. We played Balderdash and other games and went on trips together mostly driving kinds and had fun together even with our problems. We did lots of things together as a family and we were a good family individually and together, but not always. we also had our weaknesses. It wasn’t their problems that came to us. It came from out of our family to our family and we did the best we could. My mom handled my brother when the time was right out of love for her son and daughter whether all of it was true or not. It never happened again, Gary’s parents obviously didn’t and so we were his parents in a way without realizing it because they did not do what they should have or maybe they handled it wrong with their own son and used jealousy to handle him which is not the way to handle it. Gary’s dad thought of himself as a Christian I know by the gifts he gave but he wasn’t forthright IMO He over drank daily and thought too high of himself. He was not an evil person or a monster he just wasn’t a great dad and I think he failed his son which had an effect on everyone. I think he was a bit of a puppet and probably why he drank so often. Every time I saw him he was high on booze to some degree except once. I didn’t see him often at all. My impressions of Gary’s dad and no wonder Gary drank daily. My mom had a drinking problem but it was not daily by any means and she had a lot to overcome because of others and she did it. She was an amazing woman. We overcame with her in many ways but Gary was a conundrum. He was tough to deal with and we all loved him because of the good things he did possess in his own way. I don’t think it is easy to be esteemed for the wrong reasons and can cause trouble for everyone around it. Demonic kind of influences which are not an easy thing to deal with, but have power because of it. So he had a lot to overcome and so did we to add more fuel to the fire of the hearth than was needed. He had one aspect of him about failure and that was something he learned himself which was to

keep trying.

I noticed his attitude after some big failures and had some bad reactions as well but like when someone dies you go through phases of healing, In a way he was like my uncle who had the same kind of drive to keep himself called self-preservation though he rarely failed as far as i know. He told me once I could be anything I wanted to be which at the time was a nice thing to say and I appreciated his attitude. Very much like my mom and was for me not against me in the sense of being a human or a relative trying to help. Problem came from outside mostly.

One of the last times we got together the second to the last with my brother when we took care of my sisters kids kids Gary was more interested in my butt crack and underwear whispering in my ear as we got up from dinner on the river about it. I had saved his grandchild that day or sometime that weekend from falling off a ledge at The ARC. He had wandered off EXPLORING and like boys do wanted to see what it looked like to look down the ledge which was about three stories high into a fountain and a pond in the neighborhood below. He didn’t make it to the end of the walk I was yelling at him to go back because he was young and it was dangerous. That night my little sister was getting high drinking walking with her new hubby and the rest of us with the kids running around and she told me not to watch my sister’s grandkids. Let my sister do it. Easy to say but when there is a river with water the color of deep tinted greenish-blusih black water at night without rails in some areas and definitely a snake and rat infested water I couldn’t do that. So there was some sort of friction going on between my little sister and my eldest sister I wasn’t aware of on that visit. My other sister in law mentioned money I owed my brother via the house down-payment as well to me in a whisper in the lobby and never explained herself. I think everyone was making a deal without my knowledge. It was a contract we signed and upon the sale of the house he would definitely get his money if we didn’t pay it back beforehand but my ex went bankrupt and there was nothing I could do about it and let the house go because he said his dream house no one wanted or would want to buy and I was not well, going through a no fault divorce, without money, or a job or anything. I was fucked. Perfect time for that cuss word. Perfect place to put it. I was and I had been screwed over by everyone except my parents. My brother wasn’t trying to screw me over but I think he had had enough and wasn’t in the loop as much as he thought he was and was not well talked about as far as being called pathetic by my eldest sister because he did not want to sue his acquaintance and owners of the sushi restaurant because of accidental food poisoning but she sure didn’t mind him advising me not to sue her because of our relationship being family and because of work place sexual abuse etc. I could have but he was right about family. It did not take me long to figure it out –  a certified letter kind of did the trick and common sense.  I was still very upset and had been ravaged and still more to go/come. The long term results were important. I am still not done yet either.  It was a bigger deal than if a stranger had been the culprit or if it had nothing to do with family. It would not have cut me to the core as it did. I could have said FUCK YOU and not cared one way or the other to the people at the office and others involved. I could have moved to another state etc started over. But it was a big deal to me and then it got worse when they took it out on my parents, other family members, me, and even themselves. It was one bad deal which we had to endure and in my opinion with everything we had wrong with us were far superior to those who screwed us and especially the BGEA and the RCC and believe me both will never live it down. Both will rue the day they messed with us. I believe it and I think and I hope God sees it somewhat close to how we do or vice versa and I hope we see it close to how God sees it and I think will be a great help to us and we will be reconciled, healed, and  many other good things because we really were and are a good family comparatively and my parents really were special. I know it must be that way because of what has happened so far and the signs I have been given. Not a lot of signs but enough. I know because we are blessed but we were attacked severely from every which way and no human could have done it better than we did.  What we had to contend with was BIG and I don’t know anyone or have never met anyone who would have done it better except maybe God himself. It was as big as if someone placed a nuke in your living room and expected you to be thankful, but you would have to know us to understand what I mean. You would have had to know my parents like we did to understand what I’m talking about. All in all individually and as a whole we were and are still a very special family and we were not moral laurels and full of shit. We were and are real people in a very hard spot and I believe most of us most of the time did the best we could. Probably all of us but I wasn’t privy to everything going on and of course God has a lot to do with it and I know he is not done yet.

I think my revelations may have driven some demons my way because of jealousy. I learned things others hadn’t that were a threat to many in the business of faith. That was not my intent but was the result. I think we were attacked for truths sake which is why I have hope still after everything I have been through for my family the one I grew up with and the family I had as well and for me. I have never seen such a resistance as I have seen when it comes to the mustard seed dilemma. It’s quite crazy. I know we were attacked on the basis of the premise of the mustard seed being the smallest of seed when it wasn’t all along. I did not make it up. I imagine it was similar in Europe when astronomers figured out the earth wasn’t flat and caused quite a change in the world. The mustard seed dilemma is a huge dilemma especially in this day and age and it will sink in, not by me necessarily, but it will sink in.

We did not talk about God then but my brother didn’t appreciate my view of God but he never did before either nor my sister’s ideas either about God. He had his own ideas and was learning at his own pace about life and all that it entails and of course it has like I said changed as well sometimes I progress and sometimes I don’t because of the deceptions which are many. I don’t’ think about God all the time obviously but I know God is real and has affected my life and helped me to understand some things. He didn’t appreciate anyone’s viewpoint about God as time showed. It wasn’t like he showed much respect of other peoples view points about much of anything lol except for my little sister for some reason at her home on one of those family visits to see my mom as if she was protection of his as if he needed it and he didn’t, but the opposite. He kind of cowered around me about some issue and it was weird but the issue was weird and told me not to go there when I tried to show my sister and her husband and him in the house at the time about some things I found and had to explore the internet to find. It was about the school shooting in Newtown and what I had found through some truthers on the net who showed some inconsistencies that were huge during the Obama Administration and in regards to the false reports. I recognized one of the women in my past who had the greatest amount of information flooded by a bunch of crap we had to swim through on the news programs and on the internet in regards to the mass/murder suicide/ shooting and to find her investigation which was very thorough and she was a catholic woman.  Gary saw it and he recognized it was a deception which was kind of funny because he was the only one that did recognize it or admitted he recognized it and was amused by it for some reason. My sister, his wife didn’t even try to watch and then said “I don’t buy it” as if she had. My other sister was on the computer looking up recipes probably mine which she took when living with me and was gonna put on a computer isntead of on the recipe cards I had written out over the years of my favorites and never did and they disappeared during her divorce while living with me. She was not interested in much of anything other than herself. She was never into others feelings. In any situation it was usually without understanding of others peoples feelings and just how she was – kind immature in that way. She had virtues as well but that was not one of them. She never was into someone else’s shoes even though she tried to display it for show later because of her new husband and his desires to screw our family and her. She had moments of sweetness and love at times but I think a very confused person and needed to lean more than most on others. She lived with my family for a year or more and it was wild. It was not an easy thing to go through during her divorce and of course she was driven nuts by others who knew how to push her buttons and were taking advantage of her especially the lawyers involved who could have given a shit about anyone but themselves and the money they could get. There was no mercy in them. Hardened creatures using divorce as a means to some end and hopefully their own end. The first ones she tried said they were Christian and they were the worst of all. In my opinion who she was influenced by was the worst of the worst.



My brother became kind of less of a person after the time he stayed with my older sister at the time of the meeting. Both my sisters were BGEA influenced. Heavy influence and I think he got in trouble with some bets he made having to do with baseball previously. He loved baseball and anything to do with baseball. He lost his home and was using his office space to live with his wife above his business space /to keep his office going for awhile yet he had won a big federal case against FEDEX because he was a good lawyer. A very good lawyer at the time. Became kind of wealthy and then lost it somehow and I think he was screwed over and his wife blamed him more than likely. I think he was sought out to be diminished or controlled and squirmed by somehow to some degree because he won a federal case. Feds don’t like people with those kind of talents. IMO. I think he was squeezed and did the best he could under those kind of circumstances and may have blamed me but I had nothing to do with it. I only noticed he changed and then he became a Gore Fiend. (Saw the movie by Gore funded probably by the Catholic Church like Mel Gibsons movies which I think are backed by the RCC.) I guess and was influenced by it and his wife who is Catholic. He wasn’t really religious until then and Gore’s ideas are religious based ideas from the Catholic Church originally so they may cause havoc on the world using weather phenomena and magnetic miccrowave type engineering of some kind at places like HAARP to cause destruction and to control. It also affects the minds of those who use it and who it is used upon. Each person is different so the affects of the weapon are varied on each individual and depending on other factors as well and the affects on the environment are as varied and in my opinion why mental dysfunction is so prevalent these days in the populations. Everyone blaming the warming or climate which neither can affect it but is affected by those kind of weapons. Earth isn’t void of power in that God does have power to fix problems that arise or we would not be here anymore.

In Israel there is a monument that kind of displays the prophetic dilemma and clues etched by an awl (a sharp tool) on stone of this kind of intimidation and criminal activity by someone who wanted it to be permanent for whomever has eyes to see and suspicion enough to notice it means something and who is behind the destruction at the time and in future troubles we are facing these days which I wrote about in another post on my blog. It had to do with Rome. This I found out by their clues that the RCC could not or did not erase. You can read more about it if you want to on Merangue’s Blog which links many posts I have written and with links to other articles I found helpful to my needs to explain what I have explored and including about the bible and comparing of the gospels and the Old Testament and about the JFK assassination and my own personal familial type stuff which had a lot to do with my exploration or need of exploration. Gore’s wealth and his religion had something to do with the hanging chads in Florida and a payoff of some kind for losing to the Bush administration which changed the way our elections were taken and counted via computers. Another avenue to take over the USA and

because we won World War ll.

My little sister lied about my brother to me about being in a wheel chair before a family visit to my mom while staying in her home when he wasn’t in a wheel chair and weird shit started happening and pretty soon we were no longer a family. My older sister said he was pathetic for not getting involved in a lawsuit she and my other sister and their husbands desired in regards to food poisoning at a sushi restaurant which put her in the hospital for a week and the last time I heard (from my ex) which he learned from my older sister that he resented anyone who voted for Trump and didn’t want to have anything to do with the family anymore. I didn’t vote for Trump or anyone else because of the deception in the news. I didn’t know whether anything was true or not because most of it was false news as I discovered over time before the election WAY BEFORE during the Obama Administration and even before as we learned more and more about false news. I figure it’s the GREAT DECEPTION that has been prophesied in the bible. This is all I can figure it must be because it is so weird. I wasn’t at the restaurant with them so I have no idea if it’s true or not I just heard about it via my little sister and then my older sister and the ex. Rumors. Which is also a prophetic sign however on a family level and not worldwide, I hope, though it seems kind of a minuscule resemblance to world wide events.

I had no idea we meant that much to everyone. 😉 It sure didn’t seem like it.

I made a joke about Pence on another post I wrote recently being on a ship/carrier and how it was inciting violence because he looked kind of silly to me (not to others but to me) in his flap jacket and may have been well-meaning but seemed kind of silly and then all of a sudden US ships are being attacked. I guess there have been three attacks or accidents lately in the news whether it’s true or not. I don’t know because I wasn’t there. I don’t mean to put him down it seemed showy and like he was asking for it from a nut because there are some in this world and countries that have leaders who are nuts. I heard on Fox there were three accidents involving US ships lately in a blurb by some news anchor about some accidents in the Japan area and if it was mostly the damage beneath the water with the deaths of men sleeping at the time seemed more like an attack at two in the morning than a mere accident. Reminded me of the attack on Pearl Harbor yet our ships are in the area of Japan. I’m not a specialist in damage of ships but eerily sounded of some type of deception as occurred in WWll and from IRAN  twenty or so years ago but in broad daylight. Probably a JESUIT deception because that is the kind of thing Jesuits do or have done in the past to stir things up between peoples all over the world to protect the RCC and it’s valueless reputation. Wouldn’t surprise me but if it was influenced by Obama it would not surprise me either. So much shit has happened nothing is beyond imagination and all over a stupid mustard seed not being the smallest of seed. IMO. How hard can it be to overcome a seed that isn’t as small as claimed. We got over Michail Gorbechov’s birth mark seems to me we could get over this false notion that was testified to by a pope in the recent past as a ploy though he called it the New Enlightenment of faith which is obviously a man-made type of enlightenment. We got over the world isn’t flat. Used to be the RC killed babies with birth marks in the past as a sign of witchcraft so I figure it has to do with the Catholic Church and it’s allies. I guess it’s the Catholic idea of recompense for figuring out the mustard seed is not the smallest of seed which means there will probably be Vatican 111 to reconcile the difference it makes and as far as the Vatican is concerned and it may take them a thousand years to come to terms with their own deceptions. It makes a big difference and people like Cal Thomas need to get a grip on this small truth. If he can’t do that what kind of faith does he possess? Must be really small! Something obviously has affected his mind if he can’t grasp the truth of the matter in regards to the mustard seed. Obviously a problem with women in his own mind and heart. He can’t accept that women have charge of their own bodies or should have charge of their own bodies anyway and the attitude of most men isn’t right with God. The devil hated the female as well. Must have affected a lot of people’s minds and instead of grasping for the truth would rather live a lie which is very sad to say the least and deceptive. No wonder about the tsunami in the Indian Ocean which affected the axis of earth. Altering it is a mammoth achievement I’m not sure man could have achieved however the Japanese tsunami was achievable via man made devices and in response, I think. Which has affected our food supply our oceans and who knows what else. It was a response to the hoped for delay of the Neo Catechumenal Way in Japan by catholics who noticed a rise in suicides as a result of the NeocatechumenalWay being touted and pushed by the RCC in ROME. I do not know if Pope Benedict caused it but he was definitely guilty by association which is a big problem for many people. He may have had nothing to do with it but he did warn about the One World Government WITH TEETH and about the Jews not being responsible for the death of Jesus and about the New Enlightenment called faith and his popery was shorter probably because of his warnings and in his place we got a Jesuit asshole for a pope, but he ain’t mine. He also was an advocate for truth in charity. He had been enlisted in the Nazi military as a kid but he was forced in to it at the time during WWll but after his popery and after retiring from it quite dramatically he was depicted as Stalin on the internet or Stalins son which I thought was kind of odd. Obviously he had made enemies in the Catholic Church probably the Jesuits since the Jesuits replaced him. He actually had made some big advances for the religion of catholicism unlike the majority of popes in the past which were not worthy nor righteous.

Back to Joel Olsteen and his sermon which touched on animals and whether they possess morality or a sense of morality and I think they might. They have a will so I think they may possess a morality especially when trained or to each other or to others. Not sure how developed it is but I guess it depends on the circumstance and the animal. Jesus at the Sea of Galilee got the fishermen to catch 153 fish and perhaps his will was more than theirs but they got caught in the nets for his miracle. Maybe it was by mutual consent. I don’t know. Not 154 but 153 which has some kind of meaning which I went through on a few posts and so have many others done the same with their ideas of the meaning of it. What would be the point of animal sacrifice if there wasn’t some kind of morality in it? Like in the movie the Last of the Mohicans and they kill a deer and pray over it. A spiritual prayer and appreciation so they could eat. Granted it was a movie but the same goes for the ram caught in the brambles with Abraham and his son and the lamb’s blood in Egypt, etc. I don’t think it meant pets though. I think they have morality in that we teach them to love and be loved and they do teach kids about love and caring, imo. When a  dog warns his master of a thief or a break in that’s kind of a will that has some kind morality behind the action or warning a dog might give by barking or the dog could go to sleep and not warn his master. What kind of dog would not warn his master? A moral less dog. It may be a small thing but not for the master if he wasn’t aware of a prowler, etc. Often times the dog gets killed for the warning so there must be some kind of morals it possesses. I guess it depends on the training and the love. Obviously instinct is involved as well. I think God uses animals sometimes, like he did my kitty who was murdered in my opinion and was the sweetest cat in the world. Little Romeo. A cat that loved everyone and wouldn’t hurt a flea and only by mistake.  I explained it in another post I wrote and about Buck my dog who was shot by our neighbors by accident I think and died and my daughter and I saw him running around and we saved a dog because of seeing him with Buck. There was some morality in this event. A man got his beloved dog back at the verity least and we saw Bucks spirit which is a reminder to us.

What was the point of a dove lighting on Jesus when he was baptized? A sign. Or a dove in the yard at the hospital before my dad died. It was a sign. Or the blackbird and dove on the ship of Noah. A sign or two. People used to send messages via doves and birds. God created the animals and fishes and birds and pets for us to enjoy and learn from and about. When you see a kid kill an animal just be a jerk that is a sign the kid isn’t very nice and needs some help. When a person puts a pet in a garage door smashing it as a threat or to intimidate or in fun you can pretty much know that person is fucked up. Isn’t that right? When someone tortures an animal it’s a sign of a messed up person who has a problem and can be a problem for others.

There are some people that cannot be taught and/or don’t care.

My brother is not one of them.

My family is not one of them.

There is another prophecy I was intending to write about that was in the Book of Daniel. I’m going by memory and not checking to recheck my memory. It had to do with something standing where it should not and there has a been a lot of that kind of thing going on such as when I saw in pictures about Benghazi with Michelle Obama at Benghazi with a syringe in one hand and a rifle of some kind in another and her hair is short or she isn’t wearing a wig and and looks like her face is swollen by plastic surgery wearing sandals with heels rolled up jeans and in front of a building on fire. I have written about it already and of course my dad seeming to be there with a bork looking face half eaten or something that appeared in photo on the net about Benghazi, etc. Really dangerous stuff and cruel and a concern of course and many other intimidating photos of things unimaginable except by a fucking lunatic in regards to my family. Then recently saw a movie using names I know and seeing people I recognize at the Love Field Airport when JFK was coming to Dallas. Or seeing people I know in other places that are having to do with JFK’s assassination that could not have been there except to be matted in somehow using a photo type program to add their image such as my brother who was only a kid appearing in one photo in particular when he was with me at a dancing party “a twisting party” in England when we got the news that JFK had been assassinated on one of our birthdays and since the date of JFKs assassination was in November it had to be a birthday between my sister and I- my little sister and I and the kids at the party were a little older more like for my brother and older sister and more than likely for my older sister. We had it on family film and it wasn’t just a memory. I think it was a birthday party but could have been just a party a dance party and if that’s the case I don’t really have a reference point birthday wise. The party stopped of course. We stopped twisting. Twisting was a form of dancing at the time because of the Beatles I guess and a few other American stars at the time.

On Fox now they are talking about the guy whose son died via a coma he got I guess from a beating he got in North Korea and was given back recently and it does not sound reasonable. Sorry. Why would North Korea give back a prisoner so the world could see of a prisoner in a coma when they try to hide so many other things. Doesn’t make sense but the guy looks like a nut and a by product of Billy Graham and another person. Weird looking guy. Fox never ceases to amaze me with the news they project. This one is weird. Before this guy was given up another prisoner was given back alive who may have put other prisoners of war in danger or spies in danger that might have been there because of his nonsense and he looked like he was the type to pass out nonsense for who knows why. 15 minutes of fame? Money? He was the one talking about the way people acted while he was there. I guess he either escaped or was given back but at the time I thought he did not sound reasonable in the sense that what he did could be treasonous. It was about a month ago or more. The pictures we saw of this person held by North Korea is of a guy walking around with two North Korean soldiers so that isn’t someone in a coma, is it? Ridiculous news. Someone in a coma can’t walk, okay? Talk about crazy.

The prophecy about something “standing where it should not” is talking about something other than a person. Person, place, or thing…. and it’s a thing.  It’s the prophecy itself which is now in the Book of Matthew and says (whosoever let the reader understand) which was in parenthesis. Something like it anyway. You have to have read it to know it was there and it was always kind of odd so it was noticeable to most people who have read the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament and the reader obviously read it at one time or another and it really doesn’t make sense in the Gospel of Matthew at all where as it made sense in the Book Of Daniel when it was in the Book of Daniel but by showing up in the Gospel of Matthew it makes the Book of Matthew more prevalent or is meant to by a nut. The whole business of the assassination of JFK and the Vatican ll had to do with making the Book of Matthew of the gospels the pre-eminent gospel and since it appeared first in the bible of the 4 main gospels it already had pre-eminence so it was a ridiculous attempt to give the Gospel of Matthew the pre-eminence it already had being placed where it was. The gospel of Matthew is one of the three Synoptic Gospels which includes the business about the mustard seed being the smallest of seed which since we have learned is not the smallest of seed and includes other prophecies on the Mount most of which are without any details which is like going to see someone with a crystal ball telling you there will be many men in your future (tell me something I don’t know) or things like that when Jesus could have mentioned airplanes, or trains, space travel, many things including abortions (however the Gospel of John: Jesus says Feed my lambs and sheep in reference to abortion and against those who use abortion as an excuse to hospice IMO and as a sign of something bigger than a mustard seed coming towards the way of Peter and if you stack it up with Revelation it isn’t good for the RCC and was a warning to be heeded or else and for us to take notice of the deception and possibly some things we don’t know on the horizon. Deflection ain’t gonna work this time!), or things that might have been much more specific: the Sermon on the Mount: which could be referring to a horse and not a mountain. So many things look a little different these days after finding out the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed and it would behoove some people to take it seriously instead of relying on lies and false credentials which will turn around and rend you if you don’t. It’s a choice. No one knows who wrote the synoptic gospels but the credit is given to the “Q source.” which I and many other people before me have written about.  The Gospel of John does not include or did not include the business about the mustard seed being the smallest of seed. I’m not saying the Gospel of John is perfect but it excluded the mustard seed shenanigans which by finding out it was in the Gospel of Matthew kind of demoted the Gospel of Matthew by it’s own petard using two other gospels that basically said the same thing which is not proof but copying in a different style depending on the writer and the personality of the writers involved. It also includes the genealogy of Jesus and is the kind of genealogy that cannot be proven and some things have also occurred in a few other Books of the Bible to help the genealogy but obviously they were tampered with during the dark ages which I and others before me have written about. I THINK  the book of Zechariah or Zephania do some tap dancing in regards to the genealogy to support the Gospel of Matthew which I wrote about and others before have done the same. Obviously I got some help because of those before me and some legitimate evidence of BS.

If you believe a guy being escorted out by the North Korean soldiers is in a coma walking around you have to be out of your mind. People in comas don’t walk around nor do they twist.

I heard he went over with a group of people but why were there photos of him and film of him walking as if he was dizzy with the guards obviously not in a coma yet I know this story may be a lie a false news story usually are because there have been so many. Who took the film? Interesting question, isn’t it? Is it allowed in North Korea?

American student detained by North Korea has died 

Supposedly the American student in North Korea has died in a Cincinnati hospital. What the hell was an American student doing in North Korea? Taking a class in stupidity?

“Standing where it should not”

has to do with the concept of supporting. Giving credence. Credentials etc. False credibility since it should not etc. and being placed in the wrong location to give false credence. It helps to remember. Really does and has to do with the prophecy in the Book of Daniel being placed in the Gospel of Matthew to deceive because I sure as heck don’t remember it in the Gospel of Matthew a while back but I do remember it being an odd statement in the Book of Daniel of the Old Testament and the solution I prescribed or suggest of the prophecy and its meaning makes sense. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. The reason I say that is because it says something about let the reader understand and since most catholics don’t read the bible they wouldn’t know it was moved and since revelation is explicit about the RCC /Vatican and it’s description and it’s demise and since   the Vatican ll and the events occurring in 1963 have been written about as having to do with the preeminence of the Gospel Of Matthew it sure makes sense to me if you disect or put meaning to the words of the prophecy and why it might have been moved and the reasons for the move from the Old testament to the New Testament it makes sense. I’m not a prophet nor hope to be one. I’m just trying to make sense of what I think I know.

Or why move it? That is the question, if my memory is correct.

It could have a double meaning and also be referring to the Shroud of Turin and the 3-D rendoring of the Shroud : The image of the beast placed where it should not and it will eventually talk somehow causing people to worship it. If people flock to Guyanaananana or flock to see Robert Tilton etc it’s not so implausible. In the Old testament wasn’t it Daniel who got in trouble for not worshiping some image or statue at a particular time. I think so. It was someone in the Old Testament anyway.

I think the way Joel Olsteen acts is kind of robotic and especially his gestures.

Perhaps we might get to explore strange new worlds, and seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before in some important ways.

Why not?

I think my family and friends have things to look forward to regardless how bleak things seem at this point in time.  I’m counting on it and hope deep within their hearts they are hoping for the same thing in their way.

‘Here Comes Peter Cottontail’ – By Gene Autry – Happy Easter

There is more coming in regards to George Ball (Nothing propinks like propinquity), my newest brother in law married to my little sister, “How much wood would a woodchuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood” DOD Secretary under Obama: Chuck Hagel (Get Ready, America and Chuck Hagel had no reason to question the motives of Obama he said even though it is his job)  and the Queens ring-bearer for their 50th or 60th Diamond Jubilee anniversary a few years back (the year is insignificant of the anniversary) and the Supreme Court Justice who died recently: Antonin Scalia. Just some interesting stuff we need to remember about them and their reason for being. Some inconsistencies about him FOR SURE!~REAL INTERESTING ONES!

A funny thing happened a few hospital visits ago. I had an indian doctor who was kind of short and was wearing khaki pants. I can’t remember if he was wearing a white jacket like doctors do but it was open if he was. He asked me the usual question “what is goin on?” or something like it and I was on the bed explaining to him as best I could and his pants were kind of kinking at his groin like khaki pants often do. I was thinking as I was talking and not looking him in the eyes and I guess he thought I was looking at his male parts and he did the funniest expression. It was cute, not rolling his eyes but looked like it was bugging him and he looked up with his big eyes at the ceiling as if saying “why is this happening?” The bed was at that level and I wasn’t looking at him that way but it was like a comedy. Very funny moment. Most of my problems have been because of my gall bladder which has 6 stones which I believe have caused my near seizures which is very hard to live with. Makes you feel like you are going to turn to stone and is very scary. Plus because of my scar tissue because of the first operation and because the gall bladder is near the liver and also the small intestines which my doctor years ago warned me might be a problem for a number of reasons. Cracked me up. He should have raised the bed. A common problem these days is the gall bladder. Not sure why. Could be climate change. I have heard a lot of people having problems. It isn’t that uncommon but I have heard about a lot of them lately.

When Justice Scalia died he had been quail hunting in an area called Cibola Creek Ranch and was at a lodge (Large) I guess when he died of natural causes supposedly. I think he was murdered. He was kind of controversial in that he was a Justice of the Supreme Court and his stance on abortion was very Catholic, in a way and kind of compartmentalized. He kind of died coincidentally when the issue of abortion and planned parenthood has been a bone of contention for the RCC, our politicians, the press and during the Jesuit Pope Francis Roman Catholic style inquisition trying to punish women psychologically and in some countries with jail time who have had legal abortions as if they were guilty of murder and yet the Pope saints Mother Teresa a murderer of the elderly using abortion as an excuse to use hospice to kill the enemies of the Catholic Church incognito and because we won WWll the vets in our country and their wives who  served their country and never mentioning it is actually murder suicide by hospice by Mother Teresa’s and the RCC’s Dogma and instead sanctioning it confusing many people. Glorifying her. People used to Glorify Hitler when they had to. I don’t really understand Scalia’s beef or stance on abortion but the videos no one has seen and only snippets by catholic nuns claiming via partial birth abortions people are supposedly buying baby parts including livers the size of peanuts and without proof of those sales. Partial Birth abortion is illegal isn’t it so how could Planned Parenthood be preforming Partial Birth abortions if it’s illegal.  There is no need unless you are intending to farm woman for abortions for some kind of catholic businessmen, like the mob. I don’t believe it because if there were videos we would have seen them regardless of a judge prohibiting the release of videos with the proof because the Roman Catholic Church has the wherewithal to do it anyway so of course raises suspicion in me as to the verity of those claims and because the women starring in the videos act like Roman Catholic lunatics and are lying their asses off and look like lunatics as well and one was recently photoed shaking the popes hand in Rome and she was wearing a habit and one of those women was an actress I recognized on the Prairie.  So the RCC is playing a hide and seek game hoping the judge will prohibit the release of videos because the videos implicate the RCC. The USA is not the world and the RCC is all over the world unlike the USA and Mother Teresa’s Hospice is in a ton of countries and parishes all over the world and if they had proof they certainly are hiding it. What is occurring is an inquisition against women to control their bodies as if their bodies were the property of the Bishops and the Cardinals and the Popes and Priests all male institution and women are not their property and because the RCC likes to torture women because they don’ t like women as much as the devil doesn’t like women and also because the RCC was caught abusing kids and they don’t want to accept responsibility for the abuse nor the injuries of kids legally and/or financially to make amends to those kids lately and in the past and the RCC have been caught hiding the abusers and hiding their banking problems of laundering money for the mob and using some USA tax dollars funneled in various ways out of our country for the mob and also laundering mob drug money from other countries  and hoping to stall the legalization of marijuana which would if legalized hinder the mob from making more money and corrupting more kids using marijuana as a gateway drug to get them on other more addictive drugs such as heroin and many others via marijuana contacts and dealers of the mob. Marijuana doesn’t have to be a gateway drug if we take it out of their equation and out of their control as we did alcohol via legalization and use it for our defense instead and to fund other things as well such as the national debt which I think ought to be annulled (Why not?) and because the mob and the Vatican use the money of illegal drugs to screw up the world which isn’t exactly holy nor clean, certainly not godly and the Vatican hired Kissinger to help them with their lousy reputation which is deserved. Ever read the proverb in bible about kisses? Go to the bible online and look up kisses and there ye shall find.

Funny thing though, when Scalia was asked (It’s on Wikipedia) if he believed the devil was real and he said he did like most Catholics do and said “the devil made pigs jump off a cliff”…. which in the bible is Jesus who sends the pigs over a cliff. He put the evil spirits causing madness in some crazy guys into pigs instead and the pigs ran off a cliff into the SEE. Not sure which gospel but I think one of the synoptic gospels. What he said before that led me to believe the Jesus that did that was Catholic. He asks some people “how do you protect your children if your children were possessed” in another stunt he does which is very Catholic kind of statement and of course in Israel at the time the Romans were occupying Israel like the Nazis occupied some countries. The RCC have Exorcists. I’m paraphrasing quite a bit because I don’t want to look it up but Catholic Dogma is kind of funny about the Devil vs Satan. Most people are. I just assume both are evil whether one and the same. Recently their famous exorcist (Bishop, I think) said the devil had entered the vatican. I haven’t any idea who it was in reference to but I guess he ought to know. No one really knows if Satan and the Devil are one and the same but since the Jesuits are in charge I would suspect the devil and satan are pleased.

Like Anne Graham Lotz is an anagram of an anagram,

Satan is an anagram for Santa Claws.

I think Scalia was correct when he said the Constitution is a dead document especially since the constitutionalists aren’t willing to tell the truth about the mustard seed. And if it isn’t dead yet, it will be. It’s a matter of time and will be a moot point because it won’t exist. IMO, but the Ten Commandments will. It sure didn’t represent, protect, include

me nor my family.

It is only as good as the people that uphold it and no one does especially when it comes to females, but love to talk about it, like politics.

In any case Cibola was near where my parents lived.

Obviously, Jesus was not born on Christmas Day as everyone knows. Christmas is the winter solstice I think but religiologists included Jesus and inserted him in this celebration because it got them more business when the celebrations were already popular and could have been a separate celebration and the RCC could have tried to figure out the real date of birth of Jesus through the many documents they own in their archives and in their treasures they stole and hid and plundered had another celebration but they suffer the deadly sins of gluttony and sloth and would rather abuse women and girls and sexually abuse little boys every chance given. Nobody knows when he was born which is interesting since genealogy is so important in the Gospel of Matthew. I guess the RCC wanted to control the seasons as well as the climate using Jesus. In essence the RCC are control freaks, hate females, love the mob, want to decide who can marry who, who can divorce who, and who can be forgiven via a fee for whatever it is a person is accused of depending on their station in life, their sex, their race, their age, their beauty, and their religion, their business, their political affiliations, their talent, their assets, and how much it will cost and/or profit the RCC. If you give them an inch the RCC will take a mile and because of the deadly sins they like to abuse called envy and lust and because the RCC moral instinct and sinful nature of the deadly sins of pride and greed don’t want to admit the mustard seed is not the smallest of seed have succumbed to the deadly sin of wrath against women and girls in retaliation and against their families around the world who believe and stand by their children for legal abortion to protect them from the rape, pillage and ravage of priests, Bishops, Cardinals, and Jesuit popes and the mob who hide in the population incognito that assist them to plunder anyone if possible in order to do it over and over and over again until every country on earth is a banana Republic and women are pregnant 9 months of every year and use the girls to incubate their sperm which they acquire in various ways in order to keep the RCC the most populous religion in the world hence the most powerful while at the same time diminishing populations of other religions via Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Mercies to sterilize the females and males in other countries who aren’t quite up to snuff as far as their assets and property or desirability and so as not to have to feed anyone if possible via starvation and hospice to disobey the last thing Jesus commanded at the Sea of Galilee to Feed my Sheep because Jesus was not really Roman Catholic:

The Process is called Replacement Theology.

It takes a while but with bad intel and deception it can work if given the chance to move forward by the people of the world’s and their ignorance of the RCC’s long term goals to decimate the other large religious competitors: Islam and others i.e. Self-Preservation because the RCC knows it cannot rule the world if it doesn’t accomplish it’s deceptions and allow via deception the destruction of Islam via other religions and countries eventually. The RCC does plan to be the boss, of course. It doesn’t happen overnight but I guarantee it is in their vision to achieve. Why not? The World Government with Teeth as prophesied by the RCC Pope, himself. There ain’t no way the RCC and ISLAM will be the last two religions for each other. The two will be against each other but not until the other does it’s dirty work because the RCC is slothful and gluttonous. Obviously, both religions will not rule the world. You would have to be an idiot to think otherwise but the RCC is connoting on it and vice-versa. It is an opinion and I think it is plausible, probable and logical by their standards and by their own lusts.

What were the Crusades about?

In the Old Testament the people (The Hebrews) wanted meat and were tired of manna which was a white substance they could gather each day and cook except on the Sabbath when they gathered it the day before and it lasted whereas it did not last if they gathered it the night before on any other day and so God sends them a bunch of quails and I guess the people get very sick. Maybe a reference to goody two shoes such as Dan Quails? At Christmas a a few years back when my dad was alive still I had been shopping at Scrivners a really cool store in the San Antonio area. Good restaurant and a fun place to go shopping and in the window was a painting of a pheasants or quail and the best part of the art work was the frame which looked like carved feathers. It was a very small painting but it was really pretty and I wanted it for Christmas and hinted my ass of for it and and I was disappointed I didn’t get it. It had been a long time since I had acted that way about something I shouldn’t expect but I did after or before I had read about the quails in the Old Testament. Kind of funny.

Don’t Get Your Panties in a Wad

They kind of were. Sometimes when i sit down to eat they do that when I get up I have to un-wad them, but at the same time I don’t want my brother-in law making it an issue. I want to un-wad them without hearing about it. You know? Every little thing I do kind of harassment.

My ex just told me he was at the paint store recently or construction store where paint is sold and the Mexicans illegal ones cut in line and so did a white guy and then he stood up for himself after teaching the people in line AND behind the counter at the store that cutting in line isn’t cool because this is America. The white guy said “Don’t get your panties in a wad” and the ex said he turned around and stared at him and said “my panties are not in a wad” which of course has to do with when we were in San Antonio and the B-I-L (brother-in-law) chided me seductivly in my ear when I got up from dinner to walk the river with my family and with my niece’s kids when my little sister told me not to watch the kids by the river and let my sister watch them since it was her duty to watch them. IT was Gary’s duty as well but he loved letting others do it for them and didn’t care if they fell in the river and they didn’t but if they had I highly doubt he would have jumped in to save them from the rats and snakes and from drowning in the darkness probably so he would not have to give his daughter and her husband money for being relatives one of which he made and managed. They have at least five kids last I knew. Beautiful kids because she is beautiful in her way. I think she represents the ANKH for her husband LEVI.

 I wonder – would her panties have been in a wad

if I let her little boy look over the ledge three stories high

and he fell to his death?

Maybe Gary had taken out a life insurance policy on him because he sure didn’t act like he gave a shit when he let his Very Young Grandson get separated about 3 or so blocks away and never said a word like “Thanks for watching out for my daughter’s son.” even though I treated you like a piece of dingle berry in his own ass in return.

You think I don’t know, do ya? Fuck you and your ridiculous family!  He loved putting people in jeopardy to scare his wife, my family, me as he threw his first born at about one year old about an inch away from a ceiling fan. There are so many examples of some kind of mental disorder. Some kind of twisted entertainment.

I remember at the condo when Kristen was about 8 or 9 years old and we were all sitting around the dinette table of the condo at Padre and I got up to go to the balcony to have a cigarette and my niece didn’t want me to smoke. We had a small tiff about it because I didn’t want her to interfere with my break from family that I needed because I smoke and sometimes I like to get away from small areas and family and look at the ocean for solace and it really upset the people inside especially my sister, her mom. She was pissed at me because I guess I was rude. It wasn’t that big a deal but she made it worse because I had held my ground and went anyway and I guess felt I was too harsh with her daughter which is possible but I was with family and sometime you need a break and is far better than watching my sister talk to a client on the phone about stupid shit for hours on end loud enough not to be able to do anything but hear her talk and we had to be a bit quiet as well so she could hear her client for hours one end while on vacation and waiting for her to get ready to have some fun at the beach with the kids. She loved to waste other people’s time on her and her shit for clients I think she and them owe me some money for my time wasted on their pettiness because usually her clients were petty worrying about nonsense. Didn’t they know she would find a great gift at the store for her clients? As I went to go to the balcony I walked by their room and the shower was on because you could hear it and see steam and the door to the room was wide open as I walked by and glanced and there was Gary standing in front of the end of the bed stark naked stroking his hard dick posing for me. Funny because I just realized my sister was in the dinette area as well or she would not have known Kristen and I had had a small confrontation. I had tried to remember where she was thinking she was in the shower in their room and Gary was on his way to join her but he was using the shower as an excuse to be naked for me. I loved that Kristen cared of course but she was a kid and I wanted to do what I wanted to do. Like her dad wanted to do what he wanted to do and she never made it an issue with him anyway partially because they erased her mind or made her think it was okay to harass other women and female family members sexually. Her mom didn’t make her think it was wrong, either. We were supposed to enjoy it and we didn’t. So what if he has a 2 foot dick when hard? It wasn’t mine and I didn’t want it either. It was my sister’s and she had to get her vagina enlarged during one childbirth to enjoy it. She didn’t know or he didn’t bother to teach her to masturbate if you want to have fun during sex if you need to. Perhaps he never warmed her up like a good man would. A real man. He was getting off on his sexual escapades of dreaming about sneaking up on the unwary when asleep which most people are unwary when asleep and most people don’t want him fucking with them when sleeping or at dinner or at the office or while watching a good movie with the family or going to the balcony so his wife can mistreat them later for his sexual imaginations of degrading females. He ought to just hang out at the morgue for females or in the morgue at a hospital before bodies are taken to be buried to have sex. That is what it is like or similar to. Go ahead and drink some more Calamine lotion and see if I care. I never saw an ad on tv about drinking Calamine lotion. She did it too. She went into my sister’s dark kitchen at night to get something for her tummy and picked up a bottle never looking at the label and took a swig after my little sister witnessed Gary peeking his dick out his pants posing it and positioning it so I could have a birds eye view of his dick sticking out his pants and I wanted my little sister to have one as well because she was sitting next to me. She kind of got interested at that time in a weird way but I don’t think she ever bothered to tell anyone for me as a sister and after that he started hassling her under the table etc. She had seen him years before driving in his white Lincoln Continental around White Rock Lake with a blond woman. Probably the blond model my sister modeled with for the magazine Pennies while in college and was one of her suite mates. I called the poison center that night to find out if she would be okay after she came in with her lips stained in pink to tell me what she had done and she went upstairs and my dad followed. I didn’t know he followed her but Gary came in and told me because my little sister and I made a cruel joke about it. It wasn’t meant to be cruel it was hard not to. It was more of a mimic of her face as she was telling us which was basically crossing her eyes,  act like she was taking a swig and pursing her lips and then the expression of a person known as the richest woman in the world who had had a lot of face surgery.

From then on every time she was drunk or drinking and around me my little sister used to prompt the calamine expression and tell stories about me when I dumped some marijuana in a drain outside our house. I was about 14 and came home from somewhere I was that day and the house was dark, the front door was wide open, and no one was home. I was afraid someone was in the house but I went into my bedroom to my desk because the drawer was wide open and I went to see what was going on and there was about a pound of marijuana in a bag and so somehow my little sister arrived and we discussed it and were freaking out as well and then a guy was driving in our neighborhood and on our street not just once a guy who had had a crush on my best friend driving around in his red Camaro who was also the police captains son who looked just like HardBall Chris Matthews. This was in Alexandria Virginia. So yea I threw it away down the drain in front of our house but I never heard the end of it at every opportunity at parties I had to hear about it and yes it was funny but it was only a pound. LOL. She tended to extend and exaggerate the story for 40 years or more. Remember when… and sometimes you didn’t want to remember in front of tons of people at a party or a gathering or whereever and hoping not to make a bad impression.

 Who wouldn’t have thrown it away?

She was with me so she helped. She was only 13 months younger.

Things aren’t always what they seem to be and nor are people but truly I believe it has to do with the BGEA:


WHAT MADE IT COMEDIC WAS AFTER I THREW IT AWAY I WONDERED NOT FOR JOY WHETHER IT WASN’T SOMETHING MY FRIENDS AND I HAD PURCHASED TOGETHER. (I NEVER HAD MONEY) AND SO IT FREAKED ME OUT EVEN MORE!. THEN WHEN I MOVED I GOT LETTERS SAYING WE FORGIVE YOU AND I DIDN’T KNOW What THE letters  MEANT AND I DIDN’T ASK EITHER. The letters didn’t say. ONE OF THE GUYS we knew was a BIG DEALER IN THE AREA and he might have given it to me and didn’t tell me. I do not know. He was A GUY ABOUT 26 YEARS OLD with a long beard who drove around in an antique car and hung out at the park with kids my age and some even younger and some older and he


15 or 16 years old

(He would call me looking for her. A 26 year old man but I was a kid and I did not know better and its not like I was gonna tell my parents at that age.)

and he could have left it

but the signs of all the things about the house stunk big time like the police captain’s son. someone as depraved as Chris Matthews who had a thrill up his leg for Barack Obama.

I did not like him and nor did my best friend. It is possible he was the guy who burned her arm and hand with his lit cigarette butt playing some kind of game with her or threatening her or another guy I wrote about. His name was BROCK. Maybe both. When I moved all my friends moved so the letters I received were from civilians we sort of knew. My friends were all military kids from different branches of the military. It was suspicious to the nth degree and I was only a kid! Most military people move around the same time of year between school semesters and usually in the summer.

The drug dealer was a TOWNIE


Ohhhhhh he was also a



His name was TOM FOLEY and he had a younger brother named JIM

as in James Foley

who lost his leg in the war. 

I think with my little sister it was kind of a way to be connected to me which I can understand. Who wouldn’t want to be connected to me. I loved her. She changed quite bit. After my big operation  by a year or so I was trying to find a way to make money and she talked me into selling designer jeans and she as above main the pyramid scheme and finally she had a party and said she invited 300 people and then it got up to 500 people and 2 people showed up. So she lied her ass off. I worked my ass off and then she got mad at me for not being more energetic. Then when she lived with me I was on the phone to someone (no one I knew) and she ran through the living room and was talking looking for something and I didn’t answer her right away and she said “Can’t you multi task?” I couldn’t believe it. I had made her breakfast in bed a fewe times when she couldn’t get out of bed because she was so depressed and was living in my daughter’s bedroom. Then when she married the asshole and was living in Bridalwood she had a garage neighbor hood sale and told me my mosaic I was selling was a distraction to the customers and to move it. She was hanging with a real nice chic in the neighborhood and then when I had my operation told me she would help me take care of the kids and stay in town and her husband called and she had to go home to do laundry for her grown sons and so she didn’t help and then when she finally got her divorce and remarried after living with me for over a year and when I got divorced would not help me because she had a new husband. So whatever her motives were then and before the infamous meeting and told me things it wasn’t necessarily FOR ME it was FOR HER. I guess to impress my brother.

The last time I heard from my little sister she was calling me the devil and satan in some e-mails and then she she wrote she wanted her sister back (as in Me). so I played some psychology and said “if your sister is satan and the devil why do you want her back?”

and she never responded. 

Anyway, we could not believe she had picked up someone else’s bottle of medicine and usually calamine is in a plastic squeeze bottle. I have no idea how this calamine was stored. She was lucky she didn’t drink Caladryl. I have no idea how she was able to take a swig because every time I have had to use calamine lotion which  wasn’t often  a few times in your lifetime even when raising kids but basically you had to squeeze it and most of the time if it had ever been used before it dried up on the hole and in the hole and in the bottle and usually you had to take a needle to open the pin hole in order for anything to come out of the bottle so she must have really wanted a drink of calamine. It was not that bad but may be a bit insensitive. It was a strange night. I think we were watching the Last of the Mohicans and took a break from it. I did not know it hurt her feelings and wasn’t meant to. She never said it hurt her feelings and I could have handled it if she let on about it. I would have said Hey we called the poison center and we knew you were gonna be okay and we had a sense of humor about it. It wasn’t that funny but my little sister used to like to go on a bit about the same thing until there wasn’t anything left to laugh about. Over did it, often. I  knew she wasn’t gonna die because she hadn’t drunk enough of it but was gonna have to spit it out by throwing up and she did and my dad cleaned up after her which was pretty sweet. Gary didn’t. He would not have done it for either of his daughter’s either. He didn’t give a shit about my sister. She was his cover. She was his defense.  A Hillary. And so were his kids. He came and told us because he wanted us to feel bad for what we did which wasn’t anything really except have a sense of humor. I could tell by the timing of his information about my dad. And it was also a cover to try to make us feel bad for something we didn’t cause but in his mind we did cause it (a normal rapists conclusion) and possibly in hers as well which is sociopathic and insane. Like putting the cart before the horse kind of insanity and to make my  little sister possibly forget? I wish someone would stick his own dick in his mouth and stuff way down deep for a while so he can gag on it for a while. He used her to get to us in any way he could. She did the same about him in any way she could. The deal is she had tummy troubles because she had some kind of allergy to corn and corn products, she thought, and which are in many products we consume which made her have gas, fart a bunch and diahrea at the worst of times, like as you are walking down the aisle of grocery store or dress store and especially if you were behind her or on a driving trip in the middle of nowhere lost and no bathrooms or gas stations with bathrooms around or when the windows were up and forgetting to say hey roll down your windows, because once I did notice I would try to walk somewhere else like ahead of her, next to her, or a few feet away or roll down the window. I didn’t mind it because she was my sister when she left her smell around. I knew she had some kind of problem. How many times have you walked down an aisle and noticed someone left a stink. And often I just used to plug my nose as if you are going to swim under water. She made it a joke too when she did leave a bit of herself about and we would laugh together about it and try to outrun it without anyone noticing. To her it was kind of humorous because what else you gonna do but laugh about it and try to find a bathroom. She couldn’t help it. I think it became a problem after child birth or more of a problem because that is when it kind of arose as a problem because of child birth or possibly because of his dick hurting her inside, i don’t know. He used to fart and loved talking about flatulation which was a great deal of what he enjoyed talking about as did my other brother-in-law and usually jokes you had heard before and especially after seeing the western movie with cowboys around the campfire fart scene. It became fodder for many years for the average male. At some point she was pregnant in her fallopian tube and had to have an emergency abortion or she would have died which may have been part of her problem as well.

Her favorite perfume for many years was


She had good taste in some things.

I was one of them.

I wonder if someone put calamine lotion in her Pepto Bismal bottle for the trip.

Gary wouldn’t do that, would he?

I just don’t see how the mistake could have been made. They bottle calamine that way making it hard to drink for the sake of kids protection from poisoning themselves. They make it hard so it’s kind of bewildering how my sister was able to swig calamine lotion even in the dark.

It’s a family affair, it’s a family affair.

Sly & The Family Stone – A Family Affair

Why not?

The next morning we woke up to OJ Simpson in a white van running from the cops on some highway in California because he had just beheaded or almost beheaded his ex-wife in her yard and killed her boyfriend leaving their kids in her house with a bunch of lit candles burning without anyone giving a shit because the people that did give a shit had been killed. Could be I’m combining two weekends at my little sister’s home in the Houston area, but I think it was the same weekend. Some kind of demonic connection. It really was …. I’m sure of it.

Gary developed a disease when living in their first home in the Highland Park area on Purdue-(where they bought a small two bedroom fixer-upper) the same disease as Susan Caine. PURPURA and while he had his spleen removed he was infected via the blood supply during the operation at Medical City Hospital with Hepatitus B or the one of the Hepatituses which is the bad one which affects the liver and he was advised not to drink or not to drink as much. I did visit him once while he was recuperating in the hospital with my husband because he was family. I didn’t want to visit him but I felt I should because he was family and because he was my sister’s husband and because it made me uncomfortable being near him without my sister around. It was a short visit. He had an incision from his chest to his tummy, I think. Looked like it anyway. It was not wide and I think he got stitches. Purpura is a blood disorder and I guess you get red spots on your skin as a warning or a symptom. Weird both he and Susan Caine had the same disorder pretty close in time like within a year or so, maybe? She had it first. I don’t know how it is caught or how a person gets it. HMMMMMM. I wasn’t married when they bought it and my brother had met his future second wife when they lived there or during the time they owned (a couple of years) it so I guess it must have been after that house he developed Purpura because my husband was with me when we visited him in the hospital and I had not met my future husband yet. I wouldn’t have known about Susan and her Purpura other than through my sister and her husband because we did not hang out together ever unless I had to and at my sister’s home with her. She was not a friend of mine but similar to a friend I had. We all have one of those. Everyone has got one. It’s inevitable in this world anyway. Like some cheese gets better with time and some doesn’t depending on the amount of time we are referring to. People change. That house was where my brother almost shot his foot off playing with Gary’s gun he found under the bed while he was on the phone with someone which was an improvement because Gary used to hide his gun under his pillow. He was a brick shy. I think most guys are. when Malachi was on the ledge I’m glad I was there at that time if not for Kristen then for her son and for my parents. My older sister and Gary did not have kids at the time they lived in the fixer upper. One night while babysitting their home my brother and I opened the front door for some reason and some kind of bolt lightning or something came in the door and both of us watched it fly around the living room and the study like a balloon when the knot is undone. It was very strange and it made a noise as well. It had no substance but energy of some kind. It was a hot night. In Texas sometimes there are electric storms without rain. One night I saw a storm of bolts but in the shape of a balls that were bouncing all over the place and very loud and kind of frightening because of the noise. It’s a rare occurrence. I have only seen that kind of a storm once but I assume it has happened before however I have never looked it up to find out.

