Morality vs. Instinct and READING

Matthew Hamon photographed the people he met along the waterways of Montana, USA. Here, Jessica stands in the water with her horse.

Eerie, but beautiful. IMO especially in light of biblical type stuff about

“blood rising to the horse’s bridle.” Hard to explain. But I wrote about it in one or more of my posts. 1600 furlongs and the White House (1600 Pennsylvania Ave) and the other measure i figured out meant the Vatican (the area size) but have kind of divorced since because of the barrage of bad stuff and because it’s been a while.

I think having to do with the four horsemen prophecy possibly. These are hidden messages. (I wrote about the measures fuhrer-of-furlongs in an earlier post) I think also having to do with the sins of the RCC and collaborators reaching up to heaven perhaps by that measure.  Sort of a finality as if it’s nearly over. Good Photograph. Montana is pretty. Could be a sign, my dad was born in Montana.

The 2017 Royal Photographic Society competition

While I was recuperating in the hospital I had the pleasure to watch Joel Olsteen’s sermon for Father’s day. Not sure that was the reason for that particular sermon because it could have been pre-filmed or re-shown but it was quite a show. I did not watch the whole sermon but it was deep, I can’t really say what it was ALL about because I didn’t watch it all and because I was tired and sick but it seemed like it was about some fundamental ways to handle situations in a Christian way. That is my impression but he was so much more eloquent using the bibles verbage. He really is a very successful and charismatic preacher. Kind of reminds me of a robot as well. The way he moved was as if he was gliding like a character of mine on a game I play sometimes called WOW – the character is a shadow priest and levitates when I use the spell of levitation. I don’t know his religion but based on wealth as a testament to his success (a motivational type speaker), godliness (but not really but certainly looks like it), and the size of the audience as well (which is huge). As big as Robert Tilton ever was. Robert Tilton was a nut. A big one. Exaggerated to the nth degree, spoke in tongues and yet people came by the thousands to witness his sermons. Below is a you-tube of Robert Tilton eventually speaking in tongues after his introduction which I transcribed part of the conversation below so those that are caught up in his conversation might read it instead which can be eye opening sometimes. It can change the meaning of a conversation you hear when you read it instead and the same thing goes when looking at a bible and adoring it or hearing it (by word of mouth) vs reading it, or looking at a Health Care Mandate such a Obama Care vs reading it. It sure helped me to catch some important information when transcribing the CBS reports via tapes of the hours before and after the assassination as well as photos and film and snapshotting the films in order to see better what had occurred by the film measures/frames per second because our eyes are not as fast to recognize some things or actions that happen quickly as witnesses not having the premonition or knowing ahead of time what is going to occur making the witnesses and victims be at a disadvantage to the person(s) who is aware such as the perpetrator. Let me tell you those moments are full of some IMPORTANT information worth investigating. Like hidden pictures and tells a story. Might not have needed a Warren Commission if some had tried. If I can do it Geeeez you would think others could, too.  If our Congress had read it it would not have gotten to the stage it has and to the extent of causing so much political stress and rancor and insanity which can only be the reason for problems we face today in the USA politically. I have no idea what caused our Congress to have not read what they signed as far as a bill that was so extensive and damaging to our country besides some kind of poison or some kind of mental deficiency possibly caused by some kind of chemical interaction (devils breath in the air system b/c it’s an invisible substance without smell or taste?) and Nancy Pelosi suggesting the Congress just signs it, which everyone knows being said over and over again receptively on film by the press, for getting Obama Care passed and figure it out later in order to find out what was in it which of course is ridiculous but it happened. If OBAMA CARE were a good bill she would have said read it and judge for yourself and she suggested the opposite. Was she involved in some kind of drug without the knowledge of those she may have tricked/laced…their donuts?? It seems probable since she suggested the signing of a bill that was not read as if she was involved in the trickery by those that are supposed to read what they legislate. Talk about a bad influence and a-typical of the RCC who don’t like their parishioners reading the bible for many eons in order to control the parishioners and screw their parishioners thus screwing everyone else by their actions and possibly using the same substance to add to the Eucharist to be able to control the parishioners. Sounds far fetched but was used in South America and found in Columbia and used to control the slaves who dig for diamonds in mines or work in other industries as cheap, cheap, cheap labor for those who don’t like to pay overhead such as the mob and looks like flowers in its original form that hang like or similar to Morning Glories in flowering tree from (hanging gardens type flora) to rob people by low lifes and lasts for about 4 days if blown in the face of the victim and the victim is or becomes a slave of suggestion without memory. A derivative of the drug is the drug that prevents sea sickness so obviously used by those who travel by sea or have business using ships (Onassis) and I think it was also used in the JFK assassination because it is also in the flowers on the table in the flower arrangement in front of Jackie Kennedy which she licks at (believe it or not as if addicted) on film and on the morning of the assassination in Fort Worth. Obviously, Pelosi thought she could get away with it (Jackie Kennedy did or her handlers), but how?

Is Devil’s Breath The World’s Scariest Drug?

The most dangerous drug in the world: ‘Devil’s Breath’ chemical from Colombia can block free will, wipe memory and even kill

The flower of the Datura plant, from which devil’s breath is made.

The robbers that turn their victims into ‘zombies’: Paris gang ‘blow powerful Devil’s Breath drug into their faces to send them into a trance-like state’


Bob Is Going to Pray In Tongues For a MomentNow I’m going to pray in tongues for a minute and maybe you’ve never heard that before. I remember the first time I heard someone praying in tongues I just listened and listened and uh I had never heard anything about that because frankly the church that I grew up in didn’t believe that those things happen today but you know they didn’t believe there was demons and if there is demons there all in Africa, but I had demons in my house opening and shutting doors. You know those folks that say there’s ghosts and stuff, that’s demons and Jesus cast out devils and those devils are demons, same things. They’re not there to help they’re there to hurt. We know there was a demon of blindness and deafness and infirmity. They steal; we know they steal and uh we had those things opening and shutting doors in our house and lights going off well I didn’t know anything about that stuff and no one ever taught me and showed me scripture in the bible Mark 16 and 17 where they cast out devils in Jesuses name so finally, you know, they make all this stuff out of haunted house, that’s demons. You want to go..If you don’t know who you are in Jesus and the authority that you have and the power that is in that blood man that’s stupid to open yourself up to stuff like that: it’s demons, psychic, that’s counterfeit gifts of the holy spir that’s just a counterfeit. You know when you open yourself up to demonic activity and I tell you, you better watch that dimension. You don’t want to be involved in that dimension. You don’t want to read your horoscope you want to read the bible. You want to hear what God says and take it and mix it with faith. I’m getting a little Pastorial right now: So ma ta le tee da la ma cool. Man de ekee sheety ora ba shata man de caloabaho de keeshie ……………..”

A brick shy but made millions of dollars somehow.

LOL, The guy is a fruitcake, obviously.

Robert Tilton: From downfall to windfall: Living on a prayer

People flocked for Jim Jones of Guyana and crossed an ocean to do it and shared poison committing mass murder suicide using cyanide poisoning in their lemonade or koolade and I guess it is possible Mother Teresa of Calcutta got wind of it or vice versa.

Just a few of Jim Joneses friends poisoned to death.

 918 people committed mass suicide using poison laced kool aid and 318 children were murdered in Guyana on November 18th “in the year of our lord” 1978, mostly black (african americans). A few of our Congressmen or Senators were also murdered who were investigating the cult and had flown in which may have prompted the murder suicide of a bunch of members of the People’s Temple after the Congressmen and camera men were murdered at the airport, I think.


The Jonestown Massacre

Houston is a very nouveau riche area in parts that Joel Olsteen preached and preaches to which is perfect in order to affect new successful owners of businesses and rich kids basically and to pull the wool over their eyes. He is extremely talented and poised, good looking and quite adept at bible concepts some of which he has honed to a great depth but he is not totally honest IMO.

Like Cal Thomas who is not truthful or he would also admit that the mustard seed is not the smallest of seed. What or who is Cal Thomas afraid of?

I have yet to hear him or Charles Stanley above (pretty close in stature in the Christian religion) explain the mustard seed the smallest of seed predicament. I would be impressed if they could admit a truth which might help them and everyone else as well. He was involved in the JFK assassination at the very least by association leaving the hospital where JFK was taken after being assassinated. Looks like a monk on the right, but it is him.

This guy was at the luncheon that was jFK’ next stop after being in Dallas at the World Trade Center and blamed the audience of the death of JFK in his cultic style and was the leader (I think) of the biggest and largest Methodist Church/Comgregation in Dallas Texas and was also at the Book Depository investigating something or in charge but was photoed a bunch when JFK was assassinated. Looks like Ted Cruzes dad the one that was in the bear hug with Heidi Cruz when Ted almost knocked her (his wife) out with his elbow during the run for the Presidency of the Untied States.

“Dr. William H. Dickenson Jr long time server of God pastor of Highland Park Methodist Church to say just a word and then to pronounce the benediction.

Dr. Holcomb leaves and Dr. William H. Dickenson Jr. comes to the podium.”

I transcribed the CBS news reports twice to learn about the assassination which tipped me off to a bunch of information and about the RCC and is on my site called Merangue’s Blog if you are interested. This particular segment is one part of the first time I transcribed what occurred that day which I have linked called Part two.

I don’t know what the problem is with admitting the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed because it isn’t and perhaps God wants us to come to terms with that TRUTH. I think we should. Could it be some people are really screwed up who are in the business of faith? It does appear to be a factor, doesn’t it? Perhaps the mustard seed debacle is the reason for the kind of deception that kills, murders and hospices people. Not sure how it works but there seems to be a connection

between the mustard seed, faith, deception, and death.

I think Joel Olsteen is much more talented than any other preacher in his deliverance of his sermons and touched on some very beautiful truths but not in this world. IN HEAVEN PERHAPS, if there is one. I tried to go by some of those tenets in my life that he explained when dealing with some things in my life in not quite so pure a way but because it was right and it didn’t work out mostly because of the church and in particular I think because of the RCC and the BGEA (and including the Baptist Church) mostly and perhaps are his hills to climb yet. We all have those sometime in our lives no matter how pure we think we are.

I remember Joel Olsteen’s wife was pulled off a plane she was on during the Obama administration by the Secret Service for some reason which is an unusual thing to occur. WHY? Why would the Secret Service want the wife of a preacher even if he runs a scam?

It happened to someone else, too, earlier that was in the news. Someone famous, during the first Obama administration. I don’t remember who it was and maybe it was Joel Olsteen’s wife and it kind of reemerged in my mind after seeing his sermon the other day and seeing her as his support. I had never seen her before and he seems to have lost some weight since the last time I saw him tele-evangelizing which I do not normally watch. I know the guy from Waco a musician who was kind of famous and outspoken about politics and was a Christian more of a Chrisitian into the right to bear arms kind of Christian a constitutionalist patriotic Christian and I guess he ended up as a guest at the second Presidential State of the Union address by Obama and for some reason was invited when he honored some hero a Navy seal group (6) which seemed to be a retelling of some earlier event (it’s called replacement politics replacing heroes with other heroes those that cater to him) and a woman who spent her life or part of her life dealing with leftover explosive land mines still buried because of wars the kind that are buried in other countries and was rescued from her kidnappers and wore a scarf like or burka kind of scarf. Princess Diana made it an issue before she died as did Angela Jolie in the UN movie she made with Clive Owen (a handsome english actor and a good one as well) when she eventually stood on one and gave up her life for the love of Clive Owen the daddy of her kid in some place like Yugoslavia or something. LOL It was heroic and fictional but made working for the UN attractive to those that want to give up their lives for the UN i.e. The One World Government LOL I liked him better in the movie where he played a warrior round table type warrior fighting some castle establishment. I painted with pastels a picture of him because I liked the movie and him in the movie. How weird. Anyway the outspoken constitutionalist Christian rock musician and hunter from Waco never seemed to be the same after attending. I have no idea what happened I figure since the audience at the award ceremony for Obama (the second Presidential Union address) I thought he might have been a victim of some of those hanging plants of South America. The whole affair was a bunch of BS including the awards and the honors. The whole audience seemed to be zombified and without any will of their own. He was not going to take a chance again on being called a liar as did happen in the beginning of Obamas Presidential career by some congressman named Joe Wilson. It was some sort of an Obama mock like the Presidential union address with the survivors we watched on the Trump show which I felt was another mock of some kind though I wasn’t sure he understood it was (maybe) devised by some part of the federal government. The hidden part of the federal government possibly whatever it might be.

Now every time I see the guy in the picture above on the news or on the internet he doesn’t seem the same as I remember him except physically. He was kinda smart about some things and a good guy IMO. I’m sure we wouldn’t agree on everything (such as women’s rights) but he had wise ideas and was an intellectual in how he expressed himself. When I watched Gutfield show recently a retape of his show they edited out a small part of the show which was the first a hint about hospice was mentioned but without saying hospice. So I kind of have an idea there are a lot controlling/comptrolling going on via the press behind the scenes. Whoever is doing it isn’t gonna let anything we need to know or should be told be consumed by the public.

Rep. Joe Wilson was his name. Remember that! HE WAS RIGHT.

Rep. Joe Wilson Calls Obama A Liar During Address

He might not have had a choice about his future or using his ministry to rob those who have faith because of his wife whom I’m sure he loves being taken off the plane during the Obama Administration by the Secret Service. His father was a preacher as well, I recall, so he was groomed to new one as well. Why would the Secret Service have done this to a preacher and his wife?  What does one have to do with the other. I was never a fan of his brand of Christianity knowing his kind of Christianity for the rich but not really for them, but for him but he was and is very popular. In the sermon I watched he kept bringing up Peter as his center character but not in the usual way and obviously works for Peter maybe not by choice. Peter represents the church of Rome as far as Rome is concerned. They wouldn’t really have a religion otherwise with only a few hail Marys. There are a few Peters in the bible, I think as there are a few Pauls and few Jesuses and Marys which adds to the Great Confusion and part of the Great Deception. Olteens’ wife is very beautiful and probably he is hostage to her or vice versa or they are hostages to the RCC and OBAMA imo:” and definitely hostage to

“The new world order/religion

which isn’t.”

You don’t get pulled off a plane by the Secret Service for no reason. Before it happened I knew he wasn’t on the level on some things because it was obvious and he is also a televangelist but had charisma regarding wealth and religion and used it. He was raised in this manner so it wasn’t his idea to begin with but certainly he did bring it to a level I have never seen before and some of it isn’t bad, but some is. 

When I was at Hobby Lobby a year or so ago he had a book he had published having to do with I AM That I AM after I had done quite a bit of research and publishing on line via my blogs and I thought what is the saying?: Copying is the highest form of flattery but this was after I had done some work in the concept of God and Moses etc. I wasn’t the first either however I’m not talented in delivery, nor successful, and barely noticed because of my station in life, being female and not a preacher by any means, not near as pretty either but I was glad he had noticed somehow, somewhere or from someone because he could possibly be helpful to others and his own congregation and had the money to back it up being able to be shown in a place as trafficked as Hobby Lobby and probably other places as well. At first I was taken back but then I tried to take the high road on the compliment. I did not buy the book nor read it and because we all have ways of looking at the same thing differently such as: When I first got to the hospital after a short ride via ambulance and in a private room for a while in ER was moved to another room in the ER that was not as private but with 5 or so other people/patients with curtains between so you can hear conversations if you listened. It isn’t the purpose of the rooms but I noticed a man across the way from me with a long grayish white beard to his belly and he was looking at me so I hid myself moving my head over to the right using the curtain in front and in between from my line of sight. He was glaring at me. He reminded me of the guy I had met at Parkland a long time ago, though a little nicer looking whose girlfriend attacked me with her huge cane that I had to deal with after surgery at a six week visit years ago. The woman in charge of the patients appointments with doctors at that time was sitting at the desk and she had to call the police to intervene who came and surrounded him not her but him and escorted him out after a few minutes of me hiding out in the hallway to get away from her and her accusations blaming me for her male friends intolerance and loud rude outbursts for having to wait which the rest of us had done for 6 hours because of some hospital problems. Not enough doctors showed up or something. Everyone in the room were very cool about it, most of them very sick with something and with their friends/family who came to help them at the time. Six hours is a long time to wait when you are in pain but sometimes is necessary depending on what is occurring and it wasn’t the ER, but a 6-week follow up visit after surgery. The guy wore clothes like he was a biker and his female friend looked like a druggy though I don’t know what the deal was with them because I didn’t ask and they acted like they lived under a bridge. I was afraid of bodily harm when she blamed me for his outbursts with her huge cane (It was 6 foot tall and about 2-3 inches thick) and shaking it at my body and because I had never met them in my life before. My husband at the time was rubbing my back under my shirt. I had a 14-inch incision 3 inch deep wound to the organs of my torso which caused me a great deal of pain and the pain hurt mostly in my back instead of where it originated from which was in the front from the incision from the bottom of my chest to near my Caesarian scars. I was kind of long waisted then when I was thinner. I was talking to two black men who were sitting in front of me about God. One was an older man who said out loud he didn’t believe and the other was a son of a preacher who was disenchanted. I did not start the conversation I just was interested in what they were talking about being in front of me and facing me and I talked to them. They were together and had some kind of relationship but I didn’t get into their relationship except I could tell the older man was influenced quite a bit by the younger man. I said something about prophecy and we got into a conversation and I think it bugged the biker guy and his female friend across the room and to my left side and I can’t say why for sure but I think it had to do with their race and me talking about God.

I guess it wasn’t allowed. LOL.

There was also a man sitting next to me who had gall bladder problems and was groaning and in pain and he told me a little about how he was handling it. There were about 60 people in the room sitting in foldable chairs some of them. After she blamed me for his outbursts brandishing her weapon “the cane” which she needed to get around I think (probably had been a victim of an accident) I could tell it took some doing to shake it and to threaten me with it because she was shaken. I was the one that got up to talk to the woman in charge of the room of people at the desk in front because my husband at the time seemed to be in shock. I had to defend myself though six weeks healed I still had openings and infection spots/pockets of puss that were still a problem. Natural reaction to preserve oneself when you have huge wound you want to protect from further harm and not so natural if you aren’t hurt though usually husbands do stand up for their wives, this one didn’t. It was the kind of wound that had to self heal without stitches and be dressed with gauze drenched in water a few times a day for a while in order to heal and allow the skin/fat to move without scabbing in order for the incision to close which for me took about 6 weeks or so, maybe less. It was a heavy duty wound. After our confrontation when she blamed me and said it was all my fault I said “I don’t even know you” in front of everyone and because it was embarrassing in front of everyone having a confrontation with some psychos. I went to the woman in charge to tell her to please assist then I went out to the hallway to get away from the couple and the roomful of people while my husband stayed in the room with the people in his seat for some reason. Not the bravest of people. lol but it was disconcerting however I sometimes wonder if he did or didn’t have something to do with the confrontation. He had his reasons in his minds’ eye if he did have anything to do with the confrontation, but not reasonably. It was approximately a few minutes before the police arrived and surrounded him, not her, and escorted him through the room to the hallway where I was and out the door of the hallway of that department in the hospital which was near where President Kennedy was taken. They surrounded him, but let him speak and he said something kind of snide like, “I love watching your back.” I did not respond but was totally turned off by his charm which was disgusting to say the least and I had already been through a bunch of shitty shit with some disgusting people and did not need this kind shit going on but you can’t control what others do or say sometimes especially if they are possessed which I think they were. Finally got to see a doctor soon after and he said the last place where the puss was in my body was near my liver or on my liver which was a hint as to where the problem may have originated or they would not have told me. We never did find out what exploded in me except some thing did explode inside my body and caused septic poisoning throughout my body during the operation and before which made me bloat as if I were 9 months pregnant: Before I went to the ER in the first place I went to pick up my kids from school…walked to the school as usual depending on the weather, a few blocks away and the cross guard who I was familiar with said “I didn’t know you are were expecting”, something like that and I said I wasn’t but that I was ill. It was kind of funny. Later got to the doctor with a pillow I used to protect my stomach to see him and he gave me antibiotics and sent me to Parkland and then the doctor I saw at Parkland misdiagnosed me and took me off the antibiotics and had to go back a day later after I developed a high fever and was vomiting. The bloating was painful as well and the new doctors reaccessed my condition and started over with their diagnosis in Emergency mode.)  So when I came back to the ER they started over again basically and said they would start over again with their diagnosis because they knew the first diagnosis was way off and caused problems for me. I looked like I was 9 months pregnant because of the gas from the poison in side me which grew in leaps and bounds from the septic poisoning or whatever was causing it. So I almost died and was out of it for quite a few days. A few weeks or so. I was told I was the sickest person in the ICU for that time period and I was on heavy duty drugs. My skin, my hair, my brains, my eyes, all my organs and my blood was poisoned via the blood stream when I was opened up during and emergency operation. They had to work quickly to vacuum every organ and replace it to its’ original position including my intestines which is not easy to do and I’m sure it stunk to high heaven. I was poisoned in the brain at the time as well which caused me to act like I was crazy or possessed most of the time though I had moments of lucidity and alertness especially for family visiting for some reason. Most of the time I was in a incoherent state of mind and to some I would have acted possessed because I was poisoned and on drugs, heavy duty drugs and pain medication, and severely injured. I noticed some things when I was lucid from my parents and my family which were important to me while recuperating in the ICU. On one day I was kind of hard on a nurse who was trying to care for me and heard another male nurse say she can’t help what she is saying because she is sick. I guess I hurt her feelings and must have said something bad. I sort of remember that I was kind of acting like she was my sister blaming her in a way but not sure exactly my train of thought but remember it upset her and the other nurse trying to help her do what she needed to do and consoling her because she didn’t want to care for me after I think I insulted her. But she did do her job. I think one of the things I said that I do remember saying was, “You don’t have to be so mean about it.” And I was also given information by my husband at the time in reference to those visits with family and was able to kind of put it together with my memory and impressions. But I heard some stuff on my own, some special words from family members when he wasn’t there that TRULY helped  me!!!

“Get well for your kids.”

from my little sister. She had a run in with the my husband whom I told in the ER before I went under anesthesia to not tell my family I was sick and he did at the request of the doctors who had no idea what I had been through and thought my family should come so my little sister put up a cross with her hands and called him satan and wasn’t gonna be deterred from visiting me because she was y sister. I cried when she said it, not sobbing because I couldn’t, but tears streamed from my eyes down my  cheeks into my hair and into my ears. And my dad said “Fly right and fly straight” and then said, “I don’t know why I said that.” And I knew what those words meant as well though it took me a while to understand I struggled to respond and tried to turn over towards his voice when it was said and I couldn’t respond because I knew he had been lied to and he obviously didn’t know what to say or how to say and didn’t know the scoop and he didn’t know a lot of things that were going on. He was probably mad at me still. But I know he meant “get well” sternly and “get it together” as well kind of in the same vein. Commanding me. I am not sure who was in the room with him (perhaps my sister or my husband) Yea my husband was there because he’s the one that told me later but I remembered it and who you are with always has an affect on what people say depending on who they are and I tried to turn over to talk and I couldn’t because I really wanted to. I struggled but my spirit inside my lifeless body wouldn’t let me though still alive and I knew he loved me regardless of everything such as the many lies but it did kind of hurt still. It was a big gulp for me and I’m sure for him, too. I knew some things were being expressed by my sister and my brother-in-law that were way off the mark for quite a while, for YEARS. I knew of some of it and I could tell there was more and it affected me for YEARS from the moment I was teenager as a matter of fact. She had a way of controlling and coming out on the better side. My little sister and I used to talk about it when she still lived in the Dallas area and later on. We stopped trying to compete with the kids etc for our parents love and attention. Tootie owned it. Her kids owned it. She made people somehow cater to her and her needs and her whims and desires and attention.

She was the first born.

We didn’t want to laden my parents with the same kind of burden using guilt and anything else because there is no way anyone else could without killing them that my sister insisted upon and NEEDED as well. She cornered the market so to speak and if WE had done the same they would not have had a life of their own. It truly was a weakness on my sister’s part that she needed it so much and strength on ours for not burdening them but a BIG PROBLEM for letting her get away with it because it was abusive in many ways so it wasn’t necessarily the best avenue but what could we have done.  IT WAS RIDICULOUS. If we complained I’m sure it would have been ridiculous as well. So we did not expect what my oldest sister expected of my parents and didn’t try to exploit them by making them attend to us and our kids and attend every little accomplishment and/or social event school event our kids were involved in and enjoyed my parents with them when we could and in San Antonio when we could. The Kirchers exploited everyone. A nasty need. An OVERBEARING need. Kind of the family physics problem and family dynamics. Families enlarge and no human can fulfill everyone’s wishes but not in the case of my older sister who insisted upon it. Insist is kind of weak word for what I mean and at the same time she did not even appreciate it so it was really really bad and spiritually underhanded. My older sister came to see me at the hospital as well and had her feelings hurt because I kicked her off my foot she was rubbing while talking to me. I think my mom was in the room at the time. I heard about it and I vaguely remember doing it, I lifted my leg and pushed or flicked my foot as if to say “get your fucking hands off me. ” and I loved her. I did the same to Gary years ago when he molested me while I slept next to his wife who was asleep and her face shown abut a two feet away when his hands went down my legs and I didn’t scream because of my sister’s face in front of me sound asleep. Yet when I woke up I had an Alowishes on my chin I would have appreciated it being plucked, but Noooooo that would have been too nice. One longer than my moms she kept on her arm for some reason. When on drugs/steroids in ER and ICU often make things grow faster and it did. Later my husband called them to ask them to help with the kids while he went to work. My younger sister said she was gonna stay and take care of the kids but she was with the Kirchers in the car which Gary was driving at the time leaving the hospital after their visit. I heard there was a lot of happiness (partying) in the car as they were on their way to go out to eat dinner together which as a family we enjoyed doing together. My sister said she got a phone call from her husband and she needed to come back to Houston to do laundry which had piled up while she was gone. My husband seemed to enjoy telling me it a little too much of what was said etc but I asked for the information and I got it but it was a little over the top and I could tell he enjoyed it way too much which is odd and a bit sadistic and I guess he had his needs and wanted to rub it in. Still I’m glad I got the information because it helped me disregarding his and/or their ulterior motives, to work through some things I needed to work through to have a realistic honest understanding. I’m sure my parents moved to a different city to get away from the family pressure just to have a life of their own and because San Antonio was a much more arty laid back place than Dallas, prettier weather, prettier landscape, better entertainment, interesting history, more colorful place closer to the ocean and people friendlier and they had friends living in San Antonio. Not hung up on themselves competing for a bigger house and keeping up with the Joneses and less snotty which we endured in Dallas everyone dressing the same which is an indicator of something missing in them especially in the Highland Park area. It tried to be the fashion center and lost it’s way because most in Dallas couldn’t think for themselves as the JFK assassination luncheon displayed. My brother did as well. My little sister did but ended up in the Houston area which is similar. I’m still trying and hopefully will be able to eventually get to my destination cause it ain’t here, this I know and since I’m not a baseball or football fan. Dallas is part of the bible belt but Dallasites still don’t discern for themselves. Like a mental bloc of some kind and kind of like many cities are a kind of a bloc.

I like nature and natural however I’m not into hardship either.

An inbetweener is what I am.

We were never able to figure out what happened inside except probably a cyst exploded and caused a great deal of trouble. I think I had been slowly poisoned for quite a while I just didn’t know it till it exploded. When I was at the ER recently a few days ago for an attack health wise which I believe is related to the first injury years ago the man I saw was similar to the person I had seen many years ago but a little more groomed without his woman with the huge cane. He was staring/glaring angrily at me from across the room not just looking. Then I noticed another man in his place after he left and after I hid and he looked like Barack Obama. I thought to myself “what the hell is Barack Obama doing in the ER?” LOL. Salt and pepper hair groomed short to his head slight in body build as far as I could tell and in his face. Dark eyes piercing at me. Neither good nor bad, but piercing. Kind of like someone was in someone else looking through their eyes which I think has something to do with the mustard seed Borg stuff which I think is part of the purpose of the mustard seed teaching and I saw it in Olsteen’s eyes when teaching in his sermon, here and there, as if he has a will, but doesn’t. Like he is aware but is controlled. My ex who was with me talked about the people he saw and what he saw was a man after the bearded man was moved was a guy with tattoos all over his face and body which covered his body and face and was why his skin was darkened. I imagined the illustrated man from the book called by the same name from the amount of tattoos the ex explained of his appearance. There was a person who I overheard a little and he overheard who had driven himself to the hospital with a multi- fractured leg and hip and the people in the ER were trying to set his bones. His foot was supposedly huge from whatever accident he was involved in and had multiple fractures and he wouldn’t let them do what they needed to do yet he drove himself to the hospital for help which is very strange and I guess he was afraid. About four people in the ER were almost begging him to help him and he wouldn’t accept the help but I stopped paying attention it was what the ex told me and then I was wheeled upstairs.  So what my ex saw were three men, I saw two men in the bed across from me but not at the same time however I did not see the move of one to another just one became another. I did not see anyone with tattoos which is what my ex saw. My mind wasn’t set on it though so I might have missed something because I was at the ER for me not him. The guy that looked like Obama had no tattoos at all that I could see. None. Pretty weird to say the least once we put our stories together. The reason I didn’t freak out about Barack Obama or a look alike of him was I was in ER mode for myself and there wasn’t much I could do about it and no one else recognized him so I thought hmmmmm. I just didn’t worry about it. I have seen lot of weird stuff these days so it has become kind of a norm for me and since my first operation but more frequently lately i.e. this last 5 or so months. But it is weird for a guy to come in to the ER and not want to be helped even though he came to the ER on his own. The ex said the tattoos were like those guys who are gang members in prison type tattoos who are very violent. I didn’t see any tattoos. I called him the illustrated man as a form of reference for my ex when talking about it because in the book this guy is basically a body of tattoos that tell stories which I had read a long time ago as a kid and I never finished. I don’t have anything against tattoos I just didn’t see them. what I saw looked just like Obama laying down on a hospital ER bed. The ex said his foot was huge from the fractures he got somehow. I did not notice that either. The first time I ever saw a tattoo was when I was a kid at Carlisle Pennsylvania the man who lived next door to us had one on his arm and expressed something with it a chic on his arm or something like it and it was ugly and back then they were kind of ugly usually navy ink colored with a bit of red accents and some green lines, not really artistic but low class stuff and later in life when tattoos became more acceptable and popular the designs got more artistic, feminine and colorful. My neice liked tattoos a bunch and so did her husband who is a Christian minister and a bass player. I think Madonna started it with her fake tattoos looked like lace on her arms and legs and then everyone started doing the same. My niece was a big fan of Madonna. she had some big ones : one was a big ankh symbol surrounded by red ink on her left arm like an arm band and then a bunch of tattoos regarding verses of the bible and other things. One big verse on her back from the New Testament which I never did read the whole thing because it was kind of wordy and she often wore clothes. The first tattoo she got was after her short college experience in New York and she had a chevron tattoo on her lower back in the crack of her ass right above it. Not sure what she was trying to express. I didn’t ask her. Her husband had tattoos all over his body and piercings mostly on his ears and nose. (9-11 by 19 terrorists Aprox. 14 years after The Monday Stock Market Crash of 10-19th-87 may have been a reason – Don’t forget people committed suicide in Oct 1929 because of the Stock Market crash losing everything. I was thinking the 1987 crash when Gary lost a bunch of money was a Tuesday but I read that it was the 1929 crash. 14 years later was about 1943:

Historical Events in 1943

Check it out: Hitler declares all out war for one thing and bunch of other stuff.

14 Generations involved in the gospel of Matthew’s genealogy. 

Remember what Obama said about planes flying down through Manhattan? and don’t forget his infamous joking at the press dinners? Dark sentences.

I’m sure it has to do with the false covenant, somehow, which may be about to be broken.


My niece  had witnessed the World trade Center attack from Brooklyn on a rooftop when she had moved to New York and had met a guy who beat her up badly I heard and came home and made the decision to move to Padre and met her future husband a bartender/minister in South Padre after living there a short while. They were in love. His name was LEVI. A nice guy a bit different as were his friends and eventually they married and had a slew of kids which I thin heaped my niece in some ways though he was the one that took care of the kids and she worked But even work was good for her. She studied to be a nurse like his mom. She was very smart girl and I don’t think she wanted to live at home any more for good reason. At a certain point most kids do leave for one reason or another if they can but she wanted out as soon as she could via marriage or any avenue, it seemed. At least I thought so. She was moved to Padre via a family trip to Padre combining it. I was there for that trip and helped her move in as part of the trip. That was the trip my sister couldn’t think of anything for my mom’s birthday coming up and because my mom had everything she needed (in her estimation though it was not really true more like my sister had everything my mom needed because that is how my sister thought thinking ahead of her own needs I have no idea who got mom’s diamond ring but it wasn’t that great and it could have been better, not like my mom asked for it. She didn’t. Not like she spent days shopping for a ring!) kind of premise we had to get her a miniature or toy poodle-mix and while getting her a toy poodle-mix got Kristen a dog as well but instead got her a cocker spaniel puppy. Didn’t last long. I have no idea what happened to her puppy but the next time I saw her she didn’t have it. I had heard that my niece had a kind of a mental explosion one day or night while living in Padre with her husband who already had two kids by a previous marriage and with his kids and him drove about 100 per hour on the main road. I have no idea why but I was told about it. It was a concern obviously or I would not have heard about it. I don’t think it was a joy ride. I tried to teach her how to paint on porcelain before I moved to the house I bought when she was a teen in between her many obligations and mine and she painted Jesus on the cross and he looked freaked out on the cross. PETRIFIED. Looking down with his arms stretched eyes bulging from fright. I still have it. She never finished. She never had time for one thing in order to finish it. I painted an oval porcelain box for her of a fox for a gift. One of my better pursuits I must say. I liked it.) I think she did as well.

She started to paint oils on canvas around then. Some interesting things kind of abstract but interesting which she might have been doing before she met Levi in Padre and after. I kind of remember one in particular I thought was quite amazing and said some stuff. I have no idea what happened to it but it was very cool a nighttime landscape.

Later on Gary said that Levi was blackmailing him for money or contributions and I thought it was a weird thing to say.

How could he blackmail him and why?

He was kind of disgusted by it in a way and in a way he didn’t seem to care. I think Gary did not like having to support them sometimes but it was his daughter and she deserved it. I think it was more like compensation. Funny thing, is when the shit hit the fan when Gary wanted to isolate me and before the meeting with my brother my little sister told me on the phone that my dad thought I was blackmailing her. LOL. I highly doubt he said that but that is what she told me and I could never figure out why she just didn’t say

‘No, she isn’t blackmailing me” to my dad.

wouldn’t she know if I was?


So some of the stuff relayed to me by her via the phone calls

just didn’t make much sense?

My dad imo did not think in that way.- the dad that I KNEW!

 I doubt he would ever say it because it is so outlandish and my dad would realize it was outlandish before he would say it, hence he would never have said it.

He was not stupid and neither am I.

Unless he was trying to dig a little.

Around this time when Gary said his kid and her husband were blackmailing him I saw her during a visit in my sister’s driveway and she was really skinny almost anorexic or bolemic. Her bones were sticking out in places they didn’t normally stick out and her clothes hung on her. Their car was a mess as if they lived in their car which they didn’t (I don’t know where they lived) but it was piled high with clothes and trash and baby things they had had a few already. So I guess they were in need at the time and came to visit. When she was a teenager her sister found her in the bathroom and she was supposedly cutting herself. She had already shaved her head. Even here sister’s friend started having eating problems got real skinny and I now somehow she was involved somehow. Had a big affect on lots of people. He flirted with her. About that time was when the rumors were at the school a very very prominent school (probably the most prominent school for girls in Dallas) about a dad and his daughter and even my sister brought it up to me. I didn’t go to the school and had no idea about the rumor but I think a daughter had told on her dad but wanted to remain anonymous which I think was honored. One trip to Padre with my older sister and we usually stopped in in San Antonio in between when my first born was a tot and still in a car seat and my sisters kids were in their teens in my sister’s vehicle stuffed to the gill with suitcases and blankets etc the kids got cramped and were complaining about it. They had a tv to watch but there was no space or leg room and they were leggy and my kids car seat in the middle to make things worse LOL. I sat up front in the passengers seat and my sister drove. We were trying to have a vacation and usually the car ride is supposed to be enjoyable but my sister got mad at them for complaining. So we stopped in some strange town in-between at night and she found a parking lot and made them get out of the car and jog around the parking lot. My sisters mouth was similar to when I met her at the office to talk about Gary in a private room and about what he had done at the office to me in order for her to take it seriously =. It was the snob of snobs kind of mouth being tested I guess though that was not the point for me. I kind of felt bad for the kids however it helped them regardless of the motive involved but it was kind of abusive. My niece reminded me at that time of the woman in the SCIFI movie who had an evil dad and the one obeying him called Guardians of the Universe. It was a strange deal. She was a teen at the time so all teens go through a stage lacking respect for parents however she had a lot to lack respect for. Like abusive begetting abusive kind of stuff. We could have found a better place to stop and made it enjoyable instead of resentful to the max but she was driving the car.

The thing is people often tend to remember the worst because the worst stands out more  than the many times that tend to be forgotten so the less the better? It wasn’t a great way to begin a vacation or build good family memories and I felt right smack dab in the middle because of my tot in a car seat. Obviously it was part of the problem and I’m not sure we could help it. So everyone felt kind of bad, including me, but it wasn’t her fault. I didn’t set it up that way, I didn’t pack the car. The rest of the vacation I’m sure we had fun but it was kind of rotten. weird and ridiculous. I know Kristen read a bunch and kind of stuck to her self more than normal on that trip.

*We were lucky because my little sister’s husband owned a few condos and gave us a deal each year. It was very nice to have had the opportunity to enjoy the ocean and have family outings. Often the husbands were absent and Gary didn’t like the beach except to check out chicks and drink beer for the most part. Very rare to have my little sister with us because she had a different set of friends and went with them usually or for business related vacations. Still it was fun. I didn’t mind when Gary and Tootie and I were on a trip to San Antonio and I think the kids and he got lost on the backroads and had to find place for Tootie so she could shit. No gas stations open and not knowing what was ahead because we were lost (never happened before on our way to San Antonio but there was a time when a lot of highway construction was occurring between the cities) so she could stop on the side of the road and shit on some lot some where. LOL. I didn’t make them jog around a strange lot at night in the middle of nowhere and get all tense about it. I knew she had problems because of her digestive system and had an allergy to corn and probably was eating corn tortilla chips on the way. Luckily she had toilet paper. Obviously my husband wasn’t there. He rarely came on vacations or family trips because of his weekend gigs and I tagged along but not without an invitation.  Anyway shit happens. That trip might have been the night we saw a UFO but actually it was a satellite (possibly russian) burning up on entry into our atmosphere. Quite a show it was, too.

A day or so ago and a little while ago I was and still am having trouble linking you tubes but will getting together soon on that dilemma with my bird in the hand’s help but as I was organizing my desktop because my computer all of a sudden started acting up so I thought maybe I needed to put some pics/snapshots into folders and as I was putting one away in particular the one of Robert Tilton a format type message flashed on my computer and it had the name GARY on it. LOL  I was in the process of writing about his daughter: the Jealous Jacuzzi kid. I can tell people are afraid of me and what I’m doing, but Tough Love. Get over it. It is gonna continue till I’m finished a there is a bunch more to add and edit i.e. try to make understandable. I  know I have helped by acting as a witness and also hurt some but I doubt if I hadn’t written the things I wrote those I helped would not have had a chance in hell and those I hurt eventually will come around and those that are fucking with everyone won’t be around any more

so in the long run bear with me


that is the purpose.

God did not tell me to do what I have been doing for quite a long time, but I know He has helped me and others who have helped me and the miracles to me keep me going such as I had my gall bladder removed a few days ago which I think is gonna be a real coup for me and for my families and my true friends.)

Roberta Flack – First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 1972

Years later after my dad died and after my sister threw away a bunch of photos of my parents and their friends which she confessed to me in a phone call and said she found a letter from my brother to my dad saying/insinuating/inferring she was stupid and then acted like it was my dad who said it. (wrote it) I tried to explain to her if my brother wrote it and sent it to my dad (her dad) does not mean daddy thinks you are stupid since he didn’t write the letter nor send it to himself and for some reason she got lost on that logic. I also tried to tell her someone else may have written it and planted it to make you feel bad or hurt your relationship with dad or to make you feel stupid. The only people who had access to the sites, had keys or a combination lock or knew where the storage sites were that stored my parents belongings that she and my sister went through over a long period of time was my older sister and her husband Gary, herself and her new husband and the sites were near her. That’s it. I have no idea if the letter was handwritten, typed or computer written on a Word program or on an email. Anyway her feelings were hurt by my dad even though he didn’t write the letter. That’s a hard thing to understand. SO you can see why I’m having and had some problems understanding some things that were going on then because it is really stupid. I think she was dealing with some kind of mental block or something and hence so was I via her and others. It can be very frustrating to deal with that kind of thing. I don’t really know how to describe it but to call it

“the thing.”

Gary’s daughter and Levi were married in San Antonio at the church my parents attended and it was kind of casual and a fun wedding as well as funny because of Levi’s good friend and my youngest daughter who was taken aback by his appearance when she and my other daughter were bridesmaids/flower girls but he handled it well and we got a good laugh and it was a funny memory.

My older sister met Gary her husband at SMU and in a barn at a fraternity party when she anointed his head with beer pouring it from above in order for him to remember her and he did. They dated and got married when I was about 14 years of age. I remember meeting him for the first time in Virginia when he came for a weekend to meet us. We met him at the airport before an Army picnic. I recall how he looked me over up and down.. I was still a tom boy at the time. I might have been 13. Then some time later we went to his dad’s home in Connecticut for a visit. He served us my first taste of the cheese Brie from a wheel of Brie. I loved the stuff. I had heard how their daughter had a huge bedroom and a closet the size of a bedroom by my eldest sister. They lived in a mansion on Winding Lane in Greenwich. Kind of a swanky area (old money) reminded me of the movie with Ryan O’neil and a famous model with a unique bite which made her famous partially named Ali McGraw and she also became an actress. Their daughter favored Ali McGraw when she was young: Love Means Never Having to Say You are Sorry. I don’t remember the name of the movie about two college kids in love and one dies. Kind of a silly movie and idea. Gary’s mom had the same name as my mom. His sister was I think about a year older than I. Very pretty and snobby but nice. She went two a college in Ft Worth and was followed by a guy a criminal or a guy with criminal intent because of her dad’s reputation or position and money and because of her looks and personality and they had to hire some body guards for her in order to go to college and whatever else she did.  We never saw her much. She changed her first name from the name Elizabeth to a different name legally. I think I know why. I thought about doing the same after my operation but my dad’s mom is who I was named after so I didn’t. I would not have either if I had been named after my mom.  It’s a way to assert oneself after being severely degraded. Eventually she married a jerk and had some kids and got a divorce. He was I think using her because of her station in life which is a hazard. eventually her parents hung out with her to protect her and her interests. I saw some family videos short ones and she kind of was tempered quite a bit not for the better but for reasons out of her control. I started to see the same thing happen with my sister girls as well, which was too bad, but I certainly understand why, squeezing their spirits out of them and their uniquenesses and the things which made them special and their GOD given talents just to get along or fit in or be acceptable as THE NORM and to survive critical mass when not deserved for being pretty and/or talented and for them because of daddy’s money. One went to work in the insurance business, another a nurse, etc. Not growing up more like sideways in order to get along.

Seems to be a pattern emerging.

(Familial sexual abuse and off to a some stranger abuse.)

They visited us in Georgia as well later at some Gardens. Before my sister and Gary were married Mr. Kircher flew them around the world on his private Conoco Jet with his family. They didn’t go everywhere but some unusual places like Bali and Hong Kong, I think and other places and islands.  The wedding was a biggie at SMU church on campus with all the sisters as bridesmaids and friends I think there were seven of us and of course groomsmen. The night before the guys got drunk and ended up in jail including my brother and had to be bailed out of jail in order to attend the wedding and they were not happy about it (especially my brother) except for one guy who slept it off under a car and luckily no one moved the car that night or morning. During the trip around the world my sister and the Kircher family shopped for pearls and gems in Hong Kong and the place brought out gems and pearls by the drawer full for their pleasure in a private room to shop. My sister told me she stole a pearl while they weren’t looking or were out of the room. She felt she should have one if they were were gonna have one. Kind of a stupid thing to do in another country (especially if you had seen a movie about people transporting contraband over country lines. Not sure she saw the movie I saw which would make you think twice) but she wasn’t caught as far as I know and she was with the President of Conoco Oil and if she had been caught I doubt she would have had to suffer the consequences. I think it was kind of a tempting thing to do to an army brat to leave her in a room alone with a drawer full of pearls. I think there is something to it but I can’t say what it is because I don’t know. A feeling I have because of the course of her life. When I was younger I didn’t suspect anything but only lately in the last few years as far as that temptation. I bet the Kirchers knew.

My dad bought each girl in our family a small pearl from Hong Kong when he was fighting in the Vietnam War and on an R&R.


When you get my age it isn’t a good idea to tattoo and I had enough problems not to add more to the equation of me. Like the less makeup the better especially after my operation when I tried to look nice going home and the ex said don’t bother, lol because I looked so bad. I was only making myself look worse. I tried. I had lost a ton of weight and was like skin and bones the skin hanging off of my bones after the water weight from the fluids given during my hospital stay dried up so nothing would have really helped me at the time. The whole rigamarole aged me quite a bit. I like what tattoos can do for cosmetic reasons for those that need it or to look younger or for some flaws on one’s face. etc. I think it’s cool as long as it’s safe to do. Burn victims get some help from it and others with problems either born with a discoloration or birthmarks or because of an injury etc. Helping one’s appearance is important these days because people judge a person by their looks at least as a first impression and everyone I have ever known wants to be pretty . It is kind of expected and probably is the most lucrative expectation for businesses. I want to get my eyebrows done and my eyelashes dyed because I lost many eyelashes and hair during my operation and because of the Cat Scans and stress of the operation and family fiasco and about three months later my hair was falling out as if I had been nuked. I stopped combing my hair and put it up in kind of a bun so I wouldn’t have to brush it and to prevent clumps of hair coming out when I combed or brushed my hair and hoping it would help me lose less hair. It did help I even bought a wig but it didn’t really suit me and I didn’t want to have to deal with it. My doctor noticed the hair loss which I mentioned to him around three months or so after the operation he could tell and said it was falling out as he spoke and told me to take Vitamen-D which prevents cancer and use horse shampoo for a while (which is weird but gentle and possibly because of some ingredient) and then some other Vitamens as well. He was trying to assist me in draining puss out of the remaining pockets that did not heal because of the puss. I laid down on his office bed and he would squeeze the areas in question while telling me to flex my muscles which had been cut in two right down the middle and was virtually impossible for me to give him the muscle action/tone he needed to drain the puss as he squeezed though I tried there wasn’t anything to be had in that regard except the expression on my face. I had Cat Scans I didn’t need partially because of a particular nurse who took orders but didn’t necessarily abide by the rules of a Cat Scan such as you need to drink the liquid beforehand so the scan will do what it is supposed to do and I would explain “hey I didn’t get the drink” and it didn’t matter BECAUSE OF HER SCHEDULE and her orders  and I was too weak to fight the system at the time so I would end up with another Cat Scan appointment either a few hours later or a day later when the doctors couldn’t read the Cat Scan. It happened a few times plus I was getting one a day and x-rays as well. I lost my eyelashes for the most part I still have some but not nearly what I had so I like some of these tattoo and makeup advances for people like me as well. Partially why I am against the unions in schools as explained in this post I am against insurance for health because it is an abusive system mostly to the best doctors and the best nurses and the patients and for the worst. Like dumbing down our health care as we have our public schools and it could be so great if we let go of controls in our government and let their work and reputation proceed them. If they are good doctors they will get references and more work and if they aren’t they won’t but health insurance prohibits that kind of free market. Prices/cost would go down for everyone and everyone would be pleased with the results if they would let it happen except for the bad doctors and bad nurses but eventually they might find their niche as well and be happy to have cheaper health care in the long run when they are in need of it or their children and their children’s children. Same with hospitals. It’s called supply and demand a basic rule of economics and life in my opinion. Unions are not what they were were meant to be and never will be because of a lack of faith/trust. THE TRUE KIND OF FAITH which can be interpreted in many way which in my opinion kind of makes it useless to say the word faith. Keep the faith:  meaning keep your wits about you? Don’t give up? Don’t give up what? What faith are you? I’m a catholic or I’m a radical islamist. Do you have the faith? I don’t know? He had faith in the institution.-He had trust in the institution. There are lots of meanings to the word faith and is used in a myriad of ways and to compare it’s size to a plant seed is a bit strange because like many feelings or human traits are not measurable because of emotion and changes from one minute to the next. The mustard seed is a derivative as is the devils breath to a mind controlling drug and some good sea sickness drugs the mustard seed is a derivative of poisonous gas and chemical weapons the kind used in WWl, WWll, and saran gas etc and regular old poisons used in the old days to murder unsuspecting victims.

Poison ring

Through the centuries, the Fisherman’s Ring came to be known for its feudal symbolism. Borrowing from the traditions developed by medieval monarchs, followers showed respect to the reigning Pope, who was considered “the emperor of the world”, by kneeling at his feet and kissing the Fisherman’s Ring.

Egyptian Scarab Poison Ring

At one time (actually many times) employers/business owners did not take care of employees safety and overworked them and that is how unions got started in business and some business owners were not acting responsibly and ended up being a curse for everyone when unions got involved instead of fixing the problem to begin with they made more problems and bigger ones because power corrupts and union leaders were  eventually corrupted basically switching from one corruption to another. We had less competition then which was part of the problem. If you fix something in the wrong way it becomes a bigger problem. It’s kind of like the mob and the mob ain’t good and will create problems to fix them in the wrong way to gain control and make more problems. Keeps them afloat. Very likely some of those accidents in businesses were purposeful accidents and were attacks instead like what happened in Bhopal India with Mother Teresa involved which is explained by the exposes of Christopher Hitchens about Mother Teresa and the RCC:

How she got her fame partially but it was evil beyond imagination.

Check it out and  do it more than once. It really is interesting and he has many more exposes on the subject and it affects you, your children and your children’s’ children, etc.  It cannot be allowed to mature or be acceptable and will lead to the ignorance of people, desensitizing of people, and the breakup of the family institution. It will lead to a lower life expectancy year by year and medical malfeasance for various reasons usually involving money or assets and the control of people via religious/political cults, Its a bad direction to go.

