Dr. Benjamin Carson’s Skin and Games

Everyone’s skin needs to be in the game.


It will not help the Republicans any more than the tax system in place.


(Which is where Dr Ben Carson’s skin is in this game)

It will not help the deficit.

The people are depleted already and they have been skinned


and it is time for BIG GOVERNMENT to add their skins.

In biblical times they gave a tithe

of what they produced,

not their profit.

IF they produced corn they gave corn. If they produced skins/furs by hunting they gave skins/furs. If they produced cookies they gave cookies.

So if I make jewelry I would give 10 percent

of what I produce for the government to sell.

Remember God favored Abel’s tithe over Cain’s tithe because he preferred the sacrifice to the veggies.

I think it sounds like a decent system if we go the way of tithing

but let’s be truthful about what tithing was in biblical times

that is considered to be fair

by Doctor Benjamin Carson.


Then the government could live off the 10 per cent tithes and allocate who in government gets the veggies, who gets the meat, and who gets the cookies

or sell the products that are tithed.

Let the government businesses that government abusers have produced

with tax payers hard earned money

sell the peoples tithes of what they produce.

If they don’t produce anything, they don’t tithe.

If government doesn’t sell the products produced and given in tithes,

they will have a surplus of products but will have to go lean on spending.

Hire the ones that don’t produce to sell the products of the producers which would help with unemployment and get many off welfare.

Down the road we could have a consumption tax

after the people regain their financial standing,

but first give the people a rest for 7 years.

 The government will want to sell to us so that they make money.

If we don’t buy, then we can save. If they don’t sell our products, they have a surplus.

The Federal Government then could learn about business by selling our products instead of other countries products and be more inclined to invest in our businesses so that they might receive a bigger 10 percent tithe.

We do not need to be in every part of the world. Let’s get out of everyone else’s countries and let them be masters of their own fate, government, religions, cultures etc.

Let’s start by cutting 10 percent across the board on every department and facility of Government. Cut 10 percent of pay paid to Federal workers, also.

And Pay the Sucker (Deficit) down with that money that is saved by cutting.

And the Feds need not spend money until they know how much they have once they receive it through their sales of our tithes and then allocate it to their departments.

Then no longer will you spend what is not there or been produced.

That is why salt became so important to preserve the beef because otherwise the meat was wasted unless the excess was fed to the people. They didn’t want to feed the people but they didn’t want to waste the meat either. So they learned to like meat jerky.

Rome didn’t want to feed excess meat to the people so they invaded Israel because of the Dead Sea (a salty sea one of the lowest places on earth now) They would rather have jerky, too.

Now, we have refrigerators and freezers, but they pollute the air which affect the atmosphere which causes the ice caps to melt, not to mention microwaving the earth with  weapons such as HAARP in Alaska so they can create havoc and blame Global warming and have us pay for the damages and force some to their ways. NONE of them are good.

The earthquake in the Indian Ocean that caused the tsunami was a so strong it


Actually caused earth to alter its axis, I think, and of course, that can’t be good.

 There is a place in Israel I chanced upon that has a harp in its hierglyphs etched on stone with a sharp tool (awl) and I think in regards to Josephus Flavius which I harped about in my articles:

Josephus and His Footprints

Joseph of Arimathea (A JUST)

As I stated in many articles about the assassination of JFK that 1963 was quite a monumental year because of Vatican ll which hoped, had faith in, and loved the imperialism of the Gospel of Matthew over the other gospels even though the other 2 synoptic gospels pretty much are the same and over that odd one: the Gospel of John which is totally different.

Of course Joseph of Arimathea might be the reason why

because he was a just,

whatever that means?????

(More like he ad-justed.


like the tax men do.

Back to Global warming:

I think the Dead Sea is connected way down deep to the Mediterranean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea is connected to the oceans which are rising and affecting major storms into mega storms on the oceans.

I know there is a relationship of the seas mentioned and the oceans to each other, but I’m not a scientist. The rise of one affects the other or vice versa

and in relation to salt and phd levels and all that kind of science.

The dams built on the Nile also are affecting the Mediterranean Sea and so on and so forth.

I know that water was use as a weapon against Israel as related by Josephus writings and having to do with Alexandria, Egypt as I recall. So I think the Suez canal may be involved somehow. LBJ was involved with dam building in Egypt and Jackie Kennedy became involved with saving some temples in the area and was gifted with the Temple in Manhatten by the Egyptians. They passed on a few temples, one to Spain and another  in to the Netherlands. All of this is related to the events and calamities that have been occurring spiritually and physically today.

That’s where you get the adage:

Robbing Peter to Paypal and robbing Paypal to pay Peter.

IF you have read the bible the synoptic Jesus after he died did some house hoping looking for meat.

Here is a post about that meat hopping:

Simon, Simon – Who is Simon’s Son? Part Two

It is a post about the Synoptic Jesus going from Jerusalem to Emmaus (7 miles away)  and back again in one hour to Jerusalem and it seems he was searching for meat.

There is meat and then there is meat.

The inside of a date is called meat. (That could have another meaning.)

“Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but for you AND YOUR CHILDREN.”

Dates & Palm Trees

I recall there was a particular date grown in Israel which was superior to other dates in size and it became extinct in the those days. I guess there was a trade war because of those dates and they burned their palm trees out of existence although just recently within about ten years or 20 they found the seed of that palm tree that had expired and  are growing it now. In Islam the Prophet Mohammed encouraged breaking their Ramadan fast with dates and a little water. Dates were used by travelers because they were easy to carry and and no cooking was required. Obviously dates were the religious fruit of Islam.

Was the Synoptic Jesus Islamic? or was he actually Mohammad?

(the one that house hopped from city to city seeking meat

in the gospel of Luke.) Also the one that built his church upon the rock.

The Dome of the Rock and upon the words of Peter who within that same conversation was called Satan by that Synoptic Jesus.

There is definitely a difference between the Synoptic Jesus

and Jesus of the Gospel of John

the one that glorified the Father

and was the bread of life.

Jesus in the Gospel of John served fish to his apostles and helped them find the fish when they were fishing after he had risen at the Sea of Galillee. He didn’t need to search for meat as the Synoptic Jesus did after he had risen. Jesus of the Gospel of John knew where the meat was and the Synoptic Jesus didn’t. Even when at Jacob’s well his apostles/disciples/companions went searching for meat and he waited for the woman at the well who came at a certain hour to draw water from the well (around noon) who he seemed to be intent on meeting in the Gospel of John he told his companions that he had meat that they didn’t know about when the came back after searching for food and somewhere in the Gospel of John he said that his meat was to do the will of his Father.

Speaking of finding fish what is this about Afridi and why was he betrayed?

Could Oscar’s attention free the man who helped find Usama Bin Laden?

Egypt satirist questioned for insulting Mursi

I guess Mursi has no sense of humor. He has the sensitivity of a cold sore. Hey if a leader of a country can’t take it, then why is he their leader?

Lindsay Lohan’s Bracelets Were Hers To Keep, Or Did She ‘Forget’ To Return Them? (UPDATE)

I happen to really appreciate Lindsay Lohan and her talents and wish people would let her alone. She has been abused by some (the press and her so called friends). If Charlie Sheen had any grace he would ask her to return the stupid stuff but I don’t think he really likes women. I think he has a deep seated problem and it’s his beliefs. (They are twisted.) He doesn’t possess any talent except for a big mouth and a huge ego, neither does any of his family have talent. Spiritually inept. I remember Lindsay Lohan as a very cute adorable kid and hoping she regains her character because it is regainable regardless of what other people think. Because she is pretty and talented she has been attacked in many ways physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Here is a good and courageous set of women if true posing for the sake of other women.

Beth Whaanga’s Powerful Breast Cancer Portraits Lost Her 100 Friends, But Could Save Many More Lives

If anyone in that arena of LA had any guts or heart they would help her. It is probably those talents that makes her a target of those that would like to destroy her. Because so many women in Hollywood only have a pretty face or body she has all that and much more talent then them. I hope she gets off the booze and drugs and jerky men to start with and gets back to her art.

Amazing Disgrace


In my post called

The Execution of Benghazi

I parried in my post with Bill O’reilly and the others (Michelle and Barack the stones and many more) in regards to their “spin” and the vicious circle americans are dealing with in politics and religion. Last night O’reilly brought up his word for the evening and it was Lungis, I looked it up and found an interesting site on the word which is linked. Is O’reilly an apostle, let me guess: James the lesser or …….James the greater? I think I upset him with my findings on his purpose/end. He mentioned going into a room and shouting in rage I guess for a minute or so, whatever it was had him O’reilly riled up, I’m sure he wouldn’t admit it was my article about him if indeed it was. Today LA is dealing with TB outbreak which has to do with the Lungs. I would call that od, the timing, that is if it is even true:

Thousands May Have Been Exposed To Deadly TB Epidemic Downtown

Lots of back and forth, ying and yanging, tit for tat,

Amen ra and amen re,

and all that these days,

I think we need to get more than a shotgun!

I Am That I Am (The Sign)

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)

O’reilly has been defending catholicism and what they have created with their religion as far as public works and they do have a monopoly in that respect, but on whose dime and human cost to achieve their fruit, not to mention the spiritual deception, bully tactics and theft which these posts touch upon.

The Vatican-The Family Business-The Vatican City

The Fruits of the Vatican

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion


What is the smallest seed in the world?

The Parable of Faith – Part two

Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

Dr. Ben Carson also said in an interview on Fox News today Sunday Feb 24th:

If God be for you, who can be against you.

Qui est votre papa?

Very clever. Who being Q, I suppose?

“Q” is referred to as Quelle

Quelle: In German means Source

Quell:In English means To kill (as rebellion)

Bible Scholars blame the Q Source for the Synoptic Gospels

Jackie Kennedy Double liked her name to be pronounced  JacQUELine



The Synoptic “Q Source”

The Jackel

Perish: parishes- Paris- Your Lady of Notre Dame of Paris –

To be worshipped in place of

and that is partially why she married John Kennedy

et re his watchdog and assassinated him later

when she was done with him. She had other fish to fry. Onassis

Perish the thought

then came the thought police

which was Paul ‘The Great Apostles’ idea after all:

God shall judge men by their thoughts, he wrote

no mention of course of the propaganda, ads, and the many other inventions created to make men and women think those thoughts which the prince of this world intentionally made so that they may judge you because they are very, very

judge-mental-ly- insane.

JFK  left a message in his infamous speech about secret societies

and their disdain for freedom for the common man and warned about the loss of freedom.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to catch your disingenuous proclamations

and the timing of them. I guess it’s who who who you know.

I have many posts on Merangue’s Blog about JFK and JacQueline.

By the way Doc, is sabotaging the Apollo Mission considered beastiality?

I’m only suspicious for I have no proof either way, but with all the things that are occurring and the deception involved it makes me suspicious of these so-called accidents, so-called massacres, assassinations, etc.

If Lust be the reason then isn’t that an ingredient for guilt

in all of the commandments by your standards?

I think Dr. Ben Carson should be allowed to speak his thoughts and beliefs. We can learn from his experience and knowledge. He says he believes the bible and that is his source for his belief that homosexuality is on a level with beastiality, at least that is what I think he means. Their were evil kings in the bible that the bible tells about and believing that there were evil kings as stated in the bible makes sense but does he believe in those kings? How to make sense of the bible is important. Some of the conclusions written about in the bible that were written by men and their conclusions and the meanings of those events may have been wrong. Back in the days of Paul he was pretty weird about men and women and did not seem to have a good grip in his mind about women. In fact back then many men thought women were dirty but were attracted to them and he gives his directions of marrying them in his writings contained within the bible. Obviously some of us have evolved past that kind of thinking. Some have not. I think his ideas about women were pretty beastly. In fact Jesus written about in the Synoptic Gospels thought in that way about women. Mary was not allowed to touch him after his death and resurrection and purification and before he went to the Father, yet his apostles were able to touch him. The gospel of John doesn’t include that part about meeting Mary and telling her not to touch him as far as I remember anyway. When he met the others he told doubting Thomas to thrust his hand in his wound from the spear that was thrust in him at the crucifixion. Thomas was doubting whether he had risen and doubting Mary and the women who had seen him. Is that clean?  Doubting? Clean enough maybe because he had seen his father in between both interactions. Mary wasn’t allowed to hug him but doubting Thomas could stick his hand in the wound. That part of the gospels ought to be researched and explained partially because the synoptic gospels have him meeting a few people on the road while “searching for meat” before going to his apostles. I guess the meat was clean too. The night of the arrest when washing the feet of the disciples he keeps hinting that while they were all clean because they had bathed that morning not all of them were clean. He says something like: ‘but not all’ when referring to cleanliness.

So ‘Mary’ and the ‘but not all’  somehow are related and I think in the

“not clean department.”

Was Mary at the Last Supper incognito?

Immaculate means super duper clean. I think Jesus was trying to convey that Mary was and is not immaculate. He may also have been conveying a prophetic message about money laundering and his conception.

