Evangelicals, Taxes, Jobs, and the Consumer

Computers, appliances, and innovations

were supposed to make life easier for the individual and everyone these days seems to be suffering, confused, scratching their heads confounded as to why things aren’t right. The world has gone bezerk if you read the news. The leaders are perplexed. And it seems from what I can tell no one is willing to compromise probably because it is not about what is good for the whole country but what is good for them because they don’t really care but in case I’m wrong:

seems to me each person should have to pay their fair share of taxes to the government no matter how rich or poor for the defense of our country.


Problem with this is if you don’t have a job, how can you pay?

We have high unemployment and this I believe could be solved by cutting jobs in half.

Make two jobs out of one

 starting at the upper level jobs

 down the line.

Give a tax break to the companies that comply so that they can afford to pay the double benefits, and benefit themselves. There has to be a good incentive for that compliance such as lowering the taxes and keeping more of the money that they earn.

If that is not enough starting at the top make three jobs on down the line.

Or make three jobs out of two jobs. Work less hours and give others a chance to work.

Sacrifice a little to gain a lot for your fellow American.

 Get the economy rolling again with twice as many consumers or three times as many consumers with more time to relax. When they work they have double the stamina or triple the stamina because of the rest.

The wealthier can learn to live on less money the poorer can learn to live on more money.

Everyone will be rested and happier and have more time to spend with their families and more time to help in the communities that they live in

and have more time to spend their money.

I believe consumerism will flourish!

This way everyone wins.

Obama clarifies: ‘The economy’s not doing fine’

The President gives his version of the economy

Laura Ingraham of Fox News on Talking Points Commentary has this to say about the basics of the economy:

“Government won’t have tax revenues

if the private sector doesn’t add jobs.”

Instead of the great divide in class which will eventually lead to class warfare and everyone loses


squeezing or pressing the classes more into the middle class on both ends and in the middle each with more rest hence a saner population with more bodies able to buy more products

and of course if the private sector tried to manufacture more in this country

the better this country would be IMO!

Giants Coach Coughlin knocks Congress as team visits White House

“Coughlin paid homage to his players, saying they set aside “pettiness” and came together as a team when it counted.

“Offense, defense, and special teams doing their job, each group having different objectives and motives but playing in harmony for each other for the good of everyone — wouldn’t it be nice if Congress operated the same way?” the coach said on the South Lawn of the White House, to laughter and cheers from the crowd.”

“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown.” Gen 6:4


Tax on consumption

not excluding anyone….. including the churches.

Please read the following link because it makes a lot of sense

especially if you read my articles/posts about the clergy and their collusion with government agencies, the press, other governments (and obviously the mob)  and profiting with big businesses leading our country

for their purpose.

If they are on the level and being honest

they should not mind being open and forthright about where, what and why their donations matter and be for the public record,

in fact they should welcome it.


This way mobsters and leeches have to pay

and cannot use churches and their banks to hide their stash

corrupting the churches and their banks themselves

and corrupting the people.


“I’ve never really given their tax-exempt status much thought except in the context of Scientology, which won a court case allowing them to be untaxed.  Talk about a business!  But you’re right…it certainly would make religions practice what they preached if they had to pay taxes and get a break only to the extent they actually walked charity rather than just talking it.  I think you’re on to something here.”

Knights of Columbus set charitable giving, volunteer records in 2011

And how about a Huge Corruption tax:

if found guilty of money laundering for the mob, drug dealers, and criminals and/or found guilty of abuse of workers in a court of law and after paying fines and penalties you are from then on as you continue to do business required to pay an extra corruption tax made known to the public in public records quarterly until the abuse is proven to have stopped!

June 7, 2012. Bavarian inhabitants pray on boats as they take part in a Corpus Christi (Fronleichnam) procession on Lake Staffelsee in the southern German village of Seehausen.