Later when met sister was in the last house I ever saw her in that they owned she had something done about the corn allergy after going to doctors about it. She had an operation. I can’t remember the hospital but in Dallas. either Medical City or  St. Paul, possibly one nearby. There are alot of hospitals in certain areas. The operation was on a Friday and I guess he snipped her ureter between the bladder and the kidney, I think by mistake. He had a German name as I recall and wasn’t like real friendly or anything. Luckily he figured it out JUST IN TIME and fixed it or she would have died. They still sued and made some money on it. Good money. She wore a urine bag for a few months. Around the same time she had plastic surgery on her nose for a deviated septum and more and ended up being a nose similar to my little sister who had a very pretty nose . My little sister had a fall in her closet and broke it and it was never the same. It still was pretty but it wasn’t the same. The nose on my older sister did not really fit her face imo but she obviously had a thing about my little sister’s nose all along or maybe Gary did. She also had her boobs enlarged. My little sister had done the same thing years before and it helped her. Her husband made an issue of it so she did it in shabby place but did it anyway. I didn’t really care for what the results were except in clothing. But the shape wasn’t quite right but it didn’t matter as long as she and he liked it. He took a chance having it done where she had it done. I never saw the place but she told me about it. My older sister’s jealous jacuzzi daughter mentioned my sister’s nose and boobs once that I know of and had seen earlier pictures of my older sister and my older sister (her mother) lied to her about it. Perhaps one day eventually she told the truth, but I doubt it. For years my younger sister told me that my older sister was competing with her on houses, pools, obviously men, noses, and plastic surgeries. She had a chin lift and partial face lift and tried to act like she didn’t. My younger sister resented it because she was really was an open book about her surgeries and wanted to share but I think it has to do with how she got the surgeries she got. I think my older sister used the system –insurance fraud and had a lot of help doing it. What happened at the office and partially why I was ganged up on had to do with illegal stuff I happened upon and didn’t realize till I went to real estate school what my sister and her husband were doing and the company they worked for was illegal big time. It might have been a set up in order for the company to side with my older sister and Gary to protect them. Pretty shitty. It really is. I was in a rough place, between a rock and hard place. So was my mom and dad and probably a lot of people. She probably took lessons from Hillary and wasn’t Hillary in the insurance business before she became what she became? Yep.

I went shopping with her to help her find a dress for New Years party  or event she was going to and her husband and her were with a partner of his at the time and his wife and she had humongous boobs that hung low. She was a dog in the face but she wore a dress and the opening was at her waist and my sisters husband was impressed by it. She bought a beautiful black dress kind of short. She had pretty long legs. The back was in a vee to the waste and was sharp looking on her and she wore pretty jewelry. Her husband had her in tears that night because she did not expose her bosoms and he liked the way the other woman hung hers. She had to go to the bathroom to cry and clean up her face afterwards. When she left the bathroom to go back to the table a man came by I guess a good looking guy and told her how beautiful she looked. She looked beautiful in the dress at the store. CLASSY. My sister was in a class of her own compared to the other woman. People used to say she looked like Raquel Welch in the face and she came by it naturally. She had a problem sometimes with weight but even when over weight she was beautiful. Beautiful smile and a fun smile. Older men loved her for her smile, her humor and her pretty face. One of the things my dad loved about her was her humor. He got a kick out of her. Of course she was his daughter so no wonder. She had pretty high cheek bones like my mom.  But she still messed around with some stuff to improve herself in her eyes like lip injections and tattooing liners etc. The lip injections were not helpful but the style of lips that is the fad these days are plump lips. I hated how they did it to her because she was too aware of them like the press guest Laura InGraham:


and talked funny because of them but she was aiming to please and to please her second husband as well who did not deserve her. He kind of messed her thinking up. Her first husband even though a jerk in some ways in regards to boobs and her talents was still better than the second one because THEY LOVED EACH OTHER.

Her second husband was a user and a half.


whom she met on line at a dating service after a few other stupid dates she endured. He was from Michigan. DAVID number 2 as in poop and resembled quite a bit





Who never questioned Barack Obama’s Motives


Ready the Secret service agent?

the Ring-bearer for the Queen’s anniversary Diamond Jubilee Celebration!


George Ball of the LARGE (LODGE) “Mr. Nothing Propinks like Propiniquity” you know the guy who messed with JFK and OSWALD who is seen in the pictures at the jail before OSWALD was knocked off for posterity and who probably had a whole bunch to do with the entrance of the US into the Viet Nam war and the assassination of JFK!


LOL Schnicker Snicker

and is self-deluded

There is a network when you get divorced in some places

to catch a pail of water. 

When her first husband’s dad was having health problems in older age she found him one day and he had fallen while naked and he couldn’t get up. She helped him and he made some jokes with her and loved her as a daughter-in-law for some of the same reasons my dad did. She helped to take care of him for nothing as much as she could but I don’t think anyone noticed or appreciated it. He was divorced but he and his wife while they were not  did live close to each other and were civil. The mother-in -law did not appreciate my sister and compared her often to the first wife he had and created trouble for her. The daughter-in -law she had from her step son also created trouble for her (his second wife). The one who sang like an angel with blond hair and chips fell out of her mouth when she talked.  The one who said I had a winker in my eye. The Church lady. Her step son had some troubles because of being a kid from divorce but my sister was good to him as a step mom though he one day had a problem of some kind and put a gun to her head. Some how they got past it. I don’t recall that she had to go to jail or he had to go to jail. I don’t think anyone called the police on him. I had to for nothing. Her step daughter overdosed on aspirin once but made it through. Had her stomach pumped but she lived. She lost her daughter at three years of age at her birthday party. My sister wasn’t there and I bet if she had been it wouldn’t have happened, but you never know and believe me I know she was imperfect but she did not put a gun to your head. I mean that amicably.

The woman that helped my older sister when she had her ureter cut had white hair and my older sister thought she was an angel course she thought the priest on the plane was somehow related to GOd and she resembled Billy Grahams daughter in the overall appearance. She told my sister that having surgery on a Friday isn’t the best of time to have surgery. She must have had quite a history in surgery knowledge but I guess that was as good an excuse as any. She helped my sister and tried to keep up with health situation details while she was at the hospital so my sister didn’t have to worry about it herself. Someone I guarantee hired her. I have no idea how she met her but probably the lady across the street who got her involved in the BGEA and those women retreats in the Carolinas. It’s my guess anyway. Usually I knew but things change and so do relationships. What my sister did not realize is she had been had. Sneaky people. I guess it was worth it.

I guess the word that describes my oldest sister was the word devious. She did not start out that way. I think SMU molded the deviousness in her-Being around a bunch of rich kids. I’m not against someone having money but she developed an attitude when around her friends. IMO They thought their shit didn’t stink and it did just was much as the next guy or girl. It might have started before SMU when she rolled with Dallas. Take it how you think it means. And perhaps the Kirchers honed it in her. Her kids were not the problem. Maybe expectations have something to do with it as well. The expectations of others and it came between us as a family. Jealousy played a role. Something happened and it wasn’t good and I don’t think it was me or because of me. I think it has to do with the pillars of salt written about in the OT.

When my dad had his TIA in Dallas after driving to Dallas from San Antonio to see the birth of one of the grand kids, her grandchild was a marker of some kind. We were at the hospital at the time. I could hear echoes in the room and I could feel it and it was loud and hollow. He started talking weird and couldn’t communicate very well, but tried and mom and Tootie went to find help and Gary was in the room sitting on a ledge near the window or wall area and I was across from him. He kind of was amused and raised his eyebrows in a funny way at me about my dad. I told my dad not to try to talk because it wasn’t helping it just got worse. Later on it was amusing after he was okay but it was a very strange thing and I know she pushed him too much for his age. Go here go there etc. Too competitive. Heightened too much.

Later in San Antonio we found out the wind or something broke off his front door to his home, right off the hinges, while they were home at some point and I think was another sign something wasn’t right. A very strange occurrence. He did change and was much more judgmental about me and I could tell he was getting strange thoughts accusatory of me while with my sister her husband and me. I could feel it. Of course lies didn’t help. The first lie especially which grew into as I said once in another post on one of my blogs, into a life of it’s own. I could tell something was bugging him about me and like he was hearing voices while he was quite weak physically which is typical of evil to attack someone when THEY are weak. I could feel it sort of and of course I was going through some things and a huge set up around that time but I had not understood it and I think he was being set up as well. The whole family was including my sister in another way, even though she was involved like a pawn. He was trying to protect us as a dad of a very cool family:

His family. Her family. Their family.

 I think the wind had something to do with it as well and a chapter in the Gospel of John which talks about it. The secret follower, which I think has to do with the BGEA. As I have written the secret follower wasn’t really a secret, was it? Since it was in the

Gospel of John.

So either Nicodemus or Joseph of Arimathea. Maybe both.

Standing where it should not?

And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in hisdeath; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.
What is deceipt?
  1. the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth.

I know my dad is okay because he is special and so is my mom and together they are a force to contend with. A good force. Believe me, and they are not done.

 They will not give up because of their love.

You would’ve had to have known my parents to understand.

Let The River Run

Cyndi Lauper – She Bop

I think the Commandments about parents and kids is really important to God

and they do proceed the other commandments after.

Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time

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The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia


It’s hard to remember the season or the exact night the lights went out in Georgia but they did and later the same thing happened in San Antonio.

My older sister was home from college for a short visit and staying in my little sister’s bedroom down the hallway from my bedroom and next to my parent’s bedroom upstairs. The stairway started down next to my bedroom.

 Not sure why my older sister stayed with my little sister but I think it was because there were two single beds in her room and mine was a double bed.

We all heard the sound and scrambled. When electricity goes out usually it makes a sound somehow because appliances shut down, etc. It was so dark you could not see your hand in front of you so we had to feel our way to our parent’s room and it was a task that seemed like a long nightmare kind of like in the movie with James Carrey, the comedian in a long hallway in the movie The Cable Guy and the hall kept getting longer and longer  As it turned out my older sister was not familiar with her surroundings and jumped out of bed and into a wall. THUD.  I felt my way around the banister and got to the doorway of my parent’s room about the same time my two sisters arrived in the same space attempting to enter my parent’s room and it was a struggle between us partially because we could not see and we wanted to get in there as quick as possible but we could not all fit in the doorway at the same time so had to feel our way into the doorway and single file ourselves without knowing who was first, second, or third. We were excited, upset, and giggling because of our struggle getting in through the doorway.  Finally got into their room and to their bed and rested our heads on their bed with our knees and feet underneath. We felt kind of safe however it was disconcerting not being able to see a thing. The whole neighborhood was in the dark. It was pitch black. Finally the phone rang and the operator said something to one of my parents alerting them the lights and electricity would be back on soon. Don’t know how the operator called OR WHY DID SHE CALL US but the phones were not connected to the electricity or to the tv etc. That was who we were told it was until my mom said “What if it wasn’t the operator,” scaring us half to death. So we remained in their room for quite a while until the lights came back on.

Vicki Lawrence The night the lights went out in Georgia 1973

I have no idea if something occurred in Georgia that might have had to do with the Ten Commandments such as a statute disallowing the commandments in court houses because at the time I was a kid and not paying attention to much of anything other than my friends and family.  Ten years or so before JFK was assassinated and the Vatican 11 was occurring in 1963 having to do with Opus-dei and other Roman Catholic groups attempting to unite all the religions under their management.

Not sure of the year but I think the Ten Commandments were under siege. People had been rioting the few years before about the Viet Nam War and other angsts on college campuses and in Washington DC. I remember a Senator who was trying to save the Ten Commandments but people thought God had died and often referred to GOD IS DEAD in their rants during their protests. Now what would make people say that God was dead if there weren’t some attacks on either the bible, religion, or the Ten Commandments?Atheists were vocal and didn’t want the Ten Commandments in public places because the commandments offended their senses but there were not that many atheists but one in particular a woman named Madelyn Murray O’Hair:

“Madalyn Murray O’Hair (née Mays; April 13, 1919 – September 29, 1995), who also used multiple pseudonyms (her most preferred being M. Bible), was an American atheist activist, founder of American Atheists, and the organization’s president from 1963 to 1986. She created the first issues of American Atheist Magazine.”

…………Roe vs wade was also occurring sometime in that time span.

Abortion was legalized in two states. California and New York, I think.

“In two landmark decisions – Engel v. Vitale on June 25, 1962, and Abington School District v. Schempp on June 17, 1963 – the Supreme Court declared school-sponsored prayer and Bible readings unconstitutional.”

It was confusing because so much was going on all at the same time kind of like the marches and protests these days. Black lives matter…Trump protests,  Government shutdown protests, and memorial closing protests etc and all the other strange things we have all experienced and watched on the news here in the USA and elsewhere in the world in the past 8 years showing a huge amount of confusion which I think is


The 25 Biggest College Campus Riots of All Time

 like rebels without a clue so they made up causes.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Into The Great Wide Open

I don’t think anyone hardly noticed the Senator who was attempting to save the Ten Commandments. He was kind of a short guy who I don’t think was respected on the left and was minimized on the right because he was so right and I think he was the Senator from Georgia. I can’t remember his name but will add it when I find it but I remember what he looked like. I was just a teenager at the time and kind of out of it for the most part being a teenager which is enough for a teenager. I didn’t go to the rallies or protests because my dad was serving in the war putting his life in danger but I still had no idea how big a deal it was but watched the rallies and protests on TV along with the death tolls on the news of the americans killed in Viet Nam and the surrounding area and footage of some battles. My parents lost a few friends in the war. The big deal contention was the draft… and a lot of people trying to avoid the draft or worrying: were they next? Not sure how the war started but I think it started because of a French colony. LBJ was the President who got us involved in the war. He left his mark as well some good some bad but one good was he named who was BIG BROTHER  by giving him an award The Big Brother Award: Billy Graham. Who said the USA needs an Evangelical Roman Catholic Shill to be our BIG BROTHER? I have a big brother and I like him just fine the one God gave me and because I know him and I don’t need a STATE SPONSORED BIG BROTHER the one the devil wants us to follow because I don’t know him nor do I want to know him. He wouldn’t even get on an elevator with a female. Why would I trust him. He doesn’t even trust himself. Who needs that kind of big brother? LOL My real brother didn’t mind getting on an elevator with me. At the time I had not done my homework (AT ALL even in school in the subjects I took) about what was occurring regarding phantom ships and other weird stuff that occurred and was hushed in Washington DC. Nixon got us out of the war and underwent the Watergate break in (of the Democratic offices) ……..affair/scandal which was tame in comparison to the things that went on during the Obama Administration. He resigned but left his mark, some good ones and some bad. The good one was he exposed Billy Graham’s hatred for Jews. He said, “They don’t know how I really feel about them” caught on tape and referring to jews. Our representatives and the press basically gave a wink and a nod to Obama in regards to things he might have been found guilty of such as murder and terrorism if anyone dared ask the right questions (some tried but I don’t think they understood the times we are in having to do with revelation or they would have been better questions and Obama let others take the blame like a good ole boy) and pursued the truth and might have been considered a traitor and hung for his crimes and his family expelled from our country with most of his staff but we have progressively had gotten used to it by the mere force of overloading our senses which is a ploy to distance everyone from the truth. Overload them with nonsense.

The LBJ years and the NIxon years were full of turmoil. Lots of changes with the hippie generation and the freak generation after it, etc. Bussing was implemented and quotas were implemented to even things out racially in different fields and in the military who set the example and because of some crimes involving race such as the assassination of  Martin Luther King and some African American kids hung in the south, and other racially inspired crimes such as a jewish boy killed in New York by a gang of eight and them the gang was mentored by Billy Grahams underling Rev. Wilkerson who left his mark as well implicating Billy Graham in his last post written which I wrote about in some posts found on Merangue’s Blog before he was killed in East Texas in a car wreck involving a truck with lumber, etc. but what about President John F. Kennedy. He didn’t matter? Killed by his wife, Jackie Kennedy in another frame of mind (obviously mind controlled). What about Senator Bobbie Kennedy who fought corruption in organized labor (i.e. fighting organized crime-the mob-terrorism) and a previous Attorney General while running for president killed by Sirhan Sirhan (a Palestinian) on the anniversary of the SIx Day War obviously a thorn to Roman Catholicism and the Vatican State and Islam. Did he not matter? What about JFK jr and his wife and HER fetus and her sister during his personal investigation of his father’s assassination after visiting Jesuit Cuban Fidel Castro and the Great Evangelical Billy Graham while running for the Senate. Did they not matter? Hillary Clinton wanted his seat more than he did in the Senate? Or did Billy Graham (a shill for the Vatican) want her in the Senate more than he wanted JFK jr? Obama was in a hurry to get through the door?








the State is the Vatican State!





and their families




and probably the main reason: wanting to catholicize the world







 I think it would be a good idea if the press and our government and our country encouraged Obama to leave the DC area for the sake of the new administration and encourage Obama to be a gentleman and leave for the sake of our country. Go back to his hometown in Chicago or whatever. His kid in school is a lousy excuse to stay on in Washington DC. I went to three different high schools when I was a kid in three different states and they were not private schools. I was bussed to a black neighborhood in one of my years for my country and it was not easy but it could have been worse and I was happy to do it for the right reasons though I left some good friends which was hard to do but they too were in the military so they were going other paces as well. If his kid can’t handle it then she isn’t very flexible and is but a glass flower and surely won’t survive in the real world without a to of help. …Is she made of crepe paper? THE WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY which WILL BE HIS LEGACY. WHAT A Disservice to the african american race and he will be remembered for it. Henry Kissinger hired by the Vatican to help with it’s lousy reputation (sexual child abuse, money laundering, murders, mob ties, pornography) endorsed Obama which paved his way to the White House. I wonder why? I wonder what Kissinger’s relationship was with Billy Graham. I have no idea. I don’t think Obama would have been President without Kissinger’s endorsement however the other choice sucked not Sarah Palin, but John McCain. But Sarah Palin was the governor of Alaska where H.A.A.R.P. is located so she needed to be restrained. And then came the tsunami/earthquake in Japan causing a nuclear disaster after the RCC tried to force Japanese Catholics to accept the RCC’s Neo-Catechumenal Way and they tried to refuse and stall FOR A MERE 5 YEARS because of a rise in suicides and it did not sit well with the Vatican or Billy Graham and before that the earthquake tsunami in the Indian Ocean which altered the axis of the earth physically and politically a hub famous for child abuse, child pornography, and child prostitution. (PROBABLY CATHOLIC.)

That’s phenomenal.

An Holy Kiss

This post was one of my first posts but I just now considered maybe one version of the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane was prophetic and one wasn’t.

Henry Kissinger was also a confidant of NIxon.

 Obama and his ideals set the African-American race back quite a bit psychologically and mentally within their own ranks, neighborhoods, and to others and to me though luckily there are remnants of citizens of the African American race that keep Martin Luther Kings dream alive because they actually are extremely talented and careful and dignify his legacy by their example which is detrimental.

OPRAH IS NOT ONE OF THEM THOUGH SHE IS SUCCESSFUL SHE IS AN OBAMA LUSTER and promoted politically correct nonsense to her unwitting fans

for the sake of the Vatican and for ISLAM

so no wonder she is successful because she sold her own soul for temporary pleasure and other peoples souls as well, many others,


and also went with Michelle OBAMA to Hawaii during an American CRISIS using SENATOR INOUYE’s death to have a good time on the AMERICAN dime. YEA she can act but that is all she is is an act LIKE IN THE BOOK OF ACTS. A fake and a fraud.

Slavery started in Africa by Africans of Africans.

A Lousy Excuse OBAMA Using His Kid for his own selfish reasons because he is a ………

Saudis pair up with McCain, Graham to fight 9/11 families

I hope the travel ban includes places like the Baltic States: Herzogovenia, Croatia , Bosnia, and the other one. AS WELL AS SAUDI ARABIA who should definitely not be allowed to partake of any political sway in our country or be given any political immunities as well as all the other powerful arab states who sponsor terrorism. I have firsthand knowledge they don’t love America and plan to move back to their countries after doing whatever it is they are doing in the USA to believers and being promised wealth for whatever their task is/was in America.

So far I am very happy with the Press Secretary for Trump (Sean Spicer) who is very candid, explicit and very informative and definitely SHARP talking with the press and the press is very actively questioning him on many issues unlike what occurred during the Obama administration. I think we ought to compare IQ’s of him vs the press secretaries in the recent past. Talk about a major paradigm shift. Everyone seems to be on intelligence drugs. Before they were like milk duds on heroin. Obama couldn’t even throw a hoop and how many times did he try? It was embarrassing. Definitely taking cues in his ear from someone and and and

How much coffee does the President drink in the morning?
or What perfume does Michelle wear? Do their daughters enjoy their school? Does Michelle like the color red?

kind of noodles

from the very start of his reign of terror. Like getting to know an African American for the first time kind of shit who wasn’t. Like watching a soap opera such as All My Children or General Hospital and Obama was playing in the leading roll as Allan Quartermaine in Port Charles. It was that interesting and informative! However, if Herman Cain had been President I’m sure there would have been some intelligent questions proffered by the press and intelligent answers as well, so it wasn’t about race all together, was it? Or how about this press declaration:

“I have never seen you lose before”

which was during briefing by the President himself in the beginning of his administration. She happened to favor a friend of the ex (his ex wife) who watched soap operas all day while raising her kids making a huge mess (I heard about) and was liberal and I think very politically correct which means there are no words for anything potentially important. LOL

Oprah Winfrey fit right in!

My brother believed Al Gore’s crap and was an agnostic. However he believed in the Judeo-Christian values as well. I hope he isn’t an agnostic now but I understand why he might be because of the things the church does and because of things that happened to him during his life, and happened to his friends and his family. To me those values are worth fighting for and I think to him as well and to everyone in my family whether we are together or not at this time. Those values are the crux of the matter.

What are those Judeo-Christian values based upon?

The concept of “JudeoChristian values” in an ethical (rather than theological or liturgical) sense was used by George Orwell in 1939, and has become part of “American civil religion” since the 1940s. The term “Abrahamic religions” is used to include Islam as well as Judaism and Christianity.

“More Christians are gonna die!” claimed Franklin Graham a few times. Not sure why he said this a few times because it was on the internet.

Jesus said a few times or once anyway “your father is the father of lies” and Obama lied a bunch. Obama also said “The future must not belong to those that insult the prophet (profit) of Islam” referring to Mohammad at the UN and I know he was wrong but it showed his allegiance. Did the press ask him what he meant? Why he said it? NO.

The vatican representatives (and popes) are tricky when dealing with the holocaust using christians as their apology for the holocaust because the RCC aren’t and obviously were responsible. It’s in one of my posts what was said by one of the popes and I don’t want to look it up because my posts are vast and the search engine isn’t helpful for looking up or partial quotes on WordPress blogs but it was interesting to say the least the wording used to shift the blame. Christians were not making truces with Hitler but the RCC was at the time and the prophecy of the healing of the deadly wound of the vatican was occurring as well.

I think Jesus was referring to Abraham because in that time period they considered Abraham their father and it is in the New Testament and so I believe it has something to do with ISLAM and Roman Catholicism because that was who was occupying the country of Israel and in Jerusalem .

I’m using deduction.

There was a false covenant or two and obviously there was an Abrahamic covenant. What does a dick/penis have to do with God? Did God make a covenant with women cutting their clits? NO. Instead making girls females have their clits cut at an age they can intensely feel the pain. The covenant was about foreskin? What about hemophiliacs?  Did God not consider them worthy of exemption since they bleed a bunch? Back in those days it must have been a death sentence like Aids was to many hemophiliacs in our day. Anyway if you read about it and what God supposedly said that “it never crossed his mind” it doesn’t sound believable (because he obviously knew what Abraham was thinking so it had to cross his mind) when talking about binding Jacob and slicing his throat for a sacrifice even though God told Abraham to take him up to the location and sent an angel to stop Abraham from doing what he was about to do because it crossed his mind OBVIOUSLY etc. I think there was also another false covenant at the last supper because of the differing accounts of the last supper between the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) and the Gospel of John.

In a part of the bible God says there will be no Canaanite in the city of Jerusalem in the future yet the Abrahamic covenant seems to imply something else. Did God say canaanite males or females or did he mean both. I don’t think God makes covenants with only males. The church however does. Do the Ten Commandments differentiate between male and female?

Are women exempt? I don’t think so. However the Ten Commandments are inclusive as far as honoring your parents (mother and father) and honoring your children (boys and girls.)

Some time or other Abraham camped between two cities Sodom and Gomorrah which get destroyed and eventually his name is changed to ABRAM but Islam says it the other way around. Islam says a lot of things backwards, if you notice.

The Ten Commandments were given to Moses and not to Abraham. That’s a big deal since it is the foundation of the Judeo-Christian values IMO. The RCC changed the Ten Commandments and it’s a big deal that they dared to challenge Judeo-Christian values subtly though it was noticed even by catholics who wrote about it and helped me to notice and i think it was done to mislead their own and others and basically deny Jesus in the Gospel of John and because the commandment about the 7th day leads to Jesus of the Gospel of John. I don’t know any other legitimate reason for it. Leads to the Jesus that said I Am the way, the truth, and the life. that leads us back to the Ten Commandments the first commandment that says I Am the Lord thy God and to Moses who asked God’s name to give to the Hebrew slaves and God said I Am that I Am.  The RCC came up with a multitude of values some involving obesity which sometimes is unavoidable depending on many factors such as diabetes and other factors and many other ridiculous evils they themselves fulfill and values they don’t fulfill. You need to read Revelation because it describes the RCC to a tee. No one else fits the mold but the RCC and it’s ally ISLAM a CO- CONSPIRATOR and both want to rule the world and yet the world is not their world. Did either religion create the world? No, but they sure corrupted the world with their nonsense making it impossible to live by their nonsense even to themselves so they invented indulgences for their own.

You can look up the dispute between the Commandments of the Roman Catholic Church vs versions in a multitude of articles about it written by catholics and christians, agnostics and atheists. There is plenty of evidence and almost a decoy or a deliberate attempt to strategically mislead with a mountain of minutia to the commandment about the 7th day dispute and I have read so many reasons to disregard it but none of them rang true to me however the matching to Jesus in the Gospel of John seemed to fit the reason for this commandment and many took it way to far not allowing people to cook on the Sabbath or, pick corn, shuck corn, roast corn, or eat corn, or walk through a corn field (a very sugary starch, carb, and a vegetable you should not eat if you are gonna diet [however the American Indians really liked it and shared it with the Pilgrims and many pilgrims starved to death….just kidding]) chew gum, spit on a sidewalk, or go to a game or drive to visit someone or work on a job that requires you to work on the Sabbath Day, etc which is another diversion in my estimation. I think words and petty ideas may have been added as to what you can or cannot do on the Sabbath.

I think the sole reason for the sabbath commandment was to be honored, remembered, and noticed for the reason given above. IPSO FACTO

Because of time changes and leap years and many other things relating to calendars no one really knows nor can trust what day or which day is the sabbath except for the evidence given which leads to the Ten Commandments, Moses, and Jesus of the Gospel of John. It could be on a Wednesday as far as we can know.

He did not say he was the blood of life.

I believe Abraham was a reaction to Moses and because of the army that the Pharaoh lost during his conflicts with God though I don’t think God has given up on those in these two religions but is demonstrating these days the breach between God and mankind/womenkind because of deception which is immense. Some common sense would help which God gives to each of us but the RCC ‘s reaction is to make people not read the bible only buy them. Definitely computers help to compare because the bible is wordy which is linked.

Anyway the bible´warns about a false covenant and yet no one I have read or heard about knows which one is false and if it is prophesied in the bible I’m sure the bible contains it otherwise it seems to be a moot point.

Crimes and Punishment

Terrorism isn’t always a crowd crime. So as far as proof of someones actions resting on a boom such as a bomb or firecracker is a ridiculous test of proof of a persons intent or terrorist action. Some and probably most terrorism is individual against individual terrorism like the mob and such as hospice. I think what happened to my aunt was terrorism which I wrote about in the following post. I think what happened to my mom (hospice) was terrorism sponsored by the RCC and indulged by the RCC and Obama using LBJ’s legacy. BADA BOOM!

IT s the type of terrorism that goes unnoticed (one on one crime) and is probably the most prevalent of terroristic type crimes either sponsored by the state or church sponsored terrorism because it’s a cult, obviously. The RCC is famous for terrorism throughout it’s history but it has gotten even more brazen because of hospice using it to prey on the weak. Easy pickens and to punish families and it isn’t like God doesn’t know it,  comprendez?

The RCC/Vatican isn’t just a religion

it’s a state.

I hope to see in my lifetime the total destruction of the RCC forever. And truly I think I will see it in my lifetime because of what Jesus said at the Sea of Galilee and because my mom was special unlike those that discount what Jesus said and why he said it.

She may be why he said it.


And I know why she said that the way she said it.

Sometimes one person makes all the difference and I think she is one of those. And to her my dad made all the difference. SO watch out RCC because your days are numbered.

Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

Picking Fruit and Veggies 

A guy on Fox News was saying we need illegal immigrants to do these tasks because it is so hard to do and the pay is less and US citizens aren’t willing to work hard and get paid less. Americans would pick fruit if the cost of living wasn’t so ridiculous in the USA. But when Americans pay 20 times the cost of another country for oil such as what Venezualans pay for oil or Iraquis pay for oil then it’s hard to reconcile getting paid 20 times less per hour. We are paying for everything via taxes stolen and laundered via the Vatican throughout the world and dispersed without any true accounting and not getting much back for it but lots of headaches because of illegal immigration and other RCC VICES. An excuse of illegal immigration and it’s not a good one based on half of the economic system in place and not the other half not in place. Kids would love jobs like that to get a start and young adults as well if they didn’t have to pay the stuff illegals don’t pay for when staying in the USA and send back to their countries.That is why consumption tax is the way to go so that illegals do pay as much as USA citizens pay while in the country and believe me there would be half as many illegals in the USA if we did because the incentive wouldn’t be there. There would be a lot less crime from illegals and citizens of the USA caused by resentment. Price Gouging the USA is part of the problem and unaccountability of our government not investigating the holes in the system used by the federalis to keep the Vatican in business throughout the world making life difficult for everyone including illegals who wouldn’t have to trudge through Mexico to find work because good ideas like consumption tax create jobs in the long run. 

Do illegals pay for anything most americans are forced to pay? They are getting a free ride  and some are getting taken advantage of (especially young boy and girls) and the rich get richer. It’s bullshit. The USA has two sides of a brain and one isn’t working. Consumption tax would also inspire saving, good decision making skills and investment instead of junk spending which in the long run would help those in the lower class and middle class to be inspired and creating small business and growing the middle class which is the goal I hope or we all fail in the long run. Without a fluid middle-class you end up with


but many prefer shoe boxes with junk in it for the parentless children to ease their consciences but it won’t last. It is unsustainable.

IT helps to use both sides of the brain at the same time. IF we didn’t have a power struggle between democrats and republicans every two years it would help and instead voted people into office to do a good job without labels or parties based on their knowledge and their skills and performance and keeping their false promises. The only people getting rich off this kind of government 2 party system is the government and it’s lackeys including the press growing the federal government who i surmise waste a lot of time and money screwing each other and most of all screwing the citizens and spend most of their time getting elected again.

Pretty soon at the rate we are going and if Obama had had a third term employers would have had to buy homes for their employees no matter what the race, gender, religion, creed or color and of course they in turn will prefer machines.

I have already discussed many times insurance and it’s evils since it is an incentive to cheat and to reward bad performance over good, keeping the state quo and costing a lot of money and deaths which is less taxes collected under any tax system. Why should an employer pay for birth control when we have Planned Parenthood unless employers are having sex with their employees which probably occurs with many illegal aliens and doubtful they will complain. A conundrum but VERY CATHOLIC.

A false Jesus said that life is in the blood but life is also in an ant hill. Should we insure ants (evangelicals)? However in the book of Revelation it says the woman is drunk on the blood of saints so it doesn’t sound like life at least not for the saints but for the woman sucking off their blood i.e. the RCC. And God puts it into the heart of some army to destroy the RCC. Hopefully ours because it would be good and deserved. I know it won’t be ISIS unless it’s a decoy ISIS and because they would have done it already being in the vicinity.

That same year at Christmas my dad got a video camera and played with it. He always read the instructions of appliances or anything that needed instructions. He had all of us pose in front of the video camera as a family with our pets and one by one made each of us disappear and reappear. It was kind of silly but one of the tricks of the camera. I don’t think he did much with the video camera after that. They were cumbersome at that time and he retired and started a business afterwards.

I looked up Senators of Georgia and the guy I spoke about is missing. Perhaps another state but I don’t think so. I think it’s deception. Like books that O’reilly writes to rewrite history from a Catholic’s perspective and purpose.

Leaks Suggest Trump’s Own Team Is Alarmed By His Conduct

White House leaks are common, but leakers suggesting the president might be unfit for office are not.

It’s kind of like we have two different planets going on at the same time yet in different times. Saw a Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters article on the net and Pelosi referring to Bush etc. I don’t think mankind can do that and God can and he must have his reasons.

To reveal.

He stopped the sun for a battle in the Old Testament

and that miracle probably has more than one fulfillment and meaning.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 1.26.46 AM.png

I think the federal government is overrun by Catholics and Trump is having to  deal with it and I think if he is genuine HE WILL because I do think Trump believes in God and takes him seriously. So all these strange stories by the press and by people who are upset at his determination will do anything to hurt his reputation. One is to make him mentally unstable which is a good one. He seems mentally stable and so does his press secretary. I think the press is losing it and so are many staunch catholics. So it may be kind of interesting the different perspectives we are gonna be hearing about having to do with the the new administration and it’s part of the game of the RCC but God can play even better because he sees the hands each one are holding but many people don’t believe he can. But his instability mentally unstable stories also can be false leaks to confuse the enemy. I think they are confusing the enemy. It seems fear has gripped many in Washington and I think many are melting.I don’t remember everyone freaking out over Obama and he was definitely mentally a basket case and over compensated with is calm demeanor as if he was superior mentally of others and he definitely wasn’t and and and a sure sign he was being fed info in his ear. I watched him lose it as the cameras flashed in his eyes when he was running for president the first time and became unfit to make a speech for a few seconds or about a minute and it was obvious he was merely a puppet.

Trump does not act like a puppet.

Anyway there are 7 of them in Revelation. Can you beat that?

Kissinger did not endorse Trump and he was elected because the people recognized a person who cares so I think he is mentally fine. I think the left and some on the right of the left better change or they may find themselves gnashing their teeth with Obama, Kissinger, the Papacy etc etc etc. when that day comes and it is coming.

I saw a little bit of Oreilly’s interview and the questions asked and I thought Trump handled him as best he could dealing with a nut. The RCC wants us to go to war with Putin and has been baiting us during the Obama Administration with false news such as the sarin gas poisoning in Syria and truthers online demonstrated its lies and it was easy to see who was telling the truth and who wasn’t. Not wearing masks or wearing painters masks as if that would help. Dead people changing clothes and positions. I think there was a poisoning but it was the rice shipment not sarin gas and germany overheard someone in the syrian military lying his as off. It was ridicule and Putin helped to secure Syria at the time because of the threats by Obama and the left and the RCC do not like Putin. I wonder how O’reilly knows of murders by Putin. Can he name one? Be specific. We all know he worked for the KGB when Russia was the USSR. Does Oreilly question the Secret Service of the USA? What about President Kennedy? What about the pope in Russia (Alexia I think was his name) killed (poisoned) by the Vatican? Did O’reilly accuse the Vatican of murder? No, he ignored it. Did O’reilly do any shows about Benghazi? No, he ignored it like the plague. TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT???. I think because he is a Jesuit and will do anything (even impale babies) to protect the Vatican because it is his bread and butter. Remember Beatrice Arthur? I do. I remember very clearly and it was pretty gross how O’reilly behaved. A sad sad sad example. I know what kind of person O’reilly really is.


What makes you think Trump isn’t baiting you? How else do you catch some fish.

Why didn’t O’reilly bring up Saudi Arabia to Trump

and their plans to fuck-over americans.

Aren’t the leaders responsible for what their citizens do in other countries?

 DOES THE BUCK STOP when their citizens enter other countries?

The Sound of Silence

(Original Version from 1964)


Our leaders should not be allowed to enter their countries unless there

to take over their country via a huge ISLAMIC SHOWDOWN


(I believe are Mecca and Medina because of the name of Abraham to ABRAM and vice versa in Islam was a good indiction it might not have happened as of yet and no archeological evidence it had happened and because both places are located in the area called the wilderness of sin. Meaning i didn’t come up with this hypothesis out of thin air.) I think that strange vice versa is a sign and not only a sign but kind of a point of some kind possibly a spark to a huge end/purpose and I think it will reconcile truth from fiction

We never have found evidence of Sodom and Gomorrah

so it might be a future prophetic event about to unfold

like so many biblical things to be fulfilled

we thought were history and weren’t.

I know my dad was taught by the methodist church (I think that was where he was taught this notion as a beginner in bible knowledge going to methodist bible study classes to learn later in life) that revelation had already occurred unless he learned it from his youth about biblical things. Some of what is revealed in Revelation has occurred or was partially fulfilled but obviously some of it isn’t finished. Since I have had to experience Obama’s administration for 8 years or more when so many terrible things happened to my family it is apparent the teaching he learned and told me was not true BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. So the church lied to him and he passed it on. This is how deception works. At the time I knew he was wrong but hadn’t done my homework and was in the beginning stage of doing it. IF I had known what I now now I doubt what happened to my family would have happened but we were not in the know at the time and were attacked viciously in many ways and I will never forget and doubtful I will forgive (I’m not the only one who feels this way:LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE DO) till I see the end of the Vatican for their part in the demise of my parents using Hospice and others involved with the BGEA since it was this organization my family endured their NONSENSE but it was very destructive NONSENSE. It was beyond cruel and it was evil. I can’t forgive it. I won’t. I forgive my family when I know God teaches them the truth and helps them stand up against evil and cruelty. The RCC and the BGEA deserve a great deal of punishment for their DECEPTIVE influence and intervention and from the sounds of it and looks of it the destruction and end is coming soon to these religions including ISLAM and nothing anyone does will stop it. Might as well leave it. The Methodist Church played a HUGE role in the assassination of JFK as well that was not good as I found out during my JFK transcribing TWICE the CBS coverage of the assassination of JFK which you can find on Merangue’s Blog. I found out a lot of things of which I had no idea and learned quite a bit since then and because I didn’t foolishly and wantonly accept the one bullet theory which was insane UNLIKE so many in our government on both sides of the aisle wantonly did accept. WHY?

And why is my dad pictured on the pictures of Benghazi?




include this picture of my dad. Because he warned me about ObamaCare after he died?

It ought to scare you! Which came first Obama Care or Benghazi? We don’t know for sure because it did not write itself overnight.

I had a reaction about this photo last night and ended up at the hospital for few hours because it does get to me on top of my regular health problems. I have had this photo I found regarding Benghazi for a few years and it hurts to see it and discuss it but I have to and no one understands. No one. One of the few wonderful parts of my life MUCKRAKED by a depraved source. I’ll guarantee it’s gonna hurt whoever did this more than it hurts me, my mom, or my dad. A lot more.

While at the hospital I had to wait a few hours it was very busy with other sick people ahead of me. The lady before me who enjoyed a piece of shit programing on one of the two TV’s in the waiting room was asked if she needed a wheel chair by the guy who works there. Don’t know his name ….don’t want to but he looked eerily like my ex’s nephew and she said mono I can walk. Didn’t look very sick or act it and had lousy taste in programs TOTALLY OBNOXIOUS AND VILE. I did say to the wheel chair man can you turn this program off? and she wouldn’t have it but it was junk and few people i recognized were in the program for split second. One was Billy Graham and the other was George Bush.  I don’t know what you call it but some kind of subliminal flashes and I saw them. Then when the wheelchair asshole came to me he didn’t ask if I needed a wheel chair but I saw one and he didn’t want me in the wheel chair and by the time I made it to the room and bed he assigned me to I was in bad shape and worse than I was before. Anyway I hope he loses his job and has an accident where he is the kind of shape I’m in often because of this kind of stuff i have had to go through to tell what needs to be told for my sake, my families sake, and others because it is really important Not only that i hope he loses the things and people he loves, the pets he loves, the children he loves everything, HIS MONEY , HIS JOB, HIS SENSE OF HUMOR WHICH HE LACKED ANYWAY, and everything dear to him etc I hope the worst for him. It was so rude and calculating. I hope God saw it, noticed, and will see to it to teach him a good lesson he will NEVER forget like Obama did for many people but better. IT sounds rather harsh but I have been through quite a bit and didn’t deserve it. IMO.

One by one the ex’s family he grew up with is gone eat some dust.

The doctor wasn’t very good either. I tried to explain to him what had occurred 24 hours before which was an attack a very painful one and he wasn’t interested at all. He was only interested in what brought me to the hospital in the last 2 hours which is INANE as if one isn’t connected to the other like a horse with blinders only seeing ahead and not the sides or behind. Maybe he was a horse? A talking horse. Mr. Ed. Anyway I lost it and said some things about my dad and Benghazi and I knew he didn’t understand and he said “Don’t get mad at me.” which you have to admit is a kind of funny thing for a doctor to say as if he wasn’t really a doctor but an excuse for one and not a good one which is what Obama Care did to our hospitals and our medical field and then he told me he wasn’t allowed to give me pain medication which I think was a lie. He is working in the ER and if he is not allowed to prescribe pain medication he shouldn’t be working in an ER or in any hospital anywhere. I think it was some kind of ruse and purposefully but subtly not treating me as well as the others because of politics and religion and it will bite his ass and his dick, I hope. Most doctors are above that kind of reaction, good ones are anyway. Don’t get mad at me? wow IN the end times many will be overly sensitive but he hasn’t seen anything yet and I’m sure will harden his thin skin like a Komodo dragon and soon he will be a stone to be walked upon and I will clean my muddy boots off on his cold stone body.

The nurse however was kind and did her job and the others did as well.

I will find out both names and report it;)


I have 6 gaul stones and thought maybe the painful experience I had 24 or so hours before was that I passed a gall stone. I have never experienced it before so don’t know how it should feel but the doctor said “you don’t pass gall stones.” Yet the woman in bed in the same room with curtains between us was having gall bladder problems and one of the stones ended up in a duct of the gall badder. Maybe that is what happened to me, I don’t know. IN any case she was getting her gall bladder taken care of and they ignored my problems because he didn’t want to know.





“Usually, the stones pass from the gallbladder into the bile ducts. They may remain there without blocking the flow of bile or causing symptoms, or they may pass on into the small intestine without being noticed. However, if the gallstones cause a blockage in a bile duct, a person will have pain.”























Wouldn’t it Be Loverly – Julie Andrews (My Fair Lady )


Subliminal messaging is weird especially when you see it as it enters your brain unlike what it is intended to do to suggest without seeing. I’m glad I saw it coming.

There are way too many rules in the medical field protecting who: the insurance companies? That is who those rules protect not the patient nor the GOOD doctors.

IT has got to change. I remember hearing a lot of promises that have not been kept and maybe it is time to change those who made false promises in congress. CRUZ i one of them that lied his ass off I think he did unless he didn’t but didn’t he promise to do more? Didn’t he say he would get rid of Obama Care or was that only IF he became President. LOL

I guess free lancers and truthers are our best source of information but not always such as the green screen Isis beheaders in Cuba trying to act like they were in Libya (it seemed anyway to be threatening the vatican and it seemed like the be headers weren’t in Libya) which I found out on Fox by a very good reporter that I do trust quite a bit as far as the green screen, LOL. Really strange stuff. I figured and deduced it to be a Jesuit ploy.

Is Nordstrom a german company?

Maybe Trump supporters should boycott Nordstroms;) LOL

Especially next Christmas season!

Does Nordstom have some illegal immigration sweat shops in America or Mexico?

Explains why many illegal immigrants are so well dressed coming over the border compared to the people I saw in the waiting room and on a daily basis in america who are citizens.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 9.06.50 PM.png

My what a big fish caught today.

 The same groups the US beat in WWll seem to be the same groups causing trouble for the USA today. Is it any wonder?

All this controversy about Jesus and bread and I wonder if he actually said breadth and all the references to bread are a distraction added possibly later in jest such as the 40 day fast experience he had being tempted about stones turning in to bread. Referring to people as bread throughout and there are lots references having to do with bread.

LIke when the apostles think he is mad at them and they are on a boat and the apostles say say “is it because we brought no bread?” etc and because Jesus dips his bread at the last supper in the Gospel of John in some kind of mixture called SOP at the table as a sign of who betrays him and Satan enters that person and he goes and reports to the temple which was under occupation by the Romans which I think he had no choice and Jesus knew it and they give him money and he throws it down which was obviously intended because he wanted to beat someone to the punch but later in the books after Paul is shipwrecked with some prisoners on board on their way who escape in the Sea of Peter (SOP). The Mediterranean Sea or the Sea of the Philistine (SOP) before the name change to the Mediteranean Sea. Lots of twists and turns like a pretzel. People being referred to as bread and stones and heels is a bit odd. Raising his heel referring to Italy because of the shape of the country. A boot. In the recent past a heel was shitty person: he is a real heel. Usually an insulting person. People who talk down to others would be considered a heel. Many other examples. But also think what the nazis did: they clicked their heels as an allegiance to Hitler as they saluted their commanding officer. They were shitty people for the most part. I’m sure there were a few that weren’t but nevertheless it’s hard to tell on the battlefield who is naughty or nice.

Battle of Monte Cassino

As when Monte Cassino (a BENEDICTINE abbey)  was bombed by the allies and some people were totally pissed off and made a vow of revenge even though they were hiding nazis which is a no-no when at war and on the losing side. The allies noticed nazis there and attacked which is a normal reaction to an enemy when at war. You can read about it on the site called

European Institute of Protestant Studies by Dr. Ian Paisely

 Think about crickets which rub their heels and make a lot of noise. In Iran I think they raise their heels real high when parading their armies like Obama when he doesn’t get a golf ball in the hole on his 7th try. VERY SIMILAR! LOL Anyway whoever raises their heel does it against Jesus in the Gospel of John.”He shall raise his heel against me” is what was said I think at the last supper by Jesus in the Gospel of John. He may have been referring to Obama, IRAN, and the nazis. There are others that raise them too.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.25.03 PM.png

I have never seen anyone do that on a golf course no matter how bad they played

unless they were in the process of a fall.

NOt lonely that holding his golf club like a hammer. Kind of gross isn’t he?

Jesus in the Gospel of John talks about the Rise and fall of the son of man with Nathan after he tells him he saw him under the fig tree and then of course there is the

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

Yet there were only 2 world wars. I have always wondered why it was called the third reich but I have wondered lately why West Point is on the eastern side of our country. Some things are hard to explain.

LIke this for example even though it occurred on the heels of Trumps attempt to protect Americans from terrorism:


I think there were 7 stores who dropped her brand of clothing because her dad did what he did in regards to immigration. One of those stores was Nordstrom and another Belk and others, etc.


I’m not sure it is a good time to sell her clothing line in foreign companies but perhaps she should try an american company or two and I bet her sales will skyrocket. It’s easy to make bad on something good if you try hard by not trying to sell it. THE TIMING WAS TELLING. Too bad politics is even in the stores that sell to americans but I guess it is and used as a strong arm to strong arm the president of the USA and to strong arm his daughter. Personally i have not seen her clothing but think about those people that refused to design clothing for President Trump’s wife the First Lady. THAT IS RIDICULOUS and mean-spirited. There are always others who will design for her and probably do a better job in the long run and instead of masculating her might actually do the opposite because there is nothing wrong with being feminine. Usually a sign of jealousy to refuse to design clothing

because you don’t like someone’s views

but if it comes to that kind of showdown

everyone can play.

I bet Nordstrom backtracks soon or at least next year after Christmas when sales drop like a lead balloon.

It’s like people who paint portraits of women and in the past have maculated them quite a bit and usually they are men doing the painting. Women artists tend to be kinder! I think women were not allowed to paint portraits in some places in the past because SOME women CAN do it better. I have noticed art of male painters in regards to painting males and they are very kind in the past to males which is kind of funny if you ask me.

I met an artist via my job when in college and he was married but wanted to paint me for practice and he was kind and the picture was huge. I liked what he did but probably has been painted over for practice. I looked good then so it wasn’t too hard. When people age their character shows in their face often with some lines and things. Life wasn’t too easy on them etc especially if you have kids, but some people don’t understand how hard it is on a person’s body and skin etc and instead degrade a person for those character lines instead of respecting them for giving up some things along the way while raising kids and the things their kids put them through as well.

I know in Hollywood they love young ladies even if they can’t act which is why so many get plastic surgery as they age and some ruin their looks but I bet it has to do with who does the surgery whether male or female and probably politics and religion play a part as well like what happened to the female comedian (Joan Rivers) a few years ago who died needlessly. I think politics and religion played a huge role in her death (and her plastic surgery sorry to say but there are plenty examples and if people were honest about it we might get to the bottom of why it happens to some and not to others and be able to oust a few plastic surgeons for their malpractice (but INSURANCE COVERS THEIR ASSES BECAUSE OF LACK OF HONESTY and screws some and raises others CHEERLEADER MOM MENTALITY) because she was kind of outspoken which as a comedian is normal. They make fun of everything so it is too bad it happened to her but it was during the Obama Administration which is par for the course. There are many who have had plastic surgery and come out worse. WE ALL KNOW IT. YOU CAN TELL who has had plastic surgery a mile away like how they purse their mouths etc (though many males are so often cheap they don’t care especially if they take a few drinks and put a bag over someone’s head while they perform. IT’S TRUE IT’S TRUE) and most decent people overlook the surgery as they did the flaws. Besides there is always someone prettier and younger and more talented. I think in the case of Joan Rivers her sin was honesty and Michelle didn’t like it but if Michelle had been honest he/she might help others who are similar and instead did the opposite or someone did. What a waste. I hope they get to the bottom of her untimely death.

It’s a compliment oftentimes to be made fun of by a comedian because it is what they do. Every president is maligned by comedians for fun.

SOOOOOOO, it wasn’t about race, was it? Just an excuse. Race in the sense of getting through the door ahead of everyone else but not race in reference to one’s heritage.

But what if it’s the wrong door.


LIke IRAN. In a race that may be INSURING it’s own destruction and a few others nearby

like Saudi Arabia even if they are on friendly terms at the moment. Things change.

Lady Gaga did great at half-time and her body was fun to watch as she sang and performed. Very feminine and I prefer watching her over Madonna any day who I think is too muscular and sorry to say reminded me of a frog LOL as if she took muscle drugs. When madonna started her career i really liked what she did but progressively got worse as time went on and needn’t have if she stuck to her own niche and instead copied lots of famous actresses and it got old but probably was acting through overly competiveness. She can do it again of course and try to be herself. Probably has something to do with the producers steering her talent TOO MUCH instead of herself steering her own talent. As far as being a communist, I don’t agree. “This land is your land “is not a communist song. I don’t necessarily think Bob Dylan was a communist as much as a poet (though he might have thought he was  communist but not really a communist but didn’t know it) which is attractive to both communists and to capitalists. All of us have a little of both in us. If he had been a true communist he would not have accepted awards and shit like that and given all his proceeds to everyone else and he didn’t that I know of. I love the song because it’s a good song. PERIOD. Some common good is good as long as it is GOOD common good and doesn’t stifle free thought, the arts, and free enterprise. It’s not like we have walls between each state. HOSPICE IS NOT GOOD but it’s hush hush which means it is BAD!


Have you seen the huge doors that Putin walks through? I don’t know but they look golden but could be brass doors. If that is communism it has taken on a new form and shape. Talk about capitalistic. Three or 4 goliaths could walk through those doors.

Anyway if you watch the movie “The Russians Are Coming” you kind of get a different feel for russian communists but so little gets out of their country as far as information so it is hard to know what it is like in Russia. Good movie and fun to watch. Silly. When Russia was the USSR it was much different and less attractive. LENINY. Everyone wearing scarves and labor clothes is what i recall especially after seeing the movie Dr. Zhivago. They have had quite a history. I did take a class in Russian history and it was quite interesting but it was a long time ago.

What we experienced with Obama during his reign of terror was not common good.

It was fascism. Delusionary and without vision.

 BOB BECK says Nordstrom wasn’t selling any of Ivanka Trumps clothes so that is why they droopped her and yet used her to attract other clothes lines. Then they owe her and must have been pretty good stuff to have attracted others and if they had tried to sell her clothes they could have. Must be losing their mojo. Anyway they dropped her because of Trumps immigration policy PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Timing is evident.

The store is not any better than Lord and Taylor or Dillards, etc. There are many others department stores that can replace Nordstroms. I have been there a few times and I was not overly impressed. It’s a department store, big deal. They overcharge for what you get. Scrivners/Scribners was really superior yet smaller.  There are plenty of more original department stores than Nordstrom out there. Target and Walmart could compete if they had better dressing rooms and if they reorganized but they prefer a certain clientele. Many other smaller stores that beat Nordstorms by a mile as far as styles, beauty, and prices all over this country. When you think about it clothes only last so long because styles change every season so just because something is made well  (double stitched)  doesn’t mean you will wear it more than the clothes you might buy at Target or Walmart unless you work for Fox News. In fact you wear it probably one tenth of the amount of time you wear regular clothes.