There are many places run by Roman Catholic nuns for the poor and lately have been in the news because they for religious reasons don’t want to support birth control for other women which I have no problem with whatsoever. I’m being facetious of course just to be clear. It is their belief that women who have sex should get caught and get pregnant so they can either have an abortion or the many other options that nuns depend on for their income. First of all by now birth control ought to be cheap enough if not then the drug companies are cheating their customers. I am against Obama Care anyway. I’m sure there are some fine nuns in the world but what makes anyone think there aren’t some corrupt nuns as well. Just like corrupt drug companies who jack up the prices to make Obama Care seem attractive. Because someone wears a roman burka does not make them holy, clean, or good. Judge Jeanine of Fox News thinks they are above reproach because they help the poor. If I were dishonest and wanted to funnel and launder illegal money that certainly would be a perfect option and a perfect cover: a place where the average roman catholic (the goya) would think is clean and would defend. I have heard some horrid stories about some nuns and not all of them are immaculate. Some stink to high heaven! They run a business and some business owners are corrupt and so are some nuns. It isn’t as if the nuns wouldn’t win their case about birth control because of their beliefs and it isn’t like Obama was against them whatsoever or they him. It was to gain favor and rally a following for Rome which is in Obama’s camp and visa versa. They wear burkas that ought to be a big clue. The nunnery garnishes the religion of Islam as well the religion of Rome. The burkas in Islam adorn the religion of Rome as well as the religion of Islam. They go hand in hand. Sisters.

 It’s a business to keep people in need in order to be Kneaded

I am the bread of life.

Nuns also ran some of the businesses of making the eucharist, their version of bread.

John 12:8

For the poor always ye have with you; but me ye have not always.

The virtuous circle!

Language has a way of being misused because of the many different meanings of words to different peoples. In an earlier post I was upset about the crucifixions of men in Saudi Arabia and the beheadings that have occurred recently and that kind of mercilessness and their public display by the leader in Saudi Arabia who is out of control and is trying to scare his people and maybe has lost his sanity (it does seem that way) and said something facetious in response to them in regards to beheading men with towels on their heads and castrating men with the name Abdullah, etc. Of course I wrote it, but I don’t mean it. The bible has that kind of facetiousness included in it also, I think.

Isn’t it better for a homosexual to have one partner than a multitude of partners for the rest of their lives or until they divorce.

Is it better for a homosexual to have a heterosexual partner and cheat with a homosexual but not tell the heterosexual partner endangering them as well or just ruining their life.

Who cuts your hair? Is it okay for a homosexual to cut hair, eat food, read a book, go to the movies, breathe air, serve you dinner at a restaurant, design your designer clothes, entertain you, go to Disney Land, perform ballet for you, excel in the many ways that they do and deny them protection, stability and whatever else is offered in that marriage between two consenting adults?

Allowing marriage of homosexuals isn’t gonna affect my relationship with anyone anymore than the marriages of other heterosexual persons unless I allow it to affect me.

The marriage of homosexuals should not infringe on my rights

but not allowing them to marry is infringing on their rights.

What they do in their bedrooms is their business not mine. I don’t want to know. What I do in my bedroom is my business not theirs. I hope they don’t want to know.

I believe marriage is different for different people even within the heterosexual world. Some men beat their wives. Should they be allowed to be married? Would that be considered beastiality? Some women antagonize their husbands …… egg them on, is that beastiality?

Some men force things on their wives that they shouldn’t, is that beastiality?

Is getting a women pregnant and leaving the kids born from that sex without a dad considered beastiality?

Stabbing a man in the back with an awl installed in a Presidential limo as he drives through Dallas Texas so that his partner Jackie Kennedy (either drugged or a replicate) can shoot him in the head in front of people on the street, wouldn’t that be considered beastiality? (not to mention having the clergy blame the people of Dallas at the TradeMart)


The Execution of Benghazi


I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised *

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)



What is the smallest seed in the world?

The Parable of Faith – Part two

Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

The mustard in the Bible versus the Quran (1)

So you see Oreilly’s “wounded warriors” and “nuns and the poor” kind of are related in their way. They thrive on them.

I bet the nuns were against rubbers too and look what happened in Africa and all over the world not to mention the blood supply became contaminated so even babies got aids. They don’t care.


Here are my other sites with lots of posts on the bible comparing the Synoptic Jesus to the Gospel of John,

articles on The assassination of JFK  if you are interested:
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