Read more: http://lightbox.time.com/2012/06/08/pictures-of-the-week-june-1-june-8/#ixzz1xH3VvKpR

Pope salutes Queen Elizabeth on Diamond Jubilee

“The Pope’s message said that Queen Elizabeth has provided “an inspiring example of dedication to duty and a commitment to maintaining the principles of freedom, justice and democracy, in keeping with a noble vision of the role of a Christian monarch.”

As William asked Robert the Bruce in Braveheart:

Now tell me, what does that mean to be noble?

What is the noble vision of the role of the Christian monarch? Love to know!


IF we don’t do something drastic everyone will suffer

so why not be sensible so that no one has to suffer.

People need jobs, need food, and are frustrated, etc.

There will be less need for helping the poor if they had a job.

The way the system works now is that

it doesn’t work

and the churches seem to have helped a great deal

with that institution of keeping people down and under

and at the same time

seem charitable

when the reality is the opposite.


Bigger middle classes make better societies.

Less Pomp for the rich will make them better people

and make a better society.

More food and more everyday needs

will make the poor people better people

and make a better society.

If you treat people like animals they will act like animals and that is what the current system/government and our churches seem to be in collusion

are doing to the people

and it is wrong.

They say they don’t want to be like a third world country, but that is where we are headed and no wonder since we go into third world countries and treat them as slaves all for a bigger profit.

If  you turn people into animals eventually they will bite you

and it is not wise.

Instead of being humbled by excessive pride we might all have a reason to smile!

Then the charitable can give to those that need charity

with a clear conscience.

You can’t pay someone a dollar a day, cut off their hands, kill them, rape them, deny them their needs and their rest, deny them homes with their families and deny them love, and everyday necessities, and preventative health measures

denying them what you yourself would not deny yourself

and have a parade to celebrate

with a good conscience!

Believe me eventually it will not be unnoticed and now is a good time to change.

We don’t have to be communists, socialists, or a monarchy

We don’t have to give up democracy

and the republic.

Let’s just be reasonable and fair-minded.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is a good motto to try to live by.

People stopped buying fur coats because of the horrible way that coats were being made.

People were horrified by baby seals being clubbed to death.

How about the diamond trade business practices affecting human beings?

I have no idea if  ‘the Royalty’ or ‘the churches’ are involved in that business

and I doubt they would tell their people if they were,

but one sure way to help stop the abuse is not to buy into diamonds

until they treat their workers with fairness and respect.

Pay people for their work as you would pay yourself for that same work!

That is humility.

Treat people as you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes and under the same circumstances.

That is humility.

Otherwise, you are just being


(Making a hypocritical display of virtue)

Queen: Diamond Jubilee a ‘humbling experience’

The people in the world that are consumers can make a difference by not consuming certain products that are made through the practice of abusing people, money laundering, drug trade, etc.

The job market would not have gone overseas to cheaper labor if we the consumer would pay attention to what we buy and how they treat their workers. We became a service country with less and less people to serve to, because those jobs went overseas. Cheaper labor, slave labor sometimes. I guess we were bombarded with products without seeing the process. Paying a higher price might be better if the company is reputable and their business practices are principled.  I think when we find out what we learn we should pass it on to whomever will hear as best we can and make a difference that way which obviously some people are doing on the internet. I have found quite a few articles (usually stumble on to them) and they help me to have a better understanding of what is happening in the world. There is a lot of junk too. The better educated we are the better we will be if we do it keeping human rights and our consciences in check.

If the people in Africa and China were paid better and treated better they would be better consumers eventually. That is why I think this diamond business and other businesses are up to no good. These men that are in these businesses have

another motive

besides just profit.

Maybe we will see their agenda eventually,

but I have a feeling it is to degrade mankind on many levels,

kind of like Evangelicals do to mankind.


This appears to be another company with an agenda:

Report: Dozens Arrested After Riot at Foxconn Factory

Report: Apple Still Ignoring Labor Abuses in Favor of Profits

Foxconn Factories: How Bad Is It?

Steve Jobs, Apple founder, dies

Foxconn worker falls to death in China

“A Foxconn worker fell to his death in China, the company which assembles products for Apple said Thursday, following a series of fatalities that sparked concern about conditions at its plants….”


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