Billy Graham and The Synoptic Dilemma: The Beast


Billy Graham Speaking with his tongue which he does quite often. Reminds me of the CBS Reporters at their studio when JFK was assassinated and of Jackie Kennedy’s habit and for that matter Richard Nixon in his debate with JFK. All of them seem to be involved with the assassination of JFK. Isn’t that weird? Nixon was in Dallas the night before.

Is it some sort of sectual distinction?

False dilemma

“……The presentation of a false choice often reflects a deliberate attempt to eliminate the middle ground on an issue. Eldridge Cleaver used such a quotation during his 1968 presidential campaign: “You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem.”[4] Another example would be the former US president George W. Bush stating that the world had a choice to make; “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”……”

Luke 9:50-51

 49And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us.

 50And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.

Here is a you-tube of an example of Grace in the form of Benny Hinn a product of Billy Graham’s Evangelicals and Roman Catholicism which I tried to transcribe a portion:

Benny Hinn – Casting Out Demons & Devils from people (1)

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 3.15.12 PM

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 3.15.52 PMScreen shot 2013-07-29 at 3.15.43 PM“Look at me. You’ve been oppressed by a devil. You’ve had demons literally try to kill you. You’ve had the devil himself try to kill you. I see when you were a child about three years of age. Someone put a curse on you. You remember that? “

(Woman shakes her head saying no.)

“You don’t because you were three years old.”

How would he know?


It’s kind of like Christopher Walken saying Natalue Wood had a sexual secret that killed her in this article:

‘The Enquirer’ Has Totally Credible Information About Natalie Wood’s Death

“…..“In the phone call, it was clear that Chris was devastated by the tragedy. He was upset and confessed that a ‘sex secret’ had occurred, leading up to Natalie’s death.”…..”

 How would he know? 

Natalie Wood Mystery: Who is Yacht Captain Dennis Davern?

Natalie Wood: LA police reopen actress’ death inquiry

What is with the tongue?

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 3.22.25 PMScreen shot 2013-07-29 at 3.30.06 PM
Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 3.35.54 PM
The church is having a nap session on stage to make sure they nap, or else.

(Is it normal to stick out the tongue when you cry? Lots of people doing it tonguing and just to jog your memory Jackie Kennedy did it quite frequently and she assassinated the President of the US, her husband. JFK. I don’t think it is a good sign, do you?)

AND WHY IS HE CRYING TO BEGIN WITH? Because he is on stage with Benny Hinn? Did he feel threatened? Had Benny Hinn taken some liberties that a kid would not understand? Afraid to be exposed?

Looks like he is being punished to me!

It’s his daddy’s church, isn’t it?

Benny Hinn in this video has a powerful performance, but it is not a good power!

I watched Dennis Miller stick out his tongue on the O’reilly show when discussing people on welfare or food stamps a few months back which I included in one of my posts because it seems to be a sign of possession. Since so many people are on food stamps and welfare these days and the crime rate seems to be exploding especially in those ranks I thought it might be related somehow. Does it have to do with taking communion or to put to another way taking a wafer thin cracker on the tongue. It is worth noting anyway!

Other examples were some of the witnesses in the JFK assassination which I included in the CBS News and JFK Transcriptions series and I illustrated it too. George bushes wife from time to time also is afflicted it seems and as I recall Pope John Paul also had the trouble later in life. Witnesses of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre also had the same problem.

Benny Hinn and boy

Benny Hinn:  I wish I’ll be here, but I won’t. I’ll be gone. You’ll remember this, will you? (Boy nods) What did I tell you? What did I tell you tonight?
Boy: That I was going to be a prophet to the nations.

Benny Hinn: A prrrrrofit/prrrrrophet to the nations (Boy cries out loud.)

The boys family are pastors and I guess it is a generational pastorship
of a very successful ministry Bethany church in Louisiana.

What Really Happened to Natalie Wood?

In this you tube the captain of the Splendour tells Geraldo Rivera that Christopher Walken was not seen for a long while at the time she was missing. What the heck was he doing? Another article says that Christopher says only Natalie knows what happened.

Again I ask….How would he know?

“Walken is quoted in The Hollywood Book of Scandals (2004) as saying in 1984: “I’m sure that I will never be able to stop the rumors about Natalie’s death. The people who are convinced that there was something more to it than what came out in the investigation will never be satisfied with the truth. Because the truth is, there is nothing more to it. It was an accident.”