“There is a way that seemeth right unto men, but leads to death” 

UNTO I believe is referring to the United Nations. A hint within a verse. UN obviously works with the Vatican. Think about Syria for instance and John Kerry and those that have tried to get us involved in Syria and if you read about Syria in the OT and about the burdensome stone, it isn’t wise. I know the Saudis were involved as well. Germany. Turkey, nuns. false news which truthers debunked and other places and of course Obama, etc. Big conspiracy! It was about the Golan Heights, PERIOD! In the war that gave Israel some space the Golan Heights angels were seen even by the enemy. Our military should not be doing the UN’s bidding. If you want a world don’t tempt God. But sometimes evil likes to push it and if it does it will be the end of a few people written about heading towards the lake of fire. BADABOOM. Like my sister pushing it and she did not have to, she couldn’t resist but she could have resisted a lot of things or tried and still might be able to. Admitted she was wrong would have helped but wanted me to bear the burden from the start. “Gary, get back in here!” and then many years later pulling a mother teresa for the Catholic church. I wonder what she thinks will happen to her son one day going along with it? I certainly tried and tried and tried.

I tried to make it easy and of course i’m not now.

But then Peace unto you which is a myth;)

The reason I think women isn’t mentioned in the bible verse above is because of the Patrimonial religions who support Mother Teresa’s solution-especially the RCC. Yea often people use men as meaning men and women however in reality it isn’t so (such as the US Constitution and Bill of Rights) but even though the religion/church is referred to as a woman in the bible like ships are named, women aren’t in control of the institutions or the ships (are they?) and obviously that means there is a double standard as if women are only bodies to have kids with and pleasure with while stunning in their youth women are just as complicated as a man even more so often which may be the underlying excuse: FEAR OF WOMEN, FEAR OF FEMALE SUCCESS If you think about it QUEEN ELIZABETH was FEARED and the RCC tried to annihilate her and didn’t and couldn’t. Hillary is no Queen Elizabeth, more like a Mary Queen of Scots. Queen Elizabeth was the most controversial person/woman in the history of mankind which led to some major breakthroughs for mankind by her standards and her beliefs: other people were able and allowed to accomplish amazing advances for the world in many fields of science, inventions, and in human progress like a good mother would do for her kids regardless of their sexual orientation or their sex, their color/race, their beauty or lack of beauty, talents or lack of, friends or lack of, etc and so would a good dad. “Rise and shine” kind of mom and dad because of their love. While she was not an astronomer she advanced the truth that the world was not flat which put/kept the RCC into the Dark ages where it belonged which is why there is a struggle between the two: She had vision. Eyes to see spiritually and she gave up some things to achieve for mankind (man and woman kind) due to her experience. In the animal kingdom are some good examples in some species and some are on the precipice as far as extinction because of the proclivity of the male to discard the female after impregnating, because of something prettier, younger, wealthier, etc. Not all males but a lot of them who were raised in ignorance usually are because of cults. A cult is not necessarily small. Cults come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Usually a sign of a cult is the degradation of the female in various ways as if the female is only body or a means and women are as illustrious and intelligent as a man in different ways sometimes but who is to say which is better.

Muscles are not brains nor synaptic impulses, etc. and love isn’t either. Courage is not only a male trait and usually love is the underlying cause of courage, and vice versa. Intuition, experience (good and bad), and common sense help develop both and work together. Without experience i.e. learning you might as well become a eternal pawn or a blade of grass to bemoan to be blow’in into the wind. It takes experience to differentiate between good and evil and to grow up instead of sideways which is the mustard seed’s purpose to prohibit and promote ignorance and beSIDES it isn’t the smallest of seed even in the plant world/flora. That ought to tell you something. The ORCHID seed is smaller. and of course some males act like plants but the sperm is even smaller. Sperm is the male reproductive cell and is derived from the Greek word (σπέρμα) sperma (meaning “seed”).

Hells Angel (Mother Teresa) – Christopher Hitchens

and there are a bunch more of his exposes on

the practice.

By the way the bible also talks about witchcraft and uses wording having to do with

the practice.

Pope Francis trying to act like he is Jesus with an audience or he wouldn’t do it.

This kind of mockery isn’t gonna help mankind. Praying is not limited to lying on a floor on a rug on top of marble and inlaid wood as if it is a physical activity when it is spiritual and can be done standing upright and in private or out in the wild by using your mind. He can’t even read a bible with out two people holding it and one to turn the page. Check out the swiss guard on the left. You don’t need to wear a frock to do it, or need a frock adjuster or a braid adjuster. I think this may have been the position Gary was in near the hide-a-bed by me years ago and how he got into the room from his room was on his elbows without being seen.

Ever hear of memorization?



Not all accidents are accidental.

Some accidents are actually sabotage. Like what happened in a town in Texas during the Obama Administration a small town and an apartment complex were burned up because of some factory via sabotage for the GREATER GOOD of someone’s ideals which happen to be evil. Remember that accident? There have been a few during the Obama Administration that were not accidents whether he was the instigator or not they were not accidental accidents. Sabotage by someone. Fukushima is another example. Possibly Chernobyl. etc one having to do with religious prophecy fulfillment called self fulfilling prophecy and to incriminate in the wrong direction, etc The RCC and it’s cronies do it a lot such as the Jesuits and other secret societies within the church IN ORDER to be needed. I heard on the news about the English attack of a mosque recently and I guess Islamic people don’t abide tattoos. I have no idea if they do or not but I heard they don’t. I know in the OT it’s forbidden in the book of the laws of Moses or something but I have no idea of it’s worth since it’s not really in the Ten Commandments and was more of a social standard they came up with as they went along making a bunch of laws that I don’t think were as important as the Ten Commandments because the Ten Commandments were created by God (imo) and the others by mankind for mankind kind of like our congress which are impossible to live by at a certain point when they become cumbersome to the nth degree outlawing everything known to mankind because of one thing or another that comes along. It got to the point Moses had to get others to deal with the problems of the people that came up as they were traveling about etc after their freedom from slavery and it grew and grew and grew into a part of the bible that was hard to read. It got out of hand and seemed almost like testing by the people and others. Same thing happenned to Soloman and his people in the OT.  A woman who lost her baby in childbirth and trying to steal another woman’s baby and his idea for handling it and then everyone probably used it as an example of how to handle women fighting over babies. Not everything is the same situation or mental state. Some people do it because they are insane and others because they want money or for kidnappng sake or to get back at someone. There are so many variations of the same crap and laws don’t often cover the reasons for the crimes and definitely not the intent.


Susan Maughan – Bobby’s Girl

I used to date a hemophiliac so I know it’s important to be careful about blood products and blood art as well. He died of AIDS soon after his brother died who was also hemophiliac at a pretty young age during the end of the AIDs/HIV epidemic as well. We were pretty close and friends though we married different people. He was best friends with my brother for many years which was how we met at my brother’s wedding and we dated after we met when I was a young “lady”. We were closer then just dating too. He was quite a guy in many ways and we knew each other for many years after we went our own way remaining friends partially because of my brother and because he was a friend of the family, too. It was a shock that he died that way and his brother before him. We got together with  him during a visit of my brother to town from another state and he wanted to see him and so we set up a poker kind of night and played poker with him which we used to do quite a bit and other stuff as well and with his wife this time at my older sister’s home where my brother stayed and it was an interesting visit. His wife hardly said a word ( I don’t remember her saying anything as a matter of fact and I was interested in getting to converse or know her slightly because of our friendship but wanted to be respectful as well.) and my husband wasn’t there but on a gig so I tried to keep it simple and not get cozy or anything talking to him about anything except his investigation about the HIV which he offered and told us some things which he brought up that he had investigated as far as the poisoning of the blood supply at the time when we were sharing something outdoors with a few family members who were into the night sky etc out on the porch for a break from the poker game. He was our friend and at the time he was alive it wasn’t as important until he died did I realize how important it was. He didn’t seem sick when we saw him but we knew he was infected. I remembered quite a bit because it isn’t something you forget too easily and especially what we had been through years before being close and our friendship. I used to go with him on dates and we would end up at the blood bank for him to get what he needed for his physical problems which usually affected his legs and his joints. He didn’t whine about it because he was used to it. It was very much a part of his life to do what he had to do. While we were outside he brought up the woman who was in charge of blood supply at the time, a politicians wife and she also was governor of Florida at some point in their lives and ours, and I think her husband had run for President as well. Bob Dole was his name. Her name was Elizabeth Dole, Bob Dole’s wife. I saw a picture of them with the Connallys the Governor of Texas at the time of the assassination when I was investigating the JFK assassination and transcribing the reports and he had what looked like a black lamp shade on his head in the photo which was taken sometime after the assassination. There was something strange about the photo which is why I kind of remember it but can’t remember what it was that was strange besides the lamp shade but I think I added it to one of the posts in one of the transcriptions or it is in my library of photos. I’ll have to find it sometime so I can recall what made it interesting. It was meant to be weird for some reason.

Life is in the blood? Hemophiliacs have blood. Aids victims have blood. Bats have blood. In the Bolshevic Revolution the son of the leader at the time was a hemophiliac. The whole family was slaughtered. Humans only carry 8 pints of blood or 1 gallon of blood/900 calories per liter

How Much Blood Would Vampires Really Have to Drink?


He was suspicious of Elizabeth Dole’s actions (I think it is her he spoke sbout) and her affiliations because a lot of people died as a result of the carelessness involved of blood products and the attitude about homosexuality as well. What if it wasn’t homosexuals who were the targets of the aids epidemic?  I think he was trying to figure out what the hell happened to him and probably trying to figure out why it happened to him and his brother kind of like I’m doing now in my life. I had a friend who was gay and probably more friends than I realized. I didn’t go around thinking about it or taking sides on the issue. It wasn’t important to me either way at the time. We were just friends and I liked him. Obviously I had hair dressers etc who were gay and noticed and even noticed some in the military in my past in the military families and in the forces themselves. I noticed even at the church the Episcopalian Church I did not frequent but lived nearby and was a small part of for a short stint in my life when getting to learn about Jesus and taking classes as a kid for confirmation and the few times with the family on some Sundays and my brother and I could stay. I explained that experience in another post so I’ll skip it for now except to say the church was hit by lightning and burned down after getting a new piece of furniture which was a new instrument “the organ” around the time that the movie the Exorcist and a little before became a famous movie and near the same area of Virginia in Alexandria, Virginia.  Maybe I will touch on it now. My brother and I when we went to this church used to get sick. He and I both would grow pale and sickly to our stomachs. So we would get to leave early which we liked of course but the rest of the family thought we were jerks. They had a change in Rectors (reverend) while we were in the area and about the same time as we met Gary my sister’s husband and the replacement rector/ reverend was gay for sure. I never talked to the guy. He never talked to him either. I remember the back of his head for the most part and the way he walked but I haven’t any idea his face because I didn’t pay attention. LOL Too busy looking up hymns and sitting, bending, standing etc over and over again. silly repetitive nonsense and I doubt God was impressed. It wasn’t a very friendly church. I did not learn anything by the sermons and barely anything seeing animations etc at confirmation classes. We also used their soda machine to cool off after playing. We noticed he was gay and didn’t talk about it. It was a fact and neither made a difference to us because we suffered those physical ailments of getting sick at church before as well. We used to play around the church yard behind our house football and built forts in the woods, etc. The stables were nearby where we kept our horse down the road. There were homes in the woods which we never went to – very old decrepit homes across the street from the church in the thick woods. I don’t think the people who lived in those homes came to the church but the ones in our neighborhood. It wasn’t built up and lots of new neighborhoods being built in the area so we played there in the construction sites on the planks and brick sometimes with my sister and sometimes with my brother or both. We liked to explore which is one of the thoughts I received from my brother (I think):

Never stop exploring!

Exploring is something we used to do together partially because that was how we lived our lives and it was fun and during our travels together as a family around Europe and the USA camping trips we took that my dad planned meticulously  for us. Four kids is a bunch to handle on camping and car travels with tours on a shoestring of a budget and so it was good he was that way. Sometimes found ourselves in dangerous spots but managed to live through our explorations. It’s kind of hard to remember everything I need to remember because things change so fast and at the time I wasn’t as aware of politics as I am now which I despise in many ways. And religion does affect politics in a big way and vice versa. I wasn’t even interested in politics because I had no idea how much it affected our lives being a kid. I was into doing other stuff and trying to find my talent or interests in college. and looking for love, having friends, having fun and the repercussions of fun and friends as well, etc. I was a D student as in D for dedicated. I got caught skipping for so many days when we lived in Virginia. My mom was pretty mad about it. I was a schlepp of a student.  I think I was a bit slow but I don’t know. I couldn’t pay attention or didn’t pay attention to the teachers and wasn’t interested in what they taught at the time I had been tomboy and was more into other things. I hated school and having to get up except socially but was a big failure socially as well and we moved so much I hadn’t developed socially in some ways. I went to three different high schools in three different states. The second to last high school I was bussed about a half hour away to a black neighborhood in Columbus for our country. I got pregnant and watched my best friend have an affair with the math teacher/coach for most of the year and I and my brother and his friends we were with who set it up were busted on base for marijuana but not charged but purposefully set up by the military police’s son who was effeminate cause his dad was an asshole and berated him and he probably confessed and he was supposed to be there that night and didn’t show but the military police did show with the rangers of the base in their helicopters and rifles on us.  We were all colonels kids and  because of the change in politics about the quota in the military about who was gonna become general and around the time Colin Powell got his chance. We had no idea people would do what they did to us just to get a head, but they did. It made us look bad but they were extremely competitive and sneaky and imo they made a mistake as far as my dad is concerned. He retired soon after sending us off to Texas for a year of separation from my mom. I think he kind of blamed me for the bust but it wasn’t my idea it was my older brother’s idea with his friends and I tagged along. He sure didn’t raise his hand to take the credit WHO WOULD? Like taking credit for rough housing and breaking a vase or something valuable and it wasn’t important who was to blame because we didn’t do anything the rest of them weren’t doing. It was his friends, not mine, and all were colonels kids. He was four years older. One of the friends was a colonel’s kid and his sister who my brother took a liking to became good friends and then they became good friends via the kids with my older sister and her husband when living in Texas years later around the time of the threshold debacle.  I met him and his wife once with my brother when I was going to college when they took me water falling in the Guadalupe River falls when swimming was still allowed and he and she ended up moving to San Antonio near the time of the Great Falling Away when Gary wanted to carry me over the threshold to the car to get my lighter etc and I had the first molestation meeting a few days later with my sister in Dallas after wards. It could be my dad didn’t blame me and was in my head guilt a very normal feeling but that it might have been about me, maybe. Cause a lot of shit came my way for sure over the years. Years later he and his wife went bike riding in the mountains or something steep and she fell off her bike with her bike down the mountain and the spoke speared her kidney when she landed and she died. I’m sure it was a secluded place as well. I can see how it might have occurred with a kick. This was after the winning of the Fedex case by my brother and so he went to the funeral and said his friend acted very strange to him for some reason when my brother went to help his friend in mourning. The problem was IMO he befriended Gary and my sister and something to do with winning a lawsuit against Fedex. I’m sure the General and his daughter were involved as well: Mr. Congo. Me Tarzan – you Jane?

Remember “pathetic”?

talking about your idea of friendship or your idea of a friend. Believe you me it’s pertinent to this conversation I’m having and hopefully it is getting through? Partially for not suing when they wanted to sue about food poisoning at a sushi restaurant as weird as it is.

He acted as if he had murdered his wife. His dad was one of the colonels who didn’t make the rank because of the drug bust. His daughter was also attending the bust as well with us and her dad cried because it screwed up his military career and chances to become general but in actuality it was the quota. The bust was an excuse and nobody was charged to emphasize how lucky we were like the IRISH. My dad didn’t even cry. He had been to war for two years before that – a very tough war and very uncomfortable war in Vietnam and my parents and theirs lost friends in that war and I’m sure their men and women they were in charge of so when my sister wrote or someone wrote in the brochure about my mom for her funeral with information about my dad and his motives for going to war the second time (tour of duty) for his career aims because he got a battalion to command it wasn’t to make general or it wasn’t that important to make general as much as the brochure claimed. Yea it was his career but it was his duty as well at the time and he had perspective. It was a compliment and an achievement he was granted or given because of his abilities but was not based on becoming a general. Lots of colonels are much more talented and much more detrimental in the military and to the military than many generals depending on the job they are asked to do and how they handle it and depending on the person and their bosses.  The military is of course very political sometimes and politics tends to be a source of problems for the military because of the obvious reasons especially when at war often the difference between winning and not winning a war or getting into a war or not and being properly armed for their goals. Remember during the Clinton presidency some in some of out military in some country were abandoned. Politics is delinquent oftentimes to the point of the death of soldiers and others. It wasn’t his drive, imo and I felt like the brochure mocked him in that way. He liked retiring and learning to build homes as well. He still got to play golf. He had to learn to match plaids, but my mom helped him.

He loved his family first and foremost.

So he did not cry. 

(Why would a grown man cry about what Brads dad cried about? Perhaps he knew ahead  of time, as well. My best friends dad was the head of the Rangers on the base. What land were we on? Rangers… Who were in the helicopters? Rangers… Who had the rifles? Rangers … It was not the military police. RANGER DANGER:0

Ranger Danger is not to be confused with Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, or the actual Danger Rangers, who teach kids about safety.

Gary wasn’t a stranger or a ranger, was he? Is it irrelative? I don’t think so.

And he wasn’t a monk, was he?

When we went to Branson, Missouri years and years later when I had my first child, we were late picking up my parents and my older sister after a show they attended. Anyway the pearl was pissed because we were late by about an hour or so. Hey I used to wait plenty of times while she was in college at SMU scarfing up the money my mom made and that my mom helped to pay for her tuition wise and clothing working very hard in real-estate and was doing great at it when she had to pick me up from school late. I didn’t like it but I didn’t blame my sister, but now I will. In Branson I wasn’t in charge of the vehicle and I didn’t have a watch and I didn’t bring the marijuana, nor buy it. I was tagging along as usual. For some reason in my sister’s eyes it was me who caused her to have to wait. Maybe it was my reaction to her mood that pissed her off. We were kind of hysterical laughing on the way especially when we realized we were an hour late and scrambled trying to come up with a good believable excuse which was entertaining in itself and because we knew she was gonna be pissed and then on top of it getting lost even though it’s not a huge city and she was pissed, however my parents were pretty cool about it. They didn’t need an excuse. Which I appreciated. Not like they didn’t realize we made mistake and were late and they sure didn’t need a bunch of shit about it. It was only a little more than an hour or so of being late. I really didn’t want to go to Branson and only did it because of family. When we went to breakfast in the hotel my dad ordered some food and I guess he got up to go to the bathroom or something and came back and the plateful of food was at his place and he sat down and asked:

“Did I order this or did I throw this up?”

It was funny and we all laughed. You had to have been there I think to understand how we got a kick out of him and his personality. Something happened on the way to his place at the table between there and the bathroom. May be it was premonition.  KIDS aren’t easy. It was a memorable experience I will never forget going to Branson and we did have fun going through that experience, though I don’t think my oldest sister enjoyed it as much as we did. Watching my brother and my younger sister in the situation we were in was fun and very funny as well.

She started to favor Greta Van Susterne and vice versa.

Lots of politics at the time and at the end of the Vietnam war and because of Watergate and the ramifications of Watergate which have been covered up but it has to do with the cult leaders of the

BGEA and also a shill for the RCC. This is what Watergate was really about.

The Break-in was JUST an EXCUSE

like the bust or we would have been charged, don’t ya think?

On base we had the prisoner of My lai living under house arrest who went nuts killing a bunch of civilians and kids in Viet Nam. Never saw the person I can’t remember his name who was the accused but he wasn’t that far away.


The Vietnam war was coming to an end though I wasn’t aware of it at the time except that my dad was in Vietnam fighting a war I had no idea why except because he was in the military. It was his second year with a year in between with us and at the Pentagon. Before that we were pretty sheltered. Didn’t really have an idea of life outside of being kids and on base and were not around civilians much except in travels and kept to ourselves for the most part. Civilians and posties often fought when we were stationed overseas. I didn’t but the boys did. We used to call them townies…the civilians.


I had not figured it out yet because I had big ideas in some ways and wasn’t very realistic about what was ahead without experience to know. I did know math was out of the question. I was kind of doing a jack of all trades kind of college experience to figure it out which is not a good idea in some ways however it came in handy in other ways later on because through my experience I learned a lot on the surface and led me to some things I might not have had the wherewithal to figure out, but nothing that made sense at the time.



Later I had done some research in regards to what had attacked him and his brother. It’s bad enough to have Hemophilism then to be attacked by the AIDs epidemic was much tougher and seemed unfair to me after he died years later. I was busy having kids and with my family experiences, etc. which in itself is a lot to handle especially with some of the things I was handling as best I could though not in other people’s eyes. For me it was enough, too much. Anyway a strange thing happened that evening when we got together at my sisters house having to do with blood which was kind of scary and odd. I explained it in a post written earlier but basically my brother’s arm started to bleed for no reason. We were sitting around the table and noticed my brother’s arm bleeding. It wasn’t a lot of blood but the timing was weird and at the time we thought maybe a bug bit him or something and I was worried about the possibility of my brother getting infected but we did not say it. My heart was beating fast.  I remember and it scared me for my brother. I know I was not sitting next to my brother at the table but I can’t remember who was sitting next to my brother. Later I remembered my ex boyfriend’s wife was a nurse. I had not experienced nurses much except for my first college roommate was studying to be nurse. She set me up on a blind date that was really quite funny. She did it kind of as a joke but I took it well. He was a nice guy but not my type and she knew it but needed a friend to go out with the guy she liked. She talked me into it and it was my second blind date in my life and the first was pretty weird to begin with which is a whole nuther story walking around the Lincoln Memorial a bunch, my first time to ever have hashish as well and was my first date ever and with a guy graduating from high school and I was but a graduating freshman. I did it for a friend who wanted to go out with his friend. So I did her a favor in my first semester at college when I least expected it which is basically my life story.  It was the last blind date I ever had as well. Eventually through experience you learn some things about people. Things were quite wild and I was caught up in the wildness with a lot of other people my age. This is not an expose on nurses because there are many good ones as well but there are some that aren’t and while it seems I am inferring a relationship of my brothers wound to a nurse who happened to be married to my ex-boyfriend whom I didn’t know at all but it is possible. I know needles can be pretty small and sometimes you don’t feel them. He could have nicked himself without realizing it as he walked out to the porch or scratched himself but the timing was strange and there was a reaction which was big without much discussion but on the faces of everyone there and in my mind as well. Reminded me of the time I was visiting my older sister and my mom was visiting her which is why I came over to see my mom and Gary took his kid a tot to the Jacuzzi for a jealousy lesson which I thought was weird. My sister was very pregnant and the timing seemed weird for a father daughter jealousy talk in a Jacuzzi at night in the dark without some kind of suspicion since I had had experience with his strangeness (waking up to molestation while asleep next to my sister in their apartment) a few times and everyone knew it including my sister and she didn’t bother to check on her tot but I was afraid for her and I saw my mom’s eyes and I could tell she was a bit disturbed as well. Her eyes grew very big. She had big eyes to begin with so when hers got big they got really big. We were not the parents and I waited for my sister to check on her kid but she didn’t that night. She noticed our eyes. I know she did and she resented it but I could not help it and nor could my mom. It was a reaction any normal person would have had.

It was a natural instinct and possibly a natural moral instinct.

I have no idea if anything happened or not but I was naturally concerned. Why have a father daughter jealousy talk the one night your mother-in-law and sister-in-law are together at the house visiting and why make the announcement about it if he did not want to disturb us knowing what he had done in the past. Kind of weird. My sister had been pregnant a long time. It wasn’t a one night deal. He could have had a talk many nights and days before or after and he was or had been drinking beer this particular night and often men are turned off by pregnancy in the wives. It is not unusual. (there is always the possibility my niece as a tot:

A 2 year old tot.

exhibited some sort of jealousy that day and he was responding that night, but I think it was belligerence and maybe a bit of mental illness or craziness and if it wasn’t why didn’t my sister who noticed say something? later when the kids were older she said there was a rumor about a person from the private girls school who was having trouble because of the dad and my sister told me but she didn’t know who but had heard about it somehow. Could be there were more than one. and then Gary did not want his daughter to get psychological counseling and said to leave her alone to work out her problems to my sister at one time which was weird and then she did go to a Christian counselor. Of course what he said to my family about isolating me years later is incriminating. ) Even though teens tend to be messy my niece didn’t even leave an inch of space on her rug in her bedroom which IMO meant she wanted to have some kind of warning which I think Newtown was partially about. Paraphrasing: “When we did our art work and used marks alots we filled the whole page and not one bit of white left on the paper.” Remember that? So yea I was concerned about Newtown. One of the moms talking about her perfect child who was supposedly massacred with her actor husband at Newtown. My niece married a guy with the last name White, My mom wanted to live to 105 to outlive her grandmother White so I know she did not want to be hospiced for the RCC’s hope and prayer to be able to have something to control of mankind since they couldn’t control women’s bodies anymore.

After that experience came the photo of me and my other brother-in-law with family around his pool when he got home from work when he gave everyone a hug and no pictures were taken but of only me and him having a cursory hug (in a normal kind of greeting) he in his suit and me in my bathing suit because he came home from work in his suit and I in my bathing suit because I was swimming in their pool with the family though she presented the photo a few years later but the same house with the nasty look (glaring) she gave me as if I had been caught. I knew it was in retaliation and had grown in her mind into whatever it had grown into in her mind to be. Perhaps we should have talked about it but I had tried in the past to talk about it with her and as calmly as I could only to be treated the way she treated me during our first meeting which was quite weird:

“I’m calling mom and dad and I’m gonna tell them

you’re attracted to Gary.”

A you gotta be kidding me moment, but worse! No matter what I did it was wrong and no matter how I did it it was wrong in her eyes.

He did kind of admit he had a problem

if only you had participated in the meeting

in your home that you set up

and was only a room away from where you were clanging pots and pans in the kitchen instead..

He said he would start going to church….,

Why else would he have said it?

Not that it helped but it might have helped if you had helped. It helps to communicate even though it may be hard and uncomfortable as if it wasn’t for everyone else? And I guess not be so purityranical about it might have been helpful in reality and not in appearance.

Pretty soon you are on pins and needles not knowing how to act in any circumstances. It was not always rough that way but often was. I felt like I should go in slooooo moooootion just to quell any fear of me. Should I use my right hand or my left to open the door. Should I turn the knob? Should I walk, should I skip, should I run. It was nerve wrecking and destructive to me and my personality and destructive to my spirit and to my soul and finally my body and everything else. It was crazy. Hard to carry on relationships in a normal fashion relaxed and like everyone else and probably why Gary continued to drink quite a bit.

I wasn’t the only one.

I saw their daughter’s reaction when Gary over did his playfulness and his affection. I know he loved his girls but I know he went too far with his girls by their reaction. I know they loved him too. At some point in time he took a video of my ass and my thighs as I was carrying my first child on my hip walking to the front door and outside to checkout his daughters new used van she was very proud of and I had to watch the video more than once and I thought why haven’t they erased it. I should not have to ask. It was not a mistake. He took the video for some kind of strange reason either to upset his wife, me  and possibly his kids to anger them or maybe only to get a rise out of his wife. I don’t know why he did it because I wasn’t in his brain. Later when everything went totally berserk he suggested to my little sister and family to isolate me as if I was the problem and that should have been a big clue at least that is what my little sister told me on the phone. Who would suggest such a thing? The reasoning was so I would come back to the fold. Who would think that was a normal thing to do and was a normal reason to do it. I can’t think of anyone who would think it was normal. Obviously, my little sister didn’t think so or she would not have told me on the phone and it was sometime after that that we had our meeting with my brother who came to town to try to straighten things up with me and my parents because I suspect he loved them and he loved me and wanted us to not be at odds with each other OVER IT and for the sake of the family and why I guess Gary was questioning his motives which was obviously a sign he was a brick shy in some ways. It was a stretch to consider what he was considering and hoping the family would condone or go along with. It was insane. Why would he want me back in the fold? To go along with his shit/shenanigans to make him look normal. It was outrageous in so many ways I was amazed not in a good way. Other women liked his attention I noticed, even at the office. I know the Generals daughter enjoyed him and no one suspected her. WHY? Well because she wasn’t a threat for one thing and she did their bidding. But they also lost a few friends along the way and one or two were female and I suspect he pulled some shit on them as well and I suspect my older sister did as well. And there was my little sister who he played footsie with under a table at a restaurant when everyone was out to dinner and she did not tell my sister. She told me. Why? Why did she tell me and not my parents since they were sucked into the whole thing. Might have helped. I already knew he had a problem she knew he had a problem. Obviously there was something to it or it would never have come up in conversation. And then that 35,000 dollars she put in her savings account of my mom’s money she was not planning to use until my mom died. WHY? and then there was the death brochure exclaiming about how great my little sister was taking care of my mom as if we didn’t know? Pretty damned good salary. Give me a break. It was a payoff of some kind to keep her mouth shut about the family, the abuse, and the hospice of my mom via the government and her religion and her husband who was a user she met on-line via a dating service who had been married twice before and one wife had died. Never putting his own money into their newly bought home in the country and newly built pool through rock, but managing the money she received via her divorce and other ways while coping with a few cupcakes along the way. While Gary was a brick shy in regards to females I don’t know that he was a murderer of women. He had a screw loose for sure but why is what I want to know. I know he regretted what he did which I could tell when his wife played the movie Atonement. In fact I know he regretted it sooner than that time way later in life. I saw it and he was scared of me in a way. He was afraid of what I might do. I could tell by the way he acted so I know he had a conscience possibly very underdeveloped but he also had some things going on possibly in a spiritual sense causing some of his problems and confusing him as to how to handle it correctly without being a total dick. He had a lot of resentment and expressed it the wrong way and when under the influence of alcohol did some things he probably wouldn’t have done and the resentment became more extreme kind of bullish. I knew when he called and told me I was a fucking liar he regretted it after I told his wife, my sister. I know he regretted it even before I told on him. I could tell. I could tell the next morning since he was trying to act like it didn’t happen at breakfast. I was in shock and everything seemed like it was in slow motion as if I had been in a car wreck moments before and/or after impact. It hurt but I was telling the truth and he was acting up again. I understood his reaction like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I like alcohol to some degree but I have done the same under the influence of alcohol things I wish I hadn’t done. I think alcohol serves a purpose as long as it is limited. Relaxing is good for the soul and alcohol can serve that purpose sometimes in the right atmosphere/circumstances with the right people and with the right attitude and the right amount. It takes some experience to know when to stop. Its a great way to mix with people it helps sometimes so as not to be socially a dweeb or a stiff but you don’t want to drive under the influence because you are more apt to make mistakes. Anyone who drinks knows it and anyone who sees others drinks knows it though rarely admit it sort of like the mustard seed. The sun too much of it can be like getting drunk which I found out by laying around a pool and having to get in the car to go somewhere and lost some good judgment because of the extreme heat of the sun and having to do with starting a car and reversing it or going forward etc. I remember having a small fender bender because of the sun. I had had experience being in the sun but this time it affected me weirdly. Obviously anything in moderation is wise. You would not drink before flying a plane or operating on a person or taking care of kids around a pool though most of us do sometimes take liberties we shouldn’t possibly take. You wouldn’t breast feed on alcohol although supposedly wine is okay to some degree. I did wonder if he had poisoned me because of my illness but on reflection I don’t think he was stupid enough to do something so radical as poison me. He wasn’t a violent man except in his belligerence as far as I knew because I had never seen it. I was probably more violent than he was but then I wondered if he wasn’t involved in some rapes that occurred in the neighborhood but then I thought it is possible something caused those rapes and perhaps was using him as a decoy in a demonic way which is possible. I knew that he skied with his family and there was a rash of ski mask rapes nearby and then they moved. He wasn’t a rash person either. He could control himself like at the office in front of people but he did resent females quite a bit and his wife was kind of hard on him deservedly sometimes and sometimes she would yell at him kind of loudly ordering him around but usually he acted like he didn’t give a shit. Made a joke of it. He had a sense of humor about anything  and I don’t think he realized grabbing on my ass down low and very hard at the office was wrong. ILLEGAL. TABOO. He knew it was wrong because I saw his expression immediately afterwards and I know he wanted to ridicule me, to demoralize me, to belittle me because I had potential and was better at some things than he. The whole premise of the job they offered me was a lie. The plan they told me to get me to work for them. Gary would do the advertising and would teach me and then he would go out and do what my sister was doing and I would take over the advertising and the clerical work and he never stopped training me, He wasn’t about to go out and do what my sister did because he didn’t have her talent which was self-evident over a period of time. It isn’t as if he didn’t help my sister become successful. He had a great part in their success. I never belittled his talents or that he made a BIG difference in their business. I appreciated what he did.  I did not want to destroy their success nor their business either. I wanted to learn as well. Before I was offered the job my sister had lost some weight and was looking good and I complimented her about it when we were out together and she told me about David, the office David, not the two successive husbands of my little sister. She said he had made some comments about her weight and that losing weight would help her and seemed like something was kind of funny about it but it helped her as well because she did lose weight. David sat near her at the office and I guess something occurred between them to have had these kind of conversations which is quite personal since when I worked there he couldn’t even talk. Barely talk. He was so broken or something by the office personnel. He was very attractive in a weird way kind yet odd at the same time. Younger. And tempting as well or trying to tempt. We did not have an affair and he and I never touched each other physically. He slapped my skirt one day, but still wasn’t me. Had some strange interactions at the office with him but he wasn’t able to talk. LOL Got tongue tied or something. I felt feelings for him very confused ones because of the shit I was dealing with and he didn’t know about what was really going on and the past and how he was kind of in the middle of it without any idea what he was up against. When I went to the office manager Sheila Rice and her secretary it was hard because I don’t think they had any idea what they were dealing with but possibly they did. I didn’t know them so I didn’t tell them everything about the past in fact nothing about the past just dealt with what was going on at the present because it wasn’t their business to know however it might have been a mistake not to but I don’t think they wanted to know. I had visited David for a meeting to try to illicit some information from him which was not forth coming and he told the office manager that I had visited him and spilt my drink in his car as proof I was with him in his car (which in itself is weird because she told me at our meeting he ha said it as if they were up to NO GOOD. Why would he talk to the office manager about me??? obviously he was being watched.) which I didn’t spill it but I did have margarita with me because it was a tough meeting for me to go to but I pursued it because I was being followed and harassed and had been sexually harassed by Gary at the office and I told my husband before I went that that was where I was going and he accepted my reasons because he had no choice in the matter because I was gonna try to find out what was going on from a different perspective of someone who kind of put himself in the middle of it all from the start with my sister who might have something important to add. I could tell he was nervous as I was he for his job and me for lots of reasons. Anyway the meeting was tense with Sheila and she added that david had added that I spilt my drink in his car IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND WHO WAS IN THE MEETING WITH ME and I was able to tell her that I hadn’t spilt the drink in his car and yes I was with David and my husband knew about the meeting beforehand and it kind shocked her and she smirked. They were playing games with me and that one didn’t work out as planned. Her “I got ya” moment flailed. When I went into the office managers office I walked through the computer area where Gary spent most of his time when in the office while Gary was there and it scared him. He stood up and adjusted his belt on his pants cause he had no idea what I was gonna do or say or what was gonna happen, nor did I. There were only two ways to go in to enter her office so I went through. David stood at the end of the hallway as I entered to the computer room taunting in a way. MOCKING spiritually and in WEIRD way like he was something special or had accomplished something. It was not the same David who couldn’t talk or communicate in a normal fashion but something else was in him and it wasn’t nice spiritually. A bit of a mental dwarf who went to tanning salons, and a mere pawn though I did not make him that way, etc. Perhaps my sister did

but he was only 

a little cock

to crow upon.

So I did. 

Some people think higher of themselves than they should.

We had our discussion and it was a short one. I don’t remember everything said or what she said and I excluded the past for the sake of family and left out some things I knew because it might have progressed to a civil suit but I wasn’t necessarily hell bent on it. I was dealing with something very hard and very complicated.

Before the meeting with Sheila Rice (manager for Virginia Cook Realtors) in her office my sister had written me a letter and had demoted me by two dollars an hour and I was to do errands for them instead of clerical work and working in the office at the desk assigned to me a few desks ahead of David (the bachelor.) Pick this up… pick up pictures she had taken photos and anything else she could think of such as delivering some thing to her first daughters new in laws ( a present) of her first marriage or whatever came to her mind to do and around the time I had to pick up her son’s fish a Siamese fighting fish in a bottle at their house and bring it to the office for some reason while they were on a trip up north afterwards because she said their son was worried about his fish. They were gonna be home soon within a day or two so it seemed kind of stupid but I did it. I think the family was visiting the Kirchers (Gary’s parents) up north but could have been hanging out with the Bushes or at the potato farm.. I don’t know because I wasn’t with them. My husband was in the area when I allied him to help me accomplish this task because I couldn’t figure out how to get a fish in a bottle safely to the office. I was under suspicion because of some kind of problem at their home of a break-in or something afterwards even though my husband and I locked it up good (he took care of the alarm system for me as well which we did on the weekend when she called. Which made me feel about an inch tall and was meant to make me feel lousy and I did. The letter asked “what would you have me do?” as far as me and Gary were concerned. Can’t work together etc. As if I had entrapped them it was not my intention. I wanted a job and to make money and an opportunity for me which is how I was looking at it but I didn’t go to them but she and he offered me the job. All of a sudden she was the victim. Reminded me of when in a way but minuscule in comparison when tunnels were found in Israel and arms were stored in some places in Israel and the Israelis warned the occupants of the building or those using the building that was supposed to be vacant ( a UN building I think but was empty) and that was caught bombing other places to vacate the premises because they were going to destroy those places and I guess some priest who was acting as if protecting the inhabitants said “Where would you have them go? As if they had no choice but to remain or leave. When they didn’t have to use it to lob missiles at the jews nearby. It was kind of the same sort of mockery. Same kind of attitude. IF she had just handled it correctly in the first place years and years ago we wouldn’t have been at the point were were at and she and he did come to my house and offered me the job under false premises but I didn’t know it till I knew it when it was apparent Gary was never gonna do what she did as a real estate agent and I was supposed to take over his job. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I was set up plain an simple and it was an avenue for them to shame me and belittle me etc as if they had a license to do so. IT WAS DISGUSTING. It’s a big difference in scope but the same kind of bullshit. I know she was thinking in terms of a court of law down the round possibly. It was a horrible situation. Not for her but for me.  She had a whole lot of help and people behind her and I didn’t have anyone.. . Through it all I wanted my sister to be my sister and she refused to be my sister, meaning a good older sister I was hers but she wasn’t mine. It hurt tremendously. It was deep. When I started out on the job she told me not to call her by the name our family always called her which was Tootie. I had a hard time with it because we were close and I grew up calling her Tootie. It should have been a warning but I didn’t know her plan. Later they had new french doors and other home improvements so I imagine it had something to do with the break-in. I didn’t ask but supposedly the door or doors were ajar and they weren’t when we left the house as far as I know. Guilt by association? In the past we had taken care of things often when they were out of town for them like taking in the mail, plants, pets and when the kids are little the kids,etc..On reflection I think it was some kind of a signal to someone at the office. Later after we kind of settled things in the family temporarily because of the meeting and for my parents and after my dad had died my older sister in a conversation said that David had married (he was a bachelor before for 45 years) a girl who looked like me. I thought now that is weird. I guess I could have said Chuck Larson got back with his wife after they had had an affair. Or Lon Williams married some girl but she didn’t look like you after her affair with him. I could ugh but I didn’t ugh when those things occurred or in reaction to her ridiculous conversation. I could ugh said Gary didn’t really have an affair or try to have an affair with the palm reader Jeanine at their deli late at night but she looked so much like his little sister it was confusing for him when at the deli late at night: He only wanted a late night palm reading without distractions like my sister catching him.  I didn’t ask her about David but she brought it up. I really didn’t want to know about him, it just came up in my sister’s depraved and warped mind to tell me while we were in the car probably about to get the movie at the movie rental store she wanted me to see. Talk about a trouble maker. WHEW. It was some kind of slight and I don’t really know the point but she couldn’t allow me to get past things and then showed me the movie ATONEMENT and her husband declined and went to bed before I knew what it was about and then while visiting my mom together and staying at my little sister’s home she tried to show the movie again after she bought it as a form of family entertainment but she did not buy that Newtown was a false news story when she said on a family gathering at my little sister’s home when I tried to show her the you-tube of the actor laughing before he was at the podium and crying about his massacred daughter at Newtown and before that my brother telling me, “Don’t go there” as he is reading The God Particle on the couch for the weekend she said entering the living room after Gary watched it and smirking about it said “I DON’T BUY IT”  adjusting her clothing yet she didn’t even look while my little sister was looking up a recipe (probably mine) on her computer in the dinette of her country home.

Like dealing with the mentally insane!

Of course, no one wanted to see the movie. LOL It was her idea of fun. It is probably the most boring movie I have ever watched imagining my sister imagining herself to be Keira Knightly in some kind of strange romance in WWll or something like it and very difficult to deal with. That was the weekend my brother and my younger sister and I my younger one drove to a restaurant to drop him off to see his son and his family and to say goodbye while my older sister and her husband and David went to the warehouse where my mom and dad’s things were stored for some reason. We drove down a road called I can’t remember the name but having to do with limbo but much longer and I will remember the name soon and had a good laugh about it after my little sister backed out of her garage in her pretty pearl white van with the trunk of her car open and she had a mishap and that wasn’t the last time that happened but also the next time without my brother when my older sister and I visited her in her country home to see my mom when my sister had to have some new flip flops and it took several hours to find even though money she said was no object. It was called Purgatory Road between my sisters home and the restaurant. Talk about strange lol. Soon after I saw on the internet a picture of his son it looked like being rescued in a flood or because of a cruise ship mishap with an inner tube and a pig. (course I can’t help think what Obama said about Sarah Palin and if that has anything to do with it since it happened on his watch)

The house as well that I invested my brothers loan to me for the ex so he could live in it because it was dream house of his. He found it. I didn’t. My sister sold it and from the start it was a bad deal when the whole deal changed when financed. I was being set up way ahead though I didn’t realize it till it was too late. I knew he was very talented at some things and it should have made him less that way. I could tell he was jealous when a man at the office was acting interested in me too much and me him. I could tell when he put the palm of his hand on my kids foreheads and messing their hair affectionately and then came to me and wasn’t affectionate and pushed my forehead kind of hard when things got kid of dicey like he had a right to belittle me because he had a lot of support, pushing his palm into my forehead as if I was a piece of shit. It was degrading. Asking my husband to bring a lawn mower at that specific time as favor getting my husband to comply with their wishes which I asked him not to comply and he did anyway. I knew I was fucked for sure because he was such a weakling. His nose was out of joint and it helped my husband. His daddy his wife and the lies she told for him, his stature, their friends and what they were capable of, the business he was in and what they were capable of against me and for him because he was my sister’s husband and because of his dad in the oil business and she made good money in real-estate, etc. It was the heightht of belligerence and it was psychologically tough for me and it was rough treatment at best and it should not have been like that at all. I was being watched and I knew it because I was being followed and I knew it and because people were doing some strange things like my teacher at real-estate school and I know I was being photographed as well. I had a whole company of people fucking with me trying to make me look bad every chance they could. Even when I went to real-estate school. I couldn’t believe it that people behaved that way to people they didn’t even know. Like a club. He was afraid I would do well in real-estate. It felt good to have his sexual interest beneath him socially, financially, in business because of demasculinization along the way and probably from his wife my older sister and their religion and maybe her friends like Susan. Kind of a vicious circle.Then when I was getting a divorce my sister saying way to loudly so my husband could over hear hoping we would get back to gether as husband and wife hoping to manipulate my husband my ex eventually and playing him as if she was on his side only if he was on hers. She was very good at manipulation. She did the same with my little sister and her husband when she was divorcing. Calling him when she shouldn’t have IMO. His granddaughter had drowned in their pool and calling me to ask what should she tell him while my sister was at my home after much of this had happened. I told her remind him he saved your son in the same circumstances from drowning in their pool. She didn’t even remember. I had to remind her he had saved her only son from drowning and yet he lost his granddaughter at the same age as her son who a lost drowned years before on her birthday. A beautiful little 3 year old granddaughter. I think Cherie my little sisters nemesis was jealous. She also had a daughter and there was a business to be had. A really successful business. She was the chick THE BLOND at my nieces wedding who said to me I had something in my eye when we greeted each other at the wedding rehearsal the same day as the wedding. I looked pretty good that day and she didn’t like it. She was a pretty girl though if I was guy I would never have been interested in her type because she was bitch complaining to my little sister about her husband not paying attention to her as he watched a sports show “football” while she sucked his dick and told her in laws about his behavior. Talk about low class. My parents would have died if their kids did that. My little sister couldn’t believe she was so sleazy and she worked for the church and received a salary from the church and she caused a lot of shit in their family even for her husband obviously complaining about his lack of attention. WHO DOES THAT? Yea she was pretty and had a pretty voice to sing hymns for the church on the side and popular songs but she was gross. She was sitting with my older sister in the pews when we greeted each other at the rehearsal and didn’t greet very nicely. So what. I have a eye winker in my eye. BIG DEAL. How about Hey, nice to see ya relative. I went to a lot of trouble for a while helping my sister prepare for the wedding that didn’t work out because the guy my niece married was a dick as well. I helped my sister pick out her mother of the bride dress and believe me shopping with my sister wasn’t easy but she was my sister and this was before the shit hit the fan at the office but while I was being set up by my sister. Her new husband  got into killing cats on their land, but he could cook. He reminded me of Detective Fuhrman and reminded me of the man whose daughter was killed on a pier in California when out with his daughter without his wife, her mother. Meeting on a pier and it was blamed on a illegal immigrant in a safe zone who happened upon a gun under his bench and upon some opioids in a trash bin nearby. He was apart time actor and had gotten some small roles in Hollywood. Luckily my niece quickly divorced him. He wasn’t good enough and he wasn’t but his dad was well off, his mom was married to a theologian of the Christian church. Both his dad and his dad’s newest wife committed murder suicide eventually. How weird is that? Anyway a tornado came and missed my house: that beam in my eye Cherie was insinuating I had because she was such a instinctive moral laurel christian without a clue a sucker of the mustard seed. A wolf in an angelic appearance. She also had a young daughter about the same age as the granddaughter who died and I know she was definitely competitive. She competed for my little sister’s husbands attention as well. He was the boss of their successful business. The beam hit the window and it was about 8 foot long  but it didn’t come through and my cat was killed not too long afterwards which I mentioned in regards to the tornado when writing another post I wrote about the tornado that occurred the day after Christmas and people were hurt and people did lose their homes nearby and some even lost their lives. I had seen my sweet kitty looking out the window that day which was not his usual behavior and then I saw him when the tornado hit walking by the bathroom where I was huddled praying  unphased walking down the hallway. He was a miracle cat. Before the tornado by a few years I found him after he disappeared for 7 weeks alive in the bus lane at school. Sweetest cat in the world. Reminded me of my mom if  my mom was an animal she would be that sweet and lovable and pretty. I loved that cat obviously and it hurt how he died and the way the ex acted about it telling me when he was sick Go ahead and take him to the vet if he needs it and I said I think he needs it and then he said I HATE YOUR GUTS. He had little white dots in his left lung I was told and should not have made him suffocate. and my daughters shitty friend had a premonition about white dots when she was drunk on a margarita at a concert and high on some opioids and my daughter tried to care for her. The girl that left her friend my daughter at a mall by herself after hours at night about an hour away without juice in her cell phone because she was in a hurry to get somewhere. The girl who said I was a MILF. The girl from Bosnia who was gonna move to Croatia and was gonna be rich whose dad was a mechanic but couldn’t fix her car. Then she caused a scene in front of our house about some clothing parking their car down the road so as not to be seen and calling my ex in Michigan complaining about my daughter while he was at a funeral of his brother up north and to complain about me and my daughter on a very special day my daughter and I had together while he was out of town and he took her side for a while until we explained she was not in the right. He wanted us to cowtow to her and we refused and being together and she was acting like a hyena with her other friend causing a lot of trouble obviously on drugs and not in her right mind and very immature and obviously under someone’s spell determined to fuck with me and my kid and my cat. My daughter played it smart and just stayed away even though she tried to get her to into a fight. Begging for it for some reason. I know I saw evil in her eyes and knew she had troubles. I wasn’t a total ass to her I wanted her to be okay but there comes a time when you say NO MORE SHIT. I tried to be a nice mother to her until she did what she did and it was apparent she was lying her as off and using my kid and so was the ex. I told him I didn’t want her in the home he did it anyway. I was worried about my daughter and at the time my daughter was till her friend until she dropped her off like a sack of potatoes at a mall. My daughter is beautiful girl with talent and a lot going for her because of her heredity, my parents and me and because she chooses to be who she is. Caring and lovable and huggable. Then he made my kids watch my cat suffocating on his phone. NOT NORMAL. They handled it but I would rather he didn’t do it for their sake but he did it for his sake and against me. Later he had his mom hospiced by starvation and was able to buy his daughter a car and a computer with the money his mom left. It took about five days and he kind of knew how long it would take. He wasn’t there but only in spirit. Said she wanted it which I doubt.

I took my cat home for the girls and it was exciting when I found him. He had liver damage because he had not eaten for a long time. But to see him in the flood drain in between the 12 trees at the time ( a grove of trees) maybe eleven and now ten and he was too weak to barely get out. It was amazing and he lived for quite a while gracing our home with his sweetness and a sense of morality. He was a gift from God and a miracle like my mom and my dad and my kids. It was kind of  strange before he disappeared he put his paw in my hand and gave me a look as if he had to do what he did when he disappeared. I’ll never forget it. He was definitely a miracle.