Trumps attempt to protect us is good because he is trying to gain control of an uncontrollable situation left to him by Obama and the Pope on purpose in order to protect himself and what was done at Benghazi and to make our country unstable and in harm’s way of Iran and other terrorist nations. The RCC and Obama and terrorist nations know they are in trouble. I think Trump should add more countries to the list and he isn’t the only person to suggest it even the libertarians felt we needed to separate ourselves for a while. Get it together since so much desecration has occurred and to correct it.

I don’t think Trump is trying to hurt immigrants because if this country gets terrorized because he didn’t do his job those immigrants will perish as well wherever they reside.


If we get into a good trade deals with Russia I think it will be a PLUS for the world and for both countries and we should pursue it. I don’t think other nations would like it if we did which means we should. I think Putin has showed quite a lot of restraint and good judgement and i think would be a great trading partner and a very good partner in keeping fascism contained which at this time it needs a great deal of containing besides having a sense of humor talking about his countries other side which I thought was funny promoting his countries …………. as the best which shows he is not a moral laurel. He has an open mind and intelligence etc. Much better intelligence than the RCC, Germany’s intelligence, and even the FBI. He has shown his knowledge and INTEL and I think much more reliable than those named. He has been on that side of the world which I think our country does not understand to the extent that he does because he has had to deal with them at a closer range. I am glad Trump thinks he can get along with him and I think he can because both are willing to work with each other on equal footing unlike Obama who wanted to rule the world like some kind of Pharaoh he imagines himself while snorting some cocaine or shooting up some heroin or some other drug to keep that kind of unrealistic dream. Obamas interest in syria was not worthy but cynical and intended to be used against the USA, Russia, Europe, and Israel and eventually everyone. If he had been a good president he would not have vacationed in Hawaii during a huge crisis on the east coast nor let Michelle and instead delayed it spending eons of money on those that were affected instead of Oprah’s and Michelle’s BS. It was gross and showed his lust for self- aggrandizement and lack of breeding early on and theirs. He wants to destroy ISRAEL. PERIOD.

And still does.

How much did they spend.

I think they should pay it back.

Will Oprah help?

I think it was way over any of Oprah’s assets but if she loves them as she acts like she does than she ought to offer her help to pay back the debt they owe and the Obama’s should be held accountable. Maybe Paul Ryan could work on their excessive spending debt and hold the Obama’s accountable like a good Senator would if he were good, that is.

If not maybe God will hold their feet to the fire instead somehow.

We should get out of NATO as well though Trump is for it. In my opinion NATO is our problem and US needs to step back from it.

Break old ties and start new ones that work for us now not ones that worked in the distant past.



Groups want Trump to close loophole allowing illegal immigrants to abuse tax credits

Most illegals don’t have any idea about loopholes or taxes because they don’t pay them  but someone does and it should be investigated. I think it is related to obama and the vatican. How would they know unless someone taught them in Mexico or somewhere else and Mexico is PREDOMINANTLY Roman Catholic.

NOW THE EX REMEMBERS. A half hour has passed and he remembers, now after he read an article about it on his own which says gall bladders pass gall stones but it is uncommon and I asked. “what does that mean, uncommon.” and he could not specify. I said “one out of a hundred?  what?” He could not say but obviously he knows he got caught in his lie or he would not have looked it up so he must have some pretty nasty characters heeling him and he will be sorry and so will they be

super sorry

FUCKING assholes.


You can’t imagine what I hope for but I do. IT IS SUPER BAD.

It is worse than that. I want him to die. That is how I feel about his lies. HOwever I will not be the one to accomplish it but someday it will happen and I will say in my head


Anyway the reasons Gall bladders hurt severely when they do is because the stones are passing into areas that are sensitive and usually people have the gall bladder removed because of the pain. The ex loves my pain. And I will love his pain for eternity. I remember when my pulse was up to 145 and he said “mind over matter” and went to bed. I will never forget his deep abiding love and friendship. He wants me to die and has for a long time but hasn’t been able to legitimately accomplish it without incriminating himself and somehow I pass through. He never tries to learn nor cares a twit about the truth and someday he will regret what he has done and he will ask for a drop of water but I won’t hear nor see him, hopefully and that includes the family he grew up with everyone of them. Trying to get me to be grateful for being falsely arrested and he was the one that called the police. He deserves my send off because he is a little prick from hell.

Anyway in response he got his daughter to act really shitty to me like he got the doctor and the nurse to do the same. I left a message on her phone after her little act and told her “You know what’s really gross is your dad got your pretty car by starving his mom to death,” after we had some nasty words between us.

Can’t get any grosser than starving your mom to death, can you?

Divine love of the Rodgers clan and deluded but not sure they realize it.

I pray he dies soon with his friends and family with the exception of my two daughters.

Before the end of this I guarantee I am going get both my kids to change their last name and my youngest her middle name and my last name as well. The Rodgers name is trash as far as I’m concerned for all the things I have had to go through but he is acting very nice today but that doesn’t mean he will tomorrow and I like constancy.

My daughter did not act like herself when we had our spat and was degrading to me and yet she is young and doesn’t really know how to be tactful but it was more than I could take from her disrespect for me and she was not acting right IMO or for the right reasons but was acting on her dad’s part for the wrong reasons and it was gross though she tried to make me feel gross for some reason. IT hurt me and I hurt her back witht he truth and I think she needs to have it drummed into her what he did and I think did for the wrong reasons wether or not his mom wanted it or not but he wasn’t there to know but had heard something many years before about old folks homes and how she did not want to be treated the way they treat old folks. Doesn’t mean you starve your mom to death. and besides she probably did not want a feeding tube put down her nose because it hurts like the dickens and until I was put under anesthesia they could not do it to me in a desperate moment when I was in severe pain elsewhere. She may have refused the feeding tube for that reason alone and was misunderstood and besides she could not talk. Sn people change their minds sometimes. However what she had her sons do or what they did to her will have far reaching affects on many others that my not want to be put down like a DOG and with less kindness as well. I twill have far caching affects on hospitalization and Emergency Rooms. ITs a bad deal because it can be abused for peoples assets and for money like the Catholic church has done in the past not allowing divorce to protect their asses and assets and causing great unhappiness for those that truly should be divorced and not allowing priests to marry to learn the hardship of it sometimes. and to actually be of use to the world YOu cannot direct others if you cannot experience what others experience nor should you be able to. Like having a child raise their parents. It doesn’t work that way.

One of his nephews is coming to town for a cheerleading convention down town. The one who is the youngest son of the eldest son of the Rodgers clan who lied all the time. My first experience with him (Joe Rodgers) was in Michigan when I first met him when his oldest son who was maybe ten years old or less and he whacked him across the face for nothing and it was a very hard whack because he had funny look on his face. HIs wife divorced him soon after and moved back to Utah and remarried. She was a Mormon. He avoided paying child support for a long time and then came into some money and bought some stuff for his kids and I guarantee he stole it because he was also a thief. He was the one that said he served in Viet Nam when he was on some island Guam or something like that. He lied incessantly without shame and his mother didn’t teach him. None of them tried to teach him not to lie. It was not my job however I kicked him out of our home twice after some hard lessons and one was he tried to seduce my sister when she was drunk and stole some things and used us for a free ride and the other I can’t remember why and he told his family he beat me up which he didn’t. However he tried to rape and I think he did beat up a friend of ours at the TMZ daughter. She was a nice young lady. This is what I have had to deal with and I guess the youngest son my ex was just as bad however I didn’t know it till I knew. He put op a good front Mr. Proper fuck.

Talk about fucked up. She never let them read the bible like Nancy Pelosi who suggested the congress not read Obama Care. It’s a catholic problem and it needs fixing however I really don’t want to help them anymore because in my opinion catholics need to help themselves and so does congress.

Start reading the shit you dish out or 

prepare to get fucked for eternity.

It is very strange but the person i saw in the hallway going to the bedroom of my ex in my ex after my daughter left the house and this was after he remembered reminded me of Gary when I first met him at the airport when I was 13 years of age or so. So it was punishment for him remembering g all of a sudden to use my daughter which gary was that tip and so is my ex to attack. Using their kids especially females. He looked me over real good up and down when I was 13 as if he had plans. We went that day to an army picnic. Also reminded me of Gary when my dad had a TIA at the hospital when Gary’s daughter Kristen had one of her babies. Like some kind of demon. My dad had driven 5 or so hours and I don’t think got a nap at an old age but my sister didn’t care for others Just herself and pushing everyone to their limit on her account or her families without thinking of others. My daughter seemed like my older sister as if whatever demon that possessed my sister to hospice for two weeks my mom without telling me before she died was in my daughter, So I am fighting something big and  NASTY. Because if you don’t  or haven’t read my other posts Gary my brother in law molested me while I slept next to his new wife. They were only married a few years and she was 6 years older than me which is NASTY to do to me and his wife and my family and hers because if affected us all for many years but like I said it wasn’t my job to teach him, it was her job or his parents job and I guess they failed to do right by him and for him and for themselves and others. I could use some genuine prayers from genuine believers which are few for my daughters and me. LIke I said I would love to see my ex depart and never see his kids again or me because he is such a liar it’s scary and only remembers when he doesn’t have a choice or is caught. He got her the car on his moms starvation diet to get in good with my daughter to outdo me because of the divorce and because his religion hates my beliefs which I believe are closer to the truth than theirs. It is so gross to have to deal with liars on a consistent basis.. What he did to his mom is gonna have far reaching and super bad affects on the next generation if there is one, which I doubt especially since Jesus said what he said on the shores of Galilee to Peter as a warning to Peter.

I’m not Peter. I’m a female for one thing and my name is not Peter. Peter represents the RCC as it’s mascot for Paul whose name was Saul probably a spelling homonym of SOL as in SUN which is a star in the center of our solar system and there are many solar systems (500 so far that have been found) that were created and are not the creator. Paul sounds like POL and probably represents or is the homonym for politics and when you take off the first syllable you get I-tics as in blood suckers. Blood suckers have to have a host to live off of but those can be taken out of the way as is predicted or prophesied PERIOD. It could be ghost or it could be the holy one is taken out of the way, etc, not sure but since so much of the bible has been found to have been edited a bunch recently we have a big problem which happened a bunch in the 70’s and 80’s and the 90’s by the RCC (and definitely in the dark ages by the RCC) and other religions like Rick Warren’s religion etc of tossing out some good old folks out of their own small churches for the new way Mega Churches which isn’t working very well anymore,

is it?


He murdered a slave whacker and was chosen to lead the Hebrew slaves to freedom

Those old folks must have mattered.




We  aren’t that important if there are found so far 500 other solar systems. So I think our country better get it’s shit together and do right or we won’t get to do it anymore.

Doesn’t the swiss guard – guard the Vatican posthumously in those funny costumes?LOL


Swiss could represent the moon as in Islam or cheese as in swiss cheese. Could mean the Sabbath and keeping it holy. Strange but still lots to think about

what is meant by holy one

or holy

HO-ly or holy ghost.

Tonight on Fox news with O’reilly was a woman with the Robert Kennedy foundation of something or other type club or organization and today I asked the ex if he had heard anything lately about Robert Kennedy and he hadn’t heard anything about him in many years and neither have I. Didn’t hear her just saw her and she looked like a Kennedy through and through. So the big guns are out and I don’t think I’m being ignored because I just wrote about Robert Kennedy which I thought was not coincidental.

I had to go to the hospital again today and had a totally different experience a day or so after the circus I had to experience called an ER fun/run like a circus with the exception of a few. IT was like night and day. I got the treatment I should have gotten the second time around. Had a few testy moments with the new doctor but he was older and more professional and his staff took him seriously. Every person was professional and kind. He wasn’t exactly kind as he was good and talented but still wanted not to worry about my gall bladder experience even though it is connected to what is going on with my COPD. He did kind of lie I could tell when he looked down when I asked him because he had said in an earlier conversation that “Emphysema is COPD” and I retorted “I’ve been around. I know COPD is a catchall.” Especially since Fukushima and those that like to spread plagues like Ebola as a scare tactic and political and religious groups to get them to carry OBAMA Care, so on his next visit I planned to ask him “If COPD is emphysema, why do we call it COPD? Is it because it is politically correct to call it COPD?” Funny thing is I kind of think he knew I would ask him that question. He responded: ” I don’t know I’ve been doing it for three days” In between all that I had sent the ex home for a while because I wanted good treatment from the hospital and got it and even a very good nurse said I did the right thing by returning to get the right help though she didn’t say the last part. Anyway they did what should have been done the first time which I appreciate, and did it happily, too. When I went today at the beginning i thought maybe the reason I was having to go again was to find out the name of the asshole no wheelchair asshole because he didn’t do it just once but twice in a matter of seconds which was disgusting and callous and PREMEDITATED. So I guess I did the right thing because I must have needed it but he wasn’t there this time. I’ll catch him later I’m sure.

It’s a family affair ere. It’s a family affair ere.

Sly & The Family Stone – A Family Affair

Guess what….I’ve been doing it a lot longer than three days. Nearly ten years I think but after so many years it’s hard to count when there are at least 365 days in a year because I don’t do it every day or keep track of every second of the day and I’m still learning as well.

I didn’t get his joke at first but the ex when there tipped me to it’s meaning and it was a good one and it was telling though he may not realize it. He is kind of dry with a dry sense of humor and a bit crusty like old people sometimes are a little that way because they have been around.

I recall when Jesus was with a prostitute when some people wanted her to be stoned and he drew a line in the dirt or sand and the older ones left.

The fact is there are lots of spies with their little eyes, but they don’t know it.

In between a few conversations with the good doctor I spewed lots of facts i have discovered to the ex in some kind of order but not nearly all the facts and suppositions as well as the things I have found and I didn’t realize it but the doctor was with another patient nearby and I saw him  move like the wind (which reminded me of the past president of Iran and the DOJ for Obama EricHolder that I explained either in this post or the last one called The Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, but could have been for legit reasons because it is an ER or both.) for some reason and I thought oops I may have given away some information or spilled some beans but it’s okay if I did because we need to know and we are all in this together (even Iran) in some ways and besides God knows more than we know and can handle everything on his end. I think IRan needs to know they are embarking upon a field they do not know how to handle well because they lack experience and will more than likely have to learn it the hard way because of lack of experience and a lack of belief IMO of the true God who gave us the Ten Commandments so they are at a disadvantage and could regret their desires and lust for power. I understand their desire because of the past but there are other ways to win power and less dangerous and the club the Iranians want to join is rough and tougher than they are. When we attained the power in our country was not by our own volition but forced upon us to fight fascism. It is not necessarily a blessing but a curse to some countries such as Korea to us it’s a blessing because we won WORLD WAR ll because of it but also a curse in some ways. It was a curse to Japan because they were on the wrong side AT THE TIME and on the side of Fascism/racism and on the Jesuits side which is the wrong side but they do like to play games with the lives of their supposed friends. The masons as well who started out on a good foot and ended up being infiltrated as all the other sects and religions and faiths by assholes and because of deception. It has become a curse to the USA because of the food chain poisoned in the oceans by MAN_MADE accidents such a s FUKUSHIMA instigated by stupid politics of religion of the RCC and those in it that have very little common sense but lust for power. Not only the food chain poisoned but the balance of oxygen since the plankton that were poisoned in the oceans which provide 1/3 of the oxygen on earth so it affects EVERYONE especially those like me who were attacked and in one day received COPD as an excuse for the poisoning via walnuts vs almonds because of a lysteria outbreak and it was purposeful because of my beliefs and maintained in various ways via deceived and forgetful ex’s and his friends and their friends to have an easy time of it during a very deceptive, false religious and political Détente which will bear out eventually to their demise unless they change their ways and do good and start remembering what they remember. Start being truthful for the sake of others. Sounds wild but true and I had to find out the hard way and with lots of investigation and got some answers from some true friends and they know who they are but rare friends some in high places and some in low places and some family members involved somewhere in between who have helped me and are in the hands of God. Some on the other side of what we call living and some on the inside whom I hope to sit on a beach together drinking a Pina Colada or beer or drink of choice in our chairs with funny hats on together one day above it all enjoying the sounds, sights, and smells and tastes and all the other senses we are blessed with as over comers and past the bull shit. Like the girl I met who wants to invent the perfect anti biotic and get rich from it. A great desire if you ask me. It doesn’t happen overnight and it is a tall order but doable if you believe in God, the real one.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8King James Version (KJV)

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.


Vintage Chatty Cathy toy doll TV Commercial 1960’s

I don’t remember what my little sister received the same Christmas and I am suspicious she got a Chatty Cathy doll too. She knows a lot of things, you know. We were only about a year apart so it makes sense she received what I received or we shared it but I definitely made mincemeat of the doll. I kind of remember dropping it in the road when it stopped working or because the string broke when we lived on a cul-de-sac.

Like the flip flops she gave me the same weekend my older sister spent two hours searching for some flip flops while visiting my mom and she said “Money is no object.” They looked exactly the same but the used ones were definitely used and I wore them for a few days and they broke, but mine were free.

We used to fly together in our bedroom like Tinker Bell and she remembers doing it as well the last time we reminisced about it and she remembered the HOBO with the knapsack and his german shepherd in the woods behind us beyond the fence line and the monkeys from the castle we dared each other and other friends to approach closer to in our playtime and the apple orchard being chased by a man with a shotgun. She wasn’t there when I was offered some candy from a lady in a car in order to get into the car with her. I refused of course. We shared lots of experiences together and apart. Eating ice-cream and potato chips on Saturday mornings at 5 in the morning to watch Shirley Temple and cartoons. It was kind of a ritual.

The experience we reminisced about in San Antonio was the blackout in Georgia. My older sister was there and so was my younger sister sitting around the dinette table laughing about it because it was funny. I think it was Easter weekend late the night before Easter and as we were finishing up the baskets and dispersing of candy and coins inside plastic eggs and we were kind of giddy being so late at night or early morning. We had already painted the eggs with the kids and they were in bed. My parents were in their bedroom asleep downstairs. Not sure if I had kids at the time but partook of the whole she-bang with their kids often but I might have had one kid but that isn’t as important to this few weird minutes. Anyway I think I was ready to go to bed upstairs or go to the bathroom upstairs but the lights went out as I was walking up the stairway which was steep and kind of narrow with a bannister. It was strange. On the wall to the right was a picture my aunt had painted of a painting my parents really liked: A big ship on the ocean. I bet my aunt did a better job because she was quite an oil paint artist as was her son who also was very talented at his art. Since it was so dark I grabbed the wall which happened to be where the painting was hung because it was a big painting and almost knocked it off the wall and had to adjust it so it wouldn’t fall off it’s hangers. It wasn’t the first time we had reminisced about that night in Georgia but probably the first time we did it all three of us together. The end. LOL

Yea probably boring or anti-climatic to many but you have to admit it couldn’t have been a mere coincidence since it never happened since or in-between. I think when the the lights went out in Georgia it might have been during Christmas vacation.

None of us know everything occurring at certain times. And so something may have occurred to me that was different to you but even something else may have been happening either OPUS knew.

I know at some point recently the Catholic Church in Rome wanted to force Sunday worship which is wrong of course. Enforcing Saturday worship is also wrong as well.

Enforcing any kind of worship is wrong

and foolish

and evil.

Islam wants to enforce worship as well beheading or stoning people without representation and usually based on false accusations and even if not false

it’s wrong such a homosexuality or having sex with an infidel. LOL

Enforcing atheism is also wrong and evil which in my opinion is

enforcing the foundation of most religions off our lands or off any land

but especially our land.

This land is my land, this land is your land

Woody Guthrie- This Land Is Your Land

The foundation of many and most religions is The Ten Commandments and ignore these commandments at your own peril but it is not up to me or you

to enforce the Ten Commandments.

It is up to God who designed them using Moses.

Moses stuttered or had a speech impediment and asked for his brother’s help with God’s permission or it was suggested by God (don’t remember for sure on that point) when he came down the mountain with the Ten Commandments dropped them and broke the two stone tablets because he saw the people dancing around a golden calf they had melted from their golden earrings (in that time an eating was a sign of ownership and must have been quite a few) to make the golden calf and Aaron who was in charge while Moses was on the mountain for quite a long time was weak in other ways and fell for peer pressure to allow them to lose it from hysteria similar to the democrats and what they are doing these three weeks since Trump was sworn in as the President of the USA. Anyway a group of people killed the false worshippers even though they were weak and afraid and had just been freed so very naive as well and probably could have been dealt with fairly if Aaron hadn’t been kind of stupid and if that group hadn’t been zealots to impress God and Moses by killing them. I guarantee there were spies involved on both sides to cause havoc. Moses might have had cleft palate which affected his speech by no fault of his own. Sometimes two people are better than one but in this case I don’t think so but someone had to help while he was away.

My godmother was once in a group of people in line to meet some people and thought the person she was talking to was joking the way he spoke and mimicked him a hairlip and turned out he was truly a hairlip or had a cleft palate. Can’t remember how you spell it but it was kind of funny because she often put her foot in her mouth which sometimes was funny as well though other times not and I don’t think he was too offended (probably used to it) but she was embarrassed and I don’t think she meant to be offensive. A family story we enjoyed and perhaps we shouldn’t have enjoyed it but we couldn’t help it. Luckily for guys they can grow mustaches and beards unlike women who do the same but lots less and can’t cover it up without surgery or makeup. Anyway she told the family story so it is to her credit she did giving us a heads up about herself. I just wished she understood my mom better and loved her for the way she was even with some faults of her own.

Each state has their own rules they design because of the makeup of their state and in our country we have 50 states with a couple extra sort of states. I think we overdo it in many places because of the many scams and infractions but since we are the people I guess we get to get involved and try to change those rules using the voting booths and freedom of speech and the right to have some social unrest within limits such as what occurs on campuses usually because of false information and political stupidity but not always.

Breaking property and windows and burning peoples cars is dangerous and destructive and better be a good excuse for it and three weeks of Donald Trump is not a good excuse. Dirty politics. He may have accomplished a lot but we have not seen good or bad results yet so its really childish and like a bunch of nut-cases having a tantrum all at once because they lost the game of politics at least for 4 years. If you can’t handle it get off the pot. Should have protested during the Obama administration and against Obama Care and against hospice and against the broken promises to out veterans to be taken seriously now. You lost your moral ground to be allowed to act like a bunch of babies in diapers who don’t know their shit from some one else’s shit to eat. LOL

My parents loved to lavish us when they could and my sisters did the same for their kids and I did to mine usually at Christmas time and Easter and their birthdays because of tradition.

Jesus said Your Father in heaven knows your needs, meaning God,


but so does your father and mother here on earth and in heaven.

My parents knew my needs when I had my abortion.

So far we don’t really have the answers about when life begins because it is sort of an interpretation at this point what life is especially in the beginning stages.

Some think it’s at the time of conception, some think it’s at birth and some think it’s somewhere in-between those two points and some even think it is in the sperm or semen because of the Old Testament interpretation of the seed of man.

Men and boys spill it very often on the ground, on a wall, on themselves, on a sheet or blanket, on the thighs of a female, in other people’s mouths, in a rubber, in whores, sluts prostates, and prostitutes, some times children, etc. and probably  in cabs, in the woods, on a tree, etc. Luckily sheets can’t reproduce and many of the things named can’t reproduce or don’t reproduce

and we,


have a right not to reproduce

if we don’t want to

with or without our parent’s permission

because often times

parents can be brainwashed

by cults, lies, and peer pressure.

We have a right to stop it at any point until it is not part of the human female such as at birth, when it breaths it’s own air after they spank the baby and cut the umbilical cord or when he or she or he/she is breathing on their own or with the help of machines such as for premies (premature births) and give it all the chances good medical care can afford to assist with or give not based on the money aspect to assist in that endeavor or attempt in my opinion and in many other people’s opinions and in most religions of the world because even though a person is raised catholic doesn’t mean they are completely catholic as in Rome’s version of catholicism or even the other countries catholics versions of catholicism who reside and are raised as catholics, protestants and all the others. There is such thing as individualism amongst catholics and protestants, and islamic muslims, muslims, and all other religions:Et al.

which I have come to learn.

Et al.” is a scholarly abbreviation of the Latin phrase et alia, which means “and others.” It is commonly used when you don’t want to name all the people or things in a list, and works in roughly the same way as “etc.”

In wars often females get pregnant by the enemy and during a coup, or during times of false peace times and true peace times depending on the parties involved.

Remember what was said in the movie called Brave Heart by the evil English king who wanted to breed them out talking about the scottish people and the scottish females and irish females and welsh females, etc and i’m sure that kind stuff goes one in many countries by sadistic, over-bearing assholes like those residing at the vatican and all over the world in their sanctuaries, churches, parishes, convents and charities, adoption centers, orphanages, and anywhere there are females of any ages because it is a tactic in war and peace and between social classes and for self-serving reasons such as keeping a business afloat as well either to degrade someone’s daughter or wife or to snare someone’s son, boyfriend or husband, or to degrade a female by another female or male one is competing with for one reason or another. There are lots of those excuses and other reasons usually involving money or lack of money. LOTS. Sometimes to degrade the family of the victim whether under duress or vice because of an upcoming election or as in the military the promotion of one over the other wherever there is competition and even in business or for political and/or religions purposes to change the scenery or chances of others against others. It is endless the reasons because of sociopaths who were not raised correctly or developed their sociopathetic or sociopathic tendencies out of greed to inflict damage on others.

The buck should stop with the female before or after conception sometime before birth which I believe BIRTH is the beginning of life in reality but not always depending on politics and religion and their pressures to overbear on the public which can kill often times does when they are supposed to serve with tons of minutia to get rich or be on top somehow of keep power like the democrats are doing now and should try to be reasonable and thoughtful and give Trump the same opportunity to try to do good (hopefully) as they did for Obama to try to do bad and early on showed signs of deceptiveness and murderous intent of our citizens and pushing our buttons to cause dissent between races.

It is the right of the female because it is her birthright being a female and it is up to her self determination to decide when, where, and by whom or what she wants to reproduce and between her and her God to decide and come to terms with the option of abortion a form of birth control as well as the practice of using the rubber, the pill, the day after pill the month after pill and all the other options available and it is those countries that have many options I consider to be ADVANCED civilizations. However the Sudan probably thinks they are superior where many women have their clits cut for the males and females to inflict their sadism upon a female hoping by HER LACK OF Sexual PLEASURE will control the population and is proven to be a false notion because often and most of the time males are at fault because the smallest of seed isn’t the mustard seed but the man’s seed and their VERY small minds that usually occupy as much space as the semen spermocyte in their dick. Sorry to be so mean, LOL, but it’s true especially when under some forms of pressure, deceit and self deception

with a hat on or a hard on

or a hard hat on.


Not trying to be offensive but even though I was hard on this pope he did a few things that were surprising and was a proponent of truth in some things which I think may have caused his early retirement but it was quite an elegant one as well. I think he got some good help from spiritual people on the other side of living who helped to give him some balance and bravery and I think he listened. It’s not easy sorting through some heavy stuff spiritually and physically but at least in some ways he tried in a very hard place to raise his children to a higher plane but I don’t think the Jesuits liked it. Interesting character if you read up on him and notice some interesting facts about him but I think he warned a clarion call of things to come and I listened though I did not trust without verification etc but I appreciated that call and his warning and coincided with my father’s death and life afterwards.I think my dad helped him on the bravery thing giving him courage he needed which is how we get it sometimes if we believe in God.

One of those truths he promoted was TRUTH IN CHARITY which is a big problem these days. The other non-truth was a coming world government with teeth that he warned about or vice-versa depending on how you look at it.

Both connected and both verified.

 In other words he tipped us off and gave us a heads up.

There were a few others as well such as Faith was the New Enlightenment

and warned about the Court of the Gentiles at Notre Dame in France

and affecting Israel and the USA, Europe, Russia, the Middle east, Africa and Asia and the world at large

and he said maybe the jews weren’t responsible for the death of Jesus.

I’m sure there were others I did not get wind because of the wind

 but my dad also warned me about Obama Care and the Hospice dis-service after he died

and so did my mom

believe me those truths and non truths are connected at the hip.

5. I Thirst (John 19:28)

Not everything in their post is right but some is and worth reading for others though I have read many like this article but it might help to educate those that have not and lead to other good posts about Jesus and biblical stuff. The bible is the same you know. Not everything is true in the true sense of the meaning of truth but yet in some ways true. And if you read between the lines there is more to know because in the old days people were not as FRANK with each other and now trying to make us less FRANK and politically correct to suppress the truth and in some way Frankness can be bad because it’s often coarse but sometimes it is good depending on the subject matter and when talking about sex well we all have some kinks in us or sensitivities because it is one of the most confusing subjects on earth and in the world which is why it needs to be discussed.

You  can’t understand it unless you experience it and it’s not always good depending on who you experience it with and when and how and many other things. Obviously virgins don’t know diddley squat about it so they aren’t much help except to parade around on false notions that having sex up to a point makes you innocent or women who walk around pregnant with fetus without a husband makes them on some moral high ground etc. But the females do take the punch and they should not have to and should also have the same rights as men Self determination because it is their body until it isn’t.

Other Nasty Politics

  1. Texas governor legalizing medical marijuana for some and not for others. Any good reasoning behind that particularism or separatism? I don’t think so I think its either being a fraidy cat or peer pressure. Same difference. No wonder he resides in a wheel chair…he deserves it. I think wheel chairs should be disallowed for governors who are assholes that think with the brain the size of a spermocyte in a little prick.

2) Oklahoma charging no tax on ALL food items  INCLUDING PREPARED ONES and over charging tax on other products and trying to dismiss consumption tax on a very unfair and premeditated failure of the consumption tax.

Probably has something to do with the governor of this state Mary what’s her facelift and lip injections, boob job BULLSHIT Obama follower PUSHING THOSE BOOBS IN WHOSE EVER FACE TO GET THEM TO REASON WITH THEIR DICKS INSTEAD OF THEIR BRAINS if you look up the history of her politics involving Obama and what she did for him probably more than you realize behind the scenes to get those attributes which did not help.

You do not have to overcharge on tax on anything to have good results in the consumption tax because more people will pay in the tax revenue via consumption because it is obvious they will spend more being able to buy more for the buck over the long haul including those that are illegal and more people will flock to a fair state if treated fairly that are legal and invest in a fair state because it is fair. It’s called good economics and good politics but some people are unwilling and unyielding just to prove a point like you cannot live by bread alone. And quit stealing other peoples ideas and calling it your own. You don’t have me fooled, nor God even though you think you are one coy bitch. It will come to haunt you one day and you will wish you had tried to do right.

I think these people need to go to college and learn about economic micro and macro beginning stage and get an A in the courses taught by an expert of economics before being allowed to be governor or a senator or a congressman of a state and show some respect for the people they serve in more ways than one. I’m so pretty when you ain’t that pretty to some. Females need to get a hold of themselves like Pelosi and quite rubbing their boobs in Shumer’s face before she loses those boobies because of a car accident and they explode in his face! They kind of did already, didn’t they?

 A woman died in your state that shouldn’t have of suicide because she didn’t get the right medical care and was ignored and lied to and limited by insurance shit and misdiagnosed purposefully because she was a christian woman loved by a lot of people and in great pain and was driven to it, affecting her family and others in a detrimental way and it will rest on your shoulders and weigh you down town the kind of down town you don’t want to be for a long time when you die. Anyway she should not have died the way it happened and in desperation. She had a common disease curable 20 years ago by diet and drugs and the people she was allowed to see because of insurance said it was all in her head and she blew her brains out eventually because of the sad state of affairs in the state of Oklahoma.

She was young too and much prettier than you.

Politics is not the place to use boob jobs and liposuction to get your way and you do a disservice to other smarter and more reliable women in politics but I guess that may be the point and purpose you were given to shut out the more valuable ones to women and men and the citizens of the USA. What kind of power would do this kind of chicanery.

I will tell you: NOT A GOOD ONE.

Grease u better shape up

Olivia didn’t need big boobs to be pretty she just used what she had and made the best of it and made a big splash. Eventually she may have but for the right reasons and she wasn’t in politics she was entertaining and still a cut above many.

I don’t resent these things that improve a body or some ones face to make them prettier or sexier but use it right. Don’t abuse it and don’t steal it. At some point you kind of have to give it up. LOL especially when sick or old and hope everyone forgives you for your lost beauty and sees other things beside your flaws which are many in all of us but some hide it better than others.

I was thinking about my older sister and how she used to be and she was once a very fine person and had qualities she lost along the way because of the abuse she was dealing with from her husbands folly and the abuse she dished out unfairly I think in retaliation and peer pressure which is very tough and false often self serving BULL SHIT and I think she was dealing with a demon as I have been dealing with who is very hard to overcome. Not her husband but who he was dealing with inside himself and yet failing miserably because of false things we are all kind of fighting. It is hard when you can’t see it coming and how tricky it can be. Hopefully my mom and dad and God will do their magic on her one day and change her back to herself because I think those are the people that love her the most besides her kids.

GIOVANNI MARRADI -Try to remember

It was mostly when she was with her haughty friends she got her haughty attitude and it was hateful to the max and premeditating shit was the worst of all. Hiring me to screw with me is really shitty. And I know that her friends don’t care near as much about her as she thinks. IN fact probably not at all. They used her as well. Of course hospicing my mom with out telling me for two weeks when she died was unforgivable IMO. The only thing I can do is think about her as young person when she wasn’t like the person who would do something so hateful. Stunningly bad. It was a bad spirit in her who would do such a thing. LIke dealing with a person with multiple personalities. She used to do that breathing thing out her nose like O’reilly does when he is insulted or something and I have seen the ex do or heard him do it even from the next room and he didn;t know why  usually when I wrote something about the RCC and so it had to be a spiritual manifestation in him a bad one.IT is what ever that spirit is, is who it is. like getting even with someone when you have no right to just to get back at them. vengefulness.

for instance when caught in a lie to avenge because you got caught in the lie you made yourself when you could have been truthful to begin with like when my ex said he didn’t remember when he did then admitted when he knew he was caught and then retaliates to make me look bad by using his kid against me who happens to be my kid as well but it is gross whatever it is. Severely evil, baseless and distorted. and is using me for some reason because in reality he wishes I was dead but needs me to live his useless life and to have a hold over me. It’s totally fucked.


 I want you to bury me and me to bury you kind of shit.

Mentally deranged but it is kind of humorous if I weren’t the one having to deal with it daily and as Robert Frost said on inauguration day of JFK

On Art and Government: The Poem Robert Frost Didn’t Read at JFK’s Inauguration

but what I remember seeing is what he said when he got frustrated and is in one of my posts about JFK on Meringue’s Blog he said something like

Somehow he would get through it or somehow he would find a way through it

I think he said and I am hoping I will get through it and out of it and over it and past it. Meaning I will find a way out of this totally fucked up and mentally deranged set up and ahead of it to a place I belong with people i love and the pets i love and the places that I love and remember and not have to deal with this crap which is what I married totally unbeknownst to me at the time. Like I was hoodwinked and I was. I think we all were but mine’s the worst, I’m telling you as if it was some kind of arrangement for everyone else’s sake. LOL

Know what I mean?

Anyway it was snowy day and the sun was bright and he couldn’t read because of the brightness thinking it had probably to do with Kennedy who was a courageous guy  in lots of ways but not perfect. I have compared him to Jacob and MOses because of his desire to be free and I think that  is kind of who he was. Jacob I  think was the one that took the blemished sheep and profited his herds grew etc through some kind of trickery and he was blessed by some kind of god but I don’t think it was the right one. SOrry to say. Perhaps it was the right GOd in an uncertain world full of evil helping him and going to reveal through his travails later anyway He married Rachel I believe is the case and she used herbs to attract others which I think has to do with Dragons’s breath or Devils breath things like that to attract someone to someone else and determine peoples and couples etc. she was beautiful and he was tricked by Laban her dad and his mother’s brother (his uncle or the brother of Sarah I think) to do servitude for her and he ended up with her sister Leah who he wasn’t attracted to and had to work another 7 years of slavery to attain Rachel. I think is the story. It’s a Catholic story with a bit if islamic stuff because of Laban which is a part of the female body the labia which is kind of what is depicted on the metal lips of the  islamic thing a bunch of white clad muslims walk around in one direction which is a labia (arabia?) in Mecca so he got tricked by Islam and Mohammad and when at the airport in Dallas there was blind sheik I noticed at the airport as he went off to the place he was gonna get his head blown off  by his wife Jackie Kennedy in Dallas who I think represents Rachel though she was in an altered state of mind which I noticed her acting weird. She wasn’t herself and probably because she was a woman who had been abused by her dad a drunk and was holding on to whatever could keep her up. She was quite the beauty and wasn’t perfect by any means in an imperfect world of evil. I think their marriage was a set up but I think at times they loved each other. It wasn’t their fault they were born.

He was sort of sifted like Simon by Satan (the BGEA) to be wheat instead of the real thing. Simon, Simon Satan hath desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat which is in the gospel of Luke and is very french sounding. Jesuit stuff.

Do not ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country

kind of stuff and then he discovered or promoted the Peace Corps

Nice but not necessarily true and didn’t solve a lot but did some good things too

Better than nothing.

Genesis 29

Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel

Anyway very similar to the story of Sarah and Abraham who I think was Jacob’s mom and dad. I’m not sure about it but like a loop de loop kind of thing. Abraham married his cousin etc.Anyway Laban should not have tricked Jacob but he did and so I have surmise that Abraham is the father of lies as was Laban….OBVIOUSLY using Jacob for 14 years of labor for his daughters hands in marriage. Obviously his daughters were nothing more than slaves as well ad meant nothing to either Abraham or Laban. KInd of like ISLAM and Roman Catholicism. Many of us who have been raised the were raised were lied to and used like my mom and dad who served out country and then levied to about what they would receive when retired and gave up their home to receive it the they earned serving our country and were fucked by politics and religion.  I lost my only  home I ever had that my older sister lied to me about when we bought it setting me up becauses her husband is german and an asshole and had me isolated because I spoke out about my treatment. I wasn’t perfect but I reacted like many girls do when I was young and then my life turned around badly and none understood. I didn’t either because I didn’t know the consequences of speaking out then and later and now. But you have to for the next generation to understand that no matter how pretty you are it doesn’t last and you will be hospiecd for not lasting unless you have lots of money and can hold it off for some time but you can’t hold it off as long as you think and now that the truth is getting out it might not matter at all. Because guess what it is being revealed and Revelation is occurring and the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH WILL DIE along with it’s daughters and all the other religions and so will Islam and then there will be Judgement and some will rise again and some won’t. I know I have seen my parents signature and testimony by the things I have seen not on the tv only or the internet only which can be manufactured by the press and many in the religions but what they saw in the future and guess what

it was connected and verified


And so I probably won’t last long too much longer but I got the word out my way.

My ex is acting much better and I know he knows and is trying to help me more but he know I have less time anyway which will be good for him for a short while until it isn’t.

I’m using him because I have no choice. He is using me because he has a choice and isn’t doing right by me in that sense and will be sorry in the long run which isn’t as long as he thinks.

I have learned quite a bit and did my part unbeknownst to me that I am also in the same position my mom was in and sort of gave up my home unknowingly kind of in the same way within the same ten year period or more to be hospiced a bit differently but I’m being hospiced and some people are trying to be kind and some aren’t.

And the spirits ghosts that have played havoc on my body in retaliation like throwing me into the ballet bar that was in my living room at the time by the front door when my daughter and I argued and it wasn’t her causing my first rib injury which was super painful is evil but still I got the god news regardless via my parent who loved me via God who loved them and my daughters as well. I saw the look on her face when it happened and she was shocked because she didn’t do it. SHe as too far away at the time and on the other side it is physically impossible. Something else did it because it wants to abuse her for her youth and me for the truth..

I saw Phil’s mom and she was not too good looking or in a good place a place turned into a circus and I know my parents aren’t there. I did not see them there. Hopefully there is away out for my  motherinlaw later via hearing because truth is like that and can get through just takes a while because deception is like crazy shit which makes it hard but God can do miracles even after death.

I’m kind of in-between a good place ahead and a circus by what I have endured and on my way soon probably partially be causes of life style decision that were not good burt a result of some things I had no control over against me and my family. Those of you  who think you have it good. Wait and see. Take note. You may not be in such a great place as me someday because you didn’t care to reveal the truth as best you should. I think my dreams will occur and maybe I will be caught up or whatever it is in-between before I die but I think as with being born you have to die as well to get there. I don;t know because I haven’t done it before. there is always a first time LOL. It is scary.

What is terrible is what my sister did to me and my family and I don’t think unless she and her kind change they are gonna enjoy life after death for a long while. But I don’t know because I haven’t been there yet. But I do know is avenging angels those that aren’t happy don’t want it out and want to end those headed in a good place and help those that aren’t because misery loves company. and the RCC is also a company of many types mostly mob types. But if they tried instead to do the opposite it might help them as well. But may instead be the last to enter what they denied others of.

I hope Trump can do good if he is on the level but I think only time will tell.

I had come up with a time span of Obama in office and think I was right it was more than 8 years more like ten with GREAT DECEPTION involved by a GREAT MANY PEOPLE.

And he may still be in charge and making it hard for TRUMP to do right by others and then again maybe they are on the same side because of deception but one thing I do know is we are not an independent nation. We are not free and we are not better or worse than other nations because we deceive ourselves which isn’t necessarily our fault because we were deceived by GREAT DECEPTION (or because of where and under which religion we were born which is not our fault) for many years BUT it’s coming to an end because most people don’t know it and are acting dumb and hospicing their families via deception and not revealing it because of shame and because they don’t care about their daughters which has a two fold meaning if you can figure it out.  IT is scary and it is evil and it will end maybe not for me but eventually and then who knows. I do know the RCC will burn in hell forever and so will Islam for their fathers LABAN and ABRAHAM who I think are the fathers spoken of by Jesus  as the Father of lies and they did a bunch to each other to get on top of each other and fuck each other over which they do quite often in absentia using others.

One thing that might help is if they did not worship oil and place it above truth and destroy Mecca and Medina and the RCC for starters. Not the people but the institutions that corrupt the people. It does happen one way or another either by God’s hand or ours or both because there is not as many good and righteous people as Abraham tried to swindle down to save them. And it was only few. In fact I don’t think anyone was righteous at all but deceived and it hasn’t happened yet but will. He allowed his wife to be takin in by a ruler in some area and had her lie and say they were brother an sister and they were cousins but he would have been killed if he hadn’t and didn’t have much to back him up at the time. God did help him eventually but he ended up with a slave girl from the palace  who fucked him and Sarah over and then Abraham and Sarah screwed her over because the slave girl mocked her a bunch and then she got help from someone an angel. So a lot of that going on. Back and  forth screwing each other over. Somehow I don’t think it is the True God way up higher than the gods below because truth matters.

I don’t know for sure because I wasn’t there and can only go by what I notice and read and hear.

The RCC is prophesied to get destroyed and so is Islam DESERVEDLY SO for judging and telling us not to be judgmental to see the difference between evils. Almost everything is evil that we do as far as ROMAN Catholicism and Islam is concerned that they made up to make those evils. Most of all placing oil and access to oil above the truth. Not caring about their daughters in predicaments is also another sign. My parents cared and did the right thing for me at the time and my sisters did the same thing except one who thought she was a virgin when she wasn’t and became a tool for the BGEA early on but didn’t know it. She was a kid. She was innocent enough but thrown away like trash in the wind. She was and has sweet things about her but her and her husband poisoned me at my other sister’s house when my MALE cousin said WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW YOUR MOTHER? As if he cared but a small smidgeon. He was a spy in his eye. I had seem my mom with my sisters and family when they did and yet he asked me and I was not his close cousin or friend, my older sister was so it was suspicious how he asked what he asked. He had layed down for the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AND RELIGION OF TEETH and he was a bible scholar at least while growing up but a member of theMethodist church as well. maybe the poisoning was  without her knowledge but she did admit finally it was walnuts so she has a chance to try to overcome for at least admitting it AND MAYBE FOR A SHORT TIME. I think like the vice president of obama who blurted out GET A SHOT GUN someone was speaking through him and thorough my sister and I think it was my dad to help us. Her husbands used her for her looks and reamed her as well the second one was worse than the first by a mile. DAVID SHERMAN.


LOL what a fucker.

Who is to say how gods work and how GOD works. I can’t say because meself is neither.

I’m a witness and sometimes a good one and sometimes not

because of the deception

and a mountain of BULLSHIT.

Those that do it purposefully will be sorry like the Japanese in WORLD WAR ll but they were deceived by the Jesuits of Romans and that is who they should blame for deceiving them, if they want to take it out or get their pound of flesh. GO THERE where it started. and they were deceived again by agents of the same though they are very talented at deferring their guilt, but it won’t last too long because too much water under the bridge the Jesuit pope mocks about. DIRTY WATER and CONTAMINATED BY MAN-MADE DISASTERS that could have been avoided and weren’t for the sake of the two major religions of the world who want to rule it but can’t because it isn’t theirs to rule that caused it who work together and against each other to be on top.


Neither will win. Now the traditions we cherish above truth is understandable because it was a fun tradition placing Santa above truth because we didn’t know the truth. We don’t need Santa to have a tradition to give our kids gifts and to rejoice about a new year coming because in essence SANTA is SATAN. Jesus was not born on CHRISTMAS DAY and even those in those religions knows it and admit it but for the sake of BIG BUSINESS and Taxation practices and for the hate towards the middle class and lower classes it persisted and that hate will burn down the upper class because it can’t maintain itself without the middle class and lower class.



and those children are in mall of our countries on earth.



THE RCC and ISLAM represent both.

OUR real fathers and mothers our dads and moms gave us the gifts which were good because they loved us being their kids. KIds are a blessing but not when it’s not guaranteed by marriage and with the love of parents. Not an orphanage or a convent or fostered out because you have no common sense to use birth control.

I asked some questions of the ex while he was trying to help me last night this morning and it’s about time he did because he owes me a great deal but doesn’t realize it yet but I see a glimmer of hope in his actions a form of SYMPATHY even if it is pathetic LOL but we talked and his mom took in some foster females that the RCC in Michigan proferred to many families because a family of 21 children could not continue or maintain or sustain  itself. She took in two girls for a short period of time (6 moths to a year) who needed other families in their crisis which did not fix it but to live off of because they don’t believe in or didn’t believe in BIRTH CONTROL. AN RCC STUPIDITY OF MEGA PROPORTIONS. The boys of Phil’s family tried to take advantage of the foster sisters while in their home and tried to get them to do the chores they were supposed to do and his mother I found out had it out with them for it.LOL

KInd of a funny story and a sad one as well. But shows she wasn’t the monster I thought she was …just deceived. She wasn’t a monster before that to me but I resented her for some things besides raising her son to be an idiot. LOL and because mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws don’t always see eye to eye LOL most of the time and i did not marry her religion because he said he wasn’t a catholic anymore when I did and he lied to himself and me. We were married in the Methodist church.I was against Catholicism even then. I knew enough then to be against it and to guard against it. However at one time for a gift I bought her a book written by Pope John Paul.

Now the first time I stayed at her home was when I got her son to quit a band because he was being abused by the band he was on the road with who supported a star a mimic of Elvis Presley called Johnny Harrah which was how we met at a dinner theater when they performed at the theater I waited tables at. I started to wait tables when it was dinner theater for plays and musicals which I enjoyed a bunch but it turned into a circus afterwards . I went on the road with him at some point and it was kind of a drag. We were not married but had traveled from Tahoe to Las vegas to Dallas to pack some things at my home with my parents and then to a place in michigan where they got a gig. Pretty much within a 48 hour period. HE had found out his boss was cheating him via the union who thought Phil was the boss of the band and his boss was cheating him and each member of the band was being cheated by quite a bit each paycheck. I suggested they quit of course and instigated their move away from this band leader. They did it without his knowledge and screwed him good. Left him in a lurch. When in between michigan gigs I stayed at his mom’s home for a while with him. I did not go around making messes either.Not more than a month (I don’t think)  while there she left a note to her son and I asking us to do the chores and listed what she wanted done. She was working at the time. In fact she was a working woman most of her life after her kids were old enough. Funny comparison compared to the Foster sisters who were catholic and obviously a tool to make her look good to her church. I was insulted. We were not married but I thought it was insulting because i was a guest in her home. I didn’t do the chores. I let him do it if he wanted to. And that soured my feeling about her from the start. I wouldn’t do that to a guest in my home but she was used to living alone and probably didn’t want us there anymore and it was a signal of that feeling. When her sons (two of them) used us during times they war having troubles either on their jobs or with women or their wives they were divorcing. The first son was the worst example the one that lied all the time. He stayed for the first time about 6 months or more and the second time about the same. i never asked him to do the chores and I did the cooking and he worked for us . We were trying to help him because of his divorce. He did offer to cook once and burned the meal. Anyway he got paid and I didn’t yet I could work around his slug ass and do ten times the work he accomplished. He played at it and we would catch him faking it and found him stealing putty knives and things which was weird. Our rig was stolen twice and I think it was him but it was blamed on a mexicn who was at one time phil’s employer who had a company and rigs and trucks of his own so he had no need for ours though he did have a problem with addiction because his mom was nurse who had some medication in her medicine cabinet he got hooked on which was similar to heroin which became the drug he got hooked on afterwards. He had a successful business in between his problems and a very nice family. Phil actually learned from him how to do certain things and was paid well doing it. But anyway the eldest took advantage of us in every way even tried to seduce my sister when she was drunk and I did not let him. Later his other brother chastised me that is a bit strong word for what he did but thought I was ridiculous for interfering in that attempt to protect my little sister who had a drinking problem she learned at college. Drinking vast amounts of beer at clubs. I had suggested that both go out together as friends to meet people because both were single at the time. I did not want her and him to be an item and he knew that but was showing disrespect for me and her. He had a drinking problem as well and so did the other brother that stayed with us who had three wives and three divorces over a period of time and kids by two of them. He however loved the worn he married and the children. I  had to kick her out for us to deal with him beause we found somethings in his stuff that was ours. He was stealing from us. I didn’t do it Phil did but he was pilfering our tools. Her feeling were hurt and she was hysterical and I don’t think I handled it as well as I could have but I was dealing with a jerk. The two brothers worked for the union in the car industry. One was a utility guy and stuck with it which is someone that learns all th jobs and goes to the workplace to hang out and replace those that are sick or not able to work and got a good pension and the other was a total loser, the eldest a liar and a thief and a potential rapist and an abuser of kids and women. He told the story how he beat me up which he didn’t to his family up north when he returned to michigan. They knew he didn’t but did not confront him about his stupid lie which might have helped him not want to lie again or so easily. Instead he beat up a young single girl and tried to rape her a daughter of a friend ours which did not remain that way afterwards. During our trysts with the eldest son our van was repossessed. So then because of the burden of the eldest son on us phil wanted to sell the silver my parents gave as gift for our wedding to us to a  person who would hold it and resell it back. It wasn’t a company but the person whose daughter was almost raped. I allowed it but I didn’t like it. Cant remember which came first the attempted rape or the silver. He filled out the collection quite a bit while holding it. I received it back years later for a christmas gift and he got all kinds of kudos for it. It was a favor I did for his stupidity and mine as well but i wasn’t a part of their family to know their kinks. It was ridiculous how much kudos he got for getting it back which was the agreement to begin with so it wasn’t something to get rewarded for and now it’s mine.

By the way I do this all the time for some reason I get Isaac and Jacob mixed up. Nevertheless I think they are related and I’m not sure it matters too much but because most people don’t care anyway. SO it might not have been Sarah’s father who was Laban and Isaac was the one that bound to have his throat sliced by Abraham. SORRY. Love means never having to say you are sorry but I’m sorry for that mistake. I have done it before in another post or two. There is so much to learn in the bible. I still haven’t read it all either. I can’t even get it straight between Jacob and Isaac. I think Jacob was the one who tricked his dad Isaac who felt his chest of hair at his mom’ request to be the master of his estate basically. It had something to do with lentil soup and the meat that his brother hunted and wanted cooked for him and really silly stuff. Isaac was rather old to have been so blind and stupid to have done what he did, I think. Sounds like the stories of Jesus when the people laugh him to scorn over a child who wasn’t dead. It’s like making a movie of a kid in the line of fire getting shot by Israelis that the Palestinians put there to get shot for attention. Sort of a BENNY HINN kind of thing who is a Palestinian christian but not really. People get slayed and hysterical but that’s religion for ya. I’m not hysterical except when I think about some things going on like hospice. I can’t compartmentalize the death of my parents in such a fashion. My mom was victimized wrongfully and with malice of forethought she she deserved the opposite. She was really quite a lady.

My mom extended her hand in friendship to his mom and she didn’t deserve that grace. IMO

Indirectly I blame her for what happened to my mom because time does not always go forward it can go backwards as well. IT IS TRUE.  What she had her sons do may have affected hospicing of my mom and while my mom was not catholic may have been used against her and because she was my mom and she was wonderful and sweet with a few problems. sometimes like a child and when you needed her like a warrior almost all of the time but deception got in the way a few times by a really bad demon we were having to cope with which should have been handled by his parents not mine when he was growing up. 

TIme is not only linear which is how angels rise and fall or go up and down the stairs of J Jacobs ladder. String/yarn is linear when pulled in opposite directions but not linear when crossed over or folded or looped etc.

If a string can be manipulated

Time can be manipulated.

Astronomers say that when you see a star in the sky it might not really be there anymore because of the time it takes for light to travel. You may be looking at the past. That is why when my cousin asked me when was the last time you saw your mother I thought was weird. She was till alive as far as I know at the time. He reminded me of a press person that is famous and a guest in the past on fox and others like he wasn’t really him. Trying to get information about my mom and me. that was the night I was poisoned the first time well actually may be second time if you consider my first operation when I got sepsis and almost died and was at odds with a big company who were bullies and even was messed with at the real estate school because word gets around and people get favors to harass women who might be trouble in the field of real-estate protecting their assets of course over truth. They knew Gary accosted me at the office. They had cameras. I know they knew.

DNA can also be manipulated.

I won’t name him yet.

Between or after one of the times we kicked Joe Rodgers out of our living quarters he moved to the river near austin and camped out and met some outcasts and got in a gang of people who I think stole our rig and truck which was a piece of shit truck. The reason I suspect is when he went to michigan he had a rig which he didn’t have before. NO one confronted him how he got it and he might have traded one for another but I know he was a thief. He wasn’t all bad but something happened to him who he hung out with and many lies. Those lies can add put to a real problem. There are ways to confront a liar without calling them a liar but it should be done however it can be done whenever it can be done for everyone’s sake because they will do it less and less the more they are caught. I have been working on the ex and he is finding it harder to get away with but still tries. It gets old. HIs are dangerous lies to me and his daughters and others. But he doesn’t look like a liar or act like one which makes it hard to distinguish but it’s a tough situation. People like him more than they like me because those lies usually are to make me look bad and to make him look good. It’s sick.

But mostly because she was a ROMAN CATHOLIC we didn’t get along and she supported them even though they didn’t her after her husband died. They were horrible then to her as if she didn’t matter. She told me about it yet she wanted to support their invention


It is sick and what I would call masochist reaction but she was raised to be a masochist even though her mother wasn’t catholic. VIOLET CHOSE to be CATHOLIC and because her husband was catholic. She loved the church BECAUSE OF THE MYSTERY and mysteries as you know aren’t always good. SHe loved Latin sermons but didn’t understand it and preferred it to knowing what was said in the sermon or what ever it is called.

sometimes mysteries are nightmares.

Her husband said she wasn’t pretty but good for having babies. That is sick for someone to say to a woman or a wife and she told me about it. She wasn’t not pretty. Prettiness is in the eye of the beholder. He was an abusive man obviously and Phil told me about it a little more last night: abusive to her and her children especially the first two kids until she stood in his way and he was still abusive but flailed at it in order that she would not leave him which was her threat to him if he continued to use his fist on their kids. The first son became a big liar because of it. The second became kind of effeminate but was also a very handsome guy but still effeminate and when his mom was in the hospital asked me why he wasn’t allowed to get information the first time she was in the hospital the first time before she died and was starved to death but i found out in the conversation that the eldest was able to get information and I said because he obviously is in charge of the estate and he should have known that. WOW. He is older and not a dumb guy guy by any means and makes much more money than me also married to a teacher and has two kids a girl and a boy but now older. His daughter had some problems his son came out okay because it is easier to be a guy in this world and not having unexpected pregnancies and abusive boyfriends etc. I think they invested more in him than her in funny ways. I know she must have acted out some things they did not understand. I tried to talk to her his wife and she was stoic and didn’t want to hear or help me at the time I was hurting emotionally though she was nice lady other than that. I remember it hurt me the way she acted like she wasn’t allowed to help me. I needed a friend at the time, someone. She just did the dishes and didn’t say anything to me. People are uncomfortable talking about sexual abuse especially catholics and I wasn’t handling it well often.  But not handling it well at all is worse. IMO Catholics are I think taught to be silent (and golden like those that worshipped a golden calf.)

I’m not a masochist

but have tendency’s to not quit smoking which is hard to do when under duress and isolation and friendless and other things like seeing my dad’s picture at Benghazi or my families pictures holding my tot as if a pow in IRan by my sister even though my daughter isn’t with her. Strange manifestations of evil playing with my head. I did not take those pictures some one else did and while not a perfect representation such as different colored eyes are close enough to cause harm. It is Stressful to the max. OR seeing my little sister lying about being shot 5 times in the leg in california at a massacre at an airport and BIlly Graham present or as a baby in a cage outside a window on a floor above the ground level. Someone evil is fucking with me using my family and the family I grew up with I guarantee it is Billy Graham who has fucked with us all over the world. He is a shill for the Vatican and anything false he can find. He is a fucker a mother fucker like Mother Teresa. I found out a lot of information via the assassination of JFK and through others about BIlly Graham and later.

Billy Graham is and was EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL, etc

I haven’t had a vacation in quite a few years trying to get this out because I love my families and thought I should get this out to the public to understand what we are dealing with a mother fucker from hell and we better talk about hospice honestly and openly in order to win the war on terrorism. It is a sign and one spoken of by Jesus at the Sea of Galilee as a sign of the end if we don’t deal with it and follow me he said. to PETER and RCC’s better get real.

I smoked in the present because of the stuff I found out and the things that were thrown my way and that I saw and heard about in very nasty ways.

I know my mom was punished not for the abortion she stood up for me for but because my sister’s husband lost money on the stock market in a matter of minutes and lost her brothers’ wifes money and had to deal with it because they called and asked if he lost it and I told the truth yes he did and they took it out on my mom and also because my dad owed them money because his business did not succeed after he retired from the army after serving in Viet Nam twice and serving in Korea. They did not have to invest in his business and most business fail as did every business they built or invited in and attempted to do which is not abnormal most new businesses fail but we should keep trying. Usually takes a few years but it is still MY sister and her husband have a lot to atone for but wanted me to atone for them.  LOL even though he had molested me in my sleep many years before but I can’t be responsible for my sins and theirs. ITS NOT FAIR though attractive to them I’m sure to place it on my shoulders which are not big enough to bear. SO I smoke when I shouldn’t because it’s not good for me and am addicted to terrible poison and addicted to telling the truth which hurst me and them and hurt my parents too but it needed to be told as well. We are at the apex of something big.

Her children knew and didn’t stand up against their dad because they loved him and let me shoulder it as well.because I wasn’t perfect and she proved it and i proved it my way too. We were fighting the same demons in a way but I tried and he didn’t. and to them it’s easier not to and be her slave and make her look good and make me look bad etc. IT’s easier but it won’t help in the end. I understand their dilemma but it won’t help in the end their dad or their mom or them or their country, etc.

That’s the difference and she didn’t because she had too much pride in the neighborhood.

Maybe by telling the truth he might change his mind and try to do the same but I think he is a coward like the nazis were especially en-masse but they did lose the war and will lose again even though they never really did stick to their treaties and never intended to give  up and lied their asses off. Not all of them of course a few had a conscience.

You have to teach and learn to have conscience. Babies are cute but they need to be taught and the older ones teach better than the youngish ones because they have been around.

I believe in forgiveness but you have to want it to get it. One of the stupeist films in history was the one that included the words love means never having to say you’re  sorry and she died. LOL

I hope our country brings the Ten commandments back and respects them for the foundation of good values and in a way if you learn about the Ten Commandments

they are genius and inclusive.

Not the RCC ones but the real ones. But the roman catholic ones are better than nothing but still are lacking and deceptive and won’t get you through.

The real ones speak for themselves when you allow them too and might make the difference between night and day and a good dream and a nightmare.

Males obviously like to take advantage of females and they shouldn’t like those foster sisters. She tried to teach the boys to be better within her range of knowledge probably in part to gain acceptance by a church who deceived her in the middle and the end of her life.

We  shouldn’t let them do that because they aren’t all that,

you know.

 The health problems we are facing were caused by the RCC and Billy Graham using Japan nuclear accident using HAARP and others places to make an earthquake to make a tsunami to force their hand and make them capitulate to a world government gone mad as a mad hatter. Poisoning the food chain and affecting everyone eventually.

In North Korea because of starvation the next generations are affected being shorter and smaller.

HAARP has good tendencies but was warned about as having bad ones too if in the wrong hands by it’s inventor as is the case with every invention invented.

There are others around the globe.

Same thing with people who are created and have good tendencies but have bad ones too in the wrong hands.

Jesus said angels shall rise upon the son of man and I think Jacob is that person. Because of Jacob’s ladder his dream and the angels going up and down a ladder. He has a fight or something with an angel someone and ends up with a weird hip caused by the altercation. When President Kennedy got off the plane from Hawaii to Dallas he limped as if his hip was injured going down the stairs of the plane he was on and then the blind sheik in the crowd at the airport and all the other things that occurred and those are only a few of the reasons I think he represents Jacob to some degree anyway besides some of the things he said and did and of course the coverup which was huge.

Great skit by Melissa McCarthy of Sean Spicer on SNL and I bet he can handle it too. Saw it on Watter’s World and helps to laugh out loud. Kind of reminds me of my posts with the pictures or a highlights magazine we used to entertain ourselves with at a doctor’s office as a kid. I have to watch it again.

A little while ago we had it out and he tried to threaten with not the arrest. what a wimp.

I told him I saw his mom at Parkland when I was there. It was before she had died and was starved to death. She was guarding the hallway and me while i was there and lying her ass off . I explained it in another post. He doesn’t believe me of course. What I saw was she was a black woman and really stupid. I did not put her there but she was there and it was weird. I saw another woman I recognized who was married to a Roman Catholic actor and going through a divorce on a gurney  in the hallway crying a bunch. I don’t know why his mom was black and stupid. She was talking about a marriage of about 35 years which is close to what ours was to a nurse which the ex said was actually 33 years. He says that’s not close. I said 35 is close to 33 years but I thought it was closer to 35 years of marriage we had. There is that 2 year difference I keep running into. I don’t understand what I witnessed but I do want to be truthful about what I saw. The actress who was there crying was very famous and overweight. Did n0t look like what you would think. It’s not easy witnessing because it is strange but if I lie about it I do myself and others a disservice. Anyway she lied about an alarm and warning someone about the alarm on the door and that she told her not to open it and that is not what I witnessed and it was kind of a surreal experience to hear her shit which was backwards. She was sort of an exaggeration of herself somehow or a parody.  The place was like a circus at the time and disney land with  buses etc. Going through a big renovation. Maybe I was being tested to see if I would lie about it or not.

WHY WOULD I LIE ABOUT IT? What would be the point?

Anyway he twists everything he lies about. LOL It’ is hard to keep up. I hate his guts. Every time he proves himself unworthy and he is.

Third time’s the charm

Had to go to the hospital again an oh what an experience that was. No one was in the lobby so thought wow cool no wait in the ER but alas everyone had already been taken to their respective ER rooms and we had to wait a few hours. Waited with a very nice couple older and a bit wiser as well. The lady was so cute reminded me of a way older little character from the book Madeleine. Sitting in a wheel chair with her doting husband. He didn’t really dote as much as he was sweet to her and they made a cute pear. She had a lot of physical problems. Anyway conservatives through and through, but very sweet. As we talked a short little squat woman with dyke haircut came through from the back out the ER door and complimented the ladies in the admitting office for their smiles and how much she appreciated their smiles and under my breath I thought in my head said something under my breath as well but in essence saying schmiles schmiles what matters is doing a good job. She left the area and went outside and marched right back in as if it was her duty to come back and plopped herself in our area to read a book. Most people who want to read a book don’t sit and read while a conversation is going on and usually go to another area but she wanted to hear what we were talking about FOR SURE. And we kept on talking because it’s our right to talk about whatever we want to talk about. Discussed lots of stuff as she sped read. No one could have read those pages so fast as he was smacking her gum hard and with spite look on her face. Every once in a while I’d catch her face reddening because she didn’t like what we were saying. I stared at her and she didn’t look up. I wasn’t trying to piss her off I just don’t like spies whether she knew she was or not. It was wild. This went on for quite a while and every once in a while the couple would fall asleep from the wait. Something was driving her to sit there and listen and act like she was reading. WEIRD. WEIRD WEIRD. We didn’t get excited just calmly talked but it pissed her off for some reason. The couple did not notice because she was on their side of the room and they couldn’t see her but I saw her and she knew it. She almost finished the whole book about 1″1/2′ thick book as we sat. I bet she doesn’t even remember a thing she read.

I did say out loud though not loudly to the ex I think someone in that admitting room should have come out and said sorry about the wait. When they called my name the woman who admitted me did apologize as we went to the room I needed (not that it was her fault) but it is considerate to do. We had waited almost three hours. I overheard them cajoling in the admitting room so it wasn’t as if they didn’t have the time to do it but didn’t until the walk down the hall to the room. All in all it was a great experience and the hospital did a great job IMO. I was pleasantly surprised and the doctors were fantastic doctors as well as the whole staff. He knew what he was doing which makes for a great business and the people that worked for him knew it which makes a big difference.

While we were there there was a Code Blue and someone died I heard. It lasted for about 15 minutes. Maybe it was those vibes, who knows because the woman reading was back and forth to the back and front quite a bit. Probably not her fault but she was really really mad acting or whatever was in her which is the core of the matter because sometimes people don’t know what or why they do the things they do or why they feel upset: Barometric Pressure? Cell phones?

Don’t know why conservatives are such a big threat to dykes? We aren’t. We weren’t talking about anything too controversial. We even talked about the skit about Sean Spicer that was so funny though they hadn’t seen it. Freedom of speech is the enemy to this particular woman for some reason. I think it was spiritual. I’m surprised she still has teeth the way she chewed her gum and I would have had to change my gum a few times. Maybe that was what she was doing when she left the room a few times to go in the back to the ER rooms. Besides we were there first in that area so she was invading our space. At least about 30 seats in the whole area maybe more and she sat two spaces from the couple and about 8 feet across from me. I know when I read I usually like to read in quiet without interruption to get the full gist of the book I’m reading especially books without pictures otherwise I have to read it again. She was not very good at faking it. And I know she did not like our company or she would have said something. Not one word. She didn’t even look up because I was watching her. I knew she was up to no good. Where would she be with out freedom of speech? Hiding.

If the bottom of a tennis shoe could talk hers was talking at me. LOL

Almost like a snake.

Sure couldn’t get away with it in Saudi Arabia, Clinton’s supporters (DOn’t ask DOn’t tell) really helpful. Got paid to say it a bunch too which is kind of deceptive.

Remember this?

Obama Talking to Israeli President Netanyahu in his Lincoln Continental?Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 9.52.59 PM.png

I don’t know who took the picture but it does seem PURPOSEFUL. DID OBAMA KNOW?

DID THE PRESS EVER ASK HIM? I doubt it but the caption was that it was considered an insult to Netanyahu. Did anyone ask Netanyahu?

Reminded me of a time when I was in a hospital waiting room for 6 hours and one person shut everyone up with his loud outbursts and his woman blamed me for it. Said it was my fault he was all uptight and I had never even said a word to him but was talking to a couple of men across from me and next to me all of us in our perspective illnesses and talking about our conditions and talking about God. Everyone in the room was doing the same which was about 60 people. We did it for about 5.55 hours until he freaked out on us and you could hear a pin drop kind of like the Dems and the majority of the Press and some Reps are about Trump. I had to leave the room afterwards and went to complain to the lady behind the desk who had some cops come and escort him out. And then on his way out of the hallway that I went to to get away while the husband at the time was aghast never moving or helping and then as he left the hall the loudmouth said something snide to me about my back. UNREAL. Then saw his woman later on after my doctors visit wandering around as if nothing happened. Like she had no idea she tried to attack me with her cane.

Roger Hodgson – Give a Little Bit (Live)

A friendly face is nice and usually they are at the hospital and it can’t always be easy;) especially dealing with the sick and infirmed and sometimes not always a good ending. I’ll never forget the jerk off who wasn’t friendly and wouldn’t offer me a wheel chair twice. That was downright shitty. Only one out of 100’s of helpful people that work there.

Billions and billions of times better than what I watched happened to a blue bench that Kim Jong-Un  of North Korea sat on and was enclosed in glass at a hospital. Like the pope. RIDICULOUS.

I keep hearing people consoling themselves and lying to themselves
especially on Fox News OUTNUMBERED
It’s amazing and hard to fathom in fact UNBELIEVABLY DOLTISH
like Killing O’reilly books.
I guess Putin and Russia are doing a psychological profile on Trump. I think it has been previously done by Russia and everyone else. It’s an NBC story reported by Sheppard Smith of Fox News. Wonder what the criteria is, don’t you?

Ella Fitzgerald – Cry me a river

Crimeans Vote on Secession From Ukraine 2014

93 percent of voters favoring secession and I suppose the Jesuits were against it and O’reilly was jealous of Putin’s popularity. Let’s see O’reilly walk a horse without a shirt on. Everyone would secede from Fox News. I think a few did secede because of his problems and he was able to settle out of court. The reasons for illegal immigration needs to be focused upon. What is making people leave Mexico and Central America besides enticements to use up our resources which is a real and present danger intended to weaken the USA. I think it is religious persecution to pressure the USA, and for votes, for the Roman Catholic dogma (the Vatican) and their pursuits to control everything and everyone and especially us.

The question for today is

Why are Catholic countries so fucked up?

For one thing the Pope Francis a Jesuit bragged about stealing a necklace from a dead person to gain his courage.

Now Jesse Watters on Outnumbered is saying the reason for illegal immigration from Mexico is It’s the economy stupid of Mexico which we know is not true. It’s religious pursuit of the Vatican to mess with the USA. Says Trump should talk to Mexico to improve their economy so we are responsible now for fixing Mexico’s economy. Ridiculous. I can tell Jesee Watters is a bit possessed. Reminds me of the Priest Father Jonathon. They met in Colorado together during a marijuana festival as if they didn’t know both were there a while back like two sides of a mirror looking at themselves.

Who pays Jesse Watters to lie?

O’reilly? The Vatican?

I think Democrats are bleeders draining our government of the protections for US CITIZENS so US CITIZENS can’t participate in those protections that were made for US CITIZENS. And some Rep’s as well. (quite a few)

Anyway I’m thinking about becoming a Mexican American citizen by changing my heritage. Not like I don’t like their food, you know? Why not…for the time being anyway. If all the citizens of the USA’s citizens did change their heritage for a while it might make a huge difference.

I am a Panamanian Montanan and Mexico is in-between so why not include it in my heritage.

Right to know vs Privacy

Steve Weissman was on Carlson show of Fox and had some pretty good ideas about pricing of insurance and the right to know. MIght be helpful Compared it (lack of knowledge) to going to a grocery store and finding out you are paying ten or 20 times more than the next guy for the same thing. Better to know than not.

The girl before him ranting and raving made a case for free midol for woman ranting and raving about a President in office about a month. Boy did she exaggerate and lied as well.

She must be anti-women for the example she displayed.

Would she be willing to give up Christmas to end fascism? 

Maxine Waters Brings Culture and Civility Back to Our Public Discourse

Maxine Waters is showing her lack of diplomacy skills but my hope for a woman President someday is Joni Ernst from Iowa. I think she is tailor made for the possibility. Her campaign was impressive and unusual. LOL

Not that I go around wishing for a woman President. Just a good one.

And would love to see the end of the Iowa Caucus! I think they’re CERTIFIABLY nuts very much like the 700 club. Laying of hands is ridiculous and I think inspired by evil. If you read the bible you will understand what I mean and if you understand it as well it helps a lot. I have heard of a particular death from the laying of hands I think it is a result of whomever that kind of religion represents. Pentacostal BS. And to watch someone pray as you see on the 700 club it’s total disingenuous nonsense. In my opinion the leader of that group should be tarred and feathered and run out of town where ever he resides. I’m pretty sure it was ruled a suicide, when it wasn’t. It was pretty sad but the people that knew him sent their regards at the funeral is what I heard was said what many people say at funerals and kind of meaningless and trite platitudes, and unconcerned with truth, kind of like when someone says



like many are about the evils of hospice and it won’t stand. I guarantee it!

By the way everyone can be considered terminally ill

because something or other

is gonna get ya there.

I wrote about it a few times in some posts.

Back to illegal immigration

Is it okay to enter someones house without permission and taking their possessions.

That is what illegal immigration is. Breaking and entering. So it in essence is a criminal offense.

It happened to me when I was younger and the kid next door about 6 or 8 years old and I have no idea if they were illegal or legal put his little brother through a broken window they broke and stole some items TOYS and put them in our trees in our front lawn. We did not press charges but it was breaking an entering and their parents did not teach them the difference. I have no idea if they were reprimanded or not. Never heard if they did. Mocking or something.

Before that ridiculous activity they had us over for dinner because we were neighbors and had lots of their family in the house and most of them did not speak english (It was a good dinner tortilla soup) and I tried to be nice, friendly, and accepting and that same kid tried to strangle my daughter that night who was about the same age as the boy. Then on the other side was an italian stallion peeping tom wearing gold jewelry.  So when we left the neighborhood it was important for me to find a safer place to live and then I got screwed out of my home and the ex went bankrupt and would not even try to sell the house because I divorced him after some really tumultuous stuff some premeditated and some not.

Are Mexicans against American citizens entering their country legally and being held for months to a year chained to a cot in a prison?

Still trying to figure out the relationship between Pence and Trump.

As if Pence is on a totally different page.

I am anxious to one day visit and see those scrubs under glass at the African-American history museum. Actually a picture would suffice!



SHADOW PRESIDENT: McCain Secret Trip to Syria…


Another time near the divorce time Obama was in office at the time I went to play tennis with the husband at the time. He doesn’t really like it but went anyway. I think it was around the time of the lady with the red dress in Italy during the G-8 meeting after their earthquake. (Aquilla) I recall he said something about Lady sit down and also helped her down the stairs in what seemed like a gentlemanly act or display. I went to pick up my daughter at school who was a cheerleader and loved it before she started to get bullied at school and called a whore after kissing a boy at a church function at one of those humongous churches (By the way at the time I had dog name Lady, a german shepherd) a man in the lane directing school traffic from the school said very loudly Lady Go Home as I came up to the area of pickup. It was near the time I got divorced or was in the process or something. At the tennis courts I fell on the ground once and another moment the husband almost ran into me with his body but just missed body slamming me, not sure why and a man in the next court between the tennis fence started whistling a weird tune as we were near each other at the fence picking up balls. It was eerie as if a guardian of the husband for the husband against me. It was like he was a warning me but not nicely. Like straight from the movie with Denzel Washington where spirits move from person to person to do evil. Very similar. He seemed demonic is the best explanation for his whistling. I divorced anyway.  I don’t like threats or intimidation and it only made me more determined as I am now to see an end to a very bad religion and a bad marriage which I ended though we live together out of need. I HAVE TRIED TO BE A FRIEND EVEN SO having to put up with many lies from him and he has done some stupid things as well. I think in some ways have made some headway with him but he won’t admit it but I see some thought processes churning in him especially in regards to Hospice though he won’t admit it. He still calls me names when I confront him the way I do but it ain’t no big deal to me. Calls me paranoid and other mentally deranged kind of things and I know the difference between truth and fiction for the most part. It took me months to get the truth about why he said I hate your guts when dealing with our cat. He said he didn’t say what he said then later he said he didn’t remember (countless times) and then finally admitted it was because I divorced him and then later lied about that. That is deranged you have to admit. (Also lied countless times about the circumstances and details about hospicing his mom to deflect and confuse.) Can’t be wrong if you change the details when it is convenient. It’s a game for him but not for me. His tricks. I call it serious shit. I have done my part to confront his lies as well and caught him (badgered the hell out of him as well as only an ex wife can do who isn’t stupid and submissive) and so he is a little less likely to do it hopefully. My mom was not submissive and my dad did not expect her to be either. He loved her successes. Why? Because it was helpful. Others like to keep people down and one of those is my ex and a few others in my life.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 8.28.44 PM.png

Remember all those broken bones? The pope in the tub…a few leaders and I think Obama might have been responsible. Even Hillary Clinton when she was supposed to come before Congress the first time. Intimidation.

Physical spiritual manifestations or vice versa because of deception. Those kind of things are real especially to the person it happens to. Think about Jacob who ended up with a bad hip.

France’s Marine Le Pen refused to wear a headscarf

to meet with Lebanese religious leaders

Very impressive!

I sure wouldn’t trust a list Obama made as the only people to be disallowed access (immigration) to the USA without extreme vetting. The Baltics should be included.

Why Did Argentina Accept Nazi War Criminals After World War Two?

After World War Two, thousands of Nazis and wartime collaborators from France, Croatia, Belgium and other parts of Europe were looking for a new home: preferably as far away from the Nuremberg Trials as possible. Argentina welcomed hundreds if not thousands of them: the Juan Domingo Perón regime went to great lengths to get them there, sending agents to Europe to ease their passage, providing travel documents and in many cases covering expenses. Even those accused of the most heinous crimes, such as Ante Pavelic (whose Croatian regime murdered hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies), Dr. Josef Mengele (whose cruel experiments are the stuff of nightmares) and Adolf Eichmann (Adolf Hitler’s architect of the Holocaust) were welcomed with open arms. It begs the question: Why on Earth would Argentina want these men? The answers may surprise you.

Important Argentines Were Sympathetic

During World War Two, Argentina clearly favored the Axis because of close cultural ties with Germany, Spain and Italy……….”

Pope Francis is from Argentina ….  .A Jesuit and the other Jesuit Federiko Lombardi the pope’s buddy and sidekick was the one who came up with the excuse for Benghazi:

a video tape

and Susan Rice spread the rumor and she was married to?

It isn’t a myth. Jesuits are evil and make a vow to the devil to protect the Vatican. Is making a vow to the devil evil? OF COURSE IT IS. (Obviously something very wrong with the Vatican if it is protected by the devil.)

After WWll the Mossad dealt with some people in Argentina because the people they had to deal with were extremely evil.



In 1960, Mossad discovered that the Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann was in Argentina. A team of five Mossad agents led by Shimon Ben Aharon slipped into Argentina and through surveillance, confirmed that he had been living there under the name of Ricardo Klement. He was abducted on May 11, 1960 and taken to a hideout. He was subsequently smuggled to Israel, where he was tried and executed. Argentina protested what it considered as the violation of its sovereignty, and the United Nations Security Council noted that “repetition of acts such as [this] would involve a breach of the principles upon which international order is founded, creating an atmosphere of insecurity and distrust incompatible with the preservation of peace” while also acknowledging that “Eichmann should be brought to appropriate justice for the crimes of which he is accused” and that “this resolution should in no way be interpreted as condoning the odious crimes of which Eichmann is accused.”[4][5]Mossad abandoned a second operation, intended to capture Josef Mengele.[6]

United States

During the 1990s, Mossad discovered a Hezbollah agent operating within the United States in order to procure materials needed to manufacture IEDs and other weapons. In a joint operation with U.S. intelligence, the agent was kept under surveillance in hopes that he would betray more Hezbollah operatives, but was eventually arrested.[7]

Mossad informed the FBI and CIA in August 2001 that based on its intelligence as many as 200 terrorists were slipping into the United States and planning “a major assault on the United States.” The Israeli intelligence agency cautioned the FBI that it had picked up indications of a “large-scale target” in the United States and that Americans would be “very vulnerable.”[8] However, “It is not known whether U.S. authorities thought the warning to be credible, or whether it contained enough details to allow counter-terrorism teams to come up with a response.” A month later, terrorists struck at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in the largest terrorist attack in history.[8]

We lost about 2000 people in that attack.

6,000,000 Jews were snuffed out in WWll in various ways.


I think my experience in the old neighborhood having to do with the husband now ex and his religion. My daughter was attacked later quite vigorously at the school and ended up in the ER but she survived. My other daughter was also attacked and she survived. My dad was preemptively attacked and my mom but they are helping me from their vantage point. My pets were attacked as well. But like I said I have had some visions given me via my parents and messages after death. My mom saw something way ahead of me and she was dead at the time when she put her hand on my shoulder or her spirit traveled that night to me. It was before she was hospiced by my sister so but I think it was a mixup in time.The message she gave me was a message on a wall via a reflection through a window when I was at the bail bondsman place because I had been falsely arrested. One of the things the ex said I should have been grateful for that he called the police on me for nothing an they complied with him. I hadn’t done anything wrong. My daughter was out of control and trying to damage my property in my bedroom and I was trying to get my property back. But he did not want to handle it because he a fucker. He had to pay the bill for the bail bondsman so maybe he thought I should be thankful for that but I spent a night in jail and I was not in good health and was within my rights. However I received help then after being taken to jail for the night to help me get through it. The overzealous cop (my ex’s ally) handcuffed me behind my back and I should not have had to go through it. Females should not have to be handcuffed behind their back unless they are extremely manly. I couldn’t breath. iT was scary.  Playing games and lied to my daughter about an affair i did not have at the office and so she held some things inside and she suffers from PMS as well. He used my daughter against me any chance he could get. He slept with her for a while and I curtailed it when she was a younger teenager. It was to control her. I wrote about it. It was revenge on his part. He didn’t like that I curtailed it and I did it nicely. Pretty amazing stuff to let me know they are on my side and have helped me to survive. Lots of things my parents have done for me since they died and for my girls. I survived the tornado by an inch and the guy that harassed me in the neighborhood when I walked my dog, he lost his house. Gone in a matter of seconds along with quite a few others. The whole experience was quite weird but many things occurred and I got some good help during and after though not from who I would have hoped had some backbone but turned out she didn’t. Her husband was in the oil business and I guess she harbored some jealousy towards me and my family. Lot of people did and I think there is a reason for it but it doesn’t help them. I believe my cat was killed on purpose to punish me by some FUCKERS FROM HELL. Mean spirited crap.

 ‘Someone has convinced you that attacking me

is going to help you’

As Denzel Washington said you should stand up for the truth in regards to news

and other things.

Denzel Washington the truth

Divorce from a catholic is a right and VERY GOOD ONE. LOL Around the time he knew I was divorcing him he told me I thought you would bury me and I would bury you and I knew I did the right thing and he’s been trying ever since and failed so far. He has screwed me quite a bit in many ways and so have his allies and even though he thinks I should grateful  which is outrageous but it will be his ass and his allies that gets the shaft in the end and it will hurt them in countless ways more than it hurts me and I will succeed with my allies.

Count on it.

(Those on the sidelines will probably get hurt but having no backbone isn’t anything to be proud of like those who tolerated Obama and allied with him to continue his nonsense when he should have been impounded, et al.)

I agree with what Bannon said about uniting behind Trump

 so lets get those dishes clean. LOL

I truly believe everything Obama did was intended to hurt people even his followers because he did not care.

As far as Kim Jong-un’s half brother I would certainly be looking at this group for it’s involvement because of what they have done in the past:

Aum Shinrikyo

The timing is peculiar near when I thought the USA was gonna meet up with Kim Jong Un’s representatives for some talks and I don’t think someone wants those talks. Geraldo Rivera who was said to be bigger than life by a lady on Fox News (could not believe she said it) and assumes it’s the obvious and I don’t think it is this time. In my opinion he is a dolt. The biggest Geraldo contribution was an empty tunnel with no treasure in it. HE calls himself a war correspondent. He made it clear the other day.

I think it is a suggestion to impair leaders and others to feel free to be free kind of a threat probably to Trump. The area around there are the ten toes as far as prophecy goes and very Islamic as well. ASEAN. Perhaps something to do with the clothing industry labor thingy and Obama.

Near where that plane went missing a while back and probably related as well.

Obama in landmark Malaysia visit

He tried unsuccessfully because of PUTIN to get the sarin gas he needed.

He is letting you know. IMO

Just looked up Andrea Tantaros on the internet and I guess that’s what she was up against because she has a brain:

Andrea Tantaros Lawsuit Targets Five Executives at Fox News for Retaliation

I think I know what got her in big trouble and it was good. I think I saw that moment during the preparation for the Presidential debates and I think I know why as well.

Two cloths.

I hope she wins!!!!!!!!

Dems are trying to stir up the Dems. UNIONs UNIONS etc

Funny when the car companies failed where did those union workers flock to?

A right to work state.

Some of them came to rob and to steal like illegal immigrants, but legal.

When an area of a county is dry and doesn’t sell alcohol are those that live in the dry area allowed to buy alcohol in a wet area and bring it back to a dry area?

Got a lot of silly rules in our country between the states and it needs to be curtailed. And you wonder why we have a substance abuse problem including and mostly alcohol abuse in our country.


“William Penn brought the Quakers to Pennsylvania during the 1680s and the climate of religious liberty soon attracted other dissident groups, including German Mennonites, Dunkars, Moravians, and Schwenkfelders; French Huguenots; Scots-Irish Presbyterians; and English Baptists.”

Carlson was on with a transvestite /transgender who I guess wants bathrooms for transgenders. Why not let it be handled locally and those that want to plumb a bathroom for transgenders, invest in it (personal donations by transgenders or supporters of transponders) DO SO. If you build it they will come. How hard can it be? If you have a transgender in your town build a bathroom in their honor. You don’t need federal funds for it either. THEN TUCKER CARLSON CAN MOVE ON TO ANOTHER SUBJECT TO DEBATE ABOUT AND OH HOW HAPPY WE WILL BE. ITS HARD TO SEE THE CORRELATION BETWEEN BATHROOMS AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION BUT SOMEHOW HE FOUND ONE BUT I CERTAINLY DON’T REMEMBER THE CORRELATION. I THINK IT HAD TO DO WITH ME SAYING I’M THINKING I MIGHT WANT TO ADD THE HERITAGE OF MEXICO TO MY HERITAGE BUT I CAN’T FOR SURE SAY IT BUT IT SEEMS TO BE A REACTION TO IT.


As far as what Trump said about Sweden it is possible he saw something ahead of time. God gives some people that intuition, vision, ears to hear, eyes to see and things like that like I received from my mom about the reflection on a wall. Some people are gifted especially if they believe in God and if they care. My mom cares and so do I and I bothered to notice.

(I did not read what it was he said about Sweden or what happened in Sweden and I do not know what he meant.)

It’s possible some are upset because he preceded with information about something they knew about because of pre-knowledge of something planned and it scared them or it was not reported in a timely fashion and his intelligence knew about it or perhaps he has access to a wormhole others don’t or something else like a sense of smell.

Why do the police need to be unionized? Are military men unionized? Are the FBI unionized? I think the police deserve respect if they are good police, but not if they are bad police. Look at our history and history repeats itself often. There were cops that abused their power and were bought by the mob in the past. Bad cops got good ones killed and sometimes blamed someone else. I think JUDGE Jeanine isn’t being fair about her blanket trust in all authority. The case about Katy and the drugs found in the trash nearby (opioids?) and the gun found under the bench is suspicious as well as the dad involved meeting the daughter alone without the wife on a pier. Doesn’t motive matter? An illegal alien from a sanctuary city sits down at a bench with a gun beneath the bench on a pier in broad daylight to kill a girl on a pier with her dad. I guess he didn’t want to live in a sanctuary city anymore? It doesn’t make sense AT ALL. Did he try to rob her? Something more there than meets the eye. Where was the wife and mother of the girl? Doesn’t like beaches, piers, and lunches out? They were not in a divorce or divorced. We all know weird stuff happened during the Obama administration like the young girl from Chicago at the White House function (singing in a choir) or something gets shot in a park in Chicago not too long afterwards. Pandering to any and every cop is not helpful. It hurts the good ones when bad ones are pandered because of their badge. There are good ones and there are bad ones and the same goes with judges. You are a FOX pundit now and I watched you drunk on air as well. In the bible it talks about a woman drunk on the blood of saints and you might be included in that description, but I’m not your judge, GOD is. NOTICE IT DOESN’T SAY STONED ON THE BLOOD OF SAINTS IT SAYS DRUNK ON THE BLOOD OF SAINTS. 

Only the ROMAN Catholic Church saints people which should be a clue and the RCC  JESUIT POPE sainted Mother Teresa the suicide/murder/death queen after stealing a necklace off a dead man

to gain his courage.

In my judgement pandering to all policemen is shameful and REALLY STUPID. If then you pander to all cops then why shouldn’t all americans pander to all judges even liberal ones that you don’t appreciate. And mayors of all cities like Chicago? And how about Obama Care doctors vs the ones tossed to the wind. When are you gonna bring up hospice and Mother Teresa and watch the video about her legacy by Christopher Hitchens and do something about it? She is a catholic saint therefore you shan’t? God shall be your judge and the judge of your religion.


(assuming it is Roman Catholic)

And it does end.

Faking it won’t work when that day comes.

Why don’t you quit Fox for the sake of the women betrayed by Fox?

Is the salary more important? OR did they deserve it?

FOX won’t be able to save you, then.

I’m more impressed with Bo Dietl and what he said about the Saudis while he was in Saudi Arabia a few times on the Hannity show than you and your blustering about nonsense.

It’s get’s a bit old, those opening statements ACTING tough.

How about Jesse Waters will he stand up for Andrea Tantaros?

No, probably not because he’s O’reilly’s little prick boy. Or did Jesse Watters help to intimidate Andrea Tantaros? Will he be a character witness for her and against those named in her lawsuit? Did Jesse Watters support the priest known as Father Jonathon in his attempt to put down a young girl catholic style on the shows he was able to be a guest to pressure the parents even though the mother felt her daughter’s hand move? Did he ever say don’t do it to the priest?  Did he ever resist or get on “his world” and tell the world what the priest was doing was wrong? He has had plenty of opportunities. Let’s see if he does this week or next.

Watched an Oliver North’s documentary about WWll and near the end of it in Manilla or Malaysia right about the time the war was coming to a conclusion in the area the Jesuit named as a Jesuit comes just in time because he saw the forest for the tree meaning the Jesuits lost. Not one other person named in the documentary was tagged with their religious sect but this guy.

It’s their boondoggle.

Take credit for winning in order to continue Lording Over the masses.

Insert themselves to get credit.


Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 4.59.57 PM.png

Sorry to hear about Bill Paxton and Alan Colmes, et al. And also the illusionist who committed suicide putting a bag over his head? Like smothering oneself with a blanket in order not to be raped by ISIS in Syria: A Bret Baier delusion, like so many.


Did the mustard seed help?



(It’s my right)

the die is cast

IT’s not that I care about them in particular since I don’t know them what I care about is I don’t like them being fucked with and I understand they don’t know who to blame and I’m trying to explain it in my posts so they can fight the fight for them selves. I could at this point care less if the world is destroyed because I don’t want a world to exist where one sister calls her younger sister and says she hospiced her mom for two weeks without telling her and that her mom is dead and then says she loves me. I want it destroyed a world that accepts that kind shit and uses medicaid and/or medicare to do it for free.

Her name is Lori Kircher married to Gary Kircher, son of John and Dottie Kircher, past president of CONOCO OIL lived in Houston then Greenwich Connecticutt. Real-estate agents from hell.  Lived in Dallas and worked for Virginia Cook Realtors (their children went to school at St. Marks and Hockaday. What has happened to private schools?) and then changed companies for her reputations sake and probably may have moved to Colorado or New York maybe still in the area because her husband molested me in my sleep when I was young and she couldn’t handle it and he lost money on the stock market and blamed us. As if we caused the Tuesday in October when he must have been fucking Keira Knightly.

Gary started his own journey as a Baptist after he molested me and befriended a married man who taught kids as a youth director at a Baptist Church who had a crush on my little sister, one of his youths and then divorced his wife. Then Gary moved on to a non-denominational church called Scofield all of which are Billy Graham (BGEA) followers. The Scofield bible tells you what things mean in the bible on the side. He used this BAPTIST man to get to me;) I was unaware of his intent. I was trying to get past it for many years, but Gary needed a partner and hired him as a manager over me who deserved it. Course Gary was the type to cut out a hole in cement and put a cover on it to trick the health department and it worked. Not the drain but the trick around the time he got caught with Jeanine a palm reader late at night at work. I have no idea what they were doing but my sister caught them and I was with my sister at the time. Talk about embarrassing but I kept my mouth shut. SO then she had an affair or two after that. Actually two that I know of. Eventually I couldn’t keep my mouth shut especially after the time when he wanted to carry me to the car in front of his wife because it was moist outside and I was barefoot in my parents home as if I deserved it. He was drinking.

Why did Jesus say “Suffer it to be so”

when he was Baptized by John the Baptist?

How do you handle someone so so so weird. You don’t, you hope the wife does. But wait not if you are getting $250,000 a year for nothing: It wasn’t for nothing it was to handle me.

But it wasn’t just the booze. He was an exhibitionist and an extrovert. My brother got him stoned on brownies and we (the kids) went to the Village CC poolside and he walked around as we watched him. The rest of us sat under a tree in the shade (it wasn’t a fig tree either) watching Gary make a fool of himself getting to know everyone. A brick shy. I remember sitting next to him at some family affair and he got excited. He had an overactive imagination sometimes. I was trying to be cool about him and it was weird at different times depending if he was drinking or not. The harmful stuff was the reaction from my sister depending on what had occurred and the lie in the first place to my parents but I guess she thought I was lying and I wasn’t. LIke I said in another post the lie took on a life of it’s own. His paranoia probably happened soon after the molestation and soon when he was baptized so he tried to set me up kind of crap which became harmful. It happened before with his little sister and baptism not any church helped him overcome because they don’t talk about it. Sweep it hide it cover it up.

So what good is the church? To keep the lies going?

Must have something to do with the false covenants.


Abomination of Desolation Pt 2

When my little sister went to a church with her first husband after hearing a sermon he said to her You need to work on it, whatever it was the preacher sermonized about. He never thought he might need help himself because of pride. He had an affair early in their marriage when she had her first child (got caught late at night with a  women he eventually married after his divorce) and the moment something didn’t work out it was her fault. WIth the kids if they didn’t preform in basketball it was her fault. IF they got bad grades it was her fault. Not the school nor the kid but the wife. I think he did that to keep her down because he FUCKED UP.

CHURCHES NEED TO WORK ON THE MALES and now is a good opportunity since we now know that the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed and of course males don’t like that revelation since it puts the onus on them and the onus on their wives who are a brick shy as well who need some work too which I think comprises the church in a wholistic sense.

If self-righteousness is a sin

the church owns it.

(I think Congress is partly to blame and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave)

Berean Study Bible
And the winepress was trodden outside the city, and the blood that flowed from it rose as high as the bridles of the horses, for a distance of one thousand six hundred stadia.

Stadia – Wikipedia

The stadion (Greek: στάδιον; Latin: stadium), formerly also anglicized as stade, was an ancient Greek unit of length, based on the length of a typical sports …

Tongue and cheek kind of shit i hope it melts in your mouths. UR tongues.
I’m looking forward to it! And you know who I’m talking about.
Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. 

When an atheist is more truthful

than a person of faith

then faith is shit.

Please watch Christopher Hitchens exposes about Mother Teresa and the RCC (HOSPICE/MURDER./SUICIDE FOR MONEY AND ASSETS and REVENGE WHICH WAS HONED BY THE RCC) and if you don’t and aren’t willing to watch it and talk about it PUBLICALLY then


It takes truth to move a mountain not faith.

The worst offenders of women, GIRLS AND BOYS are the church males and their wives in my experience and as a witness to the things I have witnessed.

DNC’s new leader Shimon Perez and Bill Clinton combined. Sounds just like Bill Clinton and same plans. Wasn’t Shimon Perez latin as well? A reoccurring nightmare.


A clone nightmare.

This is why the Vatican has to be eliminated. Otherwise ….

Ain’t my problem but someone is gonna have to determine what is best to do unless you want to deal with hundreds of Hillary’s and Bills. Maybe millions. Obama’s carrot seeds? NO doubt about it HIllary is evil at least what I just saw and she needs to be sent into space and to the final frontier on a good ship headed for the sun

Rape the women and girls and reproduce shitheads!
Definitely unsustainable
to coin a phrase.

It’s Trump’s call.

Don’t know why Darrell Issa wants to investigate the Russian involvement when he he was trying to silence the Dems during the Benghazi hearings not because he cared about the Benghazi hearing but so they wouldn’t make a blunder especially Elijah Cummings. He probably had a meeting he had to attend with the Russians or a russian. I wonder why he was doing it but I certainly noticed. Either the Clinton 13 hour marathon or the one with Senator Kerry now Secretary of State, or Panetta, and so Spicer now wants the cell phones to find some leakers of leakers. It was those State Department cell phone passwords at Benghazi that tipped off the Benghazi terrorists and gave them their directives, wasn’t it? The fact is Russia cares about our elections as we care about other elections around the world. DUH. What the hell does it matter if Putin talked to someone in our government or not or tried to influence our elections. DID IT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE TO THE RESULTS OF THE ELECTION? The Dems think it did because they lost however if they had won it wouldn’t make a difference. It always makes a difference to Shepherd Smith when it comes to Russia. I guess it’s his tone of voice and his eyes get real big when discussing anything he discusts.

Can we move on and not waste tax payers money on stupid stuff cause I guarantee it won’t make a difference if there is an investigation per the Senate and House of Reps one way or the other but a fill in for CSPAN.

Have any of their Q and A’s made a difference since WaterGate?

Isn’t this what really matters to the Dems?:

Did the Russians Hack the Oscars?

I think there should be an investigation of why did Darrell Issa

tried to silence Elijah Cummings.

IS it because he thinks Elijah Cummings is an idiot? OR is it because he wanted to get back to work. WAS it because he had already used up his 5 minutes? What was the reason?

Philadelphia Jewish Cemetery Vandalized In Wave of Anti-Semitic Acts

What does election of Tom Perez mean for 2018 midterms? A BIG FUCKING HEADACHE is what it means and the unions are at war with America.

I think it means:

Hillary Clinton’s Black lists? Extreme paranoia by the left even a week after Trump was elected.

Unusual deaths which have been going on since the CLINTONS GOT IN OFFICE years ago.

I think it means McCarthyism.

Why were the Clintons allowed to meet with Putin, George Bush was allowed to meet with Putin, Obama was allowed to meet with Putin, and Trump isn’t allowed to meet with Putin.

Why did George Bush not hold Saudi Arabia responsible for 9-11? THE PRESS?

Because he was an artist? Hitler was an artist, but a very mixed up one.

Did he hold Florida responsible for training the terrorists to fly and send in troops to shock and awe them?

It was business decision, his business and a religious decision.

Granted Iraq’s leader was a nut and an evil one (and of the Bathe party (ACID) hence the bath picture by Bush) from the things I saw much like North Koreas leader and was a bully (but they all are over there they behead people like gays and artists, stone women to death for honors sake) but neither flew planes into NYC.

THE RICH SAUDIS DID and it was their citizens however he (Osama Bin Laden) was an operative of our government at some point in time probably for the Saudis!



Both were mocking the Seventh Day Adventists missing their prophecy date of some kind.

Has the RCC been correct about anything?

Both George Bush and Hillary Clinton are not for religious freedom. A lot of people died because of both of them.


and the Bushes were followers of Billy Graham, a shill for the RCC.

And as it turned out George Bush did hit a camel in the ass.

Obviously The shill was the problem and the church he shills for which is EVIL and the press that uphold it. THE WINEPRESS OF GOD who are drunk. It’s hard to understand why but some of the bible is sarcasm. This particular heading about the winepress is sarcasm.
DONALD Rumsfeld pours out word from his mouth by mistake.

Check out the woman in the back a secret service agent I assume or possibly works for the State Department but I have seen her around and I think I saw her dressed differently without the tie the size of Texas in Syria but she kind of freaks out at what he blurts out without them being warned. I was impressed by what he did which took courage.

In this clip he is upset and gives us some real news.

And plenty of people who write books about bull shit like occurred when JFK was assassinated will wish they had an ounce of courage.

I’m not a Seventh Day Adventist. I don’t know what they believe. I’m not religious per se, but I know the importance of the commandant that has to do with the Sabbath and the purpose of the commandment as I have tried to teach. I do know Walter Veith a former Roman Catholic and I guess an SDA has a lot of wisdom for those in the RCC about Islam and about the RCC. You ought to listen.

It ain’t gonna get better but worse because of their uneasy alliance which won’t last.

Then whatcha gonna do? Attack Syria?


Alex Jones asks David Gergen about Bohemian Grove Rituals

Why in the world was Gergen so upset?

actual Alex Jones footage of Bohemian Grove

Hacked Colin Powell Emails Reveal Bohemian Grove Info

The Bohemian Grove, the Vatican and the NWO-Revised

 I do not believe God is a jealous God. I think it was added to the commandments, Catholic editing, though it is in the bible but so is the mustard seed lie. George Bush is a nut. His brother is a nut. George Bush was a skull and bones member. IT’s a masonic group. THESE are grown men. It’s one thing to do it in college it’s another to do when you are grown up and in the Federal government under the influence of Billy Graham. Obama was a Senator at the time, wasn’t he, when 9-11 occurred? Kissinger groomed Obama and was why people took Obama somewhat seriously and Kissinger was hired by the Vatican to uplift it’s pedophilism reputation. (now the Vatican and the Jesuit Pope FranIS-IS  giving pedophile priests a leg up like Mr. Hardball Chris Matthews had a thrill up his leg for Obama)

So Kissinger was a lover of children, I take it?

Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

Pope quietly trims sanctions for pedophile priests

What is the difference between the Branch Davidians and the Vatican?

Want to defeat ISIS?

Destroy the Vatican for starters.

Then hit Mecca and Medina for seconders.

Blow em to kingdom come.

If you like to win wars, that is.

Otherwise you will lose probably for-forever.

The place I went to on a business trip was in New York to check out a building which was huge and ugly on a river which had been in the past a masonic lodge (empty and for sale) was in a catholic town in NY state. We toured it. I knew nothing about masons (only that it was secretive males club) except that my ex (then husband) had a friend who joined the masons and he looked eerily similar to the crooner my ex recorded often who owned a bunch of billboards. At the time my husband or near the time was doing sound effects for a book on tape about Colin Powell and the guy who paid for the trip (his former boss democrat and a drummer) and  who sold him the business which was heading south because of home studios) was going nuts, obviously because he thought it would be a great place for a studio. There was a Microwave tower above his business and both his parents died of brain cancer yet were never at the business. The studio had ghosts in it though I never saw them just heard about them cause I didn’t work there at night. The other place in New York was kind of scary and the people living in the area were kind of weird. Existing. It was a tasteless place. I was asked if I wanted to live there and put a studio in it and we declined. IT was like something from the movie The Shining. Made me not ever want to go to a bed and breakfast again. UNHAPPY PLACE. She was an alcoholic and owned a book store for kids in their back yard and he was a doctor who loved himself so much he had a painting of himself hung in the stairway with a trumpet in his hands or in his mouth (not sure) which was about ten foot tall oil painting. My sister had a painting painted of herself sitting in a peacock chair bamboo or wicker (wicker queens chair if you live in Hawaii) in San Antonio with her first child about the same size as the painting of the trumpet player she was in perspective and her first child wasn’t that she hung in her dining area and then in her entryway. One morning she didn’t make breakfast even though it was a bed and breakfast. Heard them arguing the night before though we did not listen. We didn’t pay for it so it wasn’t a big deal and I knew she was extremely unhappy having to live with her husband the doctor ego maniac with the trumpet. When we did get breakfast she served crumpets almost rock hard. I felt sorry for her. Best part of the trip was the great outdoors.

Here’s Johnny

Happy Birthday, George and Happy Birthday Hillary. They’re cousins.

And when they were come unto a place called Golgotha, that is to say,place of a skull,

And they bring him unto the place Golgotha, which is, being interpreted, The place of a skull.

If the protestors want to make a difference because some of them have real grievances but are shut out by a bunch of shits


Don’t buy Christmas presents or Easter. Stop feeding the monster!

I think it would make a huge difference. Buy from the little guy/gal/legal american and self employed as much as possible or used products, or second hand.

Forget the big companies or name companies and buy cheap as possible. Sit it out for a while like for a few years. Don’t go to movies unless it’s a matinee with a discount.etc don’t buy videos or music, etc. Don’t buy into college unless you have a direction and take those cheap jobs just to stay busy, pick fruit or whatever. Buy used or second hand stuff. Save for your talent and invest in yourselves without going to the bank for a loan. Apply for those agriculture jobs. See what happens. You don’t need a degree to get rich. Make your own wedding cakes go cheap cheap cheap. Don’t need limos for funerals. Under cut the under cutters because that is what the under cutters are doing to you. Barter as much as possible.


Politics are using politics so they don’t have to answer for their politics. It’s a two-headed game, two sides of the same coin until proven otherwise.

A month of Trump isn’t proof.

The people that deserve to be yelled at are the Congress, the governors, the mayors, and the press, otherwise ISSA and other republicans wouldn’t be trying to get a ridiculous investigation against Trump. They are trying to control Trump and halt his agenda for americans because they like the status quo and have a lot to hide.


If Mitch McConnell is against less funds to the State Department he deserves to lose his seat in the next election after what we have witnessed and their duplicity. As far as I can tell the State Department is defunct of any logic and against the interests of the USA.

King of the swamp.


 Jeremiah was a bullfrog

When my daughter was overdosed with pain medication at the hospital the nurse who did it looked like a female Mitch McConnell. I tried to get her to get a doctor and the nurse just stood there like a bump on a log. Luckily everything turned out okay. Since then he has lost weight and had some surgery on his neck. Liposuction.


I hope it’s true about the widow of the US Navy Seal who died in Yemen and that his death wasn’t pointless.

How many seals are in Revelation? There are seven. Whether the US NAVY SEAL who died in Yemen is one of them remains to be seen but I sure wouldn’t push it if I were John McCain, Obama, Clinton, or anyone else unless you want to and then 


if you think you can stand!

A lot of controversy about the seal team 6

as there was and is about the Six Day War

 as there is about Kellyanne Conway sitting on a couch.

A salem witch hunt going on in Washington DC.

RNC misquotes Abraham Lincoln, sparking Twitter frenzy

“Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”

Who said it, O’REILLY? The quote doesn’t make sense anyway since we are kind of at war. Psychological war (which is also terrorism), physical war in all kinds of ways here such as hospice (a SNEAKY form of terrorism no one wants to admit or talk about and a GREAT SIN) and abroad, and a MENTAL WAR of ideals (propaganda) and INVENTIONS (lies) and so far no one is winning.

Speaking of sneaky some really good posts IMO

Prophecies of the Betrayal of the Son of Man

A Desert Place (a Different View)

Mary’s Spikenard and Luke’s Parable – Revised

And many more posts you might enjoy linked on Merangue’s Blog such as

The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren

How is it That Ye Do Not Understand?

 As far as Trump forging new friendships and alliances a guy on Fox said he wants to know his strategy but if he told him the strategy it wouldn’t be strategically sound to do so. Meaning he isn’t gonna tell you.

Now its the Shintu Buddhists that started World War ll was it?

And the NWO with teeth had nothing to do with it?


Hitler had nothing to do with it.


Christianity without the Ten Commandments of course of course


So the Taliban did us a favor when they were in Afghanistan pulling down the Buddas and shooting a girl in the head for going to school and accommodating Al Qaeda?

The Jesuits got caught in their boondoggle with Oliver North World War 11 documentary and the Jesuit was

“shagged with his own petard,”

and for some reason a day or three later Fox is trying to tell us the Jesuits had nothing to do with it. CHECK IT OUT:

The Jesuit Oath Exposed

and they are very LOYOLA!

Nancy Pelosi Made Rare Visit to Tibet, China Says

As far as the cousinry of Hillary Clinton and George Bush who said they were cousins  has to do with oaths of the Skull and Bones and the Jesuits and their relationship which is very OD all influenced by Billy Graham a shill for the RCC.

Billy Graham did not help us in WWll and we won. I don’t think Franklin Graham will be helpful either since I think he and his family are the teeth. She is married to a dentist I think and I think really screwed up my older sister. North Carolina women’s bible retreats etc etc etc. MEAN SPIRITED AND AGAINST TRUTH. LOVEs SUBJUGATION OF OTHER WOMEN and I think responsible in some ways for the Hospice solution. Mother Teresa sure took on some of Billy Graham’s mannerisms if you watch closely.



Masons have oaths as well but I bet they still don’t accept the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed.

Some point my older sister insisted I read a card from her daughter ( the Jacuzzi kid) which referenced a visitation but not the word she used of the devil in their home and definitely around the time my sister was hanging out with the english lady across the street (in fact I think she was there when i read the card) and her bible retreats or retreats for women’s in North Carolina. I thought she was trying to say I was the devil because of the hoopla about Gary and stuff at the office. A dig of some kind which was not that unusual though not from their daughter. Then later my younger sister called me Satan and the Devil in e-mails regarding my mom and when I decided to send some zingers (as my sister put it) to family because of the threat I felt was occurring to my mom via my younger sister and her strange e-mails about my mom and threats to me about my mom. (If you aren’t nice to me I won’t send pictures etc. kind of shit and sounded kind of insane when she had sent a picture of my mom saying her eyes were open now and her eyes were closed in the picture etc. Maniacal kind of inferences. My little sister at some point in order to be thin took her son’s ritalin from time to time and drank booze mostly beer and wine often and excessively since her college days (but years earlier on the ritalin) I don’t know if she was doing ritalin then or not or whether she was being harassed by her second husband and my older sister and her husband or over burdened by  the demands she put on herself and losing it to prove something or whether she was being pressured by her second husband (but he (her second husband) was I was told by my eldest sister at the hospital when my mom died and said my little sister was beside herself during the phone call about the death of my mom.) to hospice my mom when I heard from her in whispers on the phone. My brother, my eldest sister, and I said no to her hope of hospicing (she said it was free) at her home. She never sent the tape she promised to send when my mom said some interesting things during a visit with the daughters and it was at my little sister’s suggestion. THe things she said hinted that she knew and others did too what I was doing yet she was in a retirement center. Both my sisters were involved with the BGEA my younger sister early on as a teenager not like going to retreats but it was how she was christianized and my older later in her life. At first it sounded like a great idea for my little sister to have my mom live with her until I found out it would not include doctors care and it was like pulling teeth to find out what she was suggesting.  I tried to tell her you can hire doctors freelance to visit and she wasn’t interested. And then about 3-6months or so my older sister did it without consent from me. The fact she had to whisper about it made me suspicious and her reference to the $35,000 in her savings account as if that made it legal or right or moral. Where it came from is a mystery to me.

NWO’s never win but only serve to remind us the RCC IS SCREWED because it believes in FASCISM a VERY SUPERSTITIOUS offshoot of the Vatican’s beliefs and where did Hitler end up in an underground bunker committing suicide with his new wife.

He didn’t want to face the music.

We won WWll because of the Ten Commandments

We haven’t won a war since.


I used comparisons to the gospels of the same events in many of my posts about the gospels and it helped a lot but could not have done it without the computer. I could have but it would have been extremely difficult.

It keeps changing.

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-5-57-20-pmSee the guy on the right? I rented a house from him in Mesquite Texas and took a job at his hardware store and he accused me of stealing some stupid decoration which I didn’t. HE had us over for dinner one night with his wife with jet black hair and we drank and ate at about 3 am a steak as thick as Texas. NOw whether this picture is a compilation or not is possible but it shows Billy Graham is a terrorist. PSYCHO kind of terrorist. A very JEALOUS asshole.

Check out these pic’s and the nose knows:

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 6.01.45 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-01 at 6.01.32 PM.png

I guess he grew some ver small boobs when he became Mother Teresa a very evil influence in our society in the RCC. He was involved in the assassination of JFK and his son and family.

HE IS EVIL.Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 4.29.16 PM.png

Rudolph Buttman on the right seems to be related.

Why did Jesus ride into Jerusalem

on a colt of a male ass?


all of his shapeshifitng seems to have affected his looks drastically.

Dorian Gray syndrome

and has turned into a Hummel figurine of Mother Teresa.

Christopher Hitchens – Mother Teresa: Hell’s Angel

Mommie Dearest

The pope beatifies Mother Teresa, a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 6.17.35 PM.png

My last post which includes some interesting stuff about the things Mother Teresa said and much more. Her legacy is terrorism in the disguise of a nurse making the nursing field a joke and nurses should be upset about it.

Remember When Nancy Pelosi expounded (babbled) on the Word?

Nancy Pelosi’s Favorite Word

Of course, I have no idea how she got into this conversation to begin with but it is dated on the video as May 6th 2010 but not necessarily the true date of her word conversation.

The Tsunami in the Indian Ocean is reported as occurring on Dec 26th but as I recall it was before the 25th since the blizzard up north occurred before Christmas at the same time as the tsunami. My sister was in the Caribbean at the time probably depositing some money (out of town) and i was on my way up north before Christmas to celebrate Christmas but the tornado was on the 26th of December in Texas in the year 2015. It is confusing to say the lead looking back but it was the same year I almost died the first time with a peritoneal access caused by somethings and septic poisoning for 14 days (I recall) the sickest person in ICU at Parkland (I was told). The internet reports that the tsunami in japan was in 2011. So there is some weather coverup but that makes sense since some of the weather anomalies are man-made disasters caused by HAARP and some are not. Remember those dead red crabs all over the beaches on the California coast immigrating from Mexico and the high radiation readings taken after the Japanese tsunami which caused a nuclear meltdown at Fukushima. Something to do with plankton (something like it anyway) which I have read provide the world with a third of the oxygen we breathe so the red crabs were killed via deoxygenation and the crabs searched north for oxygenated plankton and Fukushima is still not done. Then all those starfish that died on the coast because of nerve damage. They only have one nerve that operates their mouths and the starfish could not eat which happened after Fukushima. Which might account for the rise in breathing related illnesses like asthma, copd etc. Bashar Assad’s wife is called Asthma. Isn’t she? Anyway all having to do with the Healthcare business debacle we are dealing with in our country since Obama came up with Obama Care as a coverup for a lot of bad stuff our government has hidden from the people in a multitude of ways and means. Some have caused the third of the water beneath in the earth to be poisoned and causing food chain poisoning but the ocean is quite adept at cleaning itself. It is amazing to see what a piece of glass looks like after a few days of being tossed about in the ocean. We should not eat tuna everyday in fact not more than twice a week especially if you are pregnant because it likes to eat/soak up mercury and i would imagine it’s a good idea to steer clear of tuna and eat less than the recommended amount for a while and until Fukushima is cleaned up. I wonder if Zika virus has anything to do with the food chain debacle. They say it’s an insect that causes the virus but might be the fish. Remember when a bunch of fish washed up on some of the coasts of South America at different times? (Then something occurred having to do with the amount of phosphates being legislated by our government which made our dishes dirty. Like a domino effect.) However, I think the tsetse fly is the reason for ebola but no one wants to admit it. Watching the cleanup of dead people that died of ebola with people – Natives not wearing hazmat suits dealing with the bodies didn’t help while being instructed by those who were wearing hazmat suits. Remember the woman in the pictures. I do. Looked eerily like a woman who met the pope at the G8 meeting in Aquilla Italy and a few others I have seen on tv lately. The world is in a mess and I think the Roman Cathollc Church is the reason for the mess since it is dealt with severely in Revelations.

My brother used to eat tuna by the loaf full when on his construction job when he was younger. A loaf of tuna sandwiches which if there are 24 slices is abut 12 sandwiches which he made with Worcestershire sauce, ketchup and I think A-one sauce. Pretty good tasting sandwiches which he invented. LOL.

The important thing I have learned from the press recently is Angela Merkel is now pronounced Angula Merkel or like angle with an ah sound at the end.

I don’t

know why but it is important at least to them

every chance they get to say her name. It is a bit revolting and tedious but the best they can do is teach how to pronounce the German Chancellors name in a different way. I suppose angina doesn’t have a j sound where the g is located in the word angina henceforth because of the Chancellor of Germany? Had she changed or something since we used to call her Angela. Next she might be referred to as Anglais Merquelle pronounced angle long a plural z sound etc.

Ungard or is it En Garde?

Well the format of the program Word changed around the time (2011? or thenabouts) when she had her conniption fit about “the Word” often referring to the bible but since earlier biblical times and in our generation the Word is a program for computers and the earlier version is quite different than the later version of Word and the earlier format doesn’t work with the new format especially in regards to contractions putting space between the possessive aspect of the word contracted. I wonder if it’s a sign (unbeknownst to her of course) of some important date or timing and maybe having to do with Mother Teresa who was sainted by Nancy Pelosi’s alma mater the RCC and even having to do with Revelations and it’s timing. Ponder that possibility! I do know the Word has been problem for the RCC since most who follow the RCC don’t read the Word i.e. the Bible. I also heard today that the format problem between the two formats of the Word (computer program) is a common problem and not only with possessive contractions but the negative contractions. The programs differences shows up as extra space between the two words that are negated by the negative contraction. Makes me think of the linear aspect of time and the non-linear possibility of time using space. When people travel in space there is a difference between time from where they came from and where they go as we have seen on some SCI-FI shows. I always thought this was an interesting concept when you look upon a star it might not actually be there and you are looking instead at the light of star in the past having to do with the speed of light, distance, time, and space. Since the tsunami in the Indian Ocean a while back that altered the Earth’s axis (which is mind boggling to comprehend and I believe not only physically but politically and possibly religiously as well) but may have been around the same time as the DRAMATIC format change of the Word. IN WWll (World War Two) there were political alliances that developed called the Axis Powers.

(Word versions aren’t compatible to each other and you would think great minds could overcome the compatibility problems when they design these programs to make a smooth transition from one version to a newer version (MICROSOFT) and for those who refer to older documents in newer versions of Word but I guess those minds aren’t so great as some would like us to believe. Perhaps the same thing happened to the biblical word.)

Kind of really interesting to imagine and not that outrageous to accept/except/expect/aspect the BIG difference between the two meanings or outcomes.

Not to mention but I always do…usually do…what Jesus said at the Saw of Gallilee to Peter and i compare it to a believer in God and a scientist named Galileo who was quite famous for his contributions to science and mankind and I think probably was given help by God as well to have done the things he did in his lifetime unlike our system of government which isn’t for the people, it seems and I have to question their platitudes towards God though had the opportunity except for the parts of government restraining them from doing good.

Abortion was a lousy excuse for Mother Teresa’s and the RCC’s remedies and others colluding and I don’t think it flies with God not ever will (in his face as a matter of fact) and may be the reason for what is gonna occur to the RCC written about in Revelation. Cause and effect/affect.

My dad and mom never threw my abortion in my face but I believe he did say

I’m in good company. That is why I love them so much and trust them as well and I believe the reason for the commandment that says to honor your mom and dad because they desire it and deserve it. The RCC doesn’t care about it’s people. Why should they care when they don’t even wed or have kids etc. Obviously my ex didn’t care about his own mom and his brothers went along with the catholic solution because either they were brain washed or lost some of their marbles along the way.

There is a better was and history proves the RCC doesn’t know 

the way, the truth, and the life.

Anyway Nancy refers to “the word becoming flesh and dwelt amongst us” etc and sounded really quite like a preacher of some kind (not sure but I think it’s a catholic kind) but which came first – the word i.e. the gospels or Jesus? Serious question, don’t you think?  Jesus in the gospel of John said everyone that come before him is a liar and a thief. I think he was talking about the gospels before the gospel of John. One of the gospels says he said he was gonna fulfill the law (every jot and tittle) not the gospels. However the bible keeps changing especially on the internet these days so I think it’s probably is a good idea not to change it the wrong way. Might backfire, but might not really have any value in the ultimate outcome. I wonder which one is his preference. Rick Warren’s bible?

Another good question in regards to which came first:

Jesus washing the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper or Mary, sister of Martha

(and sister of Lazarus whom he raised after 4 days

(and I don’t think he meant 4000 years as Peter and many Catholics like to refer to a crystal bullish prophecy: a thousand years is a day as a day is a 1000 years to alleviate the worry Roman clergy should incorporate into their religious determinations.)

washing his feet?

Since writing this stuff above and under mother Teresa’s ugly face my ex attacked me via his daughter and told me not to get mad at her after she promised something to me for Mother’s day, blew it off a bunch with some lousy excuses, and I actually spent money on her for Mother’s day but I have the right if I want to but she made promises and is not coming through very nicely and cussed me out in front of her friend and I kicked her out of my art room by telling her to get lost all because I have been haranguing her though not harshly about it because I want her to care. She complained to her dad who said I shouldn’t be mad at her. That was maddening to say the least. He would have an employee fired for giving a Chocolate Sunday instead of a Fudge Sunday at Mcdonalds and yet I’m supposed to not get mad at my daughter whom he taught to call me a cunt in the past.  I did correct her a few times. He said he actually did get someone fired at McDonalds but I don’t know what he is talking about nor do I really care what he is talking about because he is inane. Anyway I told him I can get mad if I want to get mad. My daughter is young and been through a bunch including being called a whore at school and ending up in the ER because of the harassment when she had only kissed a boy at church. Obviously it is the church that bullied her at school. Divorce also affected her as well especially since he would not correct her when she called me a cunt. It is the church that is harassing me via my Catholic ex who thinks it’s okay to starve his mom to death the Catholic way…HOSPICE and then he has the nerve to call me evil. Jesus said “Feed my sheep.” He meant it, but I think possibly she wasn’t a sheep but a wolf in sheep’s clothing at least in her son’s eyes and obviously he is a mean mother fucking wolf for having starved his mom to death and then lie about it Like I hear Sen. McCain is the same from an article i read and I believe it:

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 11.42.25 PM

Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.
And the rest probably the same. Looks like it. This guy funded the Muslim Brotherhood which has caused a great deal of harm in many countries. Not only that while at the Benghazi hearings he was on his cell phone playing a video game. Tax dollars paying for his nonsense. He should be fired and he should have to pay back the citizens of the USA his salaries from the past and present, loose all his assets, his home, his family, his friends, and should have to be investigated for fraud.

My ex asked me once “why do I care?” Truthfully, I was not a fan of my mother-in-law but I did show her respect in her lifetime when I was in her home or she in mine, etc, even bought her a book written by Pope John Paul for a gift because it was her religion and because at the time I wasn’t quite up to snuff about the Catholic church and their agenda, but what she did if she was in on it affects other people and generations to come. However I am not convinced she wanted to be starved but am convinced she did not want to experience the pain of a tube stuck up her nose and down her esophagus to feed her. I know what it feels like and I was not willing to go through it and had to be anesthetized in order for a tube to be rammed up in my nose and down my esophagus in order to have a life saving operation. The nurse sprayed it on the inside to deaden it but it didn’t work. I have a big nose. LOL and some obstruction more than likely since I’m not perfect. She was not exactly a gentle nurse either but was in a hurry to get her job done which was to get the tube up my nose and down the esophagus in order to have the operation. Probably just in case I vomited so I would not aspirate as well and time was a factor unlike the case of my mother-in-law who it took 5 to 7 days to kill by Hospice and starvation. She could not talk at the time. But the excuse was made that she had said in the past she did not want to rot away in an old folks home like the one she worked for, was paid by as a bookkeeper, and obviously didn’t make waves about the treatment of the elderly and the infirmed. It was probably a catholic business. I don’t know. Perhaps funded by the Church of Rome (via US taxes funneled to support her and mistreat their patients after all she was to become a proponent of Mother Teresa’s Hospice solution.) I saw her about ten years or so later at the same hospital I had my life saving operation after she had died and she didn’t look so good. In fact what I saw was the link before the missing link. That is what she looked like and acted like as well. I don’t know why I was allowed to witness it, but I was. She was guarding me in the hallway because I answered truthfully to someone at the hospital that I had thought about suicide in my lifetime. I write about it obviously I think about it. Who hasn’t thought about it? You would too if you had to exist with the ex I learned about after he showed his true character which was null and void of anything righteousness and I knew I was on the right path when he told me he thought our marriage was about burying each other with is not the same as marrying each other at least not to me. Not even his anger is righteous. It’s ridiculous. I knew who she was even though she had changed and by what she said and she tried to take credit about warning someone before an alarm went off on a doorway when a woman opened the door which she did AFTER it went off to the person she related her story to and not the person who set off the alarm. SOoooo Catholic. Sort of I told you crap. She was trying to take credit for what my mom did which was spiritually gave some signs, big ones. My mother-in-law did not give me a sign spiritually, she was the sign. A very bad representation of righteousness. Attempting to reap where she did not sow which is sooooo Catholic just like Jesus of the Gospel of Luke an austere ass-hole who is not Jesus but a fraud obviously because reaping where one does not sow is stealing. She talked about a marriage of 30 something years etc and was talking about me who divorced her son righteously but she didn’t realize it. The nurse she related her story to rolled her eyes. LOL. She knew she was a fake and was lying. She knew what type personality say I told you so crap to get attention and it was as inane as her son is. I got the treatment I came to get without my ex’s knowledge because I was wary I wouldn’t get it if he knew, ie I did it on the sly. I had to be interviewed by 4 people in a room which could have been done with one and they were taking notes about my problems but it was their thing in order to be served what I desired at the time. Reminded me of a Texas aggie joke. How many aggies does it take to screw in a light bulb? When I got home the hospital called to see if I made it home after doping me up on a heavy duty opioid in order to receive the medication I needed. I lived about an hour away mileage wise and I managed to get home after a long drive through heavy traffic because I was aware and careful.  I noticed while I was detained a woman in shock. Looked like she was from India. Catatonic is what she was. Pretty sad. I noticed other well-known people as well and I think they are aware as well, hopefully.

 The ex knows it was painful to have a tube rammed up my nose because he was there at the time and witnessed it so probably knew someone who could not talk might not like having a tube rammed up their nose enough to motion a no signal.

I do know that her first born was the executor of her estate and he died before she died and during the Obama Administration. I got a phone call from the second son who couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t able to get information about his mom at the hospital the first time she was in the hospital and I said probably because he wasn’t the executor of her estate. There was about a short time of a few months between then and when her first born died and then she died. Both were honored by the military as if that made it okay. He served in Guam. LOL. She was a WAC and how she met her husband and then quit. Sort of zigzag of death. The life span in the USA has diminished and it will diminish more with the Catholic agenda that is being promulgated by her and her sonS regardless of who was the executor after her first son died. She was catholic and so her being catholic didn’t save her, did it?, from her own son and he bought a car for his daughter with the money he received from her fortune and was able to buy 2 new computers as well which he offered one to me (I guess he was gonna get a third) and I declined because it was blood money as far as I was concerned but took his used one that he offered way before he pulled his shenanigans on his mom and my daughter and me. I have no idea what the other brothers obtained from her estate but in my opinion it is a temptation that should not be allowed to be used for the Nazi solution of Hospice care to entice and I heard from my sister either Medicare or Medicaid offered the Hospice service free. I wonder if anyone is collecting her social security despite her death. It would not be something I would discount especially since Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security seems to have increased via Congress instead of diminished because of the death toll and because of what I have seen our Federal government do in the last ten years. Maybe the State of Michigan took over as her executor and Mike Rogers was the Representative up there who had clout.

“Rogers was born in Livingston County, Michigan, the son of Joyce A. and John C. Rogers.[1] He graduated from Adrian CollegeAdrian, Michigan in 1985, from which he earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology, and served in the United States Army from 1985 to 1989. He worked as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in its Chicago office, specializing in organized crime and public corruption, 1989–1994. He is a member of the Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In 2017, Mike Rogers was interviewed be the new director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, after James Comey was dismissed.[2] “

He was one of the first people I noticed who acted possessed
when I started writing my blogs. I could see it in his eyes.

 My ex was trying to gain favor with my daughter bribe her love and allegiance as he lied about me to her about some important things to make her call me a cunt in the first place. He twisted a bunch his version of things to cause trouble between me and her and believe me it is hard enough to raise a teen without that kind of crap. Stuff he should not have told her since it was mutual consent whiner the molestation of me awakening me in my sleep (sleeping next to his wife while he was supposed to be in another room) and the harassment was not. His mom didn’t have daughters and I can see why. She had foster daughters for a short while (6 months?) but couldn’t handle it because her sons tried to take advantage of them by getting them to do their chores and she intervened but I heard they were not around very long but came from a family of 16 or more kids. Like the priests that abuse children in the church the RCC just passes them around to another parish to do it again to other children and the same for catholic foster kids.  She wasn’t fit to raise a daughter unlike my mom. His mom was obviously partial to males. Everything was the fault of the wife when a divorce occurred in their family which occurred 4-5 times between two of the sons. It’s easy to raise sons and have them turn into assholes. Anyone can raise an ass such as the RCC asses. It’s their talent and that is why the RCC has to end and will soon and I will hee-haw when it does end along with her son. Hopefully I will do it gracefully when it occurs and with satisfaction at the same time.

When WWll ended our country cheered about it,

but it wasn’t without it’s immense sadness, too.

Mass murder being the impetus for WWll and war always brings death.

I will not relent in my pursuit of happiness and search for truth biblically nor will I relent in my pursuit of the end of the RCC and it’s madness and I WILL RAISE MY DAUGHTERS to be as much like my parents as possible who raised me and may include some cussing sometimes because while I wish I was more like my mom in the way she didn’t cuss but once that I know of when she said “shit” but I tend to be more like my dad and I am proud of him and so was she even though he cussed when things got seriously maddening. DID the Ten Commandments say “Thous Shalt Not Cuss”? NO but the Ten Commandments said Honor thy mother and father. I think starving one’s mom to death doesn’t quite measure up.  I wonder what Nancy Pelosi would think?  Do you think it measures up? Believe me if you find yourself in a fox hole on the front line of any battle of a war you will learn to cuss if the battle matters and if you treasure your life and the lives of those you love. IN fact you might even invent new cuss words. Her fifth son is a pussy.

It’s true, it’s true. >>>>>Richard Burton sings Camelot 1978

Today, the ex told me that Islam actually teaches 78 virgins

(and he also mention 73 as well but how would he know? Yet he doesn’t know the ten commandments nor believes them to be of any consequence nor does he even read his bible. He doesn’t even believe Jesus who said Feed My Sheep. It’s like one of the most recognizable discourses in the whole bible. Amazing!)

are rewarded vs what I had heard was 100 virgins for committing murder suicide for Islam (and for the RCC).

He happens to be a virgo. LOL

I graduated in 73 and i was married in 78 and Richard Burton sang the song above in 78 and he also starred in the movie The Red Robe as I recall. Weird. I think it was a red robe but the movie was called “The Robe” and he looks like my dad sometimes. 

They said therefore among themselves, Let us not rend it, but cast lots for it, whose it shall be: that the scripture might be fulfilled, which saith, They parted my raiment among them, and for my vesture they did cast lots. These things therefore the soldiers did.

I have learned to cuss and I am not ashamed. I would rather cuss than oblige the RCC any old day. I don’t hate my catholic friends in the past who were raised as such in fact I loved a few of them very much but the ones who don’t give a shit about what their religious clergy including the pope does to families (parents and their kids) and to the church often using the mob and some false INTEL, assassinating leaders and religious clergy all over the world, to the jews and to the christians, to the elderly, and populations as a whole, and to the world and it would be wise to start caring what the RCC has done unless you like ashes to ashes dust to dust on your own head. It is not far off!

Example: The lengths Jesse Watters of (Watters World) will go to oblige the RCC is amazing and this is the problem with the RCC and it’s fellowship. “It’s not a war of Islam and Christianity …. blah blah blah” Jesse said after showing his contribution to mankind: himself interviewing women on the beach about history they were not taught.

Paul said in

1 Corinthians 3:5-7

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 7.54.24 AM

 1Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man? I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.7 So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase. 

Take heed of Zechariah 11:17

In other words you are considered IN THE FUTURE TO BE nothing. Perhaps you don’t get TO BE raised for your contribution which if you were honest is not rocket science. You ain’t no Galileo!

Apollo | Isis | Mithras | Aryan Baptistry | Sun God

Dark Ages

Apollonius is written about as anti-christian. I don’t know the value of the assessment but when Saul who changed his name to Paul says in one of his diatribes you can have it all etc it is disconcerting because it’s not true in the end and then gets off on finding people with gaul (not gaul stones.) or guile? Gaul is a place in France. isn’t it? DeGaulle etc.  You have to wonder what happened to Saul/Paul during his conversion on his way to Damascus (The Burdensome Stone of the Old Testament) when he saw a flash of light which could have been something else like a stroke or getting hit over the head, or eating a drug he didn’t know was a drug or drinking too much etc as he hunted christians to quell and to kill them and described his conversion in many different ways that don’t harmonize however he was trying to trick Chrisitans which has been written about by many other people and then he changed his name to Paul and tried to convert people to what? Appolonius..Isis…Roman Catholicism…. Islam? He had quite a bit of money to travel to do his business and I don’t think it was on the up and up. He was funded like the Muslim Brotherhood was funded. I think he infiltrated the church to dissuade them from the truth and was paid a lot like Jesse Watters. He didn’t have a limo but he got around. I would beware if I were you and instead of showing the innocent ignorance of those who were not taught about history..I was one of them too hanging on the beach and could not have answered many of your questions when I was young because the schools failed the kids. Why ? Because the schools are unionized and teachers are not accountable except for a stupid test they spend a semester or two preparing the kids for to keep themselves employed.

Eventually kids grow up and realty hits them in the face and then interest abounds however a good teacher can do it ahead of reality but it would be nice if we didn’t get off on the ignorance of others. Instead try to teach them…feed them if you can and ask some legitimate questions like: “Do you think the Pope of the RCC should have sainted Mother Teresa and ask them to elaborate and ask them why and then steer them to Christopher Hitchens site to learn a bit about it so they might have a chance to save a family member or a loved one even a catholic like my mother-in-law. You could do a great service to those kids and their families if you tried using your fame and your influence to warn them ahead of time and not after it’s too late like my mother-in-law. Don’t you think? Grand parents and great grandparents are very meaningful and valuable to the young and have a plethora of experience and probably a better idea of history personally having had to live it than O’reilly who I believe if he really wanted to teach should have instead of becoming what he became: a Fox wolf.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 3.23.39 PM

While I believe experience is a great teacher it would be good to warn your fellow catholic and perhaps they might disavow the RCC and it might be a great opportunity to have an affect/effect on the future of the world that makes a difference. It’s up to you. I know some catholics have done some retrospect of their religion and been helpful to me from their insight having been raised in the RCC and criticized it for it’s lies and theft, murder and mayhem but you ought to try as well. Isn’t it your duty as a parent to try since I know you know about my sites and others and seem to stay clear of any criticism of your religion. Ridiculing americans isn’t helpful but I guess it depends on who pays you. I guarantee if you don’t try you will be disappointed and immensely hurt for your children when you eventually learn to love them and lose them. Why don’t you ridicule the pope? He might appreciate it LOL. I think you are like my ex : a pussy. I don’t mean to demean females using the word pussy but I use it in the pejorative sense of a man shirking his duty. I don’t like Jesse Watters who demeans the young ladies on the beach and undervalues them and so imo he fits “the Pelosi version of the word.” Don’t read it just sign it into law blah blah blah. Now look what we are up against. A bunch of idiots who don’t know how to repeal it and keep a promise they proffered to get elected lying to their constituents and causing probably their own demise in the end for a vote. Like the cell phone bribe Obama used to get votes. Now look at his golfing buddy, Tiger Woods. I’m sure Obama had a lot to do with his dysfunctions. Remember Time magazine the picture of Obama and Tiger Woods golfing together? The guy was a master at his talent because of his dad…not because of Obama. What makes you think you won’t be next? I remember JFK said something about being eaten by the tiger. But to be honest it doesn’t look exactly ike Tiger Woods. His nose has more of a definite bulb on the end his mustache is different his crease between the bulb of his nose to the side of his month is more curved to the outside (I forgot what you call it) to the end of his eye where as the guy on the right the crease of his mandible is straighter. Course he is older and may have gained some weight and looks angry on the right and more saner on the left not sure what the expression is but looks like a bit of disdain on the left and possibly daydreaming. a bit.

During his arrest, Tiger Woods was asked to do the ‘Romberg Alphabet’ — a test that has a lot of public misconception



I don’t know how but Obama is trying to eat the tiger.

Perhaps it’s a sign of some kind of area biblically speaking and Tiger Woods is a tool to show it. In any case, he isn’t dead yet and should honor his parents and keep trying because they loved him and vice versa. We all make mistakes which is part of the experience we can learn from if we want to honor our parents as is commanded by God in the Ten Commandments. I know my parents have helped me even after they died.

Tigris–Euphrates river system

I had heard a long time ago water was gonna play a part in the future like when the Euphrates dried up to make a way for the Kings of the East. Part of the Euphrates dried up in certain areas in Africa around the pope-ship period of Benedict XVl. Water has been used against people in the past biblical history. Cutting off someones water supply can be devastating. I think it happened in Alexandria, Egypt either for the Alexandrians against some country or against Alexandria by some country. I bet it had to do with Israel. The above article shows the importance of the water system. But what does it mean?..I don’t know. I read about it in one of the works by Josephus…Flavius Josephus who was born Joseph ben (son of) Matityahu (Matthew) and became a Roman Jewish Scholar historian and biographer to a father of priestly descent born in Jerusalem who defected to the Roman side and granted Roman Citizenship and was adopted by the Flaviuses and became a writer and propagandist for Rome and also hired by the Flaviuses who was a leader at the time during some period of the years of 37-100 around the time of Jesus. If you compare some of his prose to the bible it gets kind of interesting how the two intertwine and eventually he kind of gets weird and weirder almost as if he goes crazy or gets possessed: I have written some stuff from his writings and come to some comparison points of interest. Others have written about him as well comparing some things to the bible. Matthew, of course, was a tax collector wasn’t he, and is the first gospel in the bible? There are plenty of sites with his view of history or current events.


Did Jesse Watters offer his testimony for Andrea Tantaros? or for her brother? Or was it mete to put O’reilly in a faux retirement for the church of Rome so as not to give credence to the accusations? What will become of your daughters when

THAT time comes? 

(I have a feeling Jesse, you took a bad vow with the devil for your former boss who was a Jesuit. You can disavow the vow you made but probably will take it’s toll, might have to lose your job but maybe not, but in the end it will be worth it, if you don’t ….it won’t be. It is possible you might gain many friends and family and not lose your own soul if you do and possibly gain a ton of fans for Fox news if you disavow the RCC and the Jesuits. You could if you had guts start your own company and news programming with the truth instead of BS as much a possible anyway. Do your daughters matter or not? Or are you already devoid of reason to not know the difference, nor care. then count yourself as good as a Nazi which isn’t good or even on a par with the al Quada, the Taliban, and basically a radical Islamic fascist who kills the spirit and the soul of his followers and starving them of the truth for his own NECK and COLLAR!~)

What will you retort when God says “I never knew you.”

Guess what… THIS IS A WAR.


We can live without the RCC’s moral compass, and Jesse’s!

The world will benefit when the RCC does end.

I love Hannity though he is a bit deceived quite a bit actually (we all are deceived. It’s hard not to be deceived since we are in the times called the Great Deception) and he was recently aired saying he has done numerous interviews of Assange (on radio and on tv) but I only saw a part of one for a few minutes. Said he was not a conspiratorialist (spelling may be a problem here) in other words a loony toons like some like to pin on people like Alex Jones who has done some good work. Not everything is sterling but he has uncovered some shit in our government and about the press and the Bohemian Grove and I appreciate what he uncovered and he also confronted David Gergen who seemed quite taken back and in fear of being outed for having been entertained at the Bohemian Grove. Now if Fox would do what Alex Jones does we might have a chance in our country of getting to some truth about what our representatives are up to behind the scenes and I bet David Gergen probably thinks of Alex Jones as a traitor as many do eric Snowden and Julius Assange (I think that’s his first name LOL nope it’s Julian Assange) who was accused of some sex crime but that might have been in response to his duty (a preemptive attack on his character to discount his witness and success to expose some important things) however I don’t and haven’t really investigated his information and have done my best to organize or show what it is I see and witness and my family was also preemptively attached and deserved a response which is likely what Julian Assange has done and I don’t have time to check out both Eric Snowden and Julian Assange and their information but both have had to go into hiding in a way and not living the way they would like (nor am I) to perform their duty and you have to respect their attempt to help mankind and they have helped to clue in some americans to the crap behind the scenes that americans need to be aware of one they are being watched,,, and two unfairly judged and attacked… three, Obama protected the mosques from the same as if tying americans hands behind their backs for the religion of Islam and hence for Roman Catholicism and their political correctness. They are working together and against each other


what is the deal with George Soros?

He seems to be the blame for everything gone wrong in the Catholic/Evangelical world. I have not read much about him nor heard much about him and I especially didn’t believe he funded a riot when the people who were rioting were asked by the press quite loudly if George Soros hired them (why in the world would the press ask if George Soros hired them? Who or what cued them to ask? They didn’t ask when it came to the Black Lives Matter riots if George Soros hired them do it seemed as if it was a ploy and a ruse.) Kind of like watching Sheppard Smith in Ukraine in regards to the Russian invasion or Jack Ready looking at the book depository during the JFK assassination. Very similar. A bit over the top hoping to stir things up and point in the other direction type deception and it was kind of strange that he was able to get so close to those evil and dangerous Russian tanks without any obstruction or intimidation of Sheppard Smith that you would think would have occurred if it were an invasion by the Russians.) and they said yes on camera when asked if George Soros hired them and I thought I doubt this BS since if they were hired by George Soros I’m sure they would not admit it if they took the job and I doubt they would get paid if they were hired by him. My ex has read about him a bunch and seems to blame George Soros for everything but my ex starved his mom to death so why should I put much stock into what he says about George Soros and if Hannity is blaming stuff on George Soros why doesn’t he interview Goerge Soros and get to the nitty-gritty like he was able to do with Julian Assange. I’m sure George Soros wouldn’t mind;) By the way yes you are a conspiratorialist when it comes to George Soros (and I know there are other examples as well) but I think it has more to do with your religion and his religion and his wealth than it has to do with his politics. I think it would do you and him a great deal of good if you communicated via a filmed interview if he is willing. Somehow I do recognize him. I can’t place it but seems to me I have seen him in my personal life somewhere at some point in time way earlier but I could be wrong and later whenI was hospitalized and had to walk out. He looks familiar to me.

 I do think Hannity tries to be honest and deserves respect for his work and is doing a relatively good job compared to many others and I don’t know what hinders him and others from speaking about hospice. Obviously something is holding him and others back and it is disconcerting but other than that I appreciate his contribution because there are a lot of people totally clueless who need his information. His best interview I have ever seen was of the gunman that killed the young man named Trayvon Martin who went to get skittles at the store which occurred during the Obama Administration and the interview showed the character and state of mind of the gunman who I think was a sociopath but I don’t think Hannity had eyes to see, nor ears to hear, neither a heart to evaluate what he uncovered during the interview nor the sense to be suspicious of the answers because he had already made his determination but what I noticed is like what I noticed when Greta Van Susterne interviewed Billy Graham for the first time and what he was doing to her which I noticed and wrote about and illustrated with the film and explained. It was subtle but it was real scary. I have read about the subtlety of the devil.

Revelation 12:9

And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

2 Corinthians 11:14

And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

Paul mentions the light he met a few times and I wonder if it wasn’t the devil he met.

Satan Subtle

Then I saw on the same day a blurb about some guy who took a picture of the show Greg Gutfield hosts and with a guy who lost his legs at war I think and the person who took the picture said something having to do with a freak show and Greg Gutfield was incensed with indignity of the whole affair but what about the time when Greg Gutfield said “you who have no teeth” in regards to some indigent or person who didn’t have teeth though it was not pictured. What if the person lost their teeth fighting a war. LOL.  There are lots of different kinds of war besides the kind with bombs. Peridontal war? Lack of money kind of war. Or heredity kind of war. Drug war, addiction war, demonic war, etc. You certainly didn’t mind insulting that person. What’s the difference? Don’t forget about George Washington. He had wooden teeth. Would he have said that about George Washington or to George Washington? I’m sure Greg Gutfeld has some physical ailment or would if he would fight in a war. He doesn’t but instead he engages in talking on a talk show and seems to be on cloud nine often. I like his show sometimes but he is politically correct and doesn’t even know it which is okay to some degree (being a snob and an elite with no idea of the real world most of us have to live in) unless you need a description of a person who has committed a mass murder and by the way Hospice to the degree it has been practiced is Mass Murder and yet Fox never talks about it. Instead Guilfoyle (sorry forgot your first name) calls the Pope his holiness which is WAY OVER THE TOP. He isn’t holy if he advocates for Mother Teresa and her Nazi solution by sainting her. He is a pimp and has actually been accused and I think truthfully of being a real pimp by a courageous catholic who I think knew of his crimes from what I read it sounded feasible and quite probable especially after hearing a quote by him saying he stole a necklace from a dead martyr to gain his courage as if it was cute to have stolen the martyrs necklace and tell about it and supposedly even wore it. A holy person doesn’t steal from a martyr. Obviously he is a thief to be un-politically correct and doesn’t know any better. He ain’t holy! It is unbelievable and inconceivable that Guilfoyle (of the Five) or anyone else would call him his holiness. It was disgusting. He probably is much worse than a thief. Definitely a liar. Possibly a pimp and more than likely involved in quite a few murders and abuse of kids. He is a jesuit.

I do have to question Fox network’s motive for not broaching the subject of Hospice i.e.

Murder suicide.

Something tells me there is an attempt to coverup since it isn’t discussed ever by Fox news and then I have to think perhaps its a kind of war Fox is waging with the RCC against innocents, the infirmed, and the elderly who aren’t good enough i.e.

Catholic enough

which takes an Extreme amount of pride to ignore

in your estimations because money is the root of Aul evil as in Saul and Paul etc.

Talk about everything else under the sun but not anything against the catholic religion. which is political correctness: when right is wrong and wrong is right.

You have to Wonder Not For Joy

why there is the mounting rise in terrorism/murder-suicide attacks by different groups all over the world. Is it a reaction to an action such as hospice which is murder suicide?

Luke 24:41

And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them, Have ye here any meat?

Laura InGraham in Billy Graham.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.23.46 PM

Saw in reaction to my blog posting update on Hannity- Laura In graham (miss new lips) who is in GRAHAM as in Billy bring up her reaction to the comedian Kathy Griffin with the decapitated Trump head which was weird to say the least and Laura could not help herself but bring up abortion as she does every chance she gets about the question of  when does life begin. Let me ask Laura why she never talks about Hospice/murder suicide? I know she knows about Hospice so is she indulging herself or others in regards to Hospice murder suicide because they pay her her salary and pay for her appearances? I recall her talking about Trump offering Christmas Presents to the press i.e. bribes to get good press while Trump was in the process of running for president. Not that Trump was offering Christmas Presents but that Laura wanted him to offer the press christmas presents. Do you recall that statement Laura? It’s what Evangelicals and Catholics are famous for and shoe boxes full of shit for christmas for Fatherless children.. I hope you get to swallow a big turd in fact I hope it is Billie’s turd you get to swallow and he yours when that day comes as well for indulging yourself. I am willing to talk about my abortion and write about it yet you can’t defend the elderly who were innocent. The way I look at it was the person who got me pregnant was not my family and we were not married hence a stranger (it was a one night stand) my first intercourse at a young age. I barely remember it. IN FACT it was a bait and switch rape. The person I had sex with was not the same person I met in the woods earlier by chance on a ranger outing of the army base where they were doing some training and the daughter of the head of the Rangers  was who I was with and we did a few outings like camping and Rappelling with some other kids via her dad. At least that is the memory I have. He called me for another date after and I refused and was upset he called that is how I felt though with little memory of the act itself except pain. I don’t even remember going home or how I got home. I was not in my right mind and don’t know how and it is possible  I may have deserved to be messed with but not intercourse at the age I was. I think I was maneuvered by the daughter of the head of the Rangers. She was having an affair with her math teacher and I was with her often when she met him at his apartment. His friend a Tully boy knew of it the older one and gave me the once over quite a bit when I went to the golf club on base after the date rape. I don’t know if he was involved? He was not of my blood and I was not married to him and I did not owe him a child nor did I owe my parents a child in this particular instance. It took a long time to figure out i was pregnant because I was young and afraid and in disbelief of my condition and then I was desperate to be rid of it.

Getting pregnant by a stranger is kind of like illegal immigration. Do we allow people from South America residence in our homes? I think Laura InGraham should have to have a family of 73 9r 78 illegal immigrants from Central America live in her residence with her for 18 to 21 years and with 39 ex husbands like mine raised as a catholic fucker with no backbone and support them and educate them and train them for those years in between her appearances. I think she should have to breast feed the children and potty train them as well. I think she should have to feed them little jars of baby food and take them to dance class and school. I think she should have to comb their hair and when they get lice at school comb their thick curly hair with medicine and do it again the next day to make sure the lice is gone. I think she should have to read to them at night and cook for them and help them with their homework and reports the night before they are due. I think she should have to take them to the doctor and dentist if she can afford one these days and dress them and shop for clothes with them. I think she should have to use a suction to suck out the snot blocking their nasal passages when they can’t blow their nose. Give them medicine when they are sick and clean up their messes throw up and when they have diarrhea. And worry about them when they get sick and have a temperature or sick with something out of the ordinary and protect them against a black widow in their sand box toy they had been playing with and bring it indoors and then you take it out and notice it is in the crevices of the toy your two or three year old was playing with a minute ago and then be invited to a Cubans home next door your new neighbors and go have tortilla soup with a bunch of people who don’t speak english and have their son try to strangle your daughter then days later break in to your rent home via a broken window they break and stole some toys using their other younger son to climb through the broken window and hide the toys in the trees out front and another kid who wants to climb the fence to play in your yard and the mother who wants to get you to baby sit their kid because she is tired and wants a break and you don’t want to take care of her kid who can climb a wire fence and try to teach your child not to blow snot out her nose like a farmer and like her friend next door. I think she should wash their clothes and clean up after them a bunch. I think she should go on vacation with the 73-78 illegal immigrant kids with out getting help from the husband who usually does’t come because of hits saxophone gigs.  I think you should have sex twice a year if lucky during most of the marriage because of his injury or because his balls are constricted due to a condition that affects sexual desire and masculinity and his good senses always taking everyone else’s side if it involves me, doesn’t pay for my work well done for his business even taking great risks some of the time but pays his brothers for lousy work not done well and how it affected his mind and listen to your little sister brag she has sex 3-4 times a week. I think should rarely go out and rarely have a baby sitter even though big sis promised two babysit your children because you baby sat her kids and even taught one of them how to swim while your sister was immensely pregnant. Babysat so her and her husband could work on their marriage overnight in a hotel room for a night or two and to help their marriage each time and when she had pneumonia and other times as well. I think you should help her get ready for christmas and easter for her kids. You should paint the eggs with her kids and she rarely did. I think you should have to go to their school outings and get nickeled and dimed to death at the school for all the different teachers and occasions and kids. I think you should have to do school shopping for them each year with a list the size of a grocery list for two weeks and about the same cost to keep up with the joneses in regards to the lunch box, beverage holder and back pack, pencil kit, and a ton of kleenex boxes and get them to transport it to the school on the day it is required. I think you should have to get them pets to enjoy and end up taking care of their pets yourself. I think you should have sleep overs and go to the fair with them once a year and take them to see their illegal immigrant grandparents often in another town hours a way and stay up all night before Easter and Christmas preparing their gifts and coloring eggs with them. I think you should have to shop for their friends when they have birthdays and for Christmas. I think you should take them to see the fireworks once a year. I think you should have to get the 73-78 illegal immigrants to make valentines for valentines day and cakes or cookies when it is their turn at school to bring snacks. I think you should have to walk them to school a few long blocks away and pick them up at school and take them home a few long blocks away making sure no one runs them down. I think you should have to take them to dance class an hour away and a few days a week and go through a week or two of grueling dance recital preparations and sew the costumes to pay for the classes while they are at school and at their classes for about 4 or so months before the recital. I think you should teach them how to cook and clean and give them baths and make sure they are ready for school on time and take care of their friends as well when they come over to play. Then take them to soccer and bring snacks for the team when it’s your turn and buy thoughtful gifts for the kids on their birthdays and for holidays and try to get gifts that fit their personality, their talents, and their preferences and for their age group. I think you should have to deal with them during tantrums at the store when they want something they can’t have or at home for what ever they don’t want to do. I think you should take them to swimming classes so they don’t drown. I think you should have to buy them makeup when they are older and hair color. You should have to teach them to talk and to ride a bike without killing themselves. I think you should endure some horrifying times with the illegal immigrant kids such as finding out your illegal immigrant daughters have stolen a used piece of gum she found under the table at a restaurant and is in her mouth. Or telling you her nose is pucked up and you get her to repeat her statement and she says “my nose is pucked up” and you think her neighbor the rambunctious kid has taught her to say fucked up and turns out after freaking out she said plugged up. I think you should have to deal with a precocious kid who invites a bunch of friends having made invitations and sent them to a birthday party at the neighborhood pool without telling you. I think you should have to prepare the neighborhood pool by cleaning all the chairs of the years dirt and dust with a sprayer and getting the neighborhood pool ready and its’ surroundings ready cleaning the cement and the stones making sure they are secure and mowing the land around it clearing it of debris and trying to deal with an HOA who don’t want the younger generations to enjoy a pool because of the cost of insurance when no one had ever drowned in the pool for the fifty years it had been open and used by their children  and deal with their nonsense and collect their dues with a lot of criticism and moaning and groaning in regards to a relatively cheap deal 25- 100 bucks a year depending on if you will use the pool and prepare parties that include them at the pool and find a life guard to watch the kids since many parents don’t and hand out newsletters to the HOA full of lousy stuck up neighbors every once in a while because no one else will so your kids can enjoy a neighborhood pool with other kids. And then some neighbors shoot and kill your beloved dog over a brawl about a young girl and actually wounding the kids and neighbors shooting in the direction of your home because of the gunfire the kids in the driveway next door shot off during their brawl and another neighbor next door puts glass between the fences hoping to cut your dogs paws because it is communicating with their dog. I think you should teach your illegal immigrant children to drive and get their license. I think Laura you ought to have to deal with your female illegal immigrant kids periods once a month and the drama with their friends over small things at school such as the teacher not allowing your kid to go to the bathroom and allows the boy who raised his hand a second or two afterwards go to the bathroom and then come to find out it has to do with a ten minute rule she made up as an excuse to not allow your illegal immigrant daughters go to the bathroom and then deal with bullying of your illegal immigrant daughters by other students egged on by a few incompetent unionized teachers who call her a whore because your illegal immigrate daughters are darling cheerleaders and the teachers  are jealous of her good looks. I think you should end up in the ER in dire straits because of the abuse in the place of your illegal immigrant daughters and then end up having to educated you illegal immigrate daughters else where an hour away. I think you should try to home school you illegal immigrate daughters after the school doesn’t work out and because you illegal immigrant daughters have been traumatized and then have you many ex’s undermine your teaching-home schooling because you divorced your many ex’s during this time and your many ex’s wants to control you illegal immigrant daughters and starts sleeping with you illegal immigrant teenaged daughters and you have to curtail the practice without your illegal immigrant daughters knowing it because it isn’t wise for a divorced man to sleep with his and your illegal immigrant daughters and you shame him nicely and then he retaliates later because you picked up his cell phone off the table and accuses you to the police of trying to steal it (and there is way more to the story but you wouldn’t understand) and then later your daughters are mixed up and starts sneaking out the window or threatening to commit suicide partially because their dad is not a very good dad and uses his and your kids against you and you try to remain friends and he wants to gain favor by lying about you to your illegal immigrate daughters and twisting the truth and demeans you when he can and get you arrested because he doesn’t want to deal with a tantrum of your 73-78 mixed up illegal immigrant daughters who are destroying some of your property with scissors your favorite purse that you had let your illegal immigrant daughters borrow and even though you are weak and disabled he calls the police and you spend a night in jail with your condition of PTSD a 14 inch scar on your belly from an operation earlier caused by family issues stated above, and COPD and then he pays the bail bonds people quite a bit of money because he knows he is guilty and a mother fucker and tells you you ought to be grateful. And because neither of you have any money you have to live together to raise your 73-78 illegal immigrant children and after they are gone you have no options but to take the abuse whenever it is dished out and deal with a dumb ass who murdered his mom by starvation/hospice and doesn’t know any better BUT HE REALLY DOES and deal with his lies and tricks and his attempts to kill you. And then send your 73-78 illegal immigrant kids off to college. Then your children want to go on vacations and you can’t because you do not want to travel with an asshole who overstepped his authority and overstepped his bounds who mocks you in the powder room pointing at you like thumper watching bambi slipping on the ice then he denies he did it and then tells you if you want to take your beloved kitty to the vet who is very sick go ahead and when you say I think he needs to go to the vet a minute or so later the ex tells you he hates your guts. But to everyone else in the world they think he is the nicest of people because he puts on a show. Then months later after some major confrontations admits he said what he said to you during the time the cat was nearly dead and said it was because you divorced him years earlier and then after that lies about it again and many other things you should be grateful for. Lies about anything he does which is wrong and makes you feel like you are crazy because it is a tactic males often use against females who divorced them because RC exes have way too much pride for their own good and because he is catholic and raised like shit and takes credit for things he shouldn’t and also in a strange mind set when he says your name like he thinks you are still his wife and married and in love and you aren’t. Lies about all the details involved about the death of his mom that he told you and then the day he gets in your car he has a wreck and has to replace the door on the passenger side of your car and denies that the birds the size of CONDORS hundreds of them flying only in your neighborhood of a hundred homes so low you can see their huge shadows on the rooftops flying around for a few hours without roosting and then disappear and people stopping in their cars to watch the amazing site and discussing it even with the ex (and your ex compares it to fifteen birds in a town nearby that came out of a storm and reported on the news) and these people are as amazed as you are while your beautiful cat was missing for 7 weeks and found alive soon after and lived even with liver damage having not eaten much and as weak as can be he can hardly get out of the school bus lane flood gutter under a grove of 12 trees and now only ten. Anything good having to do with you isn’t good to him. Anything nice that happens to you is a fluke and anything good that happens to him is deserved. Anything bad that happens to you is treated unkindly by him and anything bad heath wise that happens to him he acts like a BIG FUCKING Catholic BABY. He doesn’t remember things he used to do when he was younger only some and you have a better memory of things about him than he does. Lying is like that. The lies are hard to remember. He is insidious and really messed up. He doesn’t read the bible nor believe the bible in any way except for the verse by Peter: a thousand years is a day as a day is a thousand years. Thinks you have changed for the worse which you agree in some ways you have but you have been ABUSED and mistreated because you dared to divorce a catholic dumbass because as a couple you  were not good together anymore and because the Catholic desire to rule the world and to punish females and because of your brother in law’s penchant to sexually act up at family reunions exposing the glans or the head of his penis above his pants or shorts or beneath his shorts so he could display it to you at these family gatherings with kids around or other times if drinking beer. Grabbed your thighs in front of his son who is only a young teen learning to drive and who is nervous about his dad’s behavior and you try to cover it up making an ass of yourself to save his son from the embarrassment and discomfort of what his dad was doing to you while his wife your older sister was doing real estate business in the clients house we parked in front of. Your little sister even witnessed his strange behavior and saw him exposing himself and never tells your parents the truth. Even your  little  sister told you he played footsie with her under the table at a restaurant sitting next to his own wife and your sister doesn’t ever relate this to your parents who are confused by the many lies your older sister fed them about you and the silence your other sister offered and to come out looking like she was better than you and earning 35 thousand dollars hospicing your mom with out your knowledge putting on some kind of show taking care of her then mocking her to you before that. The correspondence between you and her via e-mail gets really weird from her as if she was going nuts and it worries you for your mom’s sake and you try to get help and are mocked by the older sister as well in many ways because you decided maybe to reveal some details she called zingers but truthful ones to her kids because she didn’t keep to the agreement agreed upon by you and your brother and younger sister to keep silent about it for the kids sake and for your parents sake and the cohesion of the family and was doing some weird stuff as well and your older sister and her husband try to shame you in various ways many times to get back at you and it all started with the lie your older sister told your parents on the phone when you alerted her in private about the first molestation after her husband was acting weird a few years later trying to mess with you and mess with her by messing with you while he drank his beers desiring to carry you to your car etc embarrassing shit and really weird shit you did not know how to handle his insanity sneaking up behind you real close and in front of your parent’s home with your sister in the front room probably pissed off. You are afraid he would sneak up on you again when you fell asleep because of his nature and his behavior and so you can’t sleep in your parent’s home you are visiting that weekend and you went home early  in the morning without telling anyone (because you were a nervous wreck) and she had her friend the major general’s daughter call you who was there that night to ask you why you had left and told you that you should talk to your sister about it and so when she returns home from your parent’s home you decided to be brave and spill the beans and she calls your parents and tells you she is calling your parents with the phone to her ear and tell them you are attracted to her husband. LOL upsetting you and she is in denial and then he calls you later that day yelling over the phone that you are fucking liar (big surprise) and it balloons into a big weird family problem. They call to have a meeting to clear it up and you show up at their home for the meeting hoping for a good ending and your older sister by six years stays in her kitchen doing the dishes and clanging pots and pans ignoring the seriousness of the issue at hand while he talks to you and your chicken shit husband and promisedyourhe would go to church and it didn’t help him whatsoever. Then many things occurred over the years by him and her to get back at me in lots of little ways and big ones and eventually added up to a bunch of crap and I ended up nearly dead in the ER but I tried to do the right thing a few times and it wasn’t respected only added fuel to their fire against me but in a weird kind of way. It was the money he invested for my uncle that really ticked them off using some kind of inventive formula he had invented or made up about the stock market and he romanced the money out of my uncle who did it without his wife’s knowledge though she gave him carte blanche access to her money to waste it and my brother in law lost all of it in one day on the stock market. Then kind of soon after my  uncle died and soon after so did his son the inheritor of the money that was to be paid back somehow and I have no idea how or when or how much and to whom. But his son’s death was kind of a suspicious death to me later when I was putting things together in my head about what the hell happened to my family. 

If life begins at conception insurance companies would have to offer insurance for wombs, fertilized eggs, and fetuses. If life begins at conception we would be having conception parties based on the date of conception instead of birthday parties but most of the time we don’t know the date of conception and sometimes don’t know the father of the fertilized eggs, and those that had miscarriages (single or married) could be charged with 3rd degree murder or involuntary manslaughter. Why don’t any countries give conception certificates? When does marriage begin? When a couple is engaged, during the dating period, meeting on a blind date? When someone marries they get a marriage certificate, but do they get an engagement certificate? Why? Because they may not actually get married, that’s why. When does a business become a business? During the planning stages? During the building of the storefront? When does a law become a law? While it is being tossed between the representatives, the senate, and the presidency? or when it is enacted? When does a movie become a movie? When it is being filmed or when it is in the editing stages? When does a journal become a book? When does an e-mail become an e-mail? When does a cinder block become a wall? When do pieces of wood become a fence while the wood is being bought, cut, measured, drilled, nailed. What happens when you don’t nail it together? Is it a fence? When does material become a dress? When does a seed become a plant? When you sow it? What happens if it doesn’t rain or the sun doesn’t shine upon it? OR what happens if it rains too much or the sun shines too hard upon it? OR when the wind blows it to kingdom come? What if the seed is planted in bad soil? What if it’s a bad seed planted in good soil. What happens if you plant a tulip bulb upside down or sideways? When does a piece metal become a piece of jewelry? When does slip become porcelain or ceramic? When does dough become bread? 

When does a patty become a burger?

When does a batter become a cake? at a baseball game?

Richard Harris – MacArthur Park

When does an egg become a chicken? When does a tadpole become a frog? How many examples does one need from nature to gain understanding?

When did your lips become plump? While they were injected or during surgery or after?

 You will regret your silence in a BIG WAY. I suggest you worry about feeding the kids in Yemen if you care about life and not worry about someone else’s pregnancy unless the mother asks for help! My mother offered to live somewhere else and let me have a baby

yet she was hospiced?

She was woman who had been born.

We celebrated her birthdays. Not her conception days.

Nor the days of her menstruations. LOL

How many females menstruate heavily who are sexually active? Perhaps a miscarriage? Gonna talk about them and the reasons for their miscarriage? Slipping due to ice on the sidewalk? Falling off a swing? Falling off a horse or trotting on a horse western style/and or bareback. Exercising too hard. Weight lifting. Does a spa bear responsibility for the miscarriage, heavy menstruation because sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. How about tampax and kotex? Do their products bear the responsibility if their product MAY have caused a miscarriage? Drugs she might have taken (prescription or street drugs)? Alcohol she might have drunk? Food she might have eaten? Poverty? Treatment she received from the people around her at school or church? Working in a sweat shop? Working too hard? Car accident? Falling off a roof? Having her chair removed as she sits down? Driving down a bumpy road? Stress because she is overworked, over taxed, and under-appreciated and underpaid? Environmental reasons? Harassment? Perhaps the slant of her uterus? Perhaps having sex again? Eating tuna after Fukushima? Eating a crab after Fukushima because of contamination? Being neurotic? Vaccination in the past? Flu shot? Drinking contaminated water? Dish-soap or a product she used? Living in a dump? how about un-land management? we used to have controlled fires to  control fires not the fire fumes blow across many states and is out of control such as the fires in Arizona. How about the reduction in phosphates? Some miscarriages occur

Because her body rejected it?

What if her mind rejects it?

What if her heart rejects it?

Doesn’t the mind supersede the body and the heart spiritually speaking supersede the mind? I think all three should have to agree to have a baby: The heart, the mind, and the body. I don’t think a person who can’t move or is in mental institute because of insanity or other malady because she gets pregnant should be required to have a baby just because her warden had sex with her whether she was willing or not. Do you? What about a prostitute? Does the pimp bear responsibility akin with the married man, the  young boy experimenting have to bear the responsibility for 18 to 21 years for a baby, or for the miscarriage and/or abortion because they were complicit in the action that caused the reaction? Do the parents of the prostitute and the boy or man, the pimp and his parents bear it as well for their lack of breeding and the companies they own or work for hiring them? What about the hotel and the motel? Do they bear the cost and the responsibility of any of the reactions? What about the schools that failed the kids involved? Do they bear responsibility even if they tried did they try hard enough, was it successful, was it the right way? When you take your first steps or say your first words does the mind control the action? When a baby sucks on a breast or a bottle the baby is using it’s mind to suck. What if the female doesn’t say yes to the penus entering the vagina? What about ignorance by the female of the probability of pregnancy causing pregnancy or the failure of the rubber or birth control devices and prescriptions fails and the companies that produce them: who is to blame and by how much? What percentage should each one bear in the event of an unwanted pregnancy for 18-21 years or blame and financial responsibility for a miscarriage for 18 to 21 years for the probability of life in a life span if a miscarriage didn’t occur? What about in wartime? Depression? Miscarriage caused by an outbreak of any disease or virus that isn’t handled properly by the government or the medical field and those in charge? False news stories or propaganda causing death and/or miscarriages, mental illness, and crimes. How much should the press have to bear the expense and responsibility for their lack of reliable sources intentional or unintentional, for their false witnesses intentional or unintentional, for their false testimony, for their intentional or unintentional propaganda, and for their stupidity? What about the church that taught them? Do they have to bear the costs and the blame for the results? What percentage? What about their peers? Do the peers of the people involved have to share the blame such as the girls and boys I knew who had sex before marriage or had affairs with their teachers? Do they share the blame and the costs of the results be it a miscarriage, abortion or a child and what about the peers parents for allowing their children to be bad examples or bad influences? What about their religion that allowed them to be a bad influence or bad parent or overly sexed or a floozy. (LOL) Should they share the blame and the cost of the result? What about the leader of the religion? Should they bear the blame and cost for misleading and/or not being good enough to influence all of the above? Shouldn’t they bear the cost and the blame? How about the land owners that allowed sexual misconduct on their property be responsible and share the costs and the blame for not managing their property sufficiently? What about the kings and queens and the presidents, the senators, the representatives bear the responsibility and the cost for not governing better? What about the IRS that causes great harm to many families and their children by overtaxing and over charging for late fees and compounding interest upon interest on the taxpayers and their families. Should they bear responsibility for stress related miscarriages and bad behavior of citizens? What about the countries that influence our country to go to war for them under false premises. Should they bear the cost and responsibility for lives lost, miscarriages, abortions, deformities, illiteracy, immigration, sexual misconduct in that they were not successful bear the cost and the blame? What about the state religion? What about the church that molested their parishioners. Should they bear the blame and the cost for having been a bad influence? What about tv and movies and the shows played and inferences to sex and/or violence? Should they bear the cost and the blame to some degree for the violence, rape, alcoholism, drug abuse, and sex? What about the religion of those in those movies and those shows or the producers of them? How about the beer company that sold me a beer? And their labels and the producers of all the ingredients that go into a beer? How much responsibility and cost should they bear in the case of an unwanted pregnancy or a miscarriage or a baby out of wedlock or a baby. What about ICE? Should they have to pay for the crimes committed (rape, incest, murder because they didn’t do their job sufficiently.) What about sanctuary cities? Should they have to share the blame along with their religious affiliations that influenced them to give sanctuary to illegal immigrants and their religious influence or affiliation should they have to pay for the unemployment of legal immigrants and citizens who can’t get a decent job or pay for all the costs of living because of the migration because of a bad government or the religion that has the greatest influence in those countries that are poverty stricken who misuse their jobs or their position causing poverty, abuse, ignorance, unwanted children, abortions, drunkensess. Should they bear the cost of the their failures. What about false teachings, false profits and false prophets, ignorant popes, false cardinals, false bishops, and the priests and the parishioners of a false religion shouldn’t these bear the cost of the results of their lies and bear the responsibility for the result what ever the results are? Shouldn’t they have to bear the cost and the blame? What about the constitution? Should it and the lawyers defending the constitution bear the responsibility for the degradation of females by not representing them fairly as far as their access to work, in divorce settlements, access to money, the amount of pay they receive for a job done, and the overtaxation of the money they earn, the compounded interest, penalties, and the fees involved in defense of a citizen and lawyers and/or CPAs of the people overtaxed who can’t pay those taxes because of inflation because of government mishandling of taxes, overspending, funneling to their personal pork causes, and because of national debt and the devaluation of the dollar because of insurance agencies who over-charge and any of the companies that over charge their citizens causing the stress of their citizens that accumulate and because of the above causing mental illness, Dementia, drunkenness, drug abuse, Altzeimers, Depression, suicidal thoughts, bi-polarism, schizophrenia, sexual abuse, sexual dysfunction, and many disorders, ignorance, crimes, related illnesses such as ptsd. Shouldn’t they bear responsibility for the cost of miscarriages, unwanted pregnancy, abortions, all the ills of society, addictions, deaths and pay for crimes committed including fraud that they overlooked or indulged or crimes they indulged vs crimes they didn’t indulge and the unfairness involved. What about changing the rules in mid game. Should the people in charge of the government, the representatives, and senators and presidents and kings and queens, duchesses and dukes, and their religions and religious clergy, the federal government, the state government the city governments who did a lousy job or had lousy foresight or purposefully mislead who changed the rules, shouldn’t they share in the punishment for the results: the cost and the blame?

What about those that perpetuate a lie such as the mustard seed?

Should they bear responsibility for the deception knowing full and well that the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seeds and bear the responsibility for hospice murder/suicide by a seed that is smaller than the mustard seed and by remaining silent. Shouldn’t they bear the cost and the blame and the penalties for their silence?

Hannity, I too was a fundamentalist for a part of my life till I learned the truth.

It was a trap.

I do know that when I told my parents after calling my sister a priest knew and was on the plane with my sister. HOW DID HE KNOW? Either he might have been involved in getting me pregnant, or coincidence, or he overheard the phone conversation to my sister and found out her plans to fly to another state to help me tell my parents and got the details so he could sit next to her on the plane. She never sat with another priest since on a plane and has flown on many flights. At the time she was a student at SMU which is a Methodist college and conversed as well and he never talked to me. Why didn’t he talk to me? Did Jesus not have eyes to see, nor ears to hear and neither a heart to know about abortion and birth control? Why didn’t he mention either in the gospels? Not in one gospel does Jesus mention either of those actions and reactions. He never mentions it in the gospels. However, he does mention starvation and says: Feed my lambs and feed my sheep is what he instructed to Peter at the Sea of Galilee. So Laura you might have some shit coming your way for your harassment of many good mothers and daughters and females AND FOR THE HOSPICE you ignore killing the infirmed, the sick, and the elderly in response to abortion by the RCC. That is a lot of murders you will be responsible for and the reduction of the life span of many people in your silence. So the piece of shit you may have to eat might be even bigger than the one pictured in a toilet. I hope you choke on it because I’m sick of your sanctimonious BULLSHIT. To me you are nothing but a pimple on Pope Francis’s ass and a dimple on Mother Teresa’s face. IN other words you are nothing but a bitch pictured in the picture of the Romulus dogs. FOr every time you bring up abortion and remain silent about hospice will count against you so you better start talking because


Just had a supernatural reaction while sitting in my garage which started to open and close halfway by itself a bunch so I ran out and closed it. There are only two garage door openers …one in my car which is locked and another in the ex’s car and he’s in bed. Pretty weird.

I believe Jesus …the one who said “Feed my sheep.”

So whom do you believe? Billy Graham, Mother Teresa? Pope Francis or Jesus?

How about you Hannity?

He also said after he said feed my sheep,

“follow me”

Funny skit following:

Theres a Turd in my Car

I wrote a letter to my employer which was kind of scathing partially in reaction to some stuff having to do with work and titled it:  “A letter to my employer I think I shouldn’t send.” I may publish it and take out a few names for the sake of keeping my job because I need to make money and deserve to be able to make money because I work very hard on my job and on my blogs and my hobbies and my art and my kids when I get to see them. I don’t make much money and have been prevented from profiting in many ways and I believe the troubles I have endured were intentional because of my beliefs. I believe what happened to my family that I grew up with and the ones I raised and what they had to endure were intentional and because of my beliefs and because of what my mom said to me that my little sister taped and said she would send and never did. Instead she called me the devil and satan in an e-mail when I tried to protect my mom from afar with the truth and I am neither satan nor the devil. I am a person who loved her family very much. I can’t even begin to say how much. Immeasurable. Uncountable. GOD KNOWS! My eldest sister got rid of pictures of me and my youngest sister threw away pictures of my parent’s friends and correspondence she found in my parents things that were stored in some warehouses when they moved to the ARC (Army Retirement center in San Antonio) but I I kept what I had. My little sister received $35,000 which she kept in a savings account until my mom died. I don’t know where she got the money from. Kind of reminded me of the 30 pieces of silver in the bible. And Mother Teresa mentions some things having to do with my family in the expose by Christopher Hitchens which I told about in another blog post. Both my sisters were romanced by the BGEA and it’s followers. My little sister when she was young and my eldest when she was older. It was some kind of cleanup obviously to get rid of all those pictures. She just threw them away. I know she was very mixed up and didn’t have an independent bone in her body. She told me she wouldn’t send me pictures of my mom if I wasn’t nice to her meaning I had to take her guff but she couldn’t handle mine and my mom was her hostage? I took her in during her divorce for about a year or more and she refused to help me during my divorce because she had a new husband. My daughter gave up her room for my little sister and she did cause quite a stir in our household but we did it anyway because she needed our help at the time. I have never met my boss and I know very little about him. I take a lot of guff as well because the ex is catholic with way too much pride and can’t perceive what he did was wrong. HIs mom raised him but I guess when he asked why do I care was kind of strange thing to say. It was wrong and it was evil, whether he likes to admit it or not and the repercussions of what he did are gonna be HUGE. Of course someone who says he wanted to bury me and I him isn’t quite on the right train of thinking marriage wise but these are things I didn’t know when I married him. These are things you find out later. Unlike why he thinks that I will never leave him, he is mistaken again.  It is all I can do to warn and to write about what I witnessed and let God do the rest and I believe God is moving me in that direction with the help of my parents on the other side:)

Deuteronomy 32:35New King James Version (NKJV)

35 Vengeance is Mine, and recompense;
Their foot shall slip in due time;
For the day of their calamity is at hand,
And the things to come hasten upon them.’

Anyway Hannity is defending his right to free speech and his job. but isn’t this more about McCain. Doesn’t McCain’s daughter work for Fox? I think so. McCain works for our government as a Senator and was involved I believe in Benghazi, hung out with Ambassador Chris Stevens, funded the Muslim Brotherhood which caused some coups in Egypt. I believe he is a a traitor and and deserves to lose his position in government. The pope’s sidekick and a Jesuit made the excuse for Benghazi and Susan Rice repeated it, Hannity brought up about the decapitated head of Trump debacle with the comedian…..and how it affected Trump’s son but Trumps son gets to see his dad when his dad is at home to alleviate his fears. To see my dad’s picture at Benghazi isn’t funny. My dad is deceased and everyone lying about Benghazi isn’t funny. And everyone ignoring the Hospice practice isn’t funny because my mom was hospiced without my permission or knowledge and she is deceased. Is it comforting? I was not comforted by anyone about her when I mourned and am still in mourning when I see everyone ignoring hospice and the ramifications of hospice and the reason given by RC MOTHER TERESA HERSELF in the expose about RC Mother Teresa by Christopher Hitchens: abortion. Is it comforting to see or hear or perceive Mother Teresa being sainted by the biggest occult in the world? No, it is mocking the death of my mom.

Should I mock catholics when their mom dies via murder suicide? And you can’t compare the shenanigans of the people skirting the practice of the RCC and Benghazi so hold on to your hats because I’m not gonna fall for the BULLSHIT. Read the above verse and get prepared.

If I had the power to bless the world it would be that the people would have a mom and dad like I had. I don’t know what happened to my sisters except it has to do with the BGEA. (Billy Graham Evangelical Association who shilled for the RCC) and my brother the nonsense by Al Gore who got his information from the RCC because AL Gore’s crusade was invented first by the RCC to cover their impending activities using weather weapons and like the video tape excuse at Benghazi which came from the Vatican Jesuit priest Federiko Lombardi and side kick of the Jesuit Pope Francis. Notice the first syllable of his name FED and given to Susan Rice using her substance and told umpteen times by her as a cover until it became well known and the riots in other places nearby were a cover also for their evil deeds at Benghazi. The RCC are pros at deception. They have been doing it for many many years to have honed their evil practice and trade and by now it should be self evident they are a cult and need to be destroyed. I don’t care about freedom of religion when the biggest religion in the world doesn’t care about freedom of religion and is killing other people and their own just to glorify their religion.

Like my sister and her husband  who I was supposed to keep quiet about their junk via an agreement made and I would have kept quiet if they had stuck to their part of the bargain for my parents sake and for the kids. THEY DIDN”T and continued to make digs and hurt my life and I could not accept a one-way deal that hurt me and glorified them and protected their reputation and hurt mine and eventually hurt my parents and my kids and everyone around them because he molested me and both he and my sister retaliated in ways that were unfathomable to understand or accept and unexpected by me to me. Some of it was ridiculous, maniacal, and uncalled for and eventually I had to respond once I was well enough.Their shenanigans caused my heath problems as far as I’m concerned and may have shortened my life, ruined my reputation, ruined my family life, ruined a lot of things and it was their pride and the BGEA that helped them to attack me and my parents in a very sick and evil way and possibly others. I was accused of setting up my kids on a phone call to my sister and I didn’t. They ddid it on their own an my mom said it sounded like me in the background egging them on and if it was me in the background then it was a voice-over. My ex does voice-overs which is layering of music or voices or sounds into a taped or filmed product. So he may be in on their abuse which would not surprise me whatsoever and why we are not married nor ever will be again. Could have been another sound producer. I was in a mesas feeling paranoid, lol because I thought they were taping me and I know they were which is how they were able to get a voice to voice over that soured like me. They were relentless and cruel devious and insane, it was unbelievable the things they did and so small. taking apiculture of my other brother in law hugging me by the pool and made it look like the was trying to feel me and he wasn’t at all nor did it offend me and then she presented the picture to me in front of my husband at the time and if you could have seen the look on her face it was unbelievable. It was like she thought she had me or something.Then many other instances that added up to she was fucked up and eaten up with her imaginations and it really could have been a simple matter of telling him to keep his dick in his pants at family reunions and do not molest females of the family when they re asleep and do not play footsie with my sister under the table or in the jacuzzi and grow up. Oh yeah when you have millions of dollars of someone else’s money on the stock market don’t lose it which he did on the infamous tuesday in october one year and then blamed my mom and me because my uncle whose money it was asked me via a phone call after them not telling him for a long time which is illegal hoping to recoup it asked  if Gary had lost his money and I had to answer truthfully “yes he did.” Instead my parents are attacked and many other bad things. It was his duty to tell his client about the money he had lost and it wasn’t fair to put me in that position or take it out on my mom years later and to punish me by hospicing her FOR TWO WEEKS without telling me and she died. You would not believe the crap thrown at me with the other sister as well before that saying “you better be nice to me or I won’t send you a picture of mom” etc.  acting a bit strange a lot strange and different while she was saying weird shit in her emails making me very nervous for my mom and I tried to get help from attorneys and i did not get help and did not get representation and nor did my mom, ONe guy said It’s not my wheel. What my older sister did is so mean and evil as can be. I can’t even understand how one measures the crime to the punishment. It’s not comparable. I think because me sister was a goody two shoes is part of the problem. A prude, yet proud of a picture of her husband aced dancing on a table at a frat party for my cousin (I never saw it and I was closer to my sister than my cousin) so my older sister was displaying contradicting personalities between different people early on. I don’t know what that is called.

Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

 My opinion about the speech was it was average and did not sound like Trump. Then found out his daughter wrote the speech. No matter what he said it was like all the others with some new ideas. The State of the Union timing and the timing of the Navy Seal mission seemd farfetched but anything is possible. Sure seemed like a replay of Kyle’s wife or someone in the the Navy seal six team (who I believe were eradicated in one missile strike or something in their plane or helicopter) during Obama’s State of the Unions. Seemed kind of mocking at the same time but I can’t say for sure. She is a good actress if that’s the case because she had to do it for so long. I kept thinking while watching the spectacle would they stop and let her catch her breath but the clapping continued and continued and continued and it went on and on and on. The other woman reminded me of a comedian but I cannot say for sure. In any case I think the USA should dispense with the State of the Union speeches especially after only a month in office and the spectacles of grieving wives and the other main ingredients to these kind of things because it seems like one is out mocking the other. I guess a bunch of the House of Representatives and Senators and their guests clapping is meaningful to some who grieve but meaningless to others who grieve because it ‘s like a show and we have seen it done before. I can’t see how it would make her feel better having lost her husband but I guess it made her feel honored.

I can’t imagine why.

Politics isn’t honorable, it’s complicit:)

Very funny commercial!

15 minutes of fame is worth it to some. If it’s for real I think she should have declined the invitation to be a mock or a spectacle for any President but Trump did not send her husband to Yemen, did he. The Navy did, if it’s even true.

Seemed like a lot of deception to me.

Obama Killed a 16-Year-Old American in Yemen. Trump Just Killed His 8-Year-Old Sister.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 8.32.16 PM.png

But I found this story on Glen Greenwald’s site The Intercept about the Yemen attack that Trump’s daughter sat next to the grieving wife of the hero who died and was honored at the State of the Union (his first which seemed odd to have an attack to show or mock the military, the grieving wife just in time for the first State of the Union) and others died as well and for what reason I would like to know. Here is a picture of girl who was killed in the attack in Yemen. I have no idea if it’s true or not but it is something to ponder since Trump is so concerned about children being killed in a war occurring in Syria. Politicizing war is so much like an abomination spoken of in the bible and I thought it was a spectacle and cheap.



but the bible online no longer has the phrase and I remember the phrase but I bet you don’t! They have kept a few similar PHRSES but that one is missing now.

She was used and may have been in on it.




I bet you don’t remember this:

The majority of the House of Reps and the Senate clapped when a woman was killed outside the gates of the White House with a baby in her car by the Secret Service and the DC Park Police so I can’t imagine the honor in getting applause from many of the same people or did you forget about it? I didn’t forget.

By the way, the footage we saw of Michael Brown a few years back he was rocking back and forth in his feet and the one showed recently on Fox, he wasn’t. Nevertheless Michael Brown was set up by the young man with him and he made a point to push the clerk around to get attention because I think he knew he was gonna be assassinated and knowing cameras were at the store. 

President Trump is now speculating that the media is covering up terrorist attacks

It was an Obama led terrorist attack at the White House Gates and so is Hospice a Roman Catholic state sponsored terrorist attack against individual citizens and against our veterans and as confusing as the false reports vs real reports in the media. Both these two religions named are the ones in an uneasy alliance as they were in WORLD WAR ll. Three fronts to WWll as far as an alliance (Patton, MacArthur, Eisenhower and Truman with the help of Winston Churchhill politically against the RCC, Islam, Nazi Fascism and Russian Communism also fought fascism

The Most Horrific War of All Time: Russia vs. Germany

and so did democracy/republic but both have and are guilty of the same abuse of females to some degree masonically.  I don’t know if Jesuitism is involved in Islam but more than likely it is. Kind of like the difference between satan and the devil. Not much difference. Both are evil. LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP between the RCC and Islam, both want to rule the world and when both are in charge one is gonna kill the other because of their lust for power.

All of the above don’t respect women and women’s rights to control and defend their own bodies against foreign and friendly fire (the smallest of seed-semen) and use women and girls and abuse women and girls. Even some of their women do the same (self-righteous yet if in someone else shoes might do the same) At least Trump mentioned terrorism and the coverup by the press and Obama only used race baiting but it’s not about race otherwise he would not have had the privilege of being president for the amount of time he was president, in fact, it helped him sleaze by. Yet look what happened when Herman Cain ran for President (against Obama) he was accused of ALLEGED previous sexual misconduct and Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court was accused of making n ALLEGED tasteless joke. Some referred to them as slaves or an Uncle Tom. Both Houses were not ready for tax reform of Herman Cain (because the Vatican and others love to siphon tax dollars for their agendas) and I don’t really know what the beef was about Clarence Thomas but it hopefully can’t have been only about a joke. I think his accuser was over-sensitive (Anita Hill) She worked for him over some time.

I think it has to do with being first.

Who was the first African American on the Supreme Court and who was the first African American to be elected as President. Were they Republicans or Democrats? ETC

Who was the first country to land on the moon is another first.

Ron Brown was the First African American to hold the position of US Secretary of Commerce during Bill Clinton’s first term. 

Truthfulness verses honestly, should we just haul off and change the name of Washington D.C. to Lincoln Logs?

He was killed, along with 34 others, in a 1996 plane crash in Croatia. A lot of people think he was assassinated. He had a son named Michael Brown alsoThe Assassination of Ron Brown Only weeks before Ron Brown and 30 something others were killed in a plane crash in Croatia, he ….”threatened to expose the White House yet unrevealed Asian Funding scheme”…. to save his son Michael Brown from going to prison.”  “Three days after the crash a Croatian”…. “responsible for the airports navigation system is found with a bullet hole in his chest.” JFK’s son also died in a plane crash who I think was assassinated after visiting Billy Graham (shill for the RCC) and Jesuit Fidel Castro in regards to his investigation of his dad’s assassination. I bet there is a connection.

It has to do with CONTROL and probably wire-tapping!

Who is gonna control whose mindset which is similar to rape? Which I think is going on now with Trump. Everyone is trying to control him. The Republicans and the Democrats. The Press. It’s insane. I do not think Russia is trying to control him. Russia tried to work with Obama and Obama was interested only in Sarin gas. Obama was evil so any help we got getting him out of the way if help even from Russia or Israel was worth it.  Obama needs to leave Washington DC area and go back to Chicago or Hawaii or how about Malaysia;) He could live near the airport or get a job at the airport as a bathroom monitor for as much good as he did in the Presidency. 

Anyway abortion is a political football. Abortions, hangers, back alley abortions run by either the vatican mob or witch doctors in the woods,  etc. My parents loved me and did not go to a witch doctor or to the mob for me to have an abortion but to the ARMY when I was 15/16 and stupid. It was after all an army personnel that got me pregnant so it was fitting and appropriate and it was my first time to go all the way. By the standards of the BGEA and the standards of the Roman Catholicism Church I was considered a virgin before it occurred. (The Vatican did get involved when I called my sister to help me announce the news to my parents and sent clergy to sit next to her on a plane from Texas to Georgia and she thought he was God and I think the BGEA got involved at my school I had been bused to to influence me. Obviously both were listening to our conversation via the phone and/or via wire tapping!) My sister loved herself when she had a tubular pregnancy after marriage and had it taken care of and an abortion before marriage illegally ( I think or in two of the states it was legal in) which might have caused the tubular pregnancy because of scar tissue, etc. Not sure of the particulars of my brother’s wife or wives. My younger sister had a boob job in a back alley type boob job to please her husband who had been married when they dated but considered herself a virgin for not having had an abortion yet had every other kind of sex before marriage (and possible actually had sex in toto with some cowboy resulting in a blood clot possibly a result of an abortion or the type birth control she used before marriage) and herself and my older sister had it done (because money was no object) not in a back alley and a nose job and a chin job and face lift etc etc etc to please her husband herself and others. (It helps business wise to look good.) One was a BGEA christian at a young age and the other later in life. Expectations for females are not comparable to males. Most males sleaze by with a brick shy like Scott Walker and Jeb Bush who hate women obviously and don’t believe they should have the right to decide their own fate because the Vatican and the BGEA are their underpinning in place of God.

The male is very good at setting women against women. (Not referring to the two AFRICAN AMERICANS Clarence Thomas or Herman Cain.) I saw it in my family and it is really disgusting using jealousy. Remember the Garden of Eden: The male blamed the woman, the woman blamed the serpent who was the most beautiful creature God made and God turned him into a snake (like Scott Walker of Wisconsin and his archaic sadistic ideas of Tubular pregnancy vs abortion. I would love to see him hung upside down above a campfire and see if he would change his mind) and like my brother-in-law the night he crawled on his belly to molest me so his wife (my sister) who was next to me wouldn’t see and hoping I would remain silent. (We had been to a wine and cheese party and had too much to drink so my sister didn’t want anyone to drive home, trying to protect me, but it didn’t work. The enemy was within her household.) Anyway his faith tricked him.

11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Pope Benedict XVl admitted  faith was the new enlightenment. Added later (during the Dark Ages more than likely) and probably all those faith verses found in the bible.



I DO REMEMBER, TOO BAD YOU DON’T. I’m so sorry you were offended the other day by what I wrote but the truth matters. I don’t have a tv show and adoring fans and I think you might think about the possibility you are being fooled as well. We all are by the press and our government and other governments and the vatican etc etc etc

Abomination of desolation is what is occurring which is called


bait an switch kind of shit

Report: Pope Francis Refuses To Punish Pedophile Priests

If he did they would tell on him because he probably ASSISIted

I guess my revelation about the mustard seed is considered dangerous

(Especially to males who like to have sex with their kids)

but so was embarking on a ship to the other side of the world a few hundred years ago. It wasn’t the vatican who did it but probably because of the vatican and it’s persecution (the pope feels his priests are being persecuted and probably indulged them and 5 kids later….) that anyone decided to take the chance of falling off into the abyss and a few scientists who inspired COMMON SENSE and not the GLOBAL WARMING scientists NOR THE climate change scientists because both knew the reasons for the climate anomalies is because we have war machines that can cause earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and droughts and decided to wax rich on the discovery instead of telling the truth about it to gain followers.

The excuse was vatican inspired in order to wax rich. Wax melts.

IF you cook a meal in the oven it takes about 40 minutes to cook to bake but if you cook a meal in the microwave it takes mush less time and that is what we are dealing with presently and recently in our climate and our atmosphere and I believe it is causing problems with peoples minds if they are standing in the wrong place kind of like some of those petty laws!

some of us see one thing and the others see another thing so causing confusion because two things are going on at the same time (different times) to confuse. RIVALRY

I guess one person doesn’t own the air waves.

In game play on the internet each person can play the same game on the same realm but caters to the individual so having different results. What I see you don’t see what you see I don’t see. it doesn’t do any good to interview the public to back your perception. If I had a show I could edit all those naysayers as well. All of us are not dumb as you actin regards to deception.

some people are being persecuted in various ways in the USA

Like separating the egg whites from the egg yolk but depends on what is considered yolked and what isn’t.

I saw what my mom saw after she died but before and way before it happened for me to see.

I bet you can’t do that.

 Don’t doubt Trump has been wire tapped many americans have been wire tapped. DO YOU REMEMBER THE NSA? they do that. It’s a huge complex. KNOW THIS: OBAMA IS EVIL an will do anything to fuck us up and so will the vatican. Look what the vatican did in WWll. obama probably has some kind of control over them as well. Nevertheless if a pope (Pope Francis the Jesuit) steals a dead mans necklace to gain his courage IS IT ANY WONDER and yet you probably respect him, don’t you? WHY? Because he is the pope of the roman catholic church and when he was voted into his position they blew smoke rings out of the vatican to tell everyone they had a pope kind of like the indians communicated in the the olden times. I don’t think they do it anymore though, the indians.

The response by the press about the speech was weird.

All of a sudden he became a President two them.

So for the press maybe it’s a good idea to have State of the Unions

but for the rest of us

it isn’t necessary.

Results will do just fine.

Let them step in their own mine fields!

I think Jeff Sessions recused himself and I think if he did it is wise not to get involved in a bunch of shit. Let Al Franken carry the Bael and the MUTH, what else can he doo-doo? Don;t know why but Then they can entertain their constituents if they are interested and I doubt any of them are except for those who have money riding on it and to give the Press something to do as well. IF they want to look a like a bunch of McCarthyists let them. It suits them. I’m sure in time we will be able to see which Republicans and which Democrats are in the business of black listing and who is on the Vatican/Islamic/Fascist dime.

Why did Senator John Kerry meet with President Assad of Syria

before he was Secretary of State?

Trump himself said he inherited a mess from the last administration

which I think is true.

But got the message from the former DOJ Mr. Aspartame

He’s coming………….

Humor is a good way to hide pain;) Hurts to lose, don’t it?

Unions use Jealousy to create Unions so they can skim off the cream.

So NOW the deal is as I heard on Hannity on Fox if we do not include abortion rights for women we could have full coverage insurance that cost’s $10 per kid and $50 an adult.


If insurance can be as cheap cheap cheap chocolate chalkalittle as the christian commune cited by Hannity then lets go without insurance and I bet prices will be even cheaper. Don’t you bet? I bet Trump could bargain for cheaper medication and services.

WHO ARE THE FLEAS IN HEALTH CARE? It is’t the poor or the middle class because they have been scammed in every way possible by the following proponents:

IT’s the insurance scammers and the tax scammers.

Not only have the people been scammed

but the talented doctors and nurses have been scammed

by the least talented in their field.

Someone needs to come up with a religion where when a female dies she gets 100 studs each with a different talent or two for the shit females have had to endure with the press using politics and religion to attempt to shame females who were given the ability to have kids. I was given the ability even after I had an abortion but you can’t say that for every female. Some aren’t given the opportunity, but I was. I WONDER WHY? Yet Mother Teresa wasn’t given the ability. HMMMMMMMM

I think the press and our congress are vexed and a few others as well.

Joel 2:31

31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.

A woman was on the fox show selling her book I think it was called The Coming a Apocalypse while they talked about abortion. Isn’t that funny they associate the Apocalypse with abortion when they should associate it with hospice. The Pope sainted Mother Teresa recently. The  Fox station and others talk about abortion all day long and never bring up hospice. I wonder why?


I think those that talk about abortion all day long will regret not talking about hospice and like Mother Teresa an excuse to murder. Might as well be a terrorist that goes to an abortion clinic and blows it up with women and men and children sometimes and the people working doing their job which to some is a good thing and destroying a haven for many females to overcome tubal pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, rape pregnancies, child pregnancies, incest pregnancies, dumbfounded pregnancies and many more reasons, etc.


Dealing with a total nut:

Went to the hospital because of my legs and feet which were swelling up and my foot was in pain. They took some blood as they usually do for tests and the same lade that say she was the one that helped my during the time I was gone for three days after being injected with dye for a Cat scan and went into repository arrest for some unexplainable reason. While in the waiting room saw a facsimile of my little sister and a woman with sandals on the same as mine that she gave me (she gave me about three pairs) LOL on one woman and the woman with her was the one that looked like her but different and the two women were with a man.

he doctor I saw was the same woman I saw before who reminded me she was the one that was there when I went into respiratory arrest and that is how I recognize her because she said she was there then which I don’t remember. The only thing I remember was seeing a guy in the ambulance who looked like my ex’s friend Mike Castleberry who was allergic to shrimp and strawberries, a good singer and songwriter. I thought how weird I remember him in the ambulance and not having a cat scan. One nurse said (the one that took the blood) I might need a cat scan and I said I could not have a cat scan because of the last reaction to the dye that I had had. And she said “you can have a cat scan without the dye.” On the way to the hospital the ex told me I had had 14 cat scans when I had my huge operation (one each day) and I remember having two in a day a few of those days because the cat scan didn’t work because I did not drink (the potion that they give) because the nurse didn’t give it to me but went ahead and gave me the cat scan which had to be redone because you do need to drink the potion for the cat scan to work properly. Nowadays they inject you with the dye instead. I thought it was a strange thing to say after thinking about what she said “you can have a cat scan without the dye” (which of course defeats the purpose of the dye, lol) Then she mentioned IODINE but I don’t know in what capacity. They did a sonogram of my legs and foot area. Then took about 6 X-rays of my foot and chest because swollen feet and legs can be a sign of congestive heart failure or blood clots and other things. Took my pulse and blood pressure which were fine and then said the blood tests came out fine as well. They want me to get a test (sonogram of my heart) done soon and gave me some kind of medicine prescription. The nurse told me to take it in the morning not at night because I would be up all night peeing, ping, ping. The doctor said I had a big bone spur on my heel and there was nothing I could do about it.

At the hospital the ex told me that he had been in touch with my older sister which I had asked recently about and he said he hadn’t at the time but in any case he said he had a few times the last two times I was admitted to the hospital overnight. Said that she said that my brother had disowned them because they voted for Trump. The ex said that my sister said that my brother said that Trump was gonna kill us all. And my sister told him that even my brother’s wife won’t take her calls. Said my brother had been in and out of the hospital for his health issues. My brother was a follower of Al Gore and his ideas about global warming and had seen the movie etc in the past. My ex also said that my sister wishes to be friends with me and I was her best friend BLAH BLAH BLAH. After in the car he said that about my brother and Trump I said “I did not vote at all because I didn’t trust the news.” Then my ex said he didn’t vote either. And I said “yes you did, you voted for Trump. You told me you voted for Trump in front of the tv in the living room” and I said “you were a staunch supporter of Trump.”  I wrote in my posts that I wasn’t gonna vote because of the false news. He did vote for Trump and I have no idea why he is now saying he didn’t. Then he brought up that he had registration problems which took a while having to do with our old address of the home we owned that he went bankrupt on and would not sell while I divorced. I said “why did you did you register to vote ?”and i guess is his excuse for not voting even though he did vote. He was proud of it. When at the hospital I asked about my sister’s kids and my little sister as well and he said he didn’t know and I said “they are family.” The reason I said that it was his excuse for having talked to my older sister and lying about it to me and then he admitted it in the hospital without prompting All I did was ask if he had talked to my sister. PILLOW TALK WITHOUT A PILLOW. Then he said he sees my little sister tweets who tweets about praying for Zach still. She was doing that a long time ago at least for a few years. Then he told me what city the kids were living and that one of the kids was into jujitsu with her family when I asked.

It was mind boggling to say the least in regards to the voting of Trump or not voting for Trump. The ex called me his wife the other day. Still kind of having trouble with the divorce but I let it slide because it’s a habit for him ad he is a bit dense and I think has to do with the slant of his forehead.

Then I asked about my cat in regards to his care for me because somewhere in one of those conversations he mentioned it and then he lied again about it and said the reason he said “I hate your guts” to me was because I was having trouble making a decision about putting my cat down i.e. putting him to sleep. I can’t even believe this guy he is so full of crap though putting on a good show of caring. I have written a bunch of times about each of his lies in regards to to my cat and his lies. HE IS SO FUCKED!

This is how silly he is. I was asking about a certain type game within a game that he had played before online and he wanted to help me. I was asking about some aspects of it. Then I failed a test within the game -a quest- and he belittled me about it. Little man’s complex. Ridiculous. As if he hasn’t failed within the game A BUNCH. It’s a test you can take over and over again till you get it to go on to the next portion of the game so it was very small of him plus I decided I don’t want to yet. Kind of  want to learn and get this portion of the game. The ex is like a bird in THE hand and it helps to some degree for now because of the craziness going on in the world and our country and I have to tolerate it for now




but trying to make the best of it and I have my reasons which are very reasonable.

By the way a reminder:


Now Bret Baier says you can’t have tax reform unless you take ObamaCare off the table.

I take it that Bret Baier and Fox News think Congress and the President are not capable of multi-tasking when it comes to MAKING AMERICA GREAT?

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 7.37.05 PM

 I remember Justice John G. Roberts on the Supreme Court said that Obama Care was a tax so when Paul Ryan offers a tax credit for paying a tax isn’t that kind of redundant.

I think Rand Paul is right. REPEAL OBAMA CARE for the sake of the health care providers:

the Good Doctors.

The promise made by Congress was not to repeal and replace Obama Care

but to repeal Obama Care.

A reporter on Fox news had a freudian slip on the day of the vote for or against the Republican Obama Care which is to reduce the deficit. I thought President Trump was so smart he didn’t need to siphon from the medical field and it’s people and patients of the USA to reduce the deficit!

Anyway now Fox with Bret Baier said that the President said you either vote to change Obama Care Bill/law or you keep it and I don’t believe it. I think what I heard on Fox news is false news. The US citizens were promised by Trump and the Republicans that Obama Care would be repealed. I hope the Republicans keep their promise OTHERWISE …..

Below is an article I found on the internet (of course) about the ten plagues God sent to the egyptian pharaoh to free the Hebrews which I thought was interesting and I have no idea how long it took God to preform these plagues or how long these plagues took but it seems to me we have been experiencing this in a slower kind of way:

What was the meaning and purpose of the ten plagues of Egypt?

Here is a list in short order but you can read about them in the long run and their significance in the article above however I don’t believe every word in this article because an awful lot of the article is up to the reader’s understanding or discretion and OBVIOUSLY the writer of the article as well:

1: Turned the Nile to blood (Baptists? red tide? red sea? communism?), 2: frogs (Congress and it’s lobbyists), 3: gnats (RCC guilt trips against women who have had abortions that were not indulged by the RCC, the press, tse tse, ebola? immigration), 4: flys (Obama and his followers, illegal immigration? the press, tse tse & ebola?), 5:  livestock (Hinduism? Mother Teresa), 6: boils (leprosy?), 7: hail (Hail Caesar? Roman Catholics, mob, LOL), 8: locusts (evangelicals? John the Baptist ate locusts in the desert-if you aren’t with us you are against us, etc, LOL), 9: darkness for three days (dark ages. 3000 years? after 3 days I shall raise a temple, etc meaning his body, flying blind, etc), 10: death of the first born male egyptians (abortions, indulged abortions of the RCC adherents and indulged miscarriages)

The plagues in Revelation are different but possibly the ones used to free the Hebrews may shed light on the 7 trumpets in Revelation. After learning about the mustard seed NOT BEING THE SMALLEST OF SEEDs we have to consider that the bible has been tampered with for many years especially during the dark ages by the keepers of the bible (holy books taken from the temple admitted to)- the RCC to keep people in the dark. And of course John the Revelator might have misinterpreted what he envisioned or hoped for or was high on Devil’s Breath in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (South America). The devil’s breath flowers actually hang and could have been imported from Iraq? Anything is possible but it’s a tasteless, invisible, odorless dust or something that made the Congress pass Obama Care without reading it and probably are attempting to do the same with Paul Ryan’s version. Anyone who votes to replace or keep Obama Care should be tested vigorously to find out if they know/knew what is contained within the huge volume of information entailed in Obama Care/Ryan Care to see if they were hoodwinked and their vote should not count if it found out they did not have sufficient knowledge of it’s business. The medical field isn’t supposed to pay off the deficit of our country. I think lawyers and lobbyists AND BIG BUSINESS should have to pay off the deficit.

President Trump said he told Paul Ryan to pull the bill and Paul Ryan said he told President Trump to pull the bill. I wonder which is true. I think I know. LOL:


The Freedom Caucus did the right thing, IMO. They had not read PAUL RYAN’S CONCOCTION, so why should they vote on it? Like going to the fair to see the bearded lady or the smallest horse in the world but you have to buy the ticket first to see the attraction. True Health Care freedom is no insurance, prices will go down and there won’t be any middle people. Insurance agents and agencies are like priests coming between man and God. It isn’t necessary to come between a doctor and a patient and far cheaper to eliminate insurance. PRICES WILL BE COMPETITIVE! Doctors can do what they do best and are trained to do.





I guess the former

Speaker of the House of Representatives

John Boehner was right;)

Did insurance help

Laci Peterson, Terry Shiavo,

9-11 victims,

Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman?

I don’t think the HIllary camp ad Obama camp (and both include republicans and independents) would be doing the rhings they’re doing such as Obstructing Trump at every pass if it weren’t for what happened at Benghazi.

Maybe we should revisit it and find out what really occurred.

V. P. Pence made a weird speech at least a snippet I heard on a news station about Middle east Peace talks and sending (I forgot the name) to talk to Israelis-

in the Palestinian territories.

OOOOOPS therein lies the problem!

Is VP Pence representing Trump or the RCC? He says a lot of weird things, I’ve noticed.

Is Egypt Palestinian Territory? Is Iran Palestinian Territory? Was Munich Palestinian territory in 1972?  Is Dearborn, Michigan Palestinian Territory or Dallas, Texas Palestinian territory? Is the White House Palestinian territory? Arafat visited the White House in 1996? Is Switzerland Palestinian territory?

Switzerland ‘made secret deal with PLO’ after bomb attacks

Yasser Arafat was married to a French woman. Is France Palestinian territory?

I think we ought to make cuts to the State Department quickly until The State Department gets on the right track!

Reservations might be a good idea for the Palestinians perhaps in Iran or Iraq or both and they could invest in some gambling casinos?

Weather Report Heavy Weather (Complete Album)

My ex when he was younger loved watching the weather channel and the weather. Whether or not there were tornados etc and we had a storm last night that I slept through even the sirens. I asked the ex this morning ‘did we have a tornado last night?’ and he said no and that the weather sirens go off even when there is merely a storm blowing through and I thought how strange and then he added that a new law has gone into effect to warn people of a storm whether or not there is a tornado. I asked if there was circular motion in the storm and he said no not that he knew of but the storm blew apart a few homes which is pretty disastrous. I said it’s probably a good idea to let people know so they can take cover just in case. He said the law was stupid and I said I don’t think it is stupid if weather is being used as a weapon which I believe it is being used as a weapon by places like H.A.A.R.P. (using microwaves as explained by it’s creator but they call it aurora something or other like the aurora borealis lights because it is located in ALaska where Sarah Palin was governor at the start of it’s misuse as she ran for VP with Senator McCain and then taken under Franklin Graham’s wings.) and other installations of the same type that can cause storms and tornados, droughts, fires, mysterious explosions at chemical plants, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis. I asked ‘how do you know about this new law?’ He exclaimed my name and then said it was all over the news last year after the tornado as if I was totally stupid. I said I never saw the news about the new law and he said it was because I don’t pay attention to those kind of news stories and I asked him could you send me the news reports about that new law and he said he couldn’t and I asked could you research it and send me the news about that news story and he declined. I never saw the news story about the new law. Nevertheless if we are being warned of storms that means there is a new attitude when it comes to storms we have not had in MANY MANY MANY years so there must be a new awareness as if we are being attacked which if the weather is being used as a weapon it would be considered an attack in my estimation. INTERESTING!

Funny and VERY strange he never told me when he read those news reports last year after the tornado but he didn’t tell me and he loves to warn me of bad weather coming to scare me I think but after the tornado I don’t get scared. Why? Because it was a miracle that I survived it and I know a miracle when I see a miracle like when the huge birds (the size of condors and in the hundreds at least) came out of a storm and flew around my neighborhood when my cat disappeared for about 7 weeks and he discounted the event as if it happens all the time and it doesn’t. I have never seen anything like it before or since. He replaced my right hand side door of my car after having an accident in my car the one day I let him use my car and a miracle occurred involving that side of my car with my daughter a few years before and one of my other miracles that involved my cat and somehow my beloved cat was destroyed when he said he hated my guts which I wrote about in a different post on one of my blogs. He and his friends don’t like miracles for me which is interesting as well. The other day when out together my daughter told me she was mad at him for having the accident involving the car door. I thought it strange too as if it was manufactured though I didn’t allude to the deception to her because it’s her dad even if he is a scoundrel at best. Catholics don’t like divorce from their religion yet they treat women who were married to a catholic like shit after their husbands die at least that’s what happened to my mother-in-law (she told me about it) who loved the RCC because of the mystery of the RCC (especially when she didn’t understand the sermon in latin) and still loved it ( I think she thought it had to do with her location which it didn’t have anything to do with location, but breeding. The more the Maryier and something to do with warped speed as if that will help. At some point you have to face the enemy and correct it or keel it!~) and then she was hospiced by my ex (her son) who got his “inheritance” starving her.  That’s the word he used for his reward. Talk about an incentive to hospice. A small pittance but I guess it was worth it to him. I call it a “bribe.” But it NEVER EVER CROSSED HIS MIND before he and his brothers starved her to death and they counted the days.

In the bible when Moses leads the people out of bondage from the Pharaoh they go into the wilderness for 40 years following a pillar of light by night and some kind of cloud by day (possibly a pillar of cloud). I watched a hollywood show about Moses and the Pharaoh starring the great actor Leonardo DiCaprio playing the Pharaoh (though the best movie I saw with him was with the English co-star Kate Winslet playing his wife. Very thoughtful and realistic movie called Revolutionary Road and well acted as well of course) and when Moses leads the Hebrews out of bondage there were storms and tornados everywhere in the movie and I wonder why they embellished that part of the event related in the bible except for perhaps THE VATICAN inspired-AL GORE global warming-globalists (climate-change globalists making a killing on the deception using places like H.A.A.R.P.) and to blame God (and Moses) for the bad weather phenomenon which may be man-made not by regular people using gasoline but those who are abusing weapons of war hence the globalists travel by airliners wasting gasoline/oil because they are aware of the deception. Al Gore made a killing acting like the evangelical preacher about false notions he knew were false and then sells his station for a bunch of money to AL Jazeera being an evangelical nutcase. I watched a snippet of his Sermon on the Mount and most of it turned out to be false predictions he made but it was a great cover for the RCC and it’s tactics. Granted the emissions in California and the legislation to control it helped California. I remember saying to my husband at the time “what is that ahead of us” and it was a mountain in the smog right near us but looked really weird. The reason for the smog is too many cars and too much traffic and the way the land is formed in the area. The reason for too much traffic is immigration (much illegal) and the reason for the immigration is the countries that over-populate and the reason for their over-population is the RCC and it’s archaic ideas-the root of all evil so you end up with illegal immigrants who rape a 14 year old girl in high school in a bathroom because the illegal immigrants parents didn’t have time to teach the overgrown boys not to rape a girl in the bathroom at high school. Probably kids of the mob. I don’t know where it happened but could have been anywhere in the USA where illegal immigration is rewarded. I wish the Gore followers would investigate H.A.A.R.P and places like it and try to get past and through the mass deceptions covering up its activities.  I saw one youtube by the man that created it and it was quite interesting what he had to say but that was  a long time ago and since then there has been a flood of information covering up it’s misuse. But H.A.A. R. P. isn’t the only site that does what H.A.A. R. P. does. I think there is one in Italy and many other places.

Was Lot’s wife who looked back at the destruction of Sodom and Gore-morah turned into a tornado of salt in the O.T.? LOL? She was turned into a pillar of salt. However I maintain still that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah has not occurred yet because of the lack of evidence. People who are pillars in their society are respected and often followed as in Pillar of the community, etc. I guess Lot and his daughters thought it was the end of the world and did what they did.

Also Moses throws his sword into the water in the movie and that is not in the bible and more like the story about Lancelot or King Arthur (Excaliber kind of nonsense that Mel Gibson would use in his movie Braveheart and many others. His movies tend to use the same ingredients in the same order, it seems. Even the music tends to copy others. I used to like his art but it became kind of predictable! I think it’s those extra martinis with those little onions!) than what is written in the bible about the escape from bondage out of Egypt. And his movie I once saw and bought about Jesus  I learned was a bit Vaticanized since Rome was occupying Jerusalem at the time of the crucifixion. He is Roman Catholic. HIs movies are funded by ROme for propaganda purposes. He makes a lot of money propagating propaganda one in particular “What Women Want.” That is in the bible and woman don’t want Roman Catholic boys. But in order to know they don’t want them they have to have experience about them and they are not worthy. Women don’t want boys controlling their bodies or their reproductive organs and muscles. There is a reason GOd gave the ability to women and girls. Because they are worthy and can make decisions based on their health, their future, their desires and the timing of their children. Obviously if God was AGAINST abortion women who had them would not be able to have babies later. Mel Gibson will regret his propaganda and hopefully it will be someday soon. As far a bravery is concerned he wouldn’t know bravery if he saw it or heard it or felt it or had a heart to know it. If he were a brave soul he would fight tooth and nail against the RCC fascism and attempt to learn the truth but instead he parishes.

Mel Gibson is a prostituting proselyte of an evil corrupt Whore of Babylon and an elf and his children merely a tax write off. I saw how you carried your daughter. It wasn’t nice! Like a bag of potatoes. Drink up! (I once respected his work until I learned the truth.)

He is actually the enemy of the real and true JESUS as if he crucified Him, himself.

By the way in the Old Testament Al Gore is prophesied but you gotta read it to figure it out yourself (I think it’s in the Book of Zechariah) but I will add it has to do with deception:


I heard VP Pence made a promise to his wife that the world knows about (not going to lunch with a woman other than his wife) but would VP Pence refuse to get on an elevator with a woman or would he meet his daughter for lunch without his wife and meet afterwards on a pier near a sanctuary city, some drugs in a trash can, and a gun under a bench? 

I decided to take a break and had some other important things going on and wanted to watch current events unfold as they have with Pres. Trump attacking Syria’s military base reported on Fox and other news stations and the reaction to the attack by the United States in regards to chemical weapons purported to have occurred in Syria to a bunch of children without interfering or commenting till I could get a clearer picture of what was occurring which is nearly impossible. This happened during the Obama Administration as well and turned out it was false information about the chemical attack overheard by Germany and related via a military personel of the Syrian army/military and intel we received via Germany who happened to have overheard and recorded the phone call made by either a traitor to Assad or a patriot of Assad. It’s possible especially since our people in our military have been attacked by a traitor in our ranks on a military base in the USA but luckily Russia did not attack us (the USA) because of a traitor in our ranks (Islamic) killing our own military personal as has happened on a few bases during the Obama Administration not to mention but I will hospicing military dependents (wives of deceased military men who served our country in good faith and were lied to by our government’s politicians under the influence of Rome, the RCC, and Islam for money offered via the safety net set up by our Great Society President and using Medicare via ObamaCare to trick our military officers and their spouses and families and to gain their assets earned by our military because of pridegreedlustenvygluttonywrath, and sloth the seven deadly sins on which the woman (the RCC) seethes and sits.  I do not trust our INTEL and I think it is about time our country admits that some of the INTEL we receive is false and meant to mislead us into World War 3.

Much of what we receive comes via old FASCIST enemies of the USA during World War 2 and World War 1 some of whom promised to avenge a few bombings made by the USA during World War 2 as was written about such as the destruction of Monte Cassina in Italy by our forces who knew Nazis were inhabiting the Abbey and at the time we were in a Legitimate War with the Nazis A DECLARED WAR and it was legal to have attacked the Abbey written about by Ian Paisley of European Institute of Protestant Studies . He also writes about the Errors of Rome and other issues that should be important to the world since it (the RCC’s errors) affects the world in various ways…… usually very bad ways such as ISIS claiming responsibility for the attack on the Coptic Christian churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday which Pope Francis admonished insincerely as usual. He knew about it though before everyone else because that is where we get a lot of


Fox reported ISIS claimed responsibility and how convenient yet we are expected to believe this claim without evidence of their claim all because it was on Fox News. So I  suppose ISIS is in close touch with Fox News? Sure would be nice if Fox were a bit more succinct and/or specific such as WHICH IS-IS?

I guess It depends on what IS IS.

I think ISIS is a product of the ERRORS of ROME and are used by ROME for their pleasure to attack Christians and anyone who competes with the CHURCH OF ROME AND IT’s errors WHICH ARE MANY.

I have no idea if the latest saran chemical attack on civilians in Syria is true or not especially since it is reported on Fox News and if it is true it is whore-rend-ous. However, I do not recall Vladimir Putin ever saying he had destroyed all the chemicals in Syria but was IN THE PROCESS of destroying the chemicals (Saran Gas in particular) which is not an easy task to accomplish in Syria hearing that ISIS is in Syria and there is a civil/revolutionary war occurring at the same time in Syria. However, the illustrious (past or present….who doesn’t matter) SOS JOHN KERRY said Putin said he had destroyed all the Saran Gas in Syria (John Kerry’s assertion was aired on Fox News) which as stated earlier is a HUGE TASK to accomplish and because saran gas is not hard to make (a derivative of the mustard seed) and anyone could have made it (even ISIS or the RCC and even under the direction of the Chancellor of Germany-Merkel) and John Kerry is a RENOWNED LIAR and shill of the Roman Catholic Church and the NEO NAZI ONE WORLD ORDER with ITS big ugly teeth =THE JESUITS who POPE FRANCIS IS ALSO a member of the JESUITs TEAM after making vows to the DEVIL to be a JESUIT which you have to do in order to be  a Jesuit to save the face of the RCC by lying and killing for the sake of the POPERY (and it’s false teachings) being propagated on societies all over the world forewarned to us by the former

Pope Benedict XVl.

By the way the Coptic Christian Churches in Egypt were also attacked during the time when Pope Benedict XVl was the pope of the RCC and during the Obama Administration as if the RCC is in a time loop of some kind and for the reason I think for us to figure it out that this business is caused by ROME for the sake of the MAFIA and the POPE and it’s cardinals and bishops to continue their false notions because of their lust for power and

LUSTS in general.

Piers Morgon complained on Fox News of the silence about the attack on the Christian Coptic Churches in Egypt and then Fox started reporting about it generously.

It was proven that the saran gas attacks during the Obama Administration were false news stories and since painter’s masks can’t protect a person from death via saran gas which was what the civilians were wearing with their habits and burkas leading kids into the saran gas contaminated areas. And of course dead people don’t walk (do they?) and change their clothing as was reported by truth tellers on the Internet and illustrated as well with photos. Turns out it was the rice or possibly the rice that was shipped via China through India to a Syrian neighborhood that may have poisoned the neighborhood.

Funny thing about India because that is where Mother Teresa made her big gains DIGNIFYING the hospicing travesty (MURDER- SUICIDE) on the unsuspecting public of India  – AND THE USA discriminating between it’s TRUE allies (those who detest fascism and defeated fascism in WWll and defended freedom for the USA and others in the past) and our old enemies and the RCC dignifying a chemical accident in India which killed many people in the neighborhood (insincerely demanding the public affected to FORGIVE) which the factory was situated in (another travesty) and Mother Teresa was recently sainted by Pope Francis for her/It’s criminal activity waging UNDECLARED war against non-catholics and ANOTHER of the MANY Errors of Rome.


and perhaps Fox News et al who distort everything for the Vatican


and it will.

Let us hope that the Mediterranean Sea stays blue

and doesn’t turn into a RED SEA

(blood rising up to the horses bridle)

on account of

the Vatican for the Errors of Rome

and because of the Jesuits.

Remember what Jesus said at the Sea of Galilee to Peter as a warning after Peter asked What shall this man do? And Jesus said “What is that to thee? Follow me.”

“When thou gets old ANOTHER will gird thee and carry (Kerry?) thee

where thou would not.

Follow me.”

and before that he said FEED MY SHEEP


don’t starve them using HOSPICE or an-other way if Peter truly loves Jesus.

Merangue’s Blog

 Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

(takes a while to load but worth the wait’)

Incidentally, David Limbaugh has a new book out about Jesus and the gospels but I haven’t read it and he seems to be in a hurry to sell it on Fox News.

South of Saudi Arabia is the country of Yemen and people are starving in Yemen and Saudi Arabia looks the other way and applauds the bombing of Syria and it was 12 Saudis that attacked NEW YORK, so why does Fox News report as if it’s a plus that Saudi Arabia is for the bombing (possibly under false pretenses and FALSE INTEL) of it’s brother SYRIA?

IF we can’t tell what plane attacked in response to the attack on Syria by the USA how were we able to tell what plane dropped saran gas and from what military base.  DOESN’T MAKE SENSE, DOES IT?

Especially since we were expecting a response


on the lookout!

DRONES NEED TO BE OUTLAWED BY THE WORLD COMMUNITY JUST IN CASE and to avoid future confusion and anonymity of criminal activities against populations especially when dealing with the mustard seed product called Saran Gas!

Trump Confident U.S. Military Strike On Syria Wiped Out Russian Scandal

Also heard on Fox by a woman journalist Maria Bartiromo of Fox News that Trump “passed the test” by responding to the Syrian situation the way he did.  WHAT TEST? WHO knows but I guess Fox News was testing President Trump since they brought it up and/or the RCC was testing Pres. Trump or the United Nations was testing Pres. Trump or Saudi Arabia was testing Pres. Trump. It was only a test.

DONALD Trump is going to be interviewed by her soon. ONE OF THE TRUMPS, ANYWAY.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.22.43 PM

The Outer Limits – 1963 Seasons – Intro – HD – YouTube

Same year President Kennedy was assassinated

and the same year

of the Second Vatican Council.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.28.12 PM


Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.21.22 AM

A trumpet is also the nose/horn of a bird.
I cannot attest to the opinions and or assertions of articles I include in my posts and leave it to interested party or person to discern (let the reader understand) and sort through.
My opinion……. God gets tired of the RCC’s tricks and eventually it ends and I think it takes about an hour literally to accomplish. Forget about a day is a thousand years and a thousand years is a day because I think God means an hour as in an hour is an hour, etc. when it comes to the RCC and the Vatican and it’s last breath having had plenty of opportunities and time to turn around and doesn’t as in thousands of years and we are on the cusp of one of those 2 thousand year cusps.
Now Fox is backing off of their claims via John Kerry of Putin’s surety of cleaning up Syrias chemical arsenal. I never heard Putin say what John Kerry said Putin said that he had accomplished destroying all of the saran gas in Syria. In all honesty how could Putin ever know for sure.
He’s only human
and why would John Kerry expect more of Putin than what he expects of himself?
Maybe it’s time for John Kerry to come clean about those 30 or so witnesses flown to Germany and disappearing from the radar and scrutiny of the USA and it’s True allies
after the Benghazi attack’)


Trump Declines To Publicly Declare His Support For Steve Bannon

I also heard on Fox that Trump might dump Steve Bannon as an advisor because he lacks what other advisors have such as a company of people who depend on him like the Secret Service and State Department or other federal type organizations that make life miserable for citizens of every nook and cranny on earth. That is why he should be an advisor. Independent type of advisor is a good type of advisor for President Trump. I am under the impression Steve Bannon would like to see the USA independent and less obeisant to the wiles, whims and wishes of the UN and the RCC and it’s hopelessness. He reminds me of my brother for some reason. Maybe I’m wrong. He also reminds me of Orson Welles.


But so many false news reports these days it’s hard to tell where people stand and for whom they stand but because he came into the campaign late is a STUPENDOUSLY  STUPID EXCUSE if that is Trump’s reasoning which sounds like Trump lost some marbles or is Big Bird that fell off the wire during his campaign or since his swearing in as President. I didn’t vote for Trump because of the propaganda and lies and couldn’t support him not knowing his purpose and have since been sorely disappointed since he promised to repeal Obamacare and didn’t which obviously was a false promise, so maybe it’s best for Steve Bannon to leave under those circumstances and good timing as well and can wash his hands of the travesties that have occurred because of Obamacare and the discriminating Hospice crisis. It’s hard to trust a liar and so far that promise is and was and remains a lie. Maybe Trump should explain why he made the promise and didn’t accomplish such a small task. He said it was gonna be the first thing he would do on the first day he took office.


NATO stinks to high heaven and Trump…the real one knows it. But hoping he has a strategy and is phishing because it may be the only way to drain and clean the swamp. Not like a criminal Psychopath and Sociopath is going to admit it…Obama didn’t and everyone knew what he was and capable of a lot of evil.

When Obama said at the UN what he said it was self evident. This is what he said:

“The future must not belong to those who insult the profit/prophet of Islam.” referring to the false prophet written about in the bible.

And another indicator “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”

which is psychotic crap and he was speaking in dark sentences

as written about in the Book of Daniel. So hopefully the world leaders understand who and what they are dealing with and squash it like you would a horse fly, a tse-tse fly, an africanized bee or any pest you might encounter who is complicating world events using drones (not just machinery type drones, but human ones as well) and exterminate him FOREVER

because he must not belong in ANY FUTURE.

Abomination of Desolation

 Abomination of Desolation Pt 2

The abomination of desolation is wordplay in the bible and talking about Obama.

I wrote the posts above with lots of help from other writers about the gospels and the discrepancies into bible which I linked and are worth reading. I wrote these two posts during the beginning of my search but I came to some logical conclusions in the posts which are quite alarming. Anyway the last suppers accounts in the three synoptic gospels vs. the Gospel of John should send a chill up your back. ONe of those suppers includes a covenant with many but written about three times the same with a few hits an misses and the fourth quite a bit differently and both accounts can’t be true but it took three times to get a story going but if you compare the three synoptic gospels and scrutinize the three against each other on the same events you can see the lunacy in them. Merangue’s Blog does a bunch of comparing if you are too lazy or don’t have time and some are amusing and some are right on the right on. The Gospel of Matthews Jesus demonstrates his inadequacies as a prophet and displays lack of knowledge of the future. 

I did not vote for Hillary because of her lies and obfuscation especially in regards to Benghazi and the past problems that occurred during her husbands presidency which I think may have been caused by the RCC, the Vatican, and the shill for both Billy Graham.

It could have made Trump a contender of greatness

if he was able to repeal Obamacare

and no one mentioned replacing it during the campaign and why does it need to be replaced? Before Obamacare we had the most SUPERIOR Medical field in the world which was the reason for the treason of Obamacare inspired by RCC proponents such as Nancy Pelosi a shill for the RCC and the Vatican to undermine out freedom to choose and our SUPERIOR Medical field and as the Supreme Court Judge admitted Obamacare was actually “a tax” levied on the people, doctors and their business to pay our national debt accrued by very sleazy politicians padding their own pockets

but Alas

A quack, quack here and a quack. quack there

Here a quack, there a quack, everywhere a quack, quack…..


Thank God for that!

It was those people who arrived late for work either because of traffic or late for their train ride or other good reasons who physically survived the airplane attack on the Twin Towers in New York on 9-11.

I think a mistake was made in Syria but I don’t know about Afghanistan. However, Trump has proved he is willing and capable of towing the line. MISTAKES ARE MADE WHEN AT WAR in every war mankind has embarked upon. I think the North Korean leader and China realize that Trump has a short fuse and possibly righteously short. Definitely unpredictable!

The bombing in Afghanistan may be a deterrent for Korea and others like Iran and may have been also a response to the deception of the sarin gas attack that did or didn’t occur in Syria and a response to the slaughter at the Coptic Christian Churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday whether it happened recently or not so recently.

We shall see. 

I think the leader of North Korea ought to capitulate for his own good and for the people of Korea as a whole and do something good instead of evil and ask for their forgiveness and give up his power for the good of mankind. Wouldn’t that be a coup? If Trump can evolve is it not possible for the leader of North Korea to evolve before it’s too late to evolve. I’m not sure I like the evolution Trump has made but I don’t know the things I don’t know but I liked the idea of independence and not being a puppet to the RCC, the EU, the UN, Islam, NATO, and the New World Order. I hope he devolves more.

Tillerson and the Russian counterpart (don’t know his name are talking which is good)

I believe Russia and I think both Russia and the USA have been tricked by OBAMA somehow in regards to the alleged attack in Syria.

RUSSIA did us a favor and we should be thankful they were willing to handle the Syrian burdens that were shipped to them and because Assad was double-crossed because of the Golan Heights by Saudi Arabia and others. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT and because of RAKKA for Ergodan and instead accused falsely which is so typical of some types of peoples he has had to govern. Putin was not friends with Obama because Obama is evil and he figured it out. McCain a dickhead -a very mean one – who played on his cell phone during the Benghazi hearings (what kind of Senator would play video games during a hearing with Mrs. Clinton about Benghazi unless he knew something … causing havoc for Trump and under the Obama influence and a Warmonger at every chance and opportunity even when it might be disadvantageous to USA military to be so fractured which is the point of all these problems to weaken the USA. has done Obamas work in the Senate. To back the Muslim Brotherhood should be a sign to everyone that McCain is a fucker and made some deals he shouldn’t have and I guarantee some money involved and I think under the direction of another country, possibly CHINA. Arizona was the site of a mass shooting involving a district attorney and others shot including a jewish female Senator who was shot in the head and paraded around by her dickhead husband for Obama to disarm the citizens of the USA as if he didn’t know the assailant and you know he must have known him and Fast and Furious was going on as well. His POW friend also died mysteriously to shut him up, IMO. 

If Pres. Assad was Hitleresque why did Senator Kerry at the time




dine with Pres. Assad and his wife?


By the way many many Republicans and Catholics use birth control along with abortion as a birth control because it is, the difference is the Roman Catholics and associates of Catholicism get indulged and call it a miscarriage and non-catholics don’t. Thats why Roman Catholics and others in Poland had a mass uproar in response because they were being threatened with jail time afterwards or in retrospect of it being legal for having had abortions. OAN the news station love Pence but I don’t not because he won’t have dinner with any other women, but because he is a sanctimonious liar. Like the Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker who reminds me of a serial killer of young women I have seen in the past in the news-looks just like him and I would not be surprised if he is him. I have no idea how much money is amassed in abortion clinics but much better than the mob getting it butchering young girls in an alley who would never have the blessing from God of having other kids like I did.  They were miracles and even the ROMAN CATHOLIC husband at the time said so. He didn’t mind that i had an abortion until Obama came to office and people like Scott Walker and Pope Francis and Bill O’reilly made it an issue, then he minded that I had had an abortion. Amazing. Peer pressure. But what those three really hate is knowing that I found out and revealed that the mustard seed was not the smallest of seed making the Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels  who said it as the smallest of seeds was a fraud (A FALSE PROPHET) and proved it biblically, and physically others proved the same that I included in my posts and that the three listed above were LIARS. That’s what hurt them and so they try to hurt me for having revealed the TRUTH because it hurts their businesses of being


Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 10.30.52 PM.png

In fact abortion was not an issue to the extent it was recently until I exposed

the mustard seed lie.

It hurts doin’t it to be caught in a



I would say I caught a whale of a lie.

Probably the biggest fish a female ever caught;)

Just call me Joan.

‘Why would Pres. Assad take a chance over usage of chemical weapons with Putin or Trump for some neighborhood purportedly attacked with chemicals warfare when he could achieve the same results and death toll via bombs? Someone wants war and I don’t think it’s Pres. Assad, Pres. Putin, or Pres. Trump. War won’t end well between them for anyone.

Who started using chemical weapons in the first place? I think it was the place Kerry took some witnesses and stowed them away. Germany.

Who would gain from a third world war? Who started the first two World wars? Who wants to rule the world and who wants to be the leader of the one world religion?

The Pope,

The Roman Catholic Church,


and it’s counterpart ISLAM has the same intent possibly because of the RCC.

IT’s evident and told in the Book of Revelation of the bible.

Who wears purple and red? bishops and cardinals.

Can it be any more specific and yet Revelation is even more specific.


Very close to the number of countries Mother Teresa spouted she had established her hospices. I think she said 135 countries but you can read and hear her say it herself on Christopher Hitchens exposes of Mother Teresa the SAINT of Pope Francis a Jesuit. COINCIDENCE?

Christopher Hitchens – Mother Teresa: Hell’s Angel

Professor Walter J. Veith – world renowned scientist, author, and lecturer

Once a Catholic and follower of the RCC and learned the truth and he teaches it the best he knows about the relationship between the Roman Catholic Church and Islam and has a lot of historical and indubitable knowledge

and EXPERIENCE to share!

I got hassled last night and stopped by an eager beaver cop named Deputy Stefankiewicz unit #1827. Sounds polish, who said my tail light was out and the ex checked it the next morning and said it was not out, so I was stopped under false pretenses. But later after I wrote I was stopped under false pretense within minutes the ex said just in case there’s a short he’s gonna get new bulbs. So hard to know who’s lying in this case but I know I’m not and I know after I criticized the press I got hassled by the cop within an hour or a little more as if he was “lying in wait” for me because I could tell by how the cop acted and then he said when he handed me the ticket, “Thank you for being nice to me,” after he ticketed me but not for the tail light, of course. I wasn’t wearing my glasses going to the store a block or two away. My hex is on him as well for being ridiculous and small. It’s a shame for a polish deputy to hassle a women for nothing and I hope he doesn’t learn the truth, nor keep his soul. It was obvious he is a puppet mafiosa

mutheer irrumator praetor, in porcus

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 11.33.19 AM.png

I hope his soul ends up in a pig on a cliff as the pigs are about to run off the cliff to the abyss and then I will Thank God!

For my contributions I get messed with. Don’t cops have anything better to do than hassle a woman. I was working at home on my computer and went to the store a couple blocks away to get a pack of cigarettes and not a magazine. Not drinking, speeding, prostituting, or murdering someone, or stealing someones goods and minding my own business. I don’t proselytizing religion but I write as if I have the freedom to write about the bible and current events and write against fascism and the religions that prop fascism such as the RCC and what I think people should note or pay attention to whether I am right in every instance I doubt but I have given a great deal to my fellow man and if they don’t think they are deserving of truth than to hell with them and to hell with the dirty cop. I don’t think he earns his salary fairly. He doesn’t deserve to be paid for what he did. What a waste of human flesh. A lot of males join the police force because God didn’t give them the tools they needed and try to make up for it by being a thug in a uniform so they can drive a car with spinning red and blue lights. That’s not justice that’s abuse of power.

Probably all that he is capable of doing. He couldn’t be an entrepreneur or invent an invention, or create a work of art, and probably knows my ex at least spiritually, mentally, and physically and not sought after for anything because they don’t have anything to offer. The best the RCC can offer.

How nice am I supposed to be?

Is that nice enough??

This is what’s wrong with America!

Abuse of power!~ 

And I saw his spirit when I finally made it to the store after being stopped. He was intensely perverted. An animal. Two very big fat boys and dick head in between.

He was trying to unnerve me. Rattle me. And it did. A Catholic tactic!

By the way the deputy experience happened the night of and after the pep talk to the ex.

It was disgusting how he reacted when I suggested he could be an agent.

This is what is wrong with America

and I believe this is why many people end up taking opioids and engage in substance abuse of opioids because they really do have pain



Just like the Hospice Desolation in over 135 countries because of the


and it’s desire to be the mother of the churches world-wide,

but alas it is merely the Whore of Babylon drunk on the blood of saints.

So no wonder there are revolutions and civil wars occurring world wide.

When the Neodcatechumenal way was forced upon the Japanese a few years back they complained about the rise in suicides and asked the pope at the time if they could have a five-year delay to investigate the rise in suicides they thought was due to the RCC Neo-catechumenal Way. It was a deduction and good one. Then the earthquake occurred and the tsunami then the nuclear accident at Nuclear site called Fukushima and I guess the poisoning of the waters from nuclear run-off and still occurring poisoning the food chain and the population worldwide. !?3 of the worlds oceans are poisoned and the waters beneath.

Obamacare was an attempt to have a coverup for the health issues occurring now due to the poisoning of the oceans. And the naming/labeling of diseases is also a coverup for the nuclear accident that made a lot of people sick and especially those that were more fragile than others. When the nuclear accident at Chernobyl occurred in Russia it also made a lot of people sick for many years. Probably was like the accident in India that Mother Teresa said “to forgive” mocking them. Chernobyl I think was premeditated and possibly caused by terrorism SABOTAGE because they did have some strange type things occurring – terrorism from Chechnya I think. When Islam makes false promises to it’s indoctrinated they are willing to lose their life doing things like sabotaging a nuclear site. We had a few explosions of chemical plants in Texas and elsewhere during the Obama administration and I think they were premeditated as well because they produced stuff for bullets or something to do with guns and Obama did not want guns in his enemies hands – the us citizens are his enemy who still have freedom to write and say what they want to say and write while usually Islamic countries aren’t allowed for fear of being beheaded in Saudi Arabia or put on a hit list for criticism of the 

FAITH of ISLAM or the FAITH of the RCC

It doesn’t help that Islam teaches a false promise that those who terrorize when they die will get 100 virgins ….probably really meaning

100 bottles of virgin olive oil.

mocking of course

(I didn’t make it up. Muhammad made it up)

the olive branch the symbol of peace or victory 


Pope Benedict XVl was the pope mentioned by Malachy as the Glory of the Olive

Saint Malachy Prophecy: Why Pope Benedict is the “Glory of the Olive”

and I think Malachy predicted Pope Francis would be last pope probably stealing some of Nostradamuses information in his quatrains. I think the Bolshivik revolution in Russia and their spiritual advisor may be involved as well in some predictions and the young boy who was a hemophiliac gunned down with his family…Anastasia etc. Signs and wonders, etc. and hence the statement by Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels saying “life is in the blood” as if diseases of the blood in humans is a sin like leprosy, hemo-philism, sickle cell anemia, ebola, leukemia, anemia, cancer of the blood, and others like aids which got full support unlike the rest of the diseases, etc. Excuses…….. Unlike Jesus of the Gospel of John who dined with lepers. And as we learned EBOLA was instigated I think by Franklin Graham/Billy Graham recently for his Samaritan’s Purse to get attention and funds and retaliation for being exposed by Nixon and The Mormon Church and American Catholics, JFK, and me but used his organization for tax write-offs, donations and shoe boxes for his followers to feel better about his abuse of mankind. It was a lucrative business. The Jesuits (bishops and cardinals) felt Aids was deserved as I showed in a few posts as if they created it like they assert that Assad created Saran gas when in actuality it was shipped to him, I think as a trap for him because of his unusual and uniqueness as a leader of an Islamic country. It was not appreciated by the Saudis and so they invaded Syria to cause trouble once he accepted their gift with their al quaeda and others BECAUSE OF THE GOLAN HEIGHTS which is a desired piece of property to the enemies of Israel even though it was achieved by an attack on Israel during the 6-day war that they won FAIR AND SQUARE- the apple of God’s eyes (because of the Ten Commandments given to Moses and the Hebrews and because the Ten Commandments are very important for the world not against the world and for that reason and because of the Golan Heights importance for the protection of Israel. I think Jordan was involved who betrayed Israel who is now or recently applauding the bombing of Syria based on false info I think via the RCC. WHY? Because in the bible it predicts/prophesies that Jordan becomes a part of israel and no longer Jordan during some kind of confrontation in the future and Jordan doesn’t like that.

That squirmish may be soon.

He stole The Samaritans Purse from a gay man after befriending him.  But used it as a weapon against his fellow man and I think he did the same in regards to HAARP causing weather disasters as occurred in Japan, Arizona, and other places and the east coast during the Obama Administration.

Anyway back to the deputy: Thanking me for being nice to him: FUCK OFF. Reminded me of my ex who I live with as well. He was acting worried about the future and his job opportunities etc because he has to care for me…which he doesn’t. It’s an act. Insidious crap. He’s using me. I tried to help him earlier that night and told him what he could do and when I was done he thought he was the King of Siam and funny thing is he won’t do it because he doesn’t have the courage but would prefer to keep me down. It’s a CATHOLIC male thing. Rowlett or Rockwall cops pulled over a girl named Mirella from Bosnia who ran over a couple of curbs for one reason or another and she told them she wasn’t wearing glasses and they didn’t ticket her. She’s the one that’s gonna be rich (she said) when she goes back to Croatia for some reason (not Bosnia where she is from). The one I suspect of killing my cat and who attacked (verbally and bodily without touching) my daughter with her friend in front of our house parking their car on another street  threatening her about some clothing and left her at a mall after hours without hardly any juice in her cell phone over an hour away.because she had something better to do. The one that overdosed on a margarita at a concert and saw dots-  white dots in her eyes. My cat happened to have white dots in his left lung and the vet said should have been able to breathe because of the other lung but was put down by the ex and during that time he told me he hated my guts for me wanting to take him to the vet.= because I loved my cat. Finally I insisted Mirella not be able to come to my home after a few of these instances and when I was at the hospital overnight the ex allowed her anyway because she was still a friend of my daughters at the time but I was suspicious of her when she said I was a MILF and other reasons: which means a mother I’d like to fuck. Getting too cozy in my home, coming over when my daughter wasn’t home (which is rude and I never did that kind of thing to my friends unless invited by the parents) and saying her dad was mechanic yet he couldn’t fix her car and telling us about her mom cutting her own throat and also friends with someone at the police station. Sounds mobbish. At the time the garage door wasn’t working and I had to lift it to open it and when I did once I hurt my heel because it is for a two car garage and was too heavy for me and have not overcome the injury since and gained weight, hard to walk and very painful sometimes. SO when I criticized Maria at Fox news was the same day/night I was stopped by the stupid cop. The cop is probably from Bosnia and not Poland but who knows. I do know that Mirella overdosed recently (heard it through the grapevine) and the parents had to help her a bunch in a tub or something. I’m sorry for her about that but I do not like or am suspicious of people from the Balkans for those reasons. My daughter finally gave up on their friendship because of the things she had done to her and to other kids as well. OUT OF CONTROL or under CONTROL of someone else or something else and causing a lot of trouble. Telling me she’s gonna be rich in Croatia and her dad’s a mechanic from Bosnia?

DOESN’T MAKE SENSE, DOES IT? Unless they are in the mob or being used by the mob and are here in the USA for bad reasons. The mom cutting her own throat isn’t normal. I didn’t believe it but of course if it’s true it’s possible she didn’t do it to herself.

My cat was killed because I had mentioned in my posts that my cat was looking out the window the day of the tornado that attacked my neighborhood and ripped through it and barely touched my home. Oh an 8 foot beam tried to go through my window but only broke the window and I wrote that I saw in the dark Pitch black darkness that I saw my cat walk down the hall in front of me cool and collected as I was hunched over praying in the bathroom. Whoever killed my cat didn’t like that miracle and decided to kill my cat and then the ex replaced the car door because of the miracle when my daughter and I almost were hit by a truck on the passenger side but it didn’t hit us at all. But he had to borrow the car and have someone run into him a few years later to replace the door and then the birds that came to neighborhood I lived in before the one I live in now because the ex went bankrupt and somehow used the house for his benefit. Birds by the hundreds maybe a thousand out of the clouds. Never perched just flew around searching for something I think since they didn’t perch in our neighborhood of a hundred or so homes when my cat was missing and then we found him a few days later. I did anyway. The birds ended up in the creek by the neighborhood a few hours later and disappeared. Their shadows were so big they almost were as big as the roofs of houses and they were flying low.  Medium sized homes in the oldest neighborhood in Rockwall. My ex said it wasn’t that unusual (even though people were stopping their cars because it was unusual) and then there was a story in Plano he compared it too later on of fifteen birds but more like the kind that eats dead bodies Vultures which the birds in our neighborhood were not vultures. I had also seen a huge cat in the neighborhood at 3 in the morning looked like a mountain lion so I was very worried about my cat missing for 7 weeks. It sleeked in a trot but was as fast as if it were running. LIke my mother when she played ping pong. She was so fast you didn’t see her move and even my nephew noticed. That’s fast. AGILE. Found my cat at school in the bus lane under the grove of 12 trees at the time now it’s 11 or ten, maybe nine in the drain almost dead from starvation and liver damage and he lived for many years after he bit my nose he was so happy to see me and after a tip from a friend’s daughter. Beautiful Russian blue cat. The sweetest cat in the world like my mother the sweetest mom in the world and was hospiced without my permission and without my knowledge for 2 weeks before she died when the hospice interfered with the hospital. My cat reminded me of her walking down the hall and at the window on a beautiful day that turned into a a nightmare for some people. My cat wouldn’t have hurt a flea and I wrote about it and I guess it was taking a chance. I know it was a few miracles from God himself and an evil act from the devil in retaliation. Jealousy.  My cat loved everyone he came in contact with but one night I was worried when Mirella was at the house with my daughter in the ex’s bedroom with the door shut and my cat.  I was suspicious but not protective enough and she hadn’t done her worst yet. t think she did something then somehow. Blew something into his lungs through his nose without my daughter realizing somehow. My daughter defended her vehemently while they were still friends and still does in that regard. I know better especially after she left her at the mall by herself after hours one night an hour or so away. I write what happens as clearly as possible what I think is pertinent and relative to the post I write because I believe that I should. I can’t help that there are false stories in the news  and on Fox news and others as well but I respond to what I think I should and try to ignore what I think I should. The last time I saw my mom she knew about my art. She said so but she was not talking about my physical art because she trained me so for her to say she knew about my art later when I saw her she meant something else. I think she meant my writings. My little sister said she would send the tape of my mom saying it but never did because she got mad at me and threatened me not to send pictures of my mom if I wasn’t nice to her even though she was acting like a loony-toon at the time and not herself at The ARC in San Antonio I think under the influence of the 2nd husband a very austere man. So I responded in kind after being called the devil and satan in a letter and wrote to some lawyers for help and didn’t get any help. One even responded and said it wasn’t his wheel – elderly abuse. I wasn’t sure if he was talking about a wheel of Brie or Camembert, a wheel of Swiss Ementaller, Swiss Gruyere, Swedish Ambrosia, or a wheel of Cheshire cheeses or Ezekial’s wheel? One thing I knew he didn’t care one iota and that the US Constitution and Bill of Rights was void of any meaning. GOd did not

So if you find yourself on a cliff hanging there, DON’T CALL ME!

So much for the Constitution of the USA and the Bill of RIghts – a bunch of BULLSHIT. As former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said The Constitution is a dead document and I agree and does not include women and at the time of the writing was enslaving africans and did not include them. Obviously a meaningless bunch of shit Ted Cruz loves but has no mind for truth. THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME is one commandment he ought to investigate a little deeper.

Anyway I feel my writing these posts and sharing them is enough. Yea it’s private stuff but how else can I explain without including personal stuff I feel is pertinent. Both my sisters got involved at some time in their lives with the BGEA and both FUCKED UP ROYALLY. That is their excuse and a very good one though neither realize it because it is a cult that shilled for the biggest cult in the world besides Islam


responsible for so much grief and will be destroyed soon I truly believe because it is an abomination and an adulterous church full of blasphemous ideas like hospice murder suicide and full of lies and sanctimonious at the same time.

If Pence were an honest man he would bring it up. If OAN was honest they would bring it up. If Fox News was honest they would bring it up but they don’t, hence they are liars. I know they know. They know I know they know.


I think the chick on OAN actually is Mother Teresa in a disguise. She (the blond female) went into a tirade about abortion which was when I realized she was a nut. IT was very offensive and today I thought I wonder what she’s like when she’s in her period. LOL The other day the guy on OAN said he was almost always right and I responded and right is wrong. I thought her speech was hateful and I think anyone who talks about abortion clinics and planned parenthood in a vile way should be cited for hate speech because it is and they use false statistics and make up lies about those who have had abortions because I think they are crazy and probably should be investigated for their lies about abortion and the clinics who serve women, girls and their families. It’s getting kind of nasty. Do they talk nasty about those women who have had their tubes tied? Do they get nasty about those who wear rubbers? DO they get nasty about those men who spray their semen in taxi cabs? Do they get nasty about those men who pull out and spray their semen on a young girls thigh?

Do they get nasty about females and males who eat semen?


I consider it to be hate speech (a surprise attack) when I have to hear crazy ass holes on a news program ON THE TV IN MY LIVING ROOM talk about abortion in a hateful way. I think OAN and Fox News or anyone else who goes off on a tangent about abortion on the air should be cited for hate speech and have to go off the air (when they do get nasty about women, girls and their families and their abortions) for at least 48 hours. If they would speak honestly about abortions I would feel differently but instead anti abortionists exaggerate to the nth degree and should have to pay fines for every exaggeration. BIG FINES! The kind Bill O’reilly has to pay when he sexually abuses women on the job site. He is parrishing at the Vatican, I heard, probably because of his decrepit mind towards women on Fox News and probably telling Pope Francis his sins so Pope Francis can enjoy himself and plan his revenge against those women. IF anything untoward happens to them after their settlements I would if I were them fix their attention to the Vatican and pursue a lawsuit against the Vatican for interfering because they are hell bent and do retaliate. I should not have to hear about something that was and still is legal. And as long as it was or is legal in any state it is legal in America. As long as abortion is necessary because of the male with the outtie (A dick) abortion is going to be legal no matter what any degenerate thinks or does or says, unless dicks want to give up alcohol, including wine because believe me it will be on the chopping block if abortion is outlawed and in fact should be connected to abortion statistics as the cause of abortions. As far as funding Planned Parenthood I think it should be funded but with the stipulation that includes a sonogram for abortions (if the female desires it) over a few months of pregnancy to give the female as much information to make a good decision if she desires more information. I know the woman my little sister had her first wedding reception in her home had many abortions and I doubt she would desire a sonogram because she knew what was good for her and her husband whatever it was ( I have no idea, I didn’t ask nor know till later). Obviously she either did not trust herself as a mother or may have had some kind of physical impairment or mental impairment in carrying a fetus to full term or raising a child and had the good senses to know it. If women over the age of 30 or 40 are allowed to risk their fetuses on a test called Amniocentesis which is risky to the mother and fetus then there should be no stigma placed on women who have had abortions and it may be time for lawsuits against those that terrorize women and girls with hate speech on the air about abortions and for having had abortions. IF anti abortionists want to write about it that is alright with me because I don’t have to read it like the bible they don’t read especially the OT, nor understand, nor perceive when they do try to stimulate their ever decrepit minds.

One America News (OAN) is on channel 616

the number of the beast

and also his name.

Not 666


Don’t it always seem to go you don’t know what you got till it’s gone;)

Joni Mitchell-Big Yellow Taxi

Judge Jeanine is standing up and protecting hate speech for someone but if she heard what I heard she would stand up for what I heard from OAN, Unless she is the anti christ as well. LOL Hey how would she like to hear

mutheer irrumator praetor, in porcus

by a bunch of women wearing burkas or ‘hear 1000 arabian or muslim men with guns yelling

Allahu Akbar

at her on her sidewalk (which is public property) every night when she comes home some with rocks in their hands with some children wearing jackets in the summertime. Would Judge Jeanine be for free hate speech, then?

I guess

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 8.24.05 PM


which reminds me of a judge in our family kind of a distant relative – a cousin of my mom who had a son. Everything went well as far as I know until delivery time and the doctor was drunk and things didn’t go well. Their son died quite young and most of the life he had wasn’t with them. Pretty sad. They didn’t have any more kids after that. I think shed would have been a good mom if she were able.

Instead of a Federal black hole opioid study why not invent an anti-drunk pill!

While some people wouldn’t have written, I did, for the sake of my family and those I love and those they love and I hope someday they will be rewarded and so will I because there was no other way to reveal the truth without revealing the truth!

(Pope Francis being the most sanctimonious bullshitter in the world. The epitome of Roman Catholicism. Bless his heart!)

The time my ex has stolen from me and my family I will recoup and he will lose his and possibly his soul and when he dies as I have stated before,

I will say in my mind: Fuck you.

I remember early on hearing with my ears him say inside himself that I would never leave and he’s wrong. My mom told me a voice inside her head told me THAT I should.

I will when I can!

Anyway he is going to pay for the ticket if I get one. He offered. I wonder why! And to get me a renewed eye exam and some new glasses. Sure is awfully nice of him when he usually isn’t.

Could it Be…..

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.49.37 AM

It would be nice if my fans called the police complaining about this deputy until he is fired. Squeaky wheel gets the grease and he deserves to be fired for messing with me on behalf of my ex who is not worthy and please call the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office 972-204-6740 until it submits by demanding the ticket issued (under a false pretense) against me be dropped immediately by the Deputy Stephankiewicz 527 in Rowlette, Texas on April 13th, 2017 and that he be fired. 

A dove lit upon my fence.

I don’t like the times we are in. The times have been hard on me and my loved ones and so I put a hex on you for your contributions to making my life harder than it had to be and for my family which includes my loved ones.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 8.57.25 AM.png

I Put A Spell On You – Bette Midler – Hocus Pocus 1993 – HD edited

I hope and pray you pay out the ASS in a multitude of ways for interfering and causing harm to them and to me.

Found this article by

Ann Coulter and thought it would be a good ending for this post.


War is like crack for presidents. It confers instant gravitas, catapulting them to respectability, bypassing all station stops. They get to make macho pronouncements on a topic where every utterance is seen as august.

On the other hand, Trump’s Syrian misadventure is immoral, violates every promise he ran on and could sink his presidency.

Left to his own devices, uncontaminated by Washington group-think, Trump gets it right.

Back in 2013, when President Obama was being egged on to attack Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack far more sweeping than this latest one, Trump tweeted:

— Aug. 29, 2013:

“What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval.”

— Aug. 31, 2013:

“Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III.”

— Sept. 1, 2013:

“If the U.S. attacks Syria and hits the wrong targets, killing civilians, there will be worldwide hell to pay. Stay away and fix broken U.S.”

On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly stated that he had no interest in starting “World War III over Syria,” saying, “We have bigger problems than Assad.” His policy position was: “Let Syria and ISIS fight. I look at Assad — and Assad looks better than the other side.”

Trump was right on every point.

Assad is one of the least bad leaders in the entire Middle East. He’s not a murderous thug like Saddam, has no rape rooms, isn’t into jihad, protects Christians and is fighting ISIS. He provided us with intelligence on al-Qaida after 9/11. He does not have crazy Islamic police slapping women around or throwing gays off buildings. (That would be our beloved ally, Saudi Arabia.) 

Trump was also correct about Assad’s opponents being far worse, containing large helpings of both ISIS and al-Qaida.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 5.39.40 AM

My perception is: The problem with Trump and his advisors is the guy called Matt (the one with the bags under his eyes, probably color blind) whom I think misled Tillerson (a Jew hater and a Saudi/oil/lover regardless of the consequences to others) and also the guy in charge of the NSA called Mike of Michigan (has a slippery tongue). These are impressions of mine but I think it would be wise to not listen to them.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 5.41.42 AM

These two are spiritually decrepit and need to resign from their posts for their perversion and their


Bad for business and bad for the USA

Both need to depart and sent into space to gnash their teeth for quite a while,

otherwise Trump will go down in INFAMY as an IDIOT!

The CIA is attacking Assange and are trying to assert themselves as ethical which is WRONG. Lost the argument a long time ago. Who hired Osama Bin Laden to cause problems in Chechnya and other places and parts of the Soviet Union at the cause trouble in the outskirts of the Soviet Union. I think it was the CIA and now Fox is saying that someone in our government is saying there is increasing evidence that Russia is  involved with the Taliban in Afghanistan. I doubt it. Not like the USA is situated there but I do recall Black Ops (Black something or other but an organization that the CIA knows about and is supporting) being in Pakistan. Why?


Then we assassinate Osama Bin Laden in or near Pakistan whom we corrupted and  because of the corruption he turned against us. That is evil how we used him, isn’t it?

The informant who tipped us off to where Osama Bin Laden was residing at the bequest of the CIA and the Navy Seals and because of the presence of al qaeda causing trouble in Pakistan is left to die in prison in Pakistan I think it was. Promised protection and didn’t get protection, but was let down by our government. Is that ethical?

Now the US Navy was corrupted during the JFK years or before when the cardinal Cushing/Cush who married him to his wife (set his marriage up and their meeting) and was also in charge of his funeral was at the most famous Navy base on the east coast called Annapolis when JFK was assassinated and died and got confirmation of his assassination as if he was in charge of the assassination probably because JFK said he would not let his Catholicism or that he was raised as a Catholic influence his presidency but the world council of churches didn’t believe him, but obviously the RCC believed him.

And can Fox be more specific as to what evidence there is that Russia is involved with the Taliban if the evidence is increasing then prove it. Fox is obviously in the know when it comes to ISIS who are in touch with them so maybe the Taliban are also in touch with Fox as well?

Assange did us a favor and out-witted the CIA as Snowden outwitted the NSA.

Anyway I’m sure we had good intentions for some of the things we did as a country but things don’t always work out as planned and one thing leads to another and start to spiral out of control. Protecting Europe was a good idea but everyone’s interests in no way can be accommodated and perhaps its a good idea to become independent and work on our own country inside our own country and let other countries work out their defenses and perhaps we can unspiral the mess we are in over a period of time however our allies deserve our help and we deserve theirs but some have gotten confused and involved in some bad deals. When LBJ was president some strange things occurred such as phantom ships and everybody went hush hush because of the strangeness of the things occurring and we ended up in Vietnam and the vicinity. Maybe we should have tried to figure out what was occurring before stepping into the jungles fighting a war the politicians didn’t want to win. Similar to how we ended up in Iraq and Afghanistan after being attacks by 12 Saudis in planes trained to fly in Florida while George Bushes’ RC brother was Governor. Perhaps if he had done a better job governing the state of Florida 12 saudis would have been noticed learning to fly planes as missiles not being interested in learning to land them unless it was the Roman Catholic plan and the Bushes in their  crosshairs. And don’t forget about Elian Gonzales whose mom died trying to get her son to freedom and he was sent back during the Clinton-George Bush years and don’t forget about Waco when it could have been handled a whole lot differently but that was in Texas. It’s okay for the Roman Catholic clergy to engage in unwanted sex and abuse of kids? Why? Kissinger? The Jesuits? The Club of Rome? They were american citizens that died in Waco and I think were afraid and burned alive because of lack of patience and because of the name The Branch Davidians. It was one HUGE BLUNDER on the part of the government which overplayed their hand and a GREAT SIN.

I’m sure getting tired of the platitudes by some people about the USA establishing themselves as the Super power etc which should not be the point. We already were a superpower in that we have nukes (but so does IRAN) and have had ONE success and that is winning WWll. Ever since then we have been misled by the likes of Billy Graham and the RCC and the peace treaties were obviously not respected by those who resented the win we had in EUrope against fascism and the influence of the Vatican. Russia was also at war with Germany at the same time and if they hadn’t been at war with Germany we might not have won WWll.

The wall in Berlin should have remained because of NAZISM and FASCISM. IT would have been a good thing if Germany could have been trusted but for some reason the leaders of Germany keep reasserting themselves as superior when they are anything but ….

more like a reoccurring nightmare.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Anyway what Reagan accomplished being applauded today because of ( I think) an anniversary of the time when he said “Tear down this wall” to Gorbechov and yet the same people want a wall between Mexico and the USA. Kind of interesting. Good fences make good neighbors however that fence was very harsh but was that because of the Soviets or the Germans, or both? Many Russians died fighting against Germany. Lots more Russians died than Americans, Europeans and jews combined and I don’t think the Russians used ovens and gas chambers unlike the NAZIs of Germany (to the dismay of Spicer who recently said some lies about gas being used whether he just misspoke I cannot say but then so have a bunch of people about Syria and more than likely Germany played a role in the set up of Bashar Assad.), Poland and other places in Eastern Europe and Western Asia at least at that time nordid they experiment on jews. Think about the wall between the Koreans. Very harsh. If there wasn’t a wall what would become of South Korea?

World War II casualties of the Soviet Union

I think our president either misspoke when running for President in regards to Russia, Putin, Obamacare, America first, the wall, China, Fair trade, taxes, and many other things which makes me think he is only a puppet of someone else. I think our military is a puppet of the UN now. We’ll see, but I don’t think it bodes well for America first. I’m hoping we are tricking the trickers. We will see.

Germany should have never been rebuilt because of the never learning attitude of their mistakes of the past. It should never be trusted again. Look how Merkel behaves because of Greeces unsustainabliity and others and for pursuit of austerity (I have a post about the Gospel of Luke misrepresenting Jesus and his self description of being an austere man -austerity and talking about talents and it sure doesn’t sound like the Jesus I know…more like Obama) for Obama. Very similar to my sister who loved to spend other peoples money and when she owed money because of mistake by her husband on the stock market used hospice to kill a family member (her mom) in retaliation but when you owed her money she calculated it to the penny. When the opposite happened when she owed money she rounded it off. When Germany owed money it got help, probably stole money, etc but never forgot and planned revenge. Peace treaties were just a tool like contracts which are meant to be broken. I think it would have been better to allow Germany to rebuild Germany and maybe it would have learned not to be so aggressive and warlike however I think history proves them to be eternally warlike.

Revolution occurred in our country and a civil war and other countries should be able to have the same without our interference.

Which begs the question What is a good fence and what makes a good neighbor?

Myself I don’t think Mexico has been a good neighbor not because of the people but their government. IF we didn’t have guards on our borders some good Mexicans would have died and yet some of the guards have been killed as well. Mexico incarcerated americans without due process sometimes for years with torture. That is not a good neighbor. Students beheaded as well south of the border. That is not a good neighbor. I don’t think a wall is gonna suffice. I think a regime change will also have to occur in Mexico. Obviously many mexicans and central americans are fleeing a bad situation and corruption, but the enemy uses those fleeing and hides between them to screw us up and them. We are america and are supposed to be inviting to the poor etc Give us your poor etc but extreme taxation make it impossible for the poor to pull themselves up or want to come out of the shadows and for the middle class to maintain itself and so the corruption in our federal government needs to be addressed and I was hoping Trump would confront it. Insurance also is corrupted and if we went without it I think it would help increase the value of our dollar and trade would increase, production would increase and good doctors would increase and things would be better for all of us even the rich. Without the middle class the rich will die and diminish either because of a revolution or civil war or because no one will buy their products and will steal them instead and because they can’t buy their products.

Federal income tax was instituted as voluntary and strictly for the defense of our country not for every pet project that comes down the pike or to be the police of the world and now federal income tax has become INSANE and so has the IRS.

I think the mafia needs to be confronted and that is how we will win and so will good Mexicans. The RCC is part of the problem because they protect the Mafia and the mafia protects the RCC except in rare cases when a priest goes against their grain and is used as an example of martyrdom for the RCC to gain favor. IT’s sickening.

I think the answer lies with the Panama Canal!

We built it and we should retake it.

I think it would change the dynamics in Mexico, Central America, and South America and the RCC’s interference in our private lives.

Good fences protect private lives and somehow we need that kind of fence.

By the way, who built the Suez Canal?

I kind of think if Trump doesn’t take back his former beliefs he won’t be in office very long. I don’t think he is in charge. I think Melania is in charge.

And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.


How dare me

to say this:


Now people in South America are trying to show the Passion of Jesus via depictions because of you.

 LIke Nixon exposed Billy Graham drunkenness exposed you

and the real Jesus was Jewish


and I hold you personally responsible for the support your receive ad give to the RCC for propaganda purposes for the death of my mom by hospice and the RCC’s propping of murder suicide by hospice (Mother Teresa’s EVIL legacy) because she told me she wanted to live to 105 and I hold you responsible in part for the lower standards in the medical field and the lowering of the life span of mankind and womankind in the world and for the seed of ignorance you sowed.

Anyway the site that Trump had bombed looked like a dirt farm and I’m not impressed. Fox (Watter’s World) says about 38 of the ISIS were killed. How could they know if it was similar to a nuke? DID they have id’s on them saying ISIS?

I’ll be impressed when MECCA and MEDINA get the same treatment two places that inspire ISIS and propagate false beliefs such as 100 virgins when you die in the act of killing for ISLAM.

Syrian Chemical Attack: The Sequel

How did ISIS get into Syria? Lets look at a map. Where did we hear ISIS start out in>? I think it was near Raka a disputed piece of territory between Turkey and Syria. Turkey the prize of the EU. (Let the children play with the Turkey” said JFK before it became dinner FOR THE TIGER.) Now after the bombing by Trump of a military base in Syria then  “who does he think he is” Erdogan of Turkey (probably part of the royal family of Jordan and family heritage) comes out of the woodwork and I think he did it too soon not to be noticed BY THE TIGER. Hair of women and the lip of MECCA.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 8.16.53 AM

I guess he got kind of excited. The kind of excitement some men have before the woman gets excited because he didn’t really care about the woman kind of excitement.

He’s just f..k..g her.



Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 4.14.42 PM

A bunch of people killed on their way into Alleppo and guess what: Alleppo is near Turkey and I bet but I can’t say for sure Turkey doesn’t want the refugees like Mexico doesn’t want their refugees or the Central American refugees.

Rakka or Raqqa is close by. Like going to Waco from Dallas or less.

Raqqa (Arabicالرقة‎‎ ar-Raqqah), also called Rakkaal-Raqqah, and ar-Raqqah, is a city in Syria located on the northeast bank of the Euphrates River, about 160 kilometres (99 miles) east of Aleppo.

Lusty Month of May – YouTube

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 7.27.27 AM.png

Feet Like A Bear

I get mixed up sometimes with all the knowledge I have had to grasp which is probably more than most people biblically speaking and having to match it to maps as they change often purposefully and history and it changes often depending on perspectives and propaganda like the Sea of Peter (SOP: He dipped his bread in SOP) vs the Mediterranean, etc but when I say Baltic I really meant Yugoslavia and the break up of Yugoslavia: the Balkans (sounds similar anyway and a lot of bible is based on sounds like bread vs breadth vs breath etc): Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia and another one Hertz HerzOGOVENa as in death etc

Pictograph of Yugoslavia’s members

One obviously is a hertz for funerals and the sign above the School Book Depository where JFK was murdered ( a sign).  The car called “the beast” built for the President of the USA stabbed him in the back which you can read about on Merangue’s Blog. It was the first shot. Someone provided a bullet that didn’t go through a tie. It was a contraption in the car that was set off by a person sitting by another sign of the highway he was nearing when his elbows went up-  remote controlled and the controller sauntered away the opposite direction of the grassy knoll and I think it was OBAMA. It was a skinny tall kind of a black man with funny looking pants and shoes sitting down at the highway sign (with another guy) for Stemmons Freeway. Some of the movies don’t show it because they were edited and some do I found it. He pushed the button and walked across the road and across the field. Then what was in the roses that Jackie had at the airport was something else and you can read about it linked on my site. Sounds rather impossible, doesn’t it. This is who we are having to deal with worldwide causing trouble with a few others. I have done a lot of research and worked very hard and no one gave me a law to help boost my sales or the price of a ticket, but the opposite.

The next is Shultz a kraut from Hogans Heroes.

The next is a mace for macedonia.

Last and least is “the boss” who has a song he likes to sing and spiritually deaf “I’m the muffin man” which is actually “I’m the nothing man” which is often misheard. Spiritually not nice, but you would have to understand where some ideas come from and why people say the things they say sometimes and what or who is influencing you good and bad. He got Obama to consider creating a law about concert tickets because of the scalpers and blaming scalpers for higher prices of concert tickets which is BS. The tickets were too expensive because they were too expensive. I suppose if a man sells a cigarette for a dollar on the street he deserved to be beaten to death in New York? There are other ways to overcome scalpers. Find people you can trust to sell the tickets, but alas he didn’t have the faith of a mustard seed and instead of moving a mountain got special OBAMA treatment as if he didn’t make enough. Like we need more laws. Thanks heaps. The problem was as with most businesses technology screwed you. You aren’t the only one and what do you have to complain about. Filthy rich spoiled brat but I like your music except the sax player sucks but he’s black therefore like Obama that makes him good. Everyone knows he is the worst sax player on earth but everyone loves a person who uses black as an uncle tom or a TOKEN BLACK (like Colin Powell a Saudi puppet) to avoid looking prejudice when in actuality that is prejudice and rather ridiculous. There are tons of black sax players that can play better but he must have been real cheap cheap cheap. What a schmaltz! Lots of white guys can play better, too. Obviously it was a ploy of some kind. YUK You are a nothing man in reality because only a nothing man would do it.) A mere panderer. There are lots of panderers and you would fit right in in Washington Dc. Maybe you should run for some office so you can encumber american citizens with nonsense. My brother said the Bruce Springsteen concert was one of the best concerts he had ever seen or heard but he went to very few. LOL He was also for the protection of copyrights for musicians because people were copying music without paying but I think as long as you don’t sell it it should be allowed because if we hold back people from information even music we might not have heroes like Assange and Snowden who let the people know our government wasn’t necessarily on our side. GIving up freedom for security isn’t always a good thing. Besides changing from records to 8 track tapes to 4 track to cds to dvds is kind of a technology boost for the musicians which most people don’t get and recording off the internet etc isn’t usually the best recording sound wise when played in a car or anywhere etc much like listening to the radio and the main buyers aren’t the ones doing it but they are supported by the ones buying music dvds and concert tickets for them and deserve respect. I guess Bruce didn’t get enough love nor money in his career. It becomes like a drug, doesn’t it.

I painted a barn a big one and renovated it via painting into a spa with shops and health areas, an exercise area, a lobby, bathroom, etc and had only 24 hours to get it done with two other people, my ex and his friend. We did it too. Stayed up all night to achieve the results and yes the paint was still wet when the 24 hours was up and I didn’t get paid while the friend did get paid. Ended up with a thorn the size of a stick under my fingernail I had to pull out. Could you do that? I doubt it.  Can you imagine what my mom and dad were like? LOL

I hope you step on a crack!

I invested a bunch of money in some programs such as Painter 3-d Bryce and others I loved and computers updated and I can’t play them anymore.  IBM took over and screwed up the computer arts. I had an Amiga computer and it went defunct even though it was the first of it’s kind. I had a spa membership and it died. I had a place to work out and it decided not to care about the neighborhood. I had a house and it was used by the ex for bankruptcy and who knows what else possibly a pay off. My neighbor shot my dog and a bosnian girl killed my cat and harassed my daughter for no good reason. I had lots of things taken from me and then I was isolated because of my brother-in-law suggested it because he had abused me in the past and I tried to handle it and dealt with it a number of times and lost my family. I ended up in hospital nearly dead cut in half. Lost one family member my mom to Hospice that I loved for punishment or as my sister would use a move for ATONEMENT and my daughter was bullied in school called a whore because she was my daughter and because I divorced her catholic dad. My dads picture was used as a picture at Benghazi of the man with one eye missing etc. And others of my family being used as props for some fucking freaking fucked up church. My daughter has overcome because of miracles. My other daughter was abused as well and has overcome because of miracle. I was poisoned and bullied and put in jail overnight under a false arrest because the daddy didn’t want to deal with his daughter who at the time was out of control because of the lies he told her about me and tried using her against me like a very shitty daddy would but since he was Roman Catholic got away with it and said for me to be grateful he paid the bail even though he called the police on me.  And it goes on. You think you have it hard? the concert tickets are too expensive because you think too much of yourself. Brace yourself because it may get worse not because of Trump but in spite of him. And I believe because my parents were special people and deserved better treatment and I think God loved them dearly and they loved me.

Brace yourself because it may get LOTS worse not BECAUSE Of President Trump,

but in spite of him.

It got worse during the Obama Administration and don’t think it could have gotten any worse then it did thanks in part to his fans, but I don’t know, I’m only human.

Part of the reason it got worse is

The Sound of Silence

(I don’t think even as powerful as the USA is or any other country on this earth and their leaders and their underlings like Mattis (hazmat really got proof of Bashar Assad’s involvement in a saran gas attack on a few when a bomb would have had the same affect such as the one used in Alleppo without much ado?) and all those alliances I don’t think it is in their hands or anyone else’s however they have a part to play hopefully they will do it honorably and truthfully.)

especially in regards to the abuse of the elderly and vets being hospiced because they represent the enemy to the RCC, Islam and the BGEA having to do with WWl and WWll and the perceived enemies of the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT/RELIGION WITH TEETH and NATO is involved.

I liked it better when Trump wanted some new agreements, that proved to be good for the USA not bad. Something has happened because he doesn’t seem to be the same person that ran for President and not just because he learned some things. In any case, I think there are more than one and one of them will hopefully accomplish what is needed to be accomplished written about in the bible in one hour literally. I’m sure some stuff is missing as well edited like so much of the bible has been even punctuation can make a huge difference in our understanding because back when it was written there wasn’t any commas. LOL so it’s a conundrum to say the least.

as being the claws of the bear described in the bible. Feet like a bear. The only thing interesting about a bear’s feet are it’s claws which are kind of big especially on big bears and of course those claws are deadly, aren’t they?

However there are five claws, not four:

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 5.07.14 PM

And of course

The Book of Acts is the fifth gospel

and whoever screwed up Peter. ANANIAS, the Tanner?  The one that carried out Sapphira for lying to the holy spirit about money as if the holy spirit is concerned about taxes and the price one sells their home and how much a person donates of their proceeds to a cult.

Only Matthew the tax collector would have been concerned

and the IRS and the Vatican

who leeches off the IRS proceeds in various ways through various channels and leeches off other places which collect taxes.

Here is a poser for ya in regards to Abortion vs Hospice:

When you have an abortion and God blesses you with a baby later when prepared to have one they are miracles like the two of mine and beautiful.

When you hospice your parent for their assets or because of a deal given via Obamacare/Medicare because it’s free by starvation or other ways do you get a new parent and who is the parent: MOTHER TERESA?

Wasn’t Rosebud the meaning of Mother Teresa’s name? I recall reading her real name meant Rosebud. Rose Kennedy was President Kennedy’s mom. The movie was about WIlliam Randolph Hearst as in Hertz Herzogovena as in the Secretary of State for the Vatican the darling of Rome and Germany who is I think a relative of the Hertz though in Germany his name is spelled Hurtz with two dots on the “u” and his name is Gansweine as in Pig wine or pig swine without weeny, etc not sure of the spelling but was the braid adjuster for Pope Benedict XVl – His job other than tennis with his mailish friends. Rosebud is the meaning of the name of Mother Teresa either from her original name where she was raised – Vulgaria or something similar. I read it a while back. I think the famous movie about William Randolph Hearst is a forward pass if anyone wants to catch it from someone who knew something. I think it was acted out and produced during a blacklisting time in Hollywood. People were blacklisted for being sympathetic of communism or communists and it was the nazi way. Nazis don’t like Russia and Russia doesn’t like nazis. There are good reasons for their distaste. One isolates the other with powerful propaganda using the vatican and roman catholicism which is all over the place and has been around quite a while and utilizes Islam. It isn’t nice to assassinatee leaders and religious leaders which is the fascist roman catholic way. Islam came from Roman Catholicism when a nun married Muhammad and they introduced a new religion is what I have understood and I guess a meteorite caught their eye and used it somehow with LOTS AND LOTS OF LIES but in reality both use each other. However some of the people indoctrinated into Islam are catching on (and that’s why there are so many factions and so forth having revolutions, civil wars, etc in these countries because of their dissatisfaction and disillusionment and I hear Saudi Arabia is building a wall like the Vatican in fear of the revolutionists and their retribution for those lies like 100 virgins and other things.) – People like Salmon Rushdie and others but many are afraid especially the liberal ones that come on Fox news and so they soften their criticism quite often. Ignorance is not bliss though the pope clings to it as his excuse even though he’s not and is a pimp.

If people stopped using Hertz for funerals there might be less funerals.

Makes sense, doesn’t it at least in the long run. I remember what Gov. John Connally (Sorry about spelling) said in the hospital which was a clue as well. What was the saying about taxes and death:

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.18.15 PM

Quotes Uncovered: Death and Taxes


I’m back to inviting readers to submit quotations whose origins they want me to try to trace, using my book, The Yale Book of Quotations, and my more recent research.

Ewout asked:

Who was the first to say these famous words: “Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.” Some sources mention Ben Franklin, others say Mark Twain or Daniel Defoe. Thanks!

This is usually attributed to Benjamin Franklin, who wrote in a 1789 letter that “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” However, The Yale Book of Quotations quotes “‘Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes,” from Christopher BullockThe Cobler of Preston (1716). The YBQ also quotes “Death and Taxes, they are certain,” from Edward WardThe Dancing Devils (1724).

Allahu Akbar

media and have ex with IN the last post or the one before that probably on different blog because I have about 6 or 7 of them I wrote about what Islamic nuts (the ones that kill people for nothing say as they kill indiscriminately for attention) like the one on the news lately who killed some older man in his 70’s (shot a stranger) because of some problem with his girlfriend and posted the murder on Facebook and if you unscramble the last word these nuts say it spells Barak without a “c” as if these guys think Allah is Barack or Great when the meaning to them is Allah is Great. Their god being Allah. I linked an article about it in the title. I have heard the saying which is in the bible about the “son of man cometh as lightning comes from east and shineth even unto the west” and I have read that Barack means lightning from bible scholars on line. But as far as I know Benjamin Franklin was not called Barak or Barack but he was a GREAT invented and made it so we could see at night by his devotion to science. Perhaps some of those scholars want to give the credit of electricity to their Muslim/Islamic god. But there definitely is some kind of connection. I don’t think Muslims/Islamians have ever invented anything but lies except for a few like Salmon Rushdie and look how he was treated He was put on hit lists with a bounty on his head for telling the truth about the religion of Islam, etc. Generally they just behead people in Saudi Arabia and call it honor killing because they kill honor. Not sure what it is but definitely there is a connection. There are lots of people named Barack but not ex presidents or similar names like Ehud Barak of Israel.  The bible quote may be a bit off and I don’t want to look it up right now but it’s kind of interesting. Maybe a connection to the random killings, but definitely madmen. If they had been taught correctly maybe this kind of stuff wouldn’t be happening. Saw an interesting article about Clitoris cutting and comparing it to male circumcision which a lie. First of all, do males get their flap back when they marry? NO not until late in a bad marriage or during divorce do they get their flap back Just kidding. I think physical circumcision was not what God meant because there are people like hemophiliacs that would bleed to death possibly. SO it must not have been God IMO who stopped Abraham. Circumcising probably meant using a rubber or stopping oneself from entering the female early on. Think before you do it because circumcising sure didn’t accomplish male sexual sobriety towards each other or towards females. So what was the purpose? To make the male penis prettier?

Circumvent means to find a way around, to deceive or outwit, to overcome (a problem or difficulty), typically in a clever and surreptitious way, and I think circumcise must be kind of a relative to the word circumvent. Anyway  I think circumcision might have been an invention of Abraham and not God. I might be wrong about that but it seems rather odd God would make a covenant about a flap on a penis which led to clit cutting and I would think if it were God who thought of the idea of circumcision knowing the future would have been against it for the sake of females. The devil hates females so me thinks it was the devil possibly unless some of the event is not included for some reason and /or was edited …….because back then people didn’t talk about sexual type stuff honestly. I do think God loves the female as much as the male and wouldn’t want to see females being cut for honor’s sake and because it is extremely BARBARIC. Did God approach Peter and say I want you to have my baby? “The Father of lies” must have some kind of meaning which is in the gospels and may be referring to Abraham because he was considered to be the father back then since people called him Father Abraham, right? And to top it off Jesus in the Gospel of John said

“Before Abraham was I AM.”

which upset a lot of people and quite a few set out to kill him after that. God when he spoke to Moses to tell the hebrew people who he was said “I AM THAT I AM.” And then after freeing the hebrews slaves from the Pharaoh and his army which were drowned in the Red Sea, Moses brought down from the mountain to the Hebrews

The Ten Commandments.

And also people say Jesus was killed at the age of 33 and yet when talking to Jesus in the Gospel of John in regards to Abraham some people say “you are not yet 50 and you knew Abraham” to Jesus as if it is possible to have known Abraham if older than 50 years of age ?????????????

And if that is true then when Jesus in the Gospel of John says “Before Abraham was I am” is true because it happened 2000 years before.

In my opinion these things mean something and should not be dismissed as insignificant.

People also set out to kill Jesus after he raised Lazarus (IN THE GOSPEL OF JOHN) from the dead. Why would they do that? I don’t think the raising of Lazarus is in the Synoptic Gospels except mentioned in the Gospel of Luke kind of surreptitiously (to avoid notice) about a great divide of some kind.

They cut females clits to keep females honor for the family of the female and this article is pretty explicit about the problems that occur because of clit-cutting which is very horrific and which does not occur to the penis unless you have a blood disorder.  Honor is not something you should force on a person. Honor is something you learn by example and experience. Anyway the article about clit cutting is on WND and was barely touched upon on Fox News by what’s his face: the great debater: Tucker Carlson.

I definitely think something huge is missing about the covenant about a flap on a penis.

Circumspect is also a relative of the other two words which means: wary and unwilling to take risks; cautious like wearing a seat belt

Since woman’s body and future are at risk when reproducing they get to decide when and if they want to take a risk.

When military men were chosen in the OT the way I explained the men that lapped up the water on their tummies were not executed for their stupidity or their laxness in regards to their safety, they just weren’t chosen to fight for a military success and probably given jobs in the press. LOL

I don’t know what the relationship to Abraham taking his kid up some mountain for a sacrifice has to do with circumcision. Circumcision is done to babies these days and not to boys and men and heals quickly and does not affect their pleasure when having sex later in life. Not sure about the Jewish religion when they cut the flap or if they cut their flap. Clit cutting does affect the girl/woman so she does not have pleasure during sex which is SADISTIC to the nth degree and I don’t believe God would want that for the female in any way.

And if cutting the flap on a penis is done to babies why not cut the flap on the penis while it’s in the womb if life begins at conception. And why not cut the clitoris of a female fetus while it’s in the womb if life begins at conception. If life begins at conception how come insurance doesn’t cover life in the womb from the moment of conception? If life begins at conception why aren’t we employing them and taxing them in the womb: a huge labor force not being utilized? We do amniocentesis in the womb which can cause problems to the fetus by quite a percentage which I didn’t do for my kids that I decided I wanted even though I was in the age group that is often prompted to have the test because of the risks involved. Is that counted as righteousness?

It was counted/accounted as righteousness to him (whoever him is: God or Abraham) that Abraham took his kid up the mountain for a sacrifice and bound his son for the sacrifice and an angel of God stopped him from sacrificing his own son (and Abraham said God would provide a sacrifice to his son when his son asked why they were on the mountain and where is the sacrifice and he then ties up his son, called binding, to be sacrificed with a knife near his throat and then the angel stops him and then finally they see a ram that was caught in the brambles to be sacrificed). The bible says God said it never crossed God’s mind to sacrifice the kid yet it’s an angel saying it ….NOT GOD. and then afterwards he starts circumcision on his tribe and the bible does not say anything about God suggesting it to the males of all ages or to anyone as far as the bible says. I really feel we are missing some link; like the missing link between ape and man in evolution. I’m not trying to be difficult but something is AMISS obviously. Then there is the covenant at the last supper in the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) and not in the Gospel of John. What’s odd is Jesus says in the Synoptic Gospels to drink his blood to the apostles at the last supper yet he had not been sacrificed yet because he is sitting with them having supper and acts like it really is his blood and in the Gospel of john he says to drink the wine in remembrance of him. We do know there is a false covenant spoken of by Daniel and in the bible and yet no one I know nor any bible scholar in any fashion or form have figured out what the false covenant is and if it’s in the bible that there is a false covenant seems to me the false covenant would also be in the bible otherwise it is a moot point. IMO Makes no sense to be wary of a covenant that is false if we aren’t ever gonna know about it.

Remember Pope Benedict XVl said faith was a new enlightenment obviously to inspire people and then come to find out (and it was not myself who first found out) that the mustard seed is not the smallest of seeds (I just took the ball and ran with it for a while) which is the basis of faith and moving a mountain is based on the smallest of seeds type faith and yet it has not been done by anyone and not even by Jesus himself because he did not move a mountain from here to there, did he? There was a russian guy who was able to move a spoon which is on a you tube somewhere but a spoon is not a mountain. If I was there at the time I would hopefully have asked Jesus “Could you show us?” and any normal person would have asked for a demonstration and yet didn’t so therefore I think this was added to the gospels later for the sake of the new enlightenment that Pope Benedict XVl admitted or found out and offered to the public. Yet the raising of Lazarus was demonstrated. Everything having to do with faith was not demonstrated (such as the man who came to Jesus and his apostles and said his daughter was dying and Jesus talks about how great a faith he had because of what he said) and everything having to do with believing was demonstrated  however we never find out about the daughter and no one checks out the results but it kind of made sense as far as how orders in the military are passed down etc (except these days with Islamic nuts serving and killing our service men in the military who recently have been assaulting them during mess hall or something) and possibly that event made everyone go nuts about faith and to add to the Synoptic Gospels to gain importance or preeminence which the Gospel of Matthew already had being the first of the gospels in the order provided in our bibles so why did it need more? There is a competition as far as the preeminence of specific gospels for some reason and you have to wonder why? I think the reason is because of the revelation that the mustard seed is not the smallest of seeds….but semen is… which lays the blame on the male species about unwanted pregnancies and males do not like to take the blame as in the Garden of Eden demonstrated. The woman made me do it hence we have abortions. It’s not the only reason but abortion is a form of birth control up to a point. We have not figured out yet the point at which it is not a form of birth control and until we do and until boys and men don’t insert themselves by being circumspect about sex abortion needs to be available to girls and women because obviously reproduction is a woman’s job and decision since she is the one that carries the burden if she so desires to carry it to full term. God made it that way for good reasons and since I was able to reproduce after having an abortion and had two beautiful daughters because the abortion was done safely thanks to my parents (AND THE ARMY) who loved me it must be that it’s forgivable and logical. Having only the option of an illegal abortion is illogical, crude, cruel, barbaric, sadistic and evil causing often the death of the female and/or the destruction of the reproductive organs in the female….NOT THE MALE involved who asserted himself by inserting himself. And as far as I’m concerned Governor Walker of Wisconsin can go to hell and should at least for a while till he changes his mind about abortion and tubal pregnancies. God did not nor ever would want a woman to die because of a tubular pregnancy. HOW INSANE. Anyone who would believe God would want a woman or girl to die because of tubular pregnancy does not believe in God but should have their dick cut off and stuffed in their mouth and buried alive to set as an example and his body parts hung on the four corners of the vatican. And the same for anyone who would cut a girls clitoris should be treated the same as I propose should be done to Governor Walker of Wisconsin but instead their body parts should be rained on Mecca and Medina via a destructive non nuclear bomb.

I have heard on Fox News the reason we support Israel

is because Israel is a democracy.

Sorry, I don’t believe it’s the reason; nor should be.

If Israel had a king would we support Israel?

You might ask why I am so concerned about abortion rights…because I have been assaulted about it since Obama took office via the Pope, Fox News and OAN every time I write a post about religion or the subjects I delve into. Why is abortion thrown in my face as if that makes me not capable of thought or writing something that makes sense and I have a right to ask these questions or try to make sense of what is written in the bible and current events. Another reason because I am being attacked with photos of my family in pictures at Benghazi (my dad and Michelle Obama in rolled up jeans eyes swollen from surgery holding an AK47 and a syringe in the other hand, a picture of something that looks like my older sister holding my daughter in a strange threatening way as a tot, one picture of a person holding my niece as a tot in a plastic bag with a hole in it being carried like Santa carrying toys, one picture of my niece in California as the wife of an Islamic man wearing a burka who kills a bunch of people, one of my sister saying she was shot five times in the leg at a mass shooting at an airport in California and stepping off the curb with a tongue twisting on the side of her mouth like a baby and co starring Errol Flynn/Billy Graham sweating his ass off and others as if trying to make me stop writing and to antagonize me in a very terroristic CULTISH kind of way. Neighbor shot my dog and killed him, someone killed my cat, hospiced my mom without my consent and using abortion as the reason which is obviously Muther Teresa reasoning as she stated in her outbursts as exposed by Christopher Hitchens in his exposes and the pope sainting her. That’s why!~IN part. there are other assaults I have endured to such as being falsely arrested and in jail overnight (luckily and thank God some medical people came to my aid and the ex telling me I should be grateful for him for causing it and paying for it at the bail bonds) and other things I have written about in many posts. I ain’t buying a one world religion and I ain’t buying a one world government because it’s plain and simply Roman Catholic/Islamic


As far as tax returns riots going on at Berkeley in California

President Trump ought to publish

his Birth Certificate


I sure hope he comes out of his trance and gets back to his real personality the one he was voted in on otherwise I suspect he isn’t himself and might be voted out of office next time around or sooner if he doesn’t watch out one way or another because trust is important and he is losing it.

There is no way anything can be done with North Korea or anywhere else in this world in a positive way for any good length of time if trust is not involved and if a President lies his ass off no leader anywhere will trust our leader and war is inevitable. Watching VP Pence in Korea was ridiculous with his flap jacket. Totally unconvincing. A joke and the world thinks so too, I imagine. To me he reminded me of a little boob. Pence is no Patton and I think the military needs to reassure him more than he could ever reciprocate in kind to even one member of the military and make much of a difference. LOL I would not want to be in a fox hole with him under any circumstances. Is he being used as bait? I heard today that there is more chatter from terrorists than since  9-11 and imagine he is the reason why. Maybe it would be a good idea to test him on a college campus first like Berkley in California before sending him on a carrier out in the ocean to see his affect/effect.

When I was a young girl in England my sister had a friend named Penny. We were all sitting on the couch and Penny sat next to me. She was just beginning to develop and I touched her boob to see what it felt like. It was embarrassing to everyone, even me. Penny blushed and I guess I surprised everyone but I was only about 7 or 8 years old and had never been breast fed because of Dr. Spock etc and I was curious. In any case that is what Pence reminded me of in flap jacket just so out of place and I can’t imagine it made anyone in the world think very highly of the USA or reassured as the news is trying to say about Japan and Pence: C’mon.. It was embarrassing to say the least and then what he had to say was even worse. If I were Japan I would be more reassured by Russia and it’s planes flying nearby than by Pence, any old day, but he seems like the kind of guy to take someone else’s credit when its not due.

I loved my moms bosoms because she nourished me in many other ways without breast feeding and I wouldn’t trade her for the world and/or for Mother Teresa and her poison.’I heard about Hernandez who committed suicide with a cut on his forehead John 3:16 and I don’t think he did us a favor by killing himself and may have been to or for his family which is really sad. I suspect he was murdered. It would have been better if he had been reformed (a success) and it can happen because of his family but it hopefully will happen after death which I believe is possible with God. I don’t remember the crime but I remember it was bad but I do know some times it isn’t what we think. Courts aren’t fair and like to silence people in various ways. It is obvious we have a justice system that needs a lot of work especially the Grand Jury if we want to truly be a good nation and we should want to be good. If we don’t how can we expect people to want to be good. Maybe if we had laws about assets he wouldn’t have had to either commit suicide or get murdered. Maybe if there wasn’t the incentive for either it might be more true justice. Where is the righteous anger about Mother Teresa? Why the silence about the incentive for murder suicide of family: assets of the elderly or sick and allegiance to the RCC which is evil which thrives on the assets of others. Seems to me people are looking the other way because of their religious bent and that includes everyone on Fox and OAN and in our government. There are plenty of ways to corner someone into doing something they would not do otherwise. I know, I have been a witness to it and it is what needs to be remedied and there should be no rest until we figure out how to stop it. Where is the righteous anger against the RCC to saint her.

If one wants to win the war against Terrorism you have to get rid of the spiritual dogs such as Mecca and Medina that produce and inspire millions of human drones like bees that mix with african bees and are VERY dangerous because they are deceived…….and then the Vatican which is at the heighth and breadth of it’s spiritual HYPOCRISY. IT’s not like it hasn’t been done before to the temples in Jerusalem by the Romans and it’s allies Islam so why is it so scary to reciprocate in kind. What are the leaders of the USA and Israel afraid of? A false god? The Taliban blasted the Buddas in the mountains of Afghanistan and weren’t afraid why are we? I would rather have to contend with a Buddhist than Sharia law and it’s followers. Wouldn’t it be responsible to do the same to the shrines and atrocities in Saudi Arabia since the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden and the 12 box cutter terrorists who flew their planes into New York killing thousands and making people sick and was an act of war were from Saudi Arabia? Wouldn’t that send a CLEAR MESSAGE to both evil entities of Islam and Roman Catholicism? I know Truman certainly sent a CLEAR MESSAGE to the Japanese in WWll who were fighting on the wrong side with Fascism and causing problems during our defense and offense in WWll. But it made the difference even though it was horrific and the USA won the war because of it though it took a little while longer but had it not been done at the time many more would have died and the reason it was moral to do at the time was because they were using kids in war and weren’t willing to surrender when they should have surrendered and because of those gas ovens and gas chambers and they surprise attacked us, didn’t they? or was there a miscommunication/intel going on via the Vatican?. IN a different way Japan helped to wake us up to get us involved. It was also horrific to be on ship and have suicide bombers attacking you. It’s similar to fighting a war with robots and/or drones. Islam uses kids in war and used them in Syria, Afghanistan, and every other middle eastern country and they use them as bait and propaganda without giving a shit if they are shot or blown up just to make the world notice and create lies about their demise such as in Syria IMO. It’s been proven time and time again. Like the women in Syria that Bret Baier interviewed who said women were smothering themselves under blankets to avoid getting raped by ISIS and he believed them which is scary and thank God he is not in the military. In the bible the OT infantry MEN were chosen to fight in the military by how they drank the water when very  thirsty from a river or a lake. I imagine Bret would have failed and been on his stomach lapping it up. Or the interview with two guys about Benghazi and another with 4 guys and about Osama Bin Laden. Those football style maps really impressed him. He fell for their lies but probably because of that JESUIT collusion he was given an opportunity to write and sell his book which I will not waste my money on, but what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul especially if there is no world because of those lies? Anyway It’s not like you have to nuke them (Mecca and Medina) as Trump demonstrated recently you can use a big bomb and even give warning to vacate the premises if need be and if they don’t vacate or put prisoners in the area to protect the area then you bomb the shit out of their airports, bridges, and roadways so they can’t be mobile and then you hit the canals to top it off. The Suez and the other one.

That’s the way you do it!

Money for Nothing-dire straits

If you want to play war keep doing what you’re doing

but you will be responsible for many many peoples lives and deaths and end up lower on the totem pole of hell when you might win them over if you prove their god is a false god. Might make a HUGE difference.

To me the press showed their hand during the JFK assassination and when Princess Diana was killed on account of the press.

I know that my government lied to it’s military men and their wives. I’m disgusted and it occurred during the Obama administration mostly however the Bushes did their fair share of lying. If Trump doesn’t make amends with those that were lied to there will be a reckoning and it will GET EVEN eventually. We are in some strange times and biblical and it would be wise to take heed and not get swept away in the confusion.

Timeframe: 2012

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 3.54.54 PM


Isn’t it?

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 4.01.06 PM


Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 4.06.14 PM

Birthrate Statistics

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 4.12.20 PM

I guess they do a lot of fishing in wisconsin….LOL

I know a lot of women and girls take trips to have abortions

because of REPUTATIONS and to recuperate so that their friends and family think they were vacationing doing their male counterpart/s a favor when in actuality they were aborting. I imagine that’s the case in Wisconsin.

I guess I could look up how many trips from Wisconsin to other states but there is such  thing as a car. Notice the ending of the name of Wisconsin. I don’t think any other state has that ending. But what’s in a name, right?


I bet Governor Scott Walker’s wife took a few trips without him……wouldn’t you?

Hopefully, I will get the chance to write a post after this one having to do with the thorn, the crown of thorns, and entrapment. Things we all have to contend with whether we like it or not either because of our station in life, our job, and a million or more other reasons like race, creed, color, sex, pride and prejudice, etc. and because the devil plays with the flesh: Ours.

I guess you might call it “Dancing with God” because of a false covenant spoken of by Daniel (Let the reader understand) and in other places of the bible such as the GOSPELS (especially the SYNOPTIC GOSPELS) and/or a few false covenants causing GREAT distress among the nations, states, families (using hospice as a tool for sexual harassment and for UNWANTED AND UNWARRANTED incest as well. Of course my immediate family I grew up with and raised were innocent, but the problem was married into TO A VERY VERY reputable OIL family who were friends with the Saudis and doing business with the Saudis et al and without warning us AND I KNOW THEY KNOW AND KNEW. As Trump inherited a mess, so did we. I guess it became our problem to solve AND SOW WE WILL) and the crucifixion of Jesus. Ignorance only exacerbates the problems and the RCC and others profit by the ignorance at the expense of the people and is A GREAT SIN and deserving of what comes pretty soon.

Figuring it out is a MUST otherwise there will be no world and because misery loves company the RCC does not want us figure it out but God is giving us the opportunity to figure it out via our deceased loved ones caught in the front lines who communicate with us the way they do to help us and we should listen and other ways as well however there are those that try to cover it up (like my ex) and try to confuse us in favor of a


as if it will solve the world’s problems and OBVIOUSLY it hasn’t and nor will it and

(because of cowardice, purposeful ignorance because it profits him and because it’s easy like his slut in a tub experience.


it is failing miserably and JUSTLY SO. LOL

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.47.03 AM

Look Ma, No Mess

I’m very hard on the ex but he has been hard on me but not so people would notice although I have had signs they do notice. Not sure he realizes his problems and I think it has to do with pride. I think it is spiritual and he forgets conveniently but sometimes he really does. But if you try to tell him his problems which affect you mortally as in mortal danger he mocks ya back, so it is a difficult situation to be in.
The last time we had sex right before I started divorce proceedings for a no fault divorce we had sex and I guess I had some kind of telepathy and not the only time when I overheard his thoughts when at the hardware store I heard his thoughts raging in a way with these words “She’ll never leave” very vindictively spurred on by some couple we saw at the store. I forgot exactly why but something to do with them even though we didn’t know them. (it was a few years after my dear death experience while I was in a deep PTSD time and after the funeral of my dad and trying to sort things out in my head what was going on in my life their lives and our world.) A few years later my mom said “I don’t mean to be mean but a voice inside my head said you should leave”- right after my sister and I sang to her: “Happy happy happy happy thoughts. Think about the things you like to do. You have to have dream -if you don’t have a dream -how you gonna have a dream come true” from the musical South Pacific. And we (my little sister when we were still sisterly) laughed at the time because we were also mimicking the song. It was a sweet insult. Sweetly done, anyway.  I had a thought or over heard his thought which was “There’s no shame in that.” after having had sex and I felt an enormous amount of shame having had sex with him because it was just sex nothing more and we haven’t had sex since then and it’s been for many years. OF course I find pleasure in myself when I need to and don’t have to worry about a dick. Will he last? I can go at the pace I want and without using props and I don’t have to smell him and there’s no mess and I prefer and enjoy my sexual smell compared to his. Obviously, there was no love there or between us anymore if it ever was which I have often wondered how I got schnookered. However we have two beautiful girls but I’m not totally sure he had anything to do with it. LOL When I started the divorce he said OUT LOUD I thought we would bury each other. You would bury me and I would bury you. LOL and I knew I was doing the right thing getting a divorce but I prayed to God to not to let me hear the thoughts of others. That was around the time that an actress Mary-Lou Henner who used to play in the comedy Taxi had some gifts she publicized – something to do with dates and knowing what happened on a any given date and I guess she and other got together to talk about their gifts on a regular basis. and saw her on the news in some piece saying “they know everything.”

The point is a 5 year penalty for those who cut

a girl’s clitoris

isn’t nearly enough.


called MY PILLOW! ORDER NOW: 1-800-544-8939

I like his ad and his soft sell and plan to invest eventually.

Here’s a funny video about a beaver and some cows. Really cute:

Sask. ranchers stunned as beaver herds 150 cattle

After finishing my post which I think it is finished because last time I wrote that it was finished it wasn’t which was after Ann Coulters very insightful article full of logical assertions and intelligence because she is quite the independent person, independent journalist,  and very intelligent as well I forgot what I was gonna say but just remembered which was I had a sign in my ear: a ringing in my left ear, then the right ear then the left ear and tried to figure out what it meant . Do I have tinitus….NO I don’t.  I think it meant laurel as in MORAL LAURELS that we are dealing with and using personal decisions as political bait and political folly especially since abortion is legal and should be if men really care about women or the FAIRER sex and if they care about their daughters and their daughters and their daughters and should, if they do care, should quit molesting and abusing their sensibilities because that is what it is and is Supremely evil to interfere in the decisions regarding pregnancy vs abortion because it is personal since my body is not your body and your body is not my body and unless they want to insure at conception and all the other things I threw back at OAN and others they ought to zip their lips and find something else to upbraid that affects them such as why would two illegal immigrants rape a a freshman girl in a high school in the bathroom not just in her vagina but also in her anus and wonder should those two boys been allowed to be born or enter our country who think it is okay under any circumstances to do that to a young girl and wonder if the schools shouldn’t have had the right to have expelled these boys way sooner than they did but waited till it was too late and they should not have been allowed to be educated in the same place as other kids much younger. Its a no brainer but when my daughter was abused at school and ended up in ethe Emergency room it was gonna take the principal 6 weeks to investigate and 6 weeks was too long for my daughter. Meaning he could have cared less and the laws STINK in regards to public education: WHY? BECAUSE OF THE UNIONS. Same goes for the POLICE Unions and for public servants in our Federal government and in the medical field via insurance as well which protect the bad and definitely do not protect the good.

The good are not being represented fairly.

Simply Red – Come To My Aid

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.45.55 PM

Tonight the great debater Tucker Carlson had a guest on who has been very much like Angelina Jolie a spokeswoman for the rights of woman and girls in other countries and both have worked hard at it IMO and both are very poised at their and in their agendas which are above reproach as far as I’m concerned however did it help a bunch or a little. I don’t think poise is necessarily enough. 5 years isn’t enough. I think the way to stem and change the course of history is to destroy the inspiration because it is growing by leaps and bounds. I already gave my advice and it is IMO sound advice. She was invited to the Vatican and used by the Vatican and believe me it’s holding you back and holding back for it’s own sake. Basically a pawns, very beautiful both of them but it is not enough. The woman on Fox had been imprisoned I think because of her husband who was a christian and the Vatican made her their token. What she doesn’t realize or may be she does they were probably responsible for her incarceration to begin with being against Christians. When my mom held my sisters chin and said “can you beat that?” and Beat That” was the subtitle of Fox News with Tucker Carlson at least on my TV BAITING me to I guess respond and I know they must have read my posts to know that I wrote about that instance a few times. I can beat that we can beat that by doing what I advised simply and quickly change some minds and hearts about the practice of clitoris cutting.

Simple as ONE TWO THREE LET HER RIP and Kaboom and Ba-Da-Boom.

BECAUSE that is the only way to convince ISLAM is with HUMONGOUS POWER.

Soft sell is for pillows and hard sell is for Pharaohs and the kind that won’t be convinced without a great deal of power sucked out of their asses.


20 And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.

The White House on Pennsylvania Ave. is 1600 but there is another measure and it refers to the Vatican. FURLONGS has something to do with the fuhrer. SO if I were the press I wouldn’t get too comfortable.
I do know this: Israel would not have won the Six Day War with either of those two women leading the way even as pretty and as talented as they are and they could not have helped nor stopped Israel from winning. I do know that the USA would not have won WWll with those two women consulting the military or the countries involved. OKAY! Got it?

Can you beat that? 

Look up and read !!!

It’s probably a good Idea for Rep. Chaffetz to leave
and get the hell out of Dodge city
if not sooner.
I’m not a war monger, truly I’m not, but I know character and foolishness and some strange shit is going on in Washington DC.]
O’reilly I guess was hoisted by his own petard. The ex and I discussed it a bit and he said it was because the advertisers pulled their ads for his show and something about the sons of the boss at the news studio. Then he told me a rumor about O’reilly calling women while having sex which I had never heard. I had seen what I had seen and heard what I had heard such as how he treated the painting of Beatrice Arthur and his reactions and a women on stage at the Oscars and how he reacted. His jokes etc. Then the next day I said something about the women on Fox who pulled him down deservedly (i.e. reeled him in not because they wanted to lose their job or on purpose but to protect their rights and who had the courage!) not in those words but something like that and he
“If it’s true?”
I said “Of course, it’s true.”
Maybe he’ll write a biography called Killing O’reilly. I’m not God, but me, myself, and I are suggesting it.
He has since come out claiming his innocence etc and that it was because of the loss of money through advertising but I think it’s much more like “how many is too many?”
i don’t think the loss of Greta actually had anything to do with it. I think she may be schmoozing these women. All roads lead to Rome kind of schmoozing.

Samaria and the woman at the well

Jesus met a woman at the well around noon and asked for water I think he said “give me water” or “give me drink” and she said why should I. “You are a jew and I am a woman……” or vice versa lol  there was some reasons, etc and then he said “if you knew who I was you would give me a drink” …….getting uppity, .and they conversed when his apostles or disciples had gone to find meat (. When the apostles/disciples returned they were amazed he was talking to a woman (which is amazing since some of his best friends were women such Mary and Martha whom he raised their brother Lazarus from the dead which is quite close if you ask me so his disciples would not have been amazed he was talking to a woman, IMO) and said something about meat and not needing to eat and he said “I have meat you know not of.”  While they were still out looking for meat she admitted she had been married five times and he said she was not lying. She talked about the messiah and his coming. He had purposefully gone to the well in Samaria at noon to meet her by God’s instructions or his father’s instructions because she went there to avoid the crowds at noon because it was hot then and less people came to fetch water at the well at noon. This area was a place that was kind of taboo for some Jews at the time possibly because of feuds or terrorism etc. but  truthfully I do not know why. I have read about why but not sure it’s true. I think it was a famous well historically in Jewish history but not for sure on that…. it’s possible it was a well that had been bought and paid for or built by some one biblically famous in the OT either Joseph or Jacob and I don’t know if it is important or not to this story but in any case she dropped her bucket of water that she drew from the well and ran to tell the towns people she lived with that she had met a man who knew everything about her. (Probably was an agent of the NSA) So he didn’t get a drink because she was in such a hurry and very excited and I guess she didn’t even get water for herself she was so excited. Then the townspeople met him because of her excitement and he impressed them and they said something like

“we believe him not because you said it,

but because he said it.”

They didn’t believe her obviously and didn’t give her credit for her story (even though she told the truth) or that she kind of paved the way for him to meet them and them to meet him.
Then during that time he said “See how the lilies grow. “ Which is kind of a weird thing to boast about and not very spiritual but prideful. Churches use lilies (usually white) often at Easter as well as palms on Palm sunday the week before but lilies come in a whole host of colors. Kind of a bit dramatic and not spiritual nor meaningful.
I believe it was placed there as an easter story after the crucifixion or during kind of like the mustard seed stuff for the sake of enlightenment.
I believe Jesus was actually on the cross at the time of the meeting of the woman at the well or the crucifixion had already occurred. Perhaps he was a a decoy. Why do I think it was something afterwards or during because Jesus says something about “NOW is the time” or something similar when he met the woman at the well which was at noon. NOW is also the acronym for National Organization for Women. When on the cross Jesus said “I thirst” and the soldier gave him a mixture of something (vinegar and some kind of herb, or possibly poison) using a sponge on the end of a pole to extend it to his mouth or something like that and soon after he died. Pontius Pilate was very surprised he had died so quickly. and they tested whether or not he had died with a spear in his liver and water came out mixed with blood.

Coincidence about “I thirst”

and “Give me drink.”

Isn’t it?

I’m suspicious as usual

but I’m not vicious

I don’t think anyway and if I tend to be or edge towards it

I have reason to be because of how I was treated. 

Look and reflect on how these apostles treat this woman at the well like a person from mars

(which is a sign they we’re priests possibly because I believe the real Jesus had friends that were female and was against the priesthood because he tells us not to call them fathers because they aren’t’ fathers. They haven’t experienced children as personal i.e. their own children which is a whole lot different than OPK’s and all of the things that go along with parenthood Our father our dads are our fathers and OUR FATHER in HEAVEN who is GOD) and how the towns people discounted her testimony and how my ex does me often and even the women on Fox who were maligned probably because they were smart (a no-no to dick-heads) as well as pretty and how the press does diminish women for the most part uses them and their beauty. Remember Princess Diana. 

Let me remind you: She married the Prince of England in an arranged marriage because she was young, beautiful, statuesque, from a reputable family and a virgin. He was in love with  someone else throughout their marriage and before. She started having an eating disorder because of probably the demands upon her, unhappiness, lack of love, etc. She had two sons for him. They divorced and she fell in love with an Egyptian man. She ends up in car wreck with her boyfriend in a tunnel in Paris being driven by a driver who was drunk or had too much to drink trying to outrun the press and the press were all around and I guess the lights and the chase by the press caused the accident because they were speeding to avoid the press and she died in the tunnel with her boyfriend and I think the driver died as we’ll because there was no room in the tunnel to avoid a wreck which may have been caused by the press, Like in that movie with the actor who sang

Dancing in the Rain-SInging in the Rain Gene Kelly 

who marries a few times and in one segment of the movie and one marriage of the movie he so famous he gets stampeded to death by a bunch of people. Prince Charles of England went to Rome to see Pope Benedict XVl during the time of the G8 meeting in or at a new site (Aquilla, Italy) because an earthquake had occurred to either have his marriage annulled or his divorce forgiven so he could be King. Like Barbara Bush who didn’t want her Roman Catholic son to run for the office of the President for good reasons (1) he allowed a woman to be put down (starved to death) for the husband who may have caused her demise even though the family wanted her to stay alive as if she was a criminal which is called hospice and was an idea put forth by the Vatican and Mother Teresa. (2): the 12 Saudis trained in his state when he governed Florida were trained to fly planes without landing them and ended up crashing into the Pentagon and the two Twin towers in New York killing thousands of americans and others and another plane in Pennsylvania that was shot down by the same people who planned the attack if you believe George Bushes appointee who spilled the beans on purpose Donald Rumsfeld (Defense Secretary) and I do and did believe him in a moment of truth now being judged wrongly for his admission when he could because he had the courage and opportunity to tell the truth because he was trying to tell his fellow americans about a coup in the USA. Like Barbara Bush of the first Bush Presidency who knew what was best Queen Elizabeth I think knew what was best in regards to her son becoming King. The guy had his own sons chipped with a computer chip (2) He’s a nut, a dweeb, and a total loser 3) he had a conversion on the way to Damascus becoming Islamic so I read. Has no taste in women at least the one he preferred (Camilla, but to each his own) in any case went to see the pope as if the pope is in control of the Prince of England. THAT’s INSANE and RIDICULOUS. Which means Roman Catholicism is way too powerful and AB-WHORENTLY EVIL. Princess Diana became a victim early in life and her sons were robbed of their mother perhaps on purpose and her family was robbed of her. I know nothing about the Egyptian boyfriend but only that his dad was pissed because his son didn’t deserve to be killed for dating a princess and was silenced about the murder of both with ridicule. The real question is: was she pregnant? I think she was  pregnant and so she was murdered. She might have been alive in the tunnel but I don’t think she was gonna make it out of the tunnel no matter what. It was murder by the press for sure in some capacity and possibly on purpose so that the Prince could marry Camilla which is evil but like King Henry the 8th of England this is what men do when they don’t get their way because of the Roman Catholic Church which causes men to behave like assholes and because of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and it’s ridiculous DEADLY notions about many things and it has to be curtailed. KIng Henry the 8th had his 2nd wife beheaded using the excuse he could that she was having an affair with her brother or something like that and because he was a Rambler and a Gambler and a Two Timing Man she did not produce a son which is determined by the DNA of the male sperm but as usual she was blamed (kind of like the mustard seed debacle) however she produced a daughter who became Queen Elizabeth the most daunting queen of England who succeeded the Roman Catholic Queen – Mary Queen of Scots (who murdered or had murdered many Protestants by set ablaze and other tortures terrorizing to keep power and she ended up sick as a dog) for the Roman Catholic Church and their routine of slaughter and persecution of others and even their own when it suits them such as JFK and he was worth 100 million dollars. King Henry the 8th had 6 wives and no telling how many mistresses and they probably stayed mistresses in order to avoid what happened to the wives. When Queen Elizabeth 1st became the queen and after learning some important lessons about the RCC and after attempted assassinations of herself by the church (Jesuits) was the 1st to explore the Atlantic Ocean with the help of some real men and overcame the Roman Catholic Churches belief that the world was flat and kind of how we became the United States of America in part trying to escape the terror of Roman Catholicism and now because the RCC never learns nor ever intends to learn the truth we are enduring their latest religious persecution for a One World Government and One World Religion (hoping to be the top dog) with Teeth (the BGEA ass swipes) and their STUPIDITY and SNEAKY evil ways which are occurring now as well, but even SNEAKIER and even STUPIDER. The present Queen of England also married the dad of Prince Charles called Prince Phillip a very dull and doltish fellow who considered people (the world’s population as a whole) for the most part as Hitler thought about jews and look what he did. This is what we are contending with these days and a lot of Islamic terror as a result of a lot of deception and manipulation tend to do their dirty work murder and mayhem because of dissatisfaction, stupidity, ignorance, deception, and location. It’s mind boggling to be sure and quite a hornet’s nest but initially caused by deception way before and because it’s not easy to unscramble the past because of an amazing amount of propaganda (thanks to the Jesuits whose sole purpose is to uphold the Vatican and the popery and the religion of the Roman Catholic Church making an oath with the devil) some of which is in our bibles. The press glorified Princess Diana in her death as if that excuses their complicity in her death. And I guess lilies at Easter excuses the Roman Catholic Church and it’s allies (Islam because the church married a false prophet-Muhammad) of the death of Jesus on the cross?

The Bloody History of Papal Rome—A Timeline

Enlighten yourselves!

IF you read the timeline you would have to agree there is something wrong with the RCC.

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Pope John Paul kissing the Koran

In reaction and retaliation because there usually is a reaction to my posts OAN is showcasing some asshole saying 40 percent of abortions are done on Christian WOMEN/FEMALES and talking about getting the log out of the Christian Church before getting it out of everyone else’s….eye spy with my little eye an opportunity to blame Christian WOMEN/GIRlLs and not the priests of the catholic church fucking but not marrying whatever suits them and screwing with everyone in a myriad of ways.

I truly think we should start getting the log out of the Roman Catholic Church 


as an example and to set an example.

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And worry about the rest after the RCC’s log is removed.

There are some people who are very pro Roman Catholic because it’s their bread and butter but it shouldn’t be and regretful for them if they stick with it when all is said and done. And then many are raised as catholic just like JFK and many other religions of all kinds but and probably take offense sometimes at my posts but the clues are there in so many ways that it’s not a good church but a poser and uses people mercilessly.

Which begs me to link a post called

  The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren *

Just because someone knows a lot about you doesn’t mean they are the son of God which I think was the point of the meeting of Nathaniel and Jesus.I can’t say it was or was not Jesus and both are in the Gospel of John but very intriguing and interesting to compare.Franklin Graham made quite a livin