How does he know it was an accident?

(I wonder if Christopher Walken talks with his tongue as well)

Christopher Walken said in an interview (July 2005) with the German magazine “Der Spiegel” that his father was a German baker from Essen, Germany.

Christopher Walken hires lawyer over Natalie Wood investigation

Sources told THR that Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department investigators do not consider Walken to be a suspect.

Why not?

Two people missing for half  an hour were Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood at the time of her death. Pretty coincidental!

Natalie Wood’s bruises helped coroner decide to change cause of death

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 2.28.00 PM

Christopher Walken had told her not to worry about her personal life but concentrate on her career then they all get drunk and stoned on downers, she dies, and he tells friends that she died because of a sex secret. Doesn’t make sense!

Natalie Wood’s death certificate amended by coroner

I think Natalie Wood was  involved possibly unknowingly in the coverup of the assassination of JFK. There are pictures of Jackie Kennedy that sure resemble Natalie Wood. 

Same goes for the letter that Billy Graham sent John Kennedy about a rumor and the veiled threat to expose him which can be read in part two of the

The Covenant with Many

 in the article linked below. Please read:

Mel Gibson and President John F. Kennedy (Part two Mel Gibson, George Gänswein, Joseph Ratzinger and The Covenant with Many)

How would Billy Graham know? The same man that couldn’t reach JFK to warn him about his premonition of his assassination, but was able to get through to JFK about a rumor of an affair?

I guess it didn’t serve his stated purpose – 

(“By Any and All Means”)!

Same goes for the Gospel of Luke when he says that Jesus said:

Luke 22:31

And the Lord said, SimonSimon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: Luke was a companion of Paul. Please read:

The Gospel of Luke – A Parody

How would he know?


Back to Bennedictus 

(Then Benny Hinn says something hard to translate and then he says:)

“…….you are free in the name of Jesus From the top of her head to the soles of her feet she’s free.

(Then Benny Hinn yells and pushes her: ) She is free in Jesus name.

(Then the crowd erupts in applause and he raises his hands in the air and says something I cannot translate:)

This is crap! Oh, it may be real crap, but it is still crap!

In the gospels and the following books the person who curses a person is Paul! 

1 Corinthians 16:22
If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha.

The Grace of Anathema Maranatha

In Roman Catholicism the only person allowed to curse an anathema marantha is the Pope and bishops.

Anyone who curses a three year old is sick.

What Bennie Hinn offers this woman is a false dilemma. A False Jesus. One that kills, maims, curses, possesses, and ultimately destroys. The devil posing as a healer. What he offers her is Paul. Ba’al!

This is the way of Deception. However, Thank God we do have someone that loves us written about in the Gospel of John. And He is aware of what occurs in these arenas!

I Am That I Am

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)


Here is a link with information From Wikipedia,

the free encyclopedia about Benny Hinn:

Benny Hinn

“Toufik Benedictus “Benny” Hinn”


Hinn was born in Jaffa, in 1952, in the then newly-established state of Israel[3] to Palestinian Christian parents. He was raised within the Eastern Orthodox tradition.[4]

Soon after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War (a.k.a. “The Six-Day War)”, Hinn’s family emigrated to TorontoOntarioCanada, where he attended but later prematurely left the Georges Vanier Secondary School. In his books, Hinn states that his father was the mayor of Jaffa at the time of his birth, and that as a child, he was socially isolated and was handicapped by a severe stutter, but was nonetheless a first-class student.[5] These claims, however, have been disputed by critics of Hinn.[6] As a teenager in Toronto, Hinn converted from Greek Orthodoxy to Pentecostalism, eventually joining a singing troupe made up of young evangelicals. According to a 2004 CBC report on Hinn, his newfound religious devotion during this period became so intense that his family became concerned that he was turning into a religious fanatic. Hinn was taught the bible and mentored by Dr. Winston I. Nunes of Broadview Faith Temple in Toronto.[7]

speaking in tongues

Again Bully Graham speaking with his tongue 

Benny Hinn – Billy Graham’s Little Ant

The Devil is tricky: Very interesting parable and very quaint except that the problem with it is the false dilemma such as what occurred recently in Japan. Please read: 

Japan Quakes after Confirmation of the Neocatechumenal Way

Benny Hinn was raised Eastern Orthodox tradition which is another form  of Catholicism, one of many. Then he became Pentacostal which is still another form of Catholicism, one of many!

They created it as another false choice!

Another diversion and another deception like the Neocatechumeal Way!

Where do you think “All Roads Lead to Rome” originated?

Same choice offered for the “little ant parable of Billy Graham.”

They create a dilemma, and they offer solutions to makes you think you have overcome and found the way when in actuality they create obstacles so you won’t find the way! They are evangelicals…..influenced and led by the demons of avenging angels who hate God, they hate the real Jesus of Nazareth, and they hate mankind!

They interfere so that they may intervene! 

You are not given a fair choice!!!!!!

Like the nurses you hear about that create near death experiences in order to save you when in fact they are the enemy obviously. It gives them a false sense of power over others. Makes them think they are Gods angels or God himself.

Like Sophie’s Choice.

Billy Graham and Benny Hinn are the products of NazismFacism…..Roman Catholicism

Their Fruit!

The Fruits of the Vatican

Sadists that love power, and will do anything to keep it!

They are



 “Tyrannosaurus was a bipedal carnivore with a massive skull balanced by a long, heavy tail. Relative to the large and powerful hindlimbs, Tyrannosaurus forelimbs were small, though unusually powerful for their size, and bore two clawed digits.”

Their massive skull is Golgotha:

The place of the skull where Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to the cross.

 Their works are their veil and they steal from you to create it!

They are evil.

They are Evangelicals: Evil Angels: Beasts

John 16:2-4

  2They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh,

that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

 3And these things will they do unto you,

because they have not known the Father, nor me.

 4But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them. And these things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you.

The pictures of Billy Graham are snapshots from Greta Van Susteren’s interview of him talking about the Bush family.

Greta Exclusive: A Conversation With the Rev. Billy Graham

The top picture is of a man  (who I think is none other than Billy Graham in disguise in place of Secret Service agent Jack Ready) at the airport with JFK in Dallas less than an hour before the assassination right before he enrages

because he is caught on camera signaling to someone with his two claws

as Jacky receives roses and something at the fence line.

Revelation 16:10-11

 10And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness;

and they gnawed(..?..) their tongues for pain,

 11And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains (panis?=demons)

and their sores (roses?),

and repented not of their deeds.


Who do they serve?

Here is an article you should read: 

Iran Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani Likely to Remain in Jail Another Year

He was asked to recant his religion 3 times or will be.  Sounds like Peter.

Maybe this is an illustration of the leaven of the Pharisees which is where the language of Farsi came from, I think…….IRAN

and Yousef Nadarkhani is facing

-head on-

the realization of the results of that leaven!

Youcef Nadarkhani


“Nadarkhani is from RashtGilan. He pastors a network of Christian house churches. He is a member of the Protestant evangelical Church of Iran.[5][6][7] He is married to Fatemeh Pasandideh, and they have two sons, ages 9 and 7.[8]


update Easter 2012

I just read that Youcef was hung in this article from News With Views by Betty Freauf on April 8, 2012:


Her article states that
Peter walked on water after Jesus had risen

but Peter does not walk on water in the Gospel of John after Jesus had risen

and I also read that Youcef is still alive:)

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani Celebrates Birthday With Son

“Rumors became especially heated after Feb. 21, when the ACLJ announced that an execution order had in fact been issued. Fake pictures depicting Nadarkhani being hanged circulated on the Internet. Although these pictures are not real, the ACLJ does still believe that an execution order exists, but has yet to be carried out. “

Billy Graham’s Evangelical Group Removes Mormonism From Cult List

Like the pot not calling the kettle black not. LOL

Billy Graham was cozying up to Republican candidate Mitt Romney as he has every other President except Truman and Kennedy…..although he did try, until he had a premonition about Kennedy and was too ill to warn him, so he says.

I guess he is having another premonition

or just shilling.

shill  (shl) Slang One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle.

 Please read all of the parts of the

The Covenant with Many

Rev. David Wilkerson and Evangelicalism

CBS News and JFK (The first few hours)

The Stones of Amen

How is it That Ye Do Not Understand?

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Mary’s Spikenard and Luke’s Parable – Revised

Obama calls for fallback vote in next 48 hours

Obama is Slaying the Senate

Obama Hobnobs with Crackheads

Why Does It Matter Hillary?

America, land of the free, home of the brave nerfing into America, land of the nuns, home of the dishtowels.

Other really interesting articles can be found at

Merangue’s Blog

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