My ex boyfriend

I hadn’t put it together or it didn’t even come to mind just when I thought back on it what it might have been after all the other things that had occurred that didn’t make sense to me. Sometimes it takes time to accumulate a sense of order of things and the meaning. My ex boyfriend was not a vindictive guy so I knew he wouldn’t have injured my brother for some kind of HIV/AIDs hatefulness as you hear some people do having sex with others to infect them on purpose that we have heard about in the news sometimes like the famous actor raised as a Pentacoste ( I think it was the religion he was raised on or something very similar) who was caught in that kind of madness. I can’t remember his name but had a few brothers and a famous dad in the acting business. I didn’t really understand the disease of hemophilism and wanted kids in my future and his mom had two sons who had hemophilism and I had heard later it is from the female that hemophilism is made thinking I would be that way carrying the gene which is not true. It was still a concern for me though not a big one because having kids was not my desire. The bible states something about a person who doesn’t care about what women want/desire and Mel Gibson (Martin Sheen-Mr. Silver (I love silver) Charlie Sheen was the name of the actor who got people sick with the disease after he was sick with it and I think he did it on purpose or was written that way in the news which I just remembered thinking about the opposite of a gibson is a martini. Anyway he had some tweets that were interesting during the Fukushima nuclear accident and so did Obama and it had to do with Billy Graham or Franklin Graham as I recall and I took notice big time because it also had to do with the Neocathechumenal Way, a new catholic dogma on the horizon which caused an increase in suicides of Japanese catholics and the Japanese people affected by the new enlightenment of the Neo Cats and the warning by Pope Benedict XVl of the New World Order/Religion with Teeth having to do with Al Gore as well and then came the tsunami which caused a nuclear accident and poisoned the waters nearby and of course it is hard to contain ocean water. It was a lot to notice but I did because it seemed relevant and I felt it was my duty to notice and report my way as I did. I know Obama visited Billy Graham at his home like many other presidents did) came out with his interpretation in the movie called What Women Want and he thought women wanted him. Now he did not shy away from a movie about Jesus and he did a good job of it from his point of reference being a catholic and i guess he and his dad started a new faith? The prophecy is kind of important but I can’t remember it right now but it was talking about an individual who is against what women want/desire. Someone important/pertinent in the “EndTimes”. When I was young it was not on my mind to have babies. I did not know what I wanted and was trying to figure it out most of my life like most people. When I was married it seemed like a legitimate desire eventually because I liked kids. My sister’s kids were cute and I loved helping with her kids but it was not a great desire for me until it was probable and possible to do so in the right way. I had not sown my wild oats yet. If I hadn’t had any I would have found a way to be fulfilled by traveling etc and learning: that is how I looked at things for a long time. But I enjoyed the kids in the family. I did not enjoy other people’s kids as much because often they were a nuisance because some people don’t take care of their kids such as when I saw a kid with diareah all over himself that was green and his mom was pissed off and obviously overworked – it was a turn off to want to be a mom and because I was kind of not used to kids poops, LOL. Or when I had to clean the house I was about to live in or rent and the house had a mountain of dirty diapers up to the ceiling which someone tossed into the middle of the living room because of laziness it was turn off to me to want to be a mom or when at Sam’s Club watching a woman (indian nanny) who was not the mother of the child she was taking care of and the kid falling out of the cart without being seat belted and threatening to fall beforehand by standing up a bunch of times in the cart seat and falling on his head on cement and the sound it made and he immediately having  a bump the size of an apple on his forehead and she acting like it wasn’t a big deal- it was a turn off to me to want to be a mom or watching a woman slap the shit out of her kid for being a shit in the grocery line – it was a turn off to me wanting to be a mom or hearing about someone with their kid in 100 degree weather leaving their kid to die in an overheated car -it was a turn off to me to want to be a mom, or of a woman who drowns her kids in a car in a lake so she can have a relationship with a boy – it was a turn off to me wanting to be a mom or a woman who kills her children because of her religious nut husband and his expectations of her – it was a turn off to me to wanting to be a mom and last but not least watching a grown man with the world at his feet pick up his kid by her arm (by a previous marriage) as if the kid was a sack of potatoes – it was a turn off to me wanting to be a mom. There are plenty of examples I could go on and on about it, but I won’t: It is not what women want. Not me anyway. I did not want a kid so much as to see or go through what I witnessed in many forms besides the murders of woman who did get pregnant and husbands who didn’t want the child or the mom but wanted life insurance much more.

 My ex boyfriend, again.

My ex boyfriend had some idiosyncrasies as well but we were good friends through it all, I think. His idiosyncrasies was he was a weirdo. He loved playing jokes on people. When he came to my wedding he wore fake teeth and looked like he was buck toothed. He talked to the people at the reception that way during my reception at my sister’s home. It was funny and kind of his way to act dumb and be funny. That was the kind of guy he was. He made teeth for living and had designed his own for his entertainment and ours. We went to McDonalds or something late at night one night he my brother and I and he would do funny stuff to make people react at the counter and to make us react, not meanly. I can’t remember what he said at that time but it was typical of him. Just the way he was. I think he wanted to be a psychologist, but didn’t know it.  A strange one but funny and fun. Once he got all the kids in our family the four of us and Gary I think as well and we went to a place where there were a bunch strange people who saw auras. I guess they were at a meeting or something. Spiritualists of some kind. It was a form of entertainment for him to get us in this predicament and see how we would react.  He was at my wedding and I went to his through my sister who kind of made me go with her kind of pressure which can be great sometimes being my older sister the older sibling in the family. She was a prodder in many ways, though I wanted to go but wasn’t invited for some reason, though she was which was kind of weird since they were not great friends at all in fact she had him kicked out or made me kick him out of her apartment years before because we were too young to be together and had called my parents and the pressure was on and was a short time before my sister’s husband did what he did to me when they moved back to Dallas. I remember watching both he and my sister’s husband in the bathroom acting weird to each other in a mano y mano kind of way and I didn’t like it. I was defensive for my family and him. I felt funny about it all especially watching their confrontation. Can’t explain it except that I was too young and insensitive at the same time to him. It broke us up because I was too young and he wasn’t invited in the first place. I was there to visit my sister in another town and he found out and came to town at the same time. It was very very weird. He invited himself and I didn’t know how to handle it at the time. Years later I crashed his wedding so to speak but I did it nicely and for the right reasons, imo. It was a pretty wedding with classical guitars playing in an older part of town, very romantic. I met his dad for the first time in the receiving line. His dad and mom were divorced so knew of her more though we didn’t hang out as much as he did in my family because of his friendship with my brother, me and my little sister. But it was my older sister that kind of pushed me to go to the wedding which was really strange in itself. She had hardly anything to do with him and then she did but after the shit with her husband. I was kind of a victim of circumstances I did not understand. She was six years older than me and a big influence at the time but probably was a bad idea. They went to the same college. One day she saw his dog on the tail gate of his truck and talked me into kidnapping his dog for a few hours and we did and gave his dog back of course. Sweet dog.  and his best friend, Bonnie. She was golden retriever. Later Bonnie was poisoned by someone and it wasn’t that distant in time which at the time I didn’t suspect anything at all. A neighbor or something and I think he was suspicous of me. I didn’t do anything but but be insensitive to his loss because I was sick with mononucleosis at the time and I was young and kind of confused. So sick I had a fever one night and thought I was Einstein writing stuff in the air mathematical type equations with my finger and had figured them out no less. I was obviously delirious from fever. His dad was addicted at one time to laughing gas he told me during our time to know each other and all I knew about that kind of thing was from the movie with Peter Sellers in one of the Pink Panther movies when he and his adversary were having a good time on it and it was an hysterical depiction at the time. His nose melted, etc. I think the last time I saw him he was visiting a friend above where I used to take my daughter to dance classes during recital period and I was hugely pregnant and with my husband waiting for one class to end and another class to begin during breaks for my elder daughter. My little sister was there for some reason. I think doing a task for my older sister because neither of her kids took class and both were boys from another town visiting. He had dated her as well after we dated for a short time. She asked if they could and I said yea. We were all very close and they were in between boyfriends and girl friends at the time and I saw no problem with it at the time and I was in college in another town. I wasn’t jealous though it was a bit strange. We had an off and on relationship sometimes. He did not seem to be her type but I guess he showed interest and she had gone through some strange stuff. One of her friends a boy she went to the prom with committed suicide, the man she was taught by at a Batptist church who was the youth leader liked my little sister who was one of those youths divorced his wife and they had a kid,  I  think. She was pretty lady. Nice definitely nicer than him. He ended up being an employee of Gary at his business in the deli business as a manager. I was more trained but it didn’t matter because he was a guy and I wasn’t. And he used him against me soon after the first time he overreached his welcome. I was still in shock and didn’t know how to handle it doing my best and because obviously no one else did either or knew how to handle it ever at least not sufficiently to everyone’s satisfaction, and I didn’t handle it for a few years till after I was married when he wanted to carry me to the car to get my lighter because it was wet outside and I was barefoot at a casual party my parents had and then he followed me anyway after I told him No, thank you while his wife (my sister was watching. She had her friend call The Generals daughter to see why I left and I think she called anyway and advised me to talk to either one of them and so I did when they got back to town and he was at work and then she called my parents with a dumb lie. It was stupid stuff.  I left that morning without word because I had not slept all night because I was paranoid he was gonna sneak up on me in the middle of the night and did not get rest on my vacation at my parents home. I cried the day after on the side of my house where I lived after the first molestation years before. But I tried to overlook it and get over it for my sister. It wasn’t the very first time he acted up when he masturbated while I slept on their couch alone in their living room he was pacing back and forth and I was thinking wow. I was covered and hoping he would forget it or go away, and acting like I was asleep, etc. It was embarrassing and I did not want to embarrass them. My sister said “Gary get back in here” to their bedroom a room away. I was so relieved. It was a weird event and I didn’t bring it up thinking maybe he was sleep walking or confused but she knew he had a problem. I was at an age and still sowing my wild oats and didn’t need more wild oats. Eventually she had to know anyway and definitely by the time I told her after she had had her first child because I thought she should know and he said he would go to church specifically to Scofield Church when I did have a meeting with him about it which was an admission but I have no idea how he handled it with her and it did not help with his hidden anger and belligerence to me and to my sister in a way and towards my family that I grew up with and the family I made eventually in a way and usually when drunk or drinking. He had too many supports too many people backing him. I didn’t have anyone really. No one that understood at that time especially after the initial lie told by my sister to my parents in return. I was telling her for her sake so she could handle it and there are a myriad of ways to do it without a bunch of shit. I did it for myself too because I felt I had the right to be at my parents home visiting without worrying whether he would molest me after I fell asleep. I felt I should have a right to be comfortable in my parent’s home. I had already been hurt by it and I was doing it for our sake as a family. I wasn’t trying to hurt him. I was trying to take it for what it was. Not trying to make a scene or cause them trouble. I didn’t want their money. I didn’t want an affair with him or even the hint of it because he was my brother-in-law, a relative, a family member, and my sister’s husband and he was a dad. I wasn’t trying to shame him until it got nasty and mean and then I had no choice in the matter. Self-Preservation. All in all if I had been married to Gary I would have handled it better especially if I loved him or the kids. I did handle it better with my ex when he started acting up. I got on the computer asked the questions “should a divorced dad sleep with his teen daughter?” and read the answers to him in the next room when my daughter was out with friends and he stopped sleeping with her but I had to pay a price (False arrest and overnight JAIL and he paid the bail. He called the police! He knew he did not want to handle his daughter and act like a dad as she was in my room about to cut my leather purse and fringe in a fit of anger. he could have gotten her to stop instead he dials the police. I was s physically at a disadvantage as well.) but it was worth it in that kind of predicament which I explained in another post. Of course I did gain experience through it all so maybe it helped me for my daughter. Over the years I thought about how I would have handled it working with my sister for them/ One, was I took care of their kids and gave them breaks from the kids but there were other things we could have done and we could have been victorious working together on it. I know it. It didn’t have to be so damned serious, serious to the point of people near death over it or dying over it or losing their livelihood or losing their family. It’s called perspective. Put it in it’s proper perspective and deal with it. We are all guilty of lust and we are all guilty of being stupid sometimes. IPSO FACTO. We make mistakes and it is normal People that never have had lust or feel feelings aren’t people especially when drinking, but moral laurel liars. I remember my brother and I owed my ex boyfriend a debt we couldn’t pay or could but it was outrageous so we played a joke on him and invited him over for a game of poker and my brother and I marked the cards though we could not see the marks when we played but it was fun anyway. It was more of a hindrance than a help. He was a very lucky player and good at it as well. It was a silly inside joke and I’m sure he wondered a bit about it because it was obvious something was going on. We could barely hold our laughter. It wasn’t in a mean-spirit just a funny thing to do. It was funny between friends though he didn’t know. LOL. I’m sure my brother told him eventually. I don’t know I never asked. Other things between us as well. My brother’s wife didn’t like him after something happened between them. I guess he made a pass at her for some reason after they were married before he was married though not sure about that distinction but supposedly it happened. She kind of made their relationship kind of hard after that and I don’t know what it was he did exactly but became a bone of contention at some point and I think a comparison and it wasn’t even near a comparison to what I had been through with my brother-in-law but I think it had to do with it though I didn’t realize it at first. She kind of broke up their long friendship. A very long friendship. They were college buds and after for many years. Friend of the family and I think she was jealous maybe. Not sure. I think she was playing some kind of part in terms of my brother-in-law for him and for my sister against me and my sister showed little respect to her before that so I could not or have not figured out why she would but it was easier to deal with than my older sister who was quite a force to contend with possibly by her affiliations and her hardening of heart because of what she was dealing with herself which can’t have been easy. She could barely stand her and it was weird. I didn’t like how my sister treated her at the time. VERY WEIRD. Very involved stuff. I wasn’t pre-playing it. I was reacting. I was trying to be a good family member as best I could under the circumstances. I forget the politician, a republican that ran for President whose wife was in charge of the blood supply somehow was under suspicion by my ex-boyfriend.  I know later online when studying the JFK assassination I had heard that the RCC or some of it’s representatives thought AIDS/HIV was punishment but the problem was was it killed babies and hemophiliacs and others who had nothing to do with homosexuality but I took note of their stance. A Bishop of the RCC made a statement in that regard. Some kind of recompense as if it was deserved. Kind of like what Franklin Graham kind of stuff where he or his sister come out stating in their brief ways some threats or warnings in the news such as “More Christians are gonna die” or how God has taken away his hand of protection of Christians or the USA, etc as if he nor she is God during the Obama Administration and Trumps as well. How do the Grahams know? Did God Say So? Franklin Graham once stated he believes everything in the bible: What about the mustard seed? How about some discernment?  How about the evil kings written about in the bible. Does he believe them? Its a ridiculous notion and a blanket statement to say you believe everything in the bible it’s like saying you believe the pages. How many versions of the bible exist and believe me there are differences and you can’t believe all of the differences. What if someone wrote a note in your bible do you believe the note even if it is a lie just because it is in the bible?

It’s a schmaltzy thing to say and very dumb.

My sister-in-law didn’t like my other brother-in-law the one married to my little sister because he hunted deer. That was her reasoning as was told to me by my brother. He did hang deer heads on his wall and fish corpses but not like if you entered a hunting lodge. There was another reason but I can’t remember it. Philandering possibly. (Though she did not mind Gary!) ON THE LAST TRIP to the beach with the family I bought myself a cute outfit turquoise two piece beach outfit or summer outfit and I could tell I was frowned upon by my sister-in-law for wearing it. At the time I looked good in it and hadn’t gotten frumpy yet but she looked me over funny. She liked to wear dresses which I thought was pretty. The brother-in-law that my older sister tried to insinuate we were getting it on or something going on between us via a photo she took and there wasn’t anything going on between us at all and she was dreaming of him and told my sister she had a dream about kissing him on a bridge while my little sister was below watching. Weird thing to tell her sister but she did and made my little sister feel odd and met little sister expressed it to me. She thought it was weird. I thought it was odd but it was only a dream, too. But under the circumstances of our family problems it was an odd thing to express. During my recuperation I was having dreams of my brother in law’s dick in my face. But my dream was more of a nightmare possibly drug induced because of the pain medication and because I suffered PTSD because of the things that had happened and the operation  and the way people treated me and things I was told and everyone’s reactions to every little thing I did or didn’t do and mine as well. Things got kind of heightened in a way that is hard to explain over different periods of time and as things progressed in an unreasonable way but reasonable in the sense that it should be understandable that it might get that way because of a lack of understanding. My brother’s wife loved animals to a fault. Sensitive to animals and loved kitties etc but not realizing hunting was a sport and he did eat what he hunted and it was a population control of wild animals which would starve more than likely. Kind of like what we used to do with control fires to prevent bigger fires. Fighting fire with fire to protect lands which is what had to be done in the past when we didn’t have helicopters but we had storms with lightning and people that were a bit loose with fires they set during camping trips and some on purpose to hurt other land owners or to hide crimes. It worked for the most part especially out west where there are places that are hard to reach around the Rocky Mountains, etc. or parts of California and Arizona etc to protect farms, ranches, and housing or small cities that had developed over time. If I could put an animal to a human she would be a kitten kind of person. I painted a picture on porcelain for her for a Christmas present which was one of my favorites a copy but it was good practice of girl sitting on some steps with some wild kittens. Had a lot of cool shadows and stuff that I liked. It was one of my best portraits I had learned to paint. She didn’t hang it for some reason and I saw it one day down stairs in their home in a piece of furniture as if hidden. I don’t know why and I never asked. They were into their kids portraits huge ones. Baseball and I guess she didn’t appreciate my art at the time though I thought I was pretty talented in painting porcelain and was taught by my mom and a guy who was kind of famous for his portraiture as a help my mom thought would be helpful to me. It took weeks to months to paint although I did not count the times I fired it in the kiln. It was a good painting and reminded me of her and it was meant to be a compliment of what she was in my eyes in a way though I don’t think she appreciated it. Not sure why. I guess I could have sent some candles or something less personal instead but we had a family drawing each year to keep the gift giving to minimum so not to go crazy shopping and being ridiculous as our families grew.  I wasn’t made of money just talent and I thought she would like it and I didn’t hear any thing about it that made me think she liked it which was kind of a slap though not noticeable to others, just me. I didn’t do it for her again, didn’t have to. I didn’t get her name again. Lucky for me. Some people don’t like homemade gifts. Of course my mom was in charge of the drawing so maybe she noticed. My mom helped me when my husband complained about Gary  mocking him calling him Fillipone or something like that often. so I told her my husband didn’t like it and my mom I think she talked to them because after I talked to my mom he stopped doing it. They were more successful than I was ever. He was a lawyer, my brother. I think she resented that I lived with his ex wife for a while when going to college, but we were friends still. I kept it and she kept it cool. We didn’t talk about my new future sister-in-law. My ex sister-in-law was very fair about it to me and I to her. I lived with my brother and his girlfriend my new future sister in law for a while as well, while he was going to law school paid by my parents before they were married. Some how I was resented for it. I don’t know. She held resentment quite a bit but unfounded. More paranoia I think and feeling insecure. We accepted her when they married and treated her with respect during the marriage which was successful and while she brought up their kids very well. I thought she was a good mom, in my estimation and a good wife for my brother who loved her and she him and that was good enough for me. She got sick later with some kind of sickness, sleeping sickness, which made her weak for quite a while that a lot of people were made sick from and I think had to do with mononucleosis. I think it hurt her thinking in a way. Probably thinking too much because that is what sickness is like sometimes depending on the sickness. She was good for my brother, as far as I knew and they worked together as well and were successful not just because of him and his talent. She supported him in her talents as far as I could tell. I didn’t go around thinking about it all the time or anything it was just my perception. She had very nice parents both Catholic and interracial marriage Indonesian Dutch. She cooked really good food too. Interesting food and my brother had to watch his weight she cooked so well. I had to around her also because she didn’t really like to play games or hang out as much as cook for everyone. It was her thing and she was nice about it however I wonder now if she didn’t resent it but no one made her cook. It was her way. Her sister and her brothers were very nice as well and their kids. He made his life with them for the most part and less with us because of location and desire to some degree because of the location was nice and pretty. He appreciated the gentleness of her dad a great deal. I think he resented my dad in a way because he was a military man in comparison. Just a hint but he loved him also. He respected my dad, too. Normal father son stuff.  I know he loved him especially the time when we had our little family meeting I saw it in his eyes and tone and his intent. I know what I saw was real and I loved what he was trying to do for me and my parents during the worst of times and for the family to keep us safe in his mind’s eye and for our well being to carry with us. He also moved far away because of my big sister, I know this to be true when he was a kid she cut his eyelashes because he had long ones and she was jealous and spoke for him when he was three years old . They didn’t see eye to eye on many things and he did not like being manipulated by her, but he enjoyed her as well. They were only two years apart. He also enjoyed Gary and of course the kids. She often would try to get everyone to go in on her idea of a gift for my mom for Christmas or birthday or someone and he didn’t like it. Probably because when she was picking out a diamond ring for my mom she was thinking of herself: what she was gonna get when the time came. a maneuverer. situating herself in a way. That is two M’s. of a sociopath. IT IS A CHOICE. Something happened after that meeting. I don’t know what happened but something changed in my brother around the time my dad died towards me. Something weird happened. I do know my brother told me at the meeting we had that my brother-in-law was asking him weird questions which he knew the answers to since he was the perpetrator or the predator as my brother kind of explained to me in his lawyerly way at the first meeting we had with my little sister to try to handle the situation as best we could. He called it self protection /self defense/self preservaton a normal reaction to actions of others that might hinder one’s life or reputation, etc, and I had the same in me as well which was not as understood by him and others, I don’t think. My brother did not tell my brother-in-law the answers to the questions he knew because my brother knew he knew why. He was just trying to make things work for everyone in the family. He wasn’t trying to get too involved just enough to make it work for everyone. Gary knew his problem we knew he knew he had a problem. It had gotten out of hand because I revolted. I had a right to revolt but it didn’t help me nor anyone. It hurt me and everyone which was not my intent but sometimes you have stick up for yourself against all odds. My brother didn’t really have the information he needed to understand my dilemma and what I was having to overcome and deal with which in my estimation was ridiculous on their part. He did not realize my sister was still making her digs so maybe he forgot to tell her the deal. I did not go around trying to set people up or entrap them. I was merely reacting as best I could. I was not a perfect human being either. I did things I wondered why did I react that way or why couldn’t have not done this or that, etc. You kind of start self examining sometimes too much but because of the reaction or actions of others. I didn’t have a camera to catch Gary and it would not have worked on him anyway because he wouldn’t have displayed his idiosyncracies then only when it was unexpected and it is not like I wanted him to display what he did sometimes. It was not worth the trouble to get a camera to to deal with it yet it would have proved me as a witness though I could never anticipate his actions. It was not the point anyway but to stop it and just be family. I just had to live around them part time as family at gatherings and because I was my sisters sister and we were friends. He wasn’t an Ogre or a Monster but sometimes an ogre and/or a monster was inside him depending on what was happening in their marriage or socially or in family stuff and I had some problems as well, we all did in retrospect in a kind of a difficult situation which did not need to be as difficult but since the abuse continued when you least expected it, it was a tough problem for everyone involved, even Gary.  It wasn’t as if he was in charge of his own mind all the time and in charge of his body as well. He was heavily influenced by alcohol for one thing and reactions and the actions of others. His wife influenced his personality as did his kids and friends and family and THE CHURCH weighted in via those people involved and their attitudes. She had to insist I watch at their home a movie called Atonement which is about a woman and a man and her sister accuses him of rape falsely and ruins their marriage for a long time and that is not how the story goes and which was a lie that she thought the way she did but he went to bed because he did not want to watch it and when I realized what she was doing it was too late. I had no idea what the premise of the movie was until I had seen it. then on a trip tried to get us to watch it again with the family after she had bought the movie. It was like she was pouring salt on a slug. It was similar to when I told her the first time and had my first meeting with her she reacted by calling my parents to tell them I was attracted to Gary and told me that was how she going to handle it which was INSANE. I was dealing with a nutty reaction which was hard to take but I loved her because she was my sister and because of her as well. Not just because of our relationship but because of her. I had grown to love her over the years growing up with her. It’s hard to separate those feelings you have when you love someone. I did the same with Gary over time in a way that was reasonable in my life since I had to deal with him and her and my family. They were my family. It had come to a point of insanity and great revenge on his part and hers and I had had enough of the shit spewed my way for their reputations sake. Her friends helped in a way that was very destructive to everyone and to themselves as well. They knew Gary had a problem. I know they knew. I had problems as a result of his problems and my own. They had problems as well of their own and their own limitations in their own lives and experiences in their own lives but ganged up on me because I didn’t meld very well with them. I wasn’t in the 500 club. I wasn’t a debutante. I wasn’t a rich kid. I wasn’t the belle of the ball socially. I didn’t go to the elite schools. I went to state colleges, Jr. college and public school. My sister and he were successful because of his dad in the oil business. She studied journalism and political science and had little knowledge kind of like Nancy Pelosi the strategist. Didn’t do a thing with her studies but write super long christmas letters. I think he studied business. It took precedence for them to blame me and not them or themselves. It was a ridiculous situation but it wasn’t without a great deal of crap and abuse and I returned it sometimes as well in my reactions. at a certain point they received $250,000.00 a year from his dad and she did the spending. It was an inheritance type deal and they were expecting a few million later when his dad and mom died. Pretty soon or in retrospect I think it was a babysitting money, baby sitting me. And then he lost the money on the market a lot of money and my aunts money who was married to my uncle which Gary had romanced in regards to some kind of tactic he used having to do with options trading or something in the field. Something Gary had come up with on his own though I had no idea of it’s worth. He lost everything and they had to move down house wise out of her dream home to a pretty nice 4 bedroom house with a pool and a Jacuzzi in a kind of good part of town. So tough to live in a four bedroom house. a very nice one. But Gary forgot to tell my uncle he lost the money invested as his broker which is against the law but it was between family members and it was kind of shady to begin with because I don’t think my uncle’s wife was in on the deal and it was her land and her money. She had kids who might have appreciated their money. I met her daughter at the store a grocery store and she kind of acted like I was involved and really didn’t know anything except that Gary was freaking out and had lost his and their money. She was resentful of the whole family and most everyone was not involved. My uncle called me one day and asked if Gary had lost their money and I answered truthfully as best I could very briefly because I was uncomfortable. It had been about three months since the loss and Gary was trying to build it back up so as not to get in trouble but he should have told my uncle when he lost it because that is how it is supposed to happen. He was in-between companies at some point and I think one of the companies was at the Towers which was a victim of 9-11. A majority of the company. I think it is related. His daughter watched in Brooklyn on a  rooftop the destruction. My mom watched on a roof top the Japanese planes attack Pearl Harbor or enter the area. My uncle offered me a job and I declined. It wasn’t worth a shit of a job so it wasn’t hard to decline. I did not tell my sister my uncle called which was a mistake. At the time I felt like I had a right to tell but it was not my idea to tell because of the past which I did not realize I had those feelings deep inside until then. In any case as time went on I saw my sister at the house she loved with her friend BABS KINKAIDE married to a banker and they had a conversation about

how “it is harder for someone who has or had money to lose it than someone who doesn’t or didn’ t

…we’ll obviously, but how would Babs know, she never didn’t have it. Real intelligent shit.  That was what Babs said and my sister was seething. If steam could come out of a nose it was coming out hers. At the time we were sitting on her back porch on lawn furniture. So I kept real quiet. I didn’t want to know about it in the first place. I did not benefit by my uncle’s wealth and

as my brother said “if you want to keep a secret

…..don’t tell it.”

Pretty good advice if you ask me.

IT WERN’T MY FAULT. She and Gary should have kept their secret if it was that important to them. If Tootie suffered we all had to suffer. I had no idea how much was at stake. NONE. I didn’t ask and I doubt they would have told me I just knew he was scared shitless when in San Antonio and my sister was livid. She was pissed at him. I asked my mom “what’s the deal?” as we sat in the dinette and my sister and her husband were going through some emotions nearby and my mom all she knew was her brother lost his new found wealth because of Gary. She didn’t say it that way. She was upset for them and for her brother. She didn’t blame them as far as I know but it was Gary’s fault. I don’t remember how she said it but she was scared for everyone involved. I don’t think she had any idea of the numbers involved. She just knew it wasn’t good for the family unity etc. I could see it in her eyes, sadness. Between a rock and a hard place and she didn’t benefit either way from their loss or gain. I think Gary’s dad was gonna help because I think he visited near then, but I don’t know. Wasn’t my business. I know my aunt seemed to enjoy my uncles wealth somehow and showed him respect she never showed toward him before. She always looked down on my uncle because he drank a lot but it didn’t matter when he had money. Same with Gary. My sister and her husband had no respect for my uncle’s kids or his wife’s kids. They weren’t that close anyway. It was all over some fantastic tactic Gary had invented having to do with options which he liked to yack about often and no one knew what the hell he was talking about. I don’t think he did either, because it was BS. He lost it all in one day, one hour and maybe only a few minutes on a famous Tuesday in October for the loss on the stock market. He was not the only one. After that Gary went around mocking with a pair of cardboard material cut in to glasses with a small hole in the middle which he thought would correct vision which was probably an idea he saw but much more prehistoric and primitive. He used to walk around with the card board glasses on his eyes with a pin hole in the middle. I don’t know if he was trying to be funny, but it obviously was kind of funny. I think after that they were like the guy in the bible who started getting kind of mean to others who owed him even though he screwed up. It is my suspicion. All through their marriage when they invited you over to eat there was always a tag line: bring your own meat. When I invited people to eat at my home I didn’t tell them Bring your own meat but I guess Gary was kind of cheap in a way about some things and not others. He did not like to spend money but his wife did quite a bit. She bought a dress an everyday dress but by a designer for a thousand dollars. To me that is stupid. I don’t think she ended up wearing it much either. She did a bunch of redecorating to impress herself and friends. I almost lost my legs because of her redecorating when she asked me to get some samples she forgot in her car in the front seat when we were at some furniture place for her and a car a big white van backed up as I was leaning in and rammed the door of the car into my legs and destroyed the car door and luckily it did not break a bone but I was green with shock. I was sick as a dog. I wanted to throw up. We sued for a small amount of money and she even got some pain and suffering but she did not suffer. I did.  Her car needed work. I guess it cut into her day – kind of suffering. I had bad circulation for a while and had to be careful with my shins and lift my legs up, but it healed. etc. My future husband and I were able to move out of their home we stayed in for about a month to move to a one bedroom apartment with the money. It wasn’t a big deal obviously but at least we had a down payment. He was still up north when the accident occurred but we were preparing for marriage sort of. I had dents in my legs/shins from then on. One of her friends was a teacher. She was a mess and should not have been a teacher in my opinion except for her repetitiveness when she blabbered: I remember once she made a big deal about my parents and how they changed diapers of their grandchildren or something with the kids when they were tots she giving her advice at my sister’s home. she was unbelievably obnoxious with her advice. My parents raised kids when there was no such things as disposable diapers. They had to be rinsed in a toilet and then washed in a machine if you had a washing machine. So to hear Susan ramble on about her own motherly talent it was sickening. She was married twice because her first husband grew tired of her ramblings. She was pretty when younger as I recall very pretty at least the first time I met her but her personality was tough to take for everyone who knew her especially my sister’s family. She was a nuisance kind of college friend. Everyone rolled their eyes when Susan was around not because she was around but because she kind of rattled people with her personality, bugged ya. EVERYONE. When her second husband died she was relieved I heard and displayed it at his funeral because he was hard to take as well. His last name was either Cane or Kaine which is kind of funny coincidentally, He was a nice guy compared to her but Gary basically had to put up with him and let everyone know that is what he did. Why? I don’t know but you don’t always get to pick the spouse of your wife’s college friend kind of relationship. I think he preferred her first husband to some degree. I don’t think Gary liked fishing and her husband liked to talk about it. He was a principal at a high school. I guess because he was married to my sister’s college friend one I bet she wished she didn’t have probably now. You sometimes have to put up with friends who grow sideways and I don’t mean weight. I mean mentally. But we put up with her BS because she was a friend of my sister who leaned on her and used her as well and was around. They used each other. I could go on about her son but I don’t want to. He was affected by her a great deal and I guess she did the best she could. Luckily he had a dad and another mother via his dad. Might have helped to even things out for him growing up with a nut. Even they had their problems as well but were in love which helped. I think it always does help when parents are in love with each other even if not natural parents all the time for the kids if possible however it isn’t often possible. They met working together at the office and he ditched his wife probably for good reason but it did not help Susan become a better person and so he may have been her demise personality wise but they fell out of love. Divorce in that instance was a good thing for them and for their son. Weird as that sounds. His second wife made him happier and hence probably helped Susan’s son whether she would like to admit it or not. She did nut like me as it turned out. I got her message loud and clear and she blamed me for Gary only because she wasn’t wise and because she was dishonest with my sister as most people were because it was easier than the alternative. She had a snippet of perception she thought was real and wasn’t. But just one of my problems dealing with my sister and her husband. She was one of those people who could drive the sanest person over a cliff if allowed to be around for more than was allowed. NEUROTIC to the nth degree and deceived herself. Most people are neurotic but she took advantage of the meaning and inflicted herself IMO. Deluded and kind of dumb as a result even though she was public school teacher of kids with problems. Not a very good position and not good for the kids but maybe they didn’t notice but she was able to get a teachers retirement regardless because they don’t actually have to be accountable or compete because of unions one of the biggest in our country which could be annulled if we were wise as a country so that we could get the best and so people like her would have to grow up instead of sideways.

Obviously, I knew a lot about them because we were close.

One thing that was strange to me after all we had been through my sister often tried to insist I spend the night at their home in order not to drive 45 minutes away to go home and because she liked to stay up and watch movies with me while I rubbed her back and Gary would go to bed at about 9. We were very close and had fun together but she was not the best back rubber. I was. I had good hands like my dad in that I had warm hands and often hot which is good for a certain type of massage. I usually used two hands because I knew the difference it made massaging to use two instead of one. Opposite affect with kind of a rhythm which made it easier in actuality to rub or massage as when you go to the Caverns and walk down the sidewalk into the Carlsbad Caverns it was almost easier to walk with a tot in your arms than without because the weight helped balance you. She didn’t just ask me to spend the night once but quite often and I had to decline and while thinking “are you outta your mind?” Lame brain. But I was polite instead and made excuses. She had a friend who lost her husband at the Grand Canyon. He was walking with his family behind them and disappeared and they found him later way down low. I guess he had a heart attack or something having to do with the distance. I almost fell into the Grand Canyon with my husband and took our dog and  found out I wasn’t supposed to bring my Pomeranian in the area. Anyway I started to slip down  a slope and there was no fence and it was pitch black a few feet away but luckily I was able to get a grip of me and my dog in my arms. Then as we were on a ledge of the canyon a mule caravan came by and the leader of the caravan said “I hope your dog doesn’t bark” and of course he was a yapper. He barked. If you tried to sweep or vacuum he would go nuts barking. Or if someone was at the door and often Skipper had a hard time trying to stop barking once he got started. He had never seen mule. You could tell by the way he looked at the mule in the front of the caravan. Anyway I turned to the wall of the ledge with my dog in my arms and held him close as he struggled to see the mule over my shoulder. He never barked and the caravan was able to get around us even though it was a slender ledge. I just didn’t move until they passed by. When my husband before we were married was on the road and went to the Grand Canyon and he and his friends in the band who were on the road smoked a joint together on a place called Balance Rock in the area. Anyway the ranger came and made them get up in single file to get off the Balance Rock in case it decided to not stay  balanced anymore and tumble into the canyon. I think it has been like that for a long time. I would never have done that, I’ll tell you that much and I wouldn’t have done it with my dog for sure. I wasn’t that dumb. However it depends on the state of mind I might have been in if I came to the site already high. Then who knows I do know a lot of people die at the Grand Canyon and they hide it. They hide the numbers of deaths, that I do know and have heard. The guy who fell was married and had two daughters and I guess he left a letter behind to someone else and after that she was not in mourning. I’m not sure that would hinder me from mourning especially with two kids but I have no idea how their relationship was faring at the time. Seems a bit harsh. They ought to try and protect the people with barriers imo if they are gonna use it as a tourist site. Put up a bunch of signs about pets as well. I didn’t see any but might have just missed one tip about it. A lot of people go across country and stop in on the Grand Canyon on their way to California with their pets. My favorite type of trip is cross country driving although the ship was fun as a kid I have never been needing a cruise. I have never been on one and it’s not like i want someone else to entertain me when traveling. I would rather do my own thing as much as possible however you meet people the other way and if you are old it is nice to be waited on. I just don’t like schedules on vacation but having entertainment in your room is kind of necessary like a tv unless camping of course. I sure wouldn’t vacation naked or on those reality survival shows. I think it’s ridiculous and strange. First of all you have camera crew so it’s not like you are really out in the wild. I hope it dies a quick death entertainment wise for the industry as most reality shows do because it’s crap. No one acts the same in front of a camera as they do when a camera isn’t on them. However I have gotten used to ‘to some degree’ being watched but not my own accord. It’s not my way because I prefer privacy and tend not to be myself as much but it has been that way since my first operation for some reason and a little before. I have no idea before that except what happened when my sister came from Texas to Georgia to help me talk to my parents and a priest was by her side on the plane which hasn’t happened since or before as far as I know. I have no idea what good it did because I never talked to him. I guess he was writing or removing my name from his catholic book or writing his list and checking it twice. My brother didn’t really seem to be the same after the meeting and after my dad died. He stayed in my sister’s home at the time of the meeting which might have been a mistake. I don’t know. He acted funny at the funeral as well towards me watching me more than normal but I saw what I saw during the meeting a time before my dad died and it was good. I know he meant well. I felt like he was judging me kind of then or trying to judge me and my reactions to my dad in a coffin.  And no one can take that time from me of what I saw in my brother’s eyes at the meeting and his voice and words to me about our family and what it meant to him. We had a great family and I think someone was jealous of our love and closeness even with our problems.

Wanted to make hay of it. IMO.

My sister was in charge of the funeral and had her family in the first car with my mom and then either my little sister in the next or my brother and his family in the next. and then the other one in the next and I was supposed to be in the car with my cousin and my aunt at my dad’s funeral. I thought it was a slight by my sister then. I was getting used to it but it still hurt. I felt that the immediate family should be with my mom in the first car and the kids in the next cars/limos. So instead I didn’t ride in a limo. I rode in my car. She and her family were the most important of them all in her mind. It sounds small but my sister was kind of that way towards me in her way after the meeting. The meeting had unintended repercussions which my brother was not privy to or anticipating. It probably should have been either done without their knowledge or included them. If it included them it probably was not gonna happen because of my brother who wasn’t into it to that degree not out of lack of care but to avoid hostility of that nature, I think. It sounds kind of small of me to bitch about it but it’s like that rung in a ladder. It was there.  As a family we had great times together doing things usually at my parent’s home because they were good parents and everyone loved them in our family and they loved us. We played Balderdash and other games and went on trips together mostly driving kinds and had fun together even with our problems. We did lots of things together as a family and we were a good family individually and together, but not always. we also had our weaknesses. It wasn’t their problems that came to us. It came from out of our family to our family and we did the best we could. My mom handled my brother when the time was right out of love for her son and daughter whether all of it was true or not. It never happened again, Gary’s parents obviously didn’t and so we were his parents in a way without realizing it because they did not do what they should have or maybe they handled it wrong with their own son and used jealousy to handle him which is not the way to handle it. Gary’s dad thought of himself as a Christian I know by the gifts he gave but he wasn’t forthright IMO He over drank daily and thought too high of himself. He was not an evil person or a monster he just wasn’t a great dad and I think he failed his son which had an effect on everyone. I think he was a bit of a puppet and probably why he drank so often. Every time I saw him he was high on booze to some degree except once. I didn’t see him often at all. My impressions of Gary’s dad and no wonder Gary drank daily. My mom had a drinking problem but it was not daily by any means and she had a lot to overcome because of others and she did it. She was an amazing woman. We overcame with her in many ways but Gary was a conundrum. He was tough to deal with and we all loved him because of the good things he did possess in his own way. I don’t think it is easy to be esteemed for the wrong reasons and can cause trouble for everyone around it. Demonic kind of influences which are not an easy thing to deal with, but have power because of it. So he had a lot to overcome and so did we to add more fuel to the fire of the hearth than was needed. He had one aspect of him about failure and that was something he learned himself which was to

keep trying.

I noticed his attitude after some big failures and had some bad reactions as well but like when someone dies you go through phases of healing, In a way he was like my uncle who had the same kind of drive to keep himself called self-preservation though he rarely failed as far as i know. He told me once I could be anything I wanted to be which at the time was a nice thing to say and I appreciated his attitude. Very much like my mom and was for me not against me in the sense of being a human or a relative trying to help. Problem came from outside mostly. One of the last times we got together the second to the last with my brother when we took care of my sisters kids kids Gary was more interested in my butt crack and underwear whispering in my ear as we got up from dinner on the river about it. I had saved his grandchild that day or sometime that weekend from falling off a 2-3 story ledge at The ARC. He had wandered off EXPLORING and like boys do wanted to see what it looked like to look down the ledge which was about three stories high into a fountain and a pond in the neighborhood below. He didn’t make it to the end of the walk I was yelling at him to go back because he was young and it was dangerous. That night my little sister was getting high drinking walking with her new hubby and the rest of us with the kids running around and she told me not to watch my sister’s grandkids. Let my sister do it. Easy to say but when there is a river with water the color of deep tinted greenish-blusih black water at night without rails in some areas and definitely a snake and rat infested water I couldn’t do that. So there was some sort of friction going on between my little sister and my eldest sister I wasn’t aware of on that visit. My other sister in law mentioned money I owed my brother via the house down-payment as well to me in a whisper in the lobby and never explained herself. I think everyone was making a deal without my knowledge. It was a contract we signed and upon the sale of the house he would definitely get his money if we didn’t pay it back beforehand but my ex went bankrupt and there was nothing I could do about it and let the house go because he said his dream house no one wanted or would want to buy and I was not well, going through a no fault divorce, without money, or a job or anything. I was fucked. Perfect time for that cuss word. Perfect place to put it. I was and I had been screwed over by everyone except my parents. My brother wasn’t trying to screw me over but I think he had had enough and wasn’t in the loop as much as he thought he was and was not well talked about as far as being called pathetic by my eldest sister because he did not want to sue his acquaintance and owners of the sushi restaurant because of accidental food poisoning but she sure didn’t mind him advising me not to sue her because of our relationship being family and because of work place sexual abuse etc. I could have but he was right about family. It did not take me long to figure it out –  a certified letter kind of did the trick and common sense.  I was still very upset and had been ravaged and still more to go/come. The long term results were important. I am still not done yet either.  It was a bigger deal than if a stranger had been the culprit or if it had nothing to do with family. It would not have cut me to the core as it did. I could have said FUCK YOU and not cared one way or the other to the people at the office and others involved. I could have moved to another state etc started over. But it was a big deal to me and then it got worse when they took it out on my parents, other family members, me, and even themselves. It was one bad deal which we had to endure and in my opinion with everything we had wrong with us were far superior to those who screwed us and especially the BGEA and the RCC and believe me both will never live it down. Both will rue the day they messed with us. I believe it and I think and I hope God sees it somewhat close to how we do or vice versa and I hope we see it close to how God sees it and I think will be a great help to us and we will be reconciled, healed, and  many other good things because we really were and are a good family comparatively and my parents really were special. I know it must be that way because of what has happened so far and the signs I have been given. Not a lot of signs but enough. I know because we are blessed but we were attacked severely from every which way and no human could have done it better than we did.  What we had to contend with was BIG and I don’t know anyone or have never met anyone who would have done it better except maybe God himself. It was as big as if someone placed a nuke in your living room and expected you to be thankful, but you would have to know us to understand what I mean. You would have had to know my parents like we did to understand what I’m talking about. All in all individually and as a whole we were and are still a very special family and we were not moral laurels and full of shit. We were and are real people in a very hard spot and I believe most of us most of the time did the best we could. Probably all of us but I wasn’t privy to everything going on and of course God has a lot to do with it and I know he is not done yet. I think my revelations may have driven some demons my way because of jealousy. I learned things others hadn’t that were a threat to many in the business of faith. That was not my intent but was the result. I think we were attacked for truths sake which is why I have hope still after everything I have been through for my family the one I grew up with and the family I had as well and for me. I have never seen such a resistance as I have seen when it comes to the mustard seed dilemma. It’s quite crazy. I know we were attacked on the basis of the premise of the mustard seed being the smallest of seed when it wasn’t all along. I did not make it up. I imagine it was similar in Europe when astronomers figured out the earth wasn’t flat and caused quite a change in the world. The mustard seed dilemma is a huge dilemma especially in this day and age and it will sink in, not by me necessarily, but it will sink in.

We did not talk about God then but my brother didn’t appreciate my view of God but he never did before either nor my sister’s ideas either about God. He had his own ideas and was learning at his own pace about life and all that it entails and of course it has like I said changed as well sometimes I progress and sometimes I don’t because of the deceptions which are many. I don’t’ think about God all the time obviously but I know God is real and has affected my life and helped me to understand some things. He didn’t appreciate anyone’s viewpoint about God as time showed. It wasn’t like he showed much respect of other peoples view points about much of anything lol except for my little sister for some reason at her home on one of those family visits to see my mom as if she was protection of his as if he needed it and he didn’t, but the opposite. He kind of cowered around me about some issue and it was weird but the issue was weird and told me not to go there when I tried to show my sister and her husband and him in the house at the time about some things I found and had to explore the internet to find. It was about the school shooting in Newtown and what I had found through some truthers on the net who showed some inconsistencies that were huge during the Obama Administration and in regards to the false reports. I recognized one of the women in my past who had the greatest amount of information flooded by a bunch of crap we had to swim through on the news programs and on the internet in regards to the mass/murder suicide/ shooting and to find her investigation which was very thorough and she was a catholic woman.  Gary saw it and he recognized it was a deception which was kind of funny because he was the only one that did recognize it or admitted he recognized it and was amused by it for some reason. My sister, his wife didn’t even try to watch and then said “I don’t buy it” as if she had. My other sister was on the computer looking up recipes probably mine which she took when living with me and was gonna put on a computer isntead of on the recipe cards I had written out over the years of my favorites and never did and they disappeared during her divorce while living with me. She was not interested in much of anything other than herself. She was never into others feelings. In any situation it was usually without understanding of others peoples feelings and just how she was – kind immature in that way. She had virtues as well but that was not one of them. She never was into someone else’s shoes even though she tried to display it for show later because of her new husband and his desires to screw our family and her. She had moments of sweetness and love at times but I think a very confused person and needed to lean more than most on others. She lived with my family for a year or more and it was wild. It was not an easy thing to go through during her divorce and of course she was driven nuts by others who knew how to push her buttons and were taking advantage of her especially the lawyers involved who could have given a shit about anyone but themselves and the money they could get. There was no mercy in them. Hardened creatures using divorce as a means to some end and hopefully their own end. The first ones she tried said they were Christian and they were the worst of all. In my opinion who she was influenced by was the worst of the worst.



My brother became kind of less of a person after the time he stayed with my older sister at the time of the meeting. Both my sisters were BGEA influenced. Heavy influence and I think he got in trouble with some bets he made having to do with baseball previously. He loved baseball and anything to do with baseball. He lost his home and was using his office space to live with his wife above his business space /to keep his office going for awhile yet he had won a big federal case against FEDEX because he was a good lawyer. A very good lawyer at the time. Became kind of wealthy and then lost it somehow and I think he was screwed over and his wife blamed him more than likely. I think he was sought out to be diminished or controlled and squirmed by somehow to some degree because he won a federal case. Feds don’t like people with those kind of talents. IMO. I think he was squeezed and did the best he could under those kind of circumstances and may have blamed me but I had nothing to do with it. I only noticed he changed and then he became a Gore Fiend. (Saw the movie by Gore funded probably by the Catholic Church like Mel Gibsons movies which I think are backed by the RCC.) I guess and was influenced by it and his wife who is Catholic. He wasn’t really religious until then and Gore’s ideas are religious based ideas from the Catholic Church originally so they may cause havoc on the world using weather phenomena and magnetic miccrowave type engineering of some kind at places like HAARP to cause destruction and to control. It also affects the minds of those who use it and who it is used upon. Each person is different so the affects of the weapon are varied on each individual and depending on other factors as well and the affects on the environment are as varied and in my opinion why mental dysfunction is so prevalent these days in the populations. Everyone blaming the warming or climate which neither can affect it but is affected by those kind of weapons. Earth isn’t void of power in that God does have power to fix problems that arise or we would not be here anymore. In Israel there is a monument that kind of displays the prophetic dilemma and clues etched by an awl (a sharp tool) on stone of this kind of intimidation and criminal activity by someone who wanted it to be permanent for whomever has eyes to see and suspicion enough to notice it means something and who is behind the destruction at the time and in future troubles we are facing these days which I wrote about in another post on my blog. It had to do with Rome. This I found out by their clues that the RCC could not or did not erase. You can read more about it if you want to on Merangue’s Blog which links many posts I have written and with links to other articles I found helpful to my needs to explain what I have explored and including about the bible and comparing of the gospels and the Old Testament and about the JFK assassination and my own personal familial type stuff which had a lot to do with my exploration or need of exploration. Gore’s wealth and his religion had something to do with the hanging chads in Florida and a payoff of some kind for losing to the Bush administration which changed the way our elections were taken and counted via computers. Another avenue to take over the USA and

because we won World War ll.

My little sister lied about my brother to me about being in a wheel chair before a family visit to my mom while staying in her home when he wasn’t in a wheel chair and weird shit started happening and pretty soon we were no longer a family. My older sister said he was pathetic for not getting involved in a lawsuit she and my other sister and their husbands desired in regards to food poisoning at a sushi restaurant which put her in the hospital for a week and the last time I heard (from my ex) which he learned from my older sister that he resented anyone who voted for Trump and didn’t want to have anything to do with the family anymore. I didn’t vote for Trump or anyone else because of the deception in the news. I didn’t know whether anything was true or not because most of it was false news as I discovered over time before the election WAY BEFORE during the Obama Administration and even before as we learned more and more about false news. I figure it’s the GREAT DECEPTION that has been prophesied in the bible. This is all I can figure it must be because it is so weird. I wasn’t at the restaurant with them so I have no idea if it’s true or not I just heard about it via my little sister and then my older sister and the ex. Rumors. Which is also a prophetic sign however on a family level and not worldwide, I hope, though it seems kind of a minuscule resemblance to world wide events.

I had no idea we meant that much to everyone. 😉 It sure didn’t seem like it.

I made a joke about Pence on another post I wrote recently being on a ship/carrier and how it was inciting violence because he looked kind of silly to me (not to others but to me) in his flap jacket and may have been well-meaning but seemed kind of silly and then all of a sudden US ships are being attacked. I guess there have been three attacks or accidents lately in the news whether it’s true or not. I don’t know because I wasn’t there. I don’t mean to put him down it seemed showy and like he was asking for it from a nut because there are some in this world and countries that have leaders who are nuts. I heard on Fox there were three accidents involving US ships lately in a blurb by some news anchor about some accidents in the Japan area and if it was mostly the damage beneath the water with the deaths of men sleeping at the time seemed more like an attack at two in the morning than a mere accident. Reminded me of the attack on Pearl Harbor yet our ships are in the area of Japan. I’m not a specialist in damage of ships but eerily sounded of some type of deception as occurred in WWll and from IRAN  twenty or so years ago but in broad daylight. Probably a JESUIT deception because that is the kind of thing Jesuits do or have done in the past to stir things up between peoples all over the world to protect the RCC and it’s valueless reputation. Wouldn’t surprise me but if it was influenced by Obama it would not surprise me either. So much shit has happened nothing is beyond imagination and all over a stupid mustard seed not being the smallest of seed. IMO. How hard can it be to overcome a seed that isn’t as small as claimed. We got over Michail Gorbechov’s birth mark seems to me we could get over this false notion that was testified to by a pope in the recent past as a ploy though he called it the New Enlightenment of faith which is obviously a man-made type of enlightenment. We got over the world isn’t flat. Used to be the RC killed babies with birth marks in the past as a sign of witchcraft so I figure it has to do with the Catholic Church and it’s allies. I guess it’s the Catholic idea of recompense for figuring out the mustard seed is not the smallest of seed which means there will probably be Vatican 111 to reconcile the difference it makes and as far as the Vatican is concerned and it may take them a thousand years to come to terms with their own deceptions. It makes a big difference and people like Cal Thomas need to get a grip on this small truth. If he can’t do that what kind of faith does he possess? Must be really small! Something obviously has affected his mind if he can’t grasp the truth of the matter in regards to the mustard seed. Obviously a problem with women in his own mind and heart. He can’t accept that women have charge of their own bodies or should have charge of their own bodies anyway and the attitude of most men isn’t right with God. The devil hated the female as well. Must have affected a lot of people’s minds and instead of grasping for the truth would rather live a lie which is very sad to say the least and deceptive. No wonder about the tsunami in the Indian Ocean which affected the axis of earth. Altering it is a mammoth achievement I’m not sure man could have achieved however the Japanese tsunami was achievable via man made devices and in response, I think. Which has affected our food supply our oceans and who knows what else. It was a response to the hoped for delay of the Neo Catechumenal Way in Japan by catholics who noticed a rise in suicides as a result of the NeocatechumenalWay being touted and pushed by the RCC in ROME. I do not know if Pope Benedict caused it but he was definitely guilty by association which is a big problem for many people. He may have had nothing to do with it but he did warn about the One World Government WITH TEETH and about the Jews not being responsible for the death of Jesus and about the New Enlightenment called faith and his popery was shorter probably because of his warnings and in his place we got a Jesuit asshole for a pope, but he ain’t mine. He also was an advocate for truth in charity. He had been enlisted in the Nazi military as a kid but he was forced in to it at the time during WWll but after his popery and after retiring from it quite dramatically he was depicted as Stalin on the internet or Stalins son which I thought was kind of odd. Obviously he had made enemies in the Catholic Church probably the Jesuits since the Jesuits replaced him for his admissions an confessions about the lies in the bible. He actually had made some big advances for the religion of catholicism unlike the majority of popes in the past which were not worthy nor righteous. Back to Joel Olsteen and his sermon which touched on animals and whether they possess morality or a sense of morality and I think they might. They have a will so I think they may possess a morality especially when trained or to each other or to others. Not sure how developed it is but I guess it depends on the circumstance and the animal. Jesus at the Sea of Galilee got the fishermen to catch 153 fish and perhaps his will was more than theirs but they got caught in the nets for his miracle. Maybe it was by mutual consent. I don’t know. Not 154 but 153 which has some kind of meaning which I went through on a few posts and so have many others done the same with their ideas of the meaning of it. What would be the point of animal sacrifice if there wasn’t some kind of morality in it? Like in the movie the Last of the Mohicans and they kill a deer and pray over it. A spiritual prayer and appreciation so they could eat. Granted it was a movie but the same goes for the ram caught in the brambles with Abraham and his son and the lamb’s blood in Egypt, etc. I don’t think it meant pets though. I think they have morality in that we teach them to love and be loved and they do teach kids about love and caring, imo. When a  dog warns his master of a thief or a break in that’s kind of a will that has some kind morality behind the action or warning a dog might give by barking or the dog could go to sleep and not warn his master. What kind of dog would not warn his master? A moral less dog. It may be a small thing but not for the master if he wasn’t aware of a prowler, etc. Often times the dog gets killed for the warning so there must be some kind of morals it possesses. I guess it depends on the training and the love. Obviously instinct is involved as well. I think God uses animals sometimes, like he did my kitty who was murdered in my opinion and was the sweetest cat in the world. Little Romeo. A cat that loved everyone and wouldn’t hurt a flea and only by mistake.  I explained it in another post I wrote and about Buck my dog who was shot by our neighbors by accident I think and died and my daughter and I saw him running around and we saved a dog because of seeing him with Buck. There was some morality in this event. A man got his beloved dog back at the verity least and we saw Bucks spirit which is a reminder to us.

What was the point of a dove lighting on Jesus when he was baptized? A sign. Or a dove in the yard at the hospital before my dad died. It was a sign. Or the blackbird and dove on the ship of Noah. A sign or two. People used to send messages via doves and birds. God created the animals and fishes and birds and pets for us to enjoy and learn from and about. When you see a kid kill an animal just to be a jerk that is a sign the kid isn’t very nice and needs some help. When a person puts a pet in a garage door smashing it as a threat or to intimidate or in fun you can pretty much know that person is fucked up. Isn’t that right? When someone tortures an animal it’s a sign of a messed up person who has a problem and can be a problem for others.

There are some people that cannot be taught and/or don’t care.

My brother is not one of them.

My family is not one of them.

There is another prophecy I was intending to write about that was in the Book of Daniel. I’m going by memory and not checking to recheck my memory. It had to do with something standing where it should not and there has a been a lot of that kind of thing going on such as when I saw in pictures about Benghazi with Michelle Obama at Benghazi with a syringe in one hand and a rifle of some kind in another and her hair is short or she isn’t wearing a wig and and looks like her face is swollen by plastic surgery wearing sandals with heels rolled up jeans and in front of a building on fire. I have written about it already and of course my dad seeming to be there with a bork looking face half eaten or something that appeared in photo on the net about Benghazi, etc. Really dangerous stuff and cruel and a concern of course and many other intimidating photos of things unimaginable except by a fucking lunatic in regards to my family. Then recently saw a movie using names I know and seeing people I recognize at the Love Field Airport when JFK was coming to Dallas. Or seeing people I know in other places that are having to do with JFK’s assassination that could not have been there except to be matted in somehow using a photo type program to add their image such as my brother who was only a kid appearing in one photo in particular when he was with me at a dancing party “a twisting party” in England when we got the news that JFK had been assassinated on one of our birthdays and since the date of JFKs assassination was in November it had to be a birthday between my sister and I- my little sister and I and the kids at the party were a little older more like for my brother and older sister and more than likely for my older sister. We had it on family film and it wasn’t just a memory. I think it was a birthday party but could have been just a party a dance party and if that’s the case I don’t really have a reference point birthday wise. The party stopped of course. We stopped twisting. Twisting was a form of dancing at the time because of the Beatles I guess and a few other American stars at the time.

This picture is in the CBS news reports of the aftermath of JFK in the hours afterwards on some corner.

On Fox now they are talking about the guy whose son died via a coma he got I guess from a beating he got in North Korea and was given back recently and it does not sound reasonable. Sorry. Why would North Korea give back a prisoner so the world could see of a prisoner in a coma when they try to hide so many other things. Doesn’t make sense but the guy looks like a nut and a by product of Billy Graham and another person. Weird looking guy. Fox never ceases to amaze me with the news they project. This one is weird. Before this guy was given up another prisoner was given back alive who may have put other prisoners of war in danger or spies in danger that might have been there because of his nonsense and he looked like he was the type to pass out nonsense for who knows why. 15 minutes of fame? Money? He was the one talking about the way people acted while he was there. I guess he either escaped or was given back but at the time I thought he did not sound reasonable in the sense that what he did could be treasonous. It was about a month ago or more. The pictures we saw of this person held by North Korea is of a guy walking around with two North Korean soldiers so that isn’t someone in a coma, is it? Ridiculous news. Someone in a coma can’t walk, okay? Talk about crazy.

‘Here Comes Peter Cottontail’ – By Gene Autry – Happy Easter

The prophecy about something “standing where it should not” is talking about something other than a person. Person, place, or thing…. and it’s a thing.  It’s the prophecy itself which is now in the Book of Matthew and says (whosoever let the reader understand) which was in parenthesis. Something like it anyway. You have to have read it to know it was there and it was always kind of odd so it was noticeable to most people who have read the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament and the reader obviously read it at one time or another and it really doesn’t make sense in the Gospel of Matthew at all where as it made sense in the Book Of Daniel when it was in the Book of Daniel but by showing up in the Gospel of Matthew it makes the Book of Matthew more prevalent or is meant to by a nut. The whole business of the assassination of JFK and the Vatican ll had to do with making the Book of Matthew of the gospels the pre-eminent gospel and since it appeared first in the bible of the 4 main gospels it already had pre-eminence so it was a ridiculous attempt to give the Gospel of Matthew the pre-eminence it already had being placed where it was. The gospel of Matthew is one of the three Synoptic Gospels which includes the business about the mustard seed being the smallest of seed which since we have learned is not the smallest of seeds and includes other prophecies on the Mount most of which are without any details which is like going to see someone with a crystal ball telling you there will be many men in your future (tell me something I don’t know) or things like that when Jesus could have mentioned airplanes, or trains, space travel, many things including abortions (however the Gospel of John: Jesus says Feed my lambs and sheep in reference to abortion and against those who use abortion as an excuse to hospice IMO and as a sign of something bigger than a mustard seed coming towards the way of Peter and if you stack it up with Revelation it isn’t good for the RCC and was a warning to be heeded or else and for us to take notice of the deception and possibly some things we don’t know on the horizon. Deflection ain’t gonna work this time!), or things that might have been much more specific: the Sermon on the Mount: which could be referring to a horse and not a mountain. So many things look a little different these days after finding out the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed and it would behoove some people to take it seriously instead of relying on lies and false credentials which will turn around and rend you if you don’t. It’s a choice. No one knows who wrote the synoptic gospels but the credit is given to the “Q source.” which I and many other people before me have written about.  The Gospel of John does not include or did not include the business about the mustard seed being the smallest of seed. I’m not saying the Gospel of John is perfect but it excluded the mustard seed shenanigans which by finding out it was in the Gospel of Matthew kind of demoted the Gospel of Matthew by it’s own petard using two other gospels that basically said the same thing which is not proof but copying in a different style depending on the writer and the personality of the writers involved. It also includes the genealogy of Jesus and is the kind of genealogy that cannot be proven and some things have also occurred in a few other Books of the Bible to help the genealogy but obviously they were tampered with during the dark ages which I and others before me have written about. I THINK  the book of Zechariah or Zephania do some tap dancing in regards to the genealogy to support the Gospel of Matthew which I wrote about and others before have done the same. Obviously I got some help because of those before me and some legitimate evidence of BS.

If you believe a guy being escorted out by the North Korean soldiers is in a coma walking around you have to be out of your mind. People in comas don’t walk around nor do they twist.

I heard he went over with a group of people but why were there photos of him and film of him walking as if he was dizzy with the guards obviously not in a coma yet I know this story may be a lie a false news story usually are because there have been so many. Who took the film? Interesting question, isn’t it? Is it allowed in North Korea?

American student detained by North Korea has died 

Supposedly the American student in North Korea has died in a Cincinnati hospital. What the hell was an American student doing in North Korea? Taking a class in stupidity?

“Standing where it should not”

has to do with the concept of supporting. Giving credence. Credentials etc. False credibility since it should not etc. and being placed in the wrong location to give false credence. It helps to remember. Really does and has to do with the prophecy in the Book of Daniel being placed in the Gospel of Matthew to deceive because I sure as heck don’t remember it in the Gospel of Matthew a while back but I do remember it being an odd statement in the Book of Daniel of the Old Testament and the solution I prescribed or suggest of the prophecy and its meaning makes sense. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. The reason I say that is because it says something about let the reader understand and since most catholics don’t read the bible they wouldn’t know it was moved and since revelation is explicit about the RCC /Vatican and it’s description and it’s demise and since   the Vatican ll and the events occurring in 1963 have been written about as having to do with the preeminence of the Gospel of Matthew it sure makes sense to me if you disect or put meaning to the words of the prophecy and why it might have been moved and the reasons for the move from the Old testament to the New Testament it makes sense. I’m not a prophet nor hope to be one. I’m just trying to make sense of what I think I know.

Or why move it? That is the question, if my memory is correct.

It could have a double meaning and also be referring to the Shroud of Turin and the 3-D rendoring of the Shroud : The image of the beast placed where it should not and it will eventually talk somehow causing people to worship it. If people flock to Guyanaananana or flock to see Robert Tilton etc it’s not so implausible. In the Old testament wasn’t it Daniel who got in trouble for not worshiping some image or statue at a particular time. I think so. It was someone in the Old Testament anyway.

I think the way Joel Olsteen acts is kind of robotic and especially his gestures.

Perhaps we might get to explore strange new worlds, and seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before in some important ways.

Why not?

I think my family and friends have things to look forward to regardless how bleak things seem at this point in time.  I’m counting on it and hope deep within their hearts they are hoping for the same thing in their way.

There is more coming in regards to George Ball (Nothing propinks like propinquity), my newest brother in law married to my little sister, “How much wood would a woodchuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood” DOD Secretary under Obama: Chuck Hagel (Get Ready, America and Chuck Hagel had no reason to question the motives of Obama he said even though it is his job)  and the Queens ring-bearer for their 50th or 60th Diamond Jubilee anniversary a few years back (the year is insignificant of the anniversary) and the Supreme Court Justice who died recently: Antonin Scalia. Just some interesting stuff we need to remember about them and their reason for being. Some inconsistencies about him FOR SURE!~REAL INTERESTING ONES!

A funny thing happened a few hospital visits ago. I had an indian doctor who was kind of short and was wearing khaki pants. I can’t remember if he was wearing a white jacket like doctors do but it was open if he was. He asked me the usual question “what is goin on?” or something like it and I was on the bed explaining to him as best I could and his pants were kind of kinking at his groin like khaki pants often do. I was thinking as I was talking and not looking him in the eyes and I guess he thought I was looking at his male parts and he did the funniest expression. It was cute, not rolling his eyes but looked like it was bugging him and he looked up with his big eyes at the ceiling as if saying “why is this happening?” The bed was at that level and I wasn’t looking at him that way but it was like a comedy. Very funny moment. Most of my problems have been because of my gall bladder which has 6 stones which I believe have caused my near seizures which is very hard to live with. Makes you feel like you are going to turn to stone and is very scary. Plus because of my scar tissue from the first operation and because the gall bladder is near the liver and also the small intestines which my doctor years ago warned me might be a problem for a number of reasons. The doctors reaction cracked me up. He should have raised the bed. A common problem these days is the gall bladder. Not sure why. Could be climate change. I have heard a lot of people having problems. It isn’t that uncommon but I have heard about a lot of them lately.

When Justice Scalia died he had been quail hunting in an area called Cibola Creek Ranch and was at a lodge (Large) I guess when he died of natural causes supposedly. I think he was murdered. He was kind of controversial in that he was a Justice of the Supreme Court and his stance on abortion was very Catholic, in a way and kind of compartmentalized. He kind of died coincidentally when the issue of abortion and planned parenthood has been a bone of contention for the RCC, our politicians, the press and during the Jesuit Pope Francis Roman Catholic style inquisition trying to punish women psychologically and in some countries with jail time who have had legal abortions as if they were guilty of murder and yet the Pope saints Mother Teresa a murderer of the elderly using abortion as an excuse to use hospice to kill the enemies of the Catholic Church incognito and because we won WWll the vets in our country and their wives who  served their country and never mentioning it is actually murder suicide by hospice by Mother Teresa’s and the RCC’s Dogma and instead sanctioning it confusing many people. Glorifying her. People used to Glorify Hitler when they had to. I don’t really understand Scalia’s beef or stance on abortion but the videos no one has seen and only snippets by catholic nuns claiming via partial birth abortions people are supposedly buying baby parts including livers the size of peanuts and without proof of those sales. Partial Birth abortion is illegal isn’t it so how could Planned Parenthood be preforming Partial Birth abortions if it’s illegal.  There is no need unless you are intending to farm woman for abortions for some kind of catholic businessmen, like the mob. I don’t believe it because if there were videos we would have seen them regardless of a judge prohibiting the release of videos with the proof because the Roman Catholic Church has the wherewithal to do it anyway so of course raises suspicion in me as to the verity of those claims and because the women starring in the videos act like Roman Catholic lunatics and are lying their asses off and look like lunatics as well and one was recently photoed shaking the popes hand in Rome and she was wearing a habit and one of those women was an actress I recognized on the Prairie.  So the RCC is playing a hide and seek game hoping the judge will prohibit the release of videos because the videos implicate the RCC. The USA is not the world and the RCC is all over the world unlike the USA and Mother Teresa’s Hospice is in a ton of countries and parishes all over the world and if they had proof they certainly are hiding it. What is occurring is an inquisition against women to control their bodies as if their bodies were the property of the Bishops and the Cardinals and the Popes and Priests all male institution and women are not their property and because the RCC likes to torture women because they don’ t like women as much as the devil doesn’t like women and also because the RCC was caught abusing kids and they don’t want to accept responsibility for the abuse nor the injuries of kids legally and/or financially to make amends to those kids lately and in the past and the RCC have been caught hiding the abusers and hiding their banking problems of laundering money for the mob and using some USA tax dollars funneled in various ways out of our country for the mob and also laundering mob drug money from other countries  and hoping to stall the legalization of marijuana which would if legalized hinder the mob from making more money and corrupting more kids using marijuana as a gateway drug to get them on other more addictive drugs such as heroin and many others via marijuana contacts and dealers of the mob. Marijuana doesn’t have to be a gateway drug if we take it out of their equation and out of their control as we did alcohol via legalization and use it for our defense instead and to fund other things as well such as the national debt which I think ought to be annulled (Why not?) and because the mob and the Vatican use the money of illegal drugs to screw up the world which isn’t exactly holy nor clean, certainly not godly and the Vatican hired Kissinger to help them with their lousy reputation which is deserved. Ever read the proverb in bible about kisses? Go to the bible online and look up kisses and there ye shall find. Funny thing though, when Scalia was asked (It’s on Wikipedia) if he believed the devil was real and he said he did like most Catholics do and said “the devil made pigs jump off a cliff”…. which in the bible is Jesus who sends the pigs over a cliff. He put the evil spirits causing madness in some crazy guys into pigs instead and the pigs ran off a cliff into the SEE. Not sure which gospel but I think one of the synoptic gospels. What he said before that led me to believe the Jesus that did that was Catholic. He asks some people “how do you protect your children if your children were possessed” in another stunt he does which is very Catholic kind of statement and of course in Israel at the time the Romans were occupying Israel like the Nazis occupied some countries. The RCC have Exorcists. I’m paraphrasing quite a bit because I don’t want to look it up but Catholic Dogma is kind of funny about the Devil vs Satan. Most people are. I just assume both are evil whether one and the same. Recently their famous exorcist (Bishop, I think) said the devil had entered the vatican. I haven’t any idea who it was in reference to but I guess he ought to know. No one really knows if Satan and the Devil are one and the same but since the Jesuits are in charge I would suspect the devil and satan are pleased. Like Anne Graham Lotz is an anagram of an anagram,

Satan is an anagram for Santa Claws.

I think Scalia was correct when he said the Constitution is a dead document especially since the constitutionalists aren’t willing to tell the truth about the mustard seed. And if it isn’t dead yet, it will be. It’s a matter of time and will be a moot point because it won’t exist. IMO, but the Ten Commandments will. It sure didn’t represent, protect, include

me nor my family.

It is only as good as the people that uphold it and no one does especially when it comes to females, but love to talk about it, like politics.

In any case Cibola was near where my parents lived.

Obviously, Jesus was not born on Christmas Day as everyone knows. So whose birthday is it the people are celebrating? Christmas is the winter solstice I think but religiologists included Jesus and inserted him in this celebration because it got them more business when the celebrations were already popular and could have been a separate celebration and the RCC could have tried to figure out the real date of birth of Jesus through the many documents they own in their archives and in their treasures they stole and hid and plundered had another celebration but they suffer the deadly sins of gluttony and sloth and would rather abuse women and girls and sexually abuse little boys every chance given. Nobody knows when he was born which is interesting since genealogy is so important in the Gospel of Matthew. I guess the RCC wanted to control the seasons as well as the climate using Jesus. In essence the RCC are control freaks, hate females, love the mob, want to decide who can marry who, who can divorce who, and who can be forgiven via a fee for whatever it is a person is accused of depending on their station in life, their sex, their race, their age, their beauty, and their religion, their business, their political affiliations, their talent, their assets, and how much it will cost and/or profit the RCC. If you give them an inch the RCC will take a mile and because of the deadly sins they like to abuse called envy and lust and because the RCC moral instinct and sinful nature of the deadly sins of pride and greed don’t want to admit the mustard seed is not the smallest of seed have succumbed to the deadly sin of wrath against women and girls in retaliation and against their families around the world who believe and stand by their children for legal abortion to protect them from the rape, pillage and ravage of priests, Bishops, Cardinals, and Jesuit popes and the mob who hide in the population incognito that assist them to plunder anyone if possible in order to do it over and over and over again until every country on earth is a banana Republic and women are pregnant 9 months of every year and use the girls to incubate their sperm which they acquire in various ways in order to keep the RCC the most populous religion in the world hence the most powerful while at the same time diminishing populations of other religions via Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Mercies to sterilize the females and males in other countries who aren’t quite up to snuff as far as their assets and property or desirability and so as not to have to feed anyone if possible via starvation and hospice to disobey the last thing Jesus commanded at the Sea of Galilee to Feed my Sheep because Jesus was not really Roman Catholic:

The Process is called Replacement Theology.

It takes a while but with bad intel and deception it can work if given the chance to move forward by the people of the world’s and their ignorance of the RCC’s long term goals to decimate the other large religious competitors: Islam and others i.e. Self-Preservation because the RCC knows it cannot rule the world if it doesn’t accomplish it’s deceptions and allow via deception the destruction of Islam via other religions and countries eventually. The RCC does plan to be the boss, of course. It doesn’t happen overnight but I guarantee it is in their vision to achieve. Why not? The World Government with Teeth as prophesied by the RCC Pope, himself. There ain’t no way the RCC and ISLAM will be the last two religions for each other. The two will be against each other but not until the other does it’s dirty work because the RCC is slothful and gluttonous. Obviously, both religions will not rule the world. You would have to be an idiot to think otherwise but the RCC is connoting on it and vice-versa. It is an opinion and I think it is plausible, probable and logical by their standards and by their own lusts.

What were the Crusades about?

In the Old Testament the people (The Hebrews) wanted meat and were tired of manna which was a white substance they could gather each day and cook except on the Sabbath when they gathered it the day before and it lasted whereas it did not last if they gathered it the night before on any other day and so God sends them a bunch of quails and I guess the people get very sick. Maybe a reference to goody two shoes such as Dan Quails? At Christmas a a few years back when my dad was alive still I had been shopping at Scrivners a really cool store in the San Antonio area. Good restaurant and a fun place to go shopping and in the window was a painting of a pheasants or quail and the best part of the art work was the frame which looked like carved feathers. It was a very small painting but it was really pretty and I wanted it for Christmas and hinted my ass of for it and and I was disappointed I didn’t get it. It had been a long time since I had acted that way about something I shouldn’t expect but I did after or before I had read about the quails in the Old Testament. Kind of funny. I think my parents didn’t get it on purpose for some reason and finally I accepted it which is silly I shouldn’t have wanted it so much.

Don’t Get Your Panties in a Wad

They kind of were. Sometimes when i sit down to eat they do that when I get up I have to un-wad them, but at the same time I don’t want my brother-in law making it an issue. I want to un-wad them without hearing about it. You know? Every little thing I do kind of harassment. My ex just told me he was at the paint store recently or construction store where paint is sold and the Mexicans illegal ones cut in line and so did a white guy and then he stood up for himself after teaching the people in line AND behind the counter at the store that cutting in line isn’t cool because this is America. The white guy said “Don’t get your panties in a wad” and the ex said he turned around and stared at him and said “my panties are not in a wad” which of course has to do with when we were in San Antonio and the B-I-L (brother-in-law) chided me seductivly in my ear when I got up from dinner to walk the river with my family and with my niece’s kids when my little sister told me not to watch the kids by the river and let my sister watch them since it was her duty to watch them. IT was Gary’s duty as well but he loved letting others do it for them and didn’t care if they fell in the river and they didn’t but if they had I highly doubt he would have jumped in to save them from the rats and snakes and from drowning in the darkness probably so he would not have to give his daughter and her husband money for being relatives one of which he made and managed. They have at least five kids last I knew. Beautiful kids because she is beautiful in her way. I think she represents the ANKH for her husband LEVI.

 I wonder – would her panties have been in a wad

if I let her little boy look over the ledge three stories high

and he fell to his death?

Maybe Gary had taken out a life insurance policy on him because he sure didn’t act like he gave a shit when he let his Very Young Grandson get separated about 3 or so blocks away and never said a word like “Thanks for watching out for my daughter’s son.” even though I treated you like a piece of dingle berry in his own ass in return.

You think I don’t know, do ya? Fuck you and your ridiculous family!  He loved putting people in jeopardy to scare his wife, my family, me as he threw his first born at about one year old about an inch away from a ceiling fan. There are so many examples of some kind of mental disorder. Some kind of twisted entertainment.

I remember at the condo when Kristen was about 8 or 9 years old and we were all sitting around the dinette table of the condo at Padre and I got up to go to the balcony to have a cigarette and my niece didn’t want me to smoke. We had a small tiff about it because I didn’t want her to interfere with my break from family that I needed because I smoke and sometimes I like to get away from small areas and family and look at the ocean for solace and it really upset the people inside especially my sister, her mom. She was pissed at me because I guess I was rude. It wasn’t that big a deal but she made it worse because I had held my ground and went anyway and I guess felt I was too harsh with her daughter which is possible but I was with family and sometime you need a break and is far better than watching my sister talk to a client on the phone about stupid shit for hours on end loud enough not to be able to do anything but hear her talk and we had to be a bit quiet as well so she could hear her client for hours one end while on vacation and waiting for her to get ready to have some fun at the beach with the kids. She loved to waste other people’s time on her and her shit for clients I think she and them owe me some money for my time wasted on their pettiness because usually her clients were petty worrying about nonsense. Didn’t they know she would find a great gift at the store for her clients? As I went to go to the balcony I walked by their room and the shower was on because you could hear it and see steam and the door to the room was wide open as I walked by and glanced and there was Gary standing in front of the end of the bed stark naked stroking his hard dick posing for me. Funny because I just realized my sister was in the dinette area as well or she would not have known Kristen and I had had a small confrontation. I had tried to remember where she was thinking she was in the shower in their room and Gary was on his way to join her but he was using the shower as an excuse to be naked for me. I loved that Kristen cared of course but she was a kid and I wanted to do what I wanted to do. Like her dad wanted to do what he wanted to do and she never made it an issue with him anyway partially because they erased her mind or made her think it was okay to harass other women and female family members sexually. Her mom didn’t make her think it was wrong, either. We were supposed to enjoy it and we didn’t. So what if he has a 2 foot dick when hard? It wasn’t mine and I didn’t want it either. It was my sister’s and she had to get her vagina enlarged during one childbirth to enjoy it. She didn’t know or he didn’t bother to teach her to masturbate if you want to have fun during sex if you need to. Perhaps he never warmed her up like a good man would. A real man. He was getting off on his sexual escapades of dreaming about sneaking up on the unwary when asleep which most people are unwary when asleep and most people don’t want him fucking with them when sleeping or at dinner or at the office or while watching a good movie with the family or going to the balcony so his wife can mistreat them later for his sexual imaginations of degrading females. He ought to just hang out at the morgue for females or in the morgue at a hospital before bodies are taken to be buried to have sex. That is what it is like or similar to. Go ahead and drink some more Calamine lotion and see if I care. I never saw an ad on tv about drinking Calamine lotion. She did it too. She went into my sister’s dark kitchen at night to get something for her tummy and picked up a bottle never looking at the label and took a swig after my little sister witnessed Gary peeking his dick out his pants posing it and positioning it so I could have a birds eye view of his dick sticking out his pants and I wanted my little sister to have one as well because she was sitting next to me. She kind of got interested at that time in a weird way but I don’t think she ever bothered to tell anyone for me as a sister and after that he started hassling her under the table etc. She had seen him years before driving in his white Lincoln Continental around White Rock Lake with a blond woman. Probably the blond model my sister modeled with for the magazine Pennies while in college and was one of her suite mates. I called the poison center that night to find out if she would be okay after she came in with her lips stained in pink to tell me what she had done and she went upstairs and my dad followed. I didn’t know he followed her but Gary came in and told me because my little sister and I made a cruel joke about it. It wasn’t meant to be cruel it was hard not to. It was more of a mimic of her face as she was telling us which was basically crossing her eyes,  act like she was taking a swig and pursing her lips and then the expression of a person known as the richest woman in the world who had had a lot of face surgery. From then on every time she was drunk or drinking and around me my little sister used to prompt the calamine expression and tell stories about me when I dumped some marijuana in a drain outside our house. I was about 14 and came home from somewhere I was that day and the house was dark, the front door was wide open, and no one was home. I was afraid someone was in the house but I went into my bedroom to my desk because the drawer was wide open and I went to see what was going on and there was about a pound of marijuana in a bag and so somehow my little sister arrived and we discussed it and were freaking out as well and then a guy was driving in our neighborhood and on our street not just once a guy who had had a crush on my best friend driving around in his red Camaro who was also the police captains son who looked just like HardBall Chris Matthews. This was in Alexandria Virginia. So yea I threw it away down the drain in front of our house but I never heard the end of it at every opportunity at parties I had to hear about it and yes it was funny but it was only a pound. LOL. She tended to extend and exaggerate the story for 40 years or more. Remember when… and sometimes you didn’t want to remember in front of tons of people at a party or a gathering or whereever and hoping not to make a bad impression.  Who wouldn’t have thrown it away?

She was with me so she helped. She was only 13 months younger.

Things aren’t always what they seem to be and nor are people but truly I believe it has to do with the BGEA:


(Consolation means to forget.)

WHAT MADE IT COMEDIC WAS AFTER I THREW IT AWAY I WONDERED NOT FOR JOY WHETHER IT WASN’T SOMETHING MY FRIENDS AND I HAD PURCHASED TOGETHER. (I NEVER HAD MONEY) AND SO IT FREAKED ME OUT EVEN MORE!. THEN WHEN I MOVED I GOT LETTERS SAYING WE FORGIVE YOU AND I DIDN’T KNOW What THE letters  MEANT AND I DIDN’T ASK EITHER. The letters didn’t say. ONE OF THE GUYS we knew was a BIG DEALER IN THE AREA and he might have given it to me and didn’t tell me. I do not know. He was A GUY ABOUT 26 YEARS OLD with a long beard who drove around in an antique car and hung out at the park with kids my age and some even younger and some older and he


15 or 16 years old

(He would call me looking for her. A 26 year old man but I was a kid and I did not know better and its not like I was gonna tell my parents at that age.)

and he could have left it

but the signs of all the things about the house stunk big time like the police captain’s son. someone as depraved as Chris Matthews who had a thrill up his leg for Barack Obama.

I did not like him and nor did my best friend. It is possible he was the guy who burned her arm and hand with his lit cigarette butt playing some kind of game with her or threatening her or another guy I wrote about. His name was BROCK. Maybe both. When I moved all my friends moved so the letters I received were from civilians we sort of knew. My friends were all military kids from different branches of the military. It was suspicious to the nth degree and I was only a kid! Most military people move around the same time of year between school semesters and usually in the summer.

The drug dealer was a TOWNIE


Ohhhhhh he was also a



His name was TOM FOLEY and he had a younger brother named JIM

as in James Foley

who lost his leg in the war. 

I think with my little sister it was kind of a way to be connected to me which I can understand. Who wouldn’t want to be connected to me. I loved her. She changed quite bit. After my big operation  by a year or so I was trying to find a way to make money and she talked me into selling designer jeans and she as above main the pyramid scheme and finally she had a party and said she invited 300 people and then it got up to 500 people and 2 people showed up. So she lied her ass off. I worked my ass off and then she got mad at me for not being more energetic. Then when she lived with me I was on the phone to someone (no one I knew) and she ran through the living room and was talking looking for something and I didn’t answer her right away and she said “Can’t you multi task?” I couldn’t believe it. I had made her breakfast in bed a few times when she couldn’t get out of bed because she was so depressed and was living in my daughter’s bedroom. Then when she married the asshole and was living in Bridalwood she had a garage neighbor hood sale and told me my mosaic I was selling was a distraction to the customers and to move it. She was hanging with a real nice chic in the neighborhood who acted like a snob and then they moved their chairs close to the road sitting together and I said I think you guys are distracting the customers but I didn’t tell them to move and then when I had my operation she told me she would help me take care of the kids and stay in town and her husband called and she had to go home to do laundry for her grown sons and so she didn’t help and then when she finally got her divorce and remarried after living with me for over a year and when I got divorced would not help me because she had a new husband. So whatever her motives were then and before the infamous meeting and told me things it wasn’t necessarily FOR ME it was FOR HER. I guess to impress my brother.

The last time I heard from my little sister she was calling me the devil and satan in some e-mails and then she she wrote she wanted her sister back (as in Me). so I played some psychology and said “if your sister is satan and the devil why do you want her back?”

and she never responded. 

I thought it was clever, anyway.

Anyway, we could not believe she had picked up someone else’s bottle of medicine and usually calamine is in a plastic squeeze bottle. I have no idea how this calamine was stored. She was lucky she didn’t drink Caladryl. I have no idea how she was able to take a swig because every time I have had to use calamine lotion which  wasn’t often  a few times in your lifetime even when raising kids but basically you had to squeeze it and most of the time if it had ever been used before it dried up on the hole and in the hole and in the bottle and usually you had to take a needle to open the pin hole in order for anything to come out of the bottle so she must have really wanted a drink of calamine. It was not that bad but may be a bit insensitive. It was a strange night. I think we were watching the Last of the Mohicans and took a break from it. I did not know it hurt her feelings and wasn’t meant to. She never said it hurt her feelings and I could have handled it if she let on about it. I would have said Hey we called the poison center and we knew you were gonna be okay and we had a sense of humor about it. It wasn’t that funny but my little sister used to like to go on a bit about the same thing until there wasn’t anything left to laugh about. Over did it, often. I  knew she wasn’t gonna die because she hadn’t drunk enough of it but was gonna have to spit it out by throwing up and she did and my dad cleaned up after her which was pretty sweet. Gary didn’t. He would not have done it for either of his daughter’s either. He didn’t give a shit about my sister. She was his cover. She was his defense.  A Hillary. And so were his kids. He came and told us because he wanted us to feel bad for what we did which wasn’t anything really except have a sense of humor. I could tell by the timing of his information about my dad. And it was also a cover to try to make us feel bad for something we didn’t cause but in his mind we did cause it (a normal rapists conclusion) and possibly in hers as well which is sociopathic and insane. Like putting the cart before the horse kind of insanity and to make my  little sister possibly forget? I wish someone would stick his own dick in his mouth and stuff way down deep for a while so he can gag on it for a while. He used her to get to us in any way he could. She did the same about him in any way she could. The deal is she had tummy troubles because she had some kind of allergy to corn and corn products, she thought, and which are in many products we consume which made her have gas, fart a bunch and diahrea at the worst of times, like as you are walking down the aisle of grocery store or dress store and especially if you were behind her or on a driving trip in the middle of nowhere lost and no bathrooms or gas stations with bathrooms around or when the windows were up and forgetting to say hey roll down your windows, because once I did notice I would try to walk somewhere else like ahead of her, next to her, or a few feet away or roll down the window. I didn’t mind it because she was my sister when she left her smell around. I knew she had some kind of problem. How many times have you walked down an aisle and noticed someone left a stink. And often I just used to plug my nose as if you are going to swim under water. She made it a joke too when she did leave a bit of herself about and we would laugh together about it and try to outrun it without anyone noticing. To her it was kind of humorous because what else you gonna do but laugh about it and try to find a bathroom. She couldn’t help it. I think it became a problem after child birth or more of a problem because that is when it kind of arose as a problem because of child birth or possibly because of his dick hurting her inside, i don’t know. He used to fart and loved talking about flatulation which was a great deal of what he enjoyed talking about as did my other brother-in-law and usually jokes you had heard before and especially after seeing the western movie with cowboys around the campfire fart scene. It became fodder for many years for the average male. At some point she was pregnant in her fallopian tube and had to have an emergency abortion or she would have died which may have been part of her problem as well.

Her favorite perfume for many years was


She had good taste in some things.

I was one of them.

I wonder if someone put calamine lotion in her Pepto Bismal bottle for the trip.

Gary wouldn’t do that, would he?

I just don’t see how the mistake could have been made. They bottle calamine that way making it hard to drink for the sake of kids protection from poisoning themselves. They make it hard so it’s kind of bewildering how my sister was able to swig calamine lotion even in the dark.

It’s a family affair, it’s a family affair.

Sly & The Family Stone – A Family Affair

Why not?

The next morning we woke up to OJ Simpson in a white van running from the cops on some highway in California because he had just beheaded or almost beheaded his ex-wife in her yard and killed her boyfriend leaving their kids in her house with a bunch of lit candles burning without anyone giving a shit because the people that did give a shit had been killed. Could be I’m combining two weekends at my little sister’s home in the Houston area, but I think it was the same weekend. Some kind of demonic connection. It really was …. I’m sure of it.

Gary developed a disease when living in their first home in the Highland Park area on Purdue-(where they bought a small two bedroom fixer-upper) the same disease as Susan Caine. PURPURA and while he had his spleen removed he was infected via the blood supply during the operation at Medical City Hospital with Hepatitus B or the one of the Hepatituses which is the bad one which affects the liver and he was advised not to drink or not to drink as much. I did visit him once while he was recuperating in the hospital with my husband because he was family. I didn’t want to visit him but I felt I should because he was family and because he was my sister’s husband and because it made me uncomfortable being near him without my sister around. It was a short visit. He had an incision from his chest to his tummy, I think. Looked like it anyway. It was not wide and I think he got stitches. Purpura is a blood disorder and I guess you get red spots on your skin as a warning or a symptom. Weird both he and Susan Caine had the same disorder pretty close in time like within a year or so, maybe? She had it first. I never saw the spots on him so he might have had something else because he continued to drink even more. Maybe he had a transplant? I don’t know how Purpura is caught or how a person gets it. HMMMMMM. I wasn’t married when they bought it and my brother had met his future second wife when they lived there or during the time they owned (a couple of years) it so I guess it must have been after that house he developed Purpura because my husband was with me when we visited him in the hospital and I had not met my future husband yet. I wouldn’t have known about Susan and her Purpura other than through my sister and her husband because we did not hang out together ever unless I had to and at my sister’s home with her. She was not a friend of mine but similar to a friend I had. We all have one of those. Everyone has got one. It’s inevitable in this world anyway. Like some cheese gets better with time and some doesn’t depending on the amount of time we are referring to. People change. That house was where my brother almost shot his foot off playing with Gary’s gun he found under the bed while he was on the phone with someone which was an improvement because Gary used to hide his gun under his pillow. He was a brick shy. I think most guys are. when Malachi was on the ledge I’m glad I was there at that time if not for Kristen then for her son and for my parents. My older sister and Gary did not have kids at the time they lived in the fixer upper. One night while babysitting their home my brother and I opened the front door for some reason and some kind of bolt lightning or something came in the door and both of us watched it fly around the living room and the study like a balloon when the knot is undone. It was very strange and it made a noise as well. It had no substance but energy of some kind. It was a hot night. In Texas sometimes there are electric storms without rain. One night I saw a storm of bolts but in the shape of a balls that were bouncing all over the place and very loud and kind of frightening because of the noise. It’s a rare occurrence. I have only seen that kind of a storm once but I assume it has happened before however I have never looked it up to find out. Later when met sister was in the last house I ever saw her in that they owned she had something done about the corn allergy after going to doctors about it. She had an operation. I can’t remember the hospital but in Dallas. either Medical City or  St. Paul, possibly one nearby. There are alot of hospitals in certain areas. The operation was on a Friday and I guess he snipped her ureter between the bladder and the kidney, I think by mistake. He had a German name as I recall and wasn’t like real friendly or anything. Luckily he figured it out JUST IN TIME and fixed it or she would have died. They still sued and made some money on it. Good money. She wore a urine bag for a few months. Around the same time she had plastic surgery on her nose for a deviated septum and more and ended up being a nose similar to my little sister who had a very pretty nose . My little sister had a fall in her closet and broke it and it was never the same. It still was pretty but it wasn’t the same. The nose on my older sister did not really fit her face imo but she obviously had a thing about my little sister’s nose all along or maybe Gary did. She also had her boobs enlarged. My little sister had done the same thing years before and it helped her. Her husband made an issue of it so she did it in shabby place but did it anyway. I didn’t really care for what the results were except in clothing. But the shape wasn’t quite right but it didn’t matter as long as she and he liked it. He took a chance having it done where she had it done. I never saw the place but she told me about it. My older sister’s jealous jacuzzi daughter mentioned my sister’s nose and boobs once that I know of and had seen earlier pictures of my older sister and my older sister (her mother) lied to her about it. Perhaps one day eventually she told the truth, but I doubt it. For years my younger sister told me that my older sister was competing with her on houses, pools, obviously men, noses, and plastic surgeries. She had a chin lift and partial face lift and tried to act like she didn’t. My younger sister resented it because she was really was an open book about her surgeries and wanted to share but I think it has to do with how she got the surgeries she got. I think my older sister used the system –insurance fraud and had a lot of help doing it. What happened at the office and partially why I was ganged up on had to do with illegal stuff I happened upon and didn’t realize till I went to real estate school what my sister and her husband were doing and the company they worked for was illegal big time. It might have been a set up in order for the company to side with my older sister and Gary to protect them. Pretty shitty. It really is. I was in a rough place, between a rock and hard place. So was my mom and dad and probably a lot of people. She probably took lessons from Hillary and wasn’t Hillary in the insurance business before she became what she became? Yep. I went shopping with her to help her find a dress for New Years party or event she was going to with her husband and her were with a partner of his at the time and his wife and she had humongous boobs that hung low. She was a dog in the face comparatively but she wore a dress and the opening was at her waist and my sisters husband was impressed by it. She bought a beautiful black dress kind of short. She had pretty long legs. The back was in a vee to the waste and was sharp looking on her and she wore pretty jewelry. Her husband had her in tears that night because she did not expose her bosoms and he liked the way the other woman hung hers. She had to go to the bathroom to cry and clean up her face afterwards. When she left the bathroom to go back to the table a man came by I guess a good looking guy and told her how beautiful she looked. She looked beautiful in the dress at the store. CLASSY. My sister was in a class of her own compared to the other woman. People used to say she looked like Raquel Welch in the face and she came by it naturally. She had a problem sometimes with weight but even when over weight she was beautiful. Beautiful smile and a fun smile. Older men loved her for her smile, her humor and her pretty face. One of the things my dad loved about her was her humor. He got a kick out of her. Of course she was his daughter so no wonder. She had pretty high cheek bones like my mom.  But she still messed around with some stuff to improve herself in her eyes like lip injections and tattooing liners etc. The lip injections were not helpful but the style of lips that is the fad these days are plump lips. I hated how they did it to her because she was too aware of them like the press guest Laura InGraham: PSSSST: DONT DO IT AGAIN. EVERYONE KNOWS AND IT DOES NOT IMPROVE YOUR LOOKS. You are not talking normal. YOU LOOKED FINE BEFORE. Honestly JUST GET THEM COLORED-tattooed LIKE THE CHARACTER ON THE SOAP OPERA – ERIKA of GENERAL HOSPITAL and buy the snake poison lip plumper. and talked funny because of them but she was aiming to please and to please her second husband as well who did not deserve her. He kind of messed her thinking up. Her first husband even though a jerk in some ways in regards to boobs and her talents was still better than the second one because THEY LOVED EACH OTHER.

Her second husband was a user and a half.


whom she met on line at a dating service after a few other stupid dates she endured. He was from Michigan. DAVID number 2 as in poop and resembled quite a bit





Who never questioned Barack Obama’s Motives


Ready the Secret service agent?

the Ring-bearer for the Queen’s anniversary Diamond Jubilee Celebration!


George Ball of the LARGE (LODGE) “Mr. Nothing Propinks like Propiniquity” you know the guy who messed with JFK and OSWALD who is seen in the pictures at the jail before OSWALD was knocked off for posterity and who probably had a whole bunch to do with the entrance of the US into the Viet Nam war and the assassination of JFK!


LOL Schnicker Snicker

and is self-deluded

There is a network when you get divorced in some places

to catch a pail of water. 

When her first husband’s dad was having health problems in older age she found him one day and he had fallen while naked and he couldn’t get up. She helped him and he made some jokes with her and loved her as a daughter-in-law for some of the same reasons my dad did. She helped to take care of him for nothing as much as she could but I don’t think anyone noticed or appreciated it. He was divorced but he and his wife while they were not  did live close to each other and were civil. The mother-in -law did not appreciate my sister and compared her often to the first wife he had and created trouble for her. The daughter-in -law she had from her step son also created trouble for her (his second wife). The one who sang like an angel with blond hair and chips fell out of her mouth when she talked.  The one who said I had a winker in my eye. The Church lady. Her step son had some troubles because of being a kid from divorce but my sister was good to him as a step mom though he one day had a problem of some kind and put a gun to her head. Some how they got past it. I don’t recall that she had to go to jail or he had to go to jail. I don’t think anyone called the police on him. I had to for nothing. Her step daughter overdosed on aspirin once but made it through. Had her stomach pumped but she lived. She lost her daughter at three years of age at her birthday party. My sister wasn’t there and I bet if she had been it wouldn’t have happened, but you never know and believe me I know she was imperfect but she did not put a gun to your head. I mean that amicably. The woman that helped my older sister when she had her ureter cut had white hair and my older sister thought she was an angel course she thought the priest on the plane was somehow related to God and she resembled Billy Graham’s daughter in the overall appearance. She told my sister that having surgery on a Friday isn’t the best of time to have surgery. She must have had quite a history in surgery knowledge but I guess that was as good an excuse as any. She helped my sister and tried to keep up with health situation details while she was at the hospital so my sister didn’t have to worry about it herself. Someone I guarantee hired her. I have no idea how she met her but probably the lady across the street who got her involved in the BGEA and those women retreats in the Carolinas. It’s my guess anyway. Usually I knew but things change and so do relationships. What my sister did not realize is she had been had. Sneaky people. I guess it was worth it. I guess the word that describes my oldest sister was the word devious. She did not start out that way. I think SMU molded the deviousness in her-Being around a bunch of rich kids. I’m not against someone having money but she developed an attitude when around her friends. IMO They thought their shit didn’t stink and it did just was much as the next guy or girl. It might have started before SMU when she rolled with Dallas. Take it how you think it means. And perhaps the Kirchers honed it in her. Her kids were not the problem. Maybe expectations have something to do with it as well. The expectations of others and it came between us as a family. Jealousy played a role. Something happened and it wasn’t good and I don’t think it was me or because of me. I think it has to do with the pillars of salt written about in the OT. When my dad had his TIA in Dallas after driving to Dallas from San Antonio to see the birth of one of the grand kids, her grandchild was a marker of some kind. We were at the hospital at the time. I could hear echoes in the room and I could feel it and it was loud and hollow. He started talking weird and couldn’t communicate very well, but tried and mom and Tootie went to find help and Gary was in the room sitting on a ledge near the window or wall area and I was across from him. He kind of was amused and raised his eyebrows in a funny way at me about my dad. I told my dad not to try to talk because it wasn’t helping it just got worse. Later on it was amusing after he was okay but it was a very strange thing and I know she pushed him too much for his age. Go here go there etc. Too competitive. Heightened too much. I think it was for the birth of Malachi but I might be wrong.

So get prepared Europe and the middle east and africa

and everywhere else

get prepared for the end of the RCC. 

Why? Because the RCC didn’t heed the warning given at the Sea of Galilee and instead went along with greta evil and Mother Teresa. That’s why.

The chief difference between Christianity and Islam

An article about the difference between mohammad and Jesus but what are the similarities? The mustard seed. Why?

Because some of the gospels and other books after the gospels are islamic! which is why there is the confusion called the GREAT DECEPTION!

Anyway Michael you know very little about Walter…..)

Hark the Harold angel sing Glory to the newborn king

Parts of the gospel of John try to show the deception and if you read it and compare events in the bible and in the gospels there ye shall find the message and since Revelation shows the destruction of the RCC the Vatican I don’t think God is necessarily against war, since God puts it into the heart of some army either in the present or the near future to destroy the Vatican therefore God must want the destruction of the Vatican. I highly doubt God or Jesus the Jewish one was for 6 million jews being slaughtered in Europe and wanted the USA to intervene. So whether one dies by the sword or dies giving a sermon sometimes the sword is necessary. Jesus of the gospel of John beat the other Jesuses to the cross. Cutting off someones ear wasn’t helpful, it was only a thing which is what Peter did in the Garden of Gethsemane to Malchus I think. And then denied Jesus three times. Guess what: There are 3 Synoptic Gospels. (Gospel of Matthew, Mark, and Luke) written by the Q source so the names of the authors are just things. I think Jesus of the Gospel of John wanted the people to see the difference between the gospels. I sure did. He used the the Synoptic gospels to discern the difference thinking ahead of course. Then after because of the abuse by the Vatican using Nazism and fascism Israel became a state of it’s own. Asserting itself with help from God. The Six day war is evidence, is it not? Some of the archeology is evidence as well and prophetic and if Israel hadn’t we would not have evidence.

I can’t tell you how often I have heard that God never gives you more than you can handle from faith teachers and faith sermonizers in all forms of faith….


What about my sister and her husbands dick? What about Gary and his own dick? What about me and my sisters and the family troubles? What about our government and ObamaCare? What about the National Debt? What about the many women who have too many kids? What about the Catholic Churches own parishioners? What about every department in our government? What about the islamic population in England? What about all the civil wars and revolutionary wars in the Middle East and all over the world? What about the press? What about: A Second, Even Bigger Foreclosure Reaches NYC Billionaires’ Row and Infamous De Guine estate finally sells at dramatic discount? What about China? What about pollution? What about Nancy Pelosi? What about the people who commit suicide? What about Arlington National Cemetery? What about the many ferries and boats in the past that couldn’t handle the load? What about D-Day and those that didn’t make it? What about soccer stampedes? What about the people that go nuts and have nervous breakdowns? What about King Henry the 8th? What about the StockMarket? What about illegal aliens? What about the Titanic and the Hindenburg? What about O’reilly? What about the Pharoah of Egypt and the plagues? What about Noah’s Ark? What about Jesus turning over the tables of the money launderers? What about Hitler? What about those that overdose? What about Solomon?

Whoever says that is fucking liar and there are a bunch of them! 

LA loves ‘Obama Boulevard’ proposal but wonders: ‘Why not major street?’

Bull shit they are afraid of him and are paying homage to him.


Later in San Antonio we found out the wind or something broke off his front door (because no one was around besides my parents at the time) to his home, right off the hinges, while they were home at some point and I think was another sign something wasn’t right. A very strange occurrence. He did change and was much more judgmental about me and I could tell he was getting strange thoughts accusatory of me while with my sister her husband and me. I could feel it. Of course lies didn’t help. The first lie especially which grew into as I said once in another post on one of my blogs, into a life of it’s own. I could tell something was bugging him about me and like he was hearing voices while he was quite weak physically having had chemotherapy and other treatments which is typical of evil to attack someone when THEY are weak. I could feel it sort of and of course I was going through some things and a huge set up an entrapment scheme around that time which had not coalesced to it’s entirety with much more to unfold but I had not understood it and I think he was being set up/entrapped as well. The whole family was including my sister in another way, even though she was involved like a pawn. He was trying to protect us as a dad of a very cool family:

His family. Her family. Their family.

 I think the wind had something to do with it as well and a chapter in the Gospel of John which talks about it. The secret follower, which I think has to do with the BGEA. As I have written the secret follower wasn’t really a secret, was it? Since it was in the

Gospel of John.

So either Nicodemus or Joseph of Arimathea. Maybe both.

Standing where it should not?

And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in hisdeath; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.
What is deceipt?
  1. the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth.

I know my dad is okay because he is special and so is my mom and together they are a force to contend with. A good force. Believe me, and they are not done.

 They will not give up because of their love.

You would’ve had to have known my parents to understand.

The wind and Dallas and the VW, the gust of wind in the VW? Scrambled her brains and with? Virginia Cook. During the Kennedy assassination when JFK was thinking about this speech at the World Trade Center about to get on Stemmons Frwy the woman with him said “You can’t say that Dallas doesn’t love you.” and he was shot at that moment, supposedly. It’s in the transcripts. He was gonna say something interesting, I think. Think about the “don’t get a wad in your panties”

and Borg Syndrome. Same kind of communication. If you look real close and study different versions of films that are out there are some interesting people at the sign and at the airport.

When the shit hit the fan I mentioned about my kids making a phone call and somehow my voice was in the background or so my mom said that my sister had either let her hear or related to her that I had prompted them or egged them on. And I had nothing to do with the phone call whatsoever. My ex does voice overs so I know it can be added but to get a phone call like that from my mom it was hard to take. Why didn’t I scream etc. She was confused by their games. EVIL GAMES. AND probably thought I was the reason or to blame.  DIFFICULT TIME FOR our family. I took some scissors and stabbed a framed photograph my parents gave me of them. I was so upset. And about the time I slapped my husband who didn’t believe me when I said I was bring watched, surveilled, harassed at work and school, etc by the company, by people in the real-estate business but not in the company but sure did get involved and my sister and her husband. He said his glasses flew across the room and yea they came off his head but he deserved it as far as I’m concerned and he came at me and knocked me off my feet. He had as a teen taken wrestling so it was some kind of move like that from a standing position with a fist in my face however he didn’t hit me. Soon after I got sick. Real sick. Deathly ill. It was nuts. I’ not saying it is what caused it but a mixture of things. I had been sick for a while change of life and some kind of infection while at the office I couldn’t get rid of and psychological terror. As far as the husband doing voice overs and his defense of my sister and the painting I painted every time she put up an offense he took her side. Like she said swap with her he thought it was a good idea and other things so he was her “boy” Somehow she got under his skin and was manipulating him but that was kind of recent. So I wonder did he make a voice over for her to implicate me to my parents? I wouldn’t put it past him.

One of the last things I saw my mom do was take my sisters chin and she said “Can you beat that?” sort of affectionately but I know she had seen my dad in the casket and his chin tucked into his neck and she saw the arrangements my sister made for the families at his funeral. I’m sure my dad noticed as well. My mom wasn’t dumb very patient but not dumb. She saw things I saw and I saw things she saw. I think she recognized something inside my sister. She loved her daughters but she saw something unkind. Because someone dies doesn’t mean you aren’t seen and the things you do or don’t do. THEY SEE!  Hence the commandments about parents: Honor your parents. I know when I have tried to relate that my mom wanted to live to 105 he concurred and he had already died. He knew. How did I hear. It was spiritual. I hear lots of stuff but I discern as much as I can and sometimes I recognize what I’m hearing to be true. Which also has to do with what happened at The ARC and the e-mails I received about my mom’s eyesight and the commotion about it and the picures sent my way which was sadistic and unkind. It didn’t go unnoticed, I’ll tell you that much. I have no idea what is ahead because of it. I do know what the Gospel of John says that Jesus said at the Sea of Galilee and it might be wise to take it seriously. Might make a world of difference.

A Family Hug

If you ever watched movie with my sister which I did frequently in my life in their home  she would ask “what does that mean?” You had to explain things a normal person would have understood. I guess if she had watched it, it might have helped; she had a tendency to talk during movies. And then forgetting about her son when he slipped into the shallow end of the pool without a sound but he was only about three years old so it didn’t matter what end it was and David my little sister’s husband saved him from drowning but because he had a tantrum the next morning he didn’t get the sleep he needed to work the next day and because John had an earache (water in the ear) in the night which was very immature of David she got her nose out of joint but I think she kind of forgot why he had an earache because she AND GARY weren’t watching her kid. I don’t know what she was doing? Changing the film in her camera? She couldn’t get past the slight to see the whole picture. I didn’t see it but she told me David was lying on the floor pounding his fists on the floor the next morning in their master bedroom. It wasn’t her fault she was out of town and the earache happened in the night and John was in pain. I guess if every one communicated better we could have handled it better and perhaps not. I slept through both the tantrum and the earache but was told the next morning. Obviously some kind of competition going on and something else: resentment. It was weird. He could have taken a day off but I guess it wasn’t the point. I don’t know the point. Kind of an unfortunate set of circumstances and then years later when his  daughter had a daughter she drowned in their pool (a different home) on her third birthday party a week after her birthday. It was very strange. I don’t know how many years later it was? 14?

My youngest sister was going through her divorce I think at the time. Had received some of her money but hadn’t met her second husband. She was able to go to the funeral and and brought back a brochure of Juliet’s funeral and I painted the picture twice. Not in one day it took me a long time. She was able to take it to her step daughter eventually after she was remarried. She paid me 100 dollars eventually and it was worth way more but not to my sister and I liked doing it for her step daughter because I’m sure while it didn’t bring her back but might help her some how and I did not sign it. My little sister didn’t appreciate art or the time it takes She wanted to make amends somehow. Somewhere in there. She was still in love with her first husband even after marrying her second husband. No doubt he was a better man. He remarried as well. His fist wife had had an affair with his best friend early in their marriage and he met my sister soon after via a friend of hers we knew as teens when my parents were separated and after for a while and they had a quick romance and he gave her an ultimatum either marry him now or forget it and we got together my bridesmaid dresses from my wedding for a few of us to wear to get the show on the road sine she wanted to marry him in a big way. Kind of quickie in motel rooms to dress, etc. whole vacationing in California to see my brother I surmise but I can’t remember why. They had a reception at his friends house the one whose wife had had umpteen abortions (about 7 or more, possibly 13. I knew it was an amazing amount but figured she or her husband didn’t want kids and for good reason. Possibly mental illness or something else like bad genes I didn’t ask why. It wasn’t my business and I didn’t know them) from what I heard from my little sister and didn’t have kids. I didn’t know them. The friends lived in California. At one point when she had possession of their RV before the settlement was over in order to get away when she needed a break from my family living with us sometimes it sat in front of the house or so she could travel to see friends or with a friend she took my art some of it and was gonna try to sell it or show it and font where she stored it and unexpanded her RV and scrunched the artwork. Luckily it wasn’t porcelain art which breaks and it took her months to tell me like Gary it took months to tell my Uncle about the money he lost. Finally told me and so I redid a few I liked in particular. I was kind about it. It was kind of funny in a way how she hemmed and hawed in order to not tell me but it was an accident. She was sometimes absent minded about things and it could have happened to anyone especially going through the crap she was going through a nasty divorce mostly because of the lawyers involved.  A lot was on the line for one thing she had while married started an aspect of his business that eventually was taken over by a friend of his he had hired. Not sure why. ANd while he was raising his business at the start of his attempt to go on his own she took care of a bunch of kids everyday to help bring in the money they needed to survive. She also acted as his partner at business parities and to make an impression for those he was dealing with and she also gave parties for the business before they were able to afford other avenues. She helped him become what he wanted to be and then he pulled some stuff on her with other women one of which he married after they divorced. HIs field mouse was his affectionate name for his third wife who started a relationship with him when my sisters first son was just a tot. They drank a lot with friends. Eventually he decided he wanted to stop partying after many years of partying and expected her to stop with him. I don’t know what got in to him to make him want to stop all of a sudden. She didn’t stop all of a sudden. She was much younger than he was. When I saw him at their home during the divorce with my sister who came to pick up some things he was drinking and brought out the wine for us too. So he didn’t really stop it was some kind of a test or something. He had had a nervous breakdown and was in the hospital for a while when the divorce proceedings started so when he pulled out the wine in their driveway things started to get hot between them blaming each other for the action so we left so he wouldn’t end up in a hospital again. Their marriage was kind of hot. He had accused her of having an affair and I don’t really know whether she did or not but I do know there were men who wanted to have an affair with her and were testing her because her husband was abusing her mentally and emotionally. These guys were waiting for the opportunity. Her family and their friends turned on her BIG TIME and a lot was at stake: “their business”: which had become quite successful and was even written about as being a big winner in the Houston area Like a top ten kind of business, so they had been marked for destruction and devastation and I don’t think it was necessarily what the friends wanted or the family more like they were used to this end by someone else’s determination who wanted to profit from the destruction of their marriage and what they had built together. It was a sad situation and we were not aware at the time how things work in this world. I know my brother in law ‘s first son from his first marriage had gotten serious about the business before her kids did because they were much younger. I think is why it happened. She had taken care of his kids for more than half their childhoods and they as kids had some resentments but his first son hated his own mom. So they didn’t have much choice and he loved my sister and his dad when he was a kid. Then as he grew got married a few times the second was Cheri who was the church lady and she had her sights set as well. It was quite a fiasco what my sister was having to contend with so….and for their family as well. VERY CONFUSING. Their business was a temporary labor for hire type business and since then a few other companies have cropped up to compete but he had it all for a while so much so he took his employees on vacations bought condos and entertained them and I guess some people didn’t like it. Wanted it or in on it. The employees enjoyed it, I know that. We enjoyed the condos as well. But success is attractive to thieves. They met some. The thieves found a chink in their armor and whittled away at it and over time were able to succeed in their destruction or TAKE OVER. Sort of a coup. They had lots of chinks because they had lots of friends/employees and lots of family and each of them had their chinks. Everybody has a chink some time or other. It’s not hard to find if it is what you are looking for. One of the chinks and a big one was the kind of preacher preachers emulated/imitated which was Joel Olsteen type faith in the area. And the lawyers especially the first set of lawyers who advertised they were Christian were some of those thieves. ONe of her neighbors tried to jog with her when she went jogging and he tried as well to whittle away at their marriage HE WAS CATHOLIC. Married with children. He was Ready to catch her. A talker too. The guy could talk and talk and talk and she finally was able to ditch him for someone else because he drove her batty and everyone else as well, but it wasn’t necessarily an improvement, but the opposite. Every way she turned she was on a list of some kind to catch a pail of water. GIGILO kind of guy who lived off successful women or divorcees and cold as hell. It was like jumping out of the sauté pan into the fire. No she wasn’t the brightest person but she was a hard worker for quite a while for their business for their families, their employees, pretty, and I think did her best most of the time. The pretty part was a toughie. She worked at it later when it didn’t come easy but he didn’t care as long she had boobs. He ended up with a field mouse and not like he couldn’t hire beauty for an hour or two and imagine a bag over his new wife’s face. I never did see her or see a picture of her just got word about it. Her husband mysteriously died right about the time my sister’s husband was available. She was waiting in the wings. My older sister and I had talked about and I had read the Old Folks Homes Retirement homes/centers were gonna be big business one day because of the baby boomers and I had no idea and never thought or realized the real estate business was gonna be involved. Little did I know, but I learned! At the Arc part of the deal involves the real-estate giving up your home. And who would have thought Mother Teresa would get involved as well. Conglomeration of a Conglomerate. A coup. Well news travels in many directions like time which is not only linear and things change in-between :O and before you know it the landscape has changed beneath you and above you and around you….


I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it and I suppose it’s the same for other people as well. WE SAW IT. And there

Comes A Time – Neil Young

….like when I was in the middle of a cow pasture and couldn’t figure out how I got there and the cows were mooing at me and edging in closer. Kind of scary. LOL I was only a kid at the time but I’ll never forget the way those cows behaved. Saw a movie recently and about an English guy who went to the Amazon to find another civilization but the people he had to deal with who were against his travels and explorations started chanting together Pots and Pans, Pots and Pans, Pots and Pans. So some things do get through and like the tide and the waves come back around. I was gonna try to re-enrol in real-estate school and ended up giving that idea up and I think I did the right thing. Not like it was gonna welcome me. I figure I had been black balled for the sake of Gary and my sister.

Wait until I get into the Bugliosi crap (Manson and the Kennedy assassination giant), the Rattans, and the Kennedys! WHAT an odd combination, isn’t it? Not really the Kennedys, but the Onassises. It may take a bit more investigation but it’s a Catholic thing and perhaps I’ll get some help in regards to the Catholic thing when the Catholic children start coming out of their commas for the sake of survival because it gets kind of dicey to stay in. Of course, it will soon. When it is no longer safe to stay because it won’t help you if you do. It should be fun, but I don’t think it will be fun for some. And as I turned the channel I heard:


Tell me something I didn’t know already! People sign these waivers sometimes not knowing it’s an excuse to murder. They should not sign them. It’s part of the coup especially since often times politics and religion can change the meaning and give a wider latitude to those waivers and those who would use it to murder for political and religious reasons which often change like the wind. What would HItler do and how would he use it? How about Mother Teresa and Jesuit Pope Francis: as an excuse to murder and desolating others for their own gain politically and religiously to persecute those not in their favor. I’m not in their favor and nor were my parents. I believe Roman Catholicism is an evil religion/cult. IT IS AN ABERATION and history reflects it and so does POPE Francis and Mother Teresa.


a reason to resuscitate

digging a deeper hole ain’t gonna help either.

Thank God That G0d can resuscitate even though the flesh is weak.

Lazarus was weak and look what happened to him, or read about it anyway.

Can you beat that?

Harve Presnell They call the Wind Maria remastered – YouTube

My ex has told me often there are labor camps all over the place mostly with illegal aliens He drives by them and a few illegals will get picked up to do work. I have not witnessed it myself because I stick close to home but I plan to witness it when I can for one to see for myself what’s going on. It sounds an awful lot like slavery without whips and chains but it could be on the horizon.

 As far as Gary is concerned we were dealing with something bigger than his dick and his brain which was definitely smaller. As far as my sister was concerned we were dealing with something bigger than her un-immaculate reputation and her humongous pride. We were dealing with something big and bad. DEMONIC like Mother Teresa for instance and other things against us and against mankind. I’m sure it has to do with the mustard seed MYTH collapsing with a big thud.

Let The River Run

Cyndi Lauper – She Bop

I think the Commandments about parents and kids is really important to God

and they do proceed the other commandments after.

Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time

I know sometimes I go on a bit but anyone would if they had experienced what I experienced and I doubt I would be writing today or in the past since it was not my forte at all if it weren’t for the junk I had to go through kind of like Murphy’s Law.  And plus it’s my way of communicating to people I love because I know they know about it….MY MOM TOLD ME SO so it’s an opportunity to set record straight from my perspective and give back the lessons learned.

Saw a phenomenal movie recently called

In the Heart of the Sea.

I would recommend it to everyone to watch. Trump is strengthening the relations with India and it should be interesting to see the benefits. I know it’s good for the clothing industry and much more. India is pretty vast so we’ll see and I don’t see how it can hurt. Clothing industry is hugely important and so is fashion and I’m sure there’s a lot more to India so I’m looking forward to the unknown benefits for both countries. Let’s re-start layaways:) That will help lots of people and businesses bringing hope to some and definitely more competition in the industry.  The more competition the better as long as it’s fair. I think it might be advantageous for our farming and their farming industry as well and many others as long it’s not for their organs.

Mark LEVIN: Forget the Russian collusion of the DEMS or the REPs. Putin was only reacting to our politics and I don’t think he was directing it.


Because all we have so far is bunch of lies and books to cover it up.

It is the nexus of why Barack Obama and everyone else kind of went Berserko.

Don’t investigate Benghazi at your own risk.



 Now Obama says Putin did or didn’t interfere in our elections? The voice of reason? HMMMMM. DID OR DIDN’T? IS OR ISN’T A THREAT? Sounds to me like he don’t know one way or the other.

Blondie – One Way Or Another (Official Music Video)

Even the elect will be fooled.

I heard Tucker Carlson call Washington DC “the Ruling class.”

Any I just wondered if the letter my sister found is related to the letter a woman found in her husbands things after he jumped or fell into the Grand Canyon. Seems convenient. She stopped mourning because of the letter. Consolation to Forget. I think they were in the same class and possibly fellow students at the same school I figure since my older sister knew her somehow.  Maybe the gust of wind came.

A sacrificial ram for the cause and the sake of incest which I guess might have been why Abraham made a convenant when he did … .cutting the flaps of the male penis missing the meaning of circumcising.

At some point Abraham changes his name to ABRAM and Islam refers to him as ABRAM and Christianity and many other religions still call him Abraham. Some written about in the gospels calling the father Abraham during the biblical times of Jesus, at least when one of the Jesuses who was written about Jesus said “Before Abraham was I am” and the people who heard him said “You are not yet 50 and you knew Abraham?” Abraham was known to be the father of a few religions (Father of Isaac and Jacob and someone else) in the area and Jesus said “your father is the father of lies.” Jesus said to a priest and told the people to “pray to your father in heaven” meaning excluding priests: the Ten Commandments of course makes it PLAIN and simple. Kind of makes sense. And if you have to: skip a generation to honor the parents and pick the best option. I didn’t have to skip a generation because I have really fantastic parents who had been lied to and I know they know. They represented themselves good enough for me in our time together and I didn’t know my grandparents but even if I had I would still trust my parents. Grandparents are important for some whose own parents sucked. My parents spent time with their grandkids and came to see them born and didn’t have sex with their kids or try to….or molest their kids. Actually I did know one, and her name was GAM a member of the DAR. (Daughters of the American Revolution.) Her husband left her and divorced her after having 7 kids for a rich woman who was without kids while they were still kids. He didn’t help but the kids helped her quite a bit. She had all of her teeth removed so she could take care of her kids. Strange thing to do but she did it. One of her daughters didn’t get to help after her neck was broken hanging laundry so her husband could remarry and take her two children. She was 26 years of age and the autopsy said they found bleach in her body when she was living in San Francisco. My mom’s bet friend at the time and her older sister. I was referring to dads. Still I was lucky. My grandmother was quite a person but I didn’t really get to know her though I knew her daughter very well who informed quite a bit about the way things are over the years but like I said we didn’t know the Kirchers nor what was in store for us or how to deal with or how to handle their store and it was difficult. There aren’t many books or manuals written about this kind of threat to the family and it affects everyone around the family. There ought to be some manuals if there were we would have read them.

Religions aren’t very helpful. They stay so far away from the subject like a ten foot pole such as O’reilly did when Benghazi was at the forefront of the news and his Jesuit friend the Jesuits pope’s side kick Jesuit priest Federiko Lombardi came up with the excuse for the State Department and for Susan Rice as if it had been rigged. A video tape. Probably thought in his mind’s eye let Benghazi work itself out for itself. 

Mother Teresa and the RCC don’t think grandparents are important, but they are which might be the point of Mother Teresa to find a chink for the RCC and dispose of an earthly representative to look upon or remember and to honor so it goes well with you. Priests don’t care! Grandparents do care and some parents even in the after life and they do help!! Even some uncles and some aunts help…lol. A few don’t. Sometimes a brother comes in handy or a sister. Find someone worthy to honor if no one in the family measures up but luckily some did in my family even through the worst of times faltering here and there but we all do under duress and deception. Mine measured up even after death and I think mine got to see a few things they were not able to see before they died. INCEST IS A TOUGH COOKIE.

Finding out the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed kind of helped to see the TRUTH but not without a lot of wailing.

And then two cities are zapped called Sodom and Gomorrah. One where Lot resided and tried to offer his daughters to the angels who arrived to save him and then the daughters have sex with their dad (LOT) thinking it’s the end of the world.


 from the standpoint of a date

but possibly somewhat accurate of an amount of time

because time is not only linear moving forward so some say the world is 6000 years old depending on if you go forward but what about backwards while time is still going forward (moonwalking) to time marching forward on one side of the hemisphere and backwards on the the other or slower on one hemisphere and faster on another and then depending on the speed of light which is confounding to the speed of sound and then the speed of perception or intuition etc. What is the speed of sound and light in space or underwater or in black hole and what about the other species what is it to them? I imagine there are other speeds we haven’t seen or noticed or learned about. I guarantee if there is a speed of sound there’s a faster one. And that’s in term of a line but what happens when you fold the line or scrunch it, or scrunch both the line and the speed depending on what you want to accomplish if you have the power to affect any of the scientific notions. Leaping from time to time in less time than what we know as the measure of time and depending on a lot of other factors having to do with physics which is not my thing but the possibilities are endless especially if you are God the creator. What about travel between solar systems? Are the other solar systems relevant? I think so. What about moons walking from other directions and angles or walking from other directions and angles and then the spirit world kind of walking. Astral walking for some. Anyway seems to me some of the things going on in our lives are not linear from what I have noticed in my family. Parallel universe type stuff and I think there is a purpose for it. Anyway I was asked how am I gonna get there in regards to a trip I wanted to make a while back. I don’t know but I plan to get there eventually. There being a relative term:


Not via hospice I’ll tell ya that much.

JEFF BRIDGES: I’m rooting for Trump…

My kids will get there as well when they do hopefully the rest of my family will follow suit which I believe they will and then we can celebrate our good fortune.

Eric Bolling has come out with a new book called The Swamp and was on as a guest of the Neil Cavuto who has his own laughing stock when needed who thinks he is the greatest financial advisor, stock advisor known to mankind and bows to his audience saying “your welcome” etc as if he created the stock market like Gore who created the internet …wait till his turn comes *(whose? your guess is as good as mine), but in any case you have to have some ego to succeed and Neil Cavuto doesn’t like Trump’s tweeting ( I have yet to read one because I don’t tweet) or the tone because Neil Cavuto is a gentleman or so he thinks but its who President Trump is and to communicate outside of the White House and I think is his option to do. It should be interesting and I hope Trump listened to Eric Bolling. (like thunder) Fleishman is against the daily briefings, why? I think because the woman who gave the briefing does a good job and uses Skype which is kind of an interesting new twist though it needs a bit of tweaking like listening to every other syllable which might help create a new underground language but she understood it and the Washington press doesn’t like Skype, I imagine. Just do the crossword puzzles, then. She’s LIKE BUTTER compared to margarine. I bet it’s a good book. Maybe Neil Cavuto is afraid of President Trump who might affect his vision of the stock market. I don’t know but he and his ego are suspicious to me along with his entourage.

  • McCain: Trump’s MSNBC remarks are ‘beneath the dignity’ of the WH McCain and his dignity playing a video game on his phone during the Benghazi hearings while our government interviewed Clinton for 13 hours never ever asking anything concrete and hard to do it 5 minute intervals high on a brain numbing drug you can’t see nor smell and hard to lose an election. 

WWll wasn’t won in a studio acting gentlemanly I’m not sure it was ever won but definitely not in the hearts of those who lost some big battles.

Sort of reprieve of some kind probably so the world would understand why the RCC gets destroyed since catholics don’t read giving them the opportunity to come out.

Terry Gobanga: ‘I was gang-raped on my wedding day’

 Here’s some meat, a mouthful of BULLSHIT but let her have her 15 minutes of fame.

Will it make a difference? I don’t think so.

In other words I have.

Because I read the bible (most of it anyway) and unlocked a door using a key I found and she didn’t~

so skidattle!

What is it about Benghazi that upsets so many people? Perhaps we should ask the Obamas since it was on their watch. I would love to see them questioned in front of the world in a court room of their peers. It would be an interesting experience and I think it would be good for ratings as well. What were you doing…where were you….do you have proof of where you were….why did you go to Las Vegas the next day…..When and where did you have your face lift and by whom?….etc Where were your daughters?….Did they know? Could we have a blood test of your daughters to compare DNA’s? Do you mind?

OH That day will come and we will get to watch, but it won’t be with your peers.

And Fox wants to promote hearing (faith comes by hearing kind of promotion): An Ode to Boy a ballad which was performed in the morning hours. What is this, the Huckabee show? Good performance and the audience was mesmerized but like the ex said I don’t think they know who the artist is he said. But it was funny. Captive audience. Same ingredients of all the country ballads but the words were nice. UNBELIEVABLE, but nice. He had a crooked smile sponsored by Krueger? Kruger? Kueger? a little to the right of

Deliverance – Banjo Duel

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Great photo-oportunity for Trump during G20 meeting with Putin:

Putin with his shirt off leading a horse with Trump riding the horse or vice-versa!

Travel ban takes effect as State Department defines ‘close family’

As far as grandparents go and the shorter version of Trumps Travel Ban it is illuminating why it passed the second time, nothing more nothing less IMO. Talk about finding a chink in someone’s armor. Definitely revealing. Not sure what game play played or what it might be called, interesting. hmmmmm…… End run circle? Circle end run? whatever it’s called it was a good one. All he had to do was change what is considered family and it passed? Nieces, nephews and grandparents are not considered close enough family? Strange. Why and by whom? Whoever passed the his travel ban the second time around is redefining the family? OR is this some kind of a message? Interesting!


Travel ban rules create awkward family dynamics

‘But the administration excluded grandparents and grandchildren, uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, as well as unmarried partners, even when they are engaged.”

You need to tell my sister, LOL as far as the funeral arrangements she made for me when my dad died.

Is it some kind of riddle? 

Riddles: “Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man’s father was my father’s son .” What is his relationship to me? And then Kate’s law based on some kind of entrapment. Why? Where was the wife/Kate’s mom? Father daughter meet for lunch and then go to the pier and happens to be opioids in the trash (planted as a reward) a gun under a bench found by Efraim Zimbalist (he looks like him from the show the FBI but as the illegal mexican) in a safe zone (sanctuary city) finds a gun a shoots the daughter in the arms of her father and she is sold to the highest bidder (a possibility). The father reminded me of Fuhrman and probably was a sexually abusive father. POTS AND PANS POTS AND PANS POTS AND PANS. We’ll see what happens but I don’t think the father will get away with it a little further down the road. In this case two opposite sides working together on the same problem: a daughter who revolted. The truth will come out sooner rather than later.

Gunman kills doctor, wounds six others in Bronx hospital rampage

How come police can’t catch these guys alive who commit mass assault? It might help to get information NEEDED besides being an ex employee as the excuse prompted the attack. I think there is more to it than being fired. Getting rid of the evidence? Obviously not at the expense of another murder but why not attempt to break him not kill him to see if someone else or something else is involved. There ought to be people trained to take a prisoner to get some answers, like you would for a wild animal. Put them to sleep with a dart gun. A fast acting kind of drug. It’s like working against yourself perhaps finding out it was mob/vatican hit by the police and not just someone gone postal using a fired employee excuse as an excuse. Could be a mob/vatican kind of tactic sending a message to someone on the hill. The mob and the vatican does do things like this to affect our government. You would think we could learn from the past in regards to prohibition and the mob did the same kind of stuff and using the portion of police which have been corrupted. Timing is suspicious as is using a doctor and a hospital. Maybe something to do with Susan Rice? to affect her? Losing the marijuana trade and possibly insurance mandate might have been a threat or retaliation in regards to justice i.e. circle/end/run? getting too close for comfort for the Obamas?

In my opinion we ought to battle the plant talked about in this post as a numero uno enemy to mankind. The Babylonian hanging gardens plant called Devil’s Breath and if that means going to war with Columbia, South America so be it, but then RCC and Germany would rather go after Syria under false premises probably to look a different direction as a decoy for the RCC. Let Putin handle Assad and Syria with the attitude of trust but verify. Too many things have happened and I think it has to do with Devil’s Breath in one form or another. By war I mean figure out a Devil’s Breath inplanticide (or find an insect that will kill the plant specifically) or something and use it. I think it would solve a lot of problems. I’m sure we have scientists who could figure out something that would sneak in and sneak out and kill the plants and some kind of a cure for it.

Use birds and train the birds to seek out and destroy so they can be used wherever they are needed. Like we train dolphins? parakeets? cockatiels? A type of bird that can live in South America or travels south, is small (hard to hunt) and is plentiful. I don’t think butterflies are trainable. I think birds are a good choice.



War Correspondent Geraldo Rivera in the USA NOT IN IRAQ…NOT IN SYRIA….NOT IN POLAND….NOT IN AFGHANISTAN….NOT IN YEMEN…. NOT IN SOMALIA…..NOT IN KOREA….NOT IN TURKEY…..NOT IN LIBYA……NOT IN THE SUDAN….NOT IN IRAN….NOT IN HAMBURG was on a show in a FOX STUDIO with Laura InGraham talking about what he thinks Trump should do and shouldn’t do. TYPICAL. ‘Welcome to hell’: G20 protesters start fires after riot police hit them with water cannons and pepper sprays in clashes ahead of Hamburg summit

I think the people are pissed because of GLOBALISM because it isn’t working out very well for the people. WORLD GOVERNMENT IS A FAILURE as predicted in the bible.

Maybe Gorbechov meddled in the elections. Where does Gorby live? I know for a while he was stationed in San Francisco, wasn’t he? I think it was the Presidio where he was stationed after he was deposed.

Presidio San Francisco, CA Byzantine Catholic Churches (4 pages worth of 94 churches)

and thats the Byzantine ones I’m sure there are a ton more!

Must like those street cars and the sounds they make.

Tucker Carlson had probably the best guest he has ever had on his show or on any other news analysts show on any station, a professor. I wish I could remember his name but talk about REASON. Of course I agree with him but he being a professor was succinct and well spoken. Same thing I guess but I can’t stress it enough as far as foreign policy is concerned.

Every one should listen to this man and to the interview. Especially when discussing Putin, Trump, and Assad and the polls taken in the EU were kind of interesting as well and how the elites are kind of out of touch with reality. However he didn’t talk about the Vatican. I would love to hear his thoughts on IT.

Good interview!!!!!!!!

Then the next guest on the same show talked about pollution and the reason for most pollution is an abundance of population which rings true since the most polluted areas of the world are overpopulated.

The Four Horsemen prophecy

 As my mom would say, “Consider the source!” 

The “World Famous” Lipizzaner Stallions.

Austria and Hungary.

Just a thought I had after seeing part of a strange movie and after hearing Iran’s previous president who believed in the Four Horsemen prophecy and I saw him come out of Obama as Obama’s DOJ Eric Holder was bowing to Obama in a you tube, whether it is important or not, I don’t know. I included the you tube in one of my posts on one of my blogs but I can’t remember which one or I would add it to this post on this blog.

‘Half The City Is Burning’: Hamburg Rocked By Violent, Anti-G-20 Protests

The ex and I had a very funny conversation about the man who he plays with on his (gigs). He said he hates the word “gig.” In any case, he told me some stuff I already knew about his gig master and a few things I’m not so sure of: four one thing he said his wife worked at a wig and toupee shop and has for years and I was under the impression she was a school teacher however I only met her and saw her a few times. I was under the impression her job as a school teacher was how they were able to college educate their daughter. The ex said it was actually the other man they used to gig with who was married to a teacher. I think when I needed a wig (after my big operation and was losing hair due to the CAT-scans) he might have told me about his gig masters wife’s business, but he didn’t. I guess he forgot. He told me Don’s wife said to a person at the gig listening to the band “just give him a while and he’ll lie to you”…talking about her husband. The ex said that Don told everyone at one gig that he was 6 foot 4 inches tall and my ex said he is shorter than he is which is probably about 5 foot 11 inches or so used to be 6 foot but as you age you lose some height. He demonstrated how he told everyone he was 6 foot 4 inches tall acting tall and big STRUTTING around because he is big. Kind of funny and how on one of his gig announcements of upcoming gig dates Don used the word “forth” instead of fourth for the fourth of July and used the word “itinerary” and how one of the band friends whispered in my ex’s ear about Don’s use of the word “itinerary” because it obviously wasn’t an “itinerary.” Then a little while later on the same conversation my ex told me his mom had perfect pitch and used to sing Ave Maria to them when they were babies. I never heard her sing but he said he and his brother (2 years older) talked about her beautiful voice at her funeral when she sang. If she sang Ave Maria in perfect pitch beautifully I think I would have heard about it at least once from one of the brothers or wives or kids in the family but never heard one iota about his mom’s perfect pitch when singing Ave Maria and I never heard her sing anything else either …. however I did hear about my ex’s perfect pitch from my my ex (my husband at the time) or while we were dating and how he turned down a job with the Navy to work on a submarine that was offered to him because he had perfect pitch and instead he wanted to be a musician and go on the road and make it big (never happened) but he went on the road. He had a recording studio and if she was able to sing Ave Maria in perfect pitch beautifully, why didn’t he record her? HMMMMMM He records an old old friend from time to time:like Mr. Jeep Bob Phillips his old crooner friend who likes to make recordings of himself and has for many years employed my ex to mix sound at his recording studio. I compared my mom using the word orchestra for the band that Phil played in out of respect for him and her younger brother who was also a musician/ singer. In the last generation they used to call bands (usually with a horn player) orchestras and my ex plays a horn. He said he liked that she called the bands she saw with him playing his sax an orchestra. I thought it was really cute too and funny because of the difference in generations the language used vs the language of the later generations. It kind of stuck out in my mind when she would ask about his orchestra. To me orchestras were big bands. Our first Christmas as a married couple my mom sang Feliz Navidad along with a recording of Jose Feliciano at about 6 o’clock in the morning (it was early) quite a few times on the other side of our door. I think it was Christmas. She had had too much to drink the night before but it was a funny memory and I had to kind of explain my mom to him at the time like she doesn’t do this all the time, etc. LOL. Very rare. A lot of stress at Christmas time and a lot of partying, shopping, wrapping, and other things written about. I didn’t bring it up in this conversation but had a good laugh at my mom’s sense of humor after hearing about his mom and her perfect pitch singing Ave Maria which I don’t believe for a minute. My mom did not have perfect pitch but she had a lot of other perfections, need I say more? One visit to see my mom she told us we should leave ((both my little sister and I) after we sang Happy Talk to her at The ARC (The Army Retirement Center) and miming it as well. She said “I don’t mean to be mean (ave-rage, aver-age?), but a voice inside my head said that you should leave.” We laughed because we were trying to cheer her up. It used to be cute to her when we were little kids. (It was my little sister’s idea, lol.) That was the same day I found a small note on a tiny torn piece of paper on the bed at her feet giving everything to my little sister so I gave it to my little sister and she never said anything about it. I thought it was kind of strange to find it and not to hear about it from my little sister. Then when I was at a hardware store looking for some item with the ex either before or after the divorce I heard him say inside his head, “She’z never gonna leave.” Strange.

His mom preferred latin masses even though she didn’t understand latin. His mom had a bible but would not allow her kids to touch it. It was on display. She also had a picture of Jesus on her dresser or above it. A real pretty one. I don’t think perfect pitch matters. I don’t think it matters to the Sperm whale!

My ex is extremely PROPITIATING!

Telemetry | Definition of Telemetry by Merriam-Webster Define telemetry: the process of using special equipment to take measurements of something (such as pressure, speed, or temperature) and send them by …


Ever since the tsunami in the Indian Ocean things have been kind of strange.


Best of Hitchens on Islam

Listening to this you tube right now because I think Christopher Hitchens has unleashed some really good information for mankind and womenkind and I appreciate it. Talks about the faiths of Christianity and Islam and even intimated the books of the Koran have been changed or altered and so has the bible IMO which he is discussing the books of Moses and his book GOD IS NOT GREAT but Moses wasn’t God. Like I have stated the Ten Commandments aren’t a religion and as far as the commandment of working or not working on the Sabbath I don’t believe that is the reason for the commandment. I think it is possible it was changed as well as the first commandment in regards to jealousy and definitely misunderstood but I do think it points to Jesus at the Sea of Galilee who said “feed my lambs, feed my lambs, feed my sheep,” meaning it isn’t only about the substance of caloric intake… thought is as important as caloric intake otherwise there would not be a place called the USA. I think it is the point of the commandment and I think the work aspect of the sabbath commandment is to identify the people who to some might be considered an enemy to mark them or some other reason and goes along with Christopher Hitchens exposes on Mother Teresa which is quite impressive because she is worse than a wolf in sheeps clothing. I like his courage to be able to discuss things we should discuss because I don’t think SILENCE IS GOLDEN (unless you are watching movie with ten other people or in a theater for my older sister’s sake and you can always whisper) and learn to discern. It depends on many factors whether silence is good or bad or in-between, I don’t think the true God minds us discerning and doesn’t respect submissiveness or why would he have chosen Moses who was raised as an egyptian in a royal family who dealt with the slave master and the Pharoah of Egypt to lead the Hebrews (as my ex is submissive in a Roman Catholic way) which I don’t think the True God appreciates either and the Book of Revelation certainly demonstrates. I don’t think God minds what Christopher Hitchens has accomplished otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to reach some who reach out to other people. How does the human race develop or progress if silence were golden we would all be dumb. Also think about the movie Silence of the Lambs. Political Correctness is a little to the left of the movie Deliverance because it silences people and since it’s inception things have gone EXTREMELY awry in this world. I don’t believe in an eye for an eye either. Watched a really cute show with Tim Allen and I think Nancy Travis (From the movie So I  married An Axe Murderer with Mike Myers) about a desk and a shed. I think the premise was “She Shed, He Shed, We Shed” which was really funny. and possibly a takeoff on the movie in a weird kind of way The Shack…the living room scene was when I decided to find a different movie to watch. It was ridiculous and on a serious subject of child abduction. There was Mrs. Butterworth kneading dough and it was just too much for me to take. No, I’m sorry it was Aunt Jemima.  I have been watching  a lot of movies lately and comedic tv shows and a few dramas because of my illnesses which have been helpful. In the game CIV entertainment is very important to the citizens otherwise they turn around and rend you. In order to be entertained you need a job.

C4 Right to Reply – Christopher Hitchens vs Mother Theresa

Hells Angel (Mother Teresa) – Christopher Hitchens

He is sensitive to murder of the unborn but it ain’t murder if the unborn have not been born and were not meant to be born. So I disagree with him on some things that are pretty big. If abortion is murder of the unborn then so is birth control and so is jacking off and obviously the last two options were not meant to be born as well. And as far as Mother Teresa asking if murder of the unborn in the mother’s womb is murder what stops us from murdering each other, Guess what…. the Catholic Church haas made it their mission to murder no matter what age but still it’s a good you tube to watch. Think about the story of King David. You have to read it it understand it. It’s a Catholic thing! I’m sure the spirit/GHOST of Mother Teresa understands it VERY WELL. I think God is great enough to forgive women of abortion and not to give an aborted baby a soul knowing the future. If you don’t think God knows the future than you can’t believe in God. I think God knows that the smaller seed (smaller than the mustard seed) the semen ejcaculated into the seats of a cab or on a thigh of some human or on the street or in a rubber or wherever wasn’t meant to be born, unless you think each spermatocyte has a soul and since they wiggle they must be living organisms but obviously were not meant to be born. My ex, a catholic Michigander said that when the car unions and businesses up north in Michigan failed and the mass immigration to Texas, a right to work state, it was kind of interesting the saying he said was popular, “I wasn’t born yesterday, but I came as quick as I could.” Being born is useful when it gets you work but not so when it comes to determining a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body. How convenient.

THEY CALL IT LOVE when you respect each other in a marriage so David doesn’t love my sister and is using her and probably she may become a victim of his in the future if not already but hopefully writing about it might help because I know he knows about my posts. IF she is a victim without my knowledge he was the one who took advantage of my sister and my mom. He is from Michigan and he is a gigalow IMO and uses women horribly. I think he has no conscience at all. I saw someone who looked like him on online with a woman I suppose it was his wife and a girl who looked like Andrea Tantaros but much younger.

I remember when we were late getting to a restaurant that my mom’s estate paid for the dinner when we visited her via my older sister at my parent’s favorite restaurant the Olive Garden because my older sister was tending to some details at the end of our visit with mom in the hospital which is her forte details which pissed off my little sister because she was afraid of her husband being mad at her for being late and he was giving her shit about it when sitting at the restaurant with her son having a drink on my mom’s dime. I told my older sister who felt the vibes that David was pushing her buttons which he was but she was frantic and nervous and upset with my older sister. I think this was the car trip when I wanted my older sister to see my invention which I had taken to a company that deals with inventions legally and the Patent lawyer had asked me to show family so I was showing family my invention on paper of my design of  a piece of equipment which he told me was totally patentable every part of it which would had been an extremely lucrative investment because it required replacing parts on a regular basis for the process for jewelers and hobbyists. Like buying pencils for a pencil sharpener or water colors for water color paper but that was not what the invention was,  but only some examples and all of a sudden my older sister took on my mother-in -laws attitude and refused to look. Got all weird towards me possibly jealous and refused to see my design which would have required an investment over ten thousand dollars ( I can’t remember the amount) to get it to the manufacturer. Which is basically only the beginning of the process of inventions because it had to be built as well and liked by the manufacturers to get it going. I found it very strange she refused to look. Her hate came out real quick the moment I had succeeded in something as she did about my painting she hung on her wall without saying anything to me about it that I had given to my mom and there it was on her wall in her entry across from her beautiful furniture and her Lladro figurines. IT is a good painting probably my best on porcelain of a woman in black velvet hat and lace and a red dress and is a famous painting but hell if I know who painted it in the first place but when I tried to get it back she was a shit about it. I had to go through my ex and he was afraid of her and took her side when she said I would have to trade with her something of the same value of my parents to her to replace my painting. I had painted the painting and I was not about to give up something of my parents that was given to me. A vase my mom painted of the seasons. No way JOSE. It’s a reminder of what is said in the bible about the seasons. There is a time to cry and a time to heal etc. I love it. My ex said he understood my sisters side of it and took her side and I railed him and finally got it back via my ex because he was on that side of town and they were still kind of friends via twitter and still communicating with each other after she said it wasn’t worth it. She was a fucking twister like a tornado full of shit. It’s like trading something you own for something you own. It was sick and shifty and ridiculous. He was such a pin head and afraid of her in a way like everyone else because she is so difficult and deceptive when she wants to be because she is possessed IMO. Even her husband was kind of afraid of her and took it out in weird ways abusing others and abusing her in strange ways like being careless about electric wires, outlets, ceiling fans when raising their kids throwing them in the air near obstacles for fun or under doorways to scare everyone. He kind of was a nut. Anyway she sped around in her vehicle and used the car computer for directions and it screwed up and we had to turn around and ended up about half our later than we were supposed to be and because she was really upset and driving like a nut. When we got there he acted like it was not big deal….not a problem whatsoever. It was a problem and he gave her a hard time about it. He once told her son that he was guarding my sister. He was joking but maybe he wasn’t. He had a lot to gain by marrying her at least for a while and possibly for some other reasons. I thought I saw him next door fixing his shed and I said something to him while I was in the garage and he looked around as if he didn’t know who was talking to him by the way he did it was strange so I closed the garage door. I could tell by the way he acted he wanted to be noticed by me but wanted to act like he didn’t notice and I noticed not because i am attracted but because he looked like David number two and a mix in away with my ex because he was thinner. It was absolutely odd. As I said in another post sort of a Oh you didn’t know you were there moment?

When we visited once in San Antonio area we stopped and had a hamburger and a drink when close to our destination. Gary was quite a drinker so could hold quite a bit down more the the rest of us because he did it daily for the most part and I rarely drink but I was following them in my car. He made it as difficult as he could in heavy San Antonio Traffic speeding and changing lanes often to unbalance me and I had my kids in the car. It was fucked up. When someone follows you you kind of watch to make sure they change lanes with you or can change lanes but he loved to mess with ya because when he drank he was abusive and it scared my daughter and made her think I was drunk but I wasn’t drunk I was pissed and nervous because of the traffic and the way Gary was driving and I stopped and got off the highway and we called them to come back and find us and lead us again and I let my sister drive. I had had one drink. I wasn’t top notch but I wasn’t drunk. She had the same amount or one more but of course he let her follow him nicely and because they did not want to have to turn back again so I was glad I did make it hard for them as well. I think it was the right thing to do under the circumstances and the safe thing to do. He loved being an asshole especially when drinking. Still it was disconcerting to be treated that way and caused an argument between me and my astute daughter who was afraid and it was meant to cause trouble. It did. I didn’t want my daughter to be afraid and he tamed himself down with his wife who would have beaten him up each side of the head if he screwed with her like he did with me but didn’t say it but she is his accomplice to make me look bad and she spent most of her marriage doing it for some reason I guess because I had the nerve to expose them and fight back (but mostly him) and did not like my spirit. She aided and abetted his abuse in her way and what she should have done if she loved him is cure him of his disease but decided I was the disease like he did when telling family to isolate me so I would come back to the fucking fold which would make him look good and me look like I was a nut. That is how they work it and they don’t do it just to me they do it with everyone who gets in their way by their own petard. They cause it and if you resist you get the treatment which is evil. Why would she refuse to look at my sketches of my invention if she weren’t jealous? I was not allowed to succeed but eventually I will and I get some help along the way spiritually but sometimes it is difficult to want to keep trying but I do because I know it pleases my mom and my dad and they are helping me in their way spiritually. I have too much evidence of it and memories of it that even my daughters remember some and we remind each other sometimes because it helps to remind each other of the miracles we have been a part of that were for us.

She had a friend early on when she lived in Houston who had a lot of spirit and Gary hated her but she helped my sister with her appearance when my sister was having a hard time with her appearance and coping and then my sister turned on her like stink on shit and I think it was because Gary probably pulled some shit on her and she wasn’t about to take it. But family is different in that you can’t choose them some times and there are a lot of bonds in families and when one causes the shit like Gary did it really is hard to deal with for everyone. Anyway he was raised by the President of Conoco Oil and didn’t know any better than not to molest his family while they slept and friends and he didn’t stop when he was caught he just got belligerent about it and she enabled him with her vindictiveness. Some family think I caused the shit because I stood up for myself when I could, but I didn’t cause the shit I only reacted to it the best way I could and I think the best way is as honest as you can be about it but my sister would not listen and assumed things like the timing which aided her in deceiving herself and if she had listened she would have known the timing but instead she said “I’m gonna call mom and dad and tell them you are attracted to Gary.” I was like HUH? I was extremely upset because I tried not to get into too many details for her sake but it didn’t work. I was trying to make it easy as easy as I could but it did not work. His attempt was to go to church and it did not work. He went but it did not work. In the last generation people didn’t talk about this kind of stuff and the thing is by not talking about it seems to have waxed worse and worse. It’s not like there is anything new under the sun but I think it’s more numerous and even worse.  I remember a tv show with Ted Danson where he was a dad and his daughter was being abused by him and I guess she was about ten years old in the show and it gets solved via help she receives but I can’t remember the conclusion of the TV show. It was pretty good but not everyone acts logically and he was not the son of a guy in the oil business that operates or operated in Saudi Arabia and we weren’t attacked at the time by some Saudis. It wasn’t a real situation but a depiction of child abuse which is different. When talking about peoples reputations its a whole different matter and affects their business or jobs. However my sister was the talent in real-estate and could have survived very well without her husband but she loved him and of course the $250,000 y year didn’t hurt and the whole family cared about him for various reasons so it was a difficult situation because he was entertaining in that he was a very funny person in humor and had some good stuff in him but the other stuff was very bad. When she got blisters on her feet while visiting my mom the last time I went the time when we went to the Olive Garden either earlier that day or the day before we had to go shopping for her shoes and it took her a long time for her to pick out some freakin flip flops. ANd while there she boasted that money was not object. Then why didn’t she want to look at my invention if it wash ‘t an objet and why if she wasn’t interested in looking at it just haul off an invest in it. I knew she had many rich r=friends so if she liked it could get some investors but she wouldn’t even look at it. So she was trying to say something to me like she obviously hated my guts. nMy little sister with her own money invested in a pullsock which measures pulse and oxygen level which was about 30 – 50 bucks or more and my older sister said why do I need one when I suggested we get one so we don’t have to ask a nurse or staff person at the ARC when worried about my mom’s condition. My older sister was in charge of her estate and didn’t even compensate my little sister for the pullsock and wasn’t interested at all in being able to have a hint of my mom’s condition which is import an if you care about your mom and she should have since she was in charge of her estate whether or not she was genuinely a loving daughter. It was like I had to deal with someone with multiple personalities and it was subtle but so is the devil. Earlier by about a couple years when at her home she had me read a card from her jaccuzi daughter for christmas and in the long card with lots of writing said something about the devil had been at their home because of all the stuff that occurred between all of us with a David at the office, Virginia Cook Realtors, the bad first marriage of her older sister whose husband shot cats in his yard and his divorced and remarried dad and wife were involved in a murder suicide and both died etc and his mom was married to a theologian and many of the things that occurred in the family and the way she handed it to me she wanted either to send a message to me or was pulling another jab. Some of her friends were there one of which was a good friend of hers everyone had to put up with a very obnoxious friend with a personality most of us did not enjoy a know-it-all and the woman across the street from her, an english lady, and some others in support of her as far as I could tell. The huddled together quite a bit. Her peers but not the ones she desired which were much richer. And Before the stuff at the office our neighbor on my side of town across the RR tracks lol said the devil had visited his home he felt because of all the shitty things that had occurred to his family. And of course the Vatican complained about the same thing around the same time most of which was during the Obama Administration. Even the secretary at Virginia Cook Realtors resembled someone in his administration the one who was taking ammunition from somewhere I can’t remember. So we were not the only ones dealing with something bad it just got kind of heightened or exxagerrated all of the symptoms of our problems and my dad died as well which hurt our family quite a bit because he was our rock in a way what kind of kept everything together and he thought I was the culprit for a while to some degree anyway because of the initial lie and then his picture at Benghazi is hard to take.  I think I truly think our country will be making a very serious error if we don’t reinvestigate Benghazi because it was the tipping point in our country politically and religiously. Then my older sister went on a religious retreat to North carolina with a bunch of ladies via the english lady and all the other weird shit I have discussed. The thing is abuse does affect personality and judgement and when you are walking on eggshell half the time not knowing when the next attack will come if it comes it is kind of hard to live with but I did my best and I wasn’t always good at it and made a few mistakes along the way like not getting into the details with my sister who was a detail kind of person initially when I reported to her what had happened vaguely but the reason for that was because I did not want to rub it in and I wanted them to get over it too I just didn’t want to be the victim of the abuse anymore or ever for that matter. In a way my sister was a victim as well and I guess she didn’t know how to handle it but in my opinion she attacked the wrong people in retaliation in defense of her marriage and the $250,000 a year which is a big incentive which she got to spend an the eventual million or more she and he would receive as an inheritance. It’s  a lot to give up or put on the line if she confronted him like she should have. Basically she was bribed by his family and she knew something happened between him and his little sister but his little sister was in his family who were kind of rich and our family wasn’t rich except for my brother who earned his wealth but lost it on baseball gambling at least for a while and he was an expert on baseball he had followed the sport all his life and he was very smart and not a dimwit like Gary but he lacked some common sense as well: he was a follower of Al Gore. He won a case which made him very wealthy in my estimation in regards to employment abuse of some kind I think it was racial abuse against a Federal company. He was really talented in his career and I think was possibly tricked or entrapped via his gambling which he really enjoyed because it took a great deal of thought and knowledge of baseball and he loved good games and I think the Feds didn’t like his win. Gary may have been entrapped as well when the stock market did something unusual one day on a Tuesday I think it was in October but took it out on our family. My cousin after his dad died the one who invested with Gary kind of had a short life and supposedly died on his front yard and I have no idea if Gary owed him money. I did not know the particulars of anything to do with the loss of money or the agreement afterwards what terms were made between the parties involved but my cousin did not live long and I’m suspicious of his death. Not saying Gary was involved but someone who favored him for some reason which I think was having to do with the BGEA since my sister got involved with them and all the things I have exposed. I think the deaths in the Clinton years was a BGEA response to things it was in control of in our government since the JFK assassination. THe BGEA shilled for the RCC until the RCC betrayed the BGEA during the Obama Administration when Billy Graham was betrayed about whether or not the Mormons were a cult which he believed were a cult. This occurred during the presidential bid against Obama by Mitt Romney who brought up Benghazi during the election presidential campaign debates. NSA was in UTAH which is Mormon territory. It is not small complex but somehowMitt Romney knew about Benghazi and caught Obama off guard and from what I could tell kind of got Obama off his stool in the debates to defend himself or to quell the accusation and at the time we were just beginning to hear about Benghazi and then Obama went to Las Vegas the day after Benghazi supposedly occurred and the complex where the crime terrorism occurred eerily resembled many places in the Las Vegas area and of course the pics of the person holding a syringe in one hand (medical field omen and Obama did try to tie the hands of the medical field with Obama Care) and an assault weapon in the other (Obama did try to disarm the americans) in sandals and rolled up jeans like a girl with her face swollen without a wig as if she had had a face lift is kind of odd and looked like Michelle Obama. Michelle did have a face lift sometime or other before the next 4 years began or his second term began. Whether or not she was at Benghazi or not her picture is represented as being in Benghazi in front of the building on fire or was it Las Vegas the next day. I don’t know if the pope was involved but the jesuit sidekick of the next pope, Pope Francis, the successor of Pope Benedict XVVl did get involved by giving the excuse for Benghazi to the State Department and to Susan Rice who relayed it quite a bit. My dad’s picture as well at Benghazi a very sadistic kind of picture of him and all the evasive maneuvering afterwards by people in his administration. Clinton talking about someone’s hand in the cookie jar while campaigning for Obama in Boston also Mitt Romney’s territory or up north somewhere in the snow which for some reason makes me think of the coup in Egypt which ensued afterwards for the Muslim Brotherhood and was overturned but supported by Lindsay Graham and Sen. John McCain a good friend of the supposed victim at Benghazi Christopher Stevens who worked for the State Department or was it the Vatican he worked for and then a young Billy Graham with wavy hair sweating his ass off looking like Errol Flynn reporting about the mass shooting a the airport with a famous movie producer looking frantic and a version of my little sister who had her leg shot at 5 times as his victim in California at an airport terrorist attack and then the shooting of an unarmed woman with her baby in the car trying to flee the White House area in front of the White House gates shot by the Secret Service and by the Washington Park police during the government shut down and the government our senators and congressman still hanging out applauding the shooting of an unarmed woman (at least Fox news reported it to be so) who was represented as my little sister in a photo taken of her in high school sitting on a couch at home in Virginia when she was a young teen a photo a memorable photo of her taken on Christmas day I believe and this person’s supposed new family was from Connecticutt where Gary’s family his dad, mom (Dottie) and sister resided in Greenwich, Connecticutt and her new found family didn’t know why she was at the White House? all the while Obama was telling the federal workers to hang in with him like a cult leader would do when things are looking unreconcilable and all those broken bones of the G-8 participants in Aquila the pope, Pope Benedict-his arm, the President of some European country and someone else and one of Obama’s federal leaders with her leg broken and someone else all around the same period of time. Obviously something is not kosher involving my family and our government, Egypt, Rome Italy, Benghazi Libya and Washington DC. and Hollywood, not to mention Las Vegas. I think Benghazi is important and I think if our government doesn’t get it’s act together and investigate REALLY INVESTIGATE what occurred and WHY it occurred I have a feeling Washington DC and Rome and Egypt and Libya might not like what might occur soon if they don’t take it seriously and quit reacting to recent shit because it is shit to distract from Benghazi for Obama and everything that has occurred has occurred for the purpose to distract for Obama and I think it is biblically relevant. As in the beast of revelation and some other confused infamous characters of Revelation at war with each other for power including Obama and I don’t think any of them win with the exception of my family. There are some very bad assholes in the military and some good ones. My dad was good one and very honest comparatively he was a straight shooter. He would never set a girl up like what happened to me to get ahead in his career. That is why God is upset I think with his death and the death of my mom by hospice I believe the fact that his picture is at Benghazi is very good sign. I don’t believe he was there because he had died before Benghazi. But still his picture win the group setting of pictures of Benghazi is upsetting because obviously someone is trying to upset me otherwise why would his picture be there. ANd if someone is trying to upset me I have to wonder why is someone trying to up set me and I have to assume it has something to do with the mustard seed not being the smallest of seed and the sperm which is a smaller seed has overturn the desire of the RCC to give the Gospel of Matthew pre-eminence which is the undergirding of the RCC and trying to keep it relevant when it isn’t relevant anymore based on the mustard seed discrepancy. unmasked first by some people in many articles who I can’t name because Idon’t remember their names but have included articles by them which I think lead to their authorship, Pope Benedict XVl’s admission of the reason for the discrepancy because it was a new enlightenment which wasn’t factually based and in error so it was more like the new UN-enlightenment once it was proven to be false and it’s inclusion in the Islamic Religion and it’s holy book which means either Islam tried to enlighten the world with false information or the RCC did, and then by me who is trying to rub it in to the psyche and minds of those who have been deceived and trying to expose the deceivers at the same time. In fact I think it is an omen for many people if they don’t get their shit together in politics and religion and in the families. I don’t think I would have had the privilege of finding some truths if it wasn’t for my mom and my dad with GOd’s help. I hope you don’t diminish their input or mine or GODS input. I think these are the times when the RCC is going to die once and for all. I think some of what occurred to us had to do with the BGEA before we even know about them. I recall a picture of JFK jrs sister in law and it sure looks like a photo of me when I was about 14 years of age. I could be mistaken but it was a black and white one and I think it was to hunt me down for that purpose because I think there is some deception about the plane crash he was in with his pregnant wife and her sister. I guess there ewas a lawsuit going afterwards for a great deal of money and he and investigated his dad’s assassination visiting Billy Graham and the Jesuit Cuban leader Fidel Castro and then soon died. Kind of like the book published called “Dorothy Must Die.” My mom’s name was Dorothy and died by hospice. My mom did not have to die. I did investigate the assassination quite bit and found some unusual evidence no else even noticed and did a good job of my investigation and wrote about it quite a bit and the religious stuff involved which is on Merangue’s Blog. I imagine since I proved some stuff about Billy Graham he might have been a bit perturbed since he was involved in the assassination of JFK first hand on the scene and put out the picture but I changed quite bit from one year to the next not knowing I was being hunted. Sounds kind of self centered but the mustard seed debacle was kind of a turning point of Christianity and so it makes sense since I think I am involved in something bigger than the earth isn’t flat conundrum. Something that differentiates between some bible truths and bible deception and the Catholic Church ain’t happy about it because it undermined their One World Religion unbeknownst to me and undermined there persecution of women and girls for abortions vs hospice and their fear of the upcoming destruction of the Vatican. Pretty big stuff. Who would have thunk? I guess I’m a multi-talented person though not appreciated by the ROMAN CATHOLIC PAPACY OR THE JESUITS OR MANY OTHERS AS WELL BECAUSE TRUTH IS A STUMBLING BLOCK FOR MANY RELIGIONS and BECAUSE MANY RELIGIONS LIKE TO SCREW WITH FEMALES IN A MULTITUDE OF WAYS OUT OF FEAR OF FEMALES AND THEIR TALENTS. AFRAID OF COMPETITION, AFRAID OF NOT BEING ABLE TO SEXUALLY ABUSE FEMALES FOR THE CHURCH OF ROME AND OTHERS BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH FUN. IT’S ONLY A JOKE AS ONE POLITICIAN SAID.


I did not cause the troubles our country faces. The RCC and THE BGEA and OBAMA caused those problems with others. I only reacted and tried to help because I was extremely damaged by these people and I knew others were too. So don’t blame me for finding some truths that might set you free from some very bad people and religions. I didn’t start the trouble these I have mentioned did and believe me these people won’t be happy until everyone is dead. If you think you can survive their plans you have to be kidding yourself! Your silence won’t help. We are in the end times. Its a fact you have to face. Now whether the end times is referring to the RCC, The BGEA and OBAMA or the world is up to you to decide. I don’t think the end of the world is what is ahead though there may be some destruction because of them,  but I think the end of these bad characters is what the end times means so I would suggest you do your part against these very bad characters or you might be what my friend painted from her 6th sense and perhaps about catholics. I don’t know because I didn’t ask. I do know she was rebelling and I think she had good reason for it. Her dad was fruitcake.

Obviously some underhanded politics and religion going on at Ft. Benning because it was a set up to hurt my family and most of all my to hurt my dad’s career in the military when the quota began that year for african american military even though we went along with the program by being bussed to a black neighborhood for school and did not complain about it, but that also created more competition between the white military men. Many white men can’t dance my dad loved dancing with my mom and we loved to watch. He knew how to hold her and knew how to lead and she loved him. Even I could dance with my dad because he was that good at dancing. Ball room dancing. My dad fought the year before in Vietnam and few a years before that because he cared about his men not because he needed a vacation from his family. He did not cry because as I said he had perspective but I bet he cried when my mom was hospiced when he was in heaven.

The worst stuff happened during the Obama Administration and that was when David two married my little sister and when I got extremely sick, my little sister divorced and I divorced, she remarried, my dad died, my mom was hospiced and too many coincidences not to be a problem with David TWO. Too too interested in the estate of my mom for what I would call and outsider to some degree and very new to the family. We had problems but not to the level of things that occurred during the Obama administration and the attempt by the church the RCC to raise itself above all things. The crazy shit occurred and the timing to me of the most ABOMINABLE stuff to happen to my family


Maybe the cause somehow but having to do with the religious associations as well which escalated many confusing and bad things so I am justified in my assessment of what is ahead and what is not and I think I’m right in a lot of ways about David number two and too much to be gained or lost. I know he thinks he is smart but he isn’t smarter than God and God is not on his side. I know because of the miracles and I know my parents were part of the miracles for me and their communications. 

The closest thing to a holy person I ever experienced was being on a plane with the man who played Moses in the movies the same guy who played Ben Hur and of course the actor was not holy but he represented someone important biblically speaking in a movie and did a good job of it (which is coincidental if you ask me)- a lot better than any priest or reverend or anyone representing the church did in our day and time. It was a sign for me I just didn’t realize it then. I know God knew I would have an abortion ahead of time before anyone else knew so if you are trying to get to me you don’t (I’m speaking bout Tucker Carlson and Laura InGraham, but you will suffer and so will your friends for being silent about Hospice MURDER SUICIDE and about Mother fucking Teresa and the RCC because Hospice Murder Suicide does get to me and I can’t wait to see you and them suffer for your silence and as far as I’m concerned your participation in a death cult by your silence because I know you read my posts and you know what I’m talking about and still aren’t doing anything about it. I can’t wait to see the pope quartered and hung on the four corners of the Vatican. You are in bed with the RCC and in bed with Mother Teresa. How does it feel? Is she a saint in bed? Is she all that she is cracked up to be or is she merely a hummel figurine in your eyes? You need to watch the you tubes by Christopher Hitchens it is downright evil what she does and even mentions some things having to do with my mom and my older sister who hospiced her and said something like Beautiful as if she got her revenge in the you tube and it was about my mom and my sister. for sure Mother Teresa  ain’t beautiful at all. She is the ugliest woman in the world. Obviously, since I came upon the mustard seed debacle in the bible and upon a lot of other things I investigated there was a reason for it and all the things we went through because God is trying to send a message IMO otherwise why would I have been chosen to teach it? Why would I have stumbled upon the truth? Why not a priest? It’s their job…Why not O’reilly? Why not a politician? HMMMM How about the press, why not them? or their daughters? or their sons? Hmmmm? Because you are deceivers.

Via abortion did I terminate your fetus? Via the practice of Hospice my mom was murdered. Do you see the difference?

Do you get upset when you see people starving in Yemen south of the richest country in the world. Why don’t you say anything about the Saudis who are causing it even to little kids. Do they pay your salary as well?


you are as fakey as Laura’s lips.



By the way Tucker and Laura when someone has an operation body parts smell and I’m sure the doctors didn’t enjoy the smell of pus in my abdomen because of sepsis and had to vacuum my body of the pus every organ in my body. I would not be surprised if they were callouss sometimes without me knowing it but saved my life and God wanted me to live and I had an abortion years ago. I WONDER WHY! You ought to wonder why IT WAS So I could defend female rights to have an abortion to make decisions about whose seed they want to grow and when they are prepared to be a mom. And I lived because

I believe God wanted me to defend the rights of my parents who stood by my side and to destroy your faith

and with their help we will win and both of you will lose!

And what will you stand up for then? Laura’s Lips

You had your chance to stand against MOTHER FUCKING TERESA’S Hospice murder/suicide THE DEAL OF THE DEVIL and the RCC and you had the means and you didn’t. YOU ARE A FLAMING MOTHER FUCKER AND YOU WILL REGRET IT.


and were forewarned by Jesus in the Gospel of John 2000 years ago.

The reason you have no excuse is because I made you aware and I know you know about me because I wrote about me and my family and what happened to them because of your faiths on my posts and I know Laura knows too. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF YOUS GUYS BUT NOT REALLY. Have either of you heard about the word PROGRESS? PROGRESS IS THE DEATH OF YOUR FAITH! Not by trickery but by truth. THE FALSE CHURCH.  You ought to buy some property in Virginia in the Falls Church and see if it saves you.  Heck maybe my sister could get you some property there.

Rome’s Responsibility Of The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln



Leah Remini says ‘Aftermath’ Season 2 will go after ‘abusive practices’ of Scientology

Here is some truth so listen or read and take it to heart

I read a excerpt from either a bishop or a cardinal that priests have all the fun…you know why? Because the priests cause a lot of problems for people as far as sex and affairs, anything to do with women to keep them down in order to further the goals and agenda of the Roman Catholic Church and it’s Ailes and to keep the money in their hands. They have divided the land into parishes we don’t even know about and they interfere in our lives to keep the RCC afloat and to keep the status quo. They get to rape, pillage, and plunder, murder and deceive and pry into our private lives and destroy the spirit of females and good males because there are a few like my dad and these assholes do this

for the RCC

and to line their own pockets without a conscience

but will not be able to keep it.



I am not a fool.

I learned and I listened, but the degradation won’t last and is about to implode/explode as the stock market and all those safety nets for the deceivers, thieves, and murderers, and abusers of women/girls/boys etc because there is gonna be a reckoning! It’s about to break wide open like a woman giving birth and the water breaks. You should not have messed with my families because we were close and did not deserve what came our way preemptively.

Big Mistake like the mustard seed ignoramus lie which is also an islamic precept and is false. 

Your faith will not save you from what is about to come upon you. Get prepared! Buying stock piles and storing them ain’t gonna help ya either. What is coming is way more powerful. Did Greta Carlson’s faith save her? NO. penis picture? Did Eric Bolling’s faith save his job? NO Did O’reilly’s faith save his job? NO Their follies are only symptoms …………………………… The only people to move a mountain with their faith were the actresses and actors in the very funny movie The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down  a Mountain and the main character got caught with a prostitute later on.

The sign of the above is the sign Jesus gave when he said Feed My Sheep and the RCC blew it with Hospice, but the sign wasn’t for the RCC and it’s ailes

the sign was for us.

(The word sheep was also a sign! otherwise his warning would have been discarded.)

By the way I survived HWY 1 and the tornado the day after Christmas

and it was no accident! I was meant to be.

Rush Limbaugh: Millennials think “Game of Thrones” is real!

It kind of is real.

So millennials aren’t too far off the mark because I think for some the end will be similar to the end of the last episode. I have no idea what will be the next episode but what was in the last one is what I’m talking about when she gets on the dragon and retaliates like she should and is better than the rest of the assholes as far as I’m concerned. You can’t let people walk all over you forever because you will not survive if you do and the assholes will survive and continue to wax worse and worse.

And by golly it did:

‘Game Of Thrones’ Just Changed Everything You Know About Jon Snow

But the dragon smelled Jon Snow and Jon Snow touched the dragon

and it liked him and he liked it.

All Jon needs is a really big bag and it should be fine.

Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight (Official Music Video)

I believe my dad was murdered too in a hospital when he choked/aspirated on a pill the day he was supposed to go home to be with my mom. I don’t know who gave him the pill but it was what I was told and at the time I wasn’t suspicious because I hadn’t learned about how evil the RCC is and was. I guess the hospital didn’t know about the Heimlich maneuver or about other medical procedures having to do with choking or aspirating. Like the straw. I believe he was victim of their shenanigans in hindsight and because he told me he concurred with my mom about wanting to live longer this he told me after he died. So something evil occurred to my dad as well and I think it is because of the RCC. So I have a legitimate bone to chew with them. With the help of God, and the help of my parents and the help of others who believe in truth and that the Catholic Church is evil we will destroy the RCC with every opportunity we have. I loved my parents and so did God otherwise I wouldn’t be hearing from my parents the way I have. They would not be able to communicate as they have without God’s hand.

“They are they that testify of me,” said Jesus.

I don’t think it was an accident I and others came across the truth about the mustard seed debacle. It’s an omen for the RCC and a VERY good sign for us. The timing coincides with the Hospice situation and the attempt to have a one world religion with the RCC on top which is a miracle in itself.

It’s the RCC Death Knell!

I for one am very happy for it’s demise and Sinead O’Connor should be too. I imagine she has been attacked and is why she is suffering. She has done quite a lot for one person and very outspoken against the RCC. She has a lot to look forward to when it is destroyed.

I guess the RCC should have listened a little better, or read a little deeper, or looked a little harder. Instead of welcoming the truth the RCC attempted to hide it by killing the wrong people and abusing and attacking females.

 A true believer would never believe that Mother Teresa is or was a saint and would object to her sainthood by the Pope knowing what they know now. I will do my best not to watch Fox News anymore because of Tucker Carlson and Laura InGraham and their bile. I really do hope for the worst for them and their families. I think Fox News just turned a corner they should not have turned. Self destructing and I’m sure O’reilly has something to do with it. Penis pictures? LOL. The Little House on the Prairie Oh, Laura, Laura, Laura! People like Laura InGraham and Tucker Carlson ought to get with the program because they are making fools of themselves and righteously so.

A while back the comedian who was married to a catholic woman Bill Cosby who lately ( a few years ago) has been in the news accused of sex with women using drugs of some kind but where were they years ago when it happened. Oh, well. bunch of women came out of the woodwork afar some initial accusation which is usually how it works not necessarily making the accusations real but anyway he donated some money for a building for his wife’s religion and I don’t know if he was coaxed, blackmailed, or entrapped because only he knows and the women involved know and whoever is responsible and I think the building went in his name using his name and fame (but of course later the name will be changed when his name is mud or when he dies) and he said something about some nuns who were involved and mentioned that


If these nuns cared about the women and their character or the damage that comes with rape why didn’t the nuns do something about it when it occurred or around the time it occurred instead of during the RCC persecution by the RCC in the RCC’s attempt to be the One World Religious Leader these days. Just wondering, not for joy. Why did the nuns wait? Or the women involved? Did he blackmail them or re-rape them? Or did his wife become dissatisfied with him for some reason….was he gonna divorce her which is a no-no in the RCC religion and the RCC is very adamant about divorce because the RCC likes to keep the money in the family of the RCC. Why did the RCC wait, I mean the nuns. The accusations are connected with the donation for the building. Did the RCC take advantage once the RCC got their claws into the couple via the donation? And did his statement cause a vindictive reaction possibly out of proportion because he had the nerve to out them when he discussed the nuns meaning business during his trial by the RCC. Was it the statement he made to the world the straw that made the RCC possibly add injury to insult??? Was he strong-armed into donating money for a building and his statement to the world is what encouraged the women? I don’t know the man but it is connected to all of the above whether or not he is guilty. Certainly tipped the jury pool, didn’t it in the RCC’s favor if that is situation, which I do not know but it is kind of funny he mentioned nuns and nuns are the ones defending Mother Teresa and her cult of murder suicide i.e. themselves and getting their head rubbed by Pope Francis for false accusations about the abortion clinic of Planned Parenthood (at least unsubstantiated accusations). I think one of the Ten Commandments covers this style of sin which is called thous shalt not bear false witness but I have no idea if the Catholic ten commandments is the same I know the RCC canned their Ten Commandments to accommodate their religion I just wonder if this isn’t one of those that was changed so that the RCC persecute in good RCC conscience. When I recall what I read about Jones Town and what a cult is capable of doing to people it is scary. From what I read the people that gave up their lives most of them were not forced though they may have been tricked into drinking poison even their kids. AN then some in the religious realm are able to look like other people such as Billy Graham who changes his spots when with people like Johnny Cash when his nose grew real big or with the famous golfer Arnold Palmer and his nose got smaller which is why he was afraid to get on an elevator with a woman even though Pence the VP doesn’t go out to lunch with a female it is a little different. I don’t think I have ever seen his nose grow or get smaller by hanging with someone. I wonder when Billy Graham fit into Greta if he didn’t take on her small boobs to be Mother Teresa because her voice if you listen to it in the you tubes provided by Christopher Hitchens is very very masculine when she mucks everyone as she embezzles money from the rich for the coverup in India of the accident she helped to cause more than likely because who had more to gain that MOther Teresa which is a legitimate motive (but don’t tell Chuck Hagel because he never questions motive not even of Obama, but what about Chucks motive? Did he not have anything to gain by not distrusting Obama’s motives? or at least saying it.) and to blackmail in a very occultist way using it for her career and donations she would get to further her suicide/murder/suicide cult hospicing and says for everyone to “forgive.” Almost sounds demonic if you ask me.

I think we ought to as a country move the Lincoln Memorial

to Illinois where it belongs and build a log cabin around it.

In fact I think we ought to get a memorial for Mandela and put it in Maxine Watters front yard and move the Lincoln Memorial to Africa. Wouldn’t Mandela be so proud!

Axt and you shall receive!

Just kidding of course but on the other hand whose idea was it to move a piece of history  in order to enflame the citizens of Charlottesville, Virginia and then run a car into them? OBAMA? IT seems to be kind of the same footprint of Obama and his mending walls.

Mending Wall” is a poem by the twentieth century American poet Robert Frost (1874–1963). It opens Frost’s second collection of poetry, North of Boston, published in 1914 by David Nutt, and it has become “one of the most anthologized and analyzed poems in modern literature”.

I’m amazed he died in 1963….interesting year! He was at the inauguration for JFK and it snowed and it was so bright…something like it anyway. And said he would have to find a way to get through and I think he did, don’t you? Power of poetry!

Robert Frost1874 – 1963

Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,
That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it,
And spills the upper boulders in the sun;
And makes gaps even two can pass abreast.
The work of hunters is another thing:
I have come after them and made repair
Where they have left not one stone on a stone,
But they would have the rabbit out of hiding,
To please the yelping dogs.  The gaps I mean,
No one has seen them made or heard them made,
But at spring mending-time we find them there.
I let my neighbor know beyond the hill;
And on a day we meet to walk the line
And set the wall between us once again.
We keep the wall between us as we go.
To each the boulders that have fallen to each.
And some are loaves and some so nearly balls
We have to use a spell to make them balance:
‘Stay where you are until our backs are turned!'
We wear our fingers rough with handling them.
Oh, just another kind of outdoor game,
One on a side.  It comes to little more:
There where it is we do not need the wall:
He is all pine and I am apple orchard.
My apple trees will never get across
And eat the cones under his pines, I tell him.
He only says, ‘Good fences make good neighbors.'
Spring is the mischief in me, and I wonder
If I could put a notion in his head:
'Why do they make good neighbors?  Isn’t it
Where there are cows?  But here there are no cows.
Before I built a wall I’d ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out,
And to whom I was like to give offense.
Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,
That wants it down.'  I could say ‘Elves’ to him,
But it’s not elves exactly, and I’d rather
He said it for himself.  I see him there
Bringing a stone grasped firmly by the top
In each hand, like an old-stone savage armed.
He moves in darkness as it seems to me,
Not of woods only and the shade of trees.
He will not go behind his father’s saying,
And he likes having thought of it so well
He says again, ‘Good fences make good neighbors.'
 It’s like he knew because of experience and that good ole common sense.
I think it would be wise to run OBAMA out of town
and back to Chicago or UGANDA!  lol
Get the K I N G o f J OR D A N and OBAMA in a plane and put a parachute on his back and the JORDANIAN King Abdullah and show him the open door policy!

As far as North Korea goes the ex said though I don’t know if he really knows or remembers or tells the truth etc but said that China said that if the USA starts a nuclear war with Korea they probably will respond but if North Korea starts a nuclear war they won’t. Somehow I ain’t so sure about their excuse. First of all I find it odd China is setting perimeters about a nuclear war and it’s beginnings and whether it is wise to even care what China says because as far as I’m concerned if North Korea starts a war and since the ONUS is on China and should be on CHINA since I think China is using North Korea I would think if North Korea starts anything I would suspect we will be at war with CHINA so CHINA ought to settle down. IMO North Korea lobbing things near Japan or Taiwan or anywhere close to Guam even in the ocean is an act of war and is being backed by CHINA and North Korea has already crossed the line by doing it. I sure wouldn’t be sending money the China way because it might be actually going to North Korea somehow. It’s a confusing situation because of South Korea. I sure would love it if the USA was able to leave but there are some good people over there. I think we should first blow up the GREAT wall in China and see if they like it because I bet they would not like it and make it a stipulation in regards to North Korea and what it is doing. If North Korea even gets near any allies and threatening to we ought to TEAR DOWN the GREAT WALL OF CHINA and stipulate that we will ahead of time ASAP if North Korea is allowed to keep threatening everyone but not use nukes to do it. Send some Kutani Cranes with little bombs on their feetsies to drop them on the wall.

I heard on some show recently on TV you only live once but what about babies that die soon after being born? You don’t think God would let them live again? I DO. I don’t think God wastes souls. I don’t think God wastes a soul on an aborted fetus/baby or whatever you want to name it. So your God is not my God if you believe he would waste a soul and if you do not believe he knows ahead of time where to put a soul and where not to put a soul especially in regards to unwanted pregnancies destined to be aborted or miscarried in all the ways miscarriages occur you are very mistaken and err in your belief. But I do believe God is not pleased with Hospice/Murder-Suicide because of the possible circumstances, entrapments and enticements (Obama inspired enticements in other entitlements which have made Hospice a free service if no doctors care is involved which is an evil temptation/seducing some to promote Hospice in other ways and places) that can be employed or used on the unwary by evil entities in favor of the malpractice of Mother Teresa and it’s supporters who are mislead and deceived which needs to be nipped in the Rosebud (the meaning of Mother Teresa’s name coincidentally and the last word spoken by Orson Welles in the movie Citizen Cane a movie about William Randolph Hearst who puffed Billy Graham because news travels in other ways besides journalism. as well as truth – a miracle in essence similar to the sperm whale in Moby DICK!) ASAP because it is wasting a soul and it is evil and very bad for the medical field and against the oath, (the Hippocratic Oath) to have to deal with and very confusing to the medical field and interfering in good health care of a patient and confusing to the giver of health care i.e. the doctor and nurses and should not be allowed in any hospital or old folks homes or retirement centers in the USA or anywhere for that matter. Hospice is a way to kill someone who isn’t politically or religiously pro-catholicism or pro-nazism and is used for this purpose in a multitude of possibilities or to punish those who are against Roman Catholicism by killing their parents using abortion as an excuse (but not miscarriages which are indulged by the Roman Catholic Church even if purposefully miscarried In Name Only kind semantics) which implies two wrongs do make a right and of course it’s not true and IMO the church which promotes this kind of retribution i.e. vengeance i.e. ROMAN CATHOLIC TERRORISM needs to be put down i.e. DESTROYED because of their DECEPTION. I think Hospice, Mother Tersa’s evil practice and her sainthood by the Roman Catholic Church and its pope, Pope Francis, is the last straw and will break the camel’s back. By the way the 12th disciple was chosen using straws  or casting lots after Judas was hung. The church was warned by Jesus at the Sea of Galilee 2000 years or more ago and have had plenty of time to absorb the meaning and didn’t and kept it’s parishioners from learning the truth (or even reading the bible) and thus spreading it’s deception throughout the world like a mad cow disease. The last advice Jesus said was to Feed his sheep and the Catholic Church doesn’t get to determine who are his sheep and who aren’t his sheep and have made a mockery of Jesus at the Sea of Galilee. Being Catholic does not make you his sheep. The meaning had to do with Hospice because Jesus knew it was going to be promoted by the church. Starving a patient of the nutrients (drugs, food, oxygen, treatment, etc) needed to survive an accident or a disease or an illness of any kind, and including truth which is a spiritual food starving it’s parishioners and others of the truth. The Jesuit-Pope Francis has starved his people and others of the truth in every way he can but only taken vengeance against females. He is a pimp and a pimp of pimps. He is a disaster in waiting. Those that hang out with the pope at the Vatican will be a participant of the disaster in waiting.


Have either of you ever admitted or passed the information on to anyone else that the mustard seed is not the smallest of seed even in the plant world? WHY NOT?

Have either of you read the bible? The Synoptic Jesus (Gospels of Matthew Mark and Luke) says the mustard seed is the smallest of seed so was he misinformed, misdirected, or just mis-inspired? Did he not know what was in man?

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, Hickory Dickory Dock. The mouse ran up the clock. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock Hickory Dickory Dock…… But it will be good enough for me to see the Vatican turn to ashes in one hour like the ones catholics put on their foreheads on Ash Wednesday. Maybe it will be on a Wednesday

IT’S COMING. Just round the bend.)

Maybe it will be quick as prophesied: one hour with the beast which might be literally 60 minutes. READ ABOUT IT WHY DON’T YOU? LOL

That would be fine, too. I can skip watching you suffer just to KNOW you are gone forever. EITHER WAY is good with me. I do recognize many don’t believe but whose fault is it? THE CHURCHES FAULT because of their abuse!



So the prophecy in Daniel standing in the Gospel of Matthew is the fulfillment standing where it should NOT and not all the people being put into places they shouldn’t be like my family for my sake someone trying to steer me wrong. That’s deception either via camera work or illustrator, photoshop etc. whether or not they are in those place those are not the fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel. The prophecy IT self is the fulfillment and THE WHY is in parentheses that says let the reader understand. Meaning reading  it in Daniel and seeing it has been moved to the Gospel of Matthew is the clue of clues. 

As far as Judicial Watch keeping the Benghazi fires going BUZZ OFF. Your work in the last 20 years did nothing except stoke the flames for political donations and political folly for the Republican Party, politics as usual and the Republican Party doesn’t keep their promises because they don’t remember specifics about their promises as the Obama Care Repeal demonstrated.  The information is only as good as what is done with it by the people that find it. It will be investigated even without Judicial Watch and if it isn’t the curtains are gonna close anyway with or without an investigation and many ignoramus people will be sorry SONS OF BITCHES anyway. Lou Dobbs and Fox News was only mocking because a lot of good it did to have all the information about Obama needed to have him ejected out of the USA for good, tarred and feathered, hung on a tree, put in jail, tried for treason, and no one did anything about it. Having a birth certificate was the first exclusionary indulgence of our government and innocent people died over it which is EVIL. Our government, the ones involved in the betrayal will be held responsible for their betrayal of the citizens of the USA. Believe me! Judicial Watch ought to investigate Hospice murder suicide of Mother Teresa and the RCC’s abuse of it to kill the RCC’s perceived enemies and make it their political folly for the sake of those that aren’t aware. OR ELSE! The first place that is gonna notice are the people surrounding the Vatican because those inside won’t even know what happened to themselves and then it will eventually though quickly spread out and everyone will see and by that time it probably will be too late for many people. READ ABOUT IT.  Those that didn’t do what they should have done will be held responsible for what was done NOT in God’s name, and not by me. BY GOD. And some of us will make it and many won’t. Though my family will make it because my family deserves to make it because we were the perceived enemy of the RCC and were persecuted very unkindly and still are being persecuted in various ways with a multitude of deceptions tossed in our direction as if we had anything to do with the prophecy in Daniel being fulfilled or the creation of Mother Teresa’s death cult or the sainting of Mother Teresa by the RCC by it’s pope to exonerate the practice of hospice and glorify it which is EVIL We had nothing to do with the deception of the mustard seed enlightenment but helped to unenlighten the deception of it’s ridiculousness. We didn’t write the Gospels or the Book of Daniel. The Congress’s talent for not asking the right questions in the Benghazi hearings was evident hence McCains inattentiveness. Only a couple of people even tried and I noticed the avoidance. If I noticed a lot of other people did too. I doubt I was the only one. Mitch McConnell isn’t gonna like his destination I’ll tell you that much. He knows the State Department isn’t worth a hill of beans and is working against our country and many other countries as well so obviously he is corrupt. I was amazed by Hillary’s performance being grilled about not much for so long. The fact she stayed awake was in itself quite a feat. Americans aren’t as stupid as Watter’s world Jesse Watter’s thinks they are and loves to portray them as idiots. But who carried Bill Oreilly’s water¿ HMMMMM? Talk about dumb. And if you think we are impressed with the UN ambassador, think again. Is she jesse’s girl? The UN gets what it deserves I guess.

Anyway a neighbor thought the devil came to his home because of the things that occurred to their family and told me about it, my niece via a Christmas card she wrote to her mom said the devil visited their home and she let me read it, my little sister called me the devil and satan erroneously and out of confusion (she thought my dad was guilty of putting her brain power down via a letter and he hadn’t even written the letter but it was written to him), someone substantial (a famous bishop or a cardinal) at the Vatican said the devil entered the Vatican and I have never been to the Vatican so it wasn’t me. I have been to Rome as a child, but not the Vatican and only for about a day. It never occurred to my parents to take their family to the Vatican…I wonder why. Probably because they were not interested. However, all of these examples occurred during the Obama administration. All of them respected Billy Graham via the BGEA, but not me. Not sure to the extent of their respect but none of them were ever suspicious as I was of the BGEA and the Grahams especially after investigating the JFK assassination and writing about it or if they were didn’t let on. However my brother was very suspicious of Christianity. Why? Because Christians are so unchristian like Laura InGraham and Tucker Carlson and act like the club of Rome. Obama did visit the Vatican. Trump did as well recently but like I said there are more than one trumpets written about in Revelation. There are seven. After all of my investigations into these matters that matter I think a little of my brother’s talent and my extended family’s talent rubbed off on me some how. He was a pretty talented District Attorney when he chose to be. I doubt he would have lost the OJ trial over a glove that fit. Some people like to wear tight clothing and assessories. Maxine Watters for instance. Kids are REALLY messed up these days and the reasons for it ARE the lies of the RCC. BY KIDS I MEAN YOUNG ADULTS BUT STILL KIDS BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT GIVEN THE TRUTH. I WILL KEEP TRYING BUT I’M PISSED OFF AND THOSE KIDS I BELIEVE WILL BE EXCUSED BUT NOT THE RCC and it’s AILES/WOES.

My Ex hates the miracles that have happened to me and for and to my kids and will do anything and say anything to subvert the miracles. HE WILL BE TO BLAME FOR THE CONFUSION. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM FALL HARD ON HIS ASS HOLE BRAINS IF THAT. HE IS LIKE THE THREE MAIN CHARACTERS IN THE LAND OF OZ: THE SCARECROW< THE LION AND THE TIN MAN ALL IN ONE>




like Laura InGraham and Tucker Carlson.

Will anti-nazis and anti-white supremacists condemn the PLO for the deaths of jewish men at the Olympics in Germany in the past? Will the anti-nazis and anti-white-supremacists condemn the RCC and Pope Francis (for sainting Mother Teresa) and condemn mother teresa’s practices (about 500 of them or more throughout the world) of hospice killing the elderly and infirmed and enemies of the STATE Of VATICAN (killing our veterans and their spouses) using abortion as an excuse? Will anti-nazis and anti-white-supremacists condemn Tucker Carlson and Laura Graham for their condemnation of female rights for a female to have a SAFE abortion? Will anti-nazis and anti-white-supremacists condemn the countries involved in attacking Israel in the 6 – Day War? Will anti-nazis and anti-white-supremecists condemn Scott Walker for his abortion stance including tubal pregnancies? Will anti-nazis and anti-white-supremacists condemn Fox News for condemning females for having had a legal safe abortion? Will anti-nazis and anti-white -supremecists condemn Father Jonathan of Fox News for his position and his attempts to have a little girl cut off from life saving treatments using the press and many talk shows to pressure the mother even though her daughter’s hand moved in her hands? Will anti nazi’s and anti white supremacists condemn the RCC for colluding with the Nazis in WWll? Will anti-nazis and anti-white supremacists condemn Jeb Bush for having Terry Shiavo murdered in Florida by starvation? WIll anti-nazis and anti-white-supremecists condemn Jeb Bush for allowing 12 Saudi arabians to train to fly planes in the state of Florida which he governed who ultimately flew those planes into the World Trade Centers in New York? Will anti-nazis and anti-white-supremacists condemn my ex (Phil Rodgers) for having his mom starved to death hospice style in Michigan to further the nazi propaganda and their evil ways and nazi practices of Mother Teresa and the RCC’s evil ways so others will be complacent about hospice being wielded as a weapon against non-catholics? Will anti-nazis and anti-white supremacists condemn my sister (Lori Kircher) for having my mom hospiced unbeknownst to me for two weeks until she died and paying off my other sister to shut her mouth about abuse? HOw about those guys that condemned the violence in Charleston Virgina will they condemn the above mentioned crimes against humanity as well or is it just to condemn those in Charleston Virginia because they aren’t CEO’s?

Fox news says there is no room for bigotry in this country…..

what about women and girls who have had abortions?

Is there room for this kind of bigotry? Of course there is room for this kind of bigotry because it fits the RCC’s POLITICAL agenda.

The mother of the victim in Chraleston va is magnifying her daughter and thinks the driver magnified her daughter and I don’t even know her name. She must be in shock because her kid will be forgotten when the next test of faiths begins. It’s a game and Bless your heart for playing. Using the expression “magnifying” her daughter sounds awful familiar because it’s what Mary said when God impregnated her with Jesus from the Synoptic gospels. She magnified him in her heart. Anyway It seems this woman in Charleston Virginia is using this strange occurrence of her daughter getting rammed into by a car to make a case for the Synoptic Jesus, because of her choice of words, IMO. How often do you hear someone say their daughter or son is magnified in their death? use acted triumphant and that’s why I don’t believe her whatsoever. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say it and the timing is kind of odd. She looks like the woman who told me to wrap myself in sean wrap and meet my soon to be ex at the door naked wrapped in saran. A bit on the nutty side. I don’t believe her, do you, but Fox does and to top it off her daughter was adopted. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THE RCC AND THE JESUITS AND ISLAM ARE DOING IT BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY ARE ABOUT TO BE DESTROYED SLOWLY WITH THE TRUTH being sawed in half LOL AS IT EATS THEIR LIES AND QUICKLY VERY SOON BY THE HAND OF GOD AND THE RCC AND ISLAM KNOW IT.  TOUGH LOVE. SOME ARMY IS GOING TO DESTROY THE VATICAN BUT I DON’T KNOW WHEN BUT GOD PUTS IT INTO THEIR HEART TO DESTROY IT. I DON’T KNOW WHICH ARMY BUT IT IS ON THE HORIZON. I don’t know if Islam is considered part of the Vatican in the eyes of God but they have some similar false precepts such as the mustard seed and one got it from the other. I do recall the President of Iran or someone talking about pushing Israel into the sea but I think meaning in a duplicitous kind of way THE SEE of the Vatican. I have heard it is a hundred million man army (not sure if females are in it) and it could be a real army and the only one to be able to field it would be China PHYSICALLY but I think it is a spiritual army and not a physical one having to do with Armageddon



57 incredibly cheering cat pictures to crack you up

57 incredibly cheering cat pictures to crack you up Viral Kittens






I wonder what would happen if someone blew up the Lincoln Memorial? You think there might be riots and mayhem? I bet so. Remember when Obama stood before the Lincoln Memorial standing where he should not? Still it wasn’t the fulfillment of Daniels prophecy only a shadow of things to come. The fulfillment was the prophecy moved to the Gospel of Matthew which happened during the Obama administration and I don’t think it is a sign you should be hopeful about because I don’t think it bodes well for you down the yellow brick road. Why? Because, because, because, because, because …… of all of the wonderful things he does.



He was married to a Catholic woman named Mary Todd? Do you think it was on purpose? I think so. Abraham was a fair man who came from the land of UR. What did Mary Todd say when Abraham Lincoln was killed in  theater shot in the head: What can I do? What can I do? How about leaving the Catholic Church!

Rome’s Responsibility Of The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

Which has to do with the false covenant spoken about in the bible at the last supper in the Synoptic Gospels the same 3 gospels who claimed the mustard seed was the smallest of seeds which in actuality was a faith based new enlightenment which is obviously false as well since it isn’t the smallest of seed. 

Does Sarah Palin care about a false covenant? YOU WILL! SO WILL FRANKLIN GRAHAM care someday eventually if everyone would stop enabling him. He took Sarah under his big wings during the election for Obama so someone could use places like HAARP located where she was Governor in Alaska which uses microwaves to heat the atmosphere or oceans or seas or land and can cause great harm to many such as droughts, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes and all those horrible after-effects like the poisoned food chain, and probably some birth defects, etc. It was all a sham, the election Obama vs the hero McCain the lover of the Muslim Brotherhood. However I’m glad she sticks up for Down Syndrome kids in Iceland: She should since she has a child with Down Syndrome and I’m sure she loves her kid no matter what because he was


Someday maybe we will find a cure for Down Syndrome in spite of all the lack of cures and lowered life expectancies because of the business of health insurance. People found cures when there wasn’t insurance because they had no reason to prolong illnesses and diseases and birth defects, etc and because our country has lost respect for the elderly via Hospice and the RCC hell bent ways of Mother Teresa to punish those who do not capitulate to their cult or when it serves them. Wasn’t Hillary Clinton in the insurance business before she was a lawyer or was she a lawyer for the insurance business?

I was lucky because my kids turned out okay and I guess it was my reward. IMO my children are beautiful but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?

Her’s is her reward and I know she doesn’t regret it and neither do I.

You have to wonder if prolonging the un-cures is worth interfering in a females rights by accepting and indulging and endorsing and enabling the RCC’s revenge. IS IT? I mean it’s your kid, is it worth it? ONe of the people at the guidance counselor’s office in Georgia  when I was pregnant looked like Sarah Palin similar anyway not exactly like her. But similar and like the lady in charge of the blood supply when aids was spread via the blood supply, a mix of the two, and of course it was all a set up as I explained vying for my allegiance to the RCC, Islam, and Evangelicalism. I didn’t bite. I went and told my parents and the US army said I wasn’t ready for a baby at least the psychiatrist I went to before getting an abortion. I knew I wasn’t prepared to have a baby. I was too young for one thing and it was not the intended time for me to have a kid. We did not have sonograms then but either way I was not prepared to get pregnant or have a baby for a one night stand or for the RCC, Islam, and Evangelicals. I did the right thing at the time and would do it again for my daughters and their daughters and their daughters and I wouldn’t necessarily have watched a sonogram to make them happy because it is my body and I knew what I wanted. My parents did the right thing as well and were attacked by the RCC, Islam, and Evangelicals years later. Jesus said FEED MY SHEEP.  I sure don’t want to be a Roman Catholic, or Islamic or an Evangelical (an EVIL ANGEL or an AVENGING ANGEL) because all three are full of shit. I got to be a mom later and have two lovely and cute and funny kids. Abortion is no worse than family planning or any other birth control and I know all of you have used them. After 14 years of marriage I had my first child. I think it’s kind of an interesting number, don’t you? My parents did the right thing too. This whole set up was about the mustard seed lie and I know it and you know it because it undermines your FALSE faiths and because you guys can’t handle the truth!

Truth is vital in this regard because Jesus new what was in man and by denying it you deny the truth about Jesus: the real one who knew ahead of time by 2000 years what was gonna happen.

Has Iceland Eliminated Down Syndrome Through Abortion?

 The cause of Down Syndrome may be the tests that identifies it.



“Amniocentesis (also referred to as amniotic fluid test or AFT) is a medical procedure used in prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities and fetal infections, and also for sex determination, in which a small amount of amniotic fluid, which contains fetal tissues, is sampled from the amniotic sac surrounding a …” “Yes. There is a small risk that an amniocentesis could cause a miscarriage (less than 1%, or approximately 1 in 200 to 1 in 400). Injury to the baby or mother,infection, and preterm labor are other potential complications that can occur, but are extremely rare.Jun 7, 2017″

What if the amniocentesis test is diagnosed wrong like many diagnoses.

What if the numbers or percentages cited above is a lie?

What happened to Andrea Tantaroses brother who I think had Down Syndrome and died. Was he executed or did he died of natural causes. Something untoward happened to her brother during a tumultuous time near the time of the Boston Marathon terrorism that was a false news story based on some stuff in the news. Some weird shit happened to him, didn’t it?

The test is often used for older women who are pregnant and I decided not to risk it even though I was older just in case and hoped for the best and got it. Down Syndrome kids are usually very sweet and adorable….but not all, some end up institutionalized instead because of the severity of the Down Syndrome and the parents aren’t able to cope with the severity and I think it depends on the parents as well how severe it gets. I guarantee the RCC often hides the truth about everything and about the minor details of birth defects using Down Syndrome for their folly as the RCC uses abortion as their folly to kill the elderly and so forth and Other People’s Kids but those shoeboxes makes up for it. Remember lead poisoning? Some of it was deliberate. Global Warming? Core teaching to dumb down the masses and then Hospice. I have witnessed an institute for some Down Syndrome sever cases and I think it was a racket in some ways. They were not happy Down Syndrome kids so I think it is and should be up to the parents and not Sarah Palin and Franklin Graham sonic he made a business of his religion es[ecilly the one called Samaritan’s Purse which he stole from a gay guy he befriended and soon died after being befriended. He likes gays, doesn’t he? They come in handy sometimes. It’s like the DNA tests advertised on Fox stations and people send in their dna to find out what heritage they are and these people pay some bucks for it. Quite a business if you believe the– I wouldn’t.

Guess what: You are gonna have to handle the truth about the mustard seed eventually and pay for your crimes against humanity if you don’t!

I had a friend who had a miscarriage about 6 months marker of her pregnancy and because she was gonna marry someone else and was Orthodox Catholic. She got an annulment via the RCC from her first marriage which was not a good marriage for her and her child the next one had severe learning disabilities so severe she had troubles throughout her raising her kid and the schools were not tolerating her kid nicely at all. NOT EVEN THE MONTESORRI SCHOOLS!~ (She claimed to me her dad abused her sexually as a child. My dad did not sexually abuse his girls, THANK GOD FOR THAT!) She had to jump through hoops because she had a job at TI for a long time and wasn’t about to give up her rights or her hours and days, weeks, months of work she had built up at TI and needed their help at the schools. She had a hard time at home, but she managed. Cute kid as well but she had some big problems and hopefully will be okay because both her parents are kind of old parents.  At least she got the annulment for the RCC right? There is such a thing as a no fault divorce but it looks so much cleaner to have an annulment even though it is unnecessary and is enabling the RCC. The annulment made her first marriage failure squeaky clean so she could marry a catholic.


Here is another example in my life: A friend of the family a family whose dad reached the rank of 3 star or 4 star general in the army. His daughter and my older sister were good buds growing up. Their family resembled Jackie Kennedy-Onnasis in looks though not as pretty. They were stationed overseas in France while we were in England at the same time. He had a son who came down with polio as a child and then became a schizophrenic as an adult. Had visions of himself or thoughts that he was Jesus. Nice kid as well though I didn’t know him very well. When we went to see them at their home it was always kind of dark. Not sure why. He ended up being lost in the Congo in the 70s or late 60’s, an MIA. He was eventually found. He was also quite a male chauvinist. He looked just like Vincent Bugliosi who defended Jackie Kennedy and the Warren Commmision which Jackie when working at Doubleday Publishers edited the Warren Commission about the assassination of JFK because she was hired as an editor at the company. Bugliosi wrote a book about it and many others and also a book about the Manson cult/murders. He supposedly won many cases legally but was an exaggerator of how many by one. I don’t know why he lied about it, but he did. The general was the one that said often something like As I said or as I say and taking credit for other peoples ideas and who knows what else. Like it was his idea. It was kind of a joke at our house and he also was the one that nicknamed my older sister TOOTIE because she was a toot or a real toot. The daughter she befriended was deaf for the most part and looked like the lady on Fox and sounded like her as well who is a Kennedy. The general also sounded voice wise just like Bugliosi. I had been around these people many times and noticed his voice and hers. I noticed she has a voice like some deaf people or near deaf people who have had speech therapy, the lady on Fox. I like her as far as a personality etc. and some of her views. Nancy was the one that gave me the advice to talk to Tootie her best friend when I was dealing with the molestation and harassment at the house later on when he wanted to carry me to the car because I was barefoot and needed to get matches out of the car and he followed me even though I said No thank you. He followed me to the car as I recall and came up behind me somehow while his wife was in the front room with her family though two of the kids were not born yet and I’m sure she noticed.  So I left that night in the middle of the morning because I couldn’t sleep in fear of Gary sneaking up on me because he was in one of those moods and I thought I’m at my parents house and I can’t enjoy a family reunion and rest because I have to worry about him sneaking up on me in my sleep and my sister taking it out on me later. I was worn out. But i took her advice and then my sister came up with the initial lie about my attraction to Gary and said I’m gonna call mom and dad and picked up the phone and tell them you are attracted to Gary. Yes he was a funny guy but I was not attracted to Gary. Everyone thought he was funny because he was funny even his abused daughters thought he was funny. He had a lot of personality but just because someone has a lot of personality does not mean they are attractive or a desire of my heart and body. I don’t know why she called me or how she knew to call me because she didn’t have my phone number we were not buddies so she must have gotten it from my family at my parents house the next morning or day or whenever it was she called but she did not spend the night..she did call and made the suggestion for me to deal with either him or Tootie and I decided my sister was the one because he was not my immediate family, she was. And then of course everything kind of took on a life of it’s own after that lie. Was deafness, schizophrenia and polio worth the trouble and the success of the books written AND THE LIES? You have to ask him, but isn’t Rattan just a species of wood? He liked to hunt dove and took my dad once and my dad did not find it enjoyable because dove hunting is like shooting at sitting ducks. Jackie Onassis said she was a hunter as well. I don’t know why she said it but I don’t think it was meaning as in the sport of hunting animals but humans when needed she said. I was also near deaf as a child and our doctor suggested to my parents not to have an operation which had been prescribed and said the climate in England might help and it did. I don’t know why but I gained a keen ear eventually and could recognize sounds and voices quite well.




I don’t think comparing George Washington to Abraham Lincoln is fair game. He didn’t live at the White house he lived in Mt. Vernon as I remember it in history and he did a lot of good things comparatively. He also lived at a different time than did Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln used slavery as an excuse but he didn’t save the slaves, the people did but credit was given to Abraham Lincoln and he took it like the general in my life. e was for some things that turned out to be curs3es for the USA because he was an agent …I think of the RCC but as usual they aren’t exactly LOYAL to their own followers and use them for the good of the RCC and not for the good of the people and their followers, their slaves. Slavery in a different form persisted even after Lincoln using unions which lead eventually to insurance which wasn’t true since it did not actually have anything to do with good service, medical advances, good health care, and into the bullshit it is to kill the medical careers of good doctors and advance the corrupt and shameful practices of witch doctors and those not suitable for the career in healing kind of like the feds in our government eating tax dollars and sending them to the Vatican to process using the washing machine i.e. laundering money. Washinton DC by the way is the South.




By the way what does Venezuela have to do with us? Isn’t it a British colony or something?

I ain’t gonna sweat the small stuff.


and are afraid of the truth

which is gonna sink in sooner or later!

UNITY WILL NOT SAVE YOU. UNIONS WILL NOT SAVE YOU. Huffington Post has their own views about Trump USUALLY OFF BALNCE BUTT who is counting? Like I have tried to show is there are more than one trump. THERE IS AN IMITATOR hence the false news and confusion because of the seed that wasn’t the smallest of seeds. THE MUSTARD SEED. CORETTA YOU ARE ON THE WRONG TEAM ad following the wrong news definitely the wrong GOD. Maybe you should get a job at DOUBLE DAY PUBLISHERS as an editor!

 I DO NOT RECALL THE PRESS ASKING OBAMA ANYTHING> THE PRESS WENT ALONG aiding and abetting evil. WHY? BECAUSE HE HAD DARK SKIN. IS IT GOOD REASON? It is what is called reverse prejudice and it is supremely dumb and kissing darker ass?: If you act like you respect Obama because his skin is darker does that make you smart? The questions thrown at Trump by the press were ridiculous such as: Do you put so and so on a same moral plane as so and so?


I saw an interview  few years ago of Eisenhower when JFK was killed by the press and they acted the same way as they did with Donald Trump about the riots. The press were testing him and asking some stupid stuff like they asked Eisenhower who was the general responsible for the bombing of Monte Cassino in Italy that housed nazis during the war in WWll and was a threat at the time since we were at war. I think the roman catholics resented the bombing not because of the nazis killed but because it was a Roman Catholic Abbey and said they would have revenge for it and killed JFK a while later. The interview was mocking Eisenhower as an old man about a serious crime the  assassination of the leader of the USA. IT was unreal…the interview. Like flies. So Coretta you see I haven’t been languishing and I did my homework and have worked very hard, harder than you ever have!

I DO NOT APPRECIATE FOX ADS using my mom’s face to sell their product and at her worst, no less you mother fuckers! Perverted

Well the ex had his accident on a highway a while back trying to enter a lane and got in a tiff with a big fat guy and I asked him did he hit you in the middle back of your car or the corner and at first it was th back but later it was the corner luckily no damage to either car but he stopped and gave the guy his name and information (because it was the corner) and the guy was in a state of road rage wanting to extract money from him right then and there but he stood his ground he explained in his rage. Anyway the insurance people said the guy won’t get his way but the ex came in to tell me if a big fat guy comes to the door threatening  to call the police because he has the information. I feel like he is setting me up again. First to respect him for having a fender bender and holding his ground and then to protect me from some big fat guy who might come to the door SOOOOOOOOOO RCC. Try to scare ya kind of stuff and save ya at the same time so whatever happens he comes out smelling real nice for his stupidity. I said I think you are trying to set me up again like the time he found the garage door opener mount above my head (the L bracket that held up the mount) had been cut above my head with some kind of tool and he found it just in time because he happened to notice so it wouldn’t fall on my head and many other times he has set me up.

It’s a racket, I’ll tell ya. It really is!

Here is another one he said about a fire in the fireplace that went awry that it was a spur of the moment fire he decided to have in the fireplace (he hasn’t had one in 5 years) and yet that day much earlier in the day I tripped over the logs he brought into the garage so it wasn’t a spur of the moment IMPROMPTU fire in the fire place that went awry. It was planned to go awry. PREMEDITATED! It smoked up the house and while he stood outside looking at the chimney I went out and told him to call the fire department and then it was blamed on soot (there is a name for it but I can’t remember what it is called) in the fireplace which sparked a fire in the chimney instead of the fireplace but it was something he was trying to get rid of. I don’t know what it was but there was some white stuff furry stuff like fibers of some kind. I saved it just in case just in case it was something he was trying to get rid of. Someones pet? I don’t know. He just happened to have a ladder nearby but head them because of his job as a painter but it was in a different place than normal and he let the firemen use it like a good boy. He acted suspicious to me about it later as well. He had his mom starved to death hospice like and doesn’t seem to get that it is murder/suicide and it is evil and it was prophesied by Jesus at the Sea of Galilee when he said feed my sheep over 2000 years ago and he doesn’t give a shit. He will because it will come back to haunt him and he will have to answer for it someday soon and so will the RCC, Pope Francis, Mother Teresa and take the hit for it as well seducing people with evil. He wanted to impress his daughter he slept with for a while and I stopped him my way. I asked on line is it wrong for a divorced daddy to sleep with his teenage daughter and I read the answers to him aloud while she was away. He stopped sleeping with his daughter. The answers were very nice and not totally off the wall but to let her have her space an of course there is always the possibility of something occurring which as a mom you have to be aware. I think he did it for his manlihood-lessness and he bought her a car and a computer etc with the money he got from his mom when she died. Trying to put a wedge between me and my daughter at the same time.

It didn’t work.

And now even Michelle Malkin is drinking Roman Catholic Vatican cum on the Hannity Show! By the way what do abortions have to do with what happened in Chalottesville, Virginia or Barcelona, Spain? Just wondering if you know the connection because I sure can’t figure out what it could be. How much you getting paid to hold up a lie for the RCC and Fox news. Are you proud of it? You won’t be, soon enough.

Did she come? That is the question? I don’t think I have ever seem her in a good mood so I doubt it. Hey Michelle, is the mustard seed the smallest of seed? Have you read the Old Testament?

Maybe its a form occult possession holding up a lie and comparing apples to oranges. Abortions and riots about a Robert E. Lee statue. Has to be. Craziness and a lunatic and a half.

It’s like magnetism attracted to lead.

Remember the Government shutdown during the Obama administration and someone shutting down the monument traffic by closing the monument areas in Washington DC and other places that had monuments: This is just more of the same to cause strife. Part of history is the location of the statues and tends to add charm to the city because of it’s history regardless if you were for or against slavery and unions. If you don’t like a statue then don’t look at it but don’t try to relocate it to upset some people. Wasn’t it Obama who closed those monument sites in retaliation. Those that want to change the location of a statue ought to just remove themselves and change their location, perhaps New Orleans is more to your liking?

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,

but some people do!

I’m sure Steve Bannon will find something more compatible and hopefully more successful. It’s like dealing with a lot of craziness people going nuts all over the world and in our country as well over a mustard seed. Pretty amazing but like finding out the earth was round must have sparked some riots in the past and a mass exodus from a romanized Europe. Getting in late in the game as Trump surmised is kind of a lame excuse but I didn’t vote for him nor Hillary since I couldn’t believe a damn thing in the press about the candidates nor any subject the press attempts to feed it’s sheep for the sake of the Vatican which is coming down. I WOULD NEVER HAVE VOTED FOR HILLARY because of her affiliation with the BGEA and the Obamas and Benghazi and the many murdered in her care in the past, etc. Too much shit in her shadow. What got Trump elected were people like me who didn’t vote. That is what got him elected. I will take credit for it because I think it’s kind of biblical his name and the trumpets and I want to get on with the show biblically speaking;)

Marvin Gaye – Lets get it on

because the RCC goes into oblivion and that makes me happy and a few others as well. Knowing my mom was hospiced because of revenge was the shot in the dark for me. She deserved much better and so many other things I was able to connect to it’s source.

By Hook or By Crook!

The fact is Trump hasn’t exactly been truthful about repeal vs repeal and replace so I don’t think it matters whether you stood by his side from the beginning…of what? He didn’t stick to his word either. Where is his first wife? How does he know whether Melania will stick with him in the end? I gather she is sticking with the Vatican which is a mistake though she is very pretty.

Not sure Trump has the moral compass nor anyone else in this world to differentiate between the sides that have formed over stupid stuff because both seem to be stupid. Really stupid but noticed an african american ( I think) man ( I think) acting like Nero in Charleston, Virginia (I think) with his guitar while people kicked a statue of Robert E. Lee as if it was Lenin. Looked real intelligent too and gee was Nero an african american? What is this world coming to? I do know who wins and it isn’t the Vatican, if that helps!

Abortion vs Hospice because of a seed which isn’t the smallest of seed.

The shot heard round the world.

You know what’s really gonna piss off a lot of people? When those people have to apologize to me and many other people and pay the dues owed to the people that were maligned. LOL The press is having their field day about Bannon. I guess the press didn’t like him and seem to think he was what stopped them from globalizing. I have no idea about him whatsoever. He just reminded me of my brother in looks (kind of) that’s all folks. My daughters new job having to do with makeup and things like cosmetics that she got hired to do about a month ago because she is talented now a woman from another part of the business but not the particular shop she is located at told her that she is gonna be fired because her makeup looks like a drag queen or something like that and my daughter is excellent at makeup and is beautiful. So I guess it’s retaliation because the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed or what I write. I can’t help that the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed and I sure didn’t try to con a bunch of people about the mustard seed of faith which obviously is UNBELIEVABLE. I’m so sorry that the RCC/ISLAM lied to you. Take it out on the RCC. Don’t take it out on a girl who had been abused by her high school and called a whore for no reason and ended up in the ER a few days later. I hope the lady who said that loses her child forever that she would treat mine like that after what she has been through and raised herself up from assholes taking out their jealousy on a kid. I really hope the woman who said that to her and about her job loses her business and loses her job and losses her child and loses her mom and dad and loses her friends and family and loses everything defending a lie. I really hope so. I will never love people like this woman and those that bullied my kid at school. She was cheerleader and really pretty, darling would be how would describe her but some other moms didn’t like the competition because their daughters weren’t as cute and my daughter wasn’t even competing. Just being herself. It hurt my kid but she survived and she made something of herself in spite of the abuse. So if you have a problem with me witnessing you better not cry you better not pout because I’m telling you why…… (Turns out she won’t be fired she just won’t get to work with this woman who is in charge of some kind of hair coloring  a new process and is part owner of the business. I heard it through the grapevine or the bird in the hand and then heard it from my daughter and the two didn’t match in details, but who’s counting it is instill ridiculous)

You ought to take it up with God. Ask God why. I can’t tell you why someone would lie about the mustard seed, but someone lied about it. I think God allowed it so you might find out the truth and worship the real God and not a facsimile, a fake, a liar, a thief, a con artist, a murderer and a seller of the souls of men and women. By worship I mean “believe” but not get on your knees or prostheletize on the floor like the pope at the Vatican or bloody your back and knees on the stairs of the Vatican like Martin Luther did or get mock crucified on easter in Spain or Mexico or where ever it is that some people do things like it or starve your parents using Hospice which might cause others to do it whose parents don’t want to be starved hospice style but would rather have medical care and live ten or more years like mine. I resent it severely and I think Jesus does as well because of what he said in the Gospel of John.

God left some clues if you are interested. One was the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed. The Sperm Whale. The Old Testament. Islam also uses the mustard seed in it holy book which obviously isn’t very holy or is full of holes. Jesus said “feed my sheep” and I don’t think Jesus is recorded as saying it in the quran (Islamic holy book) which was an indicator of a certain period of time and I believe the time is NOW. (Makes sense doesn’t it that it would be during the time of the National Org. for Women and all the hoopla about abortion in the last ten years which has been astounding/ash-tonishing on the tail of Mother Teresa’s statements about abortion and about hospice using one against the other and her buildup of her hospice business all over the world in at least 500 parishes and over 135 countries as she stated in the Christopher Hitchens you tubes from her own mouth and the competition for world dominance of the many cults who are definitely against women’s rights.  2000 years later which is when biblically things – BIG bibical things happen. Sounds to me like Jesus is not on your side on this subject, doesn’t it?  Moses was 2000 years before Jesus (the Ten Commandments).  2000 years before that was NOAH’s Ark . Abortion is being used as an excuse to starve some people via Hospice. SO YOU HAD BETTER GET ON THE TRUE SIDE OR ELSE you might end up under Noah’s boat and not in it. Michelle did you read the last few pages about Jesus at the Sea of Galilee? You ought to reread it, if you did. There is a way that seemeth right but leads to death. Does that worry you? Could it be the death cult of Mother Teresa and why does Revelation talk about a woman drunk on the blood of saints referring to the Roman Catholic Church and it’s leader the pope sainted Mother Teresa. Do you see the connection? No mention in Revelation about abortion. DID YOU NOTICE? Start noticing and stop harassing females and their families about it because you are doing the work of the devil, satan, and death and it is evil. It is a practice that is being abused for inheritances and other reasons as well via the unholy practice of entrapping people and many other reasons people get desperate and confused in a time of crisis. It is a problem world wide and people like my ex who starved his mom are causing great confusion for others and altering others opinions as if it is okay and normal and it isn’t normal and it isn’t good especially when used to retaliate against those families who have had abortions which is a human right for females to have an option after being impregnated just like it is to have melanoma removed from too much sun or a kidney stone removed or a tooth extracted but we don’t punish them because a cult thinks conception is the beginning of life and it isn’t the beginning of life anymore than a sperm particle on the inside of a taxi cab. Until a fetus is born it does not live life any more that a sperm particle in a man’s penis or outside the penis in a rubber and down the toilet. A fetus does not live life in a womb otherwise why come out at all. What’s the point?

This is a BIG DEAL.

Anyway our government is lying to us about employment, business, and price gauging in medicine by 100 percent on some drugs for asthmatics and those with breathing problems and of course in the Obama administration via HAARP deoxygenated earth to some degree by killing some sea creatures which provide a 1/3 of the worlds oxygen. SHIT IS HAPPENING and in the bible and in Revelation BAD things happen in thirds. There happen to be three synoptic gospels claiming the mustard seed is the smallest of seed. I wonder why. HMMMMMM Don’t forget three men visited Abraham and SODOM and GOMORRAH were destroyed at least that’s the story of ABRAHAM and when the wife of LOT became a pillar of salt and his daughters got it on with him thinking it was the end of the world, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Billy Graham’s daughter’s last name is LOTT? And by NOW you should know how helpful she is. There happen to be three holy sites of Islam. MECCA MEDINA AND THE DOME OF THE ROCK. I have heard bad things happen in threes, but I can’t attest to it only to what is WRITTEN in the bible and dispute what is not true because not all of it is TRUE. REMEMBER what Pontius Pilate said? WHAT IS TRUTH or WHAT IS TRUTH? OBVIOUSLY TRUTH is a problem with some people who can’t accept the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed. I did not create it. GOD DID and I think things are heating up not a in GLOBAL warming but as

between cults.

How many Notre Dames are there? i don’t know I only know of two, one in Jerusalem and one in Paris because I don’t keep up with the Notre Dames much but I bet there is another one somewhere, don’t you? Displaying the burial cloth of some dude created in a TURKEY I think Because there were actually two burial cloths one for the head and one for the body not a real long one including both but catholics don’t read the bible so how would those who came up with the Shroud of TURIN know to make it two pieces instead of one. Sorry Michelle Malkin for getting down and dirty like you. It’s hard not to being barraged by your propaganda and Foxes Propaganda and the governments and the Vatican’s propaganda and the cults propaganda which includes the false churches propaganda. It’s tough to deal with the ganging up because all of them can’t handle the truth. Foxes have holes and the birds of the air their nests….Wonder what Jesus meant by holes. In this day and age it means something kind of dirty. Are you a hole? Hate to break it to ya but a lot of conservatives have abortions as do liberals so why not leave it out of the discussion when talking about riots in Charlottesville since I don’t think it was about abortions, but about the moment of Robert E. Lee. It’s like a Fox possession to bring it up in every discussion about anything else and the guests and hosts bring up abortion. KInd of odd. Is it a litmus test for every guest in order to be a guest on Fox? Isn’t that called…. what is it called??? I think it is called PREREQUISITE kissing VATICAN ass. Think about it you are kissing POPE FRANCISES PIMP ASS. Isn’t bringing up abortion every time you are a guest at FOX News some sort of a symptom of the MARK OF THE BEAST: It seems to be kind of by rote? as if memorized as your duty to chirp about it when it has nothing to do with the subject you are invited to talk about. Do you discuss it at dinner parties as well and family gatherings, Thanksgiving, July Fourth at the country club and with waiters and waitresses at restaurants, at the doctors office, with the PTA, at the 7-11, at the spa, with your real estate agent, or when you are buying a car, at the dentists office, with your CPA, your mom and dad on their birthdays, with your kids on the way to school and their friends when they come over? Afraid you wouldn’t get a good deal on the car if you did? or the house if you did? IS IT NORMAL? You are getting paid to do it by someone and I would love to know who it is and I think others would like to know as well. Is it in your contract? Do you even know you are doing it? Yet you never bring up Mother Teresa’s death cult. EVER! Do you want to be responsible for the deaths of those that have been murdered by Hospice all over the world in 105-135 countries and over 500 parishes and in many hospitals and old folks homes, retirement centers, and the deaths of many american veterans and their spouses before God?  Mother Teresa said it was beautiful because it is a vendetta of the RCC and her. Because that is what is gonna happen to you if you continue with your nonsense. In essence, by  your silence about hospice and your harassment of females who have had abortions you are an agent of the POPE who is not a god but a mere pimp and you are his whore searing your own soul by aiding and abetting the Vatican in it’s evil maginations. As far as I’m concerned in a personal way I believe you and others are responsible for the murder of my parents probably because of the lie about the mustard seed being exposed which is a ridiculous reason. In the olden days would you have murdered Galileo over the shape of the planet earth and those that believed his findings? I bet  you would have murdered people of all ages for having a birth mark or swimming which the church (THE RCC and it’s allies) used to say was a sign of witchcraft and condemned people to the gallows and/or set them on fire for being able to swim or for being born (NOT SEEN IN THE WOMB) with a birthmark or a mole. Would you condemn females older ones who have taken the chance on a miscarriage i.e. aborting for the test of amniocentesis and do so on Fox news every time you appear on their station to quip about nothing as if your opinion adds or takes away anything you disgust? They say it’s one percent chance, but is it true? I remember the percentage was larger than one percent. If you had been in the temple your table definitely would have been turned over, I guarantee it. Your opinions are crap. Take some Midol, I think you need it on a regular basis.


The ex said Jerry Lewis died and I was sort of a fan of his at least in regards to a few funny things he did in a few movies which no one else could have done. An original. He did some mighty good things as well with his talents though he wasn’t all good and had a few set backs (I don’t remember what those set backs were) he was pretty good anyway. Amazing what comedy/comedians do for the soul. I’m sure he’ll be missed. The timing is kind of odd.

Maybe NEO is a code word for UN.

By the way whatever happened to Laura Bush. She used to be for women’s rights to an abortion and yet she is silent these days. Is the climate not right for her views?

A rare glimpse at America’s super nukes: ‘hell and fury’

that can reach North Korea in 30 minutes

I wonder how long it would take to reach the Vatican? 10 minutes? Probably a lot less than 30 minutes and solve a lot more problems in the world if it occurred at the same time! Why not? Panetta is worried about Australia. Panetta is up to no good. I can tell you that much. He is up to no good. IN regards to Benghazi he was up to no good. I remember seeing him in photo in front of a speckled horse as in the 4 horsemen with a wicked smile. I think the photo was taken at the White House.

“The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, called theBook of Revelation of Jesus Christ to John of Patmos, at 6:1-8. The chapter tells of a book or scroll in God‘s right hand that is sealed with seven seals. The Lamb of God opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. Though theologians and popular culture differ on the first Horseman, the four riders are often seen as symbolizing Conquest[1] or Pestilence (and less frequently, the Christ or the Antichrist),War,[2] Famine,[3] and Death.[4] The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the Four Horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment.[1][5] One reading ties the Four Horsemen to the history of the Roman Empire subsequent to the era in which the Book of Revelation was written. That is, they are a symbolic prophecy of the subsequent history of the Empire.”….


“The Book of Zechariah twice mentions colored horses; in the first passage there are three colors (red, speckled/brown, and white),[43] and in the second there are four teams of horses (red, black, white, and finally dappled/”grisled and bay”) pulling chariots.[44] The second set of horses are referred to as “the four spirits of heaven, going out from standing in the presence of the Lord of the whole world.”[44] They are described as patrolling the earth, and keeping it peaceful. It may be assumed that when the tribulation begins, the peace is taken away, so their job is to terrify the places in which they patrol”……


“The four living creatures of Revelation 4:6-8 are very similar to the four living creatures in Ezekiel 1:5-12. In Revelation each of the living creatures summons a horseman, where in Ezekiel the living creatures follow wherever the spirit leads, without turning. In Ezekiel 14:21, the Lord enumerates His “four disastrous acts of judgment” (ESV), sword, famine, wild beasts, and pestilence, against the idolatrous elders of Israel. A symbolic interpretation of the Four Horsemen links the riders to these judgments, or the similar judgments in 6:11-12.”….

These blurbs are from Wickipedia but went ahead to include it anyway. I recall that the past president of Iran the one with the really long name believed in the prophecy of the four horsemen and I saw him come out of OBAMA like a spirit in a hurry (it was weird because he wasn’t really there physically) while the DOJ Eric Holder was sort of bow-wowing to Obama during Obama’s administration. He acted like a messenger or something darting out of Obama’s body. 

Watched the solar eclipse from Fox news in Oregon and enjoyed it especially the tin foil hats and Sheppard Smith’s eclipsing his computer monitor with his cell phone poking fun at the eclipse of the sun by the moon. Supposedly a total eclipse like this hasn’t happened since 1918. I looked up 1918 history and I guess there was a huge influence that killed 20-50 million people and infected 1/3 of the population at the time and was the deadliest in modern history. Fox News also had a guest who told about some experiments that occurred during the recent eclipse using the eclipse for some reason and these scientists took some bacteria (don’t have any idea what kind of bacteria) up following the track of the eclipse across the USA in hundreds of locations to see the effect on the bacteria. Hopefully the scientists are good scientists. Thought it might be a clue, then again it might not be.

A Historical Perspective on Total Solar Eclipses in the U.S.

Supposedly eclipses are biblical prophetic signs in the heavens but this one would be more like a self-fulfilling prophecy if indeed things went awry via these experiments. It isn’t like stopping the sun for a 24 hour period for a battle or 3 hours of darkness as when Jesus was crucified or like what happened in Egypt when Moses dealt with the Pharaoh of Egypt obviously which were much longer versions than a 3 minute period of darkness. One christian wrote while I was looking up eclipses as a sign from God because I do believe some are signs from God and he said the moon represents Israel which I don’t think is true. The moon represents Islam or at least Islam thinks so by their signatures flag-wise etc. Obviously the sun represents Roman Catholicism by it’s signature of the monstrance used to feed it’s flocks the eucharist and many other signatures. And Israel represents itself with a blue star I guess but was that their symbol before WWll? I don’t know because I thought Israel represented earth biblically, but the UN took the symbol.

Star of David 

sound like Israel went through a lot of different reasons for the star as their symbol like the Holocaust for one recently being forced upon them as if training the Jews but it is kind of weird how it became their symbol (actually two intertwining triangles and not a star or a celtic star) and I guess the I don’t know what to call it a cult or a faction or a religion of Kabbalah had something to do with it. And before it is the Seal of Solomon. Their history is pretty complex stuff but the seal of Soloman includes a circle or represents earth possibly.

The reason the writer of the article about the moon representing Israel said it is because of their lunar calendar vs. a solar calendar but it doesn’t mean the moon represents Israel, does it? Just because Israel uses a lunar calendar it may be employed for warnings to heed for Israel at the hands of Islam and the RCC vs Israel worshipping a moon god and or a sun god since both are creations of God (not the gods….but the stars, the suns, the planets, and satellites like the moons) which is hopefully whom Israel believes. This is a different article below and I wanted to add the one I wrote about who said the moon represents Israel, although I can’t find it at the moment but thought I would add this article in it’s stead:

Is America’s Great Eclipse a Sign from God?

If the experiments go awry and if it is by the hands of Islam and if it is premeditated it is very perverted and backwards like the language Islam uses! Definitely a response would be an ENTITLEMENT to respond in kind if it goes awry on purpose.


“:Blitz believes that the total solar eclipse is a huge sign from God.

“As the sun is larger than the moon, the sun represents the nations of the world and the moon represents the nations of the world and the moon represents the nation of Israel, as their calendar months are based on the cycle of the moon while the nations of the world follow the sun for their calendar,” Biltz said. “When there is a total solar eclipse, it is a warning to a specific nation or nations depending on its path.”

Why would the sun represent the nations on earth. Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. So do the stars represent the sea? Makes about as much sense. Here is the article in total:

Is a Solar Eclipse a Sign from God?


A blitzkrieg is
  • an intense military campaign intended to bring about a swift victory.

    As an NPC on the game of WOW says


    Is it necessary to have a Trump pep rally every week?

    This time with Ben Carson of (HUD) who was a famous surgeon and had his surgery garb placed in the African American library or museum recently that Sean Spicer mentioned gleefully as if it were a fluke and a lark and Ben Carson said he believed income tax was equal to the Temple tithe of ten percent in biblical times but there is no temple and with him is Franklin Graham who likes those donations as well, all there to support the NEO Trump in Arizona. Not the same guy who ran for President, is he, who seems to have shifted his belief system quite a bit as if he had a choice. Not with Franklin Graham you don’t. Not a good sign the day after the eclipse which might have something to do with the solar eclipse as well. Ben Carson was with him from the beginning so I guess HUD is a normal place to use his talents because he was a famous surgeon. Makes a lot of sense. Franklin Graham like his dad is a shill for the RCC and a very doltish replica of his dad. Evangelicals are very doltish as a rule. Franklin Graham used his ministry Samaritans Purse (I believe) to poison some people with EBOLA so we shall see what happens next. His actions during the EBOLA outbreak were suspicious at the time during the Obama administration as I recall luckily our country was able to overcome it’s threat. He has used Samaritans Purse for donations for a long time putting kids on a trash heap about to cave in and possibly get tetnus and eating very old tamales and possible food poisoning to get donations as if those two kids really mattered. The kids were haitians or something less fortunate I think but i bet the kids got lucky and received some christian shoe boxes at christmas full of crap his friends sell. It’s a racket, I’ll tell ya. Franklin Graham was under attack along with his dad during the Obama administration because he dared call the Mormons a cult and I think the RCC and the Mormons got together to entrap him into saying the mormons weren’t a cult, but the mormons are a cult and so is the RCC. So Obama enlisted him. I had a few friends who were mormon, females and I also attended classes for a while with a mormon before school. It didn’t last long. ̆But the mormons believed in the signs in the heavens, as many other religions do as well during the end times and at the time I think believed the RCC was the whore of Babylon. I have no idea now what the mormons believe. I don’t think the mormons do either. I guess going along with the age old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” which is not true.

    Anyway my moms birthdate was aug 8th and my mother-in laws birth date was aug 13 and if you add them up BOTH WERE HOSPICED (one voluntarily and the other not voluntarily because one was catholic) you get 21 and the ellipse occurred on the 21st of August. Kind of coincidental especially if you take into consideration the things Mother Teresa said about numbers and beautiful in the you tube by Christopher Hitchens which had to do with the amount of convents and parishes and countries she had her witchcraft in called Sisters of Mercy which hospiced and had to do with my sister and my mom which I explained in an earlier post a while back. I don’t think GOD likes hospice nor the reason for it given by Mother Teresa as an excuse used to murder GOOD people like my mom because he knew what was in man. It might be an omen for the lack of attention it has received by the press and others purposefully silenced and silencing those who are against it by acting like it’s normal or non existent and most people don’t realize it till someone in their family gets old and then you are faced with a dilemma which you should not have to face. It’s kind of like the indians in the old days went out into the wilderness to die. GIVING UP but worse because they didn’t have a possible inheritance which often is a temptation and all the indians had were witch doctors that probably looked like Mother Teresa and acted like her too. If you listen to her she is very wicked, and looks like a hummel figurine which my mother-in-law collected. I can’t stand them. I guess it’s political correctness to silence everyone about the witchcraft, GREG! He wouldn’t know what political correctness is and yet he talks about it all the time and he is so politically correct it’s ridiculous. KNOW WHAT I MEAN? I’m talking about GREG GUTFELD OF FOX NEWS BUT OF COURSE he is only one person of many who are politically correct and because it is so pervasive that even those who complain about it are actually fostering political correctness especially when they ignore the you tubes and the investigation by Christopher Hitchens about hospice and about Mother Teresa and never bring it up, WHY? Protecting the vatican? Isn’t it the job of the Jesuits? My mother-in-law’s first name was VIOLET. No one wrote a series of books about “killing Violet”!

    Clapper wonders when the nightmare of the USA will be over and I think it won’t be over till the truth is accepted wholeheartedly:



    or fell for it, or however you want to look at it! ALSO ACCEPT WHOLEHEARTEDLY MOTHER TERESA IS A DEMON or perhaps the devil himself and those on her/his side are blowing it BIG TIME like O’reilly and until safe and legal abortions are accepted whole heartedly and accept abortion as a BASIC female human right and accept the truth of REVELATION about the RCC who is OBVIOUSLY the whore of BABYLON and OUSTS HOSPICE AND ALL OF HIS?HER WITCHCRAFT called sisters of mercy FROM OUR COUNTRY and illegal FOREVER and denounces the VATICAN< THE POPE, THE RCC PRIESTS, BISHOPS, CARDINALS, and nuns AND THE RCC FOREVER!

    Certainly haven’t heard Fox News and their slaves or the RCC stand up for a baby born who is getting some strange un-treatment at a hospital recently who has been given a death sentence by the doctors and trying to force the family to give up if these two entities (actually one) if they care about babies so much and we would have heard about it from them if they did care so obviously they don’t care about babies that were born they care about persecuting people for not having a baby so their friends and allies could deny care for or a potential help that the family of the baby would like to try which regardless of the outcome would help them cope knowing they did all they could but that’s the point isn’t it of the RCC/Evangelical/Islamic persecution probably because parents are US citizens and because of the success of the USA in WWll avenging a few buildings that were destroyed. They care more for the unborn because it requires nothing on their part but to fulfill condemnation of and the harassment of  and perfection of the families and those who exercised their female rights and opportunities in favor of the RCC sitting in their anchor chairs. SICK!

    Sometimes anchors get tangled and bring down its own ship!

    Unlike the press I don’t think Clapper is a liar. I don’t know why the press interpreted his answer as a lie (the one in question that made him susceptible to their scorn before Congress.) It was an equivocation, I think at least the answer he gave was what got him in quite a bit of attention during the Obama Administration at the time however he may prove me wrong down the road. It wasn’t really a question that could be answered with a yes or a no. The next solar eclipse is in 2025 and will make an x and I guess Kansas will be the center of the x. I have no idea about that kind of stuff since i’m not an astronomer but it is what the guy said about the next BIG solar event in his article and it could be BS, I don’t know, though I tried to learn about astronomy it wasn’t my talent. I took a course for science majors in astronomy and quickly got out of the class after reading one chapter. I don’t want to write any more about Hospice, but in earnest I will continue to do so but it is sickening that our country could sink so low for religious political gain having nothing to do with abortion just using it for religious political gain and to persecute non catholics and even some catholics whose eyes are opened to make them see with their eyes closed so to speak (via PRE-mature death before their time was supposed to be up i.e. via murder/suicide) via hospice or via psychological and spiritual harassment by a cult an enemy to the soul who buy and sell men and women’s souls as in Revelation and using the four horsemen. MY MOM WANTED TO OUTLIVE HER GRANDMOTHER WHITE who lived to the ripe old age of 105 a number Mother Teresa brought up in her disgusting way on the Christopher Hitchens you-tube about another Teresa and laughed about it and then said BEAUTIFUL as if she could even know what beautiful really encompasses she/he is so damned ugly and evil and yet sainted by the pope and adored by the masses and faithfully her nuns go along with her evil calling evil good as was prophesied. My mom told me so while she was alive and after my dad died he told me he concurred he wanted to live

    the way


    “They are they that testify of me.” who also said “feed my sheep!”

    which keeps me from giving up and acquiescing to the Vatican’s warped and bent idea of

    God and Jesus.

    It took an a-theist to expose Mother Teresa’s evil: What does that say about Roman Catholic clergy (including nuns) and the Evangelical clergy (including wives), and the  press drunk on the blood of saints, etc? these people have a lot of influence and tools at their disposal and are guilty for the influence to the families in a time of need. When Father Jonathon on Fox pulled his shit on numerous shows to have a girl put down like an animal ( she happened to be african american, I don’t know if it had anything to do with it) who was in a coma whose hand moved her mother’s hand didn’t care about the girl or the mom and dad. I believe it was to further Mother Teresas witchcraft regardless of race. He was hired by the Roman Catholic Church and taught by them and had a thing for Pope Francis not necessarily as in gayness but in ridiculousness like a little boy telling adults how to handle situations and he is ridiculous applying pressure on the family using the press and talk shows and the hospital involved. Interfering in the personal lives of mankind as the RCC is famous for: he never had a child or was married and possibly even a relationship with a woman or learned the truth but this is how deception is spread like a wild fire. It is why the RCC don’t allow marriage of priests and because of losing their wealth via divorce settlements with priests. This is why the RCC is against divorce, not because of the family but because if the church managed to marry a couple into the religion it doesn’t want to lose them as a resource either in the present or in the future. I know some catholics like Mel Gibson doesn’t mind having a plethora of kids because it saves him money tax wise like if  you have 7 kids you don’t pay taxes, supposedly and I’m pretty positive he got a lot of help from the RCC in his movies and for his movies though some of them are good movies but nevertheless it is for propaganda purposes usually such as the movie WHAT WOMEN WANT. HE IS WRONG. Deceived though he thinks he is really something. Possible the naive want what he has or the deceived want what he offers or the inexperienced but not those who know better or those who learned the truth. IN the bible there is a part about a person who is against what women desire and is some character biblically that isn’t respected by God and does not succeed and possibly something worse. but I don’t want to look it up because it isn’t necessary. I saw him carry his child like a sack of potatoes. I don’t recall my dad ever carrying me like Mel Gibson did his daughter of a woman who divorced him. The RCC have their reasons though not wholesome ones but evil ones to keep the RCC ship afloat as the church robs and steals and MURDERS it’s victims and spread the poison of the RCC. Having a family isn’t easy so you had better be prepared when you decide to have a baby and not use it to catch a man or get federal assistance or to get elected. I think women who decide to have abortions for the many reasons they do are much more respected by God than those who use a baby born (personally, religiously, and politically).

    Obama said it was “a war on women.” It is a war using women propping the RCC interfering in every facet of our life.

    How can one not be angry about the lie about the mustard seed of faith in the first three gospels? But I think there was a reason to allow it to unfold till our time. Safe and legal abortion as a scientific breakthrough for women/girls/females but the RCC isn’t happy about it. So the RCC came up with Hospice to counter it which is not a breakthrough but revenge.

    Also to differentiate between the first three Synoptic gospels and the Gospel of John.

    EVEN THE WORD HOSPICE has it’s own clues HO- SPICE.

    I think the solar event was an omen.

    I think the fact no one will talk about Hospice is scary kind of like not talking about incest and also a sign knowing it is evil and ignoring what Jesus said which may be detrimental to many faiths as in: their time is at hand, or nearly over, or about to be kaput by not heeding the warning offered freely 2000 years ago and meaning IMO the excuse (abortion) does not suffice for the practice of Hospice i.e. VOODOO science partially because it is premeditated murder by a cult influencing a lot of people to make bad decisions and enticing people to make those bad decisions usually in distress and harass females about abortion and hurt their families and to keep females down and out like the Taliban. I think there are a few individuals (named in Revelation) headed for destruction forever soon. The false prophet for one. even Laura InGraham may be in for a surprise. The Roman Catholic Church may defend itself using abortion as it’s excuse and it isn’t a good enough excuse. First of all two wrongs don’t make a RIGHT. Second it isn’t even comparable as stated above to Tucker Carlson. Do you really think God would want females to be the excuse for a cult gone crazy who aren’t even given true respect by the church as equals: the only thing a man can’t do is have a baby as in labor or have an abortion. JEALOUS? But oh the Catholic Church jumped on it because it is the only thing different about females and males because it is the only thing that can’t be used against the Roman Catholic Church clergy who are supposed to be celibate, but obviously aren’t.  There are jokes about their celibacy. God is not stupid, but Roman Catholicism is stupid and those that defend it and ally with it who enable it. The papacy is disgusting as are the priests, the bishops, and the cardinals and the nuns. The seven deadly sins the RCC created the RCC embody it which are the seven mountains spiritually on which the RCC sits written about in REVELation. I can’t wait to see those who persecuted my family and me about abortion get what you deserve. Honestly, I cannot wait!

    I heard the reason why a catholic decided not to be a priest and he was serious about becoming a priest and his reason was he liked women. Talk about a nutshell.

    I think Hillary Clinton is demon possessed by a big one!

    Whose idea was OCCUPY? OBAMAS!

    Never heard about it as a tactic in our country till he walked into our consciousnesses.

     You cant imagine how hard it is to see pictures of my cat or a cat that looks like my cat with the sheriff who looks like the sheriff Trump is going to absolve of something he did (which I have no idea what he is talking about)   but to see the cat in the garage door on top being smashed was tough to see. I thought the sheriff resembled quite a bit the looks of Federiko Lombardi but hair is parted on the other side kind of like Jackie Kennedy pics I  saw after she went to the Taj Mahal where everything was opposite. What did the Sheriff Joe do that needs to be excused by Trump? Is it normal? Is he being excused for animal cruelty? I have been harassed inexcusably by a lot of people on the net about my family and my sweet pet Romeo so I know I have upset people but I thought it was the right thing to do since I found information I thought was important to share. Someday those that have done these things will pay dearly for it! Very perverted shit. In this day and age when things are so hard to believe anything in the news which is where we get our information for the most part you have to wonder why is it so freakin’ weird when it wasn’t anything like this till Obama got in office and all the stuff happened with the religious leaders between them and politicians between them and the NEW WORLD ORDER attempt which seems to be the opposite and is disorder and craziness. A lot of evil and very hurtful stuff and I have never seen so many anti marches in my life so some things ain’t right and probably to deter me from my posts. Why not have a debate about my posts if it is that contentious instead of acting out in strange maniacal ways about stupid stuff. Sort of a very bad spiritual flood to eclipse the truth, seems to me. The weird things Trump has done and others and the things he wants to do don’t seem to match very well like two different worlds or two different Trumps one acting like him causing trouble and of course himself,

    With the exception for the stunts before the Iraq and Afghan incursion which didn’t make sense since we were dealing with Saudi Arabians not Iraqis or Afghanis on 9-11, which is kind of nutty but then so was the assassination of JFK and it’s findings (The Warren Commision) compared to what really happened.

    Nope, NASA didn’t say the world is going dark for 15 days in November

    There was an event but I can’t remember the circumstances involving Houston and the traffic from Houston and the traffic jam that ensued on the hwy over some kind of a weather phenomena or something similar. It happened about 15 years or more ago, maybe 20. I wish I could remember what it was, but I don’t. A few were killed because the traffic wouldn’t move and ran out of gas because of the traffic jam. Could have been fires or floods, not sure.  Could have been because of Hurricane Allison in 2001. Interesting because my sister, my little sister married a man (her second husband) who had two kids and one was named Allison but the weather phenomenon was before her divorce from the first husband and they survived and stayed off the roadways. Allison reminded me of the famous cook homemaker who ended up in prison for some kind of insider trading or her daughter if she has one. Looked like her. I only saw his daughter from a previous marriage once or twice.

    Tropical Storm Allison was a tropical storm that devastated southeast Texas in June of the 2001 Atlantic hurricane season. An arguable example of the “brown ocean effect“, Allison lasted unusually long for a June storm, remaining tropical or subtropical for 15 days, most of them over land dumping torrential rains. The storm developed from a tropical wave in the northern Gulf of Mexico on June 4, 2001, and struck the upper Texas coast shortly thereafter. It drifted northward through the state, turned back to the south, and re-entered the Gulf of Mexico. The storm continued to the east-northeast, made landfall on Louisiana, then moved across the southeast United States and Mid-Atlantic. Allison was the first storm since Tropical Storm Frances in 1998 to strike the northern Texas coastline.[1] The last news I heard about Cuba was some kind of sound attack but nothing about a hurricane:

    Medical records show U.S. diplomats in Cuba suffered brain injuries ..

    ‘Acoustic attack’ on diplomats in Cuba is worse than first thought …

    So I wonder why we didn’t hear about any storms in the area of Cuba before the Hurricane Harvey attacked Texas coast and now Louisiana. We heard about acoustic attacks in Cuba but not storms in the area. WAS IT TO HIDE SOMETHING OCCURRING IN THE GULF OF MEXICO? I DO RECALL THAT HAARP USES SOUNDS by the guy who invented it. Something having to do with the strings of a piano and how they vibrate. In one of my earlier posts I think I included the you tube and his explanations of the power it has and his worries about it being militarized.  I recall the Hurricane in New Jersey during the Obama Administration that some people are still not getting the help they needed via FEMA and other Federal assistance programs and State programs and Local programs and I wonder if it is based on someone’s religious affiliation …..If you are Roman Catholic and it’s followers the Evangelicals and others you get help faster than lets say someone who is a jew. Is it possible that FEMA could have been religiously biased during the Obama Administration so I wonder if Trumps FEMA will do better than Obama’s administration? Perhaps it is a test, a spiritual test? Sure is coincidental Obama and then Trump get tested hurricane-wise during their administration in the beginning of their tenure. Not that hurricanes aren’t a somewhat normal occurrence during certain seasons but the strength seems to have been kind of manipulated, it seems to me. What if Hurricane Harvey was a man-made storm or a H.A.A.R.P . INDUCED storm, from a place like H.A.A.R.P using microwaves heating up the atmosphere and the water hence no drones please. I hear there is a H.A.A.R.P. type place in Florida in the Everglades, is there not? I know it helps Gore’s faith and his ideas undergirding them and hence the RCC/Vatican’s as well who started this shit. I think there are more than one of those kind of installations around the world. In any case, I remember how Texans and especially the Houston area population responded to the people from Louisiana who were displaced during the Bush Administration and the Hurricane that hit Louisiana so I’m glad Hurricane Harvey moved east for the sake of Texas. It was impressive what the PEOPLE did not the government. While a weapon of war using microwaves can affect the strength of a storm I’m not sure it can affect the direction a storm takes halfway through it’s cycle.

    I think it was good that Rex Tillerson said to the press “let Trump speak for himself” as he should. Why is it such a big deal for the press to understand the meaning and instead the press think Trump and him are on the outs because he allows Trump to speak for himself? It doesn’t really make sense unless the Press know something we don’t. Anyway someone in the press said Rex Tillerson just doesn’t get it. 

    There is a monument in Israel about a harp! You can read about it in one of my blogs linked on Merangue’s Blog. It was a prophecy type monument and perhaps at the present type clues as well as to what happened to the people living in the area and had to do with Romans and a little bush/tree (mustard) and some other revealing clues like a crab or a poisonous ring type, a burning building with a triangular roof (I think) explained as a nefesh in the explanation given but could mean something else like the church because of the steeples and some other things and whoever did it used an awl to inscribe it into a stone in a hurry. The whole village I think was poisoned where it was found. On my blog linked above called Merangue’s Blog is a a few about Josephus which are also interesting and ties into it. I wonder if the burning building represents 9-11 since it is prophetic: I don’t know!

    Nikola Tesla: Father of HAARP and Electromagnetic “Climate Change”

    comparing it to nuclear weaponry.

    The unauthorized History of HAARP

    “HAARP transmits primarily on 2 frequencies: 3.39 MHZ and 6.99 MHZ.”

    Breaking News: Angels don’t play this HAARP!

    Strange Clouds Caused By HAARP: Is The U.S. Responsible For Earthquakes In Haiti, Snow Storms In Southern California & More “Freaks” Of Nature??? [Video]

    It also helps to find minerals and oil. So when you see Ted Cruz pining away for those in his area he is partially responsible for the damage, loss of homes and loss of life, IMO.

    TED CRUZ OUGHT TO COME CLEAN IF HE KNOWS WHAT IS GOOD FOR HIM! He may only have a short space. His dad was a preacher man and he sure looked like the guy in JFK’s time who blamed the people at the luncheon for the death of JFK (and was at the book depository investigating or leading the charge at the same time)

    It was subtle, but so is the devil….

    keep the faith so the faithers can keep the faithful (Generalizing that in the Sandy bill the reason Ted Cruz and others were against it was because of the pork it was said on Fox News. Notice we don’t get to know whose pork it was and what the pork was. We just hear there was all kinds of pork. ELABORATE…… EDUCATE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! I guess the preacher named above Joel Olsteen has closed it’s doors. Joel Olsteen ought to open the doors like the SUPERDOME opened it’s doors to the people in Louisiana during Katrina. What does Michelle Malkin think he should do? He would probably get reimbursed if he did by the Federal government so I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t. Yea it was a disaster as well but the Superdome isn’t his palace dome.

    The Beast

    Anyway testing Trump or is Trump testing others? Lots of price gouging going on and hoarding of gas in other parts of the state, it stinks during a time of testing using the Hurricane Harvey and the devastation of people’s lives and their homes in the Houston area. I hope Trump does something about the price gouging besides visiting Houston much like Obama visited New Jersey and then it was hit again after it was rebuilt in some areas probably to cover up some stuff. GOVERNOR ABBOTT OUGHT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE GOUGING such as threatening law suits to those who gouge the victims and fining them as well thousand times more than the gougers gouge so the gougers won’t gouge. This is his hour hope he gets a good handle on things. 

    Billy Graham and The Synoptic Dilemma: The Beast

    Greta Exclusive: A Conversation With the Rev. Billy Graham

    You might have to hit this link more than once but this is the tape/you tube of where subtly BILLY GRAHAM fitS himself in her and got to know all her parts. IT’S A FOX NEWS YOU TUBE AND IT SEEMS the fox news doesn’t want it shown probably because  I wrote about it otherwise what’s the problem? Laura InGraham my nemesis (didn’t used to be but is now) was on a show on Fox (Hannity or Tucker) talking about ANTIFA because of some kind of violent protestors who had attacked a guy who appeared on the show before her and was saved by a guy in the crowd (a press guy I think) anyway she comes on the show and starts saying how ANTIFA has been attacking for 7 months. How come I never heard her talk about them before the Charlottesville, Virginia attack of Robert E. Lee monuments when a young woman who was killed by a nut in a car supposedly though I sure didn’t see it and the mother was “magnifying” her daughter (as Mary did Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew and believe me it is related to this incident) which as I said was a strange reaction to have for your daughter being run down by a car though people act funny sometimes but her choice of words were kind of interesting. I haven’t heard about ANTIFA at all for 7 months at all only till the protest in Virginia over a monument.  By the way isn’t there a word islamic word similar to antifa? I can’t remember the word but I think it is very similar. Anyway I don’t believe Laura. I believe the guy before her interview, but not her. I think Laura InGraham is also possessed since all she gave a shit about during the election period for office of the President was the Christmas presents she would receive from Trump if he became President of the USA and abortion. Pretty and shallow. And now about shaming and psychological harassment of females who have had abortions for the RCC’s papacy and their excuse for Mother Teresa’s fascism of hospice/murder-suicide and never mentioning hospice….EVER! Anyone ask ANTIFA what they are raging about? It would be helpful to know why. Isn’t it what reporters are supposed to ask? Either we aren’t getting the same news stories…..catered for each if us, or something else. Anyway as I said the woman who supposedly lost her child and her child was magnified by being run over by a car and seemed elated by it looked like a neighbor friend of mine kind of and her daughter was indian and was adopted. I pet running into her at the store and she kept telling me that the kids at a=school and the teachers were crying all the mite because of the new teaching program they were required to do at the pubic schools and I kept reminding her she could leave the pubic school and put her child in another school. This happened twice with a 3 month space between our interactions at the store and when my daughter was pulled from school by me and my ex because she was getting bullied and ended up in the Emergency Room at the hospital. And she complained her daughter was also being bullied. I thought it was kind of funny we had to do it twice. Same conversation as if the first hadn’t occurred, but she was a school teacher and had earned her teaching degree by substituting for quite a while and it meant a lot to her to be able to teach. She was also the one that told me I could wrap myself in saran wrap. I could be wrong but her voice was the same voice (though she appeared a little bit different on tv) I heard when she talked about magnifying her dead daughter. She only had one. She also had a son though I never saw him for the whole time we lived near each other. Johnny on the spot is on his way with 5 trucks and asking for a thousand people a day to volunteer for his cult. Obviously he is asking for donations for those who can’t or don’t want to volunteer on Fox News as well though it was a subtle plea but the news anchor thanked him for his Samaritan’s Purse. I guarantee it means more to him to get those donations than those volunteers. LOL He kind of explained the work involved by phone and I guarantee most people don’t want to strip walls to the studs and probably why he explained the work involved. Franklin Graham took in Sarah Palin Governor of Alaska where three installations of H.A.A.R.P. are located under his EVIL ANGEL WINGS around the time Obama got elected and she was just entertainment since Obama was gonna get elected no matter what. I wonder does he know something we don’t know? He doesn’t lack for some kinds of knowledge where land is concerned. I think Japan still needs help as well as New Jersey for the ones that FEMA ignored. I bet the people would appreciate those donations from Franklin Graham’s Samaritans Purse while the flood from Hurricane Harvey is still in a life saving mode.

    I guarantee there are better weapons than HAARP:) My cat for instance. Animals are God’s creatures too. I don’t know why I saw him walking down the hallway during the tornado the day after Christmas because it was pitch black it was just what I saw and then soon he was dead by the hands of others as far as I’m concerned or they wouldn’t have said the things that were said. calling mea bitch say I hate your guts and and the girl who made me suspicious of her talking about white dots in her eyes when she was drunk and he had white dots in his left lung which the vet said should not have prevented him from breathing to the extent it did  since he had another side of the lung and didn’t know what the dots were and then some other things as well. I talked about him sitting at the window the day of the tornado which was unusual the window that exploded from a beam trying to make it into the house but didn’t. It was pretty day though before the tornado came following my ex’s car from where he worked to the home he rents as if by tracking his cell phone. (side by side) It was weird. I have been trying to tell everyone that Benghazi has something to do with the cell phone. For one thing, at the State Department the terrorists at Benghazi had the passwords to the State Department cell phones. HOW? Second because cell phones are used to track people. When my sister had her accident the one her husband tweeted to her friends “his dear wife had had an accident” (they have a lot of deer in the area) not saying she was unconscious, and I guess she was rear ended by some vehicle into another vehicle. I found out he had a tracker on her that I learned of before the accident. I forget how I found out about it but he also told her son he was guarding her jokingly which she told me about on the last trip i was with her at her home to see my mom. third, because of the picture of the man with the cell phone in his mouth was a sign holding what is supposed to be Christopher Stevens. So our State Department or people ensconced in the State Department can track people and perhaps someone in the Houston area was being tracked. Weather people can track storms ……terrorists can certainly track people using computers and cell phones and then the SONIC attack on the US government officials in Cuba. How many clues do we need? Yea, cell phones come in handy often times like when my daughter was left in a parking lot of a mall at night after hours an hour away by her so called friend (who also caused a scene with her friend in front of the house when my ex was away at a funeral in Michigan calling him as well to confront us about some clothes she had swapped or something stupid acting like maniacs in front of our home while we were out doing some stuff together as mother and daughter and having a good time together to quell our good time together for that day. How do I know she knew it and he knew it: the cell phone. WHY DID SHE CALL THE EX? WHY DID SHE PARK THE CAR ON ANOTHER ROAD DOWN THE STREET?: To hide her car from us so when we got home so she might attack us but we accidentally saw the car parked on another road and decided not to go home and had to deal with her and the ex via cell phones confronting their tactics and they succeeded to ruin our time together. Psychological hassle and a half from a bitch and a half. He agreed with her and her tactics and we stood our ground because it was INSANE. Let me tell you something SHE NEVER CALLED ME and even after the cat died or before I can’t remember the order of it but have it written in another post I told him to keep her away from the house because I didn’t trust her but she was still friends with my daughter who still hadn’t caught on to her games before the attack in front of the house and when I went to the hospital she spent the night. He ignored my warning. I think it may have been when my cat was aspired. She left clues all over the place like her dad was mechanic yet he didn’t fix her car. She was from Bosnia but when she returned to Croatia she was gonna be rich, etc. Her mom tried to kill herself by slicing her own throat. etc which meant she was under some kind of control or something. I doubt her mother slit her own throat but someone might have threatened her and her husband and her daughter and sister in order to do things they would not normally do and last but not least she said I was a milf complimenting me but as time went I realized she was possessed and I saw it in her face and in her eyes between me and my daughter. She was jealous of our relationship when they were in my powder room and I said something about helping her get a 4 track via the ex and that I would talk to the ex about helping her with her talent and she got weird and I knew something wasn’t right in her head. She brought it up and I was attempting to help her with which she obviously wasn’t interested in or was lying about. Maybe something going on with the ex b/c the ex sided with her often against me like someone else I know about a painting I painted with my own hands and talent my mom taught me I found hanging on her wall without a word about it until I made a stink about it and she wanted to swap it for something. How do you deal with a person who wants to swap with you something you accomplished for something else. It was UNREAL. It was unreal to see it on her wall and unreal to go through what I went through to get it back and then she said it wasn’t worth fighting over when she finally relinquished it. NOT A NICE PERSON and I don’t know how she got to this point. I really can’t imagine what made her get the way she got except the BGEA must have influenced her mindset and possessed her and I’m hoping she learns and gets away from it somehow and remembers the family that loved her: her parents and her siblings and remembers for the sake of the kids. Her peers could care less if push comes to shove. Who else would get on a beach in broad daylight and soak their hair with olive oil together. NOT HER PEERS. Not miss sparks nor miss caine/kane. Nope and it was your idea. But then who would buy an I Dream of Jeannie outfit for your trip  to Saudi Arabia so you could wear it or where ever you went when you went around the world with your soon to be husband. Your mom. Your family put up with a lot from you. The ex and I were supposed to be friends amicable divorce (NO FAULT DIVORCE) from a catholic which turned out not to to be amicable but something all together weird and untenable, unstable, sadistic, unkind, and a prison in many ways. I remember over hearing him a voice in his head SHE WILL NEVER LEAVE when i was given the talent and I discarded it for a different talent because I will leave partially because my mom told me I should when I saw her on one of my visits to see her she said a voice inside her head said “you should leave” in response to my sister and I singing HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY TALK etc LOL from South Pacific the musical. Sounds weird but the voice probably was my dad anyway THEY are working it out for me eventually when the time is right and it isn’t right YET. I have been barraged with many setbacks and attacks of all kinds but it won’t succeed in the end. I think there are reasons for the setbacks having to do with others who need the time to learn and access the information they receive so it isn’t for me the setbacks but for you and I have to cope for a while till it is the right time for me. It’s for me as well but I don’t really like it much but I tolerate it. It hasn’t been fun: it has been VERY hard so I know what it is like to lose the things you love but I plan to get them back eventually SELECTIVELY in that it won’t include the sadistic mother fucker who starved his mom to death with the help of his brothers for the church of Rome and doesn’t seem to think it is wrong even when I tell him what Jesus said he still doesn’t get it. The ex even calls me sometimes some kind of a name which isn’t mine or that he ever called me while we were married for many years about 35 years an affectionate name and it’s weird to say the least when he does it especially after his attempts to have me annihilated, lol and his attitude about me towards me at the oddest of times MOST OF THE TIME. He doubles my name but without the ending that my parents called me. kind of weird like he is possessed sometimes like when he mocked me in the powder room and doesn’t remember it, but I DO REMEMBER! He said he would never do that and he did. ONe thing I do know is I’m not the only one that knows he did it which helps me via a sign of some kind. Last weird conversation we had was about the Game of Thrones and the last episode which was quite interesting to say the least and I mentioned the imagery of the dragon with frost fire burning down the I won’t say because some haven’t seen it yet but how it reminded me of MOSES and the Red Sea but he thought I was weird for saying it and I said I was beginning to hate these women in power in the show one of which got rid of a slime ball in the movie and he jumped on it and said “it isn’t real.” DUH I know it’s a movie but I thought the imagery was interesting anyway in comparison to the Old Testament. It was a strange reaction to something I noticed about a movie: It was like WOW how weird are our conversations we can’t even talk about a movie without an argument of some kind and he compared it to the movie of Moses parting the Red Sea and how he parted it in the movie vs how the Frost-fire dragon did his deed in the series The Game of Thrones which hopefully we all will get to see the last part of the series next year I guess and it’s interesting characters and all the very unique plots and it’s amazing cinematography. The last scene was quite interesting though a predictable one, a hopeful one or two. I hope I didn’t give the contents of the show away to anyone who hasn’t been able to watch it. I hate people who give away a movie before it is seen though I still ask when I am the one who hasn’t t seen it. Pretty good show. Sorry for the detour! Then to top it off I find out my brother-in-law on his third divorce lost half his pension to a woman he didn’t even have kids with. The first two marriages he had 2 kids in the first marriage and one in the second and the third he didn’t have any. He just told me and I DON’T BELIEVE IT! especially since he paid for my ex’s trip by plane up north to Michigan and back again for a day or two to play a concert for 50 or so people/friends. Sorry I don’t believe it. It has to be some kind of trick as usual. His third wife was not like the type to do that IMO. I got to know her a tiny bit in NORTH CAROLINA (BGEA territory where Billy Graham raised his family) and there has to be a catch. Probably a payoff of some kind, a bribe. The time he was I’m Michigan my daughter received a message from the possessed girl from Bosnia in Colorado while he was up north again in Michigan and there seems to be a pattern because the last time she called he was up north in Michigan at a funeral he attended of his mom or brother I think his mom, some kind of illusion having to do with Michigan, the ex, the girl from Bosnia, and the cell phone to cover up something or mix it up to be indiscernible. He does it about a lot of things especially miracles. the car door. the birds. the cat. He hates miracles that happen to me and covers up the miracles with BS and stages shit to cover it up. Ain’t no way a third marriage of a couple of years without kids could take half his pension without some kind of debauchery and trickery. His pension from a union  where he worked as a UTILITY MAN at a car manufacturer. Something is definitely up with it. A Utility man does all the jobs when someone doesn’t show up otherwise they get drunk and call people at work as Brian did. ) which is why cars cost more than cars should and she had a tiny bit of juice left at the parking lot to call us but barely so we could pick her up but cell phones can also be used for terrorism. Same thing with installations like H.A.A.R.P. in the wrong hands can be used to terrorize. It was psychological terror for us because she was trying to start a fight with my daughter over a few pieces of cloth: Like the SHROUD OF TURIN a fake because it is one cloth and there were two in the cave where Jesus was buried; one for the head and one for the body but Catholics and the mob don’t read the bible like our Congress don’t read bills that they sign such as Obama Care when their darling Nancy Pelosi says not to read it but sign it causing trouble down the road for everyone even themselves and have VERY little respect for the Gospel of John. FEED MY SHEEP JESUS said at the Sea of Galilee and what does the mob and Catholics do? the RCC saints Mother Teresa for Hospice/Murder/Suicide and lauds her work of evil and calls the Jesuit pope who sainted her his holiness so why is it hard to believe ISIS is RC inspired and funded by the RC Jesuit pope and ISIS is also it’s henchmen? So hence I think she had something to do with my cat and whatever was in his lung possibly using a straw like the one that chose the 13th apostle. I wrote earlier animals are God’s creatures and that he uses them as well such as the 153 fish that were caught at the Sea of Gallilee which are God’s creatures as well and such as the


    not to mention but I will:

    the dung beetle named after Darwin found in Costa Rica

    I think it’s a clue.

    Presidential complex:

    Trumps mother was with him from the beginning: Is Trump gonna pardon her, too?



    Had a conversation in the car with the ex and he said he thought God had forsaken mankind because of what is going on in Texas and Louisiana, not just once but a few times and after talking about the hoarding and price gouging going on in Texas such a medication and gasoline. My medication went up ten dollars in less than a few weeks or so. I guess Governor Greg Abbott has lost control of his state and is failing as a governor of the state of Texas or these things would not be occurring in other parts of the state because of what is occurring in South Texas Houston area. Anyway forsaken” kind of sounds like Jesus on the cross in the Synoptic Gospels. Why hast thou forsaken me?….I said I don’t think God has forsaken me, nor my parents, nor my kids. And he said “Oh, just you?” And I said “did I say just me?” Then I put the blame on Mother Teresa and her suicide/murder cult of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and Pope Francis sainting Mother Teresa because of her HOSPICE/MURDER/SUICIDE (no one wants to talk about) and he poo-pooed it denying it’s importance and I said “read revelation and what Jesus said at the Sea of Galilee: Feed my sheep. ” He said he doesn’t think he meant it that way but meant it spiritually. I said he fed his sheep physically and spiritually. I said “Read what happens to the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH in Revelation describing the whore of BABY-lon.” And he kind of denied it and I said “I thought you weren’t Roman Catholic anymore (he gave it up years ago he said at least while we were dating and before we were married and for many years after). I asked “Why are you defending the Roman Catholic Church?”

    I can answer that

    HE LIED.

    Why Callest Thou Me Good?

    Also noticed a guy who I think might have been threatened physically who sells gasoline because he is using crutches and he wasn’t before the gasoline hoarding a day ago obviously there is kind of a UNION mentality/mob tactics in the sale of gasoline at different stations causing strife in other parts of the state of Texas using gasoline as it’s weapon against the population. I hope Greg Abbott gets his act together and handles the situation better since it is ridiculous it is occurring because of some flooding in Houston. I don’t recall this happening when Hurricane Rita occurred in the state of Louisiana which was just as devastating or more: 44 people have died in this hurricane compared to 120 people who died during the Hurricane Rita in Louisiana and 117 died in the Hurricane Sandy and so far we are doing better in that aspect of this disaster but I doubt Governor Abbot is responsible for the life saving part of THIS disaster: I think the military has certainly done a good job as the people involved neighbor helping neighbor etc so why isn’t Governor Abbott doing better? Allocating funds isn’t enough.

    All it takes is for the governor to put a stop to it so why hasn’t he put a stop to it? Is he Roman Catholic, too or is he just very weak knee’d.

    It isn’t ROCKET SCIENCE!

    Price gouging can be halted if Governor Abbott was actually governing. What is a governors job criteria. A wheel chair?  What is a Senator’s criteria? A blind eye and gimp arm? I don’t mean to be insensitive but maybe there is a reason an oak tree fell on him. Talk about a freak accident while he was jogging?

    Maybe Governor Greg Abbott shouldn’t be the Governor of Texas!

    I ran into an oak tree limb once and it hurt….. can I be Governor?

     Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

    How is it That Ye Do Not Understand?

    (My apologies to Senator Inouye who I think truly was a hero and his death (probably induced) and funeral were used as an excuse for a vacation in Hawaii during the devastation of Hurricane Sandy for the Obamas.) IN the bible it talks about in the end times that there is a character who gets people involved in crafts. Craft will increase in his hand. I have written quite a bit about my mother in law but when her husband who fought in WWll got shrapnel in his knee. At least I was told this. Ended up having multiple heart attacks and eventually died from the damage each attack had on his heart, He was Catholic and why she became catholic. It caused problems between her and her mom who was some other religion and I guess against Roman Catholics. At christians she would buy her daughter’s husband (my ex’s dad) something nominal like a box of cherries and I guess was more lavish with the rest of the family. Not sure but he might have fought on D-day. I’ll find out later. He had a gas station and was mechanic a very good one I hear and was a very nice man and went out of his way to do a good job. When he died every time she had trouble with her car mechanics would take advantage of her being a female and overcharge her and finally her sons got involved in trying to nix it. It was very unfair. Her church ignored her even though while he was alive she brought in two catholic foster daughters of a family who had 24 kids or some UNGODLY amount in which they could not afford to keep them with them and couldn’t take care of them so she took them into her home for the RC church and this went on for a short time. Birth control is a responsibility the RCC wants to control instead of the families and teaches bullshit about it deceiving people to have more kids than the family can handle and then kills them later with hospice as an avenue to hospice whomever they are offended by or feel threatened by. The Ten Commandments teaches the opposite. Teaches us to honor our parents and our children and not the church since it doesn’t EVEN mention the church. Not a good sign for the church. After the husband died the church acted like she was nothing/useless etc. She was a WAC in the army and probably how she met her husband I believe and I think in charge of airline direction, a flight (I can’t remember what you call them but that is what she did for a while air traffic controller for airplanes is what I heard). Her husband said some weird stuff to her like “you aren’t pretty but good for having babies” and she had 5 boys and probably a few miscarriages in between some as most women do not always aware of it but it’s the way it is. My mom I think also had one or two in between her kids.  Another thing he said was she should have been where he was when he was dying but he was dying and people probably do weird things or say weird things when they are dying because of their sadness, pain and suffering, drugs and their minds might be in some kind of limbo. He may not have meant it. When I was out of it for three days in limbo brought on by the dye of a CAT scan test so I was told but I don’t think it is how it happened because of some memories I had but I couldn’t prove it (I think it happened in the emergency vehicle I was in and was given something something I should not have been given by a spiritual enemy and friend of his that he used to play gigs with who may have been trying to berry a castle, LOL anyway it looked like him but I know there are some who can look like others. Does a leopard change it’s spots? Nevertheless that is what i saw and remember and I think  the reason for it is IMO to mix up some events in my life for his sake like the Merella coincidences calls while he is up north. A COVERUP for attempted murder of me some how I survived again, a reoccurring nightmare for him, LOL but I still don’t want to take a chance just in case I’m wrong as far as the CAT Scan dye is concerned. How many guys would house their ex-wife and live with their ex-wife without sex for years and with out benefits without pleasure of any kind which I believe he receives somehow from somewhere else for some reason but eventually the clock is gonna stop. Obviously I am being guarded, as a religious-political prisoner. Honestly he really does hate my guts. Some kind of deal was made, bribery or something, possibly blackmail and I think it has to do with armageddon and Rome wants to win but won’t. Too many attempts to be a coincidence and hoping I will capitulate and  won’t which has to do with my parents and God. They were really that good! every attempt is another nail in his coffin! because he doesn’t believe in God, obviously or that God has eyes to see and ears to hear, and a heart or mind to know)  and I went into respiratory failure and was out of it three days and said some stuff I don’t remember but was told as I was coming to I was talking about ice dripping etc. People aren’t always in their right minds. When I was really sick the first time I was on all kinds of medication and had PTSD and said some really bad stuff to the nurses so much so another nurse had to calm down a nurse who I maligned in my deliriousness blaming her for things that belonged elsewhere. Ever since my divorce from my ex I have been treated very badly by some people and of course before I got divorced I was treated very badly by some people for other reasons. I recall hearing about a catholic actor who was very famous who had an affair with a woman actress and the church wouldn’t let him divorce his wife. Both very famous. That was a long time ago and he was an old man by the time I was a kid but I heard stories about it via Hollywood news. Divorce has increased in our day and many people get a way with it and others don’t. Some get them annulled and give UNDUE patronage to the RCC by doing so. I didn’t because I’m not catholic nor ever will be nor ever will remarry and if I remarried it won’t be a catholic person which is tough because there are so many and they lie about their allegiance to it. Anyway back to craft increasing in his hand…. Hand usually means time biblically i.e. in his time. I always or most of the time thought it meant witchcraft when I read it and it might mean that as well but could have other meanings also. Since Obama got in to office many women have been held back, berated, bullied etc. I know when I got married before Obama was president many years ago I stayed home with the kids because I thought I was supposed to was partially the reason and I didn’t want to give the opportunity to someone else because i wasn’t trusting of others in that regard and because I had not developed skills and wasn’t interested in many I could have attempted. I rarely had my kids baby sat because I did not trust many people and my sister fell through on her promises. I had many jobs but I wasn’t happy in for the most part and I went to college for a few years and still hadn’t found my talent. Sort of  jack of all trades kind of student but I learned a lot regardless and that learning helped me with my writing because I have a basic knowledge of many things except astronomy for science majors and know I know I am not a prolific writer but I have a lot to write about such as personal knowledge which I believe is helpful to some and bible knowledge as well though it is quite controversial. In public schools as a kid I was a wreck. I wanted to play and explore, ride horses, etc and then later I liked boys too much as did my friends. I didn’t learn very much in public schools but we moved around a lot being an army brat so it might have been part of the problem and part of the success as well and I think I might have had a learning disability to some extent. I couldn’t pay attention and after lunch I would fall asleep in class and it got so bad a teacher took his yard stick and slammed it on my desk to wake me up in biology class. I don’t know for sure but he might have broken his yard stick and his face was red as could be ( I was probably snoring loudly) but I woke up. I skipped school a bunch and got into trouble for being a freak and smoking pot, cigarettes, drinking, etc. which was during the time my dad was in Vietnam fighting for our country. I was kind of hard on my mom. As a young kid I was almost deaf and overcame it, but I lacked wanting to learn and until I got to college I wasn’t interested. I found out I wasn’t stupid when I finally got into college and could learn and had choices. I took an anatomy and physiology of the brain course and learned about the human body and got an A so I was convinced I had brains finally but I still messed around too much. As things deteriorated in my life I learned a lot as I was determined to find out why things happened and why the world was in such mess. Kind of started with my family when our family deteriorated for many reasons I have expounded upon. When I was between 18-20 years old or so my older sister took me to a crystal ball lady once (a fortune teller) and she told me I would have many men in my life and was gonna be a writer. I could believe the first part but the second seemed outlandish since I hated writing. I didn’t even like writing letters, or diaries. I didn’t like reading them either. I didn’t much care for reading as a whole. I hadn’t found much I enjoyed literally. I liked poetry to some degree if it was understandable. Some poetry sucks even the famous ones who are too out there I do not find much interest in but every once in a while a poem gets to me like the one above in this post. I did not enjoy trying to discern the writing of ( I can’t remember it but it was ridiculous to me) lots of unds and strange words I was not interested in understanding or interpreting. I will add his name later when I look it up when I have the time to bother with it. Real early stuff. Germanic NORSE writings. Something everyone learns in high school or has to ENDURE in high school. I didn’t learn it but endured it with a few naps. Songs do the same sometimes and some are really great depending on the artist. All along my talent was art and music to some degree. I love playing classical guitar for myself and taught myself for the most part to read music and to play. My mom got me interested early on in art as a kid and later in life and I found out I was prolific (IN MY ESTIMATION) portrait artist of animals and people in a few mediums. My mom and her family were very good at art and portraits and landscapes as well. My mom developed her own style in portraiture and loved learning about art processes especially in porcelain and she taught me what she could when she could. I was more of a realist in my portraiture and developing a style which takes time but my time was cut short having to move and not having access to my kiln’s usage because of having to install the right electricity etc and not knowing how long I would be in a place in order for the investment to be a waste and forgot a lot of stuff over the years without being able to do it because we had to move when divorced and the ex went bankrupt over his DREAM HOME and I got very sick. I plan to get back into it but have been learning a new skill making jewelry and hoping to combine the two someday and teach my mom someday and my girls. Had an excellent sign recently and my GOOD fortune (my own) isn’t too far away. In advertising many people star in often times they do it for the money and because of their fame are used to sell a product without knowing the consequences or the business or the product they sell which is purposeful on the part of the company usually. Same goes with movies often times which often are propaganda. Probably the same for the press for some.  By the way what happened to Eric Bolling? The rest of Fox news doesn’t seem to be affected whatsoever by it. I guess there is always someone to fill the spot like another Johnny on the spot Laura InGraham. I don’t think anyone can fill his shoes as to what he brought to the table such as common sense which probably got him into trouble and maybe whether he knows it or not he might have touched on something to close for comfort LOL politically. Like I think he might have been a threat to political correctness and it’s many weak adherents who are deceived usually to some degree. I find myself equivocating often on some things I finally realize is a false appeasement but I do try to consider as many aspects as I can which is important but in our country and the world it has gotten ridiculous inch by inch. So many on the shows of Fox are either POLITICALLY CORRECT and don’t think it is possible they actually are politically correct to the nth degree but they are or are religious fanatics like Laura InGraham. I felt the same about Andrea Tantaros, too, who was quite a good part of Fox. Both quality and qualified unlike most of the others, but a few! I’m sure dick head (my description) and BLOWHARD as my dad called O’reilly who is a Jesuit I’m sure of it by his own description of the Jesuits and their ideas about discipline, not like the military discipline (mind you which can be very good for most people, and are not the same kind discipline) probably has something to do with both losses to our national wellbeing press-wise. Still no one talks about Hospice which I think nationally it is a BIG MISTAKE! So big it might overtake our country if we don’t uncover it and because of the warning Jesus gave 2000 years ago about feeding his sheep/lambs. THREE TIMES. I know the editing part of the press is probably partially to blame and stupidity is the other. Back to my art I started to get concerned about a certain chemical in a certain metal that is harmful to the health after reading about it online and questioned a company about it and they said in a letter they do not carry such items with those chemical affects and yet the metal I used to buy the most became un-available and un-buyable right after my inquiry about it which I thought was weird. Also when dealing with fine silver I was having immense trouble doing what looked so easy to accomplish on TV and in you tubes and had learned about solder infused silver and realized that is why it looks so easy on you tubes and not so easy in real life. Reminded me of the mechanics after my mother-in-laws husband died. Like lead paint was a problem for a long time and I guarantee the military had it’s UNfair share of the poisoning in their homes with their kids. Often though people doing those you tubes don’t realize they may be being used and it might hurt people psychologically and as far as the metal I was referring to physically putting many people in harms way who are looking for a new profession eventually using their artistic talent delayed often by childrearing and because jobs are scarce for some people especially women who are still paid less than men for the same work or not paid at all as if bearing kids and teaching kids is a duty or like my ex when we were married paid his brothers but didn’t pay me for dangerous work some of the time when he couldn’t do it on a three story roof with very bad angled and bad designed roof accommodating a window for the person living in the house to be able to see their neighbors house 10 feet away and took it for granted because he injured himself falling in an empty septic tank pit out in the country at a spa. He jackknifed his back stepping off the plank he was using and luckily he was given free therapy at the spa the one we finished a whole barn of shops and a huge workout center, bathroom etc in one night. Stayed up the whole night to do it and got a huge splinter under my thumb sanding and prepping that gushed blood. The paint was wet but it was done in one 24 hour period with three people and one petered out but we did it. His name was Matthew. I worked my ass off as I have regarding my posts on my blogs for years trying to teach and tell people what’s going on and I’m sure it isn’t easy for others but someone had to do it. If what happened to my family which was very UNFAIR and UNDESERVED and (much like getting bombed at Pearl Harbor) a surprise attack which was CRUEL and UNUSUAL happened to your family hopefully you would do the same. We were a great family in our way and beset upon with a few problems which could have been handled much better than it was especially during the siege against us but because of the siege against us it made it worse then it had to be but as the attack on Pearl Harbor ended with a huge victory. The twin towers hasn’t had a victory yet. Iraq and Afghanistan were not victories over what occurred in New York and to our country. We are still in a weird war possibly called armageddon which is supposed to be  thousand years long, but as my ex would say and most catholics have been taught “a thousand years is a day as a day is a thousand years.” So no telling how long it is gonna take. Might be a lot shorter. I think it is even more than WWll we are having to go through and we will win, my family including my parents, eventually my siblings and their families and even my pets, BUT NOT MY EX.  if anyone thinks I care….I DON’T CARE. He just called me evil over a pound of beef and says the past is irrelevant. OH IS IT? NO…. the past is not irrelevant. I’m sure he wished it was irrelevant, but it’s not. Said I should look in the mirror and that he looks at himself in the mirror everyday. LIke father like son. He doesn’t think I’m pretty. LOL. He did when I was young, but not now and I was pretty when i was young and not now. I’m older. I gave my beauty to my kids like most moms do to their girls. Guys don’t have to. They don’t change from a size 8 to to a  size 20 in a matter of months. Their bones don’t need to expand in order to allow a 8-13 pounder come out their asses though my brother-in-law tried when he was in Germany after eating a bunch of brackwurst and sauerkraut or whatever it was that he ate and probably was an all you can eat affair which was a lot I heard and I heard how he had to cut it in half in order to dispose of it through the toilet with some tool he found in the hotel room they stayed at. My ex hospiced his mom for a couple of computers and a car to impress his daughter and to soil her in his way using guilt by association and tried to do the same to me and I refused a new computer and took his used one that he promised months before when he got a new one not knowing his intent. She is not soiled by it because she is a child still in many ways and loves her dad for no good reason. He doesn’t deserve her love. also is doing the same by my imprisonment which is why I refused a vacation with him because it was his intent to associate me with being free and desiring his aid when I’m not at this time free because of the NWO and the NWreligion and politically correct crap being forced upon many as if I’m in on it and condone it and I don’t. THAT IS EVIL. Starved his mom to death though he wasn’t there he instructed and did it in absentia getting information off the web knowing how long it would take and from his brothers. I tried to get him to see her before she died and he didn’t want to waste the money but would rather see her dead after the deed was done because it was proper and could fool some of the people some of the time and go to the funeral and probable played his sax for some reason. Said his brothers told him to wait till she was dead. HOW INSANE. I don’t believe him either. Most people would rather see their parent alive before death and not go to a funeral just to tell them you love them. NOT MY EX. He would rather be seen at the funeral. I think you call it fluff: pomp and circumstance crap. HE IS FUCKED because I am not going to help him get through if I could I wouldn’t. He is using me but I have to wait for the right time and it is coming I can tell BIG TIME. THANK GOD. Talks about trailer trash…his mom lived in a trailer. Talks about sluts and he gang banged a girl from his town and talks about abortion as if against them and he counted on the fat slut to have one if she got pregnant. HIS WORDS. A TOTAL ROMAN CATHOLIC mother fucker and a FAKE. Did he look in the mirror when he mocked me in the powder room and lied about it and all the other lies. He has a lot of friends more than I have. I think mine are better. My dad said I’m in good company. I believe him. All the hours I put in to get jobs done when he couldn’t or along side him was never appreciated as I later found out. Whether or not Trump gets our country working again seems to have hit some tests along the way testing him and others in retaliation possibly for winning the election. I have never seen any president take so much guff as I have seen him take and also dish out in return tweeting I guess. I think there is something to be said for the 7 trumpets of Revelation and people ought to consider the possibility they are being tested as well and I think a lot of people are failing the tests. As far as the metal is concerned I can’t say for sure if it is true or not…..GOD KNOWS. But I do know I have been helped regardless and I appreciate the help in their ways. IF it is why the product is no longer sold I wouldn’t know who to blame ….the company, the buyers, who sells them the product, or some individual. Who knows and I surely don’t have the money to find out nor do I want to ruin a company over something that may have been caused by some insiders. I really like the company I just don’t like the mystery about the product. I think it is kind of weird. But I guess I won’t solder that particular metal and will use it for the sound or if I do I will have the precautions I need observed. I don’t appreciate the main advertisement online either about it. I think it is demeaning and meant to be since e females do most of the investing in their art. I have no idea who is in charge of advertising but I think since most people who buy from the company are learning it isn’t nice. Just a friendly tip for the good of the company vs the bad in the company. Can’t say if it is a colossal lark type coincidence either but the timing was weird and some of the comments such as “It came down to the wire” by an uncertain and one of the three faces of Bret. In the bible of the new Testament in Paul’s letters to someone talking about who was with him (Luke) and about a guy named Mark who they took along on their escapades who wouldn’t work because he was lazy was the excuse but I think there was more to it than the excuse. The RCC labels people lazy and yet they have people who actually two people one to hold the bible and one to turn the pages on a bible for the pope to read as if he can’t memorize a line or two which is about all they offer the people they teach when on their missions to different countries which is not feeding lambs or sheep in the spiritual sense….not even milk. Feeding BULLSHIT. They have ANOTHER person who keeps the pope’s braid straight on his back as if it HURSTS, german for HEARST, to see a braid blowing in the wind when honoring some people. It’s worse than the Texas AGGIES and the jokes made about texans.

    The person I’m referring to is Georg Ganswein

    which by the way means pig swine or pig’s wine or both.

    Pastor Warns Hurricanes Will Hit Cities That Don’t Repent ‘Sexual Perversion’

    Did he mention the Vatican? Of course not, because he is afraid the Vatican is God and the Vatican is not God though the Vatican does try hard to act like it. God has a surprise for them though it shouldn’t be a surprise in that

    “it is written.”

    Blowin in The Wind – Bob Dylan

    Had a good sign (actually a few) for me to continue as I have been doing and I know my day will come soon. I can’t wait. Thank you darlin’, my sweetie pie. Gonna go shopping for a yacht hopefully for a while because we enjoyed it with my dad who took us often and we are gonna make some inventions with his skills in engineering as well. It’s gonna be fun and I can’t wait to smell the ocean as well

    while Trump is heaping praise for the governor of Texas ahead of schedule since only a few days have passed since the storm hit Texas. Amazing but hopefully the Governor will live up to the praise he received. Doesn’t he have anything better to do than receive praise ahead of doing anything yet? It’s like pumping up the team before the game begins which is not or shouldn’t be necessary regarding a hurricane disaster since it’s not a game. What did the people in the past do without television coverage when a hurricane reeked havoc but we sure are having a lot of bad ones lately sort of on a regular schedule for each new president of the USA. Weird, huh as if it were a new weapon against property owners. However prayers are important, but I don’t think we need to have a prayer day. Shall we have a laying of hands on each other as well like is done in Ohio for the candidates before an election and it sure didn’t stop a hurricane on the horizon to be testing those who do. Next thing you know someone will ask for a moment of silence and we have certainly had plenty of silence in regards to Hospice, haven’t we? It’s not the fault of many of the people in Texas who don’t know yet because no one will tell them the truth about it because of fear, but not the right kind of fear.

    So much for the church, eh?

    I didn’t need a prayer day to pray my way for the people of Texas and nor should you.

    Now a faith based religion says God allowed us to have a storm to bring us together (Can you repeat that?) and I guess H.A.A.R.P. had nothing to do with it. Already building up some of the structures damaged which is very quick and unbelievable since the flood waters have to recede and is still occurring. First you have to dry it before you can build it. Lots of false news and the ex said there is a gas shortage all over the USA. HMMMM.

    And still no mention about hospice!

    Except on Fox news with an adoration story about Mother Teresa about feeding sheep which is not cool! I won’t link it because it’s BULLSHIT.

    Sure a lot of talk about faith based churches lately as if in a war of contrition? Not talk about churches, but faith-based churches. I wonder why? I don’t really wonder why because I know why. Ten years ago no one called the churches faith based, and now it’s the MO of the church and the press to call themselves faith based. Isn’t it weird how the faith baed church betrays even themselves? It’s like a pandemic reaction to the:


    Fox is asking for it and begging for it but I don’t think Fox will like it especially on a day like today.

    Max Boot sure sounds like Franklin Graham, doesn’t he? Saw him on the Tucker debate show debating about foreign policy. Never heard of Max Boot before but his voice is almost identical. I wonder.

    The ex went at me tonight verbally telling how much he hates me and how much of a bitch I am at dinner time over 25 dollars and we sparred back and forth about his mom and how he hospiced her and his denials of how it went down and I wanted to say more but held back my temper. I wanted to ask him ‘Is this our anniversary or something?’ He proved my earlier point about the RCC practice of religious/political prisoners and why in the world I am here? Know what I mean? I don’t know how long it will last: this kind of situation but hopefully not too much longer! So I played on my computer so he could hear the song by

    John Paul Young: Love is in the The Air

    Anyway, I’m sure my mom and dad are looking down upon the situation shaking their heads. I bet his mom is too after I saw what I saw of her. She can’t be very happy where she is and how she looked almost as if she had had a lobotomy (JFK’s sister had had a lobotomy, but I don’t know why but I think it had to do with their dad possibly to shut her up. I don’t know but it used to be a procedure used against people usually females) and she acted like it too. I don’t know why I was allowed to see it, but I was. It was at Parkland Hospital. On the other hand I saw my mom for a second and she looked great and was excited about something and I think my dad was right behind her. It was only a moment but perhaps to give me hope when things like our dinner together happen. LOL and to let me know I’m on the right side! It helps, those moments. I reflect on those kind of things to keep going on with my mission and theirs. Maybe it was my mother-in-laws reward! An exchange? The first time she was in the hospital for something serious before the time she was starved to death by Hospice I talked to her son John her second oldest son the hospital would not allow him information and he couldn’t figure it out. He worked for ALCOA in Iowa in a pretty nice job. I told him over the phone perhaps the oldest son who was still alive at the time but died soon after was in charge of her estate and her welfare and made those kind of arrangements or something since he was the oldest but I have no idea their arrangements and he kind of thought about it. I wonder why John was allowed to get information and see her the time she did die. Sort of discrepancy but maybe it was a different hospital the second time or perhaps there was some kind of deception going on to test someone like my ex. Anyway my ex said John was the one that said that his mom pulled the feeding tube from her somehow and then the youngest my ex had said when she worked at an old folks homes as a bookkeeper she said she did not want to be treated the way the people were treated to him in the past in some conversation they had probably after his dad and her husband died on their trip so I guess it was decided she would be the poster girl for HOSPICE and MOTHER FUCKING TERESA and the RCC and it’s papacy and because she loved the mystery of the RCC: I don’t think it reaps a good reward. Just a friendly observation. I think the mystery is you get fucked over! What is weird about it is in the CBS News reporting which I transcribed couple of times there SEEMs to be some kind of exchange references and I took note of it. You might want to read about it because sometimes you miss stuff listening or seeing because your mind can’t possibly take it all in and get the meaning. I watched, transcribed and I snapshotted much of the films left behind so my mind could take it in and I caught a lot of stuff no one else did if you want to look on Merangue’s Blog at the transcriptions of the Assassination of JFK by CBS News if you are interested. It’s your soul so do what you think is appropriate. Parkland was where I almost died the first time and was a turning point in my life. I did my homework in a few areas one was the JFK assassination and the gospels and some of the old testament and did some comparing and it helped me and realized it was intertwined with the Vatican 11 ( I think there have been more but it is what the RCC called it LOL in an attempt to keep and hold on to power at the Vatican because the Vatican had lost WWll and some power and when the USA beat the shit out of them , LOL), Opus Dei and Neocatechumenal Way, Ecumenicalism as if the RCC would share power and other things going on at the time of the assassination of JFK and including the attempt to give pre-eminence to the Gospel of Matthew for some reason. If the RCC believed The Gospel of Matthew was truly pre-eminent why worry about it? Well there is a prophecy about a false covenant in the Book of Daniel that’s why. There was a covenant made at the Last Supper in the synoptic Gospels (Matthew Mark and Luke) is another reason why. IF a false covenant was prophesied in the Book of Daniel more than likely the false covenant would be included also in the bible, wouldn’t it or what’s the point of the prophecy on Daniel? And to top it off there is a prophecy in Daniel about a prophecy that was moved to the Book of Matthew (during the Obama Administration) standing where it should not (giving credence) and added let the reader understand obviously it is something that would have to have been read which Catholics don’t read the bible and in fact are taught not to read the bible so they wouldn’t know the difference whether something was altered in the bible hence ignorance is a tool of Catholicism against catholics. Brother against brother. Nice, huh? The events and collusions (Neo stuff) was not too far after the end of WW11 time-wise and it is pertinent to the conversation as to why then. JFK as I said earlier was kind of  Jacob of the Old Testament married to a kind of Rachel and his sheep (blemished ones) grew in abundance. In other words he was a tool and was used by the RCC manipulated and managed even in marriage and meeting his wife Jackie Kennedy. HE WAS SET UP. Abortion was also a bone of contention at the time and soon after Hospice because of guilt GETTING CAUGHT MURDERING 6 million jews in ovens and chemical rooms and torture places, etc. The RCC likes a lot of power and especially the Jesuits as if the RCC were GOD and of course isn’t and never will be but merely THE MOB i.e. the MAFIOSA and complicit with ISLAM each using the other. All this occurred around the time Israel became a nation which was probably the main reason for the many deceptions because it spelled trouble for the future of the RCC in other words the writing was on the wall: THE END WAS NEAR. If the RCC could have hidden the 6 million jews killed believe me the RCC would have hidden it but alas it’s tool Germany was defeated because it was GOD’s will: the defeat of the RCC and it’s many tools but like the devil isn’t gonna give up without a fight and ignorance is it’s best tool along with poverty hence the hurricanes devastating our country in places using places like HAARP to strengthen storms and seed storms and cause earthquakes in various (diverse) places giving the Gospel of Matthew a knee up and to quell our independence on oil (HOUSTON) from other places such as Saudi Arabia who attacked us on 9-11 with the help of the RCC and it’s traitors to our country using brother against brother: JEB BUSH and Billy Graham a shill for the RCC. Jeb Bush allowed the hospice of a woman probably injured by her husband using starvation and allowed the training of Saudis to fly planes in his state he governed to use them as incinerators on many people in New York. Both really nasty stuff. I guarantee he knew and why his mom suggested he should not run for the presidency because I guarantee she knew or had a very big suspicion and maybe realized he was not right in the head nor right in the heart spiritually being influenced by her daughter-in-law as well and the BGEA. She was kind of in a tough spot you might say besides the infiltration of Jesuits and some very bad and deceived people in our government (in high places) throughout who act as if the lot of them have been lobotomized i.e. Catholicized and very confused. Lots of coincidences and from what I could tell about him he wasn’t right in the head a bit of a nutcase and possibly jealous of his brother and not because he once smoked pot.


    My ex and his power trip is a good example of a lobotomized Catholic.

    I saw this and thought I should add it to my post but I haven’t read it:

    Daca Dreamers: Obama slams axing of young migrant scheme

    Obama is achxing for it!

    On fox someone is saying the Americans have broken a promise in regards to DACA that Obama put in place and the fact is it’s not true: I think Trump is breaking a lie that Obama made without proper restrictions and stipulations and got it through illegally like he did many other things like OBAMACARE and HOSPICE VIA MEDICARE/caid FOR FREE, ENTITLEMENTS WHICH WERE ACTUALLY ENTICEMENTS, BRIBERY, TEMPTATIONS VIA ENTRAPMENTS >etc. HYPE to Destroy because it is his only talent! He sure as hell didn’t build it and neither did illegal aliens who are being used by the Vatican most are catholic and used by others like a tug of war. I agree with Jeff Sessions on this point in regards to DACA. I think it should be done on an individual basis as much as possible and not as a political religious block for the vatican and it’s intent to weaken the USA with mob rule. If the spanish catholic countries took better care of their catholic population there wouldn’t be a problem. IF the spanish catholic countries leaders were doing their jobs there would not be a migration to the USA. IT’S DIABOLICAL and people are the victims but nothing wrong with doing it legally and as others have done by WAITING IN LINE however legalization of illegals should not be based on the brightest. It’s our job as a country to enlighten or brighten those that come to our country however at this point because of the mass migration I’m not sure our country is up to it so that is the dilemma. one way which might help is to cut out the spanish language requirements in our country. Sounds weird but I think it might help a bunch. The USA is not Costa Rica, Paraguay, Mexico, South America, Latin America, Spain, Italy, Cuba, etc. Do we accommodate the Vietnamese, Sudanese, Africans, Indonesians, rain forest people, Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, Hebrew, French immigrants with a language advantage? Too bad the DACA potentials are freaked out and should try to calm themselves down because of a bad promise on Obama’s part and should take out their frustration on Obama for making the false promise to begin with.

    Is ending a sentence with a preposition a taboo?

    A class action lawsuit might be appropriate action to take against past President OBAMA for his BIG FAT lie who propheted by it!

    There is a book in the bible but I can’t remember which one on the shores of Ulie or banks of Ulai river and it might be important these days but since I can’t remember which one I guess its a moot pointer/tip. (I think cypress trees or something like it is where some prophetic stuff is kind of expounded upon about horns charging each other etc. and I think one of the horns is referring to Al Gore) Here it is:

    And I saw in a vision; and it came to pass, when I saw, that I was at Shushan in the palace, which is in the province of Elam; and I saw in a vision, and I was by the river of Ulai.

    And I heard a man’s voice between the banks of Ulai, which called, and said, Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision.

    But imo I think I nailed the things that are relevant in this post and others I have written: my family and its roots and about the insidious and evil agendas warring against each other and where it is heading and who wins and who loses and why:

    Has something to do with TRUTH.

    Hey Dennis Prager Mr. radio talk show host on the Tucker Carlson Debate show who says he isn’t afraid of Nazism why don’t you speak out about Hospice then which is a form of Nazism. PROVE IT! And do it next time you appear on Fox News while you are at it and lets see if it gets on the air waves.

    Anyway these storms and earthquakes


    (using technology like H.A.A.R.P.)

    IN DIVERSE PLACES (NKorea for one recently)

    as prophesied as the time

    when Jesus returns written about in the Gospel of Matthew

    I can see the potential for insurance scam/population management priesthood.

    I wonder which one precedes the other!

    Similar to the housing bubble

    and I know

    there is a better way

    Thank God!

    PS: the son of man ain’t GOD! It helps to know and remember what I was taught.

    When GOD returns it will be LOUD like the BIG BANG

    and noone will be able to stand.

    One idea would be to send aircraft above the storm or in the eye of the storm of a hurricane (like in the movies) and seed the storm with soothing to cool or to alter the atmosphere of the storm to make it un-strengthen the storm the negative and positive whatever you call them: ions? lol but the  ex says its the temperature of the water that makes the storm and the rain is in the clouds but has nothing to do with the ocean water and somehow I think he is amiss on where rain comes from but he says he has studied it! (and I haven’t I confess though barely in high school.) When you boil water in a pan and walk away and there’s much less water in the pan? Where did the water go? Why is the so air so steamy. If steam is water particles where did the particles in the air come from? What was the source of the CONDENSATION? Why do coastal areas tend to be humid? What happens to a material when you steam iron it vs dry iron a material? Do you see why I question his thought processes? If we have technology to strengthen storms which we do we need technology to do the opposite.

    Can a cell phone be used to attract a tornado or vice versa? The day after Christmas tornado followed my ex from his location in another part of the cities nearby to the location he was driving in and almost but not quite to the place we live like a tether. It was weird. Another thing though it may not be a reality but I have wondered sometimes when an earthquake occurs on one side of the world if another will occur on the opposite side of the world as a reaction maybe having to do with parallel lines or longitudinal lines or perhaps fault lines. Like Koreas nuclear earthquake which was about 8.1 or 2 and Mexico’s earthquake recently which was about an 8.1 the strength I wonder if  the two earthquakes aren’t related by more than time by a few days related and by strength. Like the 2004 blizzard in the Ohio River Valley before Christmas and the earthquake tsunami (9.1) in 2004 after Christmas and what ever occurred in the Caribbean Ocean at the time.’Back to the Son of man being betrayed in the Gospel of John Jesus says greater things than these though shalt see angels rise and fall upon the son of man I think inferring or referring to the rise and fall of the Third Reich and maybe the fourth as well. There is a scientific notion about opposite reactions called I forgot the name of the scientist but I’ll addict later, lol. for every action there is a reaction in the physical sense in physics. Isaac Newton.  Anyway Hillary is still touting climate change as the reason for the strong storms these days on a woman’s talk show which includes Whoopee Goldberg because she still thinks you can’t have one without the other. A lot of money is at stake with those who tout climate change as the excuse for the storms when  it is a reaction to weapons like those mentioned similar to places like H.A.A.R.P.  in the wrong hands. The sign found of an archeological artifact about a small tree (mustard) and a harp kind of seem prophetic to me which you can find links to it thru this article following seem to point in a direction and I guess if you follow the laundered money is another way:

    Siege of Yodfat

    Merangue’s Blog

    (Christian Truth, Deception & Prophecy)

    During my last visit to the hospital the man in charge of CAT Scans explained to me that he has been in the business doing Cat scans for 15 to 20 years and they do not use dye and don’t need to use it to do an accurate CAT scan. It was quite a long diatribe about his profession and it was kind of odd he would bother telling me because I did not ask (felt like he was trying to convince me of something false). But I asked him then why every time I did not receive the dye by supposed nurse error did I need a redo of the CAT Scan a day later in order to get an accurate scan, and of course, I should also have asked ‘why use dye at all?’ It’s a big hassle to have to drink it an hour ahead of the test and it does not taste good and t is no small think to have to drink it and some people are allergic. Now it is ingested via a shot. All this happened on the way to get a Cat Scan without dye